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Elko; Eldorado Of The West"? Home Builders . Wanted.
Opportunities Await You? Come!
* If anyone imagines that it does not
take very much money to run a coun
ty the size of Elko county, it IB only I
necessary to take a look at the money
disbursed by the county commission
ers at their last meeting. And the
last meeting, with the exception of
the election expenses was nothing
more than any other meeting in this
line. At this meeting the bills paid
including the salary of the different
county and township officers from the
general county fund ran up to a total
of nearly $8400 for the expenses of the
month. The expense for a year at that
rate would total $100,800, a large sum
of money. The fact that it takes as
large a sum of money to pay merely
? the general expenses on Elko County
is reasou enough to make every man
in the county register and cast his
vote at every election, and not only
cast his vote, but cast it in an in
telligent, thinking way.
The committee to arrange for the
fitting celebration of the semi-centen
9 nlal of the admission of Nevada into
the sisterhood of states has appointed
subcommittees and has decided to
hold a three-day celebration, begin
ning on the evening of October 29 and
ending on the afternoon of the 31st,
the state's 50th birthday. Included in
the program will be the holding of a
home-coming festivla, to which all old
Nevadans whose names and addres
ses are obtainable will be invited. A
Society of Nevada Pioneers, which is
intended to be an adjunct to the Ne
r>? Historical Society, will be or- J
ganized during the celebration.
United States Immigration Officer J.
P. Lawler of San Francisco passed
through Reno this afternoon with
Jose Mareno and Pedro Fernandez,
Mexicans, who have just completed
sentences at the state penitentiary.
The prisoners were in the custody of
Captain Trembley for several hours
between trains.
Don't Neglec*' to Register
^ If you have not already done so, go
to Judge Castle's office and have your
name placed on the great register. If
you wish to exercise the right of fran
chise at the coming election, you will
be compelled to comply with the law
in order to vote. The time is grow
ing short and before you realize the
fact it may be too late. Register now.
. O
Applies for Gas Franchise
Frank L. Reber was circulating a
petition Tuesday for a gas franchise.
The Winnemucca Silver State seems
to think it is rather a late day for
this application, and It is probable
that the genial Frank has laid him
self liable to the law for operating
the past four or five years without
a franchise.
Road Contractors In Town
B. C. Hansell was an arrival last
evening in his auto from Contact He
was accompanied by Henry Smith and
George Stevens. Mr. Hansell has a
. contract for building a stretch of road
? for the county in the immediate vicin
ity of Contact. Mr. Hansell has sub
let a portion of the contract to Messrs
8mith and Stevens. The gentlemen
will remain in town a few days.
8ult for $1000 Pea
In the District court of Humboldt
county Tuesday at Winnemucca,
Judge Ducker heard the case of Jac
oby versus Rodgers Estate. Jacoby is
suing to reoover $1,000, alleged to
be due for services. Salter ft. Rob
Ins represent the plaintiff and C. D.
Henderson of Elko the defendant
Mt. Lassen Busy Again
Mt. Lassen was in eruption Monday
night and shot flaming gas and flro
balls thousands of feet into the air.
All the streams flowing from the base
of the mountain are filled with ashes,
grit and slime and all Irrigation dlt>
_ ches are choked.
Will JoneB and Prank Rains, the
two youths who defied the upper class
men of the Reno high school a week
ago when they refused to wear the
little red caps prescribed for members
of the freshmen class, and who were
regularly ducked for their refusal, are
under arrest in Sacramento, together
with^ Charlie Paul, another Reno boy.
All are under 17 years of age and they
have been turned over to the juvenile
court at Sacramento pending advices
from their parents relative to having
them brought back to Reno.
On account of bad businesb and
.other matters, tbe Edgemont Mines
at Tuscarora have closed down evi
dently for good, and no more work
will be done at that mine. Mr. Truran
the manager of the company came to
this city yesterday and if he can se
cure a suitable residence he will re
move his family here and make Elko
his home in the future. Mr. Truran
and his family will make excellent ad
ditions to Elko and it is to be hoped
that he will experience no difficulty
in finding suitable quarters for hie
Preparations for the world's base
ball games tyetween the pennant win
ners of the National and American
leagues were in full swing today. The
Boston Nationals spent more than two
hours in the forenoon on their
grounds, while the Philadelphia Amer
icans practiced on their own grounds.
At both parks the practice was be
hind closed gates and consisted large
ly of light work. The Boston team
had all the pitchers in action. Deal
is expected to take the place of Smtih
the third baseman whose leg was bro
ken in Brooklyn yesterday nad got
1 into practice.
At Shibe park, several blocks from
the Phillies' ground, the American
i League team continued the morning
practice. The weather was cloudy and
The American League game of
the season with. New York this after
noon drew only a small crowd. Among
the spectators were some of the Bos
ton players.
The demand for reserved seats for
the world's series was enormous,
When the public sale began today in
a department store the line of pur
chasers was six blocks long So great
was the rush when the sale opened
that the line broke and there was a
general scramble to get at the ticket
office. A large detail of policemen
was on hand, however, and brought
about order ofter mounted men threat
ened to ride down the crowd. Some
of those who purchased tickets had
been in line since early Monday mor
During the afternoon only the
cheaper tickets remained to be sold
and it was expected that they would
be disposed of before night.
Speculators appeared on the streets
offering tickets at an advance of three
to five dollars over tho regular prices.
Will Make their Home Here
Mrs. A. B. Woodgate, accompanied
by her daughters, Misses Gertrude
and Fern, were arrivals from Delta
Colorado this morning. Mrs. Wood
gate is the mother of Percy and Bud
Woodgate of this place. Mrs. Wood
gate, with her daughters and sons,
will rent a house and make their home
8omm?ri Lose* Contest
The election contest inaugurated by
District Judge Peter Sommers against
J. Emmet Walsh, his opponene In the
primaries, who won the Democratic
nomination by eight vote s, ended In
tho District Court at Tonopah by In
creasing Walsh's lead. His majority
at the end of the count was ton votes.
Subscribe for the Independant
^Candidates dances are just now hit
ting their Btride and are getting to be
all the rage. The sayipg "All's (air
in love and war" has been changed
to "All's fair in love, war and politics"
and the poor candidates are being
rushed to death in all manners. The
next candidates ball Is being adver
tised at Deeth on Friday, October 16
and one at the Bradley Opera House,
in this city for the 23rd. There will
be big doings at both these functions,
so the promotors claim and the same
"Candidates Ball". is a misnomer for
all political dissensions and the ani
mosities will be forgotten and every
body will have the time of their lives
tripping the light fantastic round.
The suit of John G. Taylor, Jr.,
against his father, John G. Taylor,
the well-known stockman, is to be
dropped. The parties to the suit met
in Winnemucca Wednesday and
reached an agreement by which the
suit is to be dismissed, says the Star.
The suit was brought in the District
Court at Elko and was to recover the
sum of $123,000, on an agreement said
to have been entered Into several
years ago between the Taylors, the
father and son, regarding the owner
ship of some sheep and the profits
accruing therefrom. The terms of the
settlement were not made public.
Commissioners Adjourn
The Board of County Commission
ers, after a three day session adjourn
ed yesterday afternoon and the differ
ent members of the Board left for
their various homes. No business of
importance was transacted except
that which was published in the In
dependent of yesterday afternoon.
Aviation and Racing
A combined aviation and automo
bile exhibition will be given at the
Nevada state fqir grounds in Reno,
October 15, by Barney Oldfleld and
Lincoln Beachey.
The party ot Democratic candidates
(or the different state offices headed
by United States senator, Francis G.
Newlands, will arrive In Elko Monday
and a Democratic rally such as has
not been seen in Elko county for
years will take place. The party has
been on the road for about a week now
and to use the vernacular, are just
getting in a "weaving way." This
party hasr been receiving the heart
iest receptions at all the places visit
ed and it is up to Elko Democrats
to turn out and give them the warm
est one they have received yet. Some
of the speakers who will be here will
be Senator Newlands, Attorney Gen
eral Thatcher, Ed Ryan, George Brod
lgan, Doctor Sullivan and others. The
meeting will be held in the Bradley
Opera House.
The tickets for the world's series
baseball games between the Boston
team of the National league and the
Philadelphia team of the American
league opened at Philadelphia yester
day. Despite the intermittent drizzles
of rain 3,000 people stood in line all
night waiting to purchase ticket?. It
is estimated ehat three-quareers of
those In line were bona fide fans and
that the rest were agents and ticket
scalpers. Each person in line was en
titled to purchase two tickets. The
first game of the series will be played
! In Philadelphia tomorrow.
Amene Honorable
J P. Gulllierl, who was tried of as
sault .and -battery last week, Beema to
be offended because the article re
ferred to him as an Italian. He tells
us he is a native of Canton Teceln,
Switzerland. We believe his state
ment Is true, for his breath smelt like
a Swiss cheese boiled in alcohol. Our
readers will please take notice that
Mr. Guillieri is a Swiss, not an Italian.
This Is important. ? Yerington Times.
Subscribe for the Independant.
United States Senator
And Party will discuss the po
litical issues of the day at
The Bradley Opera House
OCT. 1 2
With Mr. Newlands are Sulli
van, Deady, Thatcher, Brodigan
and Cole.
All Aire Invited
Since September 3 1914, all con
tainers ot food products must be la
beled in terms of net weight, meas
ure or numerical count. The quality
of the contents Bhall be marked in
terms of the largest unit contained
In the package; for example, if the
package contains a pound, or pounds
and a fraction of a pound, the con
tents shall be expressed in terms of
pounds and fractions thereof; or of
pounds and ounces and not merely in
Slim Lewis, a bartender at the Owl
Saloon was paralyzed in his left side
last night at a peculiar time. Mr.
Lewis, who is one of the most popu
lar saloon men in the city, was just
going oft shift at eleven o'clock and
had reached up for his coat which
hung on a nail when he was sudden
ly stricken with paralysiB which af
fected his whole left side. It was not
thought for a while that he would
survive but upon the arrival of med
ical attention he was placed in bed
and the doctors think today that his
condition, while naturally serious, is
not as bad as thought at first.
G. Snyder, Salt Lake City; John
1 Humphry, Reno; Alfred Smith, Tin
dall, Idaho; L. W. Jordan, Salt Lake
City; Frank Eapinosa and wife, Boise,
Idaho; E. M. Sharp, Orange New Jer
sey; J. G. Lawhon, Berkley, Ca.; H.
A. Stone, Salt Lake City; C. C. Liddy,
Grasmore, Idaho; Alvin Hylton, Gras
more, Idaho.
J. W. Brewster, Ely; W. H. Fergus
on, Salt Lake City; William Tranan
and family, Tuscarora; J. H. Carter,
Leo; W. Sohlman, State Dry Farm;
Lloyd Craig, Tuscarora; I. T. Stros
nider, Yerington; T. A. Simpson
Simpson; T. B. Stinson, Mountain City
J. A. Sewell, Owyhee; Henry Smith,
Contact; P. S. Gardner, Reno; Geo.
H. Stevenson, Reno; Theo. Fershand,
San Francisco; A. W. Gorey, Salt
Lake City; J. Pickensgill, Reno; G.
J. Thackeray, Elko; Chester Tindell,
Idaho; W. Robinson, Idaho; Gus Nel
son, Jarbidge; G. J. Cowling, Elko.
The territorial Enterprise of Vir
ginia City announces the organization
there of an association of duck shoot
ers for the purposo of assisting to
fight the cases of Alex McKenzie and
Frank Quirk in the justice court' at
Reno. A. Sunday, who leased a large
area of ground around Washoe Lake
In order to sell duck-hunting permits,
had the two Virginia City men arres
ted for trespassing. The case will
be made a test of the undisputed
Hearing of the hnbeas corpus suit
brought by Victor E. Innes, charged
with murder, and his wife, charged
with being an accessory In connection
with the disappearance of Mrs. Elolse
Nelma Dennis and her sister, Miss Be
atrice Nelms of Atlanta, Ga., was post
poned until October 15. Tho grand
Jury today resumed Its investigation
ofthe disappearance of the sister*.
Overcoats Getting Popular
The unsettled weather that Elko
has been experiencing for the last few
days, has brought about a feeling that
winter's raincoats and overcoats are
in high fashion. Although some of
the hardier huskies are poking fun
at those wearing overcoats this time
of the year, It can be noticed that
those without are not doing much mov
I ing about but are content to stay In
doors and hug the Are.
Discussion of the back-haul propos
ition has been again resumed. This
time the hearing is taking place in
Chicago before Specia Examiner Hen
ry Thurtell. The entire railroad com
mission of Nevada are at present at
the meeting.
The railroads have caused the ques
tion to be again opened up and ask
the priviledge of making a lesser rate
through to the Pacific coast than they
make to intermounatain points. They
avert that if they are allowed to re
duce their rates to the coast from 15
to 50 per cent that they will be able
to compete with the water lines af
ter the opening of the canal. Oth
erwise they will be at a disadvantage.
California representatives are on hand
to assist the railroads as well as rep
resentatives of the middle state.
Western representativs are oppos
ing the request and demand if the
rates are lowered to the coast the
Intermountain region should enjoy a
similar reduction.
The matter will probably be bitterly
Henry Thurtell, the special exam
iner, before whom the case Is being
heard, was one of the first railroad
commislonrs of the state. Before re
ceiving the appointment he was a
professor in the state university. He
is well known all over Nevada.
n :
Fatalities in and about the quarries
in the United States were fewer in
1913 than in 1912, but were higher in
Great Britain and France for the cor
responding years.
Figures Issued by the federal bur
eau of mines today show that 183 men
were killed in 1913 compared with
213 in 1912, a decrease of 14 per cent
The number of men employed was
106,278 and the death rate per 1000
was 1.72 compared with 1.88 during
1912 In France the death rate In 1912
was less than one in every 1000 men
employed. In Great Britan for the
ten years 1895 to 1904, the rate was
1.09 for every 1000 men.
The higher death rate in the Am
erican quarries," declares Albert. H. .
Fay, engineer of the bureau of
mines, "probably results from the
less stringent regulations and less
systematic Inspection.
At Brooklyn Monday "Red" Smith,
the Boston Braves third baseman,
broke a leg in the first game and will
not be able to play In tho world's
series against the Philadelphia Athe
totics. Smith was a tower of Btrength
to his team and the unfortunate ac
cident Is generally regretted by base
ball fans everywhere, who desired to
see Boston present its full strength.
One of the first duties of Dr. A. W.
Hendrick, the newly Installed presi
dent of the university, hwen he form
ally takes up the duties of his office
today, will be to dispose of the resig
nation of Professor S. E. Rose, which
will be delivered to him otday.
Professor Ross, who also Is manag
or of the student body, has declared
hiB Intention of entering immediately
upon a now position, as a Nevada rep
resentative of an Insurance company,
of Mllkaukeo, with headquarters In
The Independent Is the proper ad
vertising agency for local business
men In which to advertise tholr pro
ductions. With a circulation that is
screwing dally and with the best of fa
cilities for everything necessary to the
publication of a live dally paper, It
Is tho best advertising medium avail
able for local houses. Try once and
nee; you") get the' habit
? o
Pittsburg has sent the Allies 6,000,
000 horseshoes. It is evidently not;
altogether an automobile war.

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