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? ?' . .
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. - . ? /_ ?
Cabinet PliotographS'$1.50 per doz
en at the Omega Foto studio. . f
Philadelphia, had & three million
dollar tire yesterday morning.
bo magic about Trib, no witch-1
craft, just a liniment; bat supreme. *
Ed Odell, one of Lamoille's most
prosperous ranchers, was in town to
day. ' . .*-.7; '?'?
1 A bottle of Trib should bo in every
household,. It cures sprains. *
Joseph Hayton, the oldest man in
Virginia City, di.Ni Tueeday morpine.
He was a native of England, aged 86
years and 10 months.
Cabinet Photographs $1.50 per doz
en at the Omega Foto. studio. * .
The Senate and Assembly mat in
joint session today and caovasseJ the
vote for United States Senator. John'
P. Jones reoeived 40; William Mc
Millan, 4; and A. L. Fitzgerald, 1.
For sale:?4-hole cook stove in
good condition. Inquire of L. Win
termantel. lw
Mrs. McDowell departed for the
East last night with the remains of
her sod, Samuel. She was accom
panied by the two youngest children.
A lady who is a good nurse and
housekeeper, would like a position.
Mrs. Taylor, Commercial Hotel. *
Fish Commissioner Boyoo received
a shipment of fish eggs from the U.
S. hatchery at Neosha, Missouri,
yesterday. He left for Carson on No.
2 last night.
Dr. C. F. .Moore, Dentist, Elko,
Crown und bridge work. Teeth with
out plates. OtHoe at residence. *
Senator Jones w/ll gi/e the mem
bers of the legislature and his friends
a big feed at the A?lingloo House to
night. Champpgxm will How and wit
and humor will enliven the occasion.
There will be a lot of swelled heads
in ^Carson, tomorrow. . j '
Great bargains in boys'suits, over
coats, hats, caps, etc. for the next two
weeks at Alexander's ? ?' ? ?" *
The bill to lice j se boding matches
passed the A?S3 n'ply ,yeeter,4ay. by ,a
vote of 20 to 9. It has yet to i on the'
gauntlet of the Senate and Gov
ernor's office.
Dave Casper has )ust received a
new lot of samples of Fall and
Winter Clothing wliioh will be made
to order from $13.50 up. *
He who lets thewealznees of a strain -
ed muscle beoome chronic regrets it a
lifetime. TribwiUcure it. *
Senator Jones receded twelve voles
in the State Senate yesterday to two
for . William McMillan of .Storey
county and one for Judge Fitzgerald.
In the Aesdibblyj' Jon6?- reeeiveci
twenty-eight and McMillan twt?* ***
^Ctibiiiet PaotograpbH $ ! .50 per doz
lowoet hfiagtrriose,. inawfl e*?
Hi* M rfiMutitySi
i a series of teste were made with the
torpedo-boat "Gushing,* and the
Ammen ram "Katahdio," whioh es
tablished that olive green is a tint
least visible at sea.
An exchange thus dishes up John
Sherman, McKin ley's Secretary of
State: Talking Sherman, by
the way, Demfl^.t?.JwilUmot forget
that this is thfetflfoltff jgHtfrman who
was a "i iuitiipp 11" in New
Orleaus in the winter of 187JJ-77,
busily engaged" in instructing J.
Madison Wells, of eternal infamy,
and the unspeakable Louisiana Be
turning Board how to oqiifit qut
Saniuel JJ^Rlde'?. All the perfumes
of Araby and all the white-washing
of great moral humbuggery will not
suffice to sweeten or wipe off from his
record that damned spot.
| Blood is Life and upon the parity
jmd vitality of the blood depends the
health bj^the whole system. Eixperi
ence proves Hood's Safsaparilla to be
the best blood purifier.
HOOD'S PILLS act easily and
?? - t
promptly on the liver and bowels j
Care sick headache.' "
Cabinet Photographs SI.50 per doz
en at the Omega Poto studio. *
- ? w" 9* '
i-. * ' | it
Secretary of Slate's Report.
Secretary of Stale Howell has on?
tliaal.s for a copy o( liis report. It
contains a great deal of valuatde in
formation and much that outfit not
to be printed year after year. In the
expense of running the combined
offices of Secretary of State, Cle of
the Supreme Court and State JLabia
riau, Mr. Howell showq that under the
consolidation these offices will cost
the taxpayers but $'.9,030 in sal&.'ies
for four years against $d0,\00
under the old system, a saving of
$20,120 during the p; ese.it term. Ha
p'so shows that ..the. expense of
Running these offices outside of the
sa'ar ^ has been materially reduced
during the past twO'years.
_ >_
to '
j Caril Tjiitnki.
We hereby return our heartfelt
thanks to the people of Elko who have
bo kindly rendered us assistance dur
ing the sickness of: .oUr beloved son
pud bi-other. Yop^iider sympathy
and loving kindness will always re
main a green spot in* our memories.
When the shadow of. death crosses
yorr th - es ichi*,. may yon meet with
the same kindness and sympathy.
Fespcclfcily you .s.
Da. 8. WoOoWS ,LAKD PAMIliY.
m ~ ?
- * t
i How'* This?
m f* \ . x'iv
J. We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
"not be cared by Hall's Catarrh Cure
,F. J. QH^NEY & VO? Props.,Toledo
tOhio. i> ?.
V t ??
? We. the undersigned, haveknownF.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
?believe him perfectly honorable in all
busineqg .transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligation made
;by tbeir tirm. /
I M v
i West a Trai/x, {Wholesale Drug
jgists, Toledo 0.>'.:Was)i:;g, K nnan *
'Marv^i Wholesale D/ttggiatft nTole
do, O. i
| Hall's Catarrh,..Qnjfe taken inter
nally; acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfapecKof the system
Price 7IH per bottle; Sold fyy all
.Drpggista. Testimonials free.
i( Hall's jfomiiy Pills gre the best.
, Cabinet Photographs $1.50 per doz
en at the Omega Foto studio. *
g *"? fl *1. ??* ' * Ui ??
^^B ^B
^^^B ^H *
Absolutely Pure.
! I rA t' .1 ' i
j Celebrated for its grealtleavnlng stiength
and healtbfulness. Assures Ei,he |food
Saga'ast a'uoi and all "orms ofjadulteratlon
Icooimon to^tiie obeap b.ands.
I . .
1 '> ? . . X
; 1 .
and Means.
Senate Concurrent Resolution No.
2, Sumuie.i field, of Wasboe?Made
special ortler for tomorrow at 2 p. m.
Adjourned at 2:30.
Assembly called to order at 11 o -
clock by Speaker Allen.
Quorum present,
j Prayer by the chaplnin.
Journal of yesterday read and ap
Tlio committee on Public Morals
repor ed a substitute for A B No. 8,
relating to glove contests with the
recommendation that the substitute
bill do p$s8.
Wkjs arid Moans recommended
that bill No. 7 for the relief of H. C.
Cutting pass.
A communication from the Asylum :
was read, inviting the Assembly to
visit the institution and partake of its
ho b pita! it v.
Storey Delegation?No 17?To copy
journal of eighteenth session. Re
ferred to Ways and Means.
I The substitute for A B Np. 8 pro
vided that the license shall be raised
if rom $250 as provided in the original!
bill to $1000, $100 to go to the county
and $900 to the State. Moved to
adopt committee report. Carried
with but one vote pga^ost. Moved
and carried to consider spbstitole
p.meot oient to bill and read third
A B No 8 (slope cqpjeql) passed
by a vote of 20 to 9, one not voting.
ArnEv.xaoy, srasioN.
Assembly called to order by Speak
er Allen. f
; Roll cp 11, quoTum present,
i A b'U regp .'tiing game law intro
; duped by Mr. Hatoh provides, a clqse
t eep'ion for 8age hen. Referred back
[ to committee.
The House resolved itself into a
Committee pf the Whole to consider
Assembly Bill No 7^ to ' provide relief
for H. C. Cutting to the amount of
rlpBQP ;:ae,p::-0/flciQ r^urjatyr ?of -the
State Museum.
Committee arose and reported the
* a ? * *mlv* j'a _
f bill back to vJht house favorably. The
|?|'J .^B vMijwJ^^ ,- ^ v.
; ^^CUM^OTWmOlfjj^V;;
; KmToniimmssMKSSsassssssSte
|tow<|??Mt|fta it CTWUJW BBOTBT CTl.aimo, IwteHl,(toy wirrliHu ^ wt
? ft .T; i i T "Wr
>K >K A, /K <dfcy
I ) li. e; ?ii .ii< r: ? ? .i" " 3
I f> h ?' .:' 1 ?r ? 51 J.-'is ?"
i* j* I
? *.???'? Aa ? ? U .
1 'I
(? "J , O k .t <
c-i si.i. . .
I j r. ^sc
. - . ? j
E. T. M. Co/s
? ft ? ft <? (ft e ?? ? ? ?~
?<u i~
r 'j ' Hi . ?> t.''-. . J, ..
? ^
f g
< r
., %? ? ? ? . ? ? ?? ?
Ov \ .... . ? .< ? J : . *
P " ' * +? ' 1
^iqe I<ii\e of . .
? ; ! j ' * ...?
? * * * * ?
? ? f
"Winter Clothing, Over
? ' ? * I w . . ? ? t
coate, Hats, Caps, Boots,
1 ? L_i y i,? v. ?/
'' ?'*' ,, t?Uc
Shoes,' Bubber Goods,
"".V'rrr ; - .. ,. ?
' 1 ? r ,
Ladies andGents'Furnish
? , .
1 ? I ! . 1 ?
l/4'> ' / 1 ' t <'l i
( Cl ? * \. v ' ? ? ? I , }(?
ing G;oods, Lry GoodS . .
r ? ; ; <v.,'
of all descriptions. .
.r 1 ' ? ' ?
. . . I:.r? J ? '.J ?
v- > ?' ?. ? n-i -
?I , .
Novelties, Neckwear, Etc.
.< ? I I y ?? ??????
? 0i ? ? ? . Y?v*>-?*
I ' *J f ~
^ f)cive
< ? f

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