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Ribbons at 5c.
Satin pros grain ribbons
I, 2 inches wide, all col
ors, for fancy work, hair rib
bons, etc. bome were- 15c,
others 12c at Mclntyre' s. Sale
price, 5c a yard.
Ribbons at 10c.
Satin gros grain ribbons,
Just what is left of some big
lots. 2 and 2 inches wide,
All good colors for fancy
work. Mclntyre s price, 15c.
Sale price, 10c a yard.
Ribbons at 15c?
Odds and ends in taffeta,
gros grain, double-face satin'
and satin gros grain ribbons,
in all colors. Some were 35c
at Mclntyre's none were
less than 25c. Going at 15c.
Ribbons at 19c.
Fancy ribbons plaids,
hemstitched stripes, fancy
checks, plain taffetas, in all
the leading shades. Mclntyre
would have said 30c. (Salej
price,' 19c yard.
Wash Goods, 6 l-4c a Yard.
The last of them. A few
thousand yards. Lengths of
from 2 yards to 1 5 yards,
Fine ginghams, percales,
dimities, French organdies.
Mclntyre prices were from
ioc to to 37jc a yard, Sale
price on the whole lot, 6c a
12 l-2c Crepe Cloth, 5c.
850 yards fancy crepe
cloth for house gowns, dress
ing sacks or fancy dresses.
Mclntyre's price, 12 c. Just
to clean up the end, 5c.
Silks at 25c.
The clean up. Some are
plain chinas, surah, taffeta;
some are changeable serges.
The rest are stripes and
and fancy silks. Worth from
39c to 59c. All to go at 25c.
$1.50 Silks at 49c.
The best of all, and not
many at that. These were
stold early in the sale at from
49c to 89c. Going to close
them out. Mclntyre's prices
were from 75c to $1.50 a yd.
Bunched for quick selling at
49c a yard.
$1.00 Plushes and Velvets,
About 500 yards of Velvets
and plushes. Colors for
waists and trimmings and
fancy work. AH were from
50c to $1.00. Just one price
'now, 25c a yard.
Men's Dogskin Glovt s, $1.00.
Men's lined dogskin and
Mocha gloves in large sizes
only, or from 24 to 10. $1.00
a p'air.
'A New Department Instituted By the Gamble-Desmond
The Gimible-Desmond company, ever
ready and on the alert to cater to the con
venience of their customers have added&to
their large store a fine men's tailoring es
tablishment, which will be opened to-day
(or the first time. This new departure will
he ou the second floor near the elevator nnd
arrangements have been made to do first
class tailoring at prices wonderfully low for
good work and fine goods. For some time
the establishment of this department has
been under consideration and careful plans
have culminated in a feature which will be
at once appreciated and doubtless taken
advantage of by large numbers of men who
will hail with satisfaction the opportunity
of getting the best of tailor made clothes
'for reasonable p!''ee find with no sweat
shop work. Popular prices for flrst class,
high grade work In tailoring have long been
wanted. , , .
A large stock of goods has been secured
and there Sire to select from about 300
Btvles of the finest woolen goods, enough to
suit the most fastidious. The department
will be in charge of E. E. Stevens, who was
for inanv years witli Somers, the merchant
tailor, 'i'he shop Is well lighted, well aired,
'and the most healthful conditions, prevail
under which the tailoring work will be
done. , .
Uvcrvthlng in the tailoring line enn be sc
oured at this new shop, bicycle suits, even
ing suits, golf suits, riding breeches, fancy
vests, trousers, overcoats, etc. There are
the newest styles In all those to choose
from, lu overcoats there are Knghrns, l'ad
doeks, Inverness, intents, uud numerous
others. The new department will no doubt
meet with the great success wuicu it ae
$51,000 Worth of Goods Bought for $27,598.62
New Goods New Prices Day After Day.
A Big Thursday !
Mclntyre selling on
with the lowest-priced
means that1 this day will
deeds. "
We have centered
Saying this is enough.
Linens-Bleached Prices.
Taking these goods up and then looking at the corres-
t . 1 . . . ii . 1.
ponaing prices, one sees rnai 11 is we musi iciung mien
offer that the whole vear has
that it is not very extensive.
get all there is,
Table Sets
Knitted and plain fringed
table sets, white and colored
borders. Cloths are 2l
i and
yards and come with
dozen doylies to match.
Mclntyre's price.
$ 4.00
5- OO
Our price.
$ 2.50
3- 98
Hemstitched Sets
Some cloths 2XA yards,
with one dozen napkins to
match. .
Mclntyre's price. Our price.
f 5-5
7. 00
$ 4.00
4- 5
5- 2S
, 8.00
Dressmakers' Sale-.
These are the little things that one
has to have and always does have year
in year out. The difference in buying
now and buying later, is simply one oi
price. But that makes all the difference
in the world. . v .
Dress Stays and Whalebone.
Lightning steels, 18c.
Ever-ready stays, slightly soiled,
7c. a set.
Genuine shell whalebone, extra
heavy. Every piece stamped and
warranted. Our regular 25c. qual
ity, at 1 8c. piece.
Safety Pins.
Nickel safety pins, Clinton Style,
2c doz.
Nickel safety pins, Duplex style,
4c doz.
A LOAN OF $25,000,000.
Taken in New York By the Russian Gov
ernment. New York, Feb. 28. Ignoring Berlin, Lon
don, Paris and the other European banking
centers, the Russian government has come
to New York for a loan. A syndicate of
fliinneliil institutions of this city banks,
trust companies and insurance companies
have just arranged the purchase-of $25,000,
000 of 4 per cent, bonds, representing a first
mortgage on the AViadikawkas railway sys
tem. The principal and interest of these
bonds is guaranteed by the Russian gov
ernment. The flrst $10,000,000 of the bonds have
lust been delivered in New York, and a
payment of $5,000,000 has been made on ac
count. All of the cash to be paid by the
syndicate for the bonds will remain in this
country, and will be disbursed under direc
tion of the Russian fiscal ugeut in America,
M. de Routkowsky, in payment of the bal
ances which Russia Is incurring with Amer
ican sliittinuiucrs, iron and steel Juiunufav.
turers nnd others of that class.
Russian purchases in this country amount
to between $8,000,000 uud $10,000,000 annu
ally. It has been fully demonstrated that
Ely's Cream Balm is a specific for Na
sal Catarrh and cold in the head. This
distinction has been achieved only as
the sesult of continued successful use,
A morbid condition of the membrane
in the nasal passage can be cured by
this purifying: and healing treatmen
Sold by druggists or it will be mailed
for 50 cents by Ely Brothers, 66 War
ren street, New York. It spreads over
the membrane, is absorbed and relief
Greatest Store"
Mclntyre Stock !
a ; day regularly identified
. offerings of the week
bring forth extraordinary
' -
our energies on this selling.
brought out. The trouble is
" ...
1 hat means early buyers will
So far as prices go and so
far as genuinely good chances
in napery is concerned, rec
ords of recent sales in table
linen hasn'tanything to com'
pare with this offer. By the
20-inch, $ 2.00
" 50
22-inch, 3.50
" 5.00
" 6.00
24-inch 3.25
" 6.00
27-inch, 5-00,
Sa?e price
$ 1.50
3-00 .
2. 50
3- 25
4- 5
Hemmed Towels.
Extra large and hemmed
towels. Mclntyre's . price,
17c each. Sale price. I2j4c
Bone Casing and Seam
Black and white silk Prussia
binding, 16c piece.
Tajfeta seam bindings. . If this
was a regular sale the price would
be 12c. Sale price, 8c.
Casing for lightening steels, 6c.
Spool Cotton
King's 500 yard Geneva silk fin
ish, 8c.
Kerr's Lustre Twist, 12c,
Silkene, 3c.
Before a house Is built, the
plan is thought about first.
We are now thinking about the
plans for Spring Decorations,
looking ahead, as It were.
If you have In mlud decorating
your house, give the master some
thought, then come and let us
talk the matter over.
Clias. P. Thompson,
60 Orargs Street.
ftm wt 1
. ' Moprires ri"er
Children's percale dresses, ' $0. 29
Children's gingham dresses, .69
Children's white aprons,
Women's white drawn inser
tion aprons,
Women'sdrawers, deepruffles,
Women's drawers, lace inser-
rif, .;:
Women's gowns, lace or em
broidery, Women's corset covers, lace
Women's corset covers, ham
burg trimmed, . 1.25
Women's gowns with lace or
embroidery, 1.25
Children's pique coats, 3.00
Children's fancy cloth coats, 3. 98
Pots and Pans
Tea pots,
1 6c,
Roasting pans,
17c, 19c, 25c
Seamless water
pails, 29c
Wash basins, 9c
Fry pans, ioc, 15c
Basting spoons,
Fry baskets, 9c
Magic flour sifts,
Skimmers, 20,
Soap saucers,' 4c
Sponge racks, 4c
Broilers, 4c
Coat hangers, ic
Pants hangers, ic
Men's suits hang-
ers, 7c
Ladies' suit hang
ars. 2 for 2?c
18c, 19c
Coffee pots, 16c,
1 8c,- 19c
Tea kettles, 24c,
29- 33c
Double boilers,
Preserve kettles,
10c, 12c, 15c,
Lin sauce pans,
ioc, 12c, 15c,
Dresden covered
kettles, 17c,
22c, 25c
Dresden sauce
pans, 17c, 22C,
Chamber pails.
No. 3, 39c tt !
Dish pans
23c, 27c
Second1 Day
of the Mclntyre Linings
All at sc a Yd.
25c Heavy Black Canvas.
20c Fibre Chamois.
15c Brown Linen Canvas.
12c Haircloth.
10c padding.
Ioc Grass Cloth.
9c Colored Silesia.
8c Cotton Taffeta.
I2c Colored Moreen.
10c Silk Crinoline.
10c Light Black Canvas.
10c Colored Lawns.
Curtain Stuffs.
56 pieces Tamboured Mus-
n for Sash Curtains. Some
with single and others with
double borders. All 30 inches
clntyre's price.
Sa'e price.
6c yard
ioc " v
72c '
ioc yard
120 " !
15c "
iSc "
250 "
Table Covers.
100 Fringed Table Covers, i
square. Mclntyre's price, 250
Sale price, 13 1-20 cacti.
8 mSKL
The New
Tailor-made Suits.
I 1 1 uiiivu o a unui -maul. LUOlUUiVO di O
season, more than ever
our customer's expectations. So nearly do they
approacntne maae-to-order
sive man-tailor, in fit,
much less cost that it
Women's Tailored Suits, in
spuns ; and cheviot serges, in black
breasted, loose fitting effect, lined
double box-plaited back, and open
an exceptionally fine suit af this
Stylish Dress
e d a
lot of" stunning Dress
Skirts, in a beautiful soft
quality of black cheviot
serge, made in the cling
ing sheath-like effect,
with the box plaited
back, so popular this
season. They're lined
with ' extra quality per
caline and bound with
Such finely tailored,
good-looking skirts- will
go in a twinkling at this
price $5,00
Silk Waists,$3.49
These Waists go
and atrthis price: there'll
ing hour. They're made of the famous Givernaud
taffeta silk in all the popular shades, suitable for
street and evening wear coral, bluet, French
blue, royal, violet, helio, canary, light bare, auto
mobile and black; made with French back fin
ished with thirteen fine
fine tucks; stock 'collar
$5.50 waist.
The filmy white
fabrics are
readv to be
nicked . from.
To-day we offer
daintv fine Nainsook
in checks, stripes and
plaids, varying in width
from 30 to 33 inches.
They're worth from 25c
to 37c, but being subject
to very slight imperfec
tions (not enough to im
pair their wearing value)
we offer them at
9c. yd
1 case of extra fine quality Dress
Ginghams, 40 in. wide, in good
colorings and styles. Worth 17c
per yard. Only for Thursday 8c yd
1,500 yards of the very best qua
lity Wamsutta Cambric, like the
LoDsdale, only a great deal better.
Worth to-day 17c per yard.
Only for Thursday 9c yd
, 1 case more of those beautiful
Outing Flannels, in colors, such as
we are selling every day for 10c per
yard. Reduced for Thursday only
to 6;c yd
1 case of white crochet Quilts,
extra good quality and full s;ze,
Regular price is $1.00.
Only for Thursday 75c
up to the "full measure o
costumes otthe exclu
fabric and finish, and a
seems - folly to pay the
at $12.50.
Oxford.light gray and blue gray home
only. - The jackets are in the double
with fancy silks : the skirts have the
side front, with ten rows of stitching
price. 7
21 cents.
You can
wear them
the 1 rest 6:
iie season
and they're not too
heavy for early Spring.
Jersey ribbed cotton
Vests that would sell for
50 cents, were it not for
a slight oil stain here and
thpre. Only a small lot,
that we were fortunate'
enough to secure. 21c
women's And .v '
An odd lot of fleeced-lined and
wool stockings, in plain and Jersey
ribbed, fast blaclc. It all sizes
were here, 25 cents would be the
selling price. , To close 17c pr
on sale this morning
not be many left at clos
tucks; front of all-over
and flare cuff a regular
Special $3.49
Men's Fancy
i2c pr.
A lew
more left
for those
have not taken advantage
of this splendid bargain
in men's tine gauge
seamless Hose, in black,
tan. navv and cadet
blue, red and oxblood
grounds with fancy dots,
stripes and figures.
Worth 25c. ,
Sale price 12
Specials in Dress Goods
and Silks,
45-inch French cos
tume Serge, strictly all
wool, - in black only.
Only for Thursday 76c yd.
45-inch all wool Mix
ed Coverts, in sea-foam,
castor, gray, old blue,
navy and helio strictly
new goods. Worth 89c
Only for Thursday 59c yd.
5 pes. 19-inch Black
Taffeta, imported a
very durable quality with
a good lustre. Worth
89c. . !
Only for Thursday 59c yd.
T hursday, iftarch the
Those Fine Ribbons
Are attracting their
full share of attention
from women who know
what fine gibbons really
are. We cannot en
thuse too much over
them, for they really are
remarkable values. They
deserve the best place in
our store, which they
have got the center
bargain table, old store.
Always look there for
exceptional values. (
They're Double-Face Satin Rib- .
bons and fine Satin Gros
Grains, in an excellent assortment of
widths and colors. ,
3 5. 9. io, i24, 15. 17. 22
and 25 cents.
y2 to their regular prices. ,
-. ";: -
Dogskin Gloves, 97c pr.
2-clasp superior qual
ity Dogskin Pique in tan,
rmndf hrnwn slatp nv.
blood and black; in
quality, cut and style, as
fine $1.50 glove. Only
for Thursday ; 97c pr
Draperies for Spring,
The bright new pret
ty-stuffs are here the
denims, tickings, chin--
tzes and other gayly
printed cotton stuffs,
which tasty home-makers -find
Nso many; decorative
Uses' for.
Thursday only. -'
Single and double faced in floral
and beautiful Oriental designs all
new patterns. Worth 25c. 29c and
3 Sc. Only for Thursday 19c yd
In dots, figures and stripes a
firie sheer quality. IS and 18 cents
they are worth.
Only for Thursday ioc yd
The Camera Sale.
Had a big defy in
Cameras. Knew there
would be a rush for them
at these prices. Remem
ber only one, two and
hree of a kind here, so
don't delay they 're go-.
ng , quickly. beems
hardly necessary to ad
vertise them again, the
sale ; has met with so
ready a response.
Veilings, ioc yd.
Fine assortment plain
and fancy mesh Veilings,
oven and chenille dots;
olack, navy, . brown,
ackdaw and magpie.
Worth 20 and 25 cents
he yard. Only for
hursday 1 0c yd
Decorated Crepe Piper.
Pretty designs, in ,3
yard rolls; sold elsewhere
at 25 cents. Our price
10c the roll
Glycerine Soap
4c bar, 45c doz.
Transparent Glycerine
Soap, delicately scented.

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