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TUESDAY .)ANCTA5:Y>?6, 1897.
8tx<ti Day,
Mot at 11. a. m. President McCone
in the chair.
Roll call. All present.
Prayer by the Chaplain. ?
Journal of yesterday read and an.
S B No 4, Summer tie Id?Requir
ing payment of poll tax by all voters
tinder GO years of age. Allows no
candidate to pay the poll tax of voter
or voters other than himself.
Semite Concurrent Resolution No.
9, Comins?To amend the Constitu
tion by striking out the word "male"
wherever it occurs. On motion it was
made an official order for 7:30 p. m.,
one week from today.
At 1 p. m. recess was declared till
Senate called to order at 2:30.
Committee on committee rooms re
ported that they had secured rooms
for the various standing committee
of the Senate.
Denton by leave introduced 8. B.
No. d.?Revenue act. Referred to
Judiciary Committee.
Adjourned until Tuesday at 11 o'
Assembly oalled to order at 11
o'ebe": b. C ^r.bcr Allen.
Quorum p.esent.
Prayer by the chaplain.
Journal of Saturday road and ap.
Reports of committees was called
for and the committee of Elec
tions reported that every Assem
blyman was enii Jed to his seat, there
being no irreg.-'arity in the certifi
cates . g
Garrard?No. 8?An act to license
glove contests and providing that
such contests shall be lioensed upon
payment to the sheriff of $250. Re
ferred to committee on Public Mor
Oliver--No 9?To provide for is
BUfcuco of bonds by O/msby county
and to pro/ide for payment of same.
(Indian School). Read first and sec
ond time and referred to committee
on Judiciary.
Oliver?10 ? To provide for issu
ance and payment of bonds by Or ma
by county. ($10,000). Same course
as above.
Feiguson?No. 11?To provide for
maintenance of public schools. Re
ferred to committee on Eduoation.
Washoe Delegation?No. 12?To in
corporate the town of Reno. Re
ferred to Washoe delegation.
McNaughten?No. 13 ?To fix State
tax levy and to distribute same to
proper funds. Referred to commit
tee. ? ' '
Green?No 11?To copy journal of
eighteenth session by Forrest Alley
for $100. Referred to oomraitteo.
Elko Delegation?No 15?To create
the office of Rood Inspector without
compensation. Referred to ooramit
Garrard?No 10?To appropriate
money for the purchase of a portrait
of the late Governor Jones. Refer
red to ooimnitteo.
Recess until 2 o'clock.
Assembly called to order by Speak
er Allen.
Roll oall, quorum preaant.
The election of a U. S. Senator was
made a special order for tomorrow at
2 o'clock.
A B No 6?Allen, (hurohill county t
?Regarding the protection of the
judgment debtor. Passed by a unan
imous vote.
Adjourned until Tuesday morn
Nevada's Needs.'
To the mind of the average Ame.i
cau, Nevada is probably pictured as
an almost hopeless desert. Portions
of it. we will admit, are arid stretches
of sage brush. But the soil is rich
beyond oocaparison, and when water
is turned upon it, becomes enormous
ly productive. The traveler aiigiii
lug from the C. & C. at Wabuska
linds himself in Mason Valley. But
there he receives the impression and
is thinly convinced, at the time, that
he haw reached the end of the world.
As he rides southward a few miles he
is uware that a transformation is tak
ing place, and soon exclaims: "Who
would have thought that in this God
forsaken desert one would find a new
civilization taking place!" One
passes by many beautiful ranches,
divided into fields, in which hundreds
of horses, cattle, hogs and sheep are
contentedly grazing on the alfalfa
stubble, the> are fat, sleek animals,
aud the traveler wonders at their con- I
hi ('.ii the month of January) cud !
is surprised when told that they have
been pastured on that brown insig
nificant looking stubble all winter,.
But it contains much nutriment/
Again he is surprised to see lofty
cottonwoods and weeping willows
growing along the highway, and is
aware that his carriage is continually
crossing over small bridges or cul
verts, then he says: "Ah! here is the
secret of the wonderful changs from
a desert to a land of plenty." Irri
gation wrought the miracle. There
in the back ground are eternal
mountains whose further peaks are
capped with snow, there in the fore
ground showing the hom?s of well
to do farmers who have diverted the
waters of Walker river, cultivated the
?oil until now the valley farms ars
the pride of the State. One thing
neeuful, however, if we expect to in
crease the population of tot'.on Val
ley, our people must take aome
measure to incluoe a desirable class
to emigrate to Nevada,. Colonization
is what the State of Nevada wants.
The eoil and water is here, and all
f ? ?*<r> 4 {flOl
that is needed now is an inducement
to intending IwUlers. Nevada will
be a land of small farms. Irrigation
readers possible tne highest con
ceivable development of independr
enoe and prosperity to the least num
ber of acres. There is next, the
ability to so widely diversify the pro
ducts of the farm as to provide al
most everything that the family oon
sumes. Finally, there is the soope
for scienoe and intelligence to work
out the best possible results, and to
socuro the largest returns from eaoh
acre and the nearest approaoh to per
fection in quality. It is upon the
small farms that the hopes of better
conditions and prosperity are founded.
The fact remains that the vast arid
regions and sagebrush deserts of
Nevada must, and will be reclaimed
and preserved for the use and benefit
of the homa seekers of the future. It
is for the people of Nevada to propoeo
a scheme to oolonise her numerous
| Vulloys. It seoms to us that the most
feasible plan is for the people of
Nevada to organise a State Board of
Immigration and plaoe live, active,
progressive men in charge of it and
work in the interest of the State as a
whole, not one particular locality.
Advertise to the world what we -have
in Nevada, and try our best to
colonise the so called arid portions of
the State, and we will find that we
can, in a measure, bring- about
more properouS times.?Yerington
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Notice For Publication.
Unitbo Status Land Orr*cb,)
Carson City. Nevada. Oot 'A2, ISM. j
Notice is hereby given that
oil the 36 day of November, lb'0?, toe fol
lowing town Lip plats will be Bled'
Township, No. TO N., Range No. 63 E.
Township No. 40 N., Kange No. 6'.; E.. M"J
D. M.
Pr t'es interested must llie tesir claims
within three months itm said aate to se
?m*e their per iezreil ?rights.
A"> il'catioa for entry or lends in said
township vi-i tie reclvei Novetr':e? ?9, ICi.3.
o. h. gallup,
f eg ste ?.
Land Crnci at Catsoh C~>y nstauaI
?orem e - rt 's*e. f
Notice is h?t:ebv' r.rv-s . -.-hat ?
fo'lowliig ur J.et< ne.'.le.* l?r.s fl'eh no.ice
o* hia intention to miv.e P in! n oo' ' a sun
poi .of ills oip-im, pat- tor., sp't npoof ,'M
?e mr^.e be "ore Vie Coun'tv C'e -. of L?Lo
Coivaty wt E.'bo, I-evrd.a, oa ToesdW" Jan
uary 5,1897, vi:-:: .Hsm 'ton ;.fcCR:n, Home
ste -d Aoploatioa Nfo. 360, fer the Lot ?!. of
N W X, N 14 of 8 W i, and S V7 e? 8 W X.
Sec. 4. Townsain Zb Is.. R 38 E M DII.
He nrmos t.'e foUotr'ag witnesses -?
prove bis continuous resit euce upon, and
cultivation of. said land, viz:
Andrew J MoDermott, John M. Dorsey
Wi'l'f.m G. R< ndolph, Jena E Kelley of
Halleok, Nevada.
O. H. Gallup,
November 30, IBM
WasMon'8 BitlM.
ma grand*
? 4
KcIST. M. 22, 1897.
? _i *? * ? ? ? ? ,?'
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