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urorxaASO c.ibpets.
Am Vuu Coin to I UMlmM?-If So, Bod
About Ill-own Mu liu.
The large anil lennt store of Brown
& Durham, comer of Orange and Cen
ter streets, I thronged wlUl bu,y
crowd of purchaser during these
brluht and crlxp October days. With
the coming of the fall, comes also the
need of stoves, and various articles
of household furniture, which Is to
make the home pleasant, attractive and
comfortoblo during the long winter.
There Is hardly a family In the city but
.nmo huvlner at this season
of the year, and anyone could not do
better than to examine the large stock,
of goods at this tore. All lines of goods
nre selling extremely low Just now, es
pecially carpets and stoves. One may
purchase here any kind of a carpet from
the finest quality of Brussels or Mo
qurtte to the more practical Ingrain a,
ii bargain.
This firm has been before the P.ew
Haven public for several years as one
of the leading furniture establishments,
and they have established a reputa
tion for Integrity, honesty and fair
dealing, which gives them the entire
confidence of the community at large.
One cannot only find bargains In car
pets and stoves here, but also In every
thing which the household needs In the
line of furnishing. The goods are there
In endless variety, comprising all that
is elegant, stylish and durable. In
point of durability this firm certainly
excels. These goods are not Just put
together to last a short time and then
ily apart" "They stay put" every
time. And this Is one valid reason why
Brown & Durham are steadily Increas
ing In popularity and why patrons come
from north, south, east and west, also
from the Interior of the state, to make
3urchasps. They all know tney can
save money and that the purchases will
be "exactly as represented."
One of the Loveliest of Ladies Writes. Our
Readers a Letter They Will Never Forget
It is a Grand Letter and Well Worth Reading
Vorv Valuable and Free to AH.
If you have not already accepted this
great free offer, don't lose another
minute. It tells you how to be well
and strong. The most successful living
onooiallst in curing nervous ana enron.
in diseases. Is Dr. Greene of 35 West
14th street. New York city, who makes
the following generous offer. Write him
ahnnt vour complaint, tell him Just how
you feel, and he will answer your letter
describing your case and telling exact
ly what your trouble is. He gives most
iniitP attention to every detail, and
.Tinkps vou understand instantly Just
hor alio vnu. And think of it. all
rihts posts vou nothing. He makes
.pia.nv of treating patients through
itr correspondence and is having
wonderful success. He Is the discoverer
of tliat world renowned medicine, it.
Greene's Nervura blood and nerve rem
edy, which is constantly curing thou
sands of people. Anyone not living in
iho la.reest cities will appreciate this
SDlcndid opportunity to consult, entire-
lv free, tne nignest mwicu numum.
without leaving their homes, thus sav
ing the time and expense of a trip to
the city, and also the large fee charged
T,v other and less skilltul pnysicians.
Write him at once, and the probabliiies
oro that vou will be made wen ana
. y. w. c. a.
Those in charge of the arrangement
of the evening classes at the T.W.C.A.
take Dleasure in announcing that a
class in singing will be formed unddr
the charge of a competent teaenor
The obiect will be to learn to sing at
sight in any key. Some of the methods
used by Mr. Frank Damrosch in his
classes in New York will be introduced.
All young women interested in music
are cordially invited to attend the first
meeting on Wednesday evening next,
at st o'plonk. when Dlans of work for
tho spason will be shown and illus
We have received this
interesting letter, with the accompany
ing beautiful portrait from Miss E.
Burke, of Amoskeag, N. H., and we
place them before our readers :
Soon after graduating from scnooi,
I was stricken down with nervous pros
tration, and no one but God knows
what I suffered.
I was so nervous that the least little
thing would cause my heart to flutter
and palpitate. I was also troubled
with severe headache and dizziness,
which unfitted me for any mental work.
I tried several highly recommended
compounds, but they did me no good.
At last, I decided to give nr.
Greene's Nervura blood and nerve
remedy a trial. What a blessing it nas
proved to me ! I can truly say that I
owe my present excellent health to Dr.
Nervura blood and nerve
remedy. We keep it in the house, as
it cures a sick headache or neuralgia
in every case and gives Immediate re
I am so srrateful for the good tnis
wonderful remedy has done me, and in
order that other poor sufferers may
be pointed to the path of health, I
deem it my duty to state what Dr.
Greene's Nervura blood and nerve
remedy has done for me. My faith is
so strong in this grand medicine which
has done me so much good, that I urge
others to use it and get well.
remarkably I recommended it to several, who have
tried it and been cured."
Here Is the voluntary testimony of a
most estimable lady, that she was
cured by Dr. Greene's Nervura blood
and nerve remedy.
It is a wonderful tribute to the great
value of this medicine in curing dis
ease. There is a large class of people
who, while not exactly sick, suffer from
extreme nervousness, feel weak and
tired, lack their old-time strength and
ambition. They do not eat or sleep
well, wake mornings tired, with dull
feeling head and no inclination to take
hold of their work.
To all such we would recommend Dr.
Greene's Nervura blood and nerve
remedy, for it will certainly give strong
nerves and vigorous bodies in fact,
will make you strong and well.
This medicine is recommended by
doctors. It is not a patent medicine,
but the prescription of the most suc
cessful living specialist ,1n curing ner
vous and chronic diseases. Dr. Greene,
of 35 West 14th street, New York City.
He has the largest practice in the
world, and this grand medical discov
ery is the result of his Vast experi
ence. The great reputation of Dr.
Greene is a guarantee that this medi
cine will cure, and the fact that he can
be consulted by anyone at any time
free of charge, personally or by letter,
gives absolute assurance of the bene
ficial action of this wonderful medicine.
MOVtb, glUUDVBLQ, gtt.
I have
uouitr ituvoiiD.
Gray Hair
Gradually restored by Wells' Hair Balsam to
original color, oi&ck ui uiuwu, vk5u.
dressine. too., $i. Druggists, or $i size prepaid
by express for $i. E. S. WHWSi, jersey my.
Don't Die in the House.
"Rouzh on Rats'' is equally effective with
flies, cockroaches and bedbugs as with rats
knifmice. Never fails. Sold all around the
world; used by all civilized nations every wnere.
Skin Humors,
Pimples, Flesh Worms, Ring Worm. Tetter,
tsalt Kneum. rrusueu rcc. """'"'"T
Hough on Toothache. Instant relief. ioc.
Does Tour Stomach Feel Mean,
Hi:- Mo riinHwrawd? WELLS' STOMACH
Elixir will give you instant relief. For dis
turbed digestion, distress, pain, or flatulence
after eating, and to an acrid, raw, irritable,
fewriRh. inflamed, tender, feeble stomach it
ritr most benien and happy relief. Comfort-
ane, soothing. In 50c and $1.00 bottles
or wholesale aroggi
on receipt of price.
at retail
or wholesale druggists, or prepaid by express
How to Kanage a Husband.
Trir-u rtw rtt.f. Ptlls: if he's cross.
irritable, uneasy, his liver is out of sorts. If the
'-bJ.,. ci.io-o-iah. inactive, congested,
he gets bilious. Then look out. His sleep is
-.rr small toe and 25c. at
r,v naned! ' E. S. WELLS. Tersey City.
15 & 35C.
BALSAM, now,
I Rough on Coughs
Bel iavah rvmehB almost
tomedUtelTiteheaUniandswtolng nWW
BJratlS,3S3rW. valuable
remedy In Bronchitis and Consumption. Af "
tellable remedy for children. Sold by Pgf1V,
Sough on Coughs, (Tablets), convenient to carry. Me.
New treatment, remarkably effective, prompt
teller. Convenient to take ana carry, nu uuru-
lug of herbs. 60c. Druggists or mailed.
E. S. WELLS, Jersey City, N. J.
Superior Court Civil Side-JudgeWheelev.
At the short calendar session or mis
court yesterday considerable business
transacted in a very short space
of time, the entire session Deing over
ohmit norm. Judge George W. Wheeler
was on the bench, and the business was '
rushed through in short meter.
An answer was ordered filed within
two weeks by the defendants in the suit
of the town of New Haven vs. the
Derby Turnpike company. The suit was
brought to abolish the turnpike com
pany and to make the road a free high
way and abolish the toll gate.
The suit of Piatt Bros. & Co. et al.,
against the city of Waterbury, to re
strain the city from dumping its sewage
into the Naugatuck river, and which
has been in court for three years, came
iin on a demurrer, but was continued
for a week by agreement of counsel.
A judgment of foreclosure of a mort-
- .. rpUnmna T.
gage or ouu was erajucu .wunuo,,. .
Young on property owned in this city
by James N. Brown. January 1 was
set as a limit of time for redemption.
Patrick J. Wrinn of Meriden was or
dered to furnish his wite xneresa au
with which to defend the divorce suit
which is. being pressed against ner on
statutory grounds.
In the divorce suit brought Dy baran
J. Field against ner nusDanu, wiiuui
Field of Branford, a motion tor a more
specific statement of the cruelty alleged
was granted.
In the bill and cross-Din tor aivorce
brought by Conrad Ullrich against his
wife Catherine, and vice versa, an ad
ditional allowance of $25 to defend was
City Court Crlm'nal wide tillage uaoie.
Adolph L. Goldstein, breach of the
peace, continued unui uciuuer 40, juuu
Higgins, non support, nolle; Gilbert
Gannon, breach of the peace, bound
over to the superior court under ?300
For public speakers, singers, Ac. For allaying raw.
Bess, soreness. Irritation, tenderness, inflammation',
mottling and strengthening to the overstrained voice
natnroac zoo. aturuggiswor mailed.
. E. B. WELLS. Jersey City. N. J.
To be assured at all times that the breath is not
cdenslve, rinse the month and gargle the throat
daily with RorOH oh Catahbh.
a nn .-limn r-lnar n t,i mt.in : rnrM rut arrn ann
catarrhal throat affections ; clears the head, nose
and throat mm all offensive or diseased collections.
A valuable gargle for diphtheritic. In fact every
form of jora throat In children or adults. SSo. at
Broggim bi mall. K 6. WKUSi Jersey City, N.J,
Daughters of the Revolution,
Waterbury, Oct 12. The annual meet
ing of the Millicent sorter chapter,
Daughters of the American Revolution,
was held at .the home of Miss Susan
Spencer, 61 Church, street, yesterday af
ternoon. The meeetlng opened with the
singing of national hymns, which was
followed by talks ana readings. Mrs.
E. I Frisbie, sr., and Mrs. E. D. Steele
read selections pertinent to the objects
of the society and Miss Susie Hill read
an original parody on a work which a
Tale man jrecentW sow to the Daugh
ters. TheDarody proved very amusing.
Miss Hill resigned her position as his
torian and Miss Katharine A. Prithard
was elected to the officer Miss Hill was
then elected registrar; The meeting
broke up and the members were served
, a light luncb v
Ben Wooding, younger brother of C.
F. Wooding, the contractor, fell from a
building in Hanover yesterday and bad
ly broke the bones in his ankle. A Mer
iden doctor was called, and later the
sufferer was brought home in W. A,
Booth's hack. The building in HanO'
ver is a small one to be used as a
waiting room by the passengers for the
electric road. C. F. Wooding has the
contract for - the work. The accident
was caused by the giving way of a
horse on which Wooding was standing.
The officers elected by the Walling-
ford American Protective Tariff league
are: President, G. A. Glahn; vice pres
idents, S. J. Large, W. P. Grobel, Sam.
uel Hodgkinson, David McCune; secre
tary, S. J. Large; treasurer, D. J. Shee
han; financial secretary, C. O. Norton
executive committee, R. S. Horton, J.
C. Broedlin, H. H. Martin, George
Schwab, Timothy Broman, G. J, White
and C. O. Norton. A club room will
soon be fitted up. The membership roll
has 125 names.
The throwing of rice at newly mar
ried couples, which has been so custom
ary late years, was somewhat changed
at the depot Thursday evening when
M. C. Daly and bride took their de
parture, and white beans were sub
stituted, and the couple were well
showered on the platform and when
they boarded the cars.
A marriage license has been issded to
Heinrich Vollhandt and Miss Ida Louise
Clinton. The marriage will be on Mon
day evening at the home of the bride in
Rev. A. B. Reynolds of Cambridge,
Mass., was in town yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. William McDonald are
home from Baltimore.
Dr. F. E. Coudert and bride arrived
home last evening.
F. L. Markham severs Ms connection
with the electric road to-day, and
goes to work for Valentine & Linsley on
Monte Cristo" is- booked, for the
opera house Wednesdayevenihg.
The democrats meet in caucus this ev
ening to nominate Judge of probate.
C.A.Harrison has sold to Mrs. Bridget
Doyle a house and lot, 50x130 feet, on
Valley street. .....
A magic lantern entertainment will
be given in town hall Monday evening.
Center Church Rev. Newman Bmyth
pastor. Service at 10:30 a. m. The af
ternoon devotional service U not yet
Pavi-nport Church, Wooster Square
I, C. Meserve, pastor. Pastor preaches
10:30 a. m. and 7:80 p. m. Sunday
school at 12 o'clock. Y. P. S. C. B. 6:30
p. m.
First Methodist Church, College and
Elm streeta-Dr. C. P. Masden, D. D..
pastor, will preach 10:30 a m. and 7:30
p. m. Sabbath school 12. Young peo
ple's meeting 6:30.
Church of Christ (Scientists), Room 13
Doardman building, Chapel corner
State street. Services at 10:30 a. m.
Sunday, 3 and 7:30 p. m. Wednesday.
All are welcome.
Humphrey Street Congregational
church (near Orange) Frank R. Luck
ey pastor. Public worship at 10:30 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m., with speaking by
the pastor. Bible school at 2. Y. P. S.
C. E. at 6:15. No seats rented or re
served. All welcome.
Hrand Avenue Congregational Church
-The pastor. 3. Lee Mitchell, will
preach at 10:30 a, m.: "Sincerity." 7:30
p. m. the service will be in charge of
the Y. M. C. A. Dr. I. Dever Warner
will speak. 12 m., Sunday school and
Bible classes. 6:15, Y. P. S. C. E.
College Street Church, the Rev. Wil
liam W. McLane, D. D., pastor.
Divine services with a sermon by the
nastor on "Jesus' Invitation and Prom
ise" to-morrow at 10:30 a. m. Sunday
school at 12 m. Young people's meeting
at 6:30 p. m.
Enworth M. E. Church, corner, Or-
ante and Edwards streets Rev. Rufus
T. Cooper, pastor. "Rally Day" ser
vices at 10:30 a. m., 12 m. ana i:w p.
m. All the church members and Sun
day school scholars are urged to be pres
ent. Free seats and a hearty welcome
for all.
East Pearl Street M. E. church.
At 10:30 a. m. Mr. E. T. Bates, state
secretary of the Y. M. C. A.i will speak.
At 3 p. m. there will be a men's meet
ing, at which the Yale Seminary Quar
tet will sing. Preaching at 7:30 p. m.
by Rev. W. M. Carr of St. Andrew's M.
E. church.
First Baptist Church. Wooster Place-
Rev. John H. Mason, pastor, will
preach at 10:30 and 7:30. Sunday school
and young men's Bible class at noon.
Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:30. Subject of even
ing sermon:, "The Reversal of a Life."
All seats free. Strangers and young
men specially invited.
Calvary Baptist Church Chapel, cor
ner York streets Rev. Edwin M. Poteat
pastor. Public worship, with sermons
by pastor at 10:30 and 7:30. Special gos
pel meeting, led by Rev. H. M. Wharton,
D. D., with assistance of large chorus
choir begin Monday evening, the 15th,
at 7:30. Every night. Everybody in
vited. ' '
Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church,
corner George and Dwight streets.
Rev. A. D. Vail, D. D., pastor. Prayer
meeting at 9:30 a. m. Preaching at
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. by the pastor.
Evening lecture on 'The Bible a New-
Book in the Light of Modern Dis
coveries." Sunday school at noon. Ep-
worth league prayer meeting at 6:30,
Dwight Place Cliurch Rev. Dr. Twit-
chell. nastor. Preaching at 10:30 a.m.
Rev. H. W. Pope. Sunday school
sessions 12 m. and 2:30 p. m. Young
people's meeting at 6:30 p. m.
Evening service under tne auspices ot
the Men's association, T.iv p. m.; sud-
ject, "Show Your colors." lecture Dy
Rev. Mr. Pope. The public cordially
invited. . 1 "
Church of the Messiah (Orange street,
near Elm street). Preaching Sunday
morning at 10:30'and evening at 7:30
by Rev. W. F. Dickerman of Lansing,
Mich. Morning subject: "Our view
of Religion." Evening subject: "'ine
Foundation of Authority in Religion."
Sunday school at 12 m. The public cor
dially invited.
Church of the Redeemer, corner Or-
arg and Wall streets Watson Lyman
Phillips, D. D., pastor. Tnomas .
Shepard, organist and musical director.
Prpaphine at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school at 12 m. Y. P. S. C. E.
at 6:30 p. m. Services at Welcome hall:
Sunday school at 3 p. m. Gospel meet
ing at 7:30 p. m., in charge of Fosdick
B. Harrison, assistant pastor.
United Church Rev. T. T. Munger,
D.D.. pastor. Morning service at 10:0;
preaching by the assistant pastor, H.
R. Miles. Sunday school at noon. x.
P. S. C. E. prayer meeting at
:15 p. m. Evening service at 7:30, under
the auspices of the Men's Sunday Even
ing club. Judge W. C. Robinson will
speak on "The Mutual Keiatlons 01
Catholic and Protestant Churches,"
and the discussion will be continued
by Judge S. E. Baldwin. All seats are
free at the evening service.
A large assortment of
hard wood Refrigerators
and other kinds, which
will be sold cheap to
reduce stock.
Please call and ex-
. 639
Grand Avenue
We are now prepared to show you
the largest assortment of Parlor Stoves
to be found In the oity, comprising all
the latest designs and tho most eco
nomical and powerful heaters iu the
market to-day.
Fire Place G-oods
Brass Andirons, Black Iron Andirons,
Brass Fire Sets, Black Iron Dire Bets,
Hoarlh Brushes, Portable Grates, Fire
Screens, etc.
Gas fixtures
Iu great varieties. ew designs amv
ing daily. Our stock is now complete
and prices low.
Sanitary Plumbing,
Steam and Hot Water bating,
Of your home will be
a pleasant one if our
house. When you see
its beauty and learn
its price, we'll have
to call our
Furniture and Mantel Co.
Orange and Crown Streets.
The Southern New England Telephone Go,
Look for
the Sign
of the
Blue Bell.
Public Stations are Located as Follows:
SntvtUtrs' (guide,
New York, New Haven and
Hartford It. R.
Ootubor 1, 1104.
FOH NBW YOHK-'iO, '1J0, t6:O0L VM.
8:10. 8:30, D3S, tlO-JO a. n, n.-OJ, 14:05, U:M
(parlor car Uuillod), 1:40, 13U.8.IM, 3:30,
UM, !;., fcJB, (30, 1M, tilD, (8:U
Bridgeport aoooromodatlon), t-M, t-.U p. m.
bumoay mm, 'i-M, ou a. nh, taw, ma.
7:10, 8:10, 8:15, 9:I0 p. m.
-TfclOa. m. (dully), 1:10 p. m.
10:10, Ml;06. m.. '1.-0J, 'tM p. m. bURDArt-
lgOfnlgbt). 5:Mp. m.
PBOVIDBNCB-'ftU, tin, 'UM (parlor ear
llmllodja. m.. '12:08, -2:55, "4:18, 'iM and M:U
p. m. Suwdats "303, 'a JO a. 8:55 p. m.
N. a H. R. 4:5T p. m. SuNOATi 'iSI p. m.
FIELD, Etc '10 (nlvbt), 6:40, 8KB, tlfctf.
nan a. m., IS.ua, V;U), S:00, '6:U, 0:U to
Hartford), tM, 10:05 p. m. BDSDAY4 ls
(nlvbt), "&:.13, 835 (aooomodatlon) p.m.
ew London Division,
FOB NEW LONDON. Eto.-1:13 (nlabO. M
(nlvbt), 7:50, :30 (Guilford aooommodatlou),
11:05, 'Ilia (parlor oar limited). ,m 18.-oj.
'S:W, 3.-00, '4:15, '4:55, 6:15, 8:18 (Guilford ac
commodation), '8:55, 11:15 p. m. (Guilford
accommodation.) Sundays fcia (nlvbt), 'tM
(ulvbt), 'd:ik if. in. ,
Air Line Division.
-8KB a. m., 1:30, '4:57, 8:05 p. m. Sundays
4:57 p. m. Couneotinv at Mlddletown with
Valley Division and at Willi man tlo witb N. f.
i N. E. and N. L. N. K. K.; at TurnemUo with
Colchester branob.
Northampton Division.
NEW HAKTFOKD, and Intermediate station
7:45, 11:04 a. m. and 4:00 p. m.
FOltNOltTHAMPTON and point this side
At 5:45 p. m.
Berkshire Division.
NIA, ETC. 7:00, 9:40 a. m., 12.00, SJ7, 43,5:)).
7:35, 11:15 p. m. SUNDAY8-8:10 a. m., 8:30 p. m.
FOR WATERBURY 7:00, 9:40 a. m, UW,
iOl, 5:30, 1:33 d . m. SUNDAYS 8:10 a. m.
FOR WIN8TED-7:00, 9:40 a. m i: 27, 5:30 p.m
Sundays 8:10 a. m.
a. m., 4:28 p. m.
WEST via State Line-:40a. m 4:38 p. m.
FOR LITCHFIELD and points on S., L. & N.
R. R. (via Hawleyvllle) 9:40 a. nu, M p. m.
A double frame dwelling house for
Mr. William Bartlett is also designed.
The dimensions are SO by 56 feet. The
house will have hot water heat, hard
wood trimmings arid floor, and a slate
roof. Another feature will be open fire
Largest Stock of Heating Stoves
Furnaces, Hot Water and Steam
ana Fixtures. Oil Lamps, and Kitchen
272, 274, 276, 278 Elm street.
Broadway, No. 51, N. J. Beers.
Cedar Hill. Passenger Station.
Center St.,35, The Conn.Electrical Co,
Chapel St., cor. Lloyd, W. H. Hull.
Chapel st. No. 491, L. A. Elliott.
Chapel st. No. 633, H. J. Sperry.
Chapel st. No. 744, E. Hewitt &. co.
Ohapel st. No. 871, Willis h. Mix.
Chapel st.corTemple,Malley,Neely&Co
Chapel st. No. 996, New Haven House.
Chapel st. No. 1044, Warner Hall.
Chapel st. No. 1225, A. B. Hall.
Chapel st. No. 1333, A. R. Leighton.
Coneress ave. No. 24, D. Ackley & Son
Congress ave. No. 139, J. Linde & Son.
Congress ave. No. 303, R. H. Dlmock.
Court St., No. 116, Central Office.
Dixwell ave., No. 141, J. J. Ailing.
Grand ave. & State St., G. N. Ailing.
Howard ave&Cassius st.,G.B.Hanover
Howard ave., No. 339, G. H. Butricks.
Meadow St., No. 152, Arlington Hotel.
Shelton ave&Munson St., C E. Jones.
Shelton av&Thompson st.SH Williams
State St., No. 956, George H. Baker.
Townsend & Forbes avs, W B Thorpe.
Union ave- Union Passenger Station.
Whalley ave&Sperry st.CF Messenger
Whalley ave., No. 196, J. A. Hodgson.
Whitney ave. & Trumbull st, wjook
Winchester ave& Webster st,IBKlock.
York St., No. 268, P. B. Schurman.
Branford, F. E. Peckham & Co.
Branford, Central Office.
Centerville. F. E. Tuttle, Post Office.
Clinton.Reynolds & Wrlght.DrugStore
East Haven, Chas T Hemingway.siore
East River, S. D. Cruttenden.
Guilford, George N. Bradley, P. O.
Madison, J. M. Hull, Post Office.
Milford, J. H. Barnes.
Mt. Carmel Center.J. E. Andrews, P O
Montowese, George H. Cooper.
Morris Cove, Pequot Association.
Northford, T. A. Smith.
North Haven, Joseph Pierpont.
Orange, N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Co.
stnnv Creek. F. E. Brainard.
Tyler City, N. T., N. H. & H. R. R. Co.
West Haven, Hill Homestead.
West Haven, Post Office.
Westville.Main st.M.EJerrell, store.
Woodbridge, Chas. T. Walker, House.
Woodmont, A. B. Norcross, store.
Indicates Automatic Station.
'Express Trains, t Local Express.
C. T. HKMPSTEAD, Gen. Passenger Agt.
Daily Kxcent Saturdays.
Str. JOHN H. STAR1N, Captain
MoAUster.leavts NewHaven from
Stan ii a l'ler, lout of Brown street, at 10:15 p.
m. Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Str.
WM. C. EQERTON, Captain Spoor, Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays. The Starln leaves
New York from Pier 18, North River, at 9 p. m.
Monday , Wednesday and Fridays. Ihe Et-
erto.i, Sunday s Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Fare. J5o: excursion tiokets. SU95. State
rooms. $1-00.
Tickets ana staterooms ror saie at j. iu.
Lines, ir.s'. 861 Ohaoel street: Peek Bishop.
VH Chapel street Tontine Hotel, and Jobn
Morse, on (jenier street.
Free stage leaves the depot on arrival of
Hartford train, and from corner Churoiand
Chapel streets every half hour, oommenolnif at
8:30 p. m. 'ihrough freight racts given and
bills of lading issued to points west, south
and southwest. C. H. FISHER, Agent.
Order your rreignc via atann nine.
New Haven Steamboat Co.
r Wow TTnirnn fBnlle Dock) dally (except
Sunday), ia:30 night; New York (Pier 85 East
tuver),if p. m.
New Haven, daily (except Sunday), 10:30 a. m.j
New York. II: l p. m., Saturday 13 p. m.
Fare 81. uu. nxcursion si.ou.
Kt.itomnmn and tickets for sale at Peok Se
Bishop's 70S Chapel street, and at Mix's drug
StSir'miirh rates iriven and bills of lading Is
sued to points West, South and Southwest by
the INew naven rata xreigiu. muo.
Freestaueirom depot to night boat on ar
rival of trains. . .
JSUVY.U. iilioUUAurtUio, Agcuit
852 Chapel Street.
irnltpri States Mall Steamships
Sail from New York every Saturday
Rates for Saloon Passage, .
Bv S 8 CITV OF HOME, o ana upward.
Other Steamers, Cabin. 45 and upward, ac
cording to accommodation and location of
room Excursion Tiokets at reduced rates :
eillitJl iwuu vnviit)
Steerage, Outward, 10; Prepaid, 15.
Drafts at Lowest Current Kates.
t ntnir of Tnm-9 and other information.
anolvto HENDERSON BROTHERS, 7 Bowling
Green N. Y.: or John M. Lines, Jr., 861 Chapel
street or Wm. Fitzpatrick, 667 Grand avenue,
or M. B. Newton & Co., 86 Orange street. New
Haven. Jy
Are You Ever Annoyed
by a buzzing or roaring" sound" In your
bead? Have you difficulty '. in hearing
distinctly ? Are you troubled with a, con
tinual dropping of mucous. Irritating
the throat and causing you to cough?
Is your breath unpleasantly affected
and accompanied with bad taste? la
your hearing less awjte? If bo, you have
catarrh and Bhoulo) at onca procure
a bottle of Ely'a Croam Balm, the best
known remedy. Tl Balm will give In
stant retiei. - : ,
Dean's Rkeumaflo PUW Momwy
table. Bate,
rheumatism ana neuralgia. . EnUrey Vge
Your choice of
Rims and Tires
Call and See
Buckingham Clark
Brass, v..
atidi cleans paint
without ik'fcratch,
25 Pounds.
Jackson State Ms 294 296 298 State street.
Arrived last week. Watch our Chapel Street Win
dow for Special Bargains aaiiy.
nn vail linn of Caroets is far ahead of anything
ever before exhibited in the city. Prices so low they
will surnrise you. ,
' - ! 4t . 1 .
Parlor Suites, Easy tnairs, toucnes--MJur own
manufacture ; come and see them.
Choice lines of Rufrs, Mats, Shades, Lace Cur
tains. Draneries, Paper Hangings, etc.
Largest and Leading Low Priced Housefurnishing
Store In the eity. v-
Orange Street and 780 Chapel Street
Graduate of three universities.
yea-' Fxnnri-nce n all cbronlo 'liseassSj
Old, Boliabla, Expert Spaolallst
r . -K- ... . . ........ .t. . . . ft. ,n Klrin AITiv..
tlons. Kidney and bladder- troubles, and all
Private Diseases of men and women.
Suffering from the effects of youthful folllei
or Indiscretions, or troubled with weakness,
4erTOUS UeDiiy, UUBui inrunui j, uwhii;u
enoy. Aversion to Society, Kidney Tro:,ii.,..,
or any disease of the Genito-TJrinary Oi'mu .
can here find a safe and speedy oure. Cutn-v a
reaspnaDie. cniieuuftu w . iuu.. uvuu
Troubled with too frequent evacuations of
the bladder, often accompanied by a slight
smarting or burning sensation, and weaken-
in? 01 tne system in a manner ine paiiens
cannot account for, the dootor will guarantee
a perfect oure in all such cases, and healthy
restoration Ul uitt((euiwwmiiji uijtauo.
Positively cured without pain tar . new
method, entirely original witn us.
No out.
detention front
ting or cautery used.
tVOffloe at Boom 0, Boardmao Building
earner Chapel and State streets. :
. Offloe Hours: a. m. to IS m 8 to B p.
evenings 7 to 9. Sundays, 10 to 13 a. m.
ptiints treated by malL - Oortespondmot
I confldentlaU w . .

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