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Tigmtt up to Nearly ftOMt.OOIWrii lta
Mr. NlmpMtn's Katatn.
Tho npi'intlMini on dm oiiiio of the
lntu BiiumiuI Sliupmm, Henry L, Hull ami
O. I. Murtlu, Hindu tliolr return to llio
prulmio puurt , on Sntiirdnjr. Tho
mount on llmimttilw flKiir'itO W,170.S,
which I divided tin follow! It'Ul
MilUt, tltlfl.lttu; (dock, (10S,.WO; iiolcn,
tjsn.oia.ii; bond, tli.ooo; oilu-r M-r-mul
property, 111,517.50. Tlii' mnlo
Innludci 4,000 uliitiv of 81i)iiii, Hull,
Miller it Co. stwlc, apprntN'd nltiio,
000; 800 than 81itipon, Nickel com
pany, (10,000; 17lmiv Flft Ktitloiml
twinic, Merld.m, e.'.OU); SO ahiuvti Flint
Nutlomil bunk, WullliiKford, f.730;
12 town bouiU, (12,000; SO almrvit Stud
don & Co., MOO. Tlio retil cuttila coin-prim-
ttilily-tlx tract of hmd In Wall
ingford. There wm a fnlr ti)d crowd at tho
Emit Cunlor Ktn-ct pnrk at tliohlcyclo
race Siiturduy nftcrnoon, and tliu
honor mid wvernl of tho prize wore
won by Arthur Y. Liitio, young but
promlnlng rldor, who bliU fnlr to nmko
I hiiKtlcr. Tho flint ruco was a lmlf
nillo handicap, with four starter. Fred
Tuttlc, 15 ymdK; Clifford 8n!itli, 15
f urda; Artliur liailny, 85 yard, unci A.
V. Lime, neruteh. First prize, revolver;
M-eoud, traveling bag; third,' box of
;icur. Linio won etially; lime, 1:00 2-5.
l...ln .A..A...I 11.. II...' .l.lf.l
Tho second rnco wus ft one mile hiin
Jlonp, four oniric. Fred Tultle, 25
yard; Clifford' Bntllli, .25 yards; W. L.
lngrulium and A. Y. Lane, Hcrnlch.
Flint prize, lint bowl: coeniid prize,
cigarette case; third, box of cigars.
Lttuo and, time 2:30 4-5.
The third rnco watioue mile newuboys'
Handicap; four oniric. Arthur Atkin
lon, 15 yards; Arthur Bailey, ncrutch;
tvtllio Dniy, 100 yards; Clarence Lane,
175 ynrdn. Flint prize to Iks selected,
lecond, bicycle clock; third, bicycle cy
jloineler. Builey won first, time 2:45 4-5; , Atkiu
ton second, Lane third.
The fourth race was a one nillo town
championship; three entries. A. Y.
Lane, Clifford Smith nnd Fred Tutl le.
First prize, gold medal; second, silver
Lane had a walk-over for first place,
time 2:37; Smith second: Tuttlo third,
l'be flft was a five-mile bnudicap, and
proved n Czzie owing to a blunder of
the starter in not giving the word to go
when he should. Tho entries were A.
Y. Lane and E. H. Brogden, scratch;
Arthur Bailey, 1 minute, 10 seconds;
Clifford Smith, 5 seconds. Bailey start
ed, and had got nearly around tbe
track before the next man received
word to start; hi' fact it was a minute
md one-halt before the word was given.
Smith started, but Lane nnd Brogden
declined to start, and the race was won
by Bailey; Smith second. No time was
given out.
..The next event was a mile against
time by W. L. Ingrahnm with four
pacers. Time, 2.27. The officials were:
Referee, C. Fred Lane; judges, G. O.
1'hompsoii, William Harnett, F. j. Hall;
Miners, E. M. Smith,' X. F. Ingraham,
f. P. Stevenson; starter, Captniu, G. G.
La Barnes; announcer, V. A. Goodrioh;
worer, H. A. Norton; clerk of course,
S. J. Large; official hundieapper, John
Clulc.e. The races were under the L. A.
W. rules. ,'
In the one miie race A. Y. Lano made
tho first half mile in 1:09 2-5, but slowed
up in tho last half us he was not hard
Another, serifs of races will be given
by Cottrell and Hlrons in September.
The oase of Mrs. Clarinda Tuttlo
Bgaiust tho borough of AVallingford for
damages sustained by a fall, the result
of a 'defective sidewalk, has been set
tled .out of. court by the payment of
(200. '
Manager Heinemau's team, short the
services of HcMUIs, and. Taylor, were
defeated in South Norwnlk Saturday by
a score of 11 to 1. The visitors had a
Stamford pitoher- and a Bridgeport
catoher. . :
Manager Taylor's "Colts" were de
tailed hi Southington Saturday by a
score pf 8 to 5.
i Richard Talbot writes from Chicago
that the mercury registers 96 degrees in
the shade..,;
Mrs. Morgan of -Fair street anc her
on Arthur will start this weelc for
England, where thoy will resid0- The
.adics of St. Paul's guild presented
llrs. Morgan with a purse of $15.
Complaint Is made of the bat hers in
ihe lake near the bridge and along the
ireSt bank. Snmo do not wear any
slothing, and others that do undress in
jlailti sight of the passers on the street.
Thp SvOrst feature is the vile and pro
f ane. hvnguage used that -can be hoard
across the lake," and is very unpleasant
to tho many who have to pass that, way.
No trouble is reported from the horde
Of locusts on tho west side.
Most of tho' taotories will close for
tha summer vacation this week. Hall,
Elton & Eoy expect to shut down Thurs
4ay. -s;::" '
Saturday was the hottest day of the
ieaaon,--allfhdugli there 'was a good
reeze Mowing all the afternoon. The
mercury registered from 02 to 96 de
grees iu the shade. 1
Miss Florida Sorarttoni is home from
the south. t
Stophen Stevens has gone to England.
He. worked at tho Ilousatonio manu
!aoiuring.ooihpany shop. , 1
Ifiss ;Alicp Lane is expected home
from Nbrtbliort, L. L, this week. J
Dr. C.,H. puff is the guest of G. A.
Sinlth.v 'U-f. " ,.
Jphn M. Hall has gone-to Springfield,
Moss., on a business rip,-
The Rivals defeated the White Rose
allteam Satutdayby acore of 10 to
l2.-f4 J i i-u.U: V
Tom Taylor played with the New Ha
rena Saturday, and DeMills with the
Meridene. The latter hhs' beert ehgaged
to play with IhO Meridens forthe season.
Miss N. Emma Slack will sail from
San Francisco August 20 for Honolulu,
where she will teaoh school.
''IrvtngrKcFley is home from West Vir
ginia He leaves shprtly for Raleigh,
' 'NTalter T, Perkins has gone to Gran
ville Mass. V' ' ' '
J3y the Wjll of the late George liull,
the property in Fair street ia left to the
wiQow. . i . . -' '..
, , .. ' t j
Dlckenirtii'i ifi Qovue Destroyed. .
' Fire nesVroyedjmetf Bhrton.piet
mn.iy1!!: tpj ftnitseji v Ikk AVt.villp nTont
swq alhew.' Tie- house, yhlch was de
. troeid was'tLUed.lifitli Ui' The" lossVis
ibout (1,000. Thoioigui of t;e' lira is
TllttOHX ISDXU XJW D fll'lU.
An lUtlluB M'hlla AllKhtlui Fruin a Train
Probably rmully lnjnml.
Ail Italian who 1 kuowu a l'uiualt
JiMiettu mid IlnxMll J. Mntello and who
rt'slde at 215 Commerce tlreet, wm
probably fatally injured at tho Union
depot about 0:30 o'clock hit evening
and wiu taken to Hie hospital where It
was hIuiim! that ho was in A very pre
carlou condition and would probably
not survive hi Injuric.
Jcnctlit or Mntello, Is a workman em
ployed at tho Mlirtro Lino cut. After
iiiitshlng hi work yeslcrduy ho caino
into tliu city on tho regular work I ruin
which tu-rlvc In till city about 0::)0
o'clock. When the train reached tho
north end of I lie depot, Jcuetta was hi
a hurry to alight unit Jumped oft tho
train before It came to a slop.
In stepping off deuutta struck against
ouo of the pott and was thrown buck
under the train. The wheel passed
over tho lower portion of hi body cut
ting off both legs just below the knee.
Tho left leg was cut completely off mid
the right leg hung only by u shred of
skin. The police ambulance was sum
moned and tho injured uiiiu taken to
the hospital. His recovery Is considered
extremely doiilitrul.
ilull ItlriU nt I.itiEO.
Litchfield, Juno 21. Jinucs Saunders
and John Riclly, tho two prisoners who
escaped from tho county Jail hero yes
terday, have not yet been captured.
Tho officers have been in pursuit, but
have been nimble to get uuy trace of
tho missing escaped men.
Amwult in Mllford.
Milford,' Juno 24. Mrs. Emily Trince,
who was assaulted by two tramps yes
terday nt tho hut where she lives, is
still in a critical condition. Chief of
Police Brown Iiom not yet succeeded in
capturing the woman s ussaihinls.
Cooper Shot Dog.
Patrolman Cooier last evening shot n
dog at tho corner of Oraugo ami Grove
streets at the request of a number of
the residents of that locality. Tho dog
won a nondescript which has for several
nights been howling and making life
misernblo about that comer.
At Springslde Home.
Three hundred nnd twenty . inmates
enjoyed on excellent diuner of roast
beef, etc., nnd native peas at Spriugsido
yesterday, and every ono of those pres
ent did full justice to tho excellent re
past. Tho pens were tho tirst of the
season and were raised in tho fields in'
the vicinily of the home. The health of
the inmates is excellent and there aro
but few cases of illness.
At Calvary Baptist Church.
Rev. Mr. Elsdon of Watcrbury
preached an excellent sermon to a fair
sized congregation last night. ' His text
was from the 73rd Psalm, tho 13th
On Thursday Boys' Brigade drill
and prayer meeting at 7:30 p. m. A
better attendance at the drill is re
quested for next Thursday evening, as
a thorough drill is needed before tho
Fourth. '
The company win attend the Bible
school picnic in a body and in uniform.
A short drill will be one of the features
of the day. .
Following are some personals relative
to people connected with.the church:
Miss Florence Wilson is at Hadley,
Miss A. Nellie Brown is spending some
weeks at Springfield. . ,
Miss Knth'erine Brown will pass the
warm months nt Short Beach.
Miss Jennie Thompson of Miss Yaw-
ger's class is spending the summer at
Holy Beach, M.-J.""
Mrs. B. W. Harris has gone to her for
mer home in Nova Scotia to spend the
Tho following committee will 'look
after the atblctio games at the church's
annual picnic: v. T. Lincoln; Harry
Becbe, Harry Rugg,Mary Walker,Graoe
Maltby. '
Barber Shops Must Close nn Sunday,
It is said that on and after Bunday,
July 1, all barbor shops in this city will
be kept closed on Sunday" or their pro
prietors prosecuted. A well-known tort
sorial artist said yesterday that Assist
ant City Attorney Matthewman had sent
out a notice to ail the proprietors of
barber shops in the city, notifying them
that their shops must be kept closed on
Sundays ou and after July 1, rp they
woum De prosecuted lor keeping thera
Open Atr Shows at Savin Kiwk.
John Merritt of Bridgeport has been
secured by the Winchester Avenue Rail
road company and. will manage tho
open air o'ntertainmonts to be given lu
Railroad .Grove, during "the' summer
months. The entertainments -will com
mence toext Saturday, and will be given
every afternoon' and evening except
Sunuay. A strong oompnny has been
seou.ad for the opening week. The
shows willbeiven fronOho platform
in tho grove ust above th,e hying horses.
Lire Among thn Chinese,
A very Interesting enlertainment, en
titled "An Eyenliig in Peking," will bo
given at Epworth .M, F. church, next
Wednesday evening, June 27, at 7:45
o'clock, under.. tj8 direction of Miss
Clara M. Ciishman, Jnte of Peking, as
sisted by 27 persons In the costumes of
various nations; representing Buddhist,
Lama priests soldiers, watchmen, brido,
mourners, traohoc,- pupils, scenes lu
street life iu China, etc.v M Onshman
gives both a very- instruptlve and de
lightful entertainment, nnd 'mnny are
going to the chui,6h;tff'eiijoy Jt. The
price of admiislojj is smnlli ; ; t
' At Epworth M. VS. Churct).
The services n(i' tho , Epworyi M E.
church, were'jer Jniere8irig pa Sun
day. In the morning the pastor preach
ed on "The ' Inspiration" ipf Methodist
Day," and gave :n review of the past
and present , ; status of ' Methodism
throughout tlto-woHtf,' and "jlsp prophe
sied wncentintg- the v(u litre glory of '
Episcopal Methodism:' : In the evening
Wilom H.' Bp&iU'i the temperance, apos-'
tl'e, gave a'flue tempflrntjee Address,
which was much enjoyed ) fttorge eon-
x iXTEHhttrisa AT.4rBY4f.vr.
An Open Letter From One of Our Towns
men tilvlnf a lleitiarkable Kxperienea,
Nkw Haven, June 20, 1H04.
To the Editor Jot'iiNAt. amo Cot'iiuu,
.Sometimo neiir tho begliiiiing of the
present year my utU'iitlou wa culled to
Ihe advertlseuieut lu the Cornieii of tho
Bellinger German Remedy company of
thi city and It cure for opium, mor
phine and kindred discuses. Being a
sufferer from tho use of tlieso drugs, I
determined, ufter consultation with
friend, to test tho merit of tho Ger
man reiuedlo. Believing that my res
toration to perfect lived mil from tho
drug and the time that htmuliipscd luoo
I was discharged as cured warrants mo
in giving a full statement concerning
my case, I do so with the earnest doslro
that I may through the columns of your
valuable, medium reach soma, who, suf
fering from tho terrible bomlugo of the
opium or morphine habit, may lit like
manner as myself bo fully and com
pletely restored to their normal con
dition. ,
I hud been nn almost constant user
of narcotic poisons for more thiiu seven
teen years, and nfter this long bondage
had come so near to the period of utter
mid final breakdown as to make the end
of worldly labor a matter of a few
mouths, und life Itself an uncertain
quantity. Within tho past year sym
toms too grave nnd certain to be misun
derstood were growing worse every dny.
But what could ouo do? Nothing, so
Inr as they know. As well ask tho con
victed felon over whom' tho death
watch keeps ceaseless vigil day mid
night what he can do when licit liurpui
dou or repriovo can be hoped foY. '
Many an unequal light the writer had
made us others have done, but it was us
one against a host. Twice put under re
straint voluntarily to gain tho prom
ised case, undergoing tho nwful suffer
ing, tliu subsequent weakness, the par
tial restoration known so well by mor
phine victims under liko circumstances,
only to relapse ngniu iuto the old bond
age, to on;s own humiliation, nnd to
t ho distrust not to say- the disgust of
friends. And this relapso was not due
to wapt of appetite or a fair digestion,
but simply from insomnia and that fear
ful collapse of tho nervous and mental
lowers so sure to follow the sudden
abandonment of these drugs. "
It was under such conditions that my
family physician of New Haven told
my wife that he knew.of a remedy that
would set mo free and I-could -bo re
stored to health. Our confidence in
him, through long acqiuiiutniuc, gave
us both some hope; but with myself
little confidence in the result. Still, as
a "court of lust resort," I consented to
try it. Scnrccly four months ago tho
treatment began, and I can say to-day,
with n heart full of thankfulness to
God and- -to the kind, patient phy
sician who uses these remedies,
that the awful curso has no more power
over me. Its fetters are broken and
scattered at my feet. I have in a draw
er of my desk at my place of business
an interesting relio that is, interesting
to me a three ounce bottle which four
months ago I was draining of pursdaiid';
nuum every day, mid sometimes more.
Now I go about the streets with no crav
ing for it whatever, )ivith clear eye and
skin, voice no longer harsh but deep
nnd strong, countenance so changed
and appearance so improved that peo
ple look on me and wonder, and some
hardly seem to know whether It is my
self or someone else. ,...:!..
But some sufferer may ask, tell us
just how these remedies work! The first
two weeks of treatment will not bo un
like the two preceding it, and with sleep
improved. , The last three or four will,
I think, be more disturbed, hut there is
no pain to be feared. No nausea, no
fever heats, nor icy chills, nor dripping
perspiration, nor fearful diarrhbia npx
long sleepless night s, nor horrible gjiftw
ings like those of the "undying woi:iu,"
no whacking of the head ow the bed
post nor watching nor need of ."watch
ing. You are free to eat tho restricted
diet and roam about at your owii-sweet
will. The diet is low during treatment,
little solid food being allowed, and this
wit h the rapid changes taking place in
:-" .-FOR ' " :. '
Lte' Oil, Morltel
,;. 13-A3SUBBD BY THE ,
Bellinger German Remedy Company.
Adopted by the SOLDIERS HOSPITAL BOARD of Connecticut.
GENERAL OFICE, - t ; " ;
JSoom f, Hoadle BnlldiijfJ ,., V- v
49. CHURCH 8TBEETi-'d':f":: Street,
tbe systoin makes tho end of tho treat
ment what limy 1 iii culled "the ebb of
t ho tide." Hw?r, o aoou na solid
food I restored tlio tide of life appear
to sweep In with il siiildeiuies mid
power tliut I a inui vel of all lieholder.
It must bo reiiioinlM'i'i'd that to re
store a drug victim of long stumllug 1
little short of a mlruelo. Many tiling
are advertised us mire and promising
impossible thing. They speak of
thousand of cures, but who und what
are they? Duly nnniro enn do the real
work of cure, and if uny medicine can
do more to aid nature thiiu the Bollinger
Ocriuan Keinedies, tho writer doe not
know what or where they ure.
As to the treatment of liquor eases,
from what I loivosoon nnd heard t,I do
not speak from experience) the treat
ment iu use at Hlvei'siilo Is not only Die
peer, but the uperior of any of which I
have knowledge. During my stay then',
many cases and om them quite noted
ones, who hud fulled of cure by other
well known methods, were most com
pleUily cured, nnd expressed themselve
us feeling for tho Ill's I and only time a
confidence in their freedom from all de
sire for drink.
Again it seems to mo thut in very se
vere eases, where from the long con
tinued use of drugs tho system bus be
come a wreck, the patient should (if
financially able), remain nt tho sani
tarium lunger than six weeks, as hi ex
treme case there will bo considerable
weakness, somo nervous irritation nml
some tendency to insomnia. Ailments
not produced by tho drug, or held in
nlieynuec by it, cannot be reached by
the treatment, but must 'be met iu tho
usual way.
Finally, don't ask impossible things.
Give nature a chance nnd don't under
any condition whatever daily with tho
old Siren Morphine or Opium. Her al
luring smiles are deceptiveas hell itself,
nnd once swept back into thoso deep
tempestuous seiis, neither you nor your
friends will have much hope thut you
will ever gain tho hind again or eveu
the sight of land.
Should any one desiro to consult with
me personally concerning my treatment
nnd cure they may obtain my address
from the German Remedy company,
Room 0, Iloadlcy building, or from the
editor of the Jouhnal and Coubieh.
Dog IntlulKPnec.
The creation of fcomelhing like a lan
guage among our civilized dogs has nat
urally been accompanied by the devel
opment of an understanding of human
speech. Although we cannot attach
much importance to the mass of anec
dote on this point, there is enough
which is well attested, sufficient Indeed
which has come within the limits of my
own observation, to make it clear that
dogs, even without deliberate teaching,
frequently acquire a tolerably clear un
derstanding of a number of words, and
even of short phrases. They will catch
these not only when given in distinct
command, but when uttered in an ordi
nary tone without any sign that they
relate,, to their Juffalrs. It is true that
these undcrstocjd words generally relate
to some action which the dog Is accus
tomed to perform, yet there are instan
ces so well attested that they deserve
credit, which ifcm to show that the
creatures can let somo sense of the
drift of conversation even when it is
carried on by persons with whom they
are not famllia'tlnd does not clearly re
late to their own affairs.
An extremely Tiuman characteristic of
our canine friends is shown in their
susceptibility' tpNdictile. Faint traces
of thls quality ire to oe found in mon
keys,' and perhirfis even In the more In
telligent hqrsesg bnt nowhere else save
In man, and hftridly there, except in the
more scnsi.ti've.-ftutures, do we find con
tempt.expresaw in laughter of the kind
which conveys that .emotion, so keenly
and painfully appreciated. With those
dogs, wiich are endowed with a large
human qUalltS; . such . as our various
breeds of lioundsjit is possible by laugh
ing In their faces not only to quell their
rage, but to drive them to a distance.
They seem in a way to be put to shame,
nnd at the same time hopelessly puz
zled as to the nature of their predica
ment, in this connection we may note
the very human feature that after you
have cowed a dog by insistent laughter
you can never hope to make friends
with h'im.Pro?. N. S. Shaler in Scrib
;I have found taa GBNu
MALT EXTRACT superior to
all other la tha market, ia all
itlftnswhen thara has bean
AH uiidua low oi strength and
Dr. Hans Hulmaw, St. Ixmli.
i A J4 FrukUn Su, Msw York,
ifl I Brag Dii
What makes consumptinn ? This que,
tion is less interesting to sufferers than
one other: What
Sometimes thcro i no euro nt nil, hut
thut is not tho ciso tut often as folks sup
pose. Slocum' OionUcd Norwegian
Cod Liver Oil, with Cuniacol. allays in
flammation, stops that weakening cough,
nnd promotes tlio formation of solid,
healthy flesh on emaciated bodies. And
it i pleasant to Uikt. It contains healing
properties of great value, scientifically
combined. That answers tho second
Send for Book on Oione, mailed frco.
Prepared by T. A, Slocum Co., Hew York.
The Art ol !l. t niitlliK b Chiiii'I.
IFroin tlio Nineteenth Oiitury.r
To mount a cnmcl for the first time
Is for a Howndjl! until he gets tho lmng
of it, a complicated and anxious pro
cess. The first risk Is that the nnlmal
will rls.e while the rider Is cllmhlng
Into the saddle. This he will Inevita
bly do If the attendant has forgrotten
to place his foot on the camel's knee.
The novice, having settled In his sad
dle, which is like a Hat wooden tea
tray on the top of a hump, nnd taken
a tight grip of the "horns." of which
there Is one In front und one he
hlnd. waits in suspense, wondering
which end of the nnlmal means to get
up first.- The action, when it docs he
gin, is a violent seesaw In three jerks,
which Impel him alternately in the di
rection of tho head and tnil, until If he
is he lucky, he finds himself ten feet
from the ground. The fifteenth century
pilgrim, Kellx Fahrl, so exactly ex
presses my sentiments about camels
thnt I will quote his remarks. He says:
A camel has a small head and is
without horns. It has a big and terri
ble eye. and always seems a sorrowful
and troubled animal. Its eyes are like
lire beacons, and big reilections shine
In them, for whatever a camel looks at
seems great and huge to it, wherefore it
seems to view everything with wonder
and alarm. When, therefore, a man
goes up to it, the beast begins to
tremble, so that the man perceives
that the beast begins to tremble be
cause the man coming toward it seems
to it to be four times bigger than he
really is.
Had not God so ordered it, this ani
mal would not he as tame and disci
plined as It is. When it. screams, be
ing in trouble, it opens its mouth,
shakes Its head and raises up its
long neck, wagging it to and fro, so
that a man who is not accustomed to
it is disturbed and frightened.
Lower Prices tho liulcnml the Stock Mark
et tVns Very Dull nnd lit the Main
New York, Juno 23. The comparatively
slight intercut which tho stock market hns re
flected this week 1ms resulted iu lower prices,
particularly for stocks of bankrupt railway
companies. Northern PiiclUe preferred. Union
Pacilio and Atchison have been the principal
sull'ei'ers. The slmrcs uf a few solvent corpo
rations, namely, Missouri i'acllie, SI. Taiil,
Denver and llio Grande prcferred.aud Wabash
preferred buvo sustained losses nearly as
great ns thoso recorded by the stocks tirst
mentioned. Tho industrial stocks have been
fairly nctivo, oud, as a rulc.closcd higher than
a week ago. The only noteworthy exceptions
aro Distilling and General Electric. Tho effec
tive selling of railway stocks hns been by for
eign holders or operators, who have apparent
ly become couvhiood of the magnitude of tlio
contributions tbey will bo required to make
in connection with the reorganization of in
solvent companies by tho publication of the
Atchison plan of reprguniatioii.
To-day's bunk statement shows that receipts
of money from tlio interior tmvo been about
$50,000 ill excess of tlio money withdrawn
from the banks to secure uold for export. Tho
most gratifying change in the statement is an
iucreaso of over two and a half millions in tlio
loans.. Tills and the increase lu cash bring
thodeponits up over $3,000,000, which Is very
nearly margined by the increase in reserve,
so that-the surplus is only $31,000 less than last
week. The stock market was very dull, and
in iho main heavy and lower, the only note
worthy exceptions being Chicago Gas and
General Electric. Tuowenkncss of the mar
ket on light transactions created an uneasy
feeling. Hud it was entirely among profession
al traders.
As compared with iho final prices of last
Saturdaybe list. Is lower with tho exception
of Chicago Gas, which isjfpcr cent, higher,
and National J-e.id f j per cent. Tlio more im
portant net declines were in Consolidated Gas,
Spci cept-i Union Pucillo, 8,Ji; Missouri Pa
cific "Hi Atchison, Northern I'aciflo preferred
nnd Wabash preferred, 2,' each, St, Paul, 2;
Northwest and Erie, Vi each; PJstilllng and
Cn.ttlo Feeding, General Eleotrio, Louisvillo
and Nashville, and Jlnnlmttnn, V, each; Read
Ills', IX! Ontario and Western and Tennessee
Coal and Irou, 1 each; Hock Island and West
ern Unlpu, each; Burlington and Quincy
and Southern Pacifo, ii par ocnt. each.
ttiu. Ask
American Cotton Oil,,,,,,
m. Cotton Oil ptd
merioo 8u(r BefhllDtt.
4m. 8. B. Co. pfd...
Iteblsoo, Topeks & 8oU Fe,,,,
Jintd Southern.,,
;tralof N Jener
:tMpk Ohio Voting Certs.
- A 1,1. pfd ..'..,....,
CB.'O" (O Tortbweiterrit .,
biotiso, Burllnftoo ft Quinoj..,,
Chlcgo Ou '.'.
Chicago, Milwaukee ft it. Paul,,
,.M.Bt. P., ptd...
Ohlcajto, Boek Inland ft FaoMo,,,
. nlcao, St. P., M. A Oraaba..,..
CWSTeland, 0.. C. A St. h
Coinmhu. Hocking Toiler 4 Tol.
QOsolidtel Gaa...... ,..,
16 ..
K5 '
SS '
ueiawarv e- ouomia vauai,,....
Delaware. fock. ft. West,, , ,,
0. ft B.e.vrd......i. ,
Olstlllery CatileFeedlig...
9enrt Eleotrio Co.,
Ullnon jfill.Nt4w.4u..,.
nn j
I fit
viwoum, Kanaaaftloiaf
H K.4T. pta
Mannaitaa ICIaia0J ,,,,,,,,,,,,
Mlaaoun I'amno ,
' Vork ft Nnw BaiDDt
Maw tort ft Nitw Kniiiaoa.
lew Y-ra Oolral ft Hudwa.,,,,
N. V.. Oliirauo ft HI. Uomt k
taw Vora. i-aaa Erla ft Wnatara,
Maw Vork.U K. ft Ww( efil......
tw York. Ontario Waiters.,,,
.ft W. ptd ,
"nt Acnancan.,, ,,,,,,,
Rortlutro Pacldo
N. pfa
a lunal CoraageCo
NaUuual Cornaire Co, pfd"..,,,,,,
naiiuoai ueao ucr
National Lad Co., ptd
faeldo Mail Bteauiamp ,
Peoria. Decatur ft Kanaf Ilia
"hilerfalrhla ft ll...llng VollnnCt.
f ulliuao PalaraCar Co
lcnnjoooa Waal Poiat larCtt...
TfBBraae Itoal ft IniD
Tenuraaa Coal sad Iron pfd
T'laei'acine ,,,
Tul, Ann Arbor ft Mien
Cilon I'aclilo ,
Colon I'aciao, Dener ft Unit
Wat am
WrnrraU-jlon THrgrapti
fnaeilna-ft Iak JCrl
7. ft L. E. pfd ,
Wlaojojila Central,,, ,,,,
Adama Bzpran , ,
tmarlcao Kirrcaa.....
Dtlted Hum KxprnM
W'lla-Karra t'iprrM
United Htataa Buboer
0. 8. Buboer pfd
paid ttth pd
Jfi dl?
li:l i..ll:l'.;
1I4V 1H
lit a"-lis .,
Ill Mails;,
lm (.
JUT' i.l
1IU 1 -
Ext. Sj, r.'ir
rt ir. r.ii
4. I'tlllH., I'.tOT
iNi-w it-, I'i'jr., r.tH....
N-w b. tMMiii.. hull..
Curri iu'V IK MVt
Ctimwy II. lHim
t urri'iwy in, lwiT....
fiirrciify IK Jwri....
Currency IK lb'JW....
New York $ (few England R. R. Co.
First Mortgage
6 Der ct. anil 7 jerct. Bonfls
are ii'aently rejuculed lo enfer wi'.h Ihe
Nr York Btciirny and Trunt 1:0 or trw Bos
ton Safe DepoDit and Trustee Wll llol l
IIKI.AV. Inievufth pr,ibtlle dffault on
Hie July cuipon, prompt co-operalion oil ths
part or me noonnoiuera ia esseuuai iu uiuct iu
prrsirve llieir riRlita
Agreemfnta end Proxies will be B'Dt by mall
upon application.
'll. s. ftlitrillLn, rhalrmao,
I'rea. N. Y. Si'-urilv i nut Co.
Hrtdnionrt. Kerr Co.
HON. iTI-K4iAN 4;. lll'LKELET)
Pres. 1 na I.lfe Ins r'o,
SO !. N LI-XI OI,,
Boston Bate IVpOdil & fuist Co,.
JtSj U CounseL
25 sb Merchants' Nations! Bank stock.
!5 sh S. N. E. Telephone Co. stock.
10 sh New Haven Water Co. stock.
25 sh Bridgeport Electric Light Co. stock.
25 sh Boston Electric Light Co. stock.
$5,00" Swift ft Co. 0 per cent, bond.
$5,000 S. N. E. Tel. Co. 5 par cent, debentures
New Haven Water Co. Eights Bought
and Bold.
Has the largest amonnt of assets In this
oonntry of any foreign Fits Insurance Co.
doing bnainess in Uniled States, amount
ing January 1st, 1894, to $8,593,271.
Their representative lo this city Is
Who has represented this company
Nearly Twenty Years.
85 sh N. Y., N. H. ft H. EH,
50 sh Rome, Watertown & Ogdensbnrn BR.
60 sh Chicago Junction Kit. & Stock Yards Co
preferred BIX per cent, stock.
30 ah 8. N. E. Telephone.
$1,000 S. N. E. Telephone 5's.
li 500 N. Y., N. H. ft H. RR. deb. ft.
$1,000 Town ot New Haven 3 p. e. of 1939.
Delaware & Hudson Canal Co. Rights
Bought and sold,
Kimberly, Boot & Day.
Bankers and Brokers,
86 Orange Street.
25 aha K. Y., N. H & Htfd. RR. Co. stock.
0 aba Southern New England Tel. Co. atook.
85 ih Borne, Watertown ft Ogdanaburg RR.
15 shs N. Y. & New Jeney Tel. Co. stock.
100 Rights to subscribe for New Btock of the
New Haven Wator Company.
For sila by
84 Center Street : v
(,trlBor ft MivBif as don1 ban.
aia kn4 Wnaiua ,,,,
L. B ft W. ifd
Loulamila ft NaantiMa ,,,,,,,
Uuitilli ft Vw Albany
Louiaiiue ft Mew Allmay pu,,,
tel4a Uaa
nrY initoiiAiiY. fike,
Mercantile Safe Deposit Co.
Anmifil n-nliil it nfi fruin I I ST. lo SIXTY
THH.I.AIK Ali'iilnlc Acnrlly lor llmida,
StiH kH, Will. Ilullh.ii. I'Ihic. .I.'wi lry, IV.- lmi:
HIniit'F, and all (M1 nee uf vitntr. At'f lo
v 1 1 1 1 1 t lnoiiu ll tliu Uuikliitf ruoin of Ihu ME
JJt'lll ItClf.l lilt. CKSTrJt HTKKKT.
riiiinii ronuiK fur I'uiivi'nh'iii'" of piiinma
All m imi ih ini. ri .k-I hi-,. I'unliiilly iu Itiil to
impii l thi' I'liiup.uiy'a prciulii s, (ipiu Injur
0 it. in. tii ,'i p. in.
Timmas II. TilnwiiitiiKiK, President,
Ol.ivr.li S. Will I K. Vri. I'l r-hl. nl,
t ins. II. Tiiiiwiiimii.H, s, .jiiul Tri-aa.
National Tradesmen's Bank,
Draws Uills of Kxcluingo
Alllnnro Ihink 'I.linlfiiP, London,
I'rovlni'liii It ink r IivImihI. Iiiihlln,
riilini Hunk ors't'iilliiii'l,
i.-lll l.vniiiiiils, I'.ii Ik,
And on nil the l'rliiclpui Cilli s ol liuropo.
linuiw ( Irciilur I,rliT of ( r. illt AvalliihU
Throughout Kliropi'.
" !:. A. Ilfrr.rit. rreldent,
W.M. T. KIKI.DS, l 'a.-lil, r.
No. 48 Broadway, New York,
IB Center Street, New Kavei
Jli inhi ri X. Y. Shirk Kxchiiinre. Produce Ex
uhu:iKe und ChliMgu " "'d ot Trade.
C. 1!. KOI.MKH,
Winnirur New II iven lliunch.
All Clne of ItiillwAy Slock nnd Itoiid.9
nlxo Oniln, t-ovlion mid Cotton, llought
and Suhl on CominUttlon.
Connected hy Trlvnle Wire with New York,
ll iflon uud Cniru'o.
i'h c ou vmt I nnd (x u vl cv
yi:ir n.t wx. c oxx.
Security Insurance Co.
CiihIi Anscts Jitnuary 1. "Jt, S5IU,313.07.
CIkik. S. I.eeto, Conn llus Vicrpont,
.his. I. Iluwell, A. C Wilciix,
It. Milnii, ,l"i l A. SiH'rry,
K. ti. Stoddard, S. E. Mcrwin,
Win. It. Tyler, John W. AHin;r,
'I . All vuter lluriH's.
ciias. s. n:. n. m.vsox,
rri'sldcnt. Si'rretury.
J. I). DV.WKI.I,, M. C. FULI.EH,
Vice President. Ass t. Suu:'elnry.
jal cod
Bankers and Brokers.
Dealers in Investment Securities:
PJo-w Yorli. City
8princHou.sc, Work Tshiml, It. T.
as pcr.eciiy recnji(;r:iiivo as nic on
hiulumrd: nionet:r bntel on Island: ev-
SffllSery facility fur cumfnrt or cntortitin
iMinent: !SI ueres iK'Hntil'iil lnwn: irood
nshin, tioatin: end driving; o.vccilcnt liath.
injt': two concerts daily; owns the ceieliratob
mineral springs (wlii-n lirst attracted visitor
lo the Island); t ire.ilur free. Koter to llurdett
Hurt, 1). O., til v.
jcl2 wt li. II. M miHEI.Ti, Proprietor.
?ssOn the Crest of the AHeghW
(WAIN LINE B. & O. It. B.)
Season Opns Jane 23d, 1S91.
RatfR, 0O, $r5 and $30 a month, according
ljoiatlcn. Address
Curober'atid, Md . no to June !0; after that dst8
nither Dner Prk or Onaland, Garrott ("ountr
Md. iuv28 liaoCt
The Magnificent Twin-Screw Steamer .
Will leave Bella Dock, New Haven,
Thursday, June 28, 1894,
For Tbaroe River Coarse,
at 1:30 p. m.
This eteiuner, the fastest of the Bound fleet,
will afford her pataesKera a graad view of thia
rui-e, and will return to Nw Haven immediatelj
after the race ia over.
Fare $1.75 for tbe entire trip. State
room tl.OO nputrdi,
IduIo and Refreabmanttron board.
Ticket! and Staterooms for sale hy Ptck ft
Bishop, TOJ Chapel street, and at Steamboat
office, VeiU Dock. JtJO St
The, Popular Steamer
Captain John Fitzgerald,
m jaKTTlk Will mat rular trips to DonbH
SflSSSffiBeachaij.l Branlonl Point ourita
tho exclusion season, COitMESCINQ JULY, .
Special Rates for Societies
aud Sunday School.
Applj tO I .'.,,.
JOHN W. CARTER, Manager.
. 8. M 1TB, .D... President J;Q8I8WOU).K. D8uiit. '
.y ";'-'. V
1. It,'.-'-:

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