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fpt 21 Many stale fair 'tsltors
from North Haven and my dlP
jwlmed or.fi on account of the rain on
The urnnK meeting was of the usur.l
Interest on lu.i.ly evening. Mrs.
Turner guvs ft good paper on her visit
to the Tomoiia granite at KUUngworth.
Flam mr.slo y Mt Lucy Ulshop and
jIlKiioi Gertrude and Blanche Clinton.
Mrs. J". L. Clinton read an entertain
ing article on "A Sc-honl Boy's Comport
tion on Hens." 'Successes and rall
,jr. tli-' Farm" w.e the subject for
mi lut.-rixMnii talk by several brothers.
J 15. l!l.hop. It. W. Smith and others.
Mr. Fmlth ssld he placed a box In a
spring last fall, a quarter of a mile
from any stream, and when ho went
to It In the spring there wna a good
sued live eel In the box. Conundrum:
jlow did It get there and this dry
s.'iis..nT "Overplus of Farm rroducts,
i.sper read by Albert Ilrockctt. The
CTHfige table was beautifully decorated
with flowers, lovely double white
shuts from Mrs. Bishop, handsome
fuwhlas. dmibltt and single varieties,
from Mrs. D. L. Clinton, and a hand
hoiiiv eaetua blossom given by Mrs. J.
ji lirockett.
Miss Kate Hull, who Injured her ankle
on a defective sidewalk In Walling
fnrd some weeks since, and has been In
the New Haven hospital three weeks.
Is now s,t her brother's, J. S. Hull. Miss
Hull will not be able to walk for some
timo to come.
Dr. R. B. Goodyear has received the
appointment of medical examiner for
the town of North Haven
Mrs Robert Prltchard of Wnterbury
Is now wltli Mrs. J. H. Divine. Mrs.
Divine is Improving, but not yet able
to sit up all day.
Tlemaiy, Roman Catholic bishop, of
Hartford, was In Hamden last Sunday
and administered the rite of confirma
tion to somo sixty people, and the Cath
olic cemetery was also consecrated.
!A large mimber of people went from
North Haven.
The W. C. T. XT. roll call and basket
Jutich on Wednesday, September 26,
at Center chapel will be of Interest If
all the members will be on hand and
respond. A good, social hour Is antici
pated, then the tea
Julius Heaton's family has returned
from a long summer vacation at their
island home.
Mrs. Adeline Merslck is at the shore
this week with her son, John Mer
Blck. nnd family. They are at Wood
aie. Over $11,000 expended on roads and
bridges In this town since September
JO, 1S93.
Irving Bassett was in town a few
flays last week.
Miss Moore, daughter of Judge Moore
of Westbrook, is teaching in district
l'o. 2, North Hill.
Mrs. Reynolds has returned from her
Bummer vacation In Massachusetts.
There is a pupil from Hamden in
room No. 3, Center school.
Mrs. Aaron Bassett recently spent "a
Sunday in New Haven' with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Shudder, and attended ser
vices at the Church of the Redeemer,
also the Oak street mission school,
where she was much interested. Mrs.
Bassett has taught the same class of
boys in the Congregational Sunday
school for fifteen years and the Sab
bath she was in New Haven was the
first time she has been absent from her
class during that time, only for sick
ness or death in the family.
Joseph Rowan has added a green
house to his dwelling house and will
keep a variety of plants.
Two young men of North Haven
speak well of the Boardman Manual
Training school, New Haven.
Rough on Asthma.
New treatment; a remarkably effective
Remedy; gives prompt relief; no necessity for
the burning of herbs. 50c. at druggists, or
mailed. E. S. WELLS, Jersey City, N. J.
Rough on La Grippe Colds.
Is the best possible and a decidedly effective
remedy in Influenza, La Grippe, heavy colds,
etc. When a heavy cold lias been caught, these
convenient Tablets, if promptly taken, will
break it up. 50c at druggists, or mailed.
Change Gradual But Sure.
Gray hair dyed looks unnatural; but it is grad
ually changed to original, natural color by
Using WEUJi nAlK daiam; eiegaiiL lumc
dressing, 500. and $1.00, at druggists.
Hold Your Tongue t
Hold It out ; see If it's coated. If so vou're
bilious. Btart the bile at once with Rough on
Bile Pills. They move the bowels, unload the
congested system, awaken tne siuggisn nver,
They are chocolate coated and very small. 10c.
and ajc. at Druggists or mailed.
" Rough on Rats "
Is sold all around the world, is used by'all nations
of the earth, is the most extensively advertised,
is the best known, and has the largest sale of
fny article ot ws mna on tne tace ot tne giooe.
t srives satisfaction every time, evervwhere:
(hey "Don't Die in the House." For Rats,
Mice, uockroacnes, Ants, tsea Bugs, rues, in.
sects, etg. 15c. ana sic. onxes.
fWHIS superb dressing and tonic In
fill vigorator, while it slightly darkens
the hair, is not designed to restore
color to gray hair. Hair like individuals
differs greatly. Noonepreparationsuits
everybody. Oils, greases.pomadee have
gone out or use. Tins preparation is de
signed as an elegant dressing, without
daubing and over-greasing the hair, yet
with vegetable oil sufficient to keep dry,
harsh or brittle hai r in a glossy, smooth,
soft, bright, life-like condition. Itisare-
viving,rerresning tonic and gentle stimu
lant to the hair and scalp, gives tone,
firmness and strength tothesame. Stops
dropping or falling of the hair, promotes
vigorous srowth. Bv use of
uie most impoverished hair is restored
to vitality and vigor, and preserved'
from premature decay. Suited to young
or old, male or female. Harmless.
PRICE $1.00.
SIX FOR $0.00.
Sold by Druggists or sent prepaid
by Express, on receipt of price.
(E. S. WELLS, Chemist,
Salm Proortetor ma Hanufnnftmm
jersey cmr, w. j., u. a a. j
Edward Tucker of Hebron has remov
ed with his family to this city and
Is to enter the Yolo Law school.
The "Litchfield Inquirer" has been
sold to the Rev. George B. Woodruff,
the son of Railroad Commissioner
George M. Woodruff.
Dennis Flynn of this city was award
ed second premium for one-year-old
stallion at the state fair.
There were several friends and rela
tives from out of town present in
Woodbury at the funeral of Mrs.
Frank Banford Inst Monday, coming
from New Haven, Watertown and
other places. The casket was covered
with rare and beautifully arranged
flowers. Mrs. Banford was highly es
teemed by her friends.
Mr, and Mrs. T. C. Bacon of Wood
bury, who rame here to attend the
funeral of the late Ellery Camp, have
returned. The late Mr. Camp was a
brother-in-law of Mr, Bacon.
Miss Nellie Mnrsh of Pleasant Val
ley Is teaching school at Mt Carmel.
Miss Charlotte Mitchell of South
Britain is attending the Misses Orton
and Nichols' crhool, this city.
Miss Mary Reynolds of Sherman ave
nue will stll for Ireland to-day on the
steamer Campania. She will spend the
winter months with her mother on the
other side.
The annual prize shoot of the New
Britain Schutzen Vereln will be held
at their range to-day. A large list of
prizes is offered.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Plumb and family
of Terryville have returned from West
Haven, where they have occupied a
clttagc during the season.
Miss R. T. Smith of Olive street has
returned from Paris.
Invitations are out for the celebra
tion of the eighty-ninth birthday of
Mrs. Maria M. Allen at the residence of
hor daughter, Mrs. John McCarthy, 64
High street, Tuesday evening, October 2.
The very pleasing entertainment, un
der direction of the elocutionist, Mrs.
E. L. Nettlcton, which was so success
fully given at the new town hall in
West Haven about two weeks Blnce,
will be given, by, request, at Warner
hall in this city on Monday evening,
October 1.
The Edgewoods and St Aloyslus will
cross bats at Westvllle this afternoon
at 3:30 o'clock. The opposing batteries
will be Sedgwick and Brennan for
Edgewoods and Corcoran and Wrinn for
the St Aloysius.
A reception was given Thursday
night by the Howard avenue Baptist
church to their new pastor, Rev. George
Nichols, and Mrs. Nichols. It was also
the third anniversary of the organiza
tion of the church. Addresses were
made by Rev. P. S. Evans, Rev. Dr.
S. Dryden Phelps, W. H. Speer and
Rev. Mr. Ford of City Point. Rev. Mr.
Nichols responded.
Porter Clark, who has been visiting
this city for a number of months, re
turned to Chicago yesterday.
A member of the Nontantum Fishing
club, which has a large preserve In
Canada, and who has been there fish
ing, has sent to George T. White of
Heublein Brothers, a trout which he
captured weighing four and a half
Emil H. Borges, the real estate agent,
has purchased of Herman D. Machol,
the merchant tailor, the lot on State
street, opposite Hooker's carriage fac
tory, 51x75, and will erect soon a
$12,000 building upon it. The land sold
for about $5,000.
Samuel Goldsein of 51 Oak street,
through his attorney, Isadore A. Stein,
yesterday brought Suit against the
State Street Railroad company to re
cover $100 damages for injuries received
while riding over Tomlinson's bridge,
September 2.
The case of B. S. Feidelberg, shoe
maker of State street, vs. F. B. Clough,
jewelry auctioneer of State street, was
heard yestrday by Attorney S. Spjer
.s a justice of the peace. It was a claim
that a watch sold the plaintiff was not
as represented. Attorney Spier re
served his decision.
The largest attendance at the schools
in ten years is reported by Superin
tendent Drummond. The five new
teachers are all' from the New Britain
Normal school and are as follows: Miss
Bertha M. Bowers, New Britain; Miss
May A. Moore, North Madison; Miss
Elsie M. Warner, Whitneyville; Miss
Lucie E. Birdsey, Merlden; Miss Cather
ine L. Boyle, West Haven. Last year
the first week of school opened with
566 scholars, but this year there are
648, making a gain of 82.
Henry Porter and Albert Meroth, the
missing boys, went to Stamford by mis
take on a freight car. At Stamford
they stayed in a barn all night, re
turning home Thursday noon, greatly
to the relief of their alarmed parents.
Engine Company No. 1 has appointed
the following committee to make ar
rangements for their annual ball, which
giving evening: Frank Sohn, chair
man; H. P. Spelgel, Frank Harland,
Max Hine, Walter S. Crosby, C. G.
Henry Schindler and Miss Fannie
Bucholst of West Haven were married
at the French Catholic church in New
Haven yesterday.
The Young Ladies' Aid society of
the Methodist church held a "Na
tional" tea in the parlors of the chUKh
Thursday evening. Selections on the
piano were rendered by Professor Fow
ler of New Haven and songs by Miss
Belle Muzzy, and Miss Edith Beers.
Those present Were Ethel Walker,
Mamie Thorp of Florida, William Nor
throp, Hattie Stevens, Eva Fenwick,
Susie Etheridge, Mamie Mcintosh,
Nellie Pende, James Mullen, Edward
Peris, John J. Lamb and William Wick-
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Speh of the
Sea View houBe left on a two week's
vacation to Philadelphia, Wednesday.
William Fowler of Rosette street has
returned from a month's vacation in
Niagara Falls, Greenport and Newport.
The United Ministers meeting will
hold its first session for the fall at the
Center church hapel Monday, Septem
ber 24, at 10:45 a,m. Dr. Vail will address
the meeting on "Soma Books Read This
Summer." Let there be a full atten
dance, . . -
Delegation From Naw Haven Ralnra Well
I'loaaed Willi Their Trip.
Mayor Sargent, Superintendent of
Streets Doyle, City Engineer Kelly and
Commlsslonera MeGann, Maley, States
and Bishop of the board of publlo works
returned home yesterday from their ex
cursion to Buffalo, where they at
tended a convention of the road officials
from the several cities of the United
States. All expressed themselves aa
well pleased with the trip and stated
thnt they had learned a great deal
about street pnvements and other pub
llo Improvements.
All spoke In the highest terms of the
hospitality of the Buffalo officials and
said that they were received with
marked attention. The Buffalo Courier
in Its Issue of September 20 printed a
full account of the doings of the con
vention and also gave the pictures of
Ave of the delegates. Of this number
three were pictures of New Haven offi
cialsMayor Sargent and Commission
ers States and MeGann. The same
paper also says that the New Haven
delegates were "so lively, intelligent
and sociable that they gave everyone
a good impression ot New Erigland
Among those who spoke at the con
vention was Mayor Sargent. The Cour
ier, after describing him as "a vener
able appearing gentleman with white
beard," gives a brief extract from his
speech, as follows: "There Is a large
amount of paving to be done In New
Haven, and the delegation from that
city Is here after information as to
cost, durability and other qualities of
the different kinds of street pavements.
The city has thirty-eight miles of paved
streets, including brick, some asphalt,
and a considerable amount of block
stone. We are somewhat differently
situated from some western states, aa
we have an abundance of hard trap
rock at our very doors, while there is
an immense amount of excellent granite
suitable for block pavement within ten
miles from our city. We want to deter
mine whether with all our facilities for
laying stone pavement it would be ad
visable to adopt some other style of
pavement. We have building brick.but
perhaps no clay suitable for vitrified
Church of Christ (Scientists), Room 13
Boardman building, Chapel corner
State street. Services at 10:30 a. m.
Sunday, 3 and 7:30 p. m. Wednesday,
All are welcome. tf
Church of the Redeemer, corner Or
ange and Wall streets Watson Lyman
Phillips, D. D., pastor. Preaching at
10:30 a. m. Evening service omitted un
til the first Sunday in October. tf
Davenport Church, Wooster Square
I. C. Meserve, pastor. Pastor preaches
at 10:30 a.m. Sunday school at noon.
Y.P.S.C.E. at 6:30 p.m. No evening ser
vice. United Church Rev. T. T. Munger,
D.D., pastor. Morning service at 10:30;
preaching by the pastor. Sunday school
at noon. Y.P.S.C.E. prayer meeting at
6:15 p.m. tf
First Methodist Church, College and
Elm streets. Dr. Masden will preach
at 10:30 a.m. Rev. F. A. Scofield at 7:30
p.m. Sabbath school at 12. Young peo
ple's meeting at 6:30.
Dwight Place Church Rev. Dr. Twlt-
chell, pastor. Preaching at 10:30 a.m.
Evening services, under the auspices of
Dwight Place Church Men's association.
Subject: "Attending to Business." Vis
itors welcome.
Church of the Messiah, Orange street,
near Elm. Preaching at 10:30 by Rev.
Cyrus B. Whitcomb, subject; "The
Bible Before and After the Time of
Moses." Sunday school at 12 m. No even
ing service. The public cordially in
vited. College Street Church, the Rev. Wil
liam W. McLane, D. D., pastor.
Divine services with a sermon by the
pastor on "Faith Issuing in Knowl
edge" to-morrow at 10:30 a.m. Sunday
school at 12 m: Young people's meet
ing at 6:30 p. m.
Grand Avenue Concrregntlonnl (ehurch
The pastor, J. Lee Mitchell, will
preach at 10:30 a.m. "The People's and
Moses' and God's Idea of the Law of
Life." 7:30 p.m., "The Four Gardens."
6:15, Y.P.S.C.E. 12 m., Sunday school
and Bible class.
First Baptist Church, Wooster Place-
Rev. John H. Mason, pastor, will
preach at 10:30 and 7:30. Sunday, school
and young men's Bible class at noon.
Y.P.S.C.E. at 6:30. Subject of sermon,
"A Wail of Despair." All seats free.
Strangers and young men specially in
vited. Epworth M. E. Church, corner Or
nnge and Edwards streets Rev, Rufus
T. Cooper, pastor. Preaching by the
pastor at 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 n.m. Sub
ject of evening sermon: "A Striking
Incident in the Times of Elijah." Free
seats and a hearty welcome for all.
Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church,
corner George and Dwight streets.
Rev. A. D. Vail, D. D., pastor. Preach
ing at 10:30. a.m. and 7:30 p.m. by the
pastor. Sunday schol at noon. Epworth
league prayer meeting at 6:30 p. m.
Everybody's prayer meeting at 9:30 a.m.
Humphrey Street Congregational
church (near Orange) Frank R. Luck
ey, pastor. Public worship at 10: 0 a.
m., with address by Miss Bella W.
Hume; in the evening at 7:30 o'clock,
with sermon by the pastor. Sunday
school at 2. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:15. No
seats rented or reserved. All welcome.
Grace M. E. Church, corner Howard
avenue and Portsea street, Rev. Frank
A. Scofield, pastor. Fifth anniversary.
Preaching to the Sunday school at 10:30
by the pastor. Anniversary sermon at 3
o'clock, by Rev. C. P. Masden, D. D.
Revival sermon at 7:80 y Rev. Cran
dall J. North. General love feast led by
Rev. A. V. R. Abbott at 9 o'clock. Sun
day school addressed by Mr.C.B.Foote
at 12 o'clock. Young people and junior
meeting at 6:16. All seata free) and a
cordial welcome to alL ,
Where does Mr. Kirby get all those
fine attractions at his popular Jewelry
store? One always finds the' latest and
nicest novelties in all lines at Kirby's.
A great place also for fin watch re-
Weak Bowels
Weak Stomachs
Weak Lungs
Weak Nerves
Protected by
A Never-falling
And Curative
Of riany Serious
Containing among lt InsrertlmU the ear
eat of medicinal French brandy anil the boat ,
of imported ginger, It l vuMly superior to
the cheap, worthies, ami often dangerous
gingers urged aa annul iiiitea.
Ak for HANKOW'S OINOEK and look
for awl trade-mark m tlio wrapper. Sold
fOTTEB Dsno A Cm"! f"'""" . nn-itnn.
Arreated lor Hogging.
Frank J. Miller Bnd Samuel Howard
were arrested yesterday by Patrolman
McGrath and locked up charged with
begging. Of late there have been nu
merous complaints mnde to the police
of the actlonf this class of mendicants
and consequently the patrolmen have
been ordered to arrest all persons so
liciting alms on the streets.
nteratQkn of Bulk Packed Tea
Cofeunon Thing:
the tevdrinkerSand Ms name is le
cioii,Anld remcmw that in no other
comiflodiiv is the wre
,ed art o( adul-
teration mtre practise
$n in the teas
01 commercacoming 1:
Where tea
is peuaica oui 11 it
matter to mix1
it with poind
torviless leaves,.
All teas shoul
srsinp of some
.well-known house in Jai
:e torrn lor
Thi9 illustration . represents a very
attractive pocket pin cushion, which we
will send free to any one. Address
and from
all such
merits and
follows the
use of the
Salt. 1 1
clears and
the skin
takes away
that dull and mottled look that
comes from stomach derange
ments. Even in chronic and
stubborn Cases of skin disorders,
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The blood, the liver, the stom
ach, the kidneys-all are acted
upon powerfully, but naturally, by
the Carlsbad Sprudel Salt. You get
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Beware of the many imitations
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ial" Carlsbad Salt., These are
only mixtures of Seidlitz Powder
and pommon Glauber Salt,- sold
by unscrupulous dealers for the
larger profit they yield.
Insist upon the genuine im
ported, natural Carlsbad Sprudel
Salt, which is evaporated from the
Sprudel Spring at Carlsbad, and
bears the seal of the city and
the signature of "Eisner &
Menbelson Co., : Sole' Agents,
New York, " on every bottle.
How to Attali tL
A Wonderful New
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copT mar be had nee
on application. '
FACTOBT, " "p:
18, 130 and 13U Water Stress. ,i.
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Miss Maria Park
Tlla vaii linvr.
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now iora.
Dlatributtng- anta for Conn.: Tiiloott,
Krlalil" 'll'trt''or'l. aUSAWlia
Probate Court, District of New Flavon, .)
HfutomuitrllMh. IHU4. (
I1BTATE of HF.RVEV H. l-'OOMKS, Inie of
j New Haven, In raid dlatrli't, dweaawl.
Upon implication of Fmlerlrk H. Giomce,
proylns taut Icttori of admliilHtrutlun may bu
Kraiitwl tim thevatuteof said ilcufiiawi, a
jit-r application on file more fully appears,
ORDERED Tout mid application bn board
ami duturmlned flt a Probata court to be held
at New Huvon, In auld lltrlct, on Iho&llli
ilny of Ht-ptembur, A. 1). lxtt, at lU o'clock In
t te forenoon, and I but notice be irlven ot tlio
pendency of aald application and the time and
place of hmrlnir thereon by publUhlnv tlio
same three times In soma nowapaper having
a circulation in aald dlxtrlct.
121 3t Judg-oof aald Cmrt
Railway and Steamship Tickets.
J- OWESTratcs to nil points,
j Staterooms and berths secured Id ad
vanoo. IlaKgaee called for and obeckod to dostU
Accident Insurance
Akcncy for Henry Gaze Son'a tours.
OS Center street, Benedict llulldlna;.
Telephone call 407-4. nuiotf
C. W. Hills, ' Funerul Director.
Specialty of Embalming Bodies of Women
and Children,
91 Crown St., New Haven, Ct.
Miis. E. Morsb, Mns. M. Gay.
Nlirht bull. TelepnonetW-'-l. alHly
galuts, lis, tc.
To Make Your Home Beautiful and
Life Happy.
396-398 State Street,
Courier Bulldlnir. New Haven, Conn.
171 to 175 Brewery Street.
Storage for Furniture, Pianos, Car
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Access at all reasonable times, a man
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Packing, boxing and shipping
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gvatKltcrs' (guUU,
New York, New Haven and
Hartford 11. It.
BeptouiWr 9. ISO.
FOB NEW YOItK-4:a, M:S0, t.K, TiM,
tSilO, sdO, SJS, 1 10:30 s. m, '13:00, 12KB. M:30
(parlor ear limited), 'MO, 1;45, -J;30,3:(W,
t:U, 'SJO. 6J0. H;35, tM, T:10. t:iO, (1:11
Brldifonort aoooiiiutixlaUon), tkli), :15 p. m.
Sundays MOM, "i.A ft) a. hi tfclX), to:U.
7:U. 8:10. i;Ui. ftlOp. m.
-12:10 s. m. (dally), 'lilO p. m.
lO.IO, HKtt, ra., MA 'iM p. in. DUNDArs
lJO(nlirht), liiMp.ra.
PHOVIDENCB-lf:13, 2:U0. '11:35 (purior or
limited), m., '12:05, -2:55, MOH, 4J snd tM
p.m. Sundays-3:13, 2:30 . in., '0:55 p. in.
N.E. U. It. '4:57 p. in. H if wd AYS '4:57 p. m.
FIELD, ETO. 10 (nlKllt), 8:40, 8K, 1 10:11,
10:90 (Wblto Mountulii-nrat stop Hartford,
11 KM a. m., 12KM, 1K, 3;10,5:00, '6:13, :U to
llnrtford), 8:03, 10:05 p. in. BONDAYS '1J0
(night), t:S3, 8:25 (accomodation) p.m.
New London IllvUlen.
FOU NEW LONDON, Etc.-!:! (nlirht), "SilO
(night), VM. 0:30, 11:05, '11:35 (parlor car limit
ed), a. m 12;06. '2:53, 3:00, '4:15, '4:55. 0:15, 8:13.
'8:55, (OKM p. m. OulKord accommodation),
Scnda ys-S:13 (night), 1M (night), '0:35 p. m,
Air Line Dlvlalnn.
8KB a. m., 1:25, '4:57, 6:11 p. m. SUNDAYS
4JS7 p. ra. Connecting at Mlddlotown with
Valley Division and at Willlmantlo with N. Y.
N. E. and N. L. N. U. U.; at XurnurvUie with
Colchester branch.
Northampton Dlvlalnn.
NEW HARTFORD, and Intermediate stations
-7:48, 11:04 a. m. and 4:00 p. m.
and points this aide At 5:55 p. m.
Berkshire Dlvlalon.
NIA, Etc. 7KJ0, 9:40 a. ni 12:00, 237, 4:38, 5:3)
7:35. 11:15 p. in. Sundays 8:10 a. m., 8:30 p. m.
FOR WATERBURY 7:00, :40 s, m, 13:(W,
2:27. SM, 7:35p.m. Sundays 8:10 a. m.
FOR WINSTED-7:U0, 9:40 a. in., 2: 27, 5:30 p.m
Sundays 8:10 a. in.
a. m 438 p. m.
WEST via State Lino 9:40 a. ra., 438 p. m.
FOR LITCHFIELD and points on S., L. Se N.
R. K. (via Hawley vlUo) 9:40 a. m., p. in,
'Express Trains, t Local Express.
C. T. HEMPSTEAD, Pen. Passenger Agt.
Daily Except Saturdays.
Str. JOHN H. STAR1N. CaDtain
Suinu a Vier, foot of Brown street, at 10:15 p.
m. Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, htr.
WM. C. EGERTON, Captain Spoor, Mondays,
Wedncsduv.4 and Fridav. The Starin leaved
New York from Pier 18, North River, at 9 p. in.
Monday ", weanesaay ana criuays. ine,g
ert on, Sunday, Tueudaynand Thursday.
Faro. 75e: excursion tickets. S1.25. State
rooms, $1.00.
Tickets ana staterooms ror saio at J. M.
Lines, jr.8', 851 Chapel street: Peck & Bishop,
702 Chapel street: Tontine Hotel, and John
Morse, Center street.
Free stniro leaves tlio depot on arrival ot
Hartford train, and from corner Churoaand
Chapel streets every half hour,coramenoingat
8:30 p. in. Through freight rates given and
bills of lading issued to points wist, south
and southwest. C. H. FISHER, Agent.
Order your freight via Srarin Line.
New Haven Steamboat Co.
Leaves New Haven (Belle Dook) daily (exoept
Sunday), 13:33 night; New York (Pier 25 East
River), 3 p. m.
New Haven, daily (exocpt Sunday), 10:30 a. m.j
Now York. 11:30 p. m.. Saturday 13 p.m.
Fare $1.0. Excursion $L50.
Staterooms and tickets for sole at Peck ft
Bishop's 703 Chapel street, and at Mix's drug
StThrough rates given and bills of lading is
sued to points West, South and Southwest by
the New Haven Fast Freight Line.
Free stage trom depot 10 night boat on or
rival of trains. & LeBOURGEOIS, Agent,
United States Mall Steamships
Sail from New York every Saturday
Rates for Saloon Passage,
Bv S S. CIT OF KOM K, 850 and upward.
Other Steamers, Cabin. 848 and upward, ac
cording to accommodation and location of
room Kxcimston Tickets at reduced rates :
Center Second Cabin, $30. Steerage, Out
ward, 88; Prepaid, 818.
Drafts at Lowest Current Rates.
For Book of Tours and other information,
annlvto HENDERSON BROTHERS, 7 Bowling
Green N. Y.; or John M. Lines, jr., 851 Chapel
street 'or Win. Fitzpatrlok, 607 Grand avenue,
or M B. Newton & Co., 88 Orange street. New
Haven. - jy38 8m
Highest .
Weighs .
25 Pounds.
Agents 294 296 298 State street.
Low Priced Housefurnishing
and 780 Chapel Street,
TralM Arrire at New Haven.
Tom New York. 1U0, 1:00. :,
&, 146a, 10:06s, l0;Mx.ll:O0x. ll:J0x,
UMx a. m. 11:60 noon; l:00x, 1:60s,
1:00a, 1:60!. 4:60. 8:86a, I:i6s, 6:40";'
:60x, T:40, I.OOx, :, 10:60 p. -n.;
U:26 midnight, Sunday MOx. rOGi.,
:46a. 10:10a a. m. fJOx, l:46x, us.
1:20 p. m.
From Philadelphia. Baltimore and
Washington, without change l:16
a. m. 4:10s p, nu Sunday 1 :16s a. m.
From Boston, Willlmantlo and Middle,
town, ldia, Ttfls, ;00a p. m. Bub.
day 7:01s p. m,
From Boston, rla Worcester and
Springfield, 440s, 11:60 a. m.; lJ7x,
1:16a, Utx, 1:06a, 1:04s, 1:66 p, m,
Sunday, 4:10s a. m.; I.-04X p. ra.
From Boston. Providence and New.
London. 4:46s, 11:66 a. m.: lMx,
136s. tMx. 8:88s. 7:00s. 7:4Sa. 9:06s,
U:67s p. m. Sunday, 4:46s, :06x a.
m.; 7:43a, 747s p. m. v
From Bridgeport. 1:10s, 6s, 1:16s,
6:36a, 7:40a, 8:46a, 846a, 10:06s, 10:46s,
ll.-OOx, U:66x a. m.j 12:60 nooni 1:00s,
1:60s. 1:00a. 8:60s, 4:10s, 4:60s, 8:16a,
8:10a, 8:40. 8:60s. 7:40, 8:00s, 8:60a,
10:60a p. m.j 12:26 midnight Bun.
day. l:10x. l.-06x. 3:16s. 8:46a, 10 JO
a. m,; 4:60s, 8:60s. :20 p. m.
From Stratford. Naugatuolc Junction,
MUford, Woodmont, West Haven and
Way Stations trom New York. 7:40.
8:46. 945 a. m.; 12:60 noon, 8:00, 6:85,
8:40, 7:40". 9:60, 1040 p. m.; 18:26.
(Don't atop at Naugatuck Junction,
Woodmont or West Haven) midnight
Sunday, 8:46. 10:20 a. m.; HO p. m.
From Merlden, Hartford and Spring,
field. 4:20s, 746. 920a, 9:30s, 11:60a
a. m.; 1:27s, 2:16a, 924s, 6:06a. 8:46a,
8:04z, 846a, 1120a p. m. Sunday,
4:20s, 9:60 a. m: 8KMs p. m.
From New Britain, Berlin, Merlden,
Walllngford and Way Stations frons
Bprlngfleld. 7:66, 920, 1140 a. m.; 3:16.
6:06. 6:46, 846, 1120 p. m, Sunday.
9:60 a. m.
From Nlantlo, Saybrook Junction, Clin
ton, Madison, Guilford, Stony Creek,
Branford, East Haven and Way Sta
tions trom New London. 7:40, 928,
11:55 a. m.; 2:17, 6:02. 7:43 p. m, Sun
day, 7:43 p. m.
From Way Stations trom Providence.
11:66 a. m.i 7:43 p. aa. Sunday, 7:41
p. m.
From Turnervllle, Portland, Northford,
Montowese and all Way Stations
from Mlddletown and Willlmantlo,
8:00 a. m.; 121, 9:00 p. m. Sunday.
7:02x p. m. Stops at Mlddletown and
Willlmantlo only.
From Northampton, Westfleld, Chesh
ire, Mt Carmel and Way Stations
trom Northampton, 922 a. m.; 128,
4:00, 8:00 p. m.
From Shelton, Bottsford, Hawleyvllls,
New Mllford. Danbury. Plttsfleld, Al
bany, N. Y., the West and all Way,
Stations from Plttsfleld. 11:00 a. m.
tffl p. m. Sunday, 8:20 p. m.
From Derby, Birmingham and Anso-
nia. 7:18, 9:26, 11:00, 11:69 a. m.. 2:44,
4:43, 7:10 p. m. Sunday, 7:46 a. m,
6:32 p. m.
From Litchfield via Bridgeport 11:00,
a. m., 6:10 p. m. Sunday, 8:20 p. m.
From Seymour, Naugatuck and Water-
bury. 7:15, 9 25, 11:69 a. m., 2:42, 4:43,
4:10, 7:10 p. m. Sunday, 6:32 p. m.
From Wlnsted. 9:26. 11:59 a. m., 4:43,
710 p, m. Sunday, 6:32.
z Express, a Accommodation. Lo
cal Express. Accommodation first
part of the way.
Graduate of three universities.
28 yearn' experience In all chronic diseases.
via, jfceimDie, x.xpen bpwuiuibi
Tn Nervnun Dlsnnnefl. UiAod and Hkln Affec
tions, Kidney and Bladder troubles, and all
rrlvate Diseases oi men ana women.
Suffering from the effects of youthful follies
or indisorctlons, or troubled with weakness,
Nervous Debility, Loss of Memory, Despond
ency, Aversion to Society, Kidney Troubles,
or any disease of the Genlto-Urlnary Organs,
can her e And a sate and spe edy cure. Charges
reasonable, especially to poor. CUBES
Troubled with too frequent evacuations ot
the bladder, often accompanied by a slight
smarting or burning sensation, and weaken.
Ing of the system in a manner the patient
cannot account for, the doo tor will guarantee
a perfect cure in au guca cases, ana neaitny
restoration of the gntlg-urinary organs.
Positively eured without pain by a new
method, entirely original with us. No cut
tlnor or oautery used. No detention from
reirular bulnss neoei"arv.
tVOffloe at Boom 8. Boardman Bulldln
corner Chapel and State streets.
Office Hours: 0 a, m. to 12 m., 2 to5 p. ra,
evenings 7 to 9. Sundays, 10 to 12 a. m.
Patients treated by mail. Correspondence
confidential. ; nJ
soLicrroES op
American and Eoreign
868 Chapel Street.
' Hemoved to
I flnsawts a brlllhurt truapananr to .the tkta,
I iBamoTMallplBplMfreoUeaadlasstanasas,
for8sle l

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