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J-L-. " ?
IMiU* i.iDI-Ti;
WEDNB.jL>AV..l.\N(I.Vity^i, WJ7.
? . ? ! U i.* i
It has frequently been remarked
that there are styles iu diseases as iu
everything else. Appendicitis was
all the rage and is still very much
fancied. Its vogue, however, is now
threatened by u disease which, al
though neither new uo>, correctly
apcahlng, contagious, has spread with
alarming rapidity. It is commonly
called loss of memory. ? ??
This disease possesses some peculiar
characteristics, the chief of which is
that the victim forgets either a part
or all his transactions and knowledge
relating to a definite period. Fre
quently he forgets all his former life
and even his own identity.
As might be erpecled, among the
sufferers from this dise.i&e are those
individuals who have dune something
that they lind it convenient to forget.
Swindlers, for instance, undespecially
those w lio could not very well con
tract kiepioiuunia, are very prone to
Politicians ate also exceptionally
liable to loss of memory. Johu
Sherman, ibr example, forgets all
about ins snrowd worn iu gelling the
act ot J.siJ ou the Btatule boo us,
Seuaior T-iurstou forgets that he
muUe uomuroue silver speeches be
fore ilia engagement by the Umon
Paciuc. JOiiu (J. Carlisle but dimly
remembers his long light for the
white metal. And John M. Palmer,
who "also ran" for president, cannot
recollect Ins famous protest uguiust
the interference of federal . troojis
while he was governor of Illinois, (?>>('
his uiuid is almost a blauK ou t... t
part of his life when he was editor of
a paper that vigorously argued for
principles he uow ooudeuins.
The most surprising case, uow oyer,
is that of MuKinleyi < lu his numer
ous speeches he has such a confused
notion of what he has said before
that we tind mill'gravely asserting in
one place the ' brazen lie that the
foreigner puys the tax and .utterward
openly admitting that the consumer,
not the toreiguer, pays .it,; Tie uow
forgets, moreover, ? ?.his. frequent
speeches in congress for free silver.
It so totully escapes him that he once
bitterly arraigned President Cleve
land for antagonism to silver that he
is now inclined to hold President
C level uud responsible for the agita
tion for free coinage. :r
Lose of >meraor> has tukon place on
a grander scale. Tlie East, in its
virtuous indignation at the refusul of
the rest of the country to consider thd'
income tux decision of the supreme
oourt irrevocable, for:;e1:j that the
court once declared tfao income -tax
ooriatitutional. In their anxiety lest
we bo lacking in awe of^thht body; '
the EasterbSra forget that they, de
nounced the Dred Bcott decision of
the supreme court and refused to
abide by it. They-do not remember
that in the present year they abused
the supreme oourt for ite finding in
the "Jim Crow Car'' cases. '. They are
totally unconscious that from the
foundation of the government they
have vigorously and bitterly, de
nounced the supremo court whenevor
they felt like it, .(?.??? ?? i;.
Lose of memory is mrely fatal, Use
the mortality among politicians, pro
fessional and amateur, would be
terrible. It has serious consequences,
howover, siuco it tempts, government
officials into ? forsaking . truth : for
place and popularity. It is especially
dangerous when it leads people into
condemning as criminals and lunatics
others who are only holding the
opinions they themselves have found
it convenient to discard.?Kansas
^ifcy Times.
Stomach, sometimes called water*
brash, and. burning pain, diatreaa,
nausea, dyspepsia, are cured by
Hood's Sarsaparilla, With its worn
derful power as a blood purifier,
Hood's Sarsaparilla. gently tones
And strengthens the stomach and
ligestivo ; organs, invigorates, the
liver, creates an .appetite,, gives re
freshing sleep, and raises the health
t ?uc. For dyspeptic troubles it
stems to have " a magic tdflcli.,;
" For 12 years I suffered froth sour
with severe pains across my shoulders',
and great distress. I had violent nau
sea which would leave me very weak
and faint, difficult to breathe, These
spells came oftener and more severe.
I did not receive lasting benefit Lam
physicians, but found such happy af
fects from a trial of Hood's Ba'rsapa ?
rilla that I took several bottles, and
am now able to do all my own work,
which for six years I have been unable
to do. My husband and son have also
been greatly benefited by Hood's Bar '
eaparilla ? for pains in the back, and
after the grip. I gladly recommend
this grand medicine." Mbs. Petkb
BunnVj Leofalnster, Mass.
Sarsaparilla .
Is the One True Blood Purifier. All dri}{*glstp. ?1.
Prepared enly by C. f. Hood A Co.," Lowell, Ma*$.
? At wu are the best after-dlnnei
riOOQ S ? illS Bills. aid digestion. 25r
" 1 V{ , . ? ? ' # I.-'
? i
Ninth Day. ? ???
Met at 11 a. m. President M.cC '^a
in tbe chair.
Roll call. All present.
Prayer by the Chaplain and read.-,
iug of the Journal.
? ? *?V . ' ? i
Message from the Governor, traop
.nit-ting the Biennial re>>o t of the
{Secretary of State for 189o-fK>!
Communication from H. Bergsie^n,'
Superintendent of the State Hospital
for Mental Diseases, inviting the
Legislature to visit the Hospital at
some future day. Placed on tile.
..A B No 6 by Allen, of EureLp?
Amendutory of Act to regulate civil
proceedings in the civil courts of thus
State, Referred to Judiciary Com
S B No 6, Wilson?To amend Act to
regulate criminal proceedings in
tlie courts of this State. Same refer
.1 Sepate Concurrent Resolution No*
1, Summeraeld-rAmendatoi^pf the
State CpnstitJu!tiottlj,^ Ordered en.- <
grossed* - j, '!
On motion of JComins th? election dC
U, S Senator was ffcide.rthe"official
order tor 11:30 a,m, . , f ,
, The hoar having arrirfl. ^ord, of
Storey, wiU^^-fevVj/weU q^osen re- .
marks, plaoed in nomination foV
United States Senator from Nevada*
the Hon. John P. Jones of Nevada.
Ernst, of Nye, seconded the nomi
nation iu an eloquent speeoh, relating
the proud career of Senator Jones in
the service of the State of Nevada.
Suromerfleld of Washoe ? Have
voted tor John P. Jones four times ds
Senator, but he has tor reasons doubt
less satisfactory to himself, left the
llopubhoan party. Therefore, we can
not follow under his banner, bnt
must decline to follow his lead.' I
place iu nomination that well known
staunch and true Republican, Wil
liam McMillan, of Storey. Mills of
Ormsby seconded the nomination.
Skaggs, of Elko, in a neat speooh
nominated A. L. Fitzgerald of Eu
Cumins-Have voted for John P.
Jones for.v.' times as Republican Sena
tor and now i>hrU vov? tor him again
as a Silver parly nominee. We were
Republicans together and now w^ are- ?'
together in the ranks of the Silver
arm/. . Principles, are superior to
parly always. .
Denton ot Lincoln, made one of hie
most forcible characteristic speeches
in i support- or the nomination ot
The. clerk read, the law, governing
elections of United States Senators.
By Comins?Resolved that in voting
each member rise in his place when
called and announce his'choioe. Car
ried. "" ' '!
In acoQrdanoe therewith the vote
resulted as follows: For Jones ?Com
ibs, Denton, Efn3t, Qregovich, Kaiser,
Leavitt, Lord, Martin,Richards, Sum
meftield of Humboldt, WilsoD, Mc
: For TMcMillap?Summerrteld, Was
hoe. Mills?2.
For Fitzgerald?Skaggs.
- President McCone announced the
result of the vote and declared John
P. Jones to be the choice of this body
for United States Senator from Ne
if On motion a recess was then taken
till 2 p. m.
-7 "i v,i i^v:c.c *?.*-. ? -
8 B No 7. Richards?Provides for
the copying of the Journal of the pres
ent session of the Senate for the State
Printer, Mrs. Ida Osgood of Ormsby
to receive $100 for so doing Referred
to Ways and Means Committee.
S B 8. Martin?To trace and def
oiteiy establish the lines of Douglas
county. Ways and Means.,
S B No 9, Skaggs?To provide rev
en ae for the State of Nevada. Ways
? i
; Notice For Publication.
United Statks land Orrrcs,)
Carson C'ty, Nevada. Oot 22, 1800. j
oa toe ?6day o.' Ncveva'.jer, IK 6, iae io -
low'-jg lowu Lip plats will be fl'eii*
Township, No. N.. Range No. 03 E.
Township No. <0 N., Range No. 6 J E... MJ
D. il.
Parties interested mvsi fTe '? "r claim
wilh-a three months 1 om sa'd aiue to ?e
oo.re their perferred rights.
Arddoalion for entry of lands in
.township will be reoived November 20, 1CC0.
, i: ? O. H. GALLUP,
' i- Rig ster.
' i rr-J i'.f.j;; , ;
Wasttgton's Blrttaay.1
? ? ?? ? ? ?
?/V ?. (
iy c . t i
freeman hall
1 ? ' Vli' W i I|i
: j m m .
Fed. 22, mi
? ? ? j
HARRY, and MRS. riAlLlV.
? ** - '? 1 '/' ?
Including Gcnf*' Lady $1
f tile latestf i
the newest!!
? V| *'?- I t J ; ?; ? J> .? ,. \:^;i.ic\, ,+ l- , rjf I :.|^ .
i r ames poelarettes $
jg j I Yi./umrmTmnm -i;
?J5 **> *i? i* : I av* ?!-- -5 -fr
i ?>i.\;ai.i.|styi.i-:s* f
i ? - i . _,}
? f v A y WW W** WV.-j. fc
W v.A?s:g . j: .jJTTg
1 trimming bbaids j
i and gimps, }
f'b !
rA I '.
"i , i
| SERGES, j |
j g| . I BELT SETS. J
8 ?-?'vc:- U ?? A ... ^
I M.Reinhart. |
j?aa?sw?aKy SSSS3S l?_
SunmiuiimiuitmiuimumiuiitHt m; LuuHUumiuiuiifuiiinra
- ->????? Wf-) -r*>? t>iCsf?/ -< V j- BE
t New Type||i 1
gg i ?- * J ? V 3 1 . .
I This Office has just received a i*arge As- ^
3 .{ sortment of f ' !?
I NEW W-PB; - -v . "*
a BORDERS. ?no s
3K "jir
i M ^ ? i ?
|y All of the LATEST STYLE, and Is now pie
==! pared to do all kinds of* * ^ ^/tk
I! piNF. ... '.? **" ? **"'?'* 1 '4,*^
3 a. In tne Latest Style known ^ "
3h . ? .. .. tO jthe "Ar^,. Preservative.,> T *
3J, ir.Mm ii M afe^ihrra fa <jri|
3 3 THE "FACKfl" IN |
3l - 3 TB7B AD. ARE ALL. E
-?H i?, . >>iTTYT mrnmvmrmml
i? fl aiflhuittiui irtui m it
?8fi?rWff5SS | ?#
Work am not shown, fe Oi^ec',
J Everything from a|Visiting Card t& a Double t
Sheet Poster, plain or in colors, dofae upon
short notice and at reasonable rates.
zm y> > r.rjlir K'A.* < V:\f\l\ KTufX'xn' ,TTJT ^
j "Independent4' Job Office, t

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