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Monday and Tuesday all Eyes on ,
Johnson's Overcoat Sale
Come Early.
f.AAJ. .9. .9. -t-.t... j. Jtlty . f ji
This is our Annual Overcoat Sale. We
never carry over stock from one year to
another. Come early Monday and get
first choice of any Winter Overcoat that
formerly sold for 15, 18, 20, 22, 24, 28
30 dollars, all go for the flat price of
. .... , ?
Hyperion Theater
All lovers of epera, comic opera and
musical plays who attend the produc
tion ol "Cloverdell" at the Hyperion
theater next Wednesday evening will
pass their judgment upon a musical
Batlre after the style of Gilbert and Sul
livan in "Cloverdell," the very latest
venture into the theatrical world. The
plot of "Cloverdell" Is logical and con
sistent. In fact, t Is recognized as the
pioneer In the Inevitable return to the
era of "Sense and Sanity" In lighter
musical entertainments. Its comedy
appeals to Intelligence, yet Is neither
abstruse nor dull; Its lyrics are insist
ently rhythmic, although never trivially
tinkling; and Its music, while consist
ently operatic. Is always melodious and
possesses a pastoral quality of irresist
ible charm.
Mr. Barnabee, of Bostonlan fame, Is
featured as the star In the role of the
(Secretary ' of agriculture. That Mr.
Barnabee is still a warm favorite was
shown by. the reception given him Sat
urday night. Seats now selling.
Tyrone Power, who plays the role of
Augustus Dexter in "The Trancoso
ITrall," which will be at the Hyperion
theater next Friday evening, was a dis
tinguished member of the companies of
lr Henry Irving, Berbohn Tree, Mrs.
Flske, Mrs. Leslie Carter and others.
In "The Trancoso Trail'.' he is said to
ihave the most Intensely dramatic role
of his career. Mr. Power and Henry
ifewett play opposite roles, and others
n the cast are Marie Walnwright, Ma
Ibel Tallferro, Claire Kulp, Nina Her
bert, Orme Caldara and others equally
Veil known. .
Helen Tracy, who plays the part of
lra. Pipp, the domineering wife, with
Digby Ball In "The Education of Mr.
PiPP.". which comes to the Hyperion
theater next Saturday evening, is an
actress of rare accomplishments. She
has for years been leading woman to
eome of the foremost stars of the day.
As Mrs. Pipp dhe has achieved the
greatest success. She is the counter
part of Gibson's Mrs. Pipp.
New Haven Theater.
The greatest success of the present
theatrlca.1 season comes to the New
Haven theater to-night, for three nights
end Wednesday matinee, In A., H.
Woods' magnificent production, "Queen
of the White Slaves." The author, Ar
thur J. Lamb, opens the play In a con
cert hall In San Francisco, and the
Bcenes which follow, the Palace hotel In
that city, a street scene, a superb resi
dence overlooking the harbor of the
"Golden Gate," the cabin and deck of
an ocean steamship, a detective adrift
on a raft In the middle of the Pacific,
and three scenes of a mandarin's palace
(n Hong Kong give ample opportunity
for the most lavish scenic expenditure
ever attempted.
The story of the play is written in
fcuch an incisive and soul-stirring style
that the attention of the auditor Is irre
sistibly held from the rising of the cur
tain until Its final fall. Mr. Lamb's
characterizations in "Queen of the
White Slaves" are particularly strong,
those calling for especial mention being
James Wendell, a detective; "Smoke
Pot," a quaint negro; Ralph Grimes, an
agent of the Highbinders; Fong Low, a
Chinese- mandarin; Charles Fawn, a
victim of the opium habit; Maggie Mur
phy, .a flower girl; Mustang Mattie, a
dupe of Grimes; Grace Fawn, "Queen
of the White Slaves," and twenty other
subsidiary characters.
The scenic production of "Queen of
the White Slaves" is described as being
magnificent and attention given to the
Oriental costumes, they having been
That the centralization of clever ar
tists in every department of musical
comedy has wielded a mighty influence
In guiding the destinies of "Gay New
York," which comes to the New Haven
theater next Thursday, Friday and Sat
urday nights, cannot be gainsaid when
the reputations of the comedians and
eingers engaged in this whirligig of
melody and merriment are considered.
For Instance, such consummate come
dians as Dan Mason, Edward B. Ad
ams, Joseph F. Willard, Charles E.
Foreman, Edward Brennan, in conjunc
tion with many others of genuine re
nown, and such distinguished lady ce
lebrities as Louise Sanford, Lillian
Hoerlein, Kathryn Bartlett, augmented
by no less than a half score more of
famous vocalists and dancers, all occu
py positions of exceptional prominence
In this offering of many-sidod fun and
melody' merit.
This marvelous collection of headline
talent is furthermore aided and abetted
by a bunch of feminine loveliness said
to outclass in ability as well and to
disport a succession of gown fads and
fancies jthat are simply incomprehensi
ble, so far as splendor Is concerned.
"Gay New York," thus equipped and
with a long and prosperous Berlin run
preceding its successful American ex
ploitation and with its pretentious
scenlo effects, is surely to be, depended
upon for an entertainment of no ordi
nary kind. .. .
Nothing mora convincing regarding
the general value of an entertainment
purpose could be desired than the un
conditional praise that has been meted
out to "Gay New York" In the press
reports which have' reached here. In
variably the aim of these writers has
been to make the novelty charm of this
musioal comedy stand out In 'bold re
He. This verdict has undoubtedly been
reached owing to the engagement of a
well defined story of fun complications
that gives to the structure a coheslve
ness which is lacking in most amuse
ment ventures, where street Is laid up
on the singing and other features. Mat
nce Saturday.
Poll's Jfew Theater.
Manager Poll's offering this afternoon
will be a three-feature bill composed of
the best headliners in the business. A
European sensation heads the aggrega
tion the Little Black Man, the East
Indian who has been all the rage all
over the circuit. This unjquo act has
crowded every vaudeville ' house that
has played him. He is a distinct nov
elty in vaudeville, and was imported
from Europe for a limited American
tour. His ring performance outshines
any previous attempts in this fine.
The second feature is to be McWat
ters, Ty3on and company, with' their
laughable and elaborate offering, "Vau
deville. Mr. McWatters gives a comical
Impersonation of Herrmann the Great,
and some of the song numbers will In
clude "Dream on" and "I am a Bach
elor." ' v
The third feature will be the famous
Ellinore sisters, with their specialty
number. They have of late been with
"Mrs. Delaney of Newport," and made
an enormous success. By special per
mission of Manager Hyde they will ap
pear for one week only at Poll's while
another big comedy number is being
prepared for them. '
The olio Is abundantly provided with
pood acts, including Marie Dupont and
her Company, which Includes Willard
Hutchinson, in the comedy "Left at the
Post." This farce bubbles oyer with
laughing hits. "
The Italian Trio of singers, In
snatches from grand opera; Miss Jo
sephine Davies, with her comedy num
ber, and Coutere and Gillette, with
their acrobatic act, will complete the
The electrograph will have a special
series of pictures entitled "The Night
Before Christmas" as the closing num
ber on the lengthy bill.
Friday matinee will be souvenir mati
nee for the ladles at this theater.
Reserved seats on sale In advance at
box office, which opens at 9 o'clock
daily, Telephone 192.
Dijon Theater.
Commencing with a matinee to-day,
and continuing all this week, the stook
company at the Bijou theater will pre
sent Alexander Dumas' Immortal play,
"Camiile." The play will be presented
in English, and It Is safe to predict that
the patrons of this cosy theater will be
more than pleased with the offering.
Matinees will be given dally. Friday
matinee souvenir photos of one of the
members of the company will be pre
sented to each one attending. Latles
at matinees 10 cents.
Musical and Literary Entertainment to
be Given This Evening.
What gives promise of being a suc
cessful and enjoyable entertainment
will be given at Dwlght Place church
this evening. Several artists of well
known local reputation will take part,
including Miss Mtv Bradley. The pro
gramme is well arranged and one that
will doubtless be enjoyed by all who
attend. The following Is the pro
gramme: Organ Offertolre In F minor.. ..Batiste
Harry Whitaker.
Recital "The Chance Samaritan"....
' Richard Harding Davis
Edna Carieton Little.
Solo "Sunbeama" ...... Landon Ronald
May Bradley.
a. "Little Johnnie" Will Carieton
b. "The Song That Reached His
Edna Carieton Little.
Song "Se Serame Rose" , Audlte
May Bradley.
a. "The Swiss Good Night". .Griffith
b. "The Christmas Lady"
Alice Hagan Rice
Edna Carieton LUtle.
Song "Springtide" ........ Edith Dick
May Bradley.
a. "The Hygienic Boy."
b, "TViem .Good Old Days!"
Edna Carieton Little,
Song "Die Blausen Frullngerangen'
May Bradley.
a- "The Serenade."
b. "The Kindergarten Poem."
c- "Beautiful Isle."
d. "The Best Love." ,
Henry Van pyke.
Seoretary Bonaparte Prefers Charge of
Hazing Against F. B. Roberto.
With his gradation from the United
States Naval academy at Annapolis
set for to-day, Frank Hamilton Roberts
of this city, eon of Dr. and Mrs. F. P.
Roberts, waa yesterday arrested at the
academy on orders of Secretary of the
Navy Bonaparte, under a charge of
hazing. Roberts was to have finished
his course to-day, and so would have
become an officer In the navy at the age
of twenty, but this arrest will prevent
him getting his diploma at present. The
offense for which -'Roberts is held oc
curred last fall. Two of his classmates
are in the same predicament, Arthur A
Garcelon, of Auburn, Me., and William
P. Hayes, of LoulBvllle, Ky.
A court-martial has been set for to
morrow, but no definite action Is look
ed for until the congressional commit
mittee, appointed Friday, has reported
on conditions at Annapolis. ' This will
cause consldrablo dbtiay in Roberts'
plans and may Iwterfero with the re
alizing of hla ambition to get an ap
pointment to the Ibattleshop Connect
icut. . ! '
Dr. and Mrs. Roberts with their
ditughter, Hazel Lavlnla Roberts, and
nlk?e, Maud Lines Hamilton, of Merl
den, went to Annapolis Thursday to'at
tend the graduating exercises to-day.
The matter came as a considerable
surprise, as It was thought there was
no danger of such action in connection
with Roberta- Roberts was the Invent
or what was called "the human auto
mobile," which was considered a harm
less prank. In the trial 1 of Midship
man Miller, also a member of the
graduating class, who was ordered to
be dlsmussed, and was pardoned by
President Roosevelt, Roberts was g
witness. Out of this arose the charges
against him.
The hazing system as practiced at
Annapolis is as old as the Institution.
The pranks exercised are said to be a
very mild form of hazing, and more
humorous than harsh. "The human au
tomobile Is described as a very lu
dicrous Invention, and created much
amusement among those who heard of
Frank Roberts Is a graduate of the
New Haven public schools, and was a
member of the class of 1903 at Hill
house High school. While In school he
was very popular, being a member of
Delta chapter, Theta Sigma fraternity,
and president of the debating society.
He left In 1902 to take the appointment
ait Annapolis. Roberts Is but twenty
years of age, and is one of the young
est members of the graduating clans.
Where Baking
Begins Right
begins with right material, and every step there
after, through the whole process of baking is
right. There is not one point of quality that
care, skill and modern bakeries could make better.
It is perfection itself through and through.
It Ends Right
when it reaches your table untouched by strange hands,
untainted by odors. The quality, oven-flavor and freshness
are preserved in a dust and moisture proof package, distin
guished by the trade mark here shown. It always appears
in red and white on each end of the package and warrants
the perfect condition of the contents. For example try
packages of
GRAHAM CRACKERS possessing the rich, nutty
flavor of graham flour unlike any graham crackers you
ever tasted.
FROTANA a temptingly delicious union of biscuit
and fruit the newest delicacy of the National Biscuit
I Iff p
11 f
Looks Now as If the Event Would be
tbe Most Succeiwfiil of Any In His
tory of the Famous Organization-
Appearance of Mlas Louise Stannard,
Child Virtuoso.
Chairman Louis Felsberg of thft
special committee, which has In charge
the arrangements for the twenty-first
anniversary concert of Dorscht lodge
at the New Hawn theater next Sunday
evening, returned from New York Sat
urday, after making complete arrange
ments there for some twenty musicians
to augment the local orchestra.
The decision to make the anniver
sary concert one of the regular series
has proved very popular, and a bril
liant result Is assured both from the
standpoint of music and attendance.
As a proof of this, applications for
seats are already coming in, and the
managers announce that they will be
filed and later filled in order of their
receipt. " ";:' I1
As to the concert Itself thera can be
no doubt that It will be one of the most
Entertaining in the history of the
Dorscht musical events. The appear
ance of Louise Stannard; the child flute
virtuoso. Is In itself an event of rare
importance. It has been many years
since a child of her ability and years
has appeared as a soloist on a stage In
this city.
It is a great credit to Dorscht lodge
to bring her out, and as great a suc
cess is expected as when little Hattie
Scholder made her debut under Dorscht
auspices, and created such a furore
that Herr Conreid, the noted New
York conductor, becoming Interested
In her apparently brilliant future, sent
her to Europe to study under the lead
ing teachers of the pianoforte. Little
Miss Staannard Is a New Haven child,
the pupil of Fred Guilford. This will
be her first appearance dn public, and
it is looked forward to with keen-interest.
Another brilliant feature of the an
niversary concert will be the appear
ance of Herr Pelsehel of the Metropol
itan orchestra, New York, and William
Hegel of this city, who will p'ay the
new compositions, "The Elephant and
the Fly." In this selection will be
heard the "long and short" of the reed
lnstrument-4he bassoon and the piccolo.
The Adklns fund stood at about $206
at 6 o'clock Saturday night. It is hoped
and believed that the amount will be
Increased to $300 during this week. Let
the charitable people make an extra
effort to make the amount $300, aiid
they can rest assured that the money
will be spent in a just and noble cause.
A list of the , givers will appear dur
ing the week.
Scheduled for United States Court at
Hartford To-Morrow.
Before Judge Piatt In the United
States district court In Hartford to
morrow will be argued a motion made
In the case of John J. Glnty, of Market
street, this city, against the New Haven
Iron and Steel company, of Fair Haven.
It is a motion made by the defendant
to compel an amendment to the com
plaint. Fitzgerald & Walsh are counsel for
the plaintiff and Chase & Woodruff for
the defendant.
Ginty sues the company for $10,000.
While employed at the works of the
company last year he was the victim of
an explosion of molten Iron.
The suit is brought in the United
States court rather than the state
court, as the defendant corporation was
organized under the laws of the state
of Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Hedrich Wants $2,500 as Result of
Explosion. .
Cleaiming that she was injured and
suffered a severe nervous shock by the
explosion on a trolley car of the Con
solidated railway in Westvllle August
12, 1905, Mrs. Jennie C. Hedrich, of Sum
mer street, has sued the road for $2,500
damages. Mrs. Hedrich is the wife of
George Hedrich, a barber of 67a State
Uftfflrcrovi i fa
AH our fine furs Included In this nle
Minka, Sullies, Broadtails, etc., at less
than half foriiier prices.
Minis Stole, and Muffs. ........ .50 off
Squirrels Scarfs and Muffs. 40 off
Caracul Scarfs and Muffs. ....... BO off
Black Lynx Stoics and Muffs..,. 40 off
Persian Stoles and Muffs .,40 off
Fur Lined doats
Fine linings of Squirrel Lock and
blended Siberian Squirrels, Broadcloth
Covers of best quality, formerly $40
and 850.
Now . $25
Fur Lined Coats
The best broadcloths made over line
linings of Squirrel, Jap Mink and Grey .
Squirrels, formerly 123 to 9175
Now $75
Counsel In Woolhouse Will Contest to
Make Long Trip.
As the witnesses to the will of the
lato Jane Woolhouse, which Is being
contested by her brother, Joseph Tate,
of this city, dwell at considerable dis
tances from this city, Attorney Carieton
E. Hoadley, counsel for J. Henry Smith,
of Detroit, Mich., who is beneficiary for
a large part of the estate, with Attor
ney Carl A. Mears, counsel for Mr,
Tate, have before them a lengthy trip
for the purpose of obtaining the deposi
tions of the witnesses. These witnesses
are Miss L. J. Ehrer, of Washington;
Judge Deming, of Mexico, and Mrs.
Mayer, of Davenport, la.
The. testimony of Miss Ehrer is to be
taken in Washington to-morrow, and on
Thursday Mrs. Mdyer will be worn at
At a hearing before Judge Cleaveland
Saturday Attorney Mears was in favor
of summoning the witnesses to this city
and he refused to consent to allow Mr,
Hoadley to take the original testament
on this trip. The Judge ordered that
another copy of the will be struck off,
and that Mr. Hoadley guarantee its return.
The civil service commission has set
Thursday night for the examination of
candidates for the fire department
These examinations will be held in city
hall. Candidates must be between tlw
ages of twenty-one and thirty-five and
must weigh over 188 pounds. It . is ex
pected that a large number of candU
dates will try the examination.
The Great Fur Sale
That has been stirring , the
merchants of Ihis city to bet
ter efforts and lower prices
in order to compete with us
is still going on at our store
There is just as good oppor.
tunity to obtain values now
as at the beginning of the
sale. , ,
Brooks-Cojlins Co.
795 Chapel Street.
Just Below Orange Street,
February Carpet Sale
: ,
MimaiiiiiswM.wii miMsinaaiwswaiisJiwiJ.ua il.ii .11 i mil mm m iiim.ijiiiiiiiiii.iii . nmLiiat m .if
Through February, 20 per cent. Dis
count on our Entire Stock of Carpets,
Linoleums, Oil Cloths and Mattings.
Our Carpet Department is a sort of "sur
vival of the fittest." It is a select group of very
superior patterns chosen from the very best lines
And 20 per cent, off our Regular Prices
makes an offer that cannot be duplicated in New
Come if you can, write for samples if you
can't. But somehow let us help you save the

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