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I day, October 1, at Ft. Franci3' church.
Recently mentioned a woman suing for divorce on the ground that tier
husband spent all his money gratifying his passion for beautiful
Cravats and Shirts. -
The most Inveterate lover of both can satisfy himself at our store
by a very modlst outlay. just let us "show you."
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Powers upon
their return from their wedding lour,
which will include Niagara Falls, will
reside in Hartford. The bride was Miss
Minnie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Powers of 200 James street. '
In East Haven, while Saturday's tem
pest was pretty severe, . the heaviest
damage reported was the crippling of
several telephone circuits.
Porto Rico Loncires Finos
A new shipment Just arrived.
7 Cents Each, 4 for 25 Cents
$2.50 a Box. Fifty in a Box.
The L L Stoddard Tobacco Go.
940 Chapel Street.
The many irionds of Mrs. Francis
M. Moody in this vicinity will be sor
ry to learn of her death, which took
place at her home in Pasadena, Cal,
Sunday. She was formerly Miss Graco
Miv. '' nighter of Mrs. John Mix of Wal
i.,i.)iJ, who was with her daughter
when she died. Mrs. Moody was the
wife of Rev. Francis M. Moody, who is
the son of Dr. Mary B. Moody if Fair
Haven Heights. She had been ill for a
long time, and her residence in Cali
fornia was with the hope that the cli
mate would benefit her health.
and Avenue Congregational Church to Sell Ferry Street Prop
ertyBishops Home from Coasting in Switzerland.
"Leah Kleschna," the powerful mod
ern drama that Mrs. Fiske acted for
three seasons with tremendous success,
will be presented at the Hyperion on
Wednesday, September 25, by a special
company under the management of
Harrison Grey Fiske. .Mr. Fiske Is this
season sending out special companies
in this and other of his successful pro
ductions, and the performances are
said to be of a higher quality than
anything usually seen outside of the
lanrer cities.
rhe Grand avenue Congregational
rch has decided to sell the old
ry street church property. This !
rch, it will be remembered, was '
it by the late Hiram Camp, who for i
many years was president of the
tv Haven Clock company. Mr.
np owned a fine residence in Ferry
et and seeing the need of a church
that vicinity, for the accommoda-
fi of many people, he built the Fer-
street church at an outlay of over
000. For several years It was a
tigregational church and for years
society did excellent religious
rk. When the church was buijt
re was not nearly so much railroad
fflo Jn that vicinity as at present.
le rear of the church abutts on the
jlroad, and there are a great many
ins operated during the twenty-four
irs. These trains became such a
fwback to church services, owing to
noise, that they practically result
in breaking up the church society.
several years no church services
e been held and the property, by
eemervk with the society and with
rs of Hiram Camp, reverted to the
and avenue Congregational church.
r 'several months this church has
intained a branch Sunday school,
ich has been conducted under en
raging circumstances, but after
ussing he matter the members of
church have about decided that it
best to seirthe property. Some
e ago an offer was' made for the
perty, with a view t6 using It 'for
nufacturlng purposes. It is bellev-
that the property is better adapted
manufacturing than for any other
J-pose. The church .would make
te a considerable factory building
Jl with a spur track along the rail-
d it would be easily provided with
venlent facilities for receiving and
Jpping goods.
Ir. and Mrs. Walter S. Bishop and
s Grace Bishop had an interesting
erlence on the Jungfrau In Switzer-
d, on August 23, during their trip
purope. Up 14,000 feet above sea
H they enjoyed a sled ride down
of the glaciers for a distance of 1,
feet. The ride over the glacial ice
h made at a pretty speedy rate and
eemed to them that they were go
at least sixty miles an hour. When
people were baking beneath a hot
rust sun at sea level, up on the
gfrau, above the clouds, it was re
tiringly cool. The Bishops recount
ir coasting In August, as among the
fet thrilling experiences of their
timer abroad.
atn, rain, rain. Many people !n this
ric-t were wishing yesterday for the
d days of the drouth period of
se or four weeks ago, remarking it
? about as bad to be drowned out
to be scorched by the sun. People
fig to their work on the open cars
terday morning thought that it was
ler of a damp opening of the week.
Many had dry seats in the cars, and
others who did not oare to sit down ;
in a puddle of water were willing to j
stand. But the limit was reached !
when, In boarding or alighting from
the cars, the water ran down from the
eaves Into one's nock. During the day
the Connecticut company replaced
quite a number of its cars with Box
cars and on the Lighthouse line four
of these cars had been, shifted, much
to the thankfulness of passengers.
What was particularly aggravating
was for a pa-ssenger to run for a box
car,' only to be told that it was going
to the barn. But the company did ,its
best under the circumstances and to
day more box cars are likely to be
running, as rain Is due to-day, all
right, according to the weather report.
Supported by a score of principals,
and four score singing and , dancing
girls, Lew Fields, America's foremost
low comedian, will "be seen in this city
at the Hyperion on Thursday, Friday
and Saturday with -Saturday matinee,
September 26, 27 and 28, presenting his
latest musical comedy offering, "The
Girl Behind the Counter."..
And on this topic of the weather,
while It is not officially denominated
the line storm, it must be It, however.
This by an old gentleman who has
made tabs on the weather for sixty
years: ( '
"I don't care what those ' weather
sharps say this Is (the line etorro and
don't you tforglt' it. You can sfty in
your paper that this Isthe line storm
and no mistake. ' I've been watching
the weather now going on nigh to six
ty years and I know what I am talk
ling about, With the wind backing
'round as It did and ether conditions
that I have ndticed, it is Just like the
storm that comes at about the time
the sun Is going over "the line,, Tes,
this is a pretty 'hard storm, but it's
nothing like some of the line storms
I've seen in years gone by."
Walter S. Bishop of Grand avenue,
the well known' electrician, had men
engaged in repairing the elevator Jn
the Federal building yesterday. Mr.
Bishop has; repaired this elevator
many time, .but some how or other It
doesn't stay repaired.
It Js now expected that services will
be held in St. Rose's Catholic church
for the first time in the engine house
In Fairmont avenue next Sunday morn
ing. This parish is to -be one of tho
largest In this vicinity, and extending
from Branford on the east to Quinnl
piac river, and to the sound on the
south. The new church is to be .erect
ed at Farren avenue and Lancraft
After a visit to her grandfather, Cap
tain Harvey Barnes of Lenox street,
Miss Lottie Barnes, and her friend,
Miss Ida Campbell, have returned to
Philadelphia. .
In honor of their guest, Mrs. WiWIam
Mead of Brooklyn, the Misses Wilson
gave a party a,t their cottage at Mor
ris Cove a few evenings ago.
O. A. Rose, Jr., of East Haven, who
has been organist at Christ church in
this city, began his duties as organist
of Trinity church in Seymour last Sunday.
The wedding of Miss Annie V., daugh
ter of Mrs. Ellen A. Brinley of 246 East
Chapel street to William T. McGuIre of
96 Sylvan avenue, will-take place Tues-
Draperies Fire Place Goods
Largest assortments in New Haven at prices
that are an inducement. Sole agents for such lines
as "Ostermoor" Mattresses, "Globe-Wernicke"
"Elastic" Book Cases, "Craftsman" Furniture, etc.
We quote prices on a few of our leaders. Compare
other goods and prices, and you will buy here:
Reversible Couch Cover, Oriental. $2.25
Mission Study Desk. . 10.35
Mission Chiffonier bevel glass 9.00
9x12 Kashmir Rug, Oriental 11.88
Heavy Mission" Morris Chair, best hair
cushions 9.00
YALE BRANCH, 964 Chapel Street.
Daniel MoGizzle, an Irish tourist In
love with Mrs. Blotter. Andrew Byrne
Gussle plotter, mamma's boy, a ten-
der youth '.. Frank. LeFose
Charles Fitzgerald, in love with Rose '
O'Connor ......Don Manning
Isle Easyvltch, a Ttddlsh tramp......
Frank Rice
Samuel' Smug, a waiter at Hasting'
Dock Allen Schrock
Henry, a student Art Grenier
Toby, an athletic student :
Robert Waller
Ladoc, a French Student.. Frank Boyle
Jules, a waiter Jere Saunders
Maynard, the policeman... Fred Young
Dan, a bad boy ....Leslie Burton
Peter, a good boy ....V..1 Eddie French
Dasher, an officer George Sullivan
'Station. Agent, London end ' North
Western Dock ..... Harry Vane
Hard A. Lee, a sailor oh the S. S,
1 "Norwich" , ..' Charles Snow
Chang Lee ....... Tom. (Donazettl
Officer 8. S. "Norw!oh"......Wm. Nogs
Madam Blotter, e schoolmarm '.,
Grace Wolvln
Rose O'Connor, McGozzle's niece ....
Mary Reading
Mame White, Rose O'Connor's school
mate Rose Washburn
Kate White, Rose O'Connor's school'
mate Rose Reading
Grace Snow Emma Ward
A. Shadow, a station officer
T. J. Byme
James, servant to McGozale .........
James Byrna
John, servant to McGozzle ...True Rice
Beeswax, the schoolmaster ,
Al. Grenier
Herod, steward on 8. S. "Norwich". :
William White
Antonio Maoarone, a deserted French
man Joe LeRose
Scholars, Students, Animals, etc., by
the Byrne Troupe ot Acrobats.
"Eight Bells," that, clever, rollicking
musical burlesque which has charmed
and delighted thousands for the last
decade, made Its annual visit to the
New Haven theater last night and met
with the same hearty reception that
is always accorded the Bryne Bros,
wherever they spppar. The show has
been .named the "New Eight Bells,
but so far as con be discovered there
is little change in the plot-of the story
which is good enough the way it is.
An Irish tourist falls In love with a
Mrs. Blotter, who runs a boarding
school for girls, and who literally mops
up the floor with the tourist. . A Ger
man' across the street, who properly
should be running a delicatessen store,
is conducting a school for boys and
when one of the boys falls In love with
one of the gay young school girls and
the couple elope there Is something do
ing right off the bat. They are followed
on their elopement by the school teach
ers and all the students of both
schools, a short vacation being grant
ed presumably and the education of
, the young idea, is continued on a voy-
, age across the briny deep.
I On the trip across the ocean there is
i fu.n galore; especially Is 'this the case
: when the storm sets In and the vessel
as well as its occupants performs
some marvelous acrobatic feats. When
the boat turns bottom up there is still
't more fun as well as many clever
' sunts. The carriage scene and the
' students amongst the statuary also
: causes much merriment amongst the
I audience.
I Some more or less clever specialties
are introduced during the course of the
tumbling acrobatic work. Miss Rose
Washburn, a near contralto, rendered
some popular songs, and Rice and
Shrock gave an exhibition of fancy
bicycle riding. Rose and Mary Read
ing were seen in a dancing specialty.
For a good night's fun, "Eight Bells"
is worth seeing. It will be played
again to-night and at the Wednesday
matinee and evening performances.
Malt the Largest, Lightest aud Iiiindiomcat Stare i New Iluven.
ammMtmmMto-m,mmt,rh:4&m k&iiiiM, -..,,,..,.,1
"We are headquarters for reliable raincoats, and
now show the greatest line we have ever had. Every
worthy new i model is here, in light and medium
weights, made wetiproof by the genuine Cravenette
process. In addition to the staple Oxford and black
fabrics, we also show handsome grays and new brown
shades. .
Raincoats, 312 to $30, witn especially strong
lines at $20.
Fall Overcoats, also in a splendid range of brand
new styles, $10 to $30.
849-853 CHAPEL ST.
i" .
Display Interesting.
The new styles of suit3 and costumes, which is a no
ticeable feature of this season's productions, make our
present display interesting. . .-. ;'' 'J
Tailor Suits.
. - . .
All shades of brown seem to
be In the run; also rich shades
of rium Blues and Wines.
$25 to $75
Ladies Wraps. J
For all occasions, from the ' 7
heavy weather coat to the lace,
and chiffon innovation. 4
$10 to $150
Ladies1 Waisis. .
; We show the largest assortment of umbrellas in
the city. A specially good value at $1, sold at $1.25
''elsewhere Entire prices range $1 to $10.
Just as popular as ever. We have endless variety, suitable for
all occasions. Lingeries, Silks, Xets and Laces at moderate prices. A '
special lot of Mand-Embroidered Linen, regularly $10, for this week
6 Paradise Alley, -miniature musi
cal. '
1 Mathews and Ashley; "A Smash
up in Chinatown."
8 LaVlne. Cameron Trio, "Imagina
tion." 9 Electrograph. .
10 Finale.
John T. Kelly and his company In
"A Game of Con," opened at Poll's
yesterday with one of the brightest
blta of vaudeville comedy presented
here In many a day. Kelly is the for
mer WeberFlelds star and has a na
tional reputation as a mirth provoker.
U A. Rolfe's big musical production,
"Paradise Alley," made m favorable
impression. Ten people participate in
this number, which has a plot, plenty
of dancing and singing and comedy
galore. The scenic equipment is very
complete; : .
The olio this week has Mathews and
Ashley, Lamberti, Jtmmle Lucas, Le-
clair and Bowen and Levine and Cam
eron trlo.'The electrogffiph has "Chas
ing the Sausage," 'Father, Mother
Wants Tou," and "Wonderful Flames."
The attraction at the New Haven
theater on Thursday! Friday and Sati
urday nights this week ferfd at the mat
inee : Saturdayi :wlH',tl'tM,The Black
mailers of New Tork". oV "The Girl
Who Ran Away,"; a new. heart Interest
coniedy drama by Hal Reld, the well
known author of so many popular successes.-,
Mr. Reld is said to have most
happily combined comedy, pathos and
enw,tlonaI incidents In this play so
that the complete structiott is strongly
appeallng. to all play-goers. The pro
duction Is under the, personal super
vision of Aubrey Mittenthal, who i
noted as' tho" producer of the highest
grade of popular-priced dramas.- The
Waldron Brothers, German comedians,
are at the head of the company,, and
play the 'leading roles, two pretzel
bakers, seeking their, fortunes In New
York. Two full-sized trolley cars,
running on practical' tracks, are 'an
important part of the elaborate scenic
equipment. A large Iba'ke oven in op
eration,' views of several notorious
points in New Tork city, and the in
terior of a music hall are some of the
ether features of the ptay. tA capable
company, Including some clever spe
cialties, Is promised In support of the
principal actors.
"Give us a clean stage, we carry ev
erythlng," 'Is the order given local the'
atrlcal managers throughout tho coun
try by the stage manager of "When
Knighthood Was in' Flower," which
company comes to the New Haven
theater for three nights commencing
on Monday night, Sept. 30, with mati
nee Wednesday. Scenery, costumes,
armor, , furniture, swords, quaint old
chests, candelabra, in faqt everything
required in the production has been
specially provided at a cost of over
$20,000. .
1 Overture. .
2 Lfeclalr and Bowen, burlesque
S Jimmie Lucas, the dialect boy.
4 John T. Kelly and company in "A
Game of Con."
5 Lamberti, Europe's representative
Cast of Characters.
Frederick Osslan Richard Gordon
Andrew Strong Lynn Osborn
Hiram Green Frank Kirke
Harrington James C. Spottswood
Roseoe Bllser Robert Lee Allen
Coddle Frederick Esmelton,
Mrs. Osslan Jewel Power
Mrs. iBeverly-Stuart-Dodge
Julia Varney
Miriam Frances Nordstrom
Suzanne Ellse May Abbey
"The Butterflies" at the Bijou proved
an attraction to good audiences in spite
of the rainy day, and most enjoyable
performances were given by the Stock
company, yesterday afternoon and ev
ening. This little play, which is full
of comedy, and love affairs allows not
a dull 'minute from t'he first line to the
very final word, and to make comment
on the good work of the cast would be
to mention the particular merit of
every member. Each one was equal to
the part assigned, and Tlayed it as if
it were his or her very own self.
The play itself is one of Mr. Carle,
ton's most entertaining productions,
and calls for pretty gowns and attrac
tive stage settings, both requirements
being filled to the letter by the com-
pany yesterday. The piece was well
received, and the company enthusiasti
cally applauded at both performances
yesterday and the sale of seats for the
rest of the week indicates a popularity
of the "Butterflies" that will equal that
of last week. There is a performance
every afternoon and evening.
The most pretentious and the safest
of the nlcolet type of theaters, was
thrown open to the public yesterday at
1:30 p. tn when The Cbmique, located
In Poll's Bijou theater building, opened
its doors. , ,
, A spacious lobby ieads through the
Bijou building to the rear, where the
Comique has been fitted up. It is a
cosy little structure all by itself con
taining a seating capacity of nearly 500.
Handsome decorations and plenty of
ventilation mark this as one of the best
and most elaborate ever put up In New
F. J, Fisher has been placed in
charge of the Comique and the enter
tainment will consist of the latest illus
trated songs,. sung by well known sing
ers and motion pictures The admission
will be five cents' and the shows win.
run continuous from 1:30 to 10:80 p. m
The opening week's pictures in the
motion series Includes The Athletic
Girl, the. Bargain Fiend, being a de
piction of the habit so prevailing in this
country, O Kind Grandfather, being a
pathetic and comical series, and the
ham Beggar. ,
A penny arcade In the lobby provides
diversion of entertainment and plenty
of eleetrlo lights will make this place
attractive. Persons who have watch
ed the progress of the work on the
Bijou building and were curious to
know what it all meant are noW let in
to the secret and no doubt the Comique
will soon take its place as one of the
places where the New Haven puWIo
seeks Its entertainment.
Unusual values in French Hand-Embroidered Under- f'
; wear. See Special Chemises, value $2.75, for
' ' 95 Cents
Children's Coais Riding' Habits
Up One Flight.
I emphasize my address and the fact of being one flight of stairs un be
cause to-day I am the only "Brooks" actively engaged in this citv in th fur
business. My reputation for competent, careful fur work, for reliable, sntio.
factory fur garments, is an asset I prize, a principle I will always strive to
preserve. ,
Orange Marmalade,
Wm. P. Hartley, Liverpool, Eng.;
Our trade will be pleased to know that our
shipment of this well-known brand of Marmalade
has arrived, and we can furnish it to you in one,
two or seven-pound jars. The latter we recom
mend where it is used in quantities.
We also recommend the.Orange Jelly which has
proven such. a novelty, as it has never failed to
please the varied tastes ' '
A few barrel of extra One CRAB
ArPLISS direct, from Mnine. Their
flavor la dcllclon.. 80c. a basket.
New and Imported Swltaer, 82c, lb.
Bent I.lkiibnrger, 18c. lb,
Dutch Lunch Cheese.'
Slnde In Holland, 83c. each.
New Jordnn Almondu, OOc. lb.
Shredded Cocoannt, 20c. lb.
Two Telephones. Call 4200.
Ann Honnrd Ave.
I T'-'S Grand Ave.,
GO Ilomurd Ave.
253 Davenport Are.
T ShrUon Ar.
IBS Llord St.
Economy Jars.
Only Jnr that actually seals.
It seals by suction.
. No other jar on the market
so simple and yet so sure of
keeping your preserves as this
'. We would like you to call at
our store this week, while we
are demonstrating its many
qualities, and learn its many
advantages over the old style.
Peaches, Pears, Crab Ap
ples, Tomatoes, Cauliflower
in fact, everything in the fruit
and Vegetable line-: can be
preserved in these jars.
We have purchased a large
stock for the convenience of
our .customers.1 e
Dietter Bros.
Whalley Ave., cor. Orchard 451T:
Plums For Canning.
100 baskets large Blue Plums, 35c; 100 baskets Green Gage, 55c;
Damsons, 60c basket. Best chance this season to buy right. ,
Cut sweet 5c and up. ,
We have Spring Chickens, 23c per lb; Tender Fowl, 20c per lb sold
full dressed. ' ' ;! -
, Very nice, at 10c per quart. , .- : ,
Delaware and New Jersey Sweet Potatoes, Long 'island Cauliflower,
and a full line of Fresh Vegetables. -i
New Numbers 33-40 CONGRESS AVENUE
E. L Washburn & Co. I
Paper and Cloth, Drafting Bflard3 and Tables,
Architects', Engineers' and Draughtsmen's Materials
of all kinds. , i
Agents for the Universal Drafting Machine, a
combined Triangle T-Square and Scale which enables
the draughtsman to do more and better work with
84. Church and 61-6? Center Streets. New Haven, t
The managers of the eight teams in
the National Polo league meet this ev
ening at the Garde hotel at 7 o'clock.
Preparations for the coming season will
be thoroughly discussed.
Berlin, Sept. 23. At tho Berlin fair on
to-morrow afternoon the following rac
ing events will take place if tlfe wea
ther permits: 2:15 pacing, 2:1S trotting,
half-mile free-for-all anij Meriden rac-

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