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Every Straw blown down in one heap. Your choice
of Our Entire Stock $2.00."
$3-o, $3.50 $4,oo: and $5.00 grade.
Cool Under
wear. Cool Negligees.
Visit the Largest, Lightest and Handsomest Store in Kew'Haven.
Closed Friday Afternoons at 12.30 During July and August.
Slices Off the Prices
Our selling of men's tine Summer Sujuitf a9j3 antq opiian q.U. ln I
Ti I . ..1- 1 t 1 . .. -. . ..I .1 ....,(., .. 0 1 ... a. mnpitllir nn I i n f t( .1 tid.jl n 11 1
'.UI& i. Ill Bl I11IU1IIUUB " ' . . . . - J wwi .. . . - . - ...... " - - -
ocond Invitation to come to the sale; they know our reductions are nctual
and thnt our vnlues make even the smallest reductions attractive.
It Is In line with our policy to sell all wears the season for which they
Jre made. Hence these reductions on all suits at popular prices.
$25 suits now
$18 and $20 suits - -$15
suits now - -$12
suits now - -$10
suits now
For hot weather comfort, that have bean $ J.2 to $22
now - - - $7.50 to $17.50
Outing Trousers - - $1.90 to $.4.98
Our furnishing section Is still alive with Interest sale offerings are still
most Inviting, and though assortments are somewhat broken, the choosing is
as good os at the opening of the sale.
Straw Hats are rapidly disappearing at the nriees we have marked them.
ZENITH $3.50 and 4.S0 OXFORDS NOW $2.85. . .
Wooden Bridge on -.West Center Street To M
, Replaced By Iron Structure. , i
r Journal and Couri9I will be. found on sale daily nt Oxley'S, 22 Center Street;
,k : .. . . Telephone 37-4. '
((Special Journal-Courier News Service.)
Southlngton, July 26. The selectmen
liave decided to replace the old wooden
bridge on West Center street with a
new Iron bridge. The old one has long
been unfit for usage but on account of
the heavy expenses of the board of late
the authorities decided to wait. The
bridge Is now rotten and sways as a
team or even a few persons cross It.
The present one was built twenty
years ago and has had to be planked
every three years since Us construction.
This', necessitates about 400 feet of
planking and the repair of twenty years
amounts to an enormous price.
The decision of the selectmen meets
with the approval of all residents
across the river as the place is a dan
gerous spot. The new bridge is to be
built by the Berlin Iron Bridge com
pany and will last fifty years. The
floor is to be of concrete, similar to the
one over the Qulnnipiac In Plantsville.
The representative of the factory was
here to-day and estimated the cost of
the bridge. It will be built immediately.
Mrs.' Sarah Lee, widow of Thomas A.
lee, of New Britain, died last evening
at the home of her son, A. J. Lte. of
Black Eock avenue. The deceased was
73 years and is survived b7 two sons,
J. Lee of New Britain, and V. E.
Lee of Hartford. The funeral serv.'ces
will be held to-morrow afternoon from
ternoon, Edward Keeler of the Uneeda
the home' of her son. A J. Lee, and
'burial will be in Oak HiH cemetery. '
During the thunder shower this aft
Lunch, received a bad shock. He was
brushing the flies from a screen in the
rear of his restaurant when there was
a flash of lightning. The screen must
have become electrified for sparks shot
from his hands-and ne received' a se
vere shock. During the"' rest of the
storm, Keeler sat in th. middle of the
restaurant. '.
S?M if
J : nnn
mswmm yfwa I Tf ft 1
k-M 1 it JL VmIi
.... i
T i
A '
X 1
' '
Have You Ever Tasted
Specials for Friday Morning.
(Store Closed at Noon.)
$18,95 t0 $22-5 fr $14.95.
Values $io.-89 to $22.50 Values $28,75 to $35.00
for $10.00. for $14.98.
No. 1 95c .. No. 3 $1.49 No.,5 $2.95
No. 2 $1.25 No. 4 $1.95 No. 6 $3.95
All showing remarkable reductions in price.
and .
Queen With BRrr at Helm Defeats In
gomar and Elmina.
New York, July 26. To-day's racing
in the regatta of the Larchmont Yacht
club was productive of good sport. J.
R. Maxwell's 90-footer Queen with
Maxwell himself at the wheel, won a
great race from Morton F. Plant's In
gomar and F. F. Brewster's Elmina. .
The Queen led the Ingomar over the
flrlsh line by 59 seconds and the Elmi
na by 1 minute 41 seconds.
As the Queen gets time allowance she
won by a larger margin, while Elmina
also beat Ingomar by 12 seconds on cor
rected time. The Queen sailed the 30
1-2 miles In three hours, an average of
over ten knots on every point of calling.
The veteran skipper, Charlie Barr,
sailed the Ingomar and gave Maxwell a
hard tassel, but the amateur won in
splendid style. The Ingomar led all the
way on the first round closely pressed
by the Queen, which had outfooted the
Elmina early in the race. In the sec
ond round the Queen passed her rival
and clevely outsailed her. '
the public was a iiHght lowering of ,th
colors flying in the stiff breeze and
storm of this morning. .
It came as a great surprise to the
governor when ex-Governor Bulfceley
entered his presence with a etein sa
lute, excusing the commander htoni
further duty. Governor BuUtaley
brought with him bis old aide, Adjutant
uenerai A. H. Embler. The smile that
was beginning to curl hl3 majesty's ltp
died away while he gravely complied
with orders. The flag was run dowa
the mast, until a sudden burst of com
passion struck the superseding officer,
and again Governor Woodruff was 'la
full command.
Otherwise "Hall to the Chief" would
not have greeted a very soldierly fig
ure In frock coat and high hat mounted
on a gallant horse this afternoon at
about 2:30.
As It was, twenty-three officers of his
Excellency's staff, Including Lieuten
ant Adams, U. S. A., In drab uniform,
with three color bearers passed In re
view the trim soldiers, drawn, up to the
admiring view of a crowd lining, north
and south sides of the field.
Many senators and representattre In
autos ami otherwise were present. Be
sides Congressman Lllley and Lieuten
ant Governor Lake there were Senator
Hoffman of Danbury, Senators Homah,
Blakeslee and Btterworth of New Ha
ven, Senators Potter, Shepard, Chase,
RnellnrV Mldrtlfitnn: Hall Wfllsh and
of the aquatic events to-aay ai me i i,nv. arw ih.gi,. Tiitmn sm0
jametstown exposition, tin mi Bwiimuuig
championships, were the breaking of
the record for fifty yards senior race by
C M. Daniels of New York, and the
dead heat between 0. C. Mengel of Yale
and George Gardztk of the Chicago A.
Yale Swimmers Tied for First Placa at
. Jamestown.
Norfolk. Va.. July 26. The features
The tagging of dogs has received an
other setback now and dog owners will
now have until October 1 to tag their
dogs. .' The original law namei 'August
The year and a half daughter, of Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas of Berlin avenue,
died yesterday afternoon from stomach
trouble. The funeral was Jjeld this
morning In St. Thomas cemetery.
The scarcity of water has obliged the
Blakelee Forging company to cease op.
erations for the remainder of the week.
The Shepards of Bethlehem will en
joy their annual outing at the Rock
next Thursday. The car will leave the
center at 10:10 a. m. i
Mrs. Charles Hauchett.and daughter,
Maida, are the guests of Mrs. Denis
Welch of Center place.
Does Money Ever N
Look Good to You l
In clearing up our Mattresses for the first
half year's business we have a very few that
are very slightly soiled or with a small rip in
the ticking here or there. We offer them
until closed at:
Regular Now
Mattress, full size, $15.50 $11.00
" 24 size, 11.70 S.50
single size, 10.00 7.50
4 ft. 6 in. wide, 8.50 5.90
3 ft. 6 in. wide, 6.50 4.50
2 ft. 6 in. wide, 4.50 2.50
Lt." Weight Couch, 2 ft. 6 in. wide, 2.50 1.65
Vhitcomb Brass and White Enanifl Beds Are the Beat.
Crown and Orange Streets.
Closed Saturday Afternoons.
Fine Cotton
Block Island and Watch Hill, R. I.
St. Petersburg, Fla., Gulf Stream.
In the 880 yard junior contest,
H. J. Handy of Chicago, unattached,
gain showed his superiority In distance
swimming, easily winning the mile
race over all competitors. E. E. Wenck
and J.' W. Spencer of the New York A,
were heck and neck In this race
ub to the last fifty "yards" for jecrmd
place, Wenck getting the place , by only
two feet at the finish.
Throughout the races were close and
In doubt until the home stretch. The
weather waa ideal. The crowd was
larger than on the opening day and the
interest was marked,
(Continued from First Page.)
Shortly after the crimes were com
lth a. death's
mlttea a sup
head sketched on it was found on a
public seat near the scene1. On it was
scribbled in a rambling hand "Away;
away; In five minutes there will be a
corpse. There Is a child murderer m tne
neighborhood. Deliver this note to the
police. I have killed children in Bel
forter, Prelnzlauer and Hensersdorfer
The note was attached to the seat by
means of a sharp single Bcissors blade,
and it is assumed that the crimes were
committed with the other half.
AU the available police and detectives
were ordered to scour the neighborhood.
Some parents reported that their chil
dren had seen a haggard man about
twenty-seven years of age, well dressed
and wearing a cap, offering candy and
fruit to little girls whom he asked to
accompany him
A man was arrested shortly after
wards who tallied somewhat with this
indefinite description. Later he was
ccc fronted by the two wounded chil
dren who, however, were too weak to
respond to the questions put to them.
The man was then taken In a cab
guarded by police to the police sta
tion. The crowd outside the station,
believing him to be the murderer, at
tempted to drag him from the vehicle
and lynch him, and he was only saved
by the policemen drawing their swords
and holding the crowd at bay. The
people then attempted to storm the
station, and the prisoner was removed
to the central station for security.
To-morrow, should the two wounded
children not die meantime, he will
again be confronted by them. Experts
who have examined the note found on
the sei.it, have come to the conclusion
that it was written by a madman. They
will secure samples of writing from the
prisoner and compare these with the
To-night the streets of the city and
Impressive Exercises at St. Raphael's
Hospital To-morrow. ; "
Indications point to a large attend
ance iat the laying of the cornerstone
of St Rlaphae'ls Catholic hospital on
West Chapel street, 'Sunday afternoon "The' lobster ' business' received con
at 3 o'clock; Mayor Studley and other, ; s!fGralJlew -attention at .the meeting. We
(Continued from First Page.)
city officials have been invited -by the
Hospltal association to be present and
many of the Catholic societies and In
dividuals who have aided the project
financially will attend.
The cornerstone will be laid by Bish
op Tlerney and the sermon will bo
preached by Rev. Edward Downes of
MUford, formerly of this city.
Funeral of William H. Spoek Held Yes
terday. There was a large attendance of sor
rowing friends at the funeral services
of William H. Spock, which were held
yesterday afternoon at her late resi
dence, 23 College street. The Odd Fel
lows and Masonic fraternities with
which the deceased had been long and
nrominentlv connected are well repre
sented at the last sad ceremonies and they-.flsh without a license, they.' are
them were lieautiful floral tributes. suDject to a nne or ou,
ThP Rev. T)r. Watson L. Phillips of the "I don't think," said Mr. Crampton
Church of the Redeemer officiated. The "that many of the fishermen know
wrpra were Willis L. Mix. David R. aDout tnis law, ana i nope mat the
were right at home in these discussions
for you know there are none of them
that can give Connecticut pointers on
this branoh of the work. A Massa;
chusetts speaker brought out the Inter
esting fact that young lobsters thrive
better when fed on meat than when
fed on clams. We told the delegates
about some of our Connecticut spec!
mens. Many of the commissioners were
surprised to hear that the lobster is a
great traveler. We have records of
marked females which have gone ten
miles in less than three days, and still
greater distances are unofficially re
Mr. Crampton . spoke of the big In
ternational Fishery congress, which
will be held at Washington in Septem
ber, and said that all the commission
ers from this state would attend,
While speaking of the lobster culture
In this state, Mr. Crampton mentioned
the fact that under a law just passed
by. the general assembly, all lobster
fishermen must be equipped with 11
censes from the state commission. If
Ailing and F. Stanley Bradley from
Wooster lodge, F. & A. M., and John
Clemmons, Samuel Greenhouse and
John B. Judson from Harmony lodge,
No. 5, I. O. O. F.
The interment was In Grove street
Otis Hlne.
Funeral services yere held yesterday
afternoon for Otis Hine at his resi:
dence. No. 743 State street. Many
friends attended to pay the last sad
tribute 'to an esteemed citizen. There
were also beautiful floral tributes. Mr.
Hine died Tuesday at the age of seventy-one
Brother of Lr.te County Commissioner
imt'li) ?N' - riiaat-r"-" '-
Waterbury, July 26 Reuben T.
suburbs are patrolled by large num- Brewer, aged . forty-eight years, a bro-
bers of police. The most intense ex- ther 0f th-e iate County Commissiener
citement prevails and the people are char, Brewer, died at his home here
discussing the question whether or not
the murderer is still at large and whe- today after an illne.s of two weeks
ther the blcvdy deeds are likely to con- duration. He is survived by a wife and
tinue . - - i daughter. -
press will spread the Information. The
permits are now ready at the office of
the secretary of the commission, and
are good for a period of one year,
They are revocable at any time for
cause or for the violation of any law
concerning the . taking or sale of lobs,
"Holders of licenses must make
report of all their catches on or before
October first of each year."
Automobile and Chauffeur Belonfrtua; to
F:uniinntin Mnn, Have Gone.
Ten days ago Charles G. Bill of
Fnrmington lost his automobile,
mysteriously disappeared, and with
went his chauffeur, Allison Fullerton,
a man about Si years, of age. Withl
a couple of days the police departments
of all the cities rind towns wlthl
manv miles' wore notified,, and, a' care
fvil search of the garages was made,
hut with no avail.
Now he has macie public announce
rnent of a reward ot SZ.MI.
The car Is a four-cylinder Steyens
Duryea, bearing the Connecticut reg
ister number izoi.
Mengel is captain of the Yale swim
ming team and Is a member of the
class of 1909 academic. He broke tne
tank record here early in June.
of the representatives noted are: Cap
tain Grlswold, Allen ' of Ledyard, Ma-
lone of Bristol, Beckwlth of East Lyme,
Allertonof Middlebury, Hayes of Wa
terbury, Gardner of Southlngton, Good- .
rich of Waterbury, Redsteaw of Anso
nla, Connery of Georgetown, Dr. Hig
gins of Coventry and Tibbitts rof Wel
lington; also Dawson of Merlden," Dow
ney of WalUngford, Woodruff of Or
ange, stokes or westwook, Jjyons or
Canterbury, Bufbank Of Sufneld, Gib
son of Sterling, Wheaton of Putnam,
Hocker of Hartford, and Mayor Dunn
of Wlllimantlo. ' Louis M. Ullman and
Judge Isaac Wolfe of New Haven were
there. , ' - ' 1
After half an hour the grand parade
ended with the troops disbanding in.
their streets wherefrom smiled the
beauteous silvery laughtered, admiring
young ladies deoked out in their beBt
to dazzle.
Mothers sat down by the tents ! tf
sons and beamed their good wfll en all
passers-by. They even boug-ht 800
Japanese , parasols' from New Hnvon
Connors, who, when last seen, was on
his Way home rejoicing.
Two -of the ' dearest . girls all fluffy
with frlltei and feathers excitedly ad
dressed a by-stander, "Can you please
tell us where we can find Company
Two, Segment B?" and while the gentle
man, wildly regarded their fashionable
costumes their error was revealed and
the girls were goon with their New
Haven friends in Company B of tha
Second Regiment. ' ;( .
Considerable history la connected
with the presenting to Major Welle.J
Noel Mitchell Still Doing Business at
His Old Stand.
iNoel .Mitchell, of Salt Water Taffy
fame, Is still' doing business at the old
stand at Savin Rock quarters. Three
stands are now dispensing his old orig
inalone in the grove, one In the White by Colonel Lucien of a watch tendered
i ,w u-j kmi.. t y ine oiiiceis ui uie oecunu rudiment.
City, and one at the rollef boiler. j sixteen earg a 0 when Mr Wefe8 w
Mr. Mitchell also has sales depots-at : adjutant, a watch was presented him
Block Island and on Watch Hill, R. I. by Colonel Burkee In behalf of the staff
Salt water taffy, of course, is what , "Vv, ,Qfv,
has done most to make Mr. Mitchell's ; en an(1 to-day its exact reproduction ij
places famous, but he is now spending In Major Welles hands.-' The,' major
r .... ,. , ..t.i vi has seen 20 vcrts of service.
a part or ma energies in puoums ma t,oM. r.r.-.i d0 pii rr.
pop corn crispettes, which he says are R Warren and Colonel Theodore Mae
Just as original and just as appetizing Donald spent an enjoyable day at Ni
and wholesome. , Kv;rvh0rv had a Wood time, sent a
few postals, and went home tired but
happy. The crowd this year was not
up to the average, nor was there as
much doing, probably due to the threat
ening skies.
If the proprietor of the salt water taf
fy has any avocation it must be his
advocacy of the benefits and advant
ages Of ' St. reiersuurg-uy-uie-uuii.
Stream, where he spends his winters.
And If anyone is contemplating going
south for next winter it is not too
early to commence to think or sucn
things Mr. Mitchell will gladly at any
time spare a few minutes,,.or even more
if necessary, to expatiate on the winter
glories of old St. Petersburg.
(Continued from First Page.)
the general assembly entertained Lieut.
Gov. Lake and others at a banquet at
New London.
The men will begin to-morrow by
packing and getting ready for the
breaking of camp and the return home.
The time for breaking camp will be as
follows: Troop A, 1:05; Second Infan
try and First Separate company, 1:50;
Battery A, 2:10. The baggage train
will leave at 12:30. Machine Gun Bat
tery, 1:45 (first seotion)';' 12:30, second
and third sections. They will arrive at
New Haven about 4 o'clock.
The Hartford companies of the 'First
regiment with field and staff officers
will leave at 1:45 and all other com
panies at 2:15.
Senator Bulkeley Commands the Gov
ernor at Mantle.
, (Special to .The Journal and Courier.)
State Military Rendezvous, Niantic,
July 26. Governor Woodruff was quiet
ly put out of office this morning, as
commander-in-chief of the Connecticut
National Guard. He was reduced to the
ranks. Ths only 'hint that waa given
Tells Trinity . Church Parishioners
Episcopal History In America. ..
Seymour, July 26. There was a good
attendance at the men's gathering on
the lawn of Trinity church last even
ing, when the men of the parish held
a social, at which' Burton Mansfield of
(New Haven, delivered an Interesting
address In relation to' the church's his
tory in this country, this being' its 300th
anniversary. A great thank offering
is to be made this year to be presented
at the church's convention In Virginia,
next fall, and Mr. Mansfield is particu
larly Interested In Connecticut giving
Its full quota to that great offering.
There were many ladies present, the
men having extended the invitation ta
them. A pleasant social hour follow
ed Mr. Mansfield's address.
At the conclusion of Mr. Mansfield's
address, which lasted about a quartel
of an hour, refreshments of Ice cream
and cake were served, soma of th(
young ladies of the parish acting a&
waitresses. Later, pipes and tobac
co were furnished to such of the mer
as desired' them. All who attended
were much pleased with the social,
which was one of a series which th
men of Trinity parish have been giv
Ing for some time past, as a means o(
promoting sociability among people of
the church, and at the same time th
aim has been to have some interesting
and instructive address In connection
with the gatherings, or a musical and
literary program of merit. The gath
erings were originally confined to the
men, but the ladies were afterwards
Invited and the socials have since that
time been even more successful than
ever- before. .

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