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aoVTUisatoir. I
Ss.-If you ever stood In plain
f the front door ot a savings
; . . . i cities on days
tank In any of our large cities on aay.
when the bank was busy receiving ue-
an opportunity would be given
fr, . play of the mind opera-
jrou to t mr ii 7
ling UllKC ill -
in. - - n Ota rwwniA wno uuducu i
. ...!.,. I
their way into me ua.in.. ...
worth considerable money or but a, Mt-
tie, the same thoughtfulness 1 founa
. m ll nlfba nnrt AAGh feCl8
on tne race ui
that they are considered Important
people by the bank officials, and their
regard for each other a they wait to
do the business uppermost In their
minds Is mutual. In times when
money is cloBe there may be fewer de
positors, but there will always be found
Iu.,. ..h hnvfi money to put away in
h .nvinira bank. In a town or bor-
the savings umm. -
ough like Southlngton there is apt to
be a savings bank of considerable lm-
portance. There is sucn a,
the Southlngton Savings bank, ana
among Its rules Is one which accommo
ates busy people by giving them an op
portunity to make their deposits on
Monday evenings. In passing the bank
on that night In the week you will be
apt to ee people going In or coming
out of the bank and will see a cheer
ful light inside. The building Itself Is
a pretty one, built of brick with stone
trimmings, and It is here that many
people are helped to carry on private
enterprises. A passer-by can get a
glimpse of one phase of life as his at
tention is taken up for a. moment with
rhn are bent on making a depos
Jt which will draw Interest and place
them In the ranks of those who one
day may be considered well-to-do peo-
pie or well-off. There Is no more lm-
portant business transaction than that
of depositing money and taking a re-
ceipt for it, and the people wno mane
such deposits do it with due care, and
iwe may beMeve fondly anticipate the
time when they will come again and
make a like or a larger deposit If they
bave to make a withdrawal instead the
umile on the face is missing, and the
look is that of a different sort, rather
crest-fallen like, and as If things were
ot going right In such cases they
like to explain and hope to make It up
Boon and bend all their energies in that
The democratic caucus wlu be neia
next Thursday evening, -Nov. 1, to put
n nomination candidates for represen- I
, 4...iM r.t
tatlve, Judge or prooaie au
peace, to be voted for at the state elec.
(tion, Tuesday, JNOV. om.
The recent rain storm Is helping
ftlong the 1895 rye fields.
The usual number of cars on the
(freight trains which pass over the Ca
j.al railroad is from twenty-five to
twenty-eight, but once In a while there
i n ahnrt train of five or six cars, in
iwhich case the time made equals that
made by the fastest express or mall
trains, as the freights do not have to
etop at many stations before getting
to their terminus, especially if they
have a clear right of way.
Phillips, formerly a favorite base
ball player here, was in town Thurs
day. He left that afternoon for Sara
toga, his home, where he is engaged in
the business of manufacturing cigars.
The census of the school chilren Is
being taken here and the returns will
soon be made public. The number on
October 1, 1893, between the ages of
four and sixteen, was 1,128.
The people are getting so that they
take anything new as a matter of
course and make no ado about It. It
would seem a proper occasion when the
new electric light wires are strung on
the new poles to make some demonstra
tion of a public nature over it and hail
such a new enterprise In a way which
iwill place the people here In the same
position with those who are ever ready
to rejoice at the accomplishment of an
enterprise so much to the credit of this
community. We have had electric
A Soft Corn.
One application of Rough on Corns, liquid,
gives Instant relief; two effects a permanent
cure; two or three applications eradicate
hard corns, 15c Rough on Corns, Salve and
Plasters, ioc E. S. WELLS, Jersey City, N. J.
Rough on Toothache gives instant relief. 10c
Stomach Distress and Misery.
There la fmmediate and most grateful relief
in the use of Wells' Stomach Elixir. It is
gently invigorant to an irritable, feeble, dys
peptic siomacn, 50c ana 31.00 Domes, at retail
or wholesale druggists, or prepaid by express.
E. S. Wells, Jersey City, N. J.
Pale, Puny Children
May have worms. A safe, harmless, but effect
ive worm destroyer is "Rough on Worms."
Jt'a aweet and nice, and never does harm; al
ways does the child good. 25c.
" Rough on Itch "
Ointment cures Skin Humors, Pimples, Flesh
Worms, Ring Worm, Tetter, Salt Rheum
Frosted Feet, Chilblains, Itch, Ivy Poison, Bar
ber's Itch, Scald Head, Eczema. ;oc. Drug
gists or mail. E. S. Wells, Jersey City, N. J.
tt May Not Be Known
To you, but It Is a fact, that " Rough on Rats "
is equally as effective, never failing and re
''able, as an exterminator of Cockroaches, Bed
Bugs, Flies, Ants, Beetles, Water Bugs, etc., as
it isfor Rats and Mice. "Rough on Rats" isthe
recognized standard throughout the world. It
never disappoints. Always gets there.
Don't Go Home Without 'Em
JtorjGH on Bile Pills. They are the greatest
Ittle pills for starting up a sluggish Liver, and
relieving the thick, aching head extant Nothing
equals them. They are chocolate coated and
very smou. ioc. ano. asc. at urngyiMa
Bed Bugs, Flies,
light hers for torn tiro, but this
tension on me now sireoia is a Dig step
n th6 patn of gouthlnrton's progress.
and It may be set down a faot that
It will not bo long- before people direct-
ntBM(ted w, wan( t0 bavt tn0 Um.
M of he borougn viier taking In more
territory. so that they may enjoy the
privilege which thoy can plainly ee
,iovd hv those who live within
DUruUHH 1 mil IV. .v vs.
p,aee mugt uke the ,ead , gettlng
themselves In a frame of mind by
which they will be satisfied with thl
borough a a place for homes, a plaoe
where people love their homes and
where they love everything; of a publlo
spirited nature.
The assessors will be at the town
hall Saturday to take tax lists.
Electors may quaiuy at nw wwn
clerk's office before the town clerk and
selectmen on Monday, from 9 o'clock I r
a. m. to 5 o'clock P. m. -
Ten liquor license applications have I r
oeen nuoe rwiurau vi wu w
the board of county commissioners for
cerns held quarterly meetings here this
week and declared quarterly dividends,
one concern two per cent., the other
one and a half.
It would be a good thing for this
place If the two great political parties
were not so evenly balanced here on
all leading questions. There are at
least 1,200 voters here, and when poli
tics run high about half of them di
vide and go one way to the polls, while
the other half take the other side, the
result snowing mac men preier a un-
ference of opinion and call that free-
dom. It would be much better If there
was a healthy political life here, by
wnlch a jarfre majority of the voters of
the pace ghouId become TO alive to the
teueB that ghould be met an(j accepted
flr rejected by the bainot that the re-
guU would ghow at )east goo of the 1,200
voterg on one glde If honest men, with
enlightened minds and hearts, working
in the Interest of the state of Connect
icut and the whole country, should
come here with the Inner truths of pol
itics uppermost, for the time being, In
their minds and present such truths In
all that spirit of fairness which the
truth itself will allow, It might turn I
out that a single town In this Important
state might be the means of leading
the people throughout this state and
the Union to adopt a policy In political
life which would place the nation at
the head of all countries favoring true
homes and true freedom. Our claim to
. a . tnwn tn he exnerl-
o --
mented on in this way is that among
our citizens are those who love to see
true life work- itself out In others and
who like true politics. We would love
to see such a friendly feeling here that
both parties would unite on two candi
dates to represent this community In
the legislature.
The Observance of All-Saints' Eve Now a
Thing or Merry-Making.
Halloween will be observed In this
city by many merry gatherings, pri
vate and public, and a word about
Halloween Is fitting at this time:
It used to be the popular belief that
spirits walked abroad that night al
though why that night, and the eve of
midsummer's day, of all the nights in
the year, only the spirits themselves
might know. It was even understood
that they who chanced to have been
born on that night could actually see
the said spirits. But what was once a
ceremony of belief in regard to them
has now become a thing of sport, of
welcome sport in a day of such serious
thought and work and sense of respon
sibility that any excuse for sport
should be laid hold of; so that now Its
observances are all a Jest which young
people play upon themselves, not In the
least believing In the consequences,
only half hoping there may be some
thing In It, and saying to themselves
that stranger things have happened.
So they practice matrimonial vaticina
tion with the roasting nuts, the nuts
that leap away- in the heat being a
lover not to be compelled the time
once being known as Nutcrack Night;
and they dip their heads Into tubs of
water to catch between the teeth reluc
tant apples swimming there and named
for this lover or for that; or aM alone
they eat an apple before a mirror, feel
ing creepy as they look over the shoul
der in the glass for the face of sweet
heart or spouse to be; or they go down
the cellar stairs, with a candle In one
hand and a mirror in the other, for the
same expected vision. Or they winnow
fn the dark three measures of nothing,
simply with empty mimicry of winnow
ing, whereupon the face is to appear;
or they pull the dead stalk from the
garden, and Judge by the earth clinging
to the roots whether or not the lover
has gold and gear; or they drop the
yolk of eggs In water, and take heed of
the indications concerning a lover's
trade and tools, be they pen or be they
spade. The singular .thing about all
these incantations is that it is never
the departed spirit that Is Invoked and
desired, but always the apparition, the
wraith, the astral body to adopt a
modern shibboleth of the living. And
if October, with its Halloween rites,
claims the most power of seeing spirits
of any month in the year, it Is not the
enlarged spirits that its myths pretend
to deal with, but only, for the nonce
set free, the spirits in prison. Harper's
Bazar. . " . '
Work on the New Catholic Chapel.
Work has been resumed on the new
Lawrence street chapel for St Mary's
church. There has been some delay in
the making of the doors and windows.
These things' have been completed and
now work will be rapidly pushed. The
altar, which is now in the basement of
St. Mary's church, will be moved and
fitted up nicely- v .-.
This altar IS Very .pretty and the
touchlngs which are to be put on will
be very accepts re. .
The church Will be completed very
soon, ana rrom lnaicnuuno win un
doubtedly be well attended. No plans
as to the time or number of the masses
have been made, but tt is evident that
at least two win he necessary.
The building la a plain one but very
well suited for tn purpose. The
I irnriiinrill about ft will be neatly ar
ranged so that the cnapet win nave a
Dleasln 'and ' tastena appearance.
The building wfll be In charge of Jo-
The original Raw Food.
Vn unrivaiied nutrient
... .
it DUllaS DlUSCle ana DOnC
..i.-,. M,w
t makes new diooq.
- retained bv anv Stomach.
, ,i i f
satisfies tne nunger 01
Unaided it will SUStain
strength for weeks.
Contains the largest amount of
nutrition in the smallest
possible bulk.
It will sustain life by injection,
t is simply the vital principles
of raw beef concentrated.
, ,
It IS prescribed and reCOm
mended by more physicians
than any other food in the
world. We refer to
physician you know.
For tale at all druggists.
A. P. Bush & Co., 149 Pearl street, Boston,
Mew England Agents.
Ilmpartl a brilliant tranapaiWKT w ra win.
Remotes ail pimple, freoale. and dltoolonUant.
Far Sale
District of Now Haven, as. Probate Court,!
October 2ih.lH94. (
New Haven, in said district, deceased.
Upon the application of James K. Blake,
praying for power and authority to
sell and convey certain real estate belonging
to said estate, as per application on hie more
fullv appears, it is
ORDERED That said application be heard
and determined at a Probate Court to be held
at New Haven, in said district, on the 1st day of
November, A. D. 189i, at 10 o'clock In the fore
noon, and that notice be given of the pend
ency of said application and the time and
Dlnoe of hearlnir thereon, bv Dublishincr tho
I same three times in some newspaper having a
circulation In said district.
THE committee on sewers will meet In room
10 and 11. City Hall, on Wednesday, Oct. 31,
1804, at 8 p. m., for the purpose of considering
toe louowmg matters ;
P3titlon of Herman E. S-nlth eta', for a
sewer In White street between Congress and
Co umbus avenut a.
1 etitlon of William H. Brown for a sewer
in Sherman avenue between George s'reet
and Gilbert avenue.
Petition of W. J. Montg mrry etal. fcr a
sewer In Sherman avenue b .-tween Gaffe and
Munf on streets.
Petition of Robert Nutley et at, for a sewer
in Oak street between Orchard street and the
All persons interested in any of the forego
ing are hereby notified to appear and be
heard thereon without further notice.
Per order, JfKANUlH w. FOLEY,
o20 3t
Assistant City Clerk.
Lectures on Football at Tale.
A series of lectures on "Football at
Yale" is now being delivered with great
success throughout the country by
Thomas Cochran, Jr., '94, and W. W.
Lounsbury, '94. The . places already
visited include St. Paul and Minneap
olis, Minn.; Madison, Wis.; Holyoke,
Mass.; Troy, N. Y.; St. Mark's school,
Andover and Groton; and within a
short time the lecture will be presented
at the Orange Athletic club,. Lehigh
University, Harrisburg, Pa., Wilkes-
Barre, Pa., the Yale Alumni associa.
tlons of New York and Chicago, and at
many other places. The lectures are
all delivered by Mr. Cochran and eaoh
one Is illustrated with about one hun
dred stereopticon views by Mr. Louns
bury. The progress of the game
fully described from 1877 up to date,
special feature of the -address being
"A Day with the Yale tfeam." ; The
audience Is taken with the team to the
gymnasium and then with the coachers
to the field, where the system of prac-
tice and coaching is reproduced and
thoroughly explained. Pictures of all
the famous players are shown, and the
plays that have made each .man the
best of his day are fully described,
The lecture has been ; carefully pre
pared from observations and' expert
ences on the field, and Is endorsed by
T. L. McClung, '92; Vance; MoCormlck,
'93 S.; W. W. Heffelflnger, '91 8.; Wal
ter Camp, '80; A. A. Stagg, 88 F. .A,
Hlnkey. '95; and W. C. Winter, '9i
It is proposed to give the lecture in
New Haven in the early part of Decem
ber. '
Parents often look on
in consternation and
helplessness when ,they see
children in convulsions, as if
there was nothing to be done.
will relieve at once, and the
little sufferer ; will become
quiet Take the lubricant
and rub gently tne j whole
length of the 6pine, Can
anything be more .simple ?.
Nothing is more effective.
The same remedy will cure
the most obstinate case of
eczema) itching, earaclyvand
greatly relieve colic. ,
5 Nets. box. praggMssr trwO.
BsinDa Co 74 Canal At, Tort.
Thursday, November 1st, .
Our Great Bargain Day.
It will pay yon to do your week's shopping
on Thursday at u store. Every Thuraosy
muufnm to our already long llitt
It demonstrates our superiority as "Bargain
Olvers." 1
Again a Big Bale of
f Winter Underwear,
11.03 TTndnrwear at 50a,
You will think how
Hut a)wlns a t llevliiR-; oqme
to ouriTore Thursday and nee for yourself,
1 .11 niiiliM Shirts, with
Pants to match, thoy are i quality and no
less, Thursday price 5Uo garment.
Fine nil wool scarlet Shirts and Drawers,
the tl.C0 quality, Thursday at 79o.
Heavy all wool camel's hair Shirts, double
breasted and double back, tinest underwear
for winter, 1J0 quality, Tnursday at 7o.
Sale of Men'a All Wool 80
At prices loss than ordinary cotton goods.
Fine all wool camel's hair Sox, 80 quality
All wool fast black Cashmere Sox, S5o qual
ity, at Ufto.
Fine natural wool box, 25o quality, at 120,
Ladles' Winter Underwear Here Are
Thursday Prices t
Fleece lined Jersey Klbbcd Vest and Pants
winter weight, 60c garments, at 23o.
AU wool garments, in scarlet and camel's
nair, ji.a quality, at ivo.
Children's Winter Underwear.
Buy your winter supply now. 8uoh low pri
ces will not bold out.
At lie fine Merino Vest and Pants, orochet
neck, heavv winter weiirht : larger sizes at
15c a arJkrment.
Misses' fleece lined, ribbed Vest and Pants,
all sizes, worth Soo, Thursday at lao.
Sale of Ladies' Hosiery.
lfear hUr-ir Hormdrtnrf dvn. two thread Hose.
with double sole and high, spliced heels; 250
quality: Tnursday 12)4C,
Fast black seamless ladles' Hose, slightly
Imperii ot, ale quality; Thursday so pair.
Boys' and Girls' all wool Cashmere Hose
ruu, regular qiaue, aovqutuny; mmnuaj .fw.
Ladies' fast black Cotton Hose, 12tfo quality
Thursday lo,
Boys' and Girls' fast black ribbed Hose, all
sizes up to w, ioc quality, munuii; i fw
G-itat Sale o" Corets for Thursday.
Out efforts erowned- with success. We have
tiAnn wnlttnir for an oonortumtv to seoun
just such a lot over siir tnonths. Fine cor
sets of well-known manufacturers will be
saorlflced. .
76c unlets at iyo.
The M.C. lone wa'sted Sateen Corsets, never
before retailed at less than 75c, Thursday
price 89c.
This unheard of low prloe only for Thurs
day. !'''
Thnae fine corsets -have never been re
tailed for less than J1.2', and after this lot is
;one could not bo bought again ior less tnan
il.25. 'ihev arc extra lcnsr waisted, with 5
and 6 hojka, double clasp, protected with the
patent asbestos, double back steel, livery
corset marked A G. is warranted to fit and
glvoentiro satisfaction; no finer corset sold
anywhere at lcs than $1.25. llemember,
inursaay price oyc.
Mdm. Foy's 6kirt Supporting Corsets at Zoo
These are the rerni r r lilrt-supporting cor
sets, sold everywhere il. We closed out a
lot, only sizes ia to uu. xnursuay pnuo
Sale nf Infanta' Wear.
HMoi-down Clonks, trimmed with Angora
fur. worth tS. Thursday price 98c.
Infants' ribbed wool Shirt , wortn aso, at no
Infants' line Cashmere wool ribbed shirts.
BOc quality, at 2,'c.
Hand-knit Sacquesat 19o. t
Fine kn tted Booties at 9c.
Embroidered Silk Caps at 19o.
Children's Cantm Flannel Night Gowni,
Thursday price ZiO. . ,,, -' ': '
Sale of Ladles' Wrappers and Tea Gowns,
$1.50 Garments at 79c.
with rnftlfisand bral 1 trimming, all new fall
Thr.se are nne uasuinere uoiaiuv Hiuwpwo,
styles, manufacturer's prloe $1.50, sale price
Fine eiderdown Flannel Gowns, wortn ja,
at 93o.
Toloa' tullni. marie Wll'std. made Of fine
WOJ1 Ladies' Cloth, worth $2.00, Thursday 79o.
Tnursday Glove Sale,
Pool Kill niovna. with four large pearl but
tons, very stylish, $1.5 quality, at 503.
ishirttcn enirth Swede Mausquecaire ma
Gloves. $1.51 quality, at C0.r- ,
Finest quality Cashmere Gloves, boo quality
' Sale of Ulen's Sweaters and Cardigan,
e We boueht over 135 dozen of these from a
bankrupt stock at 25o on the dollar-Thlnk of
the loss to the creditors 1 Think of the great
bargains you will buy at ourstoreon inurs
day I
Men'sheavy all wool Sweaters In black, navy
and white, with large aouoieuu
sell at $i.ik Thursday prloe 98c
Men's heavy Sweaters, not all wool, made to
sell at $1.60. TI
hureday at 09c
Bova all wool Sweaters. In Diaolt, navy and
white, with heavy double collars, made to
sell at $1.50; Thursday price 19o. All sizes at
tuts price. - '
nfa.fi Iimtt wnni rnrliran Jackets, black.
brown and navy, made to sell at $2; Thursday
price wo. : -
$1.00 Boys' Sweaters at Wo. : ,
On Thursday we offer fine wool Boys
Sweaters, black, brown, navy ana white, We
Sale of Dreaa Llnlna and Notlona for
Nearly everybody oomeS to s for their
dress linings and notions.,' Here Is the reason
Soft Finish Lining Gambrlo, out from piece
anir lAtin4h Hnalniul In a4 , .
Ml J IOUKVI1 UVUUI OU UV JfllU' , . . . -
Gilbert's fancy flgtirfed Sllisla, with black
padded back-price In all -stores, Wo yard
on Thursday we will out these fr-m the piece
.in any length desired ateoyara.
Gilbert's pla n twilled Wllela, Waok
slate color.
r, 20i) quality, Thursday 8p yard. . .
trees Facing, ite quality, leagths of
irds; 8o yard.
Linen Dress
IX to 8 yards;
Kemovad to
jHovts, gXtttaJPing, gtc
' W are' now prepared to show you
the largest assortment of Parlor Stores
to be found Id the olty, comprising all
the latost designs and tho most eco
nomical and powerful heaters in tne
market to-day. , , '
"Fire Place Goods
Brass Andirons. Black Iron Andirons,
Brass Ftre Sots, Black Iron Fire Bets,
Hearth Brushes, Portable Grates, Fire
SoreeDi, eta
Gas Fixtures
In great varieties. New designs arrlv
Ing dally. Ourstookls now complete
and prices low.
Sanitary Plumbfcig,
Steam and Hot Water Heating,
Elevated Closet, Cabinet Base.
Over 1500 used In New Haven.
The heaviest, finest made, and most
convenient Range ever offered.
801$; AGENT,
639 Grand Avenue. '
Stock of Heating Stoves
Furnaces,! Hot Water and Steam
v -'v;.: Heaters.
Gas Fixtures, Oil Lamps, and Kitohen
;, ; r urniturc.
272, 274, W, 278 Elm street
Your choice of
Rims and Tires
Call and See
rwU-rrUm lilorV 1 . hpisiffl Statfi
. .
DUulmlllllAlll- jsim wnvn-sni w
f " -v or ..- - ,
Arrived last week. . Watch our Chapel. Street Win-
dbw for Special Bargains daily.
-r-' Our Fall line of Carpets Is far ahead Vt anything
ever before exhibited in the city. Prices so low they
wiU surprise you.
Parlor Suites,' Jiasy, vnairs, -vuuwuoa uur uwu
manufacture ; Come" and see them. .
Choice lines of Rugs; Mats, Shades,; Lace Cur
tn.s. Draneries. Paper Hangings, etc.
' ' $OHKV9ta mWw.mw,
Store in the Jity.v. t
Oraio Ctrcot
K leant Saturdars.
Wr. JOHN tt. ftTAUin, Pa
uAluir lv,a.NowlUvon from
ft!?, foot of Uruwn atroot, at 10-.15 p.
... u , . T -.1 - ui a ,,1 ThunUMri. NT.
WM iI KG l&ToNriil talu Hpoor, Monday. I
Wodnusday aud Friday. Tli. Hlarln taavas I
rittw iun iniiB riww, nui, r--.
Monday. Wolneaday and Vrlday. '1'b. tt
rtou, Sunday. Tudy and TUurjdayj.
faro, 16c: exouralun tickets, Ui. btata
rooms, 11.00. . . - u
Ticket and stateroom, for sale at , J, K.
Unea, Jr jt, ail Ct .treeti Peak Wabc-p,
lis) Chapol atreot; TonUuo Hotel, and John
Vra atami iivi th. depot on arrival or
Hartford train, and from corner Churoa ana
Chapel itrwili evurr half bour,ootnuienoinM
daw p. m, 'Jbroimu freight rau-s given and
WIU onadlng laauod to po ti a wtat, aoum
aud aouthwea". C. H. FISH Ell, Agent.
Onlor your treignt via ourm mug.
., ., , , i .
New Haven Steamboat , bo. I
Leaves Now Haven (Belle T)ock) dally (eigept
Sunday), UM algbti iiew York.O'lor ti Ka-t
C. U. K0RT1IA51.
Haw Haven, dallv (exoept Sunday. W- a. m4
New York. lli) p. m., Saturday U p. m.
Fare 1 1.00. Jtxoumion 11.011.
Bi.iiMMM nA tinitMt fur aala at Peok Si
Bishop's VM Chapol street, and at Mix's drug
Through rates given am ""ly in
sued to point Wrnt, South and SoutUwealby
the Mew Haven Fait Freight Line.
Free atiuie from depot to night boat on ar
rival of tralnt . ;
To Make Your Home Beautiful and
Life Happy.
396-398 State Street,
Courier Building, New Haven, Conn.
Tha SoBthoru Hew England Telephone Go.
Look for
of the
Blue BelL
the Sign
Publlo Stations are located as Follows:
Broadway, No. 51, N. J. Beefs.
Cedar Hill, Passenger Station.
Center St.,36, The Conn.Electrlcal Co.
Chapel st, cor. Lloyd, W. H. Hull.
Chapel st No. 491, la. A. Elliott
Chapel St. No. 633, M. J. aperry.
Chapel st. No. 744, E. Hewitt & Co.
Chapel st No. 871, Willis I Mix.
Chapel st.corTemple,Malley,Neely&Co
Chapel st. No. 996, New Haven House.
Chapel st. No. 1044, Warner HaU.
Chapel st. No. 1225, A. B. Hall.
Chapel st No. 1333, A. R. LelBhton.
Congress ave. No. 24, D. Ackley & Son
Congress ave. No. 139, J. Unde & Son.
Congress ave. No. S03, R H. Dlmock.
Court st, No. 116, Central Office.
Dlxwell ave.. No. 141, J. J. Ailing.
Grand ave. & State St., G. N. Ailing.
Howard ave&Casalus staG.B.Hanover
Howard ave., No. 339, G. H. Butrlcks.
. - - . . . . . f i-n i .iilnfi T-Tn t 1
- mc-auow si., no. ion, luuuswu
Shelton ave&Munson st, C E. Jones.
. f,TT ifrllllAm.
Shelton av&Thompson st.SH Williams
Rtate at.. No. 956. George H. Bauer,
Townsend & Forbes avs, W B Thorpe.
Union ave., Union Passenger Station.
Whallev ave&Snerry st.CF Messenger
L Whalley ave., No. 196, J. A. Hodgson.
Whitney ave. & Trumbull st, w jvook
Winchester ave& Webster st.IBKlock.
Tork St., No. 268, P. B. Sohurman.
Branford, P. E. Peckham & lo.
Branford, Central Office,
fienterville. F. E. Tuttle, Post Office.
Clinton.Reynolds & Wrlght.DrugStore
East Haven. Chas T Hemlngway.siore
Easf River, S. D. Cruttenden. v '
Guilford, George N. uraaiey, r. u.
Madison, J. M. Hull, Post Office.
MUford, J. H. Barnes. -
Mt. Carmel Center.J. E, Andrews, P O
Montowese, George H. Cooper.
Morris Cove, Pequot Association.
Northford, T. A. Smith.
North Haven, Josepn nerpont.
Orange, N. T., N. H. & HMt. B. Co.
Stony Creek, F. E. Bralnard.
Tyler City, N. T., N. II. & H. K. B. Co.
West Haven, Hill Homestead.
West Haven, Post Office. 1 V
Westville,Mam st.iM.E.Terrell, store.
Woodbrldge, Chas. TV Walker, House.
Woodmont, A. B. Norcross, Store.
t Indicates Automntlc Station.
852 Chapel Street.
Highest ,
': Weighs
25 Pdtinds..
- . . . . A. ' . '
k9tm 294 ZIB.-Zfll StatB StfBBL
' ' 11 1 1 11 '
' - ?
mii ToHfncrI.nw Prlnnrl Hftnsfifurnfshlnor
; -
ff.A 1 -"v""
and 7C0 C-rcl Ctrcct,
Now York, New Haven and
Hartford B. U.
" , October 1. ISM.''.
FOU.NBW YOHK-HJ0, 4J0. "te-.OO.
'4J0, tt-,00, Ii,
IX, tlftn a. m UK)o, MM, l.n
(parlor ear Hmlted), 'l3tlM, a0,.-00, "8:33,
tiiU, VWM, ftulft, tm, T:10, 1:U, (SiU'
Bridiroport aooommodation), t-JO, fell p. m.
BoaoATS-HdO, 'Jt 1:00 a. tun, ttiU.
WilO, 8:10,8:14, "9:10 p.m.
-12:10 a.m. (dally), 1:10 p.m.
10:10, llKBa. m., 'l.-OJ, p. m. 8uDAr-
-lao (night). t:Up.m. - .
ruu.iuMi-i:ia, i:ao. "115 (parlor oar
!ij17'-:i. 's.fa
8" mm (, tr.tM p. m,
N.B. B. B.-4:5T p. m. SonAT JT p. m.
FIELD, Km-UJO fnlifht). :, 8KJ0. tllhU,
UK a. nu ll'O), 1.-05, 3;10. 5:00, 'Ml, (8:U lo
Hartford), 8.-08, KhOS p. m. BDSDArs-'UJ
(night), '61, tM (aooomodatlon) p.m.
Naw London Dlrlalon.
FOB NEW LONDON. BTa-1:U(nIght, tit)
(night), VM, 9M (Guilford accommodation),
11:05, 11:38 (parlor oar limited), a. mH 'UM,
tM, 8K, i:la, UOi, 8:14, 8:18 (Guilford a
oommodatlon), t-M, 11:14 p. m. (QuUford
accommodation,) Bukoats ZJ3 (nlghtj, UM
(night), tM p. m. -'
Air Lin Dlvialon. - ' '
-4.-03 a. 1:30, fcW, 8:05 p. m. SONOATS
'i-St p. m. Connecting at Mlddletown with
Valley Division and at WlUlmanUo with N. X.
4 N. B. and N. L. N. B. B. at Xurnervuls with
Coloheater branoh.
Northampton Dlvlalon. '
NEW HABTiTOUD, and Intermediate station
T:i5,llKMa. m. andiiOOp. m. .
FOB NOBTHAMPTOM and points this side
At5:58p. m.
Barlublr Division.
NIA, EKJ.-7.-00, :i0 a. nu,UK,aJ7,l,5:J).
7J5, 11:14 p. m. SoiroATS 8:10 a, m.,8A)p. m.
FOB WATERBUBT-TiOO, : a. m, U-li,
iOt. 6 JO, Mi p . m. BtTHDATS 8:10 a. m.
FOB WTNSTED-fflO, 9:10 a. nu, : K, 83 p.a
Sun DATS 8:10 a. m. .
a. m., 46 p. m.
WEST via 8tate Line 4:40 a, nu, iM p. m. '
FOB LITCHFIELD and points on 8, L. A N.
B.B. (via Hawleyvilie)-;40 a. m,WMp. m.
Express Trains. tLocal Express.
O. T. HEMPSTEAD, Gen. Paaseng-er Agt.
i , . . .
M . JJi' , .
I eXDeriflnoe )n all cbronlo rtlseases.
V1U, MWMin, nywiMiN
In Nervous Diseases, Blood and Bkin Afleo
tlons, Kidney and Bladder troubles, and all
Private Diseases of men and women. ' ; :
Sufferlrife from the effects of youthful follies
or Indiscretions, or troubled with weakness.
Nervous Debility, Loss of Memory, Despond
ency, Aversion to Society, Kidney Troubles,
or any disease of the Genito- Urinary Ora-ans,
can here find a safe and speedy cure. Charireg
reasonable, especially to - poor. , CURES
Troubled with too frequent evacuations of
the bladder, often accompanied by a slight
smarting or burning sensation, and weaken
ing of the system in a manner the patient
cannot account for, thedootor will guarantee
a perfect oure In all suoh oases, and healthy
restoration of the genito-urinary organs.
Positively oured without pain by a new
metnoa. entirely 'original wiin uo.
No cut
ting or cautery used. No detention rrom
reeular buclnnss neoearorv. , j
' aw Office at Boom 9, Boardman Building
corner Chapel and State streets.
Office Hours: 9 a. m. to 12 m- 8 to p. m.
evenings? to9. Sundays, 10 to 13a. m.
Patients treated by malL Oorrespondenoe
oonttdential. ' nj
c' ;'' Bestdence and Office,
548 Chapel Street, New Haven,
' Opposite southeast corner of Wooster
' .. ' Square. : ;
T ECKIVB8 dally, exoept Sundays, 9 a. m.
rv. to 8 p. m. Since the Doctors return
from Europe he has purchased a large house
In convenient locality, as above, to meet the
I requiremenvs oi pauenra xrom au vvw lmo
0toA Hln nraotloe at Wnterbury for the last
alx vears: ana at Menuen me paai year, eiu-
I braoed patients from all
man j cw , uni
of New Enir-
I land and
UMJIa anhA i.l t nhllffnH t-A
permanently establish himself at a large rail
road center. His new office is not more than
ttm minutes' walk from the Union Depot, op-
I poslte WooBter Squareeast side. -
IXin. Ullili una n i bo inua . o t
perlenoe in th Treatment and Cure of
ParfJnnlar attention arlven tor that class of
i a tnATim rm
s.lments requiring the services of the best
surgical skill and experience . soch ssBup-
p j turce, iiBtuiaa, riieauravei, oixiuiurw. uuu
' I flll aiBoHSW UX liilW vauruu uikoju, miuuo
and Kectum, in either sex, from whatever
cause. Nervous Debility and 8emlnal Weak
ness speeoiiy ourvu. AlluuHlBurui 1-IU), fU
ralysis, Palsy, St. Vitus Dance and Nervous
Spasms cured. Diseases "of the Heart and
Nerves, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
etc -..v.'- -. v ' - -
disease Incident to Females treated upon the
best and most scientific principle known to
medicine. The Doctor can be consulted con
cerning any kind of Female Derangement
with onnndenoe of certain relief . "
. Board and Nurae i when required. Special
arrangements for Confinements. Good nome
as long as desired before accouohment. Ev
erything strictly confidential. Advice by
letter $1.00. Many oases successfully treat J
by malL Write address with stamp, -
. Dr. HENRY F. GILL, '
Ql51y ' ' ' - Wew Aaven, Cann.
Secnrity Insurance Co;'.
'' ) OF MEW HATEN. ' ' v , .,
CMh Assets July 1, 1SS4, esSOSS.w-k
Chaa.S.Leete. Oorneliua Plerpont, ,.
faaTD-DewSt, , A. O. Wilcox, . I
o 1 vandAnri. 8. K. Uerwln.
u,Hoaaani, , : c. j
- IlWUWi i
H,c.jm ,
, vioorresioeni- ,
04 , ,

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