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govvual and Courier.
kew haven, cosy.
tlWM MaiiTM, 11.60! Of Mora, 60
rerwj Osc Wrek, U crnts; Sinous
Cor-IK. 8 CTST.
A n'klw Cimliiif-M, Bristol & Bon.
itaasau-l.Ui!' . II'hH 4 Co. .
Couilrt II. mi iiltlltfr-Frod L. Avjrlll.
Com!. lit II.mim- riirilhtir-Urown it Durham
lHtll rhm- Ml. . Swloy Co.
Jririmklliii-Irmulter 4 AiinuboD Bt.
rulilnii Tii-kl.-l.ln.lny. Bool Co.
J.rStl.--ll..u.-TX. W.J., Box J2..N. Y.
llnui'l i ii v I'liiporlum r.M.UruwDSCo.
Orsud Tmirs-Pwk lll.ttop.
OltiK'iniii inw-lbi' l Inn, Monton to.
lrl nmrmict' HaW Ewen Melutyru Jt Co,
jiiMii-i.iiii-r. Hikii & c.
Hurt Monir VrU-'H-Hnwo PlifUon.
O.ulntr (J.mrt-K. E. Hull Son.
Pfwuntli Kor Unit M. 11. N.wtm St Co.
Fiorlu n4 Bonils-KlmlMtrlv, Boot Si Kay.
Svin'low rVrruiis llw!'V, ftl It Co.
V'nnll-lloy-C. V Thin oltloo.
XXX I'otaioM-K. W. Mill.
AomociTrnAL Dkhahtufnt,
omrs or tiie Cmnr
Or thi Weathsu IIukkao,
Wamhnoton. D. C. July 29. MM. 8 p.m. J
Forooiwt for Monday-For Connecticut
Thunder storms, cooler in western portion,
ourhw Mt winds.
Iocal Woathar Report,
JOB JULY 20, 1801,
a R
A.M. T.U.
2U.H4 89.87
l ','
U K!
8 W
Clour Cloudy
ltl. lliimidily..
wind Direction,
tt'lml Vulimllv..
leather Clour
Ileal) temperature. .!
Mhz. temperature. 1.
Mln. t4niifriitiiro, T'i.
Precipitation. ,3 Inch.
Max. velocity of wind. 30-N.
Exoeas of UHnpcmtiiru siuoe January 1,
r6 degrees.
Deficiency of precipitation eluce January 1,
U.1 Inches.
II. J. COX, Observer.
Mate. A minus aim ) prefixed tothor.
tnometor readiiiK'S indicates temperature be
low sero.
A "T" In connection with rainfall indicates
O truce of rainfall too small to maure.
Snow is melted and resultltiK depth of
water not known.
Brier Mention.
Buy a lot $100. R. E. Baldwin.
Admission free to Schuetzen park to
hlght. High water to-dny at 8:24 a. m. and
6:45 p. m.
Concreting and artificial stone. Con
nect iout C oncrete Co., 42 Church, room 4.
Grand display of fireworks at Schuet
fcen park this evening.
Dr. and Mrs. Eggleston of Meriden
return with their families from South
Beach to-day.
Good music and dancing in pavilion
at Schuetzen park to-night.
Christopher J. Berry of 119 Crown
street is ill at his home with neuralgia
of the liver and stomach.
Mrs. J. J. Treat, Miss Laura M. Pln
ney, and C. C. Treat are at Pine Or
chard for a few days.
Comstock encampment, I. O. O. P., of
New Britain, has decided to give an ex
cursion to Savin Rock August 18.
Take an electric car for Schuetzen
park this evening and see the fire
works. Miss Lizzie C. Gaffney of this city, the
favorite soprano, is the guest o Miss
'Annie Gartland of Meriden.
Don't forget the fireworks and the
dancing at Schuetzen park to-night.
Roland W. Palmer and Edward L.
Palmer of 70 Kensington street leave to
day on a two weeks' trip to Saratoga,
Thousand Islands and Niagara Falls.
Second regiment band will play at
green this afternoon and at Schuetzen
park this evening.
valuable St. Bernard dog, owned by
S. P. Thrasher, was killed by an elec
tric car on Portsea street Saturday af
ternoon. George W. Eldridge of East Hart
ford has gone to Fitch's soldiers' home,
Koroton. He served in the civil war as
a private in the Seventh Connecticut.
The annual excursion of the Henry
Oration club will take place next
Thursday, when the members and their
friends will go to Glen Island on the
steamer John H. Starin.
The Consolidated Railroad company
has just made the New Rochelle fire
department a present of $100 as an ac
knowledgment of its services in extin
fulfilling a fire at a bridge.
Miss Kittle Conway and the Misses
Bennle and Bertha Batchelder and Mrs.
Laura Congdon of Holyoke, Mass., are
topping at the old lighthouse as the
guests of Captain Elizur Thompson.
The steamer Miranda of the Cook
" !Arotic-xpedition, which was damaged
In collision with an iceberg recenty,
resumed her voyage yesterday after
noon. Only four of the party have
The remains of Charles Lewis Curtis
were taken from this city to Derby
Saturday to the home of L. Kraus on
The remains were brought to this city,
place in the afternoon. Rev. W. H.
Barton officiated. Interment was made
In Birmingham cemetery.
Everything is nearly ready at the
" trtate camp for the reception of the Na
tional Guard. The buildings look very
, bright in their new coat of paint and
all that is wanted to add to the beauty
Of the scene are the snowy white tents
' tvnd the dark blue uniforms.
A grand mass meeting will be held In
: Bridgeport a short time after the re-
publican state convention. It will
; e. a ratification meeting, and
there will be a parade eim
lait The republican clubs in this city
drill unite In preparing for the great
. demonstration.
Dean's Rheumatic Pills absolutnlv him
Mieumatlsui and Beunlfla, Entirely 'Vege
jutet H trK jjjejt.v rovso.
Tbn MtH llmllM, NI"k! ! Preyed Upon
by Vermin, lilwuvnred by Follvoiuou la
tlieCInth.." I'reMofa rralifbt CauooM
Miort IH.IaiK From Horn.
Uui tford, July 29. The three Oulnan
children, who strayed away from thttlr
home on Broad street, thi city, Thurs
day afternoon, have bevn found, and all
three are dead.
The whole ulTnlr Is to tad a one, and
for a while It was so myeterlous, that
the whole city became Interested In the
sourch for the miming little ones.
Chtef-of-Police Bill gave orders this
morning that all the cars about the de
pot and the freight yards be thorough
ly searched. A few minutes after 10
o'clock Policemen Grady and Muntl.who
hud been searching cars In the' yard of
the New York and New Haven road
for about two hours, came to a caboose
from which a sickening odor came.
They burst In the locked door of the car
and the stench which had been strong,
now became overwhelming. Keeping on
at their work of Investigation the offi
cers traced the smell to the closet,
which the trainmen use as a close press.
and breaking open the door they found
the three little bodies, naked and preyed
upon by vermin. Freddie, the four-year-
old boy, lay at the bottom. On him was
Knymond, nine years old, and on top of
both was Leroy, aged seven. Under
the three bodies were the few garments
the boys wore when they left home.
It was a sickening sight, and a snd se
quel to the story of their disappear
There are no suspicions of murder or
foul play. At the autopsy, which was
performed this afternoon by Dr. H. S.
Fuller, the medical examiner, assisted
by Dr. C. C. Beach, nothing was found
to Indicate violence. The condition of
the lungs indicated death by suffoca
tion, and the absence of effusion and
other marks about the neck precluded
the suspicion of strangulation.
The theory Is that the little fellows
ran Into the car to hide from a passing
policeman Thursday afternoon, and
that the door of the closet swung to
and caught them in with the spring
lock. The closet Is five feet high, and
Its floor space is 28 by 15 Inches. It is
impossible that the little boys could
have lived long In such a confined
space and the doctors think that
they became unconscious In fifteen or
twenty minutes, and that they did not
live more than fifty minutes after the
door was locked on them.
The day they left home an older
brother had just started for the public
bath house to go In swimming. Ray
mond, the oldest of the three boys who
disappeared, asked his mother if he
could go along. She gave him permis
sion, and told him to run along and
overtake his older brother. Instead of
doing this he took his two younger
brothers, unknown to his mother, and
left the house. The older brother saw
nothing of them, and did not know
Raymond had been given permission to
go with him. It is supposed the three
boys had taken off their clothes to play
going in swimming, as that idea was in
their minds when they left home.
The car in which they were found
stood near the banks of the Park river,
but as its banks are walled it is not
thought the boys intended to go in the
water there. They were found within
a stone's throw of the house of their
parents. James Guinan, father of the
boys, is a conductor on the New York,
New Haven and Hartford road.
Financial Notes The Clearing House.
The New Haven Clearing House re
ports the clearings and balances for the
third week in July 1894 and 1893. The
decrease of clearings last week is nearly
25 per cent, from the corresponding
week of last year:
1894. Balances. 1893.
July 23 $191,916 2B $53,814 70
Julv 24 196,448 79 48.2()0 67
July 25.. .f ... 230,324 45 74,760 10
July 26...... 154,872 65 26.459 79
July 27 178,804 72 51.0G7 64
July 28 168,162 18 26,185 94
$266,872 31
276,141 08
231.673 94
242,321 58
242,631 33
234,998 40
$1,120,527 00 $280,578 84 $1,493,641 67
Decrease clearings week of 1894 $373,114 67
Balances of week of 1893 $345,697 86
Decrease balances week of 1894. . . 65,119 02
The New England Telephone and
Telegraph oompany has declared a
quarterly dividend of 1 per cent., pay
able in Boston, August 15th.
New York, New Haven and Hartford
railroad stock is in rather more demand
at 182 to 183.
The transfer books of the Amerioan
Soda Fountain company close to-day
for qunrterlydividends of 2 1-2 per cent,
on the common stock and 1 1-2 per cent.
This famous water (by elaborate retublng)
is now restored to all its former cathartic
strength and high medioinal virtues.
Jyl3 eodlm frm 8p
Are still oomlng very fine. '
We are Offering them Very Low.
Sprins'Lasb, Spring Lamb.
Asparagus, Fresh Mint,
Peas, New bunch Beets,
Choice Florida and Hothouse Tomatoes,
Mushrooms, Mushrooms.
on the rt preferred and 3 pr wit. on
tb wjooud prfforred, all payable Au-
To-morrow tue iraunr no
D. ...... U'alurti,vn .ml I ItfiioU.llUrB rttll-
road ctoiie for the usuul quarterly dm-
duud of 1 1-1 pr ooui., pj aK"
On Wwluendoy the following dividends
are payable:
AmcrU'im TouaiHMI, pmorrpu, Y"t
American Tobacco, oonmion, 8 per
Ceuudu Bouthero roUroud, I I-i P'
t'eutral Gus company, New York, 3
per cent.
Great Northern railroad, preferred,
1 1-4 per owil.
II. 11. cumin k Co., first preferred, 1
per wut.
Louinluua and Missouri, preferred,
8 1-2 r cent.
Loiik Inland ruilroad, 1 per cent.
Michigan Ccutrul railroad, 3 pr cent.
New Jersey Central railroad, 1 8-4 per
Vwk, Stow & Wilcox company, 1 1-2
per cent.
St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba
railroud, 1 1-2 pur t ent.
Chicago, Hock Island and Pttcllio, X
per cent.
Iturnrd About the Fare and Neck.
About 10 o'clock yestorduy morning
a gasoline stove exploded In a house
on Little Orango street, near Crown,
and a woman who waB standing nearby
was severely burned about the face and
neck by the burning fluid. She was
taken to Loomls' drug store, where her
injuries were dressed, after which she
was taken home. Her burns, though
painful, are not serious. Her name is
said to be Rosa Greenbaum. An Incip
ient blaze was started In the house by
the explosion, but was put out without
calling out the. fire department.
Notice! Troy Laundry.
The Troy laundry is prepared to re
ceive orders from their customers and
the public to-day as usual at their office
on Center street, despite the fire, and
customers who had goods with us can
receive them there. We have arranged
so that there will be no stoppage of
our business. Orderfe may be left as
usual. A. J. CRAWFORD,
Come and see our child's patent tip
shoes 67c, sizes 9 to 11.
jy28 2t D. W. Cosgrove & Co.
175 pairs of Misses' tan polish 98c a
D. W. Cosgrove & Co.
Men's razor toe shoes $1.98, former
5c, former price $1, $1.25. .
D. W. Cosgrove & Co.
Men's razor toe shoe $1.98, former
price $2.60. Y
D. w. Cosgrove & Co.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castor!,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she bad Children, she gave them Castoria
y Trunks, W
OThe Burgess Fur 8 Hat Co. O
781 Chapel Street.
Do You Want to Own Something
Better than Real Estate ?
If you do, you should buy
They are more ornamental and
much more convenient to carry
around than real estate and
much safer than stocks. Don't
buy a house. Buy diamonds
while you have the money, and
if a cyclone comes you will
still have something.
Jewelers and Diamond Experts,
790 Chapel street.
Wedding Gifts a Specialty.
Trunks and Bags.
Charel, cor. State st.
MAllTf -
' ,
Thi weather to-day-JLikefy
House-furnishings. All this season's
products. Here and there the lots are
larger than we care to keep. Not that
we love crockery and glassware and tin
and iron less, but quick cash and free
trading more. It may possibly give you
that dizzy feeling to look down so far
from the heights of ordinary prices but
what., you see in the paper will actually
be found on sale in the Basement Mon
day morning.
Fine Decorated Toilet Sets, set 81-07 Fly Traps JJ
' Tea Beta, 56 pieces S.49 Fly Paper ( M
" Dinner Seta, 112 pieces 6.97 Japanned Slop Jars J7
Best English Cups and Saucers, set M " , Chamber Pails J7
u Tea Plates, dozen .49 Agate Tea Kettles M
ii h Breakfast Plates, doien M Clothes Wringers .99
h Dinner " ' " .49 Iron Stone Pott .19
Crystal Glass Tumblers, each .01 Best Glass OU Cans J9
" Goblets, each Largeox Shoe Blacking J JOB
Fruit Saucers, " -01 Feather Dusters v .09
China Decorated Cuspadores, each Jfl Wire Dish Drainers! .05
Fancy Cuspadores .10 Large Mincing Bowls ( Jfi
Decorated Peppers and Salt .05 Scrub Brushes JOS
Initial Tumblers .05 Nail " j03
Japanese Cups and Saucer! .09 Stuart Agate Bancs Pans J9
" Sugars and Creams .17 Drinking Cups 01
China Cracker Jars .15 Dish Mops jn
Japanese Trays .15 Best Machine OU .02
Fancy Oil Bottles- .08 Nutmeg Graters .oi
China Egg Cups ... ; .01 Curling Irons "', .03
Decorated Sugar Bowls SB 2-QuRrt Dippers M
Gravy Boat .15 Tooth Picks, per box J02
" Butter Dishes .19 8ink Scrubs " " jn
. " Water Pitchers J89 Kftchen Ammonia ' j06
Bowls .07 Watering Pots . ,,. .. JO
" Vegetable Dishes . J5 Pearllne J03
H Cream Pitchers .09 Large Bottle Parlor Prids .05
u China Milk Jan A3 Stove Polish joi
Egg Whips .OS Borax ' joe
Decorated Individual Batters .01 Ivory Soap , .05
Fancy Glass Card Baskets? JO Enameline .03
Hand Lamps Complete -i .IS Refrigerators .&7
Table " " r ues .47 Lawn Mowers, all sizes 8.49
Parlor " .97 Whisk Brooms ;0S
Glass Butterdishes .05 Oil Stove and Kettle .'49
Decorated Tea.. Plates , JtB Agate Tea Pots M
" Dinner ? ' .08 14 Coffee " .80
Croquet He W . .69 H Wash Basins , 45
Fancy Umbrella Stands .69 Stuart Agate Pudding Pang .16
Dust Pans .03 Paper Palls - .15
Wire Potatoe Mashers .08 Clothes Pins, per 100 .01
Coal Hods .- .15 Stuart Stamped Sauce Pans .10
Flue Stoppers .03 Stuart Pudding Pans , .03
Broilers .08 Wash Basins .'. .04
Coffee Mills J5 Stuart Preserving Kettles .14
All size Graters .08 Dish Pans assorted )aizes .09
3-quart Coffee Pots .10 Agate Dippers .05
Mop and Handle Complete .09 Agate Cake Turners .05
Wooden Palls .05 Japanned Candle Sticks . .03
Cedar Wash Tubs .47 Canvas Trunk Excelsior, lock well
Solid Zinc Wash Boards .15 made 3.49
Fine Brooms .03 12 in. Leather Bag .47
Cotton Clothes Lines, 50 feet ,.07 12 in, Telescope Bag .19
The foregoing articles will be on sale until there are none left to
selL . . . OA MONDAY ONLY we will sell Bottle Best
Extract of Lemon and I Bottle Best Extract of Vanilla for 5 cents.
For men, the $125.00 " Tourist " Bicycle at $53,00. A strictly high
grade wheel. All tlu farts supplied.
July's Last Days
oa the main floor and on the second and third floors, will
be freighted with interest to every woman who believes in
good dressing and good housekeeping on the basis of sensi-1
ble economy. The nearer we get to the end of Inventory,
the more you'll get of price-shorn merchandise, ,
To Keep Dresses Dry
in the rain is quite a prob
lem with Ladies. . " Craven
ette " waterproof Dress Serge
solves the problem better
than any thing we know of. 1
It turns water like a sheet
"of glass does. Is light, easy,
to carry and almost indis
pensable to vacation pleasure.
Comes in blues and blacks
and is really inexpensive coni
sidering the width-;-6oinche&
Dress Good Store. .'. ' ,
Lay In Linens !
every time .you thit,, these
prices on! Big Sfiori quality
Bleached. Napkins 'at 38, 48,
60, 75, 90 cents and $1.00
the dozen up to $16.00,
Cream Table Linen at 12j,
22, 29, 35, 39 and 5a cents
Up. ., s: -.hvrp, X I
T Bleached Table Linem, J5
45-50.59. 657585. cents,
Kew Haven, Monday, July 80, 180.N
to te fair, '
It Is ; So Easy .
to" forget articles for the
toilet when
to go away.
How abqut
brushes, Nail
. Clothes
brushes. ' Here's a nine-row
ialH bristle hair brush with
solid olive wood back, that
you can buy. for 25 cents r
Notion Counter. ?1 '
Jlc Free Buying
of last week has Woken La
dies" Suits into such small
lots that 'we can rrive hut n
; hint, as. to reductions. .La-
iesracedat pay over $3.00
. j",
for any Duck Suit in the
store no matter what the
price may have been. A few
of the $2.00 and $2.50 ones
left. , .
Small odd lots of Serge
Suits in navy and black that
sold for $10.00, $12.00 and
$1450 reduced to $7.50, $8.
50 and $10.00. -This repre
sents but few of the prices.
30 Tuxedo Suits in tans
and grays reduced from $5.00
to $3.50.
More Hammocks
than we care to catry too.
Mexican Hammocks, all the
fixtures, three different colors
reduced, from $2.25 to $1.75.
Other styles and makes
like this - .
f 1.50 Hammocks for ii.25
1.26 " 1.00
J.OO .89
.89 " .75
.16 M
Not Alone For Boys
do the brigades of stockings
press to
the front
to cover
feet, bu't
' and
will find
more than the boys will.
The lots are too small and
scattered for making an item
ized list. You are certain to
find something that fits, in
the Under-garments if not in
Hosiery. Present prices fit
everybody. It can't be other
Here's a Corkscrew
that differs from most 'Patent'
corkscrews in that it gets out
the cork every time easily
and surely.
' '
Start screw in centre of cork,
simply turn, Don't pull,
The price is 4 5 eens-
770 CHAPEL Street.
0ASOT&and '
Excels All Others-Come In
and Try, It.
Sold for cash or on easy terms. KhufAIH-
, WO.' BBNTlNg
Veru Bicycle arid- Rubber
Store, ) , ;
158 Orange Street. "
Store closed evenings except Saturday and
Monday during July end August.
341 Stat tUtteet' 243
.. . :.. i
The Biggest Bargain
We ever offered lo
We have closed out the balano(
(2 oases) of Loomer's TaUor-mad4
Bummer Oorsets, Warranted Fast
Blaok. These goods are made ot
the best Imported sateens, bonea
and ventilating net. We have a
complete line of sizes from 18 to 80
lnoluslre. This corset has been sold
at (1.60 Our prioe while they last,
50c a pair.
See window display.
Don't Forget
1 That those fine Wool Challies hav
- een reduoed from 17o to
: 80 a yard. '
Our 680 French Challies now
89o a yard.
Bleached Pillow Slips from 1
yards wide Cotton at
6Jo each.
Good Bleached Slips, li yards
Cotton, at lOo eaoh.
Extra Heavy Bleached Slips,
li yards at 10c each.
1J yards at 12o eaoh.
BEST quality Bleached Sheets, 3 inch.
hem at top and 1 inch, hem at bottom,
1 yards wide, 45o eaoh.
1 2 yards by 2 long, at . . ... 1
48c each, . .
21 yards by 2 long, at
, ' 60o eaoh. t
Ordinary quality Bleached Sheets,
If yards wide, 45o each,
a 2 yards wide, 8o eaoh.
G. H.Gidneyt
797 Chapel
North da. r doors below Orange.
n-u, im .ii itm kranehM. Frioes the lowesb
consistent with flrst-olaas worfc. . - i
Come and see , v.
What we have here for thee,
When that house yon will iuxnisbj;
Sweet Marie1, . .
All the flowers in tie dell '
In our lovely Carpets dwell.
And our Furniture's the best, ,
Sweet Marie.
. Tell your Oscar, Sweet Mario, , .
Of the values here yon see) K
Of our prices which are lowest : .
x In the town '
.i , -.. .
He win call you his "help-meet'
For your knowledge so discreet,-
He will hasten you to make youf
f ' Wedding gowA
Cash orWeryiEasy Payments, t
P, t KELLY & CO.,
Grand Ave., Church St
652 Chapel Street' i
-!l i -
S''J V' A
, y (I W

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