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Do your Christmas Shop
ping Early.
You help those who arc en
deavoring to give you faithful
service behind the counters
and on the delivery wagons.
1 of the Gross Sales for this Week Divided
Among Our Employees.
Do your Christmas Shop
ping Early.
You help yourself by avoid
ing the final "rush" and
hsvinga choice of unbroken
Saturday marks the closing of one of the greatest Merchandise
Events, in the history of New Haven. The wonderful Bargains
offered during these busy sale-days have met with a response that
has been greater than our most sanguine expectations. Saturday will be the greatest day of all and will form a iitting
climax to a week of sensational selling in our great Profit-Sharing Sale.
The entire selling-staff of The Howe & Stetson Stores wish to express their hearty thanks
and appreciation to the shopping public of New Haven for the substantial support received from
them during the past profit-sharing days. Efficient service will be yours in the busy days ahead.
Children's $10 Coats, $5.00;
Children's Lonp Coats, made on ths natty
Norfolk Model, with p'aited front and back;
belt and buckles; high roll collar, trimmed with
velvet and braid; turned cuffs regular $10.00
valua. At $5.00.
$15.00 Squirrel Sets, $10.50
long, satin lined
to match $15.00
$2.90 Shirt Waists, $1 .98.
Handsome Lawn Shirt Waists in. two patterns
of Blind and Eyelet Embroidery, set off with
cluster tucks; short sleeves, open back, Val.
lace and tucks on collar and cuffs regular
$2.90 value. At $1.98.
Children's Dresses, $7.95.
Children's Dresses, made up of Shadow
Plaids, also plain colors in blue, red and green;
these are well-made and nicely trimmed $7.95.
Gift Box of Ruching, 10c.
Two neck lengths of ruching: in a fancy Holly box; regular
price, 10c a length. Box complete at 10c.
Box of 6 Handkerchiefs, $1.50.
Six all linen hemstitched and embroidered handkerchiefs in
fancy fcift box; handkerchiefs are worth 39c each. Box of 6
for J1.50. ,
Coat Scarfs, 50c
Coat Scarfs of plain or figured silks; one arid' one third yards
long and half yard wide; colors light blue, black or white, "60c.
Anthony Style Bags, 25c to $3.98.
A large stock of the popular Anthony Bags in black, brown,
tan.- navy, green and red. At 25c, 60c and up to $3.98...
Pillow Slips and Laundry Bags, 1 9c.
- Pillow Slips and Laundry Ba7s of good quality, cretonne
, regular 25c and 5Cc value. At 19c. , . , -, . , .
More of those $17.50 and $25
Suits on sale Saturday, at
We put just 20 of these suits on ' sa'e Wednesday morning,
find there was not one left at closing time. We havo taken
12 more of the same grade from our regular stock and treated
them to similar reductions. The suits themselves are made on
the smartest of the New Fall ModeU of strictly a'l-woo! ma
terials, in neat hair line checks and English plaid3. All were
formerly priced at $17.50 and $25.00. On sale Saturday, at
Sets of German Squirrel;
throw and lare Pillow Muff
value. At $10.50.
Remember the Sale of Sam
ple Blankets in the Basement.
Stamped Shirt Waist Patterns.
Shirt Waist Patterns stamped with Wallachian Patterns,
ready to embroider.
Patterns stamped on handkerchief linen, $3.00
Patterns stamped cn 'Persian Lawn, $1.50.
25c and 29c Pillow Tops, 12c.
Tapestry Pillow Tops in Oriental Striped, Figured and
Floral effects 25c and 9c values. At 12ic
$1.25 and $1.75 Curtains, 97c pair.
Nottinehnm Lace Curtains in heavy and litrht ftasncn roirn.
lar prices, $1.25 and $1.75. At 97c a pair.
$2.00 Silk Lambrequins, $1 .49.
Imhrennins of .Tannnpsn Killr in rich Heairrrm r.f flnlA
broidery; all colors, regular price $2.00. At $1 49.
Men's Underwear, 98c.
Worth $2.50 to $4.00.
This underwear is the surnlns of on r.r tWhin-nuet
- - - i - vnv "'feb'-1- V
manufacturers in the country and these garments
are selected from his very best grades., They come
in a'l-wool garments, also wcol and cotton mixtures.
Full fashioned shirts and drawers in natural, Egypt
ian, fawn and light blue. The regular values run
from $2.50 to $4.50. Now 98c.
Men's Umbrellas, $1.69.
Regular price, $2.00.
There are Jut 100 in the lot; they have 28 inch paragon
frames covered with a good quality union taffeta, stsel rod,
handles of plain box wod or horn, trimmed with silver or gun
metal. The regular price of these umbrellas is $2. At $1.69.
Special Sale of Picture Frames, st 50c to $5.00.
These figures arc One-Third to One-Fifth
the Regular Prices.
Fancy Wool Dress Goods,
at 29c a Yard.
Regular 69 c grade.
On Bargain Table 7.
Here is a lot of fine quality Fancy Wool Dress Goads
in a pattern assortment that includes all the popular
checks, stripes, plaids and mixtures it is an txtraordi
nary offer, as
These Dress Goods have been sold by us this
season at 59c a yard.
Now on sale
29c a Yard.
Broadcloths and Fancy Suit
ings, at 73c a Yard.
Worth $1.00 and $1.25 a Yard.
On Bargain Table 8.
There are over 3,500 yards of the very latest and most
popu'ar Dress Fabrics involved in thi offer. 2,5()0 yards
of the lot are composed of fine, high-grade Broadcloths
which we purchased from a Manufacturer who was de
sirous of closing out his entire line of theso goods. There
is an assortment of 32 colors, including Black. These
are of the finest grade with a permanent lustrous finish,
In connection with this offer, we hav selected about
1,000 yards of Fancy Suitings, from our own regular
stock, in which there is a complete assortment of Checks,
Plaids, Stripes and Scotch and English Mixtures, all
pure wool 54 inches wide.
Not a yard of these Broadcloths and Suit
ings can be duplicated elsewhere at less
than $1 .00 and $1 .25 a yard.
Now on sale
73c a Yard.
Women's Underwear, at 39c.
Regular 69c grade.
On Bargain Table 4.
Women's ribbed.part wool underwear, shnped vests with
high necks and long sleeves; French band ankle pantu to
match. Well made garments thruout.
The regular price of this Underwear is 69c.
Now on Sale at 39c each.
Women's Neckwear, 19c.
Regular 25c vslue.
On Bargain Table 6.
All silk stocks in whi'e, black and neat combinations
of white and navy, white and pink and Persian, others
have trimmings of v.lvet and taffetas; the designs are
all the seasons most popular ideas.
This Neckwear is of a grade that seHs regular
et 25c. Now on sale at 1 9c.
Women's 50c Hose, 36c.
Women's fir.e lisle and cotton hose, embroidered in many
pretty designs and colors worth BOc. At 36c.
Women's $1.00 Underwear, 69c.
Women's fine ribbed, part wcol underwear, high neck and
long sleeves; French band ankle pants to match seconds of
?1.00 grade. At 69c.
Babies' 25c and 29c Jackets, 1 8c.
r Babios' Jackets and Nightingales of daisy cloih, in white
only, trimmed with crochet edging-wero 25c and 29c. At 18c
A Sale of Chifdren's Sample Coats.
There aro about 4 dozen of Children's Sample Coats in this
lot and every one of them i3 a beauty. They come in bear
skin, white and corded Astrakhan and mole skin-the values
are extraordinary here they are
Sample Coats, worth $12.50. At $9.00.
Sample Coats, worth $6.50. At $5.00.
Sample Coats, worth $5.00. At $2.25.
"Toy Town" is Happy Land for
the Children Basement.
Babies' $1.50 Caps, 75c.
Heallv quality corded silk, richly embroidered, trimmed with,
lace chiffon and rosettes of ribbon were $1.50. Now 75c.
Children's 50c Underwear, 23c.
Children's part vool utiderwear.grey shirts; pants and draw
ers to match worth 50c. At 23c.
Children's 75c Leggings, 50c.
Children's Fleece Lined Jersey Leggings regular 75c value.
At 50c. (Shoe Store Kasement).
Women's $1.00 Leggings,75c.
Women's Fleece Lined Jersey Leggings; regular $1.00 valu.
At 7 c. (Shoe Store Basement.)
Numerous holiday Suggestions in
The Christmas Gift Store.
Second floor.
Children's Handkerchiefs, 3 in a
Dainty Stocks, one in a box,
Embroidered Cuff Sets in box,
Glove Boxes, - -Handkerchief
Whisk Broom Holders,
1907 Calendars,
Christmas Cards,
Mission Utility Boxes,
Mission Book Cases,
Mission Clocks,
Mission Desks, -
25c and
25c and
15c to $1.25
5c to 25c
Nickle Alarm Clocks, 79c.
Nickle Alarm Clocks with heavy sounding bell, fitted with
ver step, will ring for 1 hour. These are regular 1 25
r.,.t. SsrnrHav. 79c.
Specials from the Candy Store Basement.
40c Chocolates and Bon Bons,
0!d Fashioned Blown Molasses, -
Chocolate Wafers,
1 8c Cocoanut Bon Bons,
1 8c Fig Buttercups,
29c a pound
1 9c a pound
25c a pound
1 0c a ponnd
1 0c a pound
Telegraph to Santa Qaus!
The Santa Clans Wireless Telegraph Co.
have established a Station in "Toy Town".
The Howe & Stetson Stores
The Howe & Stetson Stores
Notice to Early Christmas Shoppers.
Our "windows and tables are nrravfid -ttHtVi
. J .. .vu VU.J.
Unnstmas Disnlav of Men's. Woman's Mists' nii-
? ? Willi-
aren s, Boy's, Youths', and Little Men's Slippers.
pu pairs to select from. Men's 98c, $1.50, $2.00,
$2.50, $3.75. In ODera. Everit Nnl lifters ar.ri
Romeo Cut. Boys' and Youths'-85c, $1.00, $1,25 ?
Woman's Felt Slippers,
Red, Black and G-rav Felt-Romans Vrw Trim
med, $1.00, $1.50. Low Cut with Leather Soles,
$i.Jci.. Uomfy .Slippers in Red, Black and.. Gray,
$1.25. Misses' and Children's Red Felt -Romans
Fur Trimmed, $1.00, Low Cut, 75c and 85c.
842 and 846 Chapel Street.
Poultry is Cheap
Freh Kilted Turkey at 23c per lb. Roasting Chickens, 18c per lb.
Ducks, 20c per lb. Young, tender fowl, 17c per lb. All sold full
dressed. .
PRIME POTATOES . .. ., V ; , ;
Fine Cooking Potatoes, 70c per bo. , ?
Tbe largest Sweet Fruit you ever saw for 25c per.doz. Florida Grnpef
Fruit. 2 for Sc. H
23 bbls very nice Malaga Grapes, 12c per lb.
We have them of the very best quality. Maine Sweet Corn, N. Y
State Refugee Strlnirless Beans, Michigan Peas, Imported French
Tens, bargains at 12, 15o, and 20c per cnn. Guilford and Mary.f:
land Tomntoes, a complete stock to select from at almost any price
you want to pay. p
' I
28-30 Congress Ave. WestHavJ
Fair Haven
When you are thinking of how you
can economize bear in mind we can
help you. Also bear in mind that wj
will move from 129-131 Wooster street,
where we have been located for 22
years to
202 Whalley Avenue,
Cor. Orchard Street.
We shall carry ns heretofore a full
line of Choice Meat, Poultry, Groceries,
Fruits, etc
Diatter Bros,
202 Whalley Ave.. Tel. 4B17.
43 Grove Street, Tel. 1304-2.
Fine Tender Turke
for Thanksgiving.
Roast Pigs, Philadelphia Chicker
Philadelphia Squabs, Ducklings, Bro
ers, Fowl, Litchfield' Chickens.
Egg Plant,' Mushrooms, Endive, Esc
rol, Hot House Tomatoes, Radlshf!
Old Fashioned Pumpkin.
The S. W. HurfburtCd
1074 Chapel St.
, .
Choice Meats
and Vegetables
A specially choice lot of Jumbo
I J Our own celebrated Sausage Meat.
u hnt to bave for dinner Is not a per-
ilexlns question where to Ret the
BEST QUALITY Is most difficult. We
answer both qnestlons here sutlsfnoto
rilT Give you the best the markets af
ford at the lowest prices consistent
with first quality. We have an extra
fine I of P'"Ury t,,ls week'
The R, II. Nesbit Co,
Cor. Elm and Church Streets.
Tel 872.
A very high clnss lot of Raldwln, f
Spy, Gilllflorrer and Spitz- f
enberg Apples.
J Telephone 44X ' .
- 275 Edge-wood Avenue.
Tel. 264-3.
Many Degrees Below Zero.
St. Paul, Dec. 7. The mercury regl
tered 11 degrees below zero here to-d:
a drop o 37 degrees in twnntv-.fnl
hours. At Winnipeg the merourv tirr.f
t f
ped to 28 below zero.

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