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BniwrlorOourt-CUil SldsJudg. WhMter,
At the ihort calendar aesslon of thti
court yesterday Judge Wheeler rendered
Judgment in the suit brought by the
eounty of New Haven et L against the
town of Mllford. The ault w brought
io determine whether the town of Mil
ford or the county should build the ap
proaches to the new Washington bridge.
The supreme court held that the town
should bear the expense of building the
approaches Thlf decision wa observed
In the Judgment which wai simply the
formal ending of the lult.
Attorney Blydenburgh, counsel for
William D. Nesblt, whose wife, Celestla
T la uinK him for divorce on the
grounds of adultery and intolerable
cruelty, made a motion for & more spec
ific statement of hie misconduct, out up
on Attorney Hamilton, counsel for Mrs.
Nesblt, agreeing to name the co-respon
dent, the motion was not pressed.
The report of the committee to deter
mine compensation due II. E. Bronson
et als, from the borough of Wallingford
v. as accepted and judgment of $176 was
rendered for the plaintiff.
After Judge Wheeler had announced
that contrary to usual custom court
would be held next Tuesday, election
day. the following divorce suits were
assigned for trial next week: Mead vs.
Head. Ullrich vs. Ullrich, Gorham vs,
Gorhara, Bailey vs. Bailey and McNam
ara vs. McNamara.
United Stairs Court Judge Townsend.
In this court yesterday Judge Town'
end handed down a decision In the
case of George H. Stahl of New York
against Alfred F. Williams, which
was brought to secure an injunction
against the defendant from infringing
a patent on an incubator. The injunc
tion was granted by the decision.
The trial of the case of William E.
Walsh of Jersey City against theschoon.
er W. W. Ward of this city, which was
libelled for $2,500 damages, was re
sumed and is still unfinished.
City Court Criminal Slclw Judge Cable.
Thomas Reynolds, breach of the
peace, $5 fine, $5.42 costs; Thomas Bart
Jett, theft, six months in Jail, $6.24 costs;
Edward Fitzgerald, breach of the peace,
continued until November 16; Eugene P.
Leary, breach of the peace, continued
until November 16; James J. Nagle, non
eupport, continued until November 3;
Guiseppe Clanello and Michale Buffo,
discharging firearms in East Rock
park, nolled on payment of $6.42 costs
in each case; Michael Hickey, drunk,
$5 fine, $6.24 costs, resisting police of
ficer, thirty days; Michael Led with,
drunk, $5 fine, $6.24 costs, breach of the
peace, $5 fine, resisting officer, thirty
days in jail.
Court Notes.
In the probate court yesterday Attor
ney Samuel A. York, Jr., and John A.
Doollttle were appointed commissioners
on the insolvent estate of Allen Drew,
the painter.
Death of Mr. Stella Warner of North
Mrs. Stella Bell Tut tie Warner.daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Julian Tuttle and
wife of Fred A. Warner, died at the
residence of her father in North Haven
on Thursday, November 1, 1894, at 3
o'clock p. m., after an illness of nearly
three months, borne with patience and
resignation. Mrs. Warner was an only
child and leave's one child, Leonard
Warner, aged five years. The funeral
will be attended on Monday after
noon, November 6. Service In
the Congregational church, which record
bears Mrs. Warner's name on its roll of
Rouoh ow Toothache. Instate relief, ne.
Kongo on Fits and Hysteria.
For nervous irritability, wakefulness, the
Severer forms of nervous headache, hysterical
and epileptic tendency, convulsions, fits, de
lirium tremens, "jim-jams," "horrors," hallo,
emotions, etc., c., at druggists or mailed.
E. S. WELLS, Jersey City, N. J.
The People of Africa and India,
Of Arabia, Egypt, Japan, all South and Central
America, Cuba, West and East Indies , Hawaiian
Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada,
Mexico, the Bahamas, England, Scotland, Ire
land, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Germany,
Austria, France, Russia the whole world,
knows and uses "Rough on Rats " for Bed Bugs.
Cockroaches, Flies, Ants, Insects, Rats and
The Poor Van's Hope
andpmfort the rich man's pride and safety,
-Rough on Bile Pills, chocolate coatr . and
very small. They insure health to all by un
loading the gorged, congested system, giving
the stomach ana bowels an opportunity to per
form their natural functions. They start the
bile into proper ohannels, regulate the Liver
and Bowels, they relieve sick vomiting spells
and indigestion, cure Dyspepsia, Headache,
Heartburn, Malaria, Fevers, ioc. and 25c. at
A Wife's Advertisement.
Wives whose husbands are irritable, especially
in the morning, should induce them to try
Rough cn Bile Pills. Their livers evidently
ain't right They are bilious, maybe they don't
rest good sleep is heavy and disturbed. Peace
and happiness, at ioc or 35c. per bottle of Rough
on Bile Pills, is cheap; at Druggists or
mailed. They are chocolate coated, tiny little
things. E. S WELLS, Jerrey City, N. T.
Stop Hair Caning Oat. Fnes head from and
prevents dandruff: IT crav, gradually rastorw the
halrtoorlfuatnatanuoolori elegant tonic dressing!
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Good Store. Hair Iiraatera, or prepaid liy expnsa on
tecau at iirloo. . fcWlLLB. Jersey City, M. J.
to .1 1
(Continued From Pag Three.)
I saw for a likeness of the faoe that
haunted me, I came at last, exhausted
and discouraged In my search, to the
corner of Southampton street and the
Here I halted for a little, leaning
against the Southampton street side
of the extreme corner of the building
there, gazing ruefully into the Strand,
which was still crowded with the God
forsaken of London's after midnight
nours. .
"It is her face; and I will find it yet!"
I muttered aloud as I cast a carting
glance up and down the fog shrouded
numan tides of the Strand.
is it an 01a lace or a young one
you are looking for, my dear?" inquired
a soft voice at my elbow, just around
tne corner of the building In the Strand.
The voice was as sweet as an Inno
cent child's; and yet It held that subtle
chord of interest and sympathy which
can alone be modulated by a mature
and tender human heart
I whirled and faced, or rather bent
over, the speaker; for her head scarce,
ly came to my waist. I saw with beat.
ing heart and bewildered brain the
haunting face In the inkstand; the very
race I sought; the face of a little, old.
humped-backed woman, with sturdy
staff in hand; a face set upwordly, as
la the corry way with dwarfs: a face
In which some unutterable human hope
lessness was drawn Into stony lines,
and yet on which there seemed, as you
looked upon It, to grow upon it. to grow
a high relief of radiant transfigurement
of trust and faith; the oldest, plainest,
sweetest face In all great London town;
and a face I could only look upon In
astounded silence for its friendly reas
suring smiles.
I'm Just Drury Lane Betty, sir. Ev
erybody on the Strand knows Betty.
Some of them loves her. too. I'm here
about at nlghU-I like It best, sir and
sometimes Betty helps them that falls
to the earth from discouragements and
the like, sir. The nighttime is when
help's most needed, sir. Besides, old
Betty Is looking for a face, too, sir.
But are you In trouble? Sometimes
them that's best favored and dressed.
sir, have deepest hurts, rm Just now
going In, sir, and, If you don't mind.
we will have a cun of tea towther.
We can talk better over a bit of fire
and a cup of tea, you know. Come
along, my dear!"
She swung her staff Into one hand
and grasped it firmly; with the other,
she reached confidently for m V awn flnd
placed it beneath her shoulder and trun-
aiea away with me toward Fleet street,
her head perked to one side like a little
white old bird's; her fascinating prattle
only now and then checked, as some
officer or long frequenter of the
gave her commiserating though hearty
greeting, to which she replied cheerily,
calling each one by his Christian name;
until, we at last turned into the now
darker and less frequented Drury lane.
wa"t or a rew minutes in this thor
oughfare brought us to the fruiterers'
district, and we halted before an an
cient and narrow structure. Here my
strange companion produced an enor
mous key and ushered me into a hall
way black as the portals of Eberus.
urainarily I would not have ascender)
us creaking stairs with any human oth
er than a Scotland Yard Inspector for a
thousand sovereigns; but I felt no fear
witn ner. Up, up, up, we scrambled,
(lift ..... 1 (W . 1 - . . . .
unCm.:u hub uuuy euiaine- me
witnout misstep or blunder, until
fourth landing had been reached, when
with a lively, "Here we are. mv dear!"
a door was thrown open and we stood
run m the rosy light of a large and
cheerful room.
It was the loft of the buildine. iranx-
formed in a homely fashion into a most
comfortable abode. A huge and ancient
nrepiace occupied nearly one entire end
in ear rnis, at one side, were curious
cupboards. And, at the other, a snow
white bed. Between, full in the warm
firelight, stood an ample table, ready
set, and beside this was a large easy
chair, turned partly to the fire, with a
pair of cosy slippers resting invitingly
tt'L 1 lb xeeu
'It's all mine, from curb to mnt
sir;" said Betty proudlv. "TTm-Mr
is a long, long time; but I said to mv.
self, now, maybe he will be a long time
coming back, and how happy he'll be
to nave a nome, all of our own, in which
to lay his head. Tes, forty years! for
ty years!" she added with a pathetic
tremor m ner voice. And-1 beiran as
charwoman to the fruiterers in Drury
lane. Now, they pay me rent, my
Out along one side of the narrow
loft were a few low and tidy cots. She
saw my Inquiring look and said with
the sweetest smile I had yet seen on
her drawn old face:
"That's Drury Lane Betty's hosDital.
When I'm in the streets at night look
ing for him, you know! oftentimes
someone falls to the earth, as I told you.
If Betty knows of it, this is where they
bring them for a little, my dear; for I
think, what if he fell to the earth, might
not some other lady do the same for
him? Tes, yes, yes! forty years is a
long, long time, my dear!"
Bless you, aunty, for the dearest.
bravest soul in London!" burst from my
lips as I almost reverently patted her
white old head. "And you have been all
these years trying to find him?"
The white face against the gate of
another hospital was row haunting me
more ominously and desperately than
this living double of the little old face
in the Inkstand.
She was pouring the tea Into the cups.
A cup and saucer stood before the half
turned arm chair. She raised as if to
ail this empty cup. I thought her face
grew more, pallid for an instant She
hesitated in a scared, startled way and
then said sadly and plaintively:
"All these years! Why, I nearly
filled his cup! Tell me, sir tell me!
would I not know it here here, sir,"
a her hand fluttered to her loyal heart,
"If he was dead?"
"Tes, yes, yes!" '
"And you are sure he is still living?"
It would have been a cruel heart that
could have east the shadow of a sin
gle doubt upon (his almost infinite pa
tience and faith; and I answered her
with the bravest words I could.
Then as we eat as tea, I listened, lis
tened, to another life-drama of watting,
searching, longing, such as the books
can neve1 tell; listened to hopes and
plans and faiths as fresh apd sweet and
innocent is ever' maiden,; breathed to
other maiden's eager ears; and listened,
daring not to reveal1 what I exultantly
hoped and believed, for the one word,
too assent umvM,tmLeta make
me safe and sure, -
Deepest artifice could not secure It
Wiliest surprise eould not reveal it
As though it were the last slender
thread that held her to her own, she
had burled this most needed thing, per
haps from the very horror of the fin
llty which might come from Hi utter
ance, In the Innermost depths of her
irreoonclllably tender yet cunning na
ture and life.
The gray ot the morning had come
when I arose to go. And would I come
again? for at times the hours were
lonely here. Tes, and yes and yes
again, from me, if I could bring along a
friend. Then the sooner the better, the
sweet old voice prattled and prattled on.
To breakfast, then, this very morning,
at ten for this friend might ksow of
him. Tes and yes again and again, as
I stroked her silvered bead and turned
Then to my inn for a few hours'
sleep my story still untouched where
the face in the inkstand bad wholly
faded out with the night; and then
felt a solemn conviction that the sign
had been real and sure and true.
As last, with all speed, to Royal Chel
sea hospital, where I learned that Unole
Billy had suffered a sad turn In the
night and where his pensioner com
rades whispered he would follow Mlko
to Brompton now.
"Not If love can save him!" I men
tally vowed; and In an hour's time 1
had him clad In his flaming Prince Al
bert and the smartest he possessed and
safely beside me in a swiftly whirling
hansom, headed for the Strand and
Drury lane.
With pursing lips, lowering brows.
ana wildly bulging eyes.the old pension
er essayed to speak, and I as often in
creased his dazed wonderment but si
lenced him with, "I've found a friend
who knew her. Uncle Billy!"
As we alighted In Drury lane, a few
old fruiterers standing at their doors
nodded and whispered together:
"Maybe It's him, at last!"
Inside the hallway an Impulse seized
me to bid him remove his lumbering
shoes. He obeyed me unquestionably
and we stole softly though laboriously
up the stairway to Aunt Betty's open
door. When we entered, the little
dwarf was busy in her hospital ward of
the loft
I seated Uncle Billy in the huge arm
chair, drew the waiting slippers upon
his feet and the old war-dog In an In.
stant had closed his eyes as with Inex
pressible peacefulness and rest
Then, stepping to Aunt Betty's side.
there was a pleasant morning greeting,
Just as though we had known each oth
er for years.
Aunt Betty," I began with illy sup
pressed excitement, "my friend Is over
there, by the fireplace. Won't you see
If he Is in the right chair? I'll be back
presently from the sreet"
I sped down that ancient stairway as
though I had committed a capital crime.
But my flight was not swift enough to
prevent my hearing a few quick thump
lngs of Aunt Betty's staff upon the
floor of the loft; a hoarse gurgle of.
Fore God! Betty! It's you! Purty
heyes, ump an' hall!" a sweet voiced rip
ple of, "William Merrill! something
told me the waiting'd soon be done!"
and my knowing that in the blessed
silence which followed, as blissful a love
as earth had ever known had found
anew Its own.
A murmur of eager impatience finally
succeeded the almost reverential silence
which had fallen upon the assembled
company as the student traveler's tale
was done.
"But the story! the story!" was chor
used. "Was that story ever written?"
"Eh? Oh, yes; the story. Tes,"; the
student traveler concluded musingly;
"and quite in time for press. It was a
thrilling story of graqd and impossible
people whom grand and Impossible peo
ple dearly love to read, while grandly
and Impossibly ignoring such simple
lives and loves as these. But the story
of the face in the inkstand has never
been imperfectly told until now."
Center Church Rev. Newman Smyth
pastor. Services at 10:30 a. m. The af
ternoon devotional service is not yet
resumed. tf
Church of Christ (Scientists), Boom 13
Boardman building, Chapel corner
State street Services at 10:30 a. m.
Sunday, S and 7:30 p. m. Wednesday.
All are welcome. tf
Davenport Church Wooster Square.
I. C. Meserve, pastor. Communion at
10:30 a. m. Sunday school at noon. T.
P. S. C. E. at 6:30 p. m. Pastor, will
preach at 7:30 p. m.
Church of the Messiah (Orange street,
near Elm street). Morning service at
10:30, led by Mr. R. M. Sherman. Sun
day school at 12 m. No evening service.
The public cordially invited.' v
College Street Church The Rev. Wil
liam W. McLane, D. D., pastor. Com
munion of the Lord's Supper to-morrow
at 10:30 a. m. Sunday school at 12.
Toung people's meeting at 6:10 p. m.
First Methodist Episcopal Church, Col
lege and Elm streets Rev. C. P. Mas
den, D. D pastor. Holy communion at
10:30. Preaching by Dr. Masden at 7:30.
Sabbath school at 12. Toung people's
meeting at 6:30. ;-.'..;,. '
Grand Avenue Congregational Church
The pastor, J. Lee Mitchell, will preach
at 10:30 a. m., "A Generation of Little
ness." 7:30 p. m., "The Son Who Was
Not a Prodigal." 6:16, T. P. S. C. B.
12 m., Sunday school and Bible classes.
Dwight Place Church Rev. Dr. Twit-
chell, pastor. Short sermon; reception
of new members, and the sacrament at
10:30 a. m, .Sunday school sessions at 12
m and 2:30 p. m. Toung people's praise
meeting at 7:30 p. m. Public cordially in
vited. ::..-;''' ."; ,., ,
Humphrey Street Church near Or
angeyFrank R. Luckey, pastor.-k-Pu,b-lic
worship, with the Lord's Supper, at
10:30 a. m.; in the evening at 7:30 With
sermon by the pastor, Bible school at
2. ? Y..P. S..C. E. at 6:16. " No seats rent
ed or reserved. All welcome. 1 ! - ,
Grace M. E. Church Rev. F. A. Sco-
fleid, pastor.r-Communlon. service and
baptism of children at 10:80. Preaching
at .7:30; topic, "The Multitude and tne
Man." i Sunday school at 12. ; Junior
society at 8.. ; Toung people's meeting
at 6:15. .All. seats free and a-cordial. In-'
vltatlontoaiL' '.?'tH-"i-i-M8'
First Baptist Church Wooster Place. )
Rev. John. H. Mason, pastor, will preach
at 10:30 and 7:30. Sunday ' school' and
Toung Men's Bible class at noon. T. P.
C. E. at 6 :30. Subject of evening ser
mon Th Unseen Master.". All seats I
free. Strangers and young men spe
cially invited.
Calvary Baptist Church-Chapel, cor
ner Tork street Rev. Edwin M. Poteat,
pastor. Services for Sunday (to-mor
row): Publto worship, with sermons by
the pastor, at 10:80 and 7:80. Bible
school, with classes for adults, at noon.
T. P. 8. C.E. at 6:15. Everybody wel
ooma. No seat rented or reserved.
Epworth M. EL Church, corner Or
ange and Edwards streets Rev. Rufus
T. Cooper, pastor. "Holy Communion"
address and reception of members at
10:80 a. m. At 7:30 p. m. the pastor will
preach concerning "ftrlklng Incidents
In the Life of the Taung Man Timo
thy." Free seats and 1 hearty welcome
for all
Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church,
corner George and Dwight streets.
Rev. A. D. Vail, D. D, pastor. Prayer
meeting at 9:80 a.m. Communion and
reception of members at 10:80 a.m. Sun
day school at noon. At 7:30 p. m. lecture
by the pastor on "New Light on the
Bible from the Old Monuments." E07
worth prayer meeting at 6:80 p. m.
Church of the Redeemer, corner Or
ange and Wall streets Watson Lyman
Phillips, D. D., pastor. Thomas G,
Shepard, organist and musical director.
Reaching at 10:30 a. m and 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school at 12 m. T. P. 8. C. E,
at 6:80 p. m. Services at Welcome hall.
Sunday school at 8 p.m.Gospel meeting
at 7:30 p. m in charge ot Fosdlck B,
Harrison, assistant pastor. tf
United Church T. T. Munger, D. D'.,
pastor. Morning service at 10:80;
preaching by the pastor. The com
munlon of the Lord's Supper will be
observed at the close of the morning
service. Sunday school at noon. T. P.
S. C. E. prayer meeting at 6:16 p. m.
Evening service at 7:30; the pastor will
deliver an, address on "The Influence
of Oliver Wendell Holmes," and the
hymns of the poet will be sung. All
seats are free at this service.
Banner Lodge Sociable.
The first sociable of Banner lodge.
No. 1, Degree of Honor, A. O. U, W.
will be given in Golden Rule hall Mon
day night, November 5.
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Porous Plaster
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Friable & Co., Hartford.
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gerous imitations.
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tions. Eisner & Mendelson t-o.,
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No. 280 Elm St, Broadway Square.
Telephone No. 878-8.
NlBht Bell.
Lady Assistant;
Near Court streotj
' Telephone No. 837-1
1 MORSE & Q-AY, ;J
I. W. Hills, . Funeral Dlreotor.
Specialty of Embalming Bodies of Women
id Children, ( 1
91 Crown St., New Havon, Ct '
fi8-8-110". 5 Mrs. U, CUT. t .
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sHsssZX MuAlltr.liavs Sow Haven rroia
Butriu a Plor, foot of Brown street, at 10:14 p.
m. Dunuara 'luastun anil inursunys. nr,
WM. C KuKhTON. Cantata Buoor. Mondara.
Wednesday, aud Fridays.- The starln leuvat
Hew York from Pier IS, North Ulver, at 9 p. m.
Monday., Wednesdays and Friday. Th.Eg--
aruin, ouuuay s, 4 ucsiaayii anu 'xuursuaya.
fare, ioni axounuoo uoaeu, two,
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Broadway, No. 61, N. J. Beers,
Cedar Hill, Passenger Station. 1
Center St.35, Tbe Conn. Electrical Co.
Chapel St., cor. Lloyd, W. H. Hull.
Chapel st No. 491, L. A. Elliott
Chapel st No. 633, H. J. Sperry. .
Chapel st No. 744, E. Hewitt & Co. ,
Chapel st No. 871. Willis L. Mix.
Chapel st.corTemple,M"alley,Neely&Co
Chapel st N,p. '896, New Haven House.
Cnapel st. No. 1044, Warner Hall.
Chapel st No. 1226, A. B. Hall.
Chapel st No. 1333, A. R. Leighton.
Congress ave. No. 24, D. Aekley & Sqn
Congress ave. No. 139, J. Llnde & Son.
Congress ave. No. 803, R. H. Dlmock.
Court St., No. 116; Central Offlcei - ,
DIxwell ave.. No. 141, J. J. Ailing. .
Grand ave. & State st. O. N. Ailing.
Howard ave&Cassius st.G.B.Hanover
Howard ave., No. 339, G. H. Butricks.
Meadow St., No. 152, Arlington Hotel.
Shelton ave&Munson st, C E. Jones.
Shelton av&Thompson st.SH Williams
State st, No. 966, George H. Baker.
Townsend & Forbes avs, W B Thorpe.
Union ave,; Union Passenger Station.
Whalley ave&Sperry st.CF Messenger
Whalley ave., No. 196, J. A. Hodgson.
Whitney ave. & Trumbull st, WJCook
Winchester ave& Webster stJBKlock.
York st., No. 268, P. B. Schurman.
Branford, F. E. Peckham & Co.
Branford, Central Office. X'
Centervllle, F. E. Tuttle, Post Office.
Clintqn, Reynolds & Wright,DrugStore
East Haven, Chas T Hemingway.store
East River, S. D. Cruttenden.
Guilford. George N. Bradley, P O. .
Madison, J. M. Hull, Post Office. v
Mllford, J. H. Barnes. ; 1
Mt Carmel Center, J. E. Andrews,. P O
Montowese, George H. Cooper.
Morris Cove, Pequot Association.
Northford, T. A. Smith.
North Haven, Joseph Pierpont
Orange, N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Co,
Stony Creek, F. E. Brainard.
Tyler City, N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Co.
West Haven, Hill Homestead. -
West Haven, Post Office. -
Westvllle.Maln st, M.E.Terrell, store.
Woodbrldge; Chas. T. Walker, Houpe.
Woodmont, A. B. Norcross, Store.
1 Indicates Automatic Station.
852 Chapel Street.
Weighs '
25 Pounds.
city. Prices sd low they
. ; - ,
and 780 Cfhapel Street.
mvtlltvs iSuii&t,
New York, New Haven and
uwuuiuxh U,'
Ootoba 1, ISO.
8-.M. 8:80, VJ6, tlftJO m, 'UM, UXi, 'IM
frsrlor w limit!), US, 1:44, tM,
"sao. us, am, nu, i:io, u
Bridgeport aooommodaUon), fclO, U . -Boitdats-'.jo,
'm, UN a. m, thin, tsiK,
Mo.'silO.fcU, Mp.m. .
1 (night), "5:1a p.m.
PB(mDBNCB-.:18. 10. (joT
Umltl)knu,1iKB,1.Jls.i:ia( UMi W
p. m. BciraATS-'Jiia. la) a. m : p. b.
N. H. B. B. 'i-Jlt p. m. BbireATS 4J$r 0' m.
FIELD. Erq.-ia0 (night). 6:40, MO, tlftlJ.
U.-06 a. nu UKM, 1M, KjlO. S.-00, ItU, (f .u to
Hartford), tM, KW6 n. m. tinnAvu
(night), 'SS, 836 (aooomodatlon) D.m.
nw London Division.
(night), TM, m (QuUford aooominodatloaL
U.-05, 1U6 (parlor oar limited), a. m U.-OL
S0SS. 3:00. i-.U, 'i-JSS, 6:11 M IQuLltom faT
oommodatlon), HM, 11:14 p. m. (QoUfort
aooommodatloa.) Suhdats-103 (n!a-at). UM
(night).-BJi4p.m. .
Air Lin a Division.
-00 a. m, 1M, 'W, 6:0S p. m. Stodat
-an p. m. uonneotlng at Mlddlotown with
Valley Dl vision and at WUllmanUo with N r
4 N. E. and N. L. N. H. H. at '1'urnervUls with
Oolohester branoh.
Northampton DlrUJon, '
NEW HAKTFOHD, and Intermediate sUtloai
r:45, IMA s. m. ana 4K p. m.
FOB NOBTH AUPTON and points this Std
BorksUro Dlrlslon. - '
NIA, Em-7.-00, 9:40 a.. mMlaK,r,4,:J).
7:85, 11:15 p. m. SuitdATS 8:10 a. 80 p. m.
dT.6:30, T-.3J p.m. 8vinAT8-:10a. m.
JTOK WINSTED TOO, 9:40 a. nv, 1: 97, 4:33 p.a
Sundats 8:10 a.m.
a. m., 4:28 p. m.
WESTvia State Llne-:40 a. nu, 48 p. m.
FOB LITCHFIELD and polnU on S L. A N.
H. B. (via HawleyviUe)-:40 a. rn&Jp, m.
'Express Trains, t Local Express. '
C. T. HEMPSTEAD, Gen. Paaaenger Agt.
Graduate of three universities,
years' eXDerlnnoe tn all ebronlo diseases.
Old. Bollabla. Exnsn4 Hnal.1l.t
In Nervous Diseases. Blood and skin A frac
tions. Kidney and Bladder troubles, and all
Buffering from the effeoto of youthful follies
or Indiscretions, or troubled with weakness.
Nervous Debilltv. Loss of Mnmorv TicHnnrwT'
enoy. Aversion to Soolety, Kidney Troubles,
or any disease of the Genlto-Urinary Organs,
can her e find a safe and speedy cure. Charges
reasonable, especially to poor. CUBES
Troubled with too frequent evaouatlons of
the bladder, often aooompanied by a slight
smarting or burning sensation, and weaken
ing of the system in a manner the patient
cannot account for, thedoo tor will guarantee
a perfect cure in ail suoh eases, and healthy
restoration of the gentto-orinary organs.
Positively cured without nain bv a n
method, entirely original with us. No cut
ting or cautery used. No detention from
regular bulnss neowarv. .
IVOffloe at Room S. Boardman BiilMIn
corner Chapel and State streets. -
umoe nours: a. m. to is nu, s losp. m, '
evenings7 to9. Sundays, 10 to 18 a. m.
Patients treated by mail. .Oorrespondenos
oonndentlaL nj
: Besldenoe and Office, . . ,
548 Chapel Street, New Haven,
Opposite southeast oorner of Wooster
- Square. .
RECEIVES dally, exoept Sundays, a.m.
to 8 p. m. blnoe tbe Doctor's return
trom Europe he has purchased a large house
in convenient locality, as above, to meet the
requirements of patients from all over the
state. His practice at Wnterbury for the last
six years: and at Merlden the past year, em
braced patients from all parts of New Eng
land and Middle States, and he felt obliged to
permanently establish himself at a large rail
road center. His new offloe is not more than
ten minutes' walk from the Union Depot, op
posite Wooster Square, east side.
DK. GILL has ha 1 28 Tears' Extensive Ex
perience in the Treatment and Cure of
Particular attention given to that class of
ailments requiring the services of the best
surgical skill and experience, suoh as Kup
tures. Fistulas, Piles, Gravel, Strictures, and
all diseases' of the Genital- Organs, Bladder
and Rectum, in either sex, from whatever
cause. Nervous Debility ana Seminal Weak
ness speedily cured. All manner of Fits, Pa
ralysis, Palsy, St. Vitus Dance and Nervous
Spasms cured. Diseases of the Heart and
Nerves, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
etv'. --wv. .' : v .. .
disease incident to Females treated upon the
best and most scientific principles known to
medicine. The Doctor can be consulted con
cerning any kind ot Female Derangement
with confidence of oertaln relief. -,
Board and Nurse when required. Special
arrangements for Confinements. Good home
as long as desired before' aeoouobment. Ev
erything strictly confidential. Adyloe by
letter f LOO. Many cases successfully treat jj
by mall. .Write address with stamp, -.
Kevr Haven, Cnnn.
JSecurity Insnrance Co.
Cash Asset July 1, 1894, 590,0lt.4IK
braiOTOBa: '
Chaa.B. Leete. .. , s Cornelius Pierpont. t
IS.S. Leete, ..
. D. DeweU,.
A.U. WUoox,
Joel A. Sperry, !
R. Maaon. -
K d. Stoddard.
Wm. R. Tyler. John W. Ailing.
1 n TIKWTfT r. 7 Tt -ft
ViooPreattdent, , AM'tBmt

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