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Two Prc-lnvcntory Sales:
- And
Tuesday our offerings
these two departments
these goods that some of the greatest values
will be found. And these MUST be cleared
out before we make our
tory Book. The bargains are pronounced.
but many of the quantities are small. So get
nere early and take advantage 01 the follow
ing :
5-4 Shop Lares R nnir to
bunch. Special at 5c bunch
3 cord 200 vi. cotton: soft
finish black and white. Spec
ial at 2c a spool. 22c a doz.
Sewine Silk, h oz. spools-
value, 29c. Special at
- 1 2 a spool
Horn Hair Pins. 1 dozen on
card 25c value. Special at
1 5c a card
500 yards Bastiner Cotton-
numbers 40, 50 and 60. Spec
ial, - 3 spools for 1 0c
Darnincr Wool colors and
black. Regularly 5c a card.
Special, - 2 cards for 5c
Corset Steels 10c value.
Special, - - 5c a pair
Silk-covered Featherbone
12-yard pieces. Special for
box of 12 yds., 49c
Horn Hair Pins; 1 dozen on
card 15c value. Special at
9c card
Hose Supporters with Pad
front, fancy side, etc. Values,
15c to 25c pair. Special, 9c pr.
"-Antiseptic Hose Supporters
for women, misses' and child
en. Black and white values
12Jc to 19c. Special, 1 0c pr.
Tomato Pin Cushions 8c
value. Special, - 5c each
Peerless Mourning Pins
120 pins to box. Regularly
5c. Special, - 2 for 5c
Pin Cubes, octagon shape
value, 10c. Special, 5c each
. Asbestos Ironing Holders.
Special at - 4c each
White Tape in 3 yard rolls.
Any width. Special, 6 pieces
- - for 5c
Scissors and"-Shears; sharp
and blunt points 3 sizes.
Special, - 1 0c a pair
' 4-yard Tape, white and in
any width; value, 5c a roll.
Special, - - 2 for 5c
Dress Binding. Regularly
5c a yard. Special, 3c yard,
or, 35c a piece
Safety Pins, sizes 1, 2 and
3 value, 3c a card. Special,
3 cards for 5c
Interesting and SntUifnctory Reports
Read by General Secretory W. J.
V I.otse and Other Heads of Depart
mentsElection of Well Known. Mem
to Serve on the Directorate Musical
Entertainment Previous to Business
The annual meeting of the T. M. C.
!A. of this city was held in tine Foy
auditorium last night. The report of
the general secretary, W. J. Lotze, was
fcead, together with those of the heads
of the various departments, all of wtich
wens considered highly satisfactory and
tvere unanimously adopted. The annu
el election of directors also took place,
and resulted in the return of the fol
lowing: John T. Manson, Anson Phelps
Stokes, jr., William E. Kirsehner,
Budge L. W. Cleaveland. and D. E.
Mix. -C. E. P. Sanford was added to
the directorate. A delightful musical
are not confined to
alone: but it is among-
entries in the Inven
Hair Brushes.
Imitation fox and qlive
wood; also Ebonoid. Value 15c
and 25c. Special at, 10c ea.
Nail Scrub Brushes.
Heavy servicable brushes.
Value up to 25c. Special, 1 5c.
Tooth Brushes.
15c and 25c values. Special
at, - - 1 0c each.
India Rubber
Dressing Combs.
Value 15c. Special at, 10c.
India Rubber fine rnmha.
Special at, - 10c each.
Horn barber combs. Snecial
at, - - - 1 0c each.
Dressing combs.
15c value.
1 0c each.
Special at, -
Household Ammonia, rpoii-
larly 5c. Special at, 3c a bot-
20 Mule Team Borax, vain a
15c. Special at. 1 0c a oke.
Celluloid Mirrors with ex
tension back. Value 50c. Spec
ial at, - . - 21c.
25c Sponges at - 1 5c
10c Sponges at 5c
8-oz. bottle of Witeh rWl.
Special at - 10c
Fancv Crepe Sachets regu
larly 10c. Special at 5c
Sterline Hand Mirrors Hair
Brushes and Militarv Brushed.
Regularly $2.00 to $3.50. Spec
ial at - 99c each
10c Pocket Combs with case.
Special at - - 5c
"Fine Art", "Regatta
Boquet" and "White Almond
Soap." Reirularlv 10c a cake.
Special at - 5c cake
'Colorite" for coloring- ntraw
troods and rattan furniture.
Regularly 25c, Special, 2 boty
ties tor 5c
Eastman's Cold Cream.
Regularly 25c. Special, at
1 0c a Jar
Kirk's Bath Soap. Remi-
larly 5c. Special, - 2 for 5 c
programme was rendered previous to
the general meeting and greatly enjoy,
ed by all present. General Secretary
Lotze's report is substantially as fol
lows: .
Youn? Men's Christian association of
New Havan, thirty-ninth annual report,
January 23, 1006. ' .
Ttiis is primarily the age .of young
men. More and more they are filling
positions of responsibility and on every
hand we see great enterprises under
perfect control of young men at an age
that would have been prohibitive fifty
years ago. The man who attempts to
employ the same business methods that
wereso successfully used half a century
ago must content himself with reaching
a limited patronage. The up-to-date
biMiness man is studying tfre needs of
his customers and then using all legiti
mate methods to induce them to come
his way.
All of the great movements for the
betterment of humanity have met with
opposition and this work has been no
exception to the rule. The past year
has revealed to us as never before tte
possibilities of our work. The reports
of the various departments give the
statistics showing the enormity of the
work, but a more intimate knowledge
Is necessary to understand the most
helpful influences which are being ab
sorbed constantly by the hoys and
will continue for six more days. The sale
is a tremendous success, thousands of peo
ple crowding the store daily to get their
share of these matchless bargains. New
lots of goods arrive daily. The bargains
are as money-saving as on the first day.
young men in the development of their
Tin! report goes on to speak of the
huroulean effort now being made to get
the membership up to the 2,000 high
water mark. The membership to-day
is 1.455, and the committee having this
part of the work In charge are confi
dent of success.' The work of tiw phys
ical department, Including the gymna
slum, is highly praised, and has been
found an Important factor in the wel
fare of those taking advantage of it.
The bathing department with its na
tatorlum containing 40.000 gallons of
water, has been another attraction to
many who have dipped in its waters.
"The work for boys conducted in our
building has been most fruitful of re
sults. We recognize that our future
workers are coming from this department-
Taients and guardians might
just as well recognize the fact that
boys will form clubs and meet together
in groups and often these clubs prove
disastrous. We believe that it Is much
better that these groups ot boys should
organize under Christian auspices
where a guiding tiand will prevent
danger. We have seen some of the best
results through our Bible classes and
boys' meetings the past year.''
All of the forty-eight dormitories in
the building are either engaged or in
use, and there !s a large waiting list.
The dining room, under the direction
of Mrs. S. L. Mott, has proved a great
success. The excellent privileges en
joyed by tiic boy members during the
summer months at Tuxls island, Madl
son, is another very popular department
of the association's work, as well as the
shore cottage at Morris Cove.
"The splendid services of the women's
auxiliary has been felt throughout the
year. In addition to the regular work
of serving Bible class suppers, recep
tions and entertainments they provided
the bedding and linen for the Edwin
Bancroft addition. Our falttiful and ef
ficient president was greatly missed
during her serious Illness, but we are
grateful to God for her returning health
and strength.''
he report further speaks of the
change's that have occurred among the
staff during Hie past year, arid stated
that It was gratifying to know that the
work had not suffered by these
changes. Proceeding the report speaks
ot the Bible school work directed by
competent teachers of the Sunday aft
ernoon meeting all very successful
throughout the year. Fifty-four have
professed religion at tfieso meetings
since last September. Then there are
the quiet, confidential talks on spirit
ual subjects with young men, which
are very helpful.
The report proceeds: "We have now
had thnee years' experience In our new
home and have already demonstrated
that the building was very much need
ed and Is meeting a great nwd In our
city. There was not a member of our
board when this movement was Inaug.
urated who expected any such rapid de
velopment of the work, but It was ow-
Ign to the wise and careful planning
for the future by putting In heavy foun
datlons that we are a'ole at this time to
report the much needed forty-eight ad
ditional dormitories mado possible
through the generosity of Edwin Ban
croft Foole. This undertaking requlr
ed directors of great faith as well as of
good business management and certain
ly no one can doubt for a moment that
either of these qualities were lacking.
It was not expected that everybody
would agree that our directors were do
ing the wisest thing In constructing
such a large building and it was only
after many deliberate conference and
with a clear vision of the future possi
bilities that they felt Justified in carry
ing out the larger plans. During the
years of 1903 and 1D04 the directors and
trustees assumed the larger part of the
current expenses and during 1305 for
the first time since the building can
vass was started a systematic canvass
was mado for the current expenses, es
pecially for sustaining and honory
The directors and trustees voted an
issue of $100,000 5 per cent twenty-year
debenture bonds in order to provide
temporarily for the additional obliga
tion incurred during the erection of the
building. The interest on these bonds
is provided by the income from the
rentals of the building, which are de
posited in a trust fund for the purpose,
but this amount was largely made good
during the past year by special con
tribution from our directors and trus
tees, together with a few other friends,
so as not to curtail the work of the
association, as the income Is needed to
thoroughly prosecute the work as
should be clearly understood that
the Edwin Bancroft Foote addition is,
kept as a separate and distinct fund,
that that, while It was necessary to
give notes for the furnishings and the
additional loan made by Erwin Ban
croft Foote, provision was made to pay
all of this from the net income, so that
the addition of the dormitories, instead
of being an additional financial burden.
is a direct source of Income from mem
berships. , ,
The rentals yield J2.000 a year to the
Edwin Bancroft Foote Boys' dub and
$3,000 a year to be applied to the fur
nishings and loan, and after these are
paid one-half of the net income will be
used by the association for the support
of the work.
We are now convinced that ss
as the indebtedness is removed, with a
memDersnip of 2,000 and the IneonYe
from the entire bulldlne at our dlsnnsnl
a great work can be carried on without
asKinr tne public for more than $5,000
a year, and less as the membership in
creases, and certainly the most con
servative citizen of New Haven woulq"
not consider' $2.50" per member a heavy
burden in helping-to form character lri
this great organisation, when, wo Con
sider how much ir)fre it costs per year
to furnish the privileges in our univer
sities, and I am glad our citizens are
coming more and more to realize the
force of Dr. Munger's words, "We have
here almost another university." There
Is a great university hero already, but
there is room for another, and Wo have.
It In the association. The variety of
subjects, studies, and the facilities
which the members have for improving
themselves make the Y. M. C. A. a uni
versity In reality and thef importance
of the work of this university, to res
cue manhood, to save the men and to
save the. city.
Our directors have been- willing to
carry this extra burden for the past
three years in order to show to the
community the possibilities ot the asso
riation and the need of such a home,
but they now believe that the time has
come when the entire indebtedness
should be raised and everybody have a
part in carrying to a successful com
pletion this great movement which was
begun six years ago, and thus permit
the real work of the association to be
developed under most favorable condi
tions. With this object in view the directors
have secured George M. Kersey, of Col
orado college, who will co-operate with
the board and general secretary in
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raising the indebtedness, thus putting
the association In a position to do the
work it is intended to accomplish. We
are doing work that will last through
eternity, and we believe our greatest
usefulness should not be crippled by
this debt; and I cannot believe that our
philanthropic people in this historic city
will allow a great work of this kind to
suffer when they once realize the full
significance of the association work,
which is so well set forth in the words
of Webster: "If we work upon marble,
It will perish; if upon brass, time Will
efface it. If we rear temples, they will
crumble into dust; but if we work upon
Immortal minds, if we imbue them with
principles with the just fear of God
and love of our fellow-men, we en
grave upon those tablets something
which will brighten through all etr
nlty." The world wants strong, well-developed
Christian men to fill the shops,
offices and professions, to make and
administer laws, and to fill places of
gre&t responsibility. Opr special work
is the development of such manhood.
Let us all have some part in this noble
work by giving of our time. Influence
and money. . .
The Sunday services at the City mis
sion house were of more than usual In
terest. A good number were out to the
early morning Sunday school at 9
o'clock, including twelve In the pastor's
Bible class for adults- At the after
noon children's meeting the leader, Mrs.
I' enwlck, was assisted by Mrs. Ed
wards, Miss Norton, Miss Seaman and
Miss Avery. In the evening the audi
torium service was led by Clarence
Bfonson for the Endeavor society of
the United church. Lewis Bronson was
organist, and an excellent sermon was
preached by Lawrence A. Wilson, ot
the post-graduate department of Yale
university. At the after meeting, led
by Itev. Mr. Mossman, the missionary
pastor", between thirty and forty were
present, and there were eight requests
for prayer.
Beliglous services are held at the City
mission house every evening of tho
week excepting Tuesday, the meeting
night at the churches.
i ceiling, mind, Bleeding or Protrud
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