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Nt Underwear -will be Bent on ap
proval during the first three days of
the Sale.
No Underwear -will be sent on ap
proval during the first three days of
the Sale.
( Corset Covers
-From 5cts to $8.98-
At 5 cts. Perfect fitting, felled seams and
' made of good muslin.
Only two to a buyer. .
At I2V2 cts. Four styles, of fine, ' soft
muslin, all embroidery trimmed. 19c corset
N At 19 cts. Beveral styles, of fine cambric,
one has deep torchon lace yoke, ribbon drawn.
Worth 29 cts.
At 25 cts. A score of styles; of fine nain
sook and cambric, all charmingly designed,
most of them wortn 50 cts.
At 50 cts. Of very fine nainsook, twenty
styles, each worth 75 cts. One has extra
.set-In yoke of rosebud Val. lace. ,.
At 75 cts. Ten styles, all ?1 covers, of
nainsook and cambric, one especially good
style for stout figures. Tine for lingerie
At 9 cts. Five styles, of cambric, one has
hemstitched ruffle, lace and embroidery
At 98 cts. Buttoned in back and has
shadow embroidery and colored ribbon bows.
Seven other styles at 98 cts. A cover worth
Other Corset Covers, $1.25, $1.39,
$1.50, $1.75, $2.25 to $8.50.
Short Skirts 1
From 19cts to $4.98
At J9 cts. Of Masonville muslin with deep
hemstitched flounce and fitted yoke.
At 29 cts. Ten styles, made of cambric
and fine muslin, lace and embroidery trimmed.
At 69 cts. Skirts worth 76 cts. and $1.
Fully ten styles, one has deep flounce of
shadow embroidery. Others lace trimmed.
Other Short Skirts at 75 cts., 98 cts.,
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $1.98, $2.25 to $4.98.
Our Own Importation
We've doubled the space we
use to give to French Under-
vwear for we've imported twice
the quantity tnis year.
We simply had to, the demand
for these Exquisite garments has
so Wonderfully Increased.
French Underwear Trousseau
Sets direct from their foreign
makers to us, done up in boxes
just as they left their foreign
The Consumer's League Mark on all oj our Underwear. This means that it is made in
clean, wholesome, airy rooms. No sweatshop Underwear here.
"rim , .
New Haven's Greatest Sale of Muslin "Underwear; and do you know why? because ALL the money you pay
for the Underwear you buy in our sales is More than returned to you in the WORTH of the garments you select.
It isn't because we sell the Finest Corset Covers in town for 5 cents, the best Drawers for 9 cents a pair, the
prettiest Skirts for 39 cents, the most ample Night Gownstor 29 cents, Corsets that are fresh? and clean and in ,new
models, for 19 cents a pair these small figures are simply one part of the whole and Not The feature. ;;
: There is something solid and genuine, about the sales; the public is keen to detect that which has merit from
.the meretricious; the structure of solid foundation front that of mushroom growth.
Our sales from the ground up are "Different;" we won our spurs because our Muslin Underwear has . always
been , so much Finer and Better and because our prices" have always been so Much LOWER than those of any '
other store in New Haven. The public placed us at the top and there 'we mean to stay. . . -. ,
So you may come Thursday expecting the Greatest Sale we've ever had;
Finer Materials, Lower Prices and Greater Quantities.
From Sets to $7.98 Pair
At 9 cts.' a pair Of good muslin with
deep umbrella hemstitched flounce- Fitted
yoke bands.
Only two pairs to a buyer.
At 19 cts. Of good muslin with deep
umbrella flounce . and cluster tucks. Fitted
yoke band.
At 25 cts. Half a dozen styles, of Mason
ville muslin' and cambric, first class 89 ct.
At 29 cts. Especially fine values, these,
of Masonville muslin or cambric, four styles.
At 39 cts. Half a dozen styles, of fine
cambric, lace or embroidery trimmed, eaJi
a genuine 59 ct. ojiality.
At 69 cts. A dozen styles, French and
fitted bands, most of the styles worth $1 a
pair. Lace or embroidery as trimming.
At 75 cts. Of fine cambric or nainsook,
a dozen styles, one after the French fashion,
another with shadow embroidery.
Other Drawers at 98 cts., $1.25, $1.39,
$1.50, $1.75 up to $3.98.
-From 25cts to $10.98
At 25 cts. Four styles, made of cambric
and Masonville muslin, one torchon lace
At 29 cts. Of nice cambric, dotted lace
trimming on neck and armholes.
At 39 cts. Four styles, of close cambric,
embroidery trimmed or simply corded.
. At 69 cts. A strong feature of the sale;
of nainsook and cambric, rows of fine Val.
insertion ribbon drawn. Other styles.
Other Chemise at 75 cts., 98 cts.,
$1.25, $1.50 up to $10.98.
50ct Col'd
Wash Skirts, 29cts
Made of the best striped Seer
sucker and well made too with a
deep flounce, skirts made to sell
for 50c. In the sale at 29cts
Only one to each buyer
Plenty of Pretty
Big Underwear
"Outsizes" we say in the trade, for the
big people who find that most stores don't
take much pains nor care to provide Pretty
Underclothes for them.
This is the price r.nge and the Underwear
is all made of fine cambric and nainsook and
mus in, nicely trimmed with lace and em
broidery: Corset Covers lrom 23c to $4.98
Drawers from 39c to $2
Night Gowns lrom 89c to $8.98
Short Skirts from 60c to $2.50
Long Skirts from 89c to $3.98
50ct and 75ct
Corsets, 19cts Pair
Fresh and snowy clean, a big local factor
ie's contribution to our Sale; long dip hip,
the medium length Corset for the girl
ish figures and the little girdle. 1 Qn Tn
Only one to a buyer. J--7'
$8 Trousseau Sets, $4.98
For brides or for girl graduates we've
arranged a special feature for you in the sale;
a five piece set made of fine, sheer nainsook
and trimmed to fine effect with rosebud lace
edging and insertion. Set includes Corset
Cover, a Short and a Long Skirt, Drawers,
and Night Gown, and would aeereeate $8 if
'3 if I
.98 I
boueht separately. In the sale $4
Other Trousseau Sets up to
0 7"' -r' TTL
Long Petticoats .
From 39cts to $15
At 39 cts. Of good muslin with deep tuck
ed flounce and extra dust ruffle.
At 69 cts. A feature of our sales a dozen
styles, made of fine cambric and lawn ruffles.
Some with embroidered umbrella flounce and
others lace trimmed.
At 69 cts. Cambrlo top with deep um
brella flounce embroidery trimmed, first class
Dollar skirts.
At 98 cts. Another prominent feature in
our sale, for these are all $1.50 skirts. A
score of styles, some extremely handsome in
At $1.25. Ten styles, one especially fine,
has deep flounce of shadow embroidery.
Other Petticoats at $1.39, $1.50, $1.75,
$1.98, $2.25, $2.50, $3:98 to $15.
Night Gowns
From 28cls to $12.88
At 29 cts. Two styles, of Masonville mus
lin, one has tucked yoke with lace insertion.
At 59 cts. A dozen styles, of nainsook,
cambric and muslin, one fine style is in'
surplice effect finished with hemstitched ruffle
heading and silk ribbon drawn. All 79 ct.
and $1 gowns.
At 75 cts. Six styles, of nainsook, muslin
or cambric, genuinely pretty gowns none
worth less than $1 and $1.25.
At 98 cts. A leader in our sale twenty
styles, each immensely pretty and each trim
med most effectively with lace or embroidery.
Surplice style included.
Other Night Gowns at $1.25, $1.39,
$1.50, $1.75, $1.98, $2.25, $2.50 to $12.98.
French Dresses
Copies of the little Hand-made
French Dresses.lovely Dresses.s'zes
6 months to 5 years; of sheer Lawn
and Persian Lawn, Nainsook and
Dotted Swisses. 42cts to $8.98
No Underwear will be sent on ap
proval during the first three days '
the Sale. '
No Underwear will be sent on ap
proval during the first three days of
the Sale. 1 , 1 . '. ,
Infants, Children
At-9 cts. Of Masonville muslin, cluster
tucks, 1 to 14 years.
Two pairs to each buyer.
... At.l2V cts. Of Masonville muslin with"
deep hemstitched flounce. I to 14 years.
At 25 cts. Several styles, one has ruffle of
blind embroidery, made of cambric and Ma
sonville muslin. 1 to 14 years..
Other Drawers for children at from
'39 cts. to $1.25. ,
Drill Waists. 6 months to 9 years.. - These
are regular 19 ct. waists.
In' the sale 9 cts each.
Only 2 to each buyer. ' f;.. ..... , ,.
At 25 cts. Of fine cambric, flounce and
cluster of tucks. 1 to 14 years.
Other Skirts at 25 cts., 29 cts., 59 cts.,
75 cts., 89 cts., $1 to $2.25. . ...
At 29 cts Of fine muslin with tucked
yoke, ruffle neck and Bleeves, pearl buttons. (
1 to 14 years. ,
At 60 cts. Gowris worth 75 cts. Of fine
cambric, with tucked and embroidered yoke.
Other Night Gowns at 59 cts., 75 cts.,
$1, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75. ,
At 42 cts, Bishop style, made of fine nain
sook, finished with hemstitched ruffle neok and
sleeves. A 59 ct. dress and sizes 6 mos, to
3 years. . ' ' " 1
Other ' Dresses at 59 cts., 75 cts., 89
cts., $1 to $8.98.
Kimono 29c
A dainty, loose, graceful, little
Kimono made of such pretty
flowered Lawns, like the old
time Dolly Varden patterns, fin
ished all 'round with scollops
done in mercerized threads in
black and white and every q
other color, for Z?C
. LAWN KIMONOS black and white
figured lawn with white bands to -finish,
39ct Kimonos. In the sale for Oi
On front special table, W. Store.
ggygBBj!fisW!iia wawiiiiWMi!""''""'"" i i , .

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