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New Haven s
Most Reliable Dep't Store
New Haven's
Most Reliable Dep't Store
Chairman of State Delegation
to the National Meet
at Norfolk.
1 wssdi
Meriden, Aug. 16. Frank W. Stiles,
one of the most prominent Red Men in
this state, who has held all the hon
ored offices In the order, has Just re
turned home from Norfolk, Va., where
ho attended the- National Haymakers'
convention. He was chairman of the
Connecticut delegation of six of the
sr'lnlng hayraisers and brought the
party safely home after seeing the
. sights of Interest in the sunny south.
I Chief Stiles said it was the most
i successful, interesting and progressive
'gathering ever held by the order. The
Haymakers were never in betetr con
dition than at present. s
One hundred and twentvfive dele
gates were present. John w. Cherry
of Norfolk, past great incohonee of the
' Red Men, made an address before the
ccr.vehtton. This was responded to by
Joseph K. Nowrey of New Jersey.
The national chief haymaker report
ed that fifty-five new associations had
been instituted during the past year,
and that the total membership of the
association is now approximately 43,000,
an increase of 8,000 during the year.
Chief Cherry Is well known among
Meriden'Red Men. He has been to
this state on several occasions and has
shook hands with many of the Red
Skins in this city. His speech was
tlrilling and made the Indians enthu
siastic In their work for the order.
Some Important amendments to the
constitution were presented. They were
referred to the committee on laws and
will be acted upon at the next meet
ing of the association.
Past State Chief Haymaker jewels
were presented W .Thomas K. Donal
ley, on behalf of the state association
of Pennsylvania, to George W. Price
and Charles R. WlllitB.
Cards announcing the marriage of
Isabelle Seymour, the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles M. Meigs, to Fred
erick Lum Darrow, of this city, have
been received. The wedding took
place on . Monday last in this city.
After September 15 Mr. and Mrs. Dar
row will be at home at 1367 Chapel
Rev. M. N. Finch, of West Creek,
N. J., will speak at the First Congre
gational church in Woodbury to-morrow
evening. The pastor, Rev. Stan
ley F. Blomfleld, formerly of the
Journal and Courier, will take his va
cation after Sunday for a month.
The family of James Emmett, of
Terryville, will come to Savin Rock
to-morrow to remain a week. .
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mallett have
returned to their home In Middletown
after a visit with Mrs. Mallett's sister,
J 3 TT'T1,.
Charles D. Hine, secretary ' of the
state board of education, will go to the
town of Foster, R. I., on Tuesday next
to see Mr. Wright, the chief clerk of
the office, who Is very sick at his
brother's home In Foster.
Miss Nellie Starr and Falrchild
Starr, of Bethel, are the . guests of
their grandmother, Mrs. Sheldon Som-
ers, In Woodbury for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Buell and daugh
ter, Miss Eleanor Buell, returned to
East Hampton Wednesday evening
from Wbodmont, where they have
been of late. Master Blackall return
ed with them.
Mrs. Weiss, of Hillside Orchard
gave an afternoon tea recently to
friends In Woodbrldge. Among the
guests were Mrs. Bein, Miss Danaker,
Miss Blakeslee, Mrs. Sattig, Miss Sat
tig, the Misses Fowler, Miss Johnson
and Mrs. F. Weiss.
Miss Lillian Scanlon, of this city, Js
the guest of her auut, Mrs, Joseph
v Costello, in East Hampton.
: Miss Bessie Hyatt, x of South Nor
walk, returned home yesterday after
a pleasant two weeks' visit with the
Misses Klsskalt and other friends In
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Simowskl and
soil Carl, of this city, have been visit
lng with Miss Carrie Blakeslee at
Brookside farm In Durham.
Mr. and Mrs. William Powers, of
Durham, are rejoicing over the birth
of a daughter, born Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Penney, of Min
: neapolis, are guests of Mr. Penney's
mothei), Mrs. F. H. Penney, of'Alden
avenue, Westville. Mr. Penney for
merly lived in this city, but for many
years has been a prominent lawyer In
The Misses Gertrude and Rena' Du
gan, with Miss Lottie McKenzie, are
spending two weeks with the Misses
Murphy and friends at heir cottage at
AVoodmont. ;
James P. Andrews, reporter of the
supreme court of errors, has returned
from a week's automobiling through
New England. He traveled nearly
700 miles, i He started from Norfolk,
where he is spending the summer.
Gilbert C. Baines and friend, Harry
, Weyant, are spending their vacations
with Mr. Baines' sister, Mrs. A. M.
Jamellin, of 52 Bishop street. They
1 leave for Springfield to-day.
L. C. Wrisley, the chimney expert of
New Haven, and men, who have been
dcing considerable work in Thomaston
just completing repairs on the Morse
block on Main street, returned on
Thursday to New Haven, where they
have a large contract.
William Judson, manager of the
: Woodbury Drug company, is taking
his annual vacation at the Great lakes.
Miss Josephine Blake of New Haven
and a friend are guests of W. F. Pal
mer in Morris.
Mr. E. T. Robinson has Just returned
from a two weeks' vacation on Long
Island sound and up the Connecticut
river. He was accompanies by his
father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Rob
inson, and reports a most enjoyable
Frederick W. Ingraham of Lincoln,
"Neb., and Sidney Ingham and son of
Kansas City, Mo., are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Clark of Old Say
biook. Frederick W. Ingraham is a
brother, of Mrs. Clark.
We've Peremptorily Reduced $50,000 worth of Merchandize to make this sale a noiable one
and to reducestock at once. Store opens Saturday at 8:30. This unique sale will be ready
Pretty Lawns all 15ct and 17ct flow
ered and figured Lawn, to go while they
last at 9cts a Yard.
Silk Windsor Ties in various colors,
Men's string ties, puffs and wash four-in-hands,
worth up to 25c. Choice 9ct9
On special tabic in men's section.
Men's White H'dk'fs hemstitched,
good size, made to sell for 5c, 3 for 8c
Hat Pins 15c large pear shaped, cut
crystal Hat Pins, in new shades. 9cts
Tooth Brushes fine imported French
Brushes, 19c and 25c kind, but with oc
casional handle imperfections. 9cts.
Veilings plain and fancy mesh, black
brown and navy, worth 19cts, for 9c Yd
Japanese Matting in carpet pattrns,
25c, 27c and 29c Mattings, 19c Yard
Leather Belts an odd lot of all kinds
and colors and all fine Belts sold at from
50cts to $1, for 19cts Each.
Lovely Ribbons Roman stripes and
fancy Dresden designs, Ribbons worth
as high as 50cts and up. 19c Yard.
Dress Goods 36 and 38 inch plain
colored and novelty Suiting, worth 39cts
and 50cts, for 19cts Yard.
Stationery a pound package of chif
fon cloth Stationery and a package of en
velopes to match. All for 19cts. ,
Water Wings the best 25c W a t e r
Wings made. 19cts Pair.
25ct Wavir.g Irons, for 19cts
Toweling Brown Crash TowJling, the
8ct a yard grade, 3 Yards for 19cts
Pictures7Passe-patouts, Landscap e s,
nd Poster Pictures, 25ct Pictures lftn
H'dkerceiefs fine shesr Swiss em
broidered 39ct H'dk'fs. l9cts
Tapestry Squares for pillow tops and
chair seats and the like. 29c Worth 50c
Imported French Organdies sold for
39c, lovely patterns are here, 29c Yard
Foulard Silks pretty colored ground,
with white po!ka-doti, small lot. 29c Yd
Ribbons Plaid and fancy designs, 4
inches, all handsome novelties, our regu
lar 50ct Ribbons. 29cts Yard.
Outing Flannels. 12ct grade, only
a small lot. Saturday 3 yards for 29c
Photo Frames with 3 openings, oval
and square, colored mats, gilt and black
frames, 35ct value for 29cts
Embroidery. Corset Cover width,
would make handsome flouncing top, a
39ct value, for 29cts Yard. ,
In the Basement;
4 Qt. Berlin Sauce Pans, for 29cts
4 Qt. Berlin Kettles, for 29cts
Royal Granite Tea or Coffee Pots 29cts
Stockings. Women's fast black lace
French Lisle Hose, in boot and all-over
patterns, double heel and toe, full regular
made. 39ct Stockings 29c Pair.
Housekeepers' Basement
Bread or Cake Boxes 49 Ct3.
Cocoa Brush Door Mats.... 49 Cta.
Lace, Allover Baby Irish Allover,
worth 75 Cts. and $1, for. . .49 Ots. yd.
White Laoe Mitts, elbow lengths,
silk, 89c Mitts 49 Ots. a pair
Men's Shirts Colored and White,
plaited and tucked . Negligee Shirts.
Saturday 49 Cta. each
Castile Soap A big bar of Couti
brand White Castile Soap; guaranteed
pure, always 59 Cts. Saturday 49 Cts.
Oval Frames, sizes 8x10, 7x9, 5x10,
6x8, with glass, ready to put photo in ;
75c frames. Saturday. . .49 Cts. eaoh
In Picture Gallery
Mr. 'William Goodfellow, who has
been spending two months in Scotland
and Ireland, sails for homo a week
I from to-day.
The Buying Power
Iri the Basement Saturday;
Clycerole Shoe Dressing 9cts a Bottle
50 Foot Clothes Line, for 9cts a Piece
Bon Ami or Sapo'.io, for 9cts a Cake
Vests Women's White Jsrsey Cotton
Vest!, low neck.no sleeves, rib'ocn drawn
very slight imperfections, 12c Vrsts 9c
Lining the best 25c Mercerized sa
teen lining; all colors and black and white "
19cts a Yard
White Stuffs the handsomest of 25cf;
Dotted Swisses, Plaid Lawns and Ma
drasses. For 19cts Yard, -i
Men's Socks Imported fancy stripes
and embroidered Half Hose, full regular
made, the 25c Socks, for 19c Pair
Sponge Bags 35c and 45c pure rub
ber lined bags. l9:ts.
Boys' Golf Caps in blue serge and
dark fancy mixtures, the 25c quality.
Saturday for l0cts Each
Vests. iWomen's White Swiss Jersey
Ribbed Vests, low neck, no sleeves, silk
ribbon drawn, 39c value, 29cts.
Children's Bonnets. Lawn, in French
style; all-over embroidery or plain Lawn
lace trimmed. 50c and 75c kind. Show
signs of handling. 29cts.
Bibs. Padded 25ct Bibs. 29cts
White and Colored Aprons. Gretchen
style in colored gingham and white ones
with and without bretelles, a little soiled,
so 50ct kind, for 29cts Each.
Women's White Jersey Cotton Union
Suits. Low neck short sleeves, and low
neck no sleeves, with fitted leg. neck silk
ribbon drawn, 50ct kind for 39cts a Suit
Men's Neckwear Fine All Silk
French Four-in-Hands, dark and light
colors; $1 Ties. Saturday.. 49 Ct3 each
Pictures Carbonetts, nicely fram
med in brown; a variety of subjects
and landscapes. 75c pictures Satur
day ..49 Cts.
Joan Beckwith of Smith street,
ITaven, has gone for a three
stay with friends in Boston,
and Lyme, Conn,
Miss Lena
I The Buylm Power
The Buying rower
The Buying Power
ol 49 Cents
Husted left yesterday for Syracuse, X.
Y. Miss Hroshv will be away two
weeks and Miss
In the China Section Saturday;
Fancy Bread or Cake Plates,. 9c Each
Fancy Glass Vases, 9c Each
Canton Blu Cups and Saucers, 9c Pair
Canton Blue Salad Bowls, 9c Each
Canton Blue Plates, 9c Each
Canton Blue Oatmeals, 9c Each
Canton Blue Bowls, 9c Each
Picture Frames small lot of imported
Picture Frames, mounted with brass cor
ners, cval and square; 39c and 50c value
for l9cts Each At Jewelry Counter
Odd lot of Jewelry- consisting of cuff
buttons, broo:h pinv scarf pins, collar
pins and barettes, 25c and 39c value l9c
Women's Neckwear any piece of 25c
Neckwear we hive in stocks of lace and
linen. For 19cts
Toilet Powder Bradley's well-known
Violet Powder, in jars or bottles, 19cts
Gloves Perfect-fitting 25c Suede Lisle
Gloves, or 19cts Pair.
Pretty Silks. , 1 Lot of Fancy Taffe
ta and Foulard Silk, 75c Silks all of 'em,
for 39cts a Yard.
Swisses. 59c Figured Colored Fancy
Swisses, make charming evening dresses,'
Saturday for 39cts Yard
Mats. Japanese Fibre Mats, Oriental
designs, 50ct kind. 33ct3. '
Men's Underwear. Combed yarn gauze
Shirts only, French neck and short sleeves
50ct Shirts for 39cts Each.
In the Housekeepers' . Basement;
10 qt Royal Granite Dish Pans 39cts
6 qt Berlin Kettles, for 39cts
6 qt Berlin Sauce Pans, for 3Dcts
Rdbbons Beautiful 6-inch Fancy
Ribbons for fancy work, bags and the
like; worth 75 Cts 49 Cta. yd.
Children's Dresses Colored Ging
ham and Sheer White Lawn, the white
ones a little dust soiled; worth from
59 Cts. to $1 49 Cts.
Makers of QUEEN QUALITY Oxfords get the pick of
of the world because they use more than anv other
92.50, $3.00 and $3.50 a Pair.
Crosbv and Miss Ethel
Mr. and Mrs. Txuls Frost returned
home Thursday evening, from a visit
with Mrs. Frost's brother In Grecnport,
Husted ono week.
"i,ong Islan4.
.Women's fast black tan and white cot
ton Stockings, with double hr el and toe,
slight machine imperfections. 9c Pair.
Towels hemmed huck Towels, good
size with fed and white borders. 9cts
White Stuffs pretty, fresh white plaid
lawns and madrass, 15c grade Sets Yard
Tea Stands of glass, for decorating,
with felt squares. Both 9cts.
15c Fancy Hook-on Hose Supporters,
For 9cts a Pair
Lithograph Pillow Tops sold origin
ally for 25cts, at 9cts, Each.
Women's H'dk'fs plain linen and ini
tial.in odd letters, 1 21 c to 19c value 9c
Boys' Blouses a few of those Blouses
that formerly sold for 75c and 98c; in 3
and 4 year sizes only, 19cts. "
, , , j
Stockings Women's black and white
and grey lace lisles, boot and all-over
patterns, double heel, toe, 2!c kind 19c
Women's Vests white lisle jersey
Vests, low neck no sleeves, silk ribbon
drawn, 25c Vests for 19cts '
Embroidery Corset Cover Embroid
ery and wide Edging, 25c kind 19c Yd.
Men's Neckwear an odd lot of Fine
Silk Four-in-hands of light and dark Foul
ard Silks, 25c kinds, li?cts Each.
Silk Gingham plaid and striped Silk
Jjinghams, beauties, 25c goods 19c Yd
In the' China Department
Farcy Quart Pitchers, for 19cts
Fancy Glass Vases, for , 19cts
Fancy China Cups and Saucers 19cts
Japanese Bread and Eutter Plates, 19cts
Housekcpers' Basement . '
All-bristle Dust Brushes . IDcts'
White Enam;l Pudding Pans 19cts
Grey Enamel Cov'd Sauce Pans 19cts
Bags. Hand and Carriage Bags in seal
grain, black and brown, regular 50ct and
69ct Bags for 39cts Each.
: Vess. Women's Si k Jersey Vests,
'ow neck no sleeves, lBce yoke, silk rib
bon drawn, in white and colors, pink,
blue and cream, 50c Vests for 39cts
Knit Drawers. Women's' White Jersey
Cotton Drawers, French band, knee
'ength, lace trimmed leg, 50c kind 39cts
Corset Covers a lot of 59ct Covers,
a little dust soiled. 39cts Each, ,.., ;
Colored Skirts. ' , Striped gingham, in
linen color and plain blue, 50c Skirts 39c
Kimonos. 50ct Lawn Camille Klmc-'
nos, for S9cts. '
Blouses, Boy's Colored Wash Blouses in
chambrays and percales, ages 3 to 15 yrs
regular 50ct quality. 30cts
Val Lace. One of the Biggest Bargains
cf the day, 12 yard pieces of 50ct Val
Lace, Saturday 3()cts Piece.
Boys' Caps. All of our 50ct Golf Caps
in blue serge and fancy mixtures, also
Linen crash. 39cts,
. Combs A lot of Mounted Combs in
gold plate and jewel studded ; $1 and
$1.25 values. Saturday. . .49 Cts each
Fire Screens, $1.50 Screens, going on
Saturday at. ..................... 49 cta,
Challie and Prints, worth 7 Cts a
yd. Ten yards for. 49 Cts.
English Serge, 44 inches wide, in de
sirable autumn colors; 75c Serge
Saturday ,. .49 (jta yd
Corsets New models, long deep hip
and medium, with two pairs of stock
ing supporters; 69c kind... 49 Cts. pr.
.Children's Hats A clearance sale
of all our Tinprrie Hats, ranging hi
price from 75o to $2.50 at. .49 Cts. ea.
the leathers
Henry Kaiser of Meriden, has return,
ed homo from a. business trip, to Ger
many. He came back ou the Kron
prinzessin Cecilia,
I power, : I
Bath Mats. $1.25 Washable Mats,
In Upholstery section, Saturday 7c
Black Voil.v 45 Inch all-wool $1.
Black Fancy Voile. 79ct3.
Hat Pin Holders. Souvenirs of N
Haven and other places,1 $1 and $1,1
kind. 79cts Each. '
1 Black Dress Goods. 45 Inch EagK
Brilliantine and Sicillian, $1,25 value 7
Table Covers.' In Upholstery sectic
artistic India Prints, 98c value, 79cts j
Sheets. Size 81x90, standard Peqw.
sheets, sold at 90cti. Saturday 7Qcts
Hammocks. Palmer woven $1.25 a
$1,39 Hammocks. 7i)cts. ,
Crochet Quilts. Pink. Fringed' QuiT
for full sized beds, 98c kind 79cts 1
Silk Stockings. Fure Silk, either
black or white, no colors, $1 and $li
values. Saturday 79c ts Pair. , . I
Boys' Trousers. In grey and brof
mixtures, in knickerbocker style, "regur ,
$1,25 Trousers. 79cts. j
Muslin Underwear. Small lot of Ch
mise, Drawers and Short Skirts, afljj
little counter-soiled, $1.25 value 79cts
Chamois Gloves, Stylish 1 b 1 1 d
$1.25 Chamois Gloves. 79cts Pair.l
Children's Dresses. Pink and b 1 1
Gingham Dresses, 6 to 14 year sizl
checked or plain color, $1.25 value 791 i
Black Taffeta. Chiffon, soft finish'
silk, the best selling 98ct silk we have f
-: Saturday. 79cts-.Ya
Lsce Curtains. Single pairs of -N
tingham Lace Curtains worth from $1
to $3.50. Slightly soiled. 99cts Pair
Portieres. Japanese Rice Portieres i
single doors, $1.69 kind. g9cts vEacl
Long Black ' Silk Gloves. 16 B
length, double tipped fingers, worth fri
$1,50 to $1.98 99cts Pair.
Comfortables. $1.50 and $1.25 .So
mer weight of Silkoline.sarne both std.
fu'l size Comfertables. , 99-ts. !
Muslin Underwear. A lot of count!
soiled Long Skirts, Short i Skirts sj
Drawers, worth $1.50 and $i;75, at C
Chamois Gloves. $1.25 White
Yellow Biarritz Gloves. 09cts Pair.
White Quilts. Full size Crochet Qu
$1.25 kind. 99cts Each. j
Blankets. 11-4 slightly soiled wK
and grey $1.48 Blankets 99cts Pair.
Allieator Pocket Books. In tbe!flev.j
shades, with single and double -framf
worth $1.25. 99cts Esch.
Gauze Fans. A lot of White Spang
Fans, worth $1.39 and $1.50, for 99c
Neglige Shirts. Colored pleated
plain bosom Shirts, some coat shirt'
eluded. $1,50 and $1,98 Shirts 89cts
Umbrellas Men's and Women's m
cerized twill Umbrellas, steel rod i
paragon frame, siJk cover and tassel.
Our $1.50 Umbrellas 00cts Each,
Black Dress Goods. A group, of o
and ends in high class bteck Norelti
silk and wool stuffs sold at from $1
to $2. Choice of any Saturday ggcts j
Black Broadcloth. Fine $1.2$ all w
54 inch English Broadcloth 99cts Ye,
The wedding of Miss Klizabeth i.
of Wallinpford to Mr. Norman Vi
of Centenville, has been sanouni
J Wednesday, August 21.

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