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Now For
A Busy Saturday
Special Sales Now On
Dress Goods at 59c.
reduced ifrom 1.00.
Cheney -s Foulards at 69c.
reduced from 75c and 85c.
Saturday the last day for UNDERMUS
LINS at White Sale Prices.
every waist in stock-"Silk,
;? cotton and linen at manufac
turers' prices.
Black and Colored Silk Petti
coats at $4. 1 7.
cannot be bought at whole
sale under 4.50. ;
Sharp Price
on Small Lots
1-2 yds. Figured Muslin, wide
1 -2 yds. Crossbar Muslin, wide
1-2 yds. Figured Muslin. lace edge, now '-, $1.50 pair
1-2 yds, Cluny Edge and Insertion, ecru net, now ,
$2.98 and $3.29
2 1-2 yds. Cluny Lace Edge, eoru net, now . . ." $2.19
3 yds. Scotch Madras, fast colors, were $3.48, now $4.30
3 yds. Scotch Madras, fast colors, were $6.00, now $4.89
Many other small lotscnolce pickings of one, two and three
pairs. ' , : ' '.!
y , . . , , ;, , ,, , ,.Q
Sale of Men's Sample Socks
a pair. .
... We. have Just received about 25 dozen sample pairs of men's
'sb'cfcsirf fancyjotton. lisle thread, gauze, split solas' (Mfeached
and unbleached), mostly Imported, Hermsdorf dye. An excel
lent opportunlty---not a pair Worth less than 506, "
On sale now at 29c a pair.
o ; ' ; , ; ; o
Women's Lisle Vests
O : ; ; O
35 dozen of fine lisle thread straight vests, law neck, no
sleeves, sizes -4," 5, 6.
On sale now at 25c each.
Boys' Balbriggan Underwear
O : :
Another case of boys' balbriggan shirts and drawers,
Additional Church News.
No.' SOI Orange Street, '
Eev. W. P. Mossman, missionary
pastor.-: Services, free to all will be held
to-morrow at the City mission house
morning, afternoon and ' evening 9
o'clock and 10:30 a. m., 3 o'clock p. m.
and 7:30 In -the evening. The audito
rium service in the evening will be In
charge of the Toung People's society of
the Dwlght Place church, and Harry
K. SpefTy will speak upon "Who Are
Slaves and Who Are Freemen?" Ro
mans Viil., 12-23. All are welcome.
The Church of the Redeemer.
Morning worship, with sermon by the
pastor, at 10:30 o'clock; Sunday school
and adult. Bible class at noon; young
' people' meeting at 6:30 p. m. Evening
service In Welcome hall, Oak street, at
7:45. tp. Phillips will speak on "The
Sure Hope." ' Frank S. Hamilton, jr.,
will eing. The public cordially Invited
to all Services.
Children' Day Service In "Woodmont.
Children's day exercises will take
place at the Union chapel In Wood
mont next Sunday morning at 11
o'clock, when special exercises by the
members of the Sunday school will be
given, baptism of little ones take place,
and brief addresses by the pastor, Rev
Mr. UpoBn, and others be included ih
the hour's programme. It will be a kind
of joint celebration of Children's "day
and Flag day. ,
At Lnlted Church.
Hev Mr. Haynes will preach in the
morning. At 12 m. Sunday school. At
i fi. m. pleasant Sunday afternoon ser-
of Curtains.
frill, now - 83o pair
frill, now . $1,12 1-2 pair
; 1 , O
Special 25c.
vice for women, ,'At tt.iQ .Christian En
deavor service,., ..,..,-''
At the Hospltnl, ' '
Mrs. Eugene parketon of Georgetown,
who was taken; to the New ftaveu hos
pital a week ev has been operated
upon. Mrs.. Parketon's many :.. friends
sincerely hops that the . pperatlon will
be' succtsful.'V ;:
Saraflelda to Decorate Grave
The Sarsfield Guard, Co. C, Second
regiment,' C. N. 0., will attend divine
service -at St,?JbSeph's R. C. 'church at
10:30 o'clock rtp-morrow. All ex-mem
bers are cordially invited to attend.
The company will assemble in the
company parlor at a, m. Immediate
,ly after ohurch services thn company
wHl pay its; tribute of respect to the
deceased membftrs by visiting the dif
ferent cemeteries and decorating the
graves. -
All flower contributions will be grate
fully received and can be left at the
company parlor Sunday morning not
later than 10 o clock. ,
-Mr, Mellen nt Summer Home.
i jStockbridge, June 14. President C. S.
Mellen of the -New Haven road and
Mrs. Mellen arrived at the Red Lion
here last night They came up to
Stockbridge in President Mellen's pri
vate? car and early, next week they will
open Council; Grove for the season. Mr.
Mellen has had a special telephone wire
strung from New Haven direct to his
Stockbridge villa and he intends to
spend practically: all the season there.
Leaves It Optional With
Towns Whether to Appoint
Doctors or Not.
The text of the bill providing for the
optional appointment of school physl-'
clans which recently passed the sen
ate is as follows:
Section 1. The board of school visi
tors, board of educations or town school
committee of any town, or the board
of education or committee of any school
district, may appoint one or more
school physicians and assign one to
any public school within the limits of
Buch town or school district, and shall
preside such school physicians, when
so appointed with proper facilities for
the performance of their duties.
Sec. 2. Every school physician so ap
pointed shall make a prompt examina
tion of all children referred to him as
hereinafter provided, and such further
examination of teachers, Janitors, and
school building as In his opinion the
protection of the health of the pupils
may require, .
Sec, 3. The superintendent, principal
or teacher- of any school to which a
school physician has been assigned as
hereinbefore provided shall refor to
such physician every child returning to
the school without a permit from the
health officer or board of health, after
absence on account of illness or from
unknown cause, and every child at
tending such school who appears to be
in 111 health, or Is suspected to be sick
with any contagious or Infectious dis
ease, unless such child be Immediately
excluded from such schools under the
provisions of the general statutes or
the sanitary regulations In force In said
town or district; provided, that in case
of schools In remote and isolated loca
tions the school committee may make
such other arrangements as may be
advisable to carry out the purposes of
this 'act.
Sec. 4. The school authorities of any
town or school district which has ap
pointed a school physician In accord
ance with the provisions of this act
shall cause every child attending the1
public, schools therein to be separately
and carefully tested and examined at
least once in every school year to as
certain whether such child is suffering
from dofectlve sight or hearing, or
from any other physical disability tend
ing to prevent such child from receiv
ing the full benefit of school work, or
requiring a modification of such school
work In order to prevent injury to the
child or to secure the best education
al results. ' '.-
Sec. 5. Notice of the "disease 'or defecti
If any, from which any child' Is found
by such school physician to be suffer
ing shall be given to the parent or
guardian of sui-h child with such ad
vice"; or order relating thereto as said
physician may deem advisable, Arid
whenever any child shows symptoms
of any contagious or infectious disease i
notice shall also be given to the health
officer or board of health and such child
may be excluded from attendance at
such school In accordance with the pro
visions of the general statutes or the
sanitary regulations in force In the
town or district. , :
Sec. . 6. -Whenever the board of school
visitors of town school comittee of any
town,, or the Ward of education or dis
trict committee of any school district,
shall have appointed a school physi
cian as provided In section on6 ,f this
act, said board or committee may also
appoint a matron or nurse who shall
take such' action, under the direction
of the school physician, as may be
necessary for safeguarding the health
of the pupils and teachers of the
schools. Such matron or nurse shall al
so act, under the direction of the school
physician, as a visiting nurse lh the
town or school district, shall visit the
homes of pupils In the public schools,
and shall assist In executing the orders
of the school physician.
Sec. 7. The expenses Incurred under
the provisions of this act shall be paid
In the same manner as are the ordin
ary expenses for the support of schools
in the several towns and school dis
tricts. Free Public library.
Books added to, the Free, Public Li
brary, 'June 18:
Corbin, J., The Cave Man.
Ewald. C, The Spider and Other
Green, A. K., The Mayor's Wife:
Hilllers, A., Fanshawe of the Fifth.
Knowles, R. B., The Undertow.
Martens, M., ps., The Woman's VlC'
OIdmadow, K., Susan.
Onoto Watanna, The Diary of Delia.
Pickering, S., The Basket of Fate.
Thurston, K. C...The Mystics.
Watson, J., (Ian Maclaron, ps.) St.
Jude's. . ,
Alien, .Wi H., fiffljtlant Democracy. .
Awertoan School of Correspondence,
lArmour Institute, Chicago, Cyclopedia
of Architecture, Carpentry and Build
ing. 11 v.
Ayres, S. G., Jesus Christ Our Lord;
and" English Bibliography.
Baedeker, K., The Dominion of Can
ada (etc.) 3d ed.:, 1907. -
Baskerville, B. C, The Polish Jew,
His Social and Economic Value.
Blake, WllHs-rri, Letters; with Life by
J. Tatham; ed. A. G. B. Pussell.
Bolce, H., The TJew Internationalism.
Brierley, J., Religion and Experience.
Butler, P., Judah P. Benjamin. .
Cabot, E. L-, Everyday Ethics.
Cadogan, E. C. G... Makers of . Mod
ern History: Louis Napoleon, Cavour,
Bismarck. ' ;'''.
Carus, P., Chinese Life and Customs.
Crouse, M. E., Algiers.
- Douglass, Frederick; by Booker T.
English Music (1604-1904; Music Loan
Exhibition Lectures, 1904.
Fisk, M. I.,, The Talking Woman;
Fling, F. M., A Source-book of Greek
History. . .
Fraser, E., The Enemey at Trafalgar.
Freeman, W. G., and Chandler, S. E.,
The World's Commercial Products.
Galloway, B. T., Commercial Violet
Gardiner, J. II., and others, Manual
You are familiar with the
and know
it is an eicoellent 10c
is an
There's a reason, but
you don't care about
that The price Is the
Interesting thing. , ;.
.Mattoon's .Corner. .
808 Chapel, cor. Orange
A "Comfort" Porch Chair Is made
either to swing or not to swing.
The "Comfort" Porch Chairs combine
all the comfortable features of Ihe or
dinary porch chairs, rockers, ham
mocks, settees or swinging seats.
Tou cannot know how comfortabla
khey are until you actually sit In them
yourself. Special price $4.95.
Palmer's Hammocks, Porch Rockers,
Settees, Porch Screens, etc., all at ex-
tremely low prices. , '
' ' Complete Bonis Foreliuera.
! Orange and Center Sts.
of ComDosltion and Rhetoric, ,
Gardner, S3. G., Thq. King of, .Court
Poets, Ariosto.
Greene, W. H LcsSoris In Chemistry.
Hale, W. T., True Stories of James
town and Its Environs,.,? , ,
Hj'att, A. W.,.comp.,,. The. Footpath
Way; An Anthology. '
Le Blanc,' M. J. L., Text-book of
Elefctro-Chemlstry. " ' ' . :
Lewis, G. !A.; A Horn Cure for Stam
merers. , . . ., j,,,,.. . ,
Martin, M. E., The Friendly Stars.
Martin, W. A. P., The Awakening of
China. ;
Nolhac, P., Versailles and ; the Tri-
Plerson, D. L., The Pacific Islanders
-From Savages to Saints.
Speaker, The; volume 1, (Selections
for Recitation.) -
Staley, B.. The Guilds of Florence.
Thrum, T. G., comp., Hawaiian Folk
Toothaker, C. R., Commercial Raw
Materials; Origin, Preparation, and
Uses. '
Tunlson, J. S., Dramatic Traditions of
the Dtrk Ages.
Woodrow, N. M., (Mrs. W.) The Bird
of Time Conversations With Egeria.'
Alderman, E. A., Classics Old and
New; School Readers,. 4, v.
Baylies, C. K., Lolami In Tusayan.
Blafchford, M. E., Polly and the
Bryce, C. T., Robert Louis Stevenson
Dutton, M. B., Little Stories of Ger
Fairy Stories Retold from St. Nich
olas. ..''.:
Good,- A., Magical Experiments; or,
Science In Play.
Jewett, F. G., Good Health (Gulick
Hygiene Series No. 1).
Jewett, F. G., Town and City (Gulick
Hygiene Series No. 3).
Mclllvalne, C, Outdoors, Indoors and
Up the Chimney. .
JUNE 15.
S Rises 4:18 1 Moon Sets 1 H'K Water
8 Sets 7:26. 1 104$ I 12:52 :.
r r ; . ;
yOTt i jven iinven.
Sch Ecuador (Br.) Parson River, Her
bert, N. S.
Seh Silver Sprany, Grant, Rockaway.
Sch Firefly. Messenger, N. Y.
Sch Josephine, Ennls, New London.
Sch Marion, Collins. New London.
Sch Chas. Cutting. Nelon, Norfolk.
Sch E. M. Cook, Cook, .
Seh Julia, Thomas, N. T. '
Sch Helen C. Merrils, Boston.
Sch Pioneer, Thomas. N. Y.
Sch Phoebe Aim, Murray, Amboy.
General Shipping News.
Cherbourg, June 14. Sailed: Steamer
Deutschland, New York.
Brow Head, June 4. Steamer Bleu
cher, from New York for Plymouth,
Cherbourg and Lamburg, was ISO
miles southwest at 2:50 p, m. Will
reach Plymouth noon Saturday.
New London Marine Notes.
New London, June 14. Arrived:
Schooners Omaha, Mitchell, from New
York for an eastern port; Mary Lang
don, Hart, from Port Reading for Rock
land: Willis and Guy, Pattersall, from
Guttenberg for Wood Hole. Tug, W.
E. Gladwish with . jftiglit barges from
Sailed: Schooner Frftcis Hyde, Healv,
.(from Stonington, Me.;, New York.
stuffed with
In tall cylinder
bottles, usual
value, 35 cents.
J38I S-ai. S
408 State Street.
455 Campbell Avenue, West HaYn.
I desire to announce to my friends and the
public generally, that pending a readjustment
of my affairs, calls intended for me may be
sent to Messrs. Lewis & Maycock.No. 1112
Chapel Street. All work will receive prompt
ana careful attention, l eiepnone 675.
CITRK In this city, June 18, 1907,
ii-muy yioDie, widow ci William A.
Clark, seed S!l years.
Funeral services will be held at No.
. 12SS Chapel street on Saturday after
noon at tnree ociock. Friends are
invited to attend. 114 it
HILLHOUSE On Friday, June 14, 1907,
at ivew averr, uonn., rrances J.
Hillhouse. widow of William Toll
house, and daughter of the late Sam
uel R. Betts, In the- 85th year of her
Funeral services will be held at the res
laence or her- son. James Hillhounn.
Sachem's Woods, New Haven, Conn.,
on monnay arternoon, June 17, at ;30
p. m. . it is requested that no flowers
De sent. .
First Church of Christ. Scientist
The services of First Church of Christ
Scientist, are held Sunday at 10:30 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m. in Republican hall, Tem
ple ana crown streets, entrance on
Temple street. Sublect: 'Is the uni
verse, including man, evolved by atomic
force? uoiden text: "The earth shall
be filled with the knowledge of the
clory of the Lord, as the waters cover
tho soa.'V-Habakkuk, 2:14. The Sunday
school meets after the morninir service.
The, Wednesdny evening testimonial
nutting is held at eie-ht o clock. A
reading room maintained by this church
in ino juaiiey Duucilng, 902 Chapel
street, is open flatly trom 10 a. m. to
b p. m., except Sunday and legal holi
days, on Wednesday from 10 a. m. to
7:80 p. m., Tuesday and Saturday from
7:30 to 9 p. m, A cordial welcome to
Second Church of Christ. Scientist.
Warner hall. 1044 Chanel street. Sun-
aay services at Hi: 30 a. m. and 7:30
m. First reader. Rev. Severln E. S
monson,, C. S: St: r Subject: "Is the Uni
verso, Including Man, Evolved by
Atomic Force?" Sunday school at li:45
a. in. Wednesday eveninsc testimonial
meeting at S o'clock. A free reading
rouni in connection-witn tnts cnurch Is
maintained in Chase building, 1016
Chapel street, and is open week days
irom ii a. m. to o p. m. and Monday
evening au are welcome.
The, Church of the Redeemer. Orane-
street, corner Wall Watson Lyman
no 1 n P.ntn. D..nnVI t.
10:80 a. m., Sunday school at 12 o'clock
iiiMPii. iuung reopie s society or Chris
tian Endeavor at 6:30 jj .m. At Wolcome
Hall, Oak street: ' Sunday school at 8
p m. uospei meeting at 7:81 p. m. tf
Church of the Messiah (First Univer-
sanst) urange street, near EJm Rev.
Theodore A. Fischer, Pastor. Sermon
by the pastor Sunday mornlne at lrt-sn
o'clock. Sunday school at noon. Young
r-eopie s uevouonai meeting at :80 p.
m. The public cordially Invited to all
or tne services. tf
Trinity Church-Thl-rd Sundav -nttnr
Trinity: 8 a, m., holy communion;
10:30 a, m.,' morning prayer and ser
mon by Rev. H. H. D. Sterrstt; 12:10
Sunday gehool; 7 p m., evening prayer
without sermon.
' Trinity Metrodlst Churoh (Dwlght
and George streets) W. H. KIdd, pas
tor. Morning Worship at 10:80, with
sermon on "Home Malting." Kinder
garten at tfie same hour. Sunday
school at noon.- Epworth league meet
ing at 6:3Q. Evening worship at 7:30
with sermon on "Weightier and Light
er Duty." .......
Dwlght Place Congregational Church
Rev. Wm. W. Leete, D. D., pastor
Preaching servloes, 10:30 a. m. and 7:80
p. m. Riblo school at noon. Young
People's meeting at 6:80 p. m.
rivmiiili l"Vl 1, ,-r, V, TJi. Tar -Cir. TXT
UMnT.flnp. T1. I) . nnRtnr Rnnlnl Mpvlnaa
for Children's day at 10:30. Praise ser
vice at 7:3J.' ' ; .. . ..
United Church (North Church on the
Green) Morning worship at 10:30.
sermon by the pastor, Rev. Artemas J.
Haynes. -
City Mission Building, 201 Orange
street, New -Haven, " Conn. Two in
structlve "chart talks" on "Thn Divine
Plan o the Ages, H. C. Rockwell, Sun
day, June 16. at 10:30 and 3 o'clock.
Seats free. No. collections. It
Young; Woman Bnrnrd to Death,
Waterbury,' Jun 14. Jennie Gerity,
aged twenty-five, daughter of John
Gerity of 17 Gilbert street, was burned
to death in her home about 6 o'clock
this morning. She arose early and
lighted the kitchen fire and when her
father heard her scream he rushed to
the kitchen to find her clothing ablaze.
He wrapped her in blankets, which al
so caught fire, and her body was burn
ed to a crUp. Mr. Gerity was also
painfully burned. How . her clothes
caught fire is not known,
Call.for keys.
YOEKST. $7,000
X very centrally-loeated house
of twelve good, sized rooms. .The
location Is desirable-for renting
A fir8t-claa, onffsmlly house of iV
room with hard TTOodtriWk, furnace ni
II impnncmentt. I wtaMraer of H'
Ktrt and First Avtnoe.
A modern onefamfly botue of eteren
room with hard wood trim end hot
water heat, most pleasantly located fac
ing Edgewood Parle, tm two car linr
SXX-ROOM tenement Whaney aTanue,
S35 per month, Chas A. iJaiawm, ai
Charch street. - y . ml8 7t
Two-Frally Frame Dwellliit; on Tort-
tea ainei. nuo bvv jjuw
RnfiliTitr W. W?irSmod ' wrfh. ras
and Water. Cheap lots on Wooster ter-
Fire Inssrance. 792 Chape! Street
X- desirable oaa family hduse. Dwlght
stret south of Chapel.
A Tery desirable central building" lot.
Money to loan in sums to suit,
K g; hoAdlEiY.1
Boom 914 Wnshlncton Ball din a;, i
Open Evenings. V
date two ramny nouse. eeiect loca
tion. Lot 40x160. Rents for J800.00
per year. . .. :
Judson 6 Iiauff,
Room 402. 902 Chapel St
Itooms top floor, batldlng- 424 State
ntrert, e"r. Oort. Good lla;ht, ateadT
power, freight elevator, and heat.
Specially eanlpprd for - light mnnw
(aetnrlna;. Space to nilt tenants, to
terra of yenn. Apply to
Ben, Rl English. ;
839 Chapel St.
300 Residence - Site In beautiful Mor
ris Cove. No other Seaside lots near
New Haven compare with these In ac
cessibility, situation and surround
ings. . ' - '- -
39 Church Street -
Next to corner Chapel, i
Nino Room House.
.Lot 40 feat front.
West Haven
Building Lots
Prleeti rmcf trooi U.M to K.X
front taoU tn oi lot ta alt: Fu
. .- L '
Real Estate Broker
141 Orange St.
Ob cat wrd fo aca Inaerttoiv'
cent word far full week, wriw
A COMPETENT woman, good cook an4:
iiuimi-a3 lui at do irospect street.!
CIG-AR salesman in this locality to rep-
icoeiiL us. n,s:periance unnecessary.
Write. for particulars. $66 per mantb
and exnenses. Monroe-Cigar Co To-'
ledo, Ohio. jig it
FIRST-CLASS barber; German or
English speaking preferred. Apply to
Frank A. Kabish, Main street, Derby.
- .... . jl5 2t ,
PROFILERS- Two first-class profilers:
steady job In open shop out of town.
Good wages. Board, lodging and
transportation free. . Also six all
around, first-class machinists; sama
conditions. Call for three days. Ap
ply McCullough, Tontine hotel J to 4
o dock. , jl54.t
BRIGHT boys 1 to 18 years old. Apply
oi.ru ue, Aaier & uo.. 60 Court St.
- - - mzt
W 1 nrrpt7n - -
GTRLS on sewing, machinta. Also-girls
v o A jr?SBes- Apply Btrouse,
Adler & Co 60 Court St. - J10 it .
COMPETENT girl for'e-eneral house,
work. Small family. Call between li
mi 2. 81 Avon street , . J
ABLE-BODIED unmftied snea," b-
United States, of good character and
temperate habits, who can sneak,
read and write English. Apply Rh
cruiting Officer, 890 Chapel Street.
5T?nL7Be Mal street. HaVt
f?r1; 1022 Main street, Bridgeport:
189 Bank street, Waterbury, ContT
OLD established house of twenty-fly
years standing, manutacttiring- stapla
line of goods in constant daily usa.
wants good man to manage branch
business; salary, $1,800.00 per year
and all expenses, payable monthly:
also extra commissions, which would
amount to more than the salary. An.
SlnA fulsh 1 references,
and $1,000.00 cash, whloh IS satisfaoi
torlly secured. Address, Manufacture
er, P. O. Box EL St. Louis.. Mo.
'' " - J15 89Jyl3 3t
ALL good help should call here. W
HltnTllV nil tha 1 . . '
i i " " ana aiway
ft tl rse, nunibers. Sleemanls Re
liable Employment Agency. 763 Chap
el. Open evenings , ml t(
. k,. V ENCY'l 763 Chapel St., .
ISl1?. ?d 21 yea. Largest, best In .
the state. Best male and female hp
for any and all kinds of work. Sint
anywhere. Open evenings. Tel. U22. :
AUCTIONEER and .Appraiser, list
cnapei st. Telephone 2S6Q. Houses
hold sales a specialty. at tf
A??NCY 23 Church street Telephone
i-jiu-iz connections. Largest Agenoy
male and female help supplied for
mercantile and domestlo service for
any and all kinds of work. Sent any
where. Open evenings.
FOR SALE 1.000 set PHtcnt Stove
Brick. . Bvery set warranted one year.
Orders received 10il STATU STiUkUT.
Buying ladles' .Gent's old clothes.
aenu postal. Bam vviader, 914 uranil
avenue, '; v , . ml 30t
- . , , , u , .
FTVB rooms'; second floor; modern lm
provements. 6i iunipnrey sureet,
)S 7t
MAHOGANT table (antique) dining
room or library. Restored to us or
iginal beauty; Call at. 289 George,
Telephone 3505-5. j8 7t
THE well-known and splendidly equip
ped plant Known as tne congress
laundry Company. The " plant t not
alone, consists of the most modern
machinery, but also stock and sun- ,
plies, horses, wagons, and all real es
tate. Here is an opportunity to enter
an established business. For full
particulars inquire of Henry C, Breta
felder, No. 865 Chapel street New
Haven, Conn. J10 7t ,
8lst Dividend.
By order of the Board of Directors, d
dividend of one dollar and fifty cents
per share will be paid on July. 1, 1997,
to stockholders of record June 15, 1997.
The transfer books will be closed
from June 15 to July 1, both' Inclusive
jl4 2t , . President,
F" I N O H
Formerly DEWSBURY'S:
Dealer In Clirnrs and Tobocco. 1
Confectionery, Stationery; Agent for
Semon s Celebrated ice cream m
Bricks and Bulk. Ice Cream
Parlors In Connection With
rspRiNKix-iNTorni nwATFsfr
. . . ..rura. i.sr Aitrirtit ru ivwu t uit
O-IT-IWM'i ' M lr" " i
-lO fACKAQt-HAKta-Aj
- Gr ZES H.-3MC S . ':
It Is estimated that one quart of
Strawberries properly exposed on a
windy day will collect enough to kill
an entire family, and a pound of sticky
dates enough to include the kltohen
maids and coachman. There should be
the same rules to govern the exposure
and handling of fruits that apply to
milk and meat. Personally, we would
not be affected by them. Our goodB are
not allowed to gather dust either out
side or Inside the store. Every article
that is susceptible is oovared, and all
goods are dolivored from tight covered
wagons. We occupy the only store in
the state that is all glass except the
floor. Cobwebs are not liable to col
lect In the corners, and in the manage
ment of our business we try to' keep
them out of our eyes.
The Mirror Frnlt Store.
and Post Cards
J. A. Melee's
930 Chapel Street
50,000 TO LOAN
On R83J Estat3 at 5 oar C3it.
B. F. ESS, 840 Chapel SI.
Mulling? tfnUdlttfc
I.. -rVc-
pj ?t i' 1 in 1 iiMiiiimiwwii mum i m

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