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talemeat by Mr. llellea Regarding the
Baric Statemcmt Replied Simply t
' Letter C Suargeatloau
President Meilea, of the New York,
Kew Haven and Hartford railroad, yes
terday made a'statement relative to the
atory sent out from Philadelphia con
cerning an alleged deal between the
Consolidated , railroad and the Lehlgb.
Coal and Navigation company for the
purchase of the latter and the state
ment follows:
,"A party came to me unsolicited and
asked me to look Into the Lehigh Coal
and Navigation company property,
suggesting that I secure Information
regarding its value. As a result, and
at the request of that party, I wrote the
following letter to Mr. Fowler:
"The New York,. New Haven and Hart
ford Railroad Company,
; ' "President' Office
"New Havers Conn., Nov. i, 1904.
Mr. T. P. .Fowler, President New
York, Ontaioand "Western Railway,
58 Beaver Street, New York: .
Dear sir jut. jjiCKinson nas laiiieu
with me to-day regarding the Lehigh
Coal and Navigation company's prop
erty; It is a matter that is in a large
measure new to me, and I hava had no
opportunity to confer with my direc
tors regarding the same, but I certainly
feel it wise you -should proceed with the
matter to the extent that you can lay
before me, tor submission to my people,
a definite proposition with your recom
mendation In the premises. I am not
prepared to express an opinion, for I
have had no opportunity to discuss the
subject, but I certainly believe our peo
ple, with their large interest in your
company, will be disposed to favor any
thing that, will promote its earnings
and prosperity.
, "Very truly yours,
"The letter shows for itself and com
mitted me in no way upon the subject,
and was purely a request for informa
tion and a recommendation. I was In
formed on Monday last that the Lehigh
Coal and Navigation company's stock
could be had , at a price which was
named and I declined to consider the
purchase. The matter did not even ap
peal to me sufficiently to warrant my
calling the same to the attention of any
of the members of my board of direct
tors. The letter published from Phila
delphia was requested of me by ; long
distance telephone on Monday evening
by Mr. Riley, of the Lehigh Coal and
Navigation company, and a copy of the
same was cheerfully sent. I am not
aware of any difference of opinion be
tween Mr. Fowler and myself in con
nection with this matter."
The pastor, the Rev. Dr. McLane,
will preach. The theme of the evening
sermon is "The Secret of Joy."
The choir will sin appropriate se
lections at the Dwlght Place church
Sunday, night the pastor delivering the
second discourse In the series, "Strik
ing Sentences in Christ's Greatest Par
able." The text Sunday evening is,
"He Fell on His Neck and Kissed
Him." Service one hour. Everybody
- Dr. Phillips will preach in the morn
ing, subject, "The Source of Power."
In the evening- In Welcome hall, Oak
street, Mr. H, F. Holton will speak and
the second quartette will sing. Fol
lowing is the morning music:
Prelude, Chant Bohemiene. ..De Meyer
Anthem, "The Lord is Good," Ell....
Choir Hymn 660, "O For the Peace"
.......... Shepard
Response, "Gently, Lord" .....Hawley
Offertory, "Consider and Hear Me"..
V . Pflueger
Postlude, "Be Not Afraid,'" Elijah...
Tho concluding sermon of the series
on immortality will be delivered to
morrow morning at 10:30 o'cuock, in the
Church of the Messiah, (First Univer
salist) by the pastor, the Rev. W. F.
XHckerman. The subject will be: "Im
mortality as a Hope." The two pre
ceding discourses were very able ones
and awakened much , interest and in
the one to be delivered tomorrow the
speaker will dwell on the prophetic an
nouncements and also the inner de
mand of the soul. Sunday school and
conversation at noon. . .
- Conference meeting under the aus
pices of the Y. P. C. U. at 6:30 p. m.
Seats free and a' cordial invitation to
all of the services. .
Meets in the Church of the Messiah
on Orange street near Elm street at
7:30 p. m.
pastor Irvine preaches on the text:
"As a bird that wanders from her nest,
bo . is a man that wanders from his
place.',' !
... The quartette, under the leadership
.of Mr. Clarke Moore, will sing several
selections. At Bushnell hall Mr .Irvine
corjlucts a Bible class at 3 p. m.
Children's, church meets at same, time
and place.
Before Center Church Missionary So
' . ciety Yesterday.
; ' Those who heard Miss Bacon speak
before the Center church missionary so
ciety Thursday afternoon came away
with the feeling that they know now
why Japan needs Christianity. Foreign
customs and modes of living Japan does
not need, but purity of life and love of
one's neighbors as Christ taught Japan
.does need to enable to fulfill her whole
destiny. The lecture was one of deep
Interest to the large audience present.
Dr. William Osier, who baa been ap
pointed to the Regius professorship of
medicine at the University of Oxford.
has a good-humored way. of telling
stories that . reflect unfavorably on
At a, medical banquet. Dr. Osier re
sponded to a toast on "Providence." He
"A. merchant, after a long absence,
reappeared at church one Sunday
morning pale and thin.
"Where have you been?" said a trus
tee. I
" 'I have been ilL the merchant an
swered. I' have been very HL My
doctor had a good deal of dl culty in
pulling me through. ,
" 'Tut, said the trustee. Tut, man.
It wasn't your doctor that pulled yoa
through. It was Providence.
'Maybe it , was, returned the mer
chant, 'but the doctor will charge for
it.," Exchange.
Beginning Next Monday and Continuing-
Every Afternoon and Evening; for
Two Weeks.
A free show will be given at Howe &
Stetson's, - commencing next Monday,
December 12, 1904, at S p. m., and con
tinuing every afternoon and evening
for two weeks. The evening show is
from 7: 30 to . It is a clean, moral and
mstnictlve'' 'performance entitled the
"Girl la the Moon." It Is not a side
show or a museum, but a work of art,
something the audience" never tires of
looking at and which people will go- a
number of times to see. The "Girl in
the Moon" hold the people in dream
land. The performance opens first by
Introducing two ladies, and. while- the
audiencs are looking or watching, the
two ladles they disappear. No panels
or traps are used.' Then in their place
Immediately appears & beautiful cres
cent and a lady known as the "Girl in
the Moon." Then again this girl dis
appears, leaving the crescent. Then in
place of the crescent is introduced a
chair With a lady seated in the same.
Then placing two palm trees, one at
each side of the chair, the leaves van
ish from the trees, leaving the stalks.
Then the lady leaves the chair, and in
place appears a beautiful cross with a
lady plinglng to it. This scene looks
like a marble statue, which turns to life
Immediately. : Then the lady disap
pears, leaving the cross In plain view.
Next ; the cross disappears, leaving a
basket of flowers with both ladies seat
ed in the same. These changes are all
made without drawing the curtains any
time during the performance. AH these
changes are all made in plain view
without; the use of looking glasses or
mirrors, which makes it a very start
ling performance to the public. The
"Girl in the Moon'; is the first illusion
of this kind ever shown to the puglic.
It Is a pleasing and also very mystify
ing, and causes a very large amount of
talk whereever It is displayed. It is
given by Otto Stiinkye & Co. : '
: Mrs. En scoe,' wife of Michael R. En
scoe, the well known constable, who un
derwent an operation at Grace hospital
a couple of weeks, ago, and was sue-'
cessful, Is slowly recoverying, atthough
still very weak. -. , 1
"Is them senators?"' asked the low
browed and square-Jawed individual
who surveyed thescene from the gal
lery at the opening of congress. "Yes,
answered the friend. ''Well," was the
response after some critical examina
tion, 'it ain't no wonder every, other
club la the, league beats 'em." Wash
ington Star.
! s
First Cu arch's Kominatlna; Committee
rilgrlm Eleeta Official Prayer
Meeting NIBht Changed IUnatrated
leetnre by Rev. Sir. TnUaiw Topics la
the Pulpit Live Oak Council Myo
tic Chapter, Etc. ,
The annual meeting of the Plymouth
church was held at that church last
evening. The meeting was largely at
tended. The officers all. read, their re
ports and they showed that the church
had made splendid advancement during
the past year. The resorts were all
unanimously accepted and placed on
file. . , - f
It was voted to change the mid-weekly
prayer meeting night from Friday
night to Tuesday ; night, commencing
with the new year.
The following Officers were all unani
mously elected: Deacon. W. A. Hem
ingway; deaconesses for two years,
Mrs. Nelson Linsley, Mrs Lester Malr
lory and Mrs. Elmer Wade; standing
committee, W." P. Niles, George W. Au
gur. Charles E. Steele and William
Kellogg; clerk, C. B. Rawe, and treas
urer, George W. Augur, the latter two
being re-elected.
,'Th work of the pastor, the Rev. R. E.
Brown, was highly complimented. Un
der his efficient management the church
is carrying on a splendid Christian
work. - ; '
The annual , meeting, of the Grand
avenue . Congregational church was
held last evening, the pastor presiding.
A nominating committee to bring for
ward a. list of officers was appointed
as follows: Deacon Henry Tuttle, Dea
con' T..S. Coleman and Frank E., Fowl
er. The meeting then adjourned to
December 20, when the officers will be
chosen. After the meeting the ladies of
the Y. P. a C. E. entertained Its
members with a lunch. .
Corinth; Ath'en. Ephesus; in the
Footsteps of St. Paul," was the subject
of the lecture by Rev. E. C Tullar at
th East Pearl Street M. E. church
Thursday evening (before an audience
that nearly filled the cnurcn. wis pre
vious lecture had brought his hearers
to Rome arid the .second lecture was a
continuance in the journey toward the
Holy Land. Mr. Tullar's description of
the ancient cities and of the modern
cities of the same name built near the
former sites abounded in interesting
details and bits of history, all woven
together in an interesting manner. He
also gave an introduction to the cus
toms and manners of the people now
living in the cities described, Mr. Tul
lar spoke briefly of other cities, espeT
cialty Smyrna. These lectures are. the
results of months of travel and study
under the' auspices of , the Chicago uni
versity and in company . -with Shaller
Matthews, Ph. !.,( dean of the Theo
logical school of that University, The
next lecture on "Through the Land of
Canaan;" will be given Thursday even
ing, January 12.
At the Grand Avenue Baptist 'church
to-morrow, the .pastor, Rev. E. W.
Stone wilt speak in " the morning at
10:30 on "What It Is to Worship God."
In the evening the topic of his sermon
will be, "What Is Really Worth While."
On January 12 Live Oak council, Royal
Arcanum, will install officers as follows:
I. Morgan McGulgan,, past regent; O.
Sherwood, regent;- Charles Kelsey, vice
regent; H. G. Foote. orator; John W.
Kessel, secretary; George Oldershaw,
collector; George S. Adams, treasurer;
William ;' Degnan,, chaplain; Frederick
Ronald, guide, G.A. Booker, warden;
M. C. Eagan, sentinel; F, E. Hull,
trustee; J. W. Kessel, representative to
grand council; alternate, 'J. Morgan Mc
Gulgan. At the next meeting of Myrtle chap
ter, O. E. S., these officers will be in
stalled: Mrs. Grace Slmmonds, matron:
Good' Wish Gifts
keep the Yule fire burning on the " heart's
- hearthstone. The most charming gifts for sweet
'remembrance which the season shows are the
hew Christmas packages of .
MSB I S C O wafer:
With holly ribbon dress to charm the eye,
with good-wish card to.. warm the heart, what
better gift to cheer a friend than sweet Nabisco?
' ' -
- Whatever other gifts - you make, ' give
-v.: i good-wish gifts to all the young, the old. the
rich, the poor, the good, die bad remember
everyone, and everyone will remember you.
assistant. Kiss Ines Denison: 1L E.
Johnson, patron; Mrs. Gertrude Holi
day, secretary; Mrs. Jennie Jioran.
treasurer; Mrs." Anna Scholl, conduct
ress. Mrs. Anna Hesse, assi&tant.
Captain and Mrs. Horatio Pond and
daughter tf Clinton avenue, left yes
terday for Jacksonville, Fla.
At the joint sale of the Ladies Aid
society and the Farther Lights soci
ety of. the .Grand., Avenue .Baptist
church about 10 was netted.
At the Grand Avenue Congregational
church, to-morrow at 10:30 a. m- there
will be preaching, by the pastor,- Dr.
Sneath. Theme!" "Contents of an An-
cient Letter1.,",. The evening sermon will
be preached by the pastor. A supper
will, be given by the Ladies' Aid so
ciety on Wednesday evening. -.v -
Mr. and Mrs. George Blaekstone, Mrs.
Adelaide Blaekstone and Mr. and Mr?.
WilAara J. Vateatine left yesterday fox
St. Petersburg, Fla.
The sum or J109 'was netted at the
Grace church baiaar, . ,;;
Liquid Cream Balm Is becoming quite
as popular in many localities as Ely's
Cream Balm solid. It is prepare for
use in atomisers, and Is highly prised by
those who have been accustomed to call
upou physicians for such,a treatment.
Many "physicians are using and pre
scribing it. All the medicinal proper
ties of the celebrated Cream Balm are
contained ia th Liquid form, which is
75 cents, including a spraying tuba. All
druggists, or by maiL Ely Brothers, 5S
Warren St., New York. -.-'
"I see that a London doctor .has dis
covered that the vermiform appendix
is useful after all." Sure It is-rto the
doctors." Cleveland Leader. .
"That Hustly : seems like a, plucky
chap.",:. (-: ; '-'..!
. "Guess he's all right., He. has pluck
ed everybody in this neighborhood."
Detroit Free Press., . , ,, .
A Definition. Littto Clarence "Pa,
what Is an optimist?" 1 Mi. Callipers
"An optimist, my son, IS a person) who
doesn't care what happens if It doesn't
happen to bimv" Puck.
Old Friend "Is your part very diffi
cult to play?" Barnstormer "Well,
rather. I'm living on one meal a day
arid playing the role of a mail with the
gout!" Detroit Free Press. ' "
Mrs. Goodsoul "So you are going to
be married? Have you made all ar
rangements?" Dinah "No, missy; I
ain't dun made all de 'rangements. I
only got ter buy de ring, git de fur
niture, rent de . flat, buy me . some
clothes, git mah "husband some, things,
an' git him a Javvb; but .dem is only de
least important." Judge. . : .
The Church of the. Redeemer, Orange
street, corner Wall Watson Lyman
Phillips, IX D., pastor; Thomas G. Sliep
ard. organist and choirmaster. Preach
ing at 10:30 a. m. .Sunday school at 12
m. Toung People's Society of Christian
Undeavor at 6:30 i. m. At Welcome
Hall, Oak street Sunday school at 3 pw
m. Gospel meeting at 7:30 p. m. tf
First Church of, Christ (Scientist)
Chamber of Commerce Hall, ?6J Chapel
street. Sunday, 11 a. m. Wednesday;
3 p. in. Reading rjum open week-days,
8:30-5 p. m. Christian Science litera
ture for sale. ; i 1 tf -
Howard Avenue Methodist Episcopal
Church, comer of Fourth streets-Rev,
Dr. H. D. Weston; pastor. Public wor
ship and sermon at 10:45 and 7:30. Sun
day school at 12. . General prayer meet
Ing Tuesday evening, 7:45. Epworth
League meeting Friday evening, 7:45.
tf ...- .: --V
Trinity chureh-irhtrd Sunday In ad
vent. 8 a. m., holy , communion; 100,
morning prayer ana sermon by the rec
tbr; 7:30, evening prayer and second, of
the special Sunday evening Advent
talks by the rector,-on "The Gospel of
Nature." , , 1
Calvary Baptist Church, corner Chap
si and York streets Rev. George H.
Ferris, pastor. Preaching morning and
evening at usual hours. Bible school,
U m.; Y. P. 8. C. E 6:30 p. m. Mission
school, 4:40. 1 tf
First Baptist Church (corner Ed
wards and Livingston streets) Rev.
Frederick Lent pastor. Morning ser
vice at 10:30 a. m. Bible school and
men's class 12 m. T. P. S. C. E. 6:30 n.
m.: evening service at 7:30. tf
Center C'hnrch. Dr. Newman Smyth,
pastor. Morning service at 10:30. The S
afternoon devotional service.- at- 4 ;
o'clock. -., - t - tf
" Grace M. K. church Cor. Howard;
avenue and Portsea, street) Sermon ia 1
the morning by Rev. Arthur J. Smith, j
Subject, "A Winning Hand." Sermon
in the evening by Rev. i. Walter Car- .
penter. ,
'Dwight Place church Rev. William J
W. Leete. I. D., pastor. 10:34 a. bl, '
preaching by the pastor in connection
with public worship; IS m., Bible school
ana Kindergarten meets at 10:30 a. m.;
4 p. m.. Buys' , and Girls' Endeavor
band: 6:30 i. m.. Y. P. S. C. E. meeting
ta which all young people axe Invited;
7:30 p. m., evening service under the
care of tne "Brotherhood." Text of pas
tor's discourse, "He fell on his. neck
and kissed him." Annual society meet
ing Monday evening. December 12. An
nual church meeting Tuesday evening.
'United church -tNerth church on the j
Green)- Morning worship at 10:30. Rev. i
Artemas i. Haynes. pastor, will preach j
uv Mmuu. . a uere wilt uu up evening
service. .
Plymouth church The Rev. Wn VV.
McLane, IX I.r pastor. Divine worship
and a sermon at 10:3 and 1:30. Sun
day school at 13. Young people's meet
ing at 6:30. ,' '
Davenport Church' (Wooater Square)
Rev. Geo. Foster Prentiss, pastor.
Text of morning sermon, John xiv, 16.
Sunday school at noon. Junior En
deavor at 3 . m. Senior Endeavor, 6:30
n. ire. Boys' league meets fluraday ev
en ins.
Trinity M. EL church fDwffrht Place
and George streets) W. H.-Kidd, pas
tor. Marnlntr worship at 10:3ft with
sermon o "Candles" for the children.
Kindergarten at the same hour.. Sun
day school at noon. Kpworth league
meeting at 6:30. Evening worship at 1
1:3!) with sermon on "Worldllness."
The Best Shoe for Women
r ' f are made on many different shapes of
lasts. We can fit most any" type of feet, so that you will take solid com
fort and delight in wearing our- shoes. Nearly all Styles, $3.50.
ifpmwaamammm wv. do BagjuitJci?agg!i
EH tT?1AntiA2ir c f
Wreaths and Roping,1
r Half round Roping, 7 cants per yard ' In lotg cf 25
yards at 6 cents. 100 yards at 5 cents.
Full Round Roping 10 cents per yard. In lots of
25 yards at 9 cants 100 yards at 8 cents.
1 Plain and Mixed Wreatns in two sizes, 15 . cents
and 20 cents each, or$i".60 and $2.00 per. dozen.
- A car of Holley on the way.
Headquarters for Red and White. Pop Corn.
Floral Decorations a specialty. ,. .
Connecticut's Largest Seed House, y
. , ' 374 . STATE STREET.
Malaga' Grapes.
, i As nice as you ever saw them, a luxury, but the price brings them within '
the reach et all. E0 barrels, while they last, only 10 cents per pound.
Poultry is Cheap.
Fine young roasting Chickens', 18 cents per pound. Fowl 16 cents per pound,
- -, Turkeys 25 cents, all sold full dresse d. - Nothing in the way of meat for your
j ' .Sunday dinner that you can buy as cheap. ' v y , ,
California and Florida Oranges. -
15 cents to 25 cents per dozen. Very nice GRAPH FRUIT, 4 cents each.
. '... .,..!. ......-........... i .'...:...' j .'-;. - .",-.,'
Choice New Layer Figs.
' The price, 10c lb. ought to sell theni.
Fair Haven. ' Congress
Some of the Good Things at
..Legs Mutton,
Rack Steak, .
Round, Steak,
Loin Steakr
Porter House,
' Pork Chops,
' oc"
White Leaf Flour
84-08 GEORGE! STREET. v..
Howard Avenue Methodist Episcopal
Church Preaching by Dr. Weston, the
pastor. Morning subject. "The Culti
vated Vineyard. Evening subject.
"Pliable." The second sermon in the
series on The Pilgrim's Progress."
First M. E. church (corner Elm and
College streets) Eev. Henry Baker, D.
D., pastor. Preaching at 10:30 by Dr.
W. A. Richard, at 7:30, by Rev. W. F.
Randolph. Sunday scnoois at IS and
2:30. Epworth league at 6:30. Classes
Friday night and (at No. College
street), Sunday morning.
Fancy, bright, fat, meaty Fish, Octo
ber catch, 14 to 3 lb., ISc the Jb.
.-...' -.-.'.i.t . f. ! ',.''' .;, .-' ,;'.,
When, you want a genuine Parker
House or Finger.. Roll, try ours every
day at 1 oclock. -
Our old fashioned Rye Bread, the
genuine thing, 6c per loaf.
The n.ew , crop Oregon Tart Prune,
Gluten Bread and Crackers, and Dla
tettio Bread.
& E. Nichols,
Tafeufcaaa S'3
7S Stat St,
Avenue. West Haven
Hams, i2C
, ' Salt Pork, , 8c
New Iack Corn, , 8c
New Pack Tomatoes 8c
New Pack Peas, 8c
Raisins, " 8c
(4 barrel bag) 88c.' ' .
... h . . . . . V
Now ready atyour grocer'i
S. H. Street & Co. .
Market News
At the Busy Corner.
Fresh Killed Chickens, lgc lb.'
Fresh Killed Fowls '. 17c lb.
Some fine Roaatlng Chickens and Tur
keys. Cholos Lege of Lamb.
Good Roasting Shoulders of Lamb,
10c lb.
Little Arlington Sausage .' 15c lb.
Special for Saturday, Sausage, .. So lb.
Whole Cuts Sperry & Barnes
Pork Loins, . 10c lb.
Pork Chops '......9c to 12c lb.
Rib Roasts of Beef, ........ 12c to 16o lb.
Rack Steaks, .; 10c lb.
Round Steaks, '......'...'.'.. He to 18c lb. '
Loin Steaks, ............15c and 16c lb.
Porterhouse Steaks, 18c lb.
Western Roasts, ....'!;..;;.: 8c to 10c lb.
And be sure and get a pound of Crim
son Java and Mocha Coffee. Have a
nice cup of coffee for your Sunday
breakfast. 25c lb. '
- Telepbone 1161.
S, S. ADAMS. ,
Cor. State and Court Sta
J9 Howard Are., 1& Hoaette 8L, .
745 tiraad At.. StS Davenport Ay' ,
904 Howard Ave 1 Sbeltea Ave
155 Lloyd it
Coffees andTeas
s Ground Fresh.
.. . .
' Robertsvllle, Conn.
Received Fresh Semi-Weekly.
' 4MhH4rHr ,' '
Prime Meats.
43 Gf ot Street, Cor, Orange Street,
Tel. 1304-2. , Deliver)
: Market Co.
We are now receiving very choice" .
Ohio Ducks.
The same excellent mark I have sold
for years.
Minnesota Venison.
Prairie Chickens, Guinea Hens and
Try our superior brand of i
Northern Spy Apples.
Lot of fresh new Hickory Nuts.
C. E. IIART, Manager. . -
Tclepkeate JTk 443. ;
An Abundance of" Good
Things.: -
If you want the highest red ot
" 4
Market Supplies,
Come here. .
FRI. ; : BEEF All knowri' cuts care
: fully prepared in- most ' approved
style.' . " - .''-
dles, Crown. French . and English.
-Chops. ,-. -wi -.
Our patrons say that our vegetable
and fruit department Is unequalled.
49 Elm St.,. cor Church.
Carpet Cleaning Works
No. 106 Court Street.
. Carpts called, for and delivered.
Carpets cleaned -and lai V also made
over, in fact everything done in the
Carpet line.
All work satisfactorily and promptly
done. Telephone call, 1832-2. Give ua
a call. ..

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