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, 3SSdSakfSnEfci' as the Themodist has added to the I LI I
"The addition of a contrivance known
as the Themodist has added to the
already superior excellence of the in
strument. If anything has been
needed to bring the Pianola to abso
lute perfection, this new invention,
musicians believe, has surely supplied
Xew York Globe.
The Marvellous "THE
Has Come as a Climax to All That Has
Gone Before in The Development of The
The wonderful achievement of the "Themcdist" is to give
the Pianola an absolutely governable touch to bring out
the melody strongly and clearly defined, with the accom
paniment properly subdued.
Now, indeed, it is actually possible for anyone to play ths
piano with the highest artistic results, and with the least
suggestion of mechanical effect completely eliminated.
Call at Steinert's Piano Store and hear the "Themodist"
render pieces that are "impossible" on other Piano-Players.
Mr. Montgomery Phlster, Cincinnati's
famous dramatic critic, gays: " 'Dollie
Dimples,' a two-act musical comedy,
was given Ms local premier at the Wal
nut street theater, yesterday, and met
with so friendly a reception that it
may be characterized as one of the hits
of the season at this popular play
house." Dainty Grace Cameron is the
Btar of "Little Dollie Dimples," and It
is said she is doing the best work of
her career in this very successful mus
ical entertainment. She is assisted by
such well known artists as Al. Law
rence, mimic and monologulst; Phoebe
Cardownle, the terpsichorean expert;
Eva Speer,' the celebrated throat whist
ler, singing with the larnyx one octave
higher than Melba, Patti, Ellen Beach
Yaw or Edith Helena; Olah Faber, the
renowned Hungarian girl violinist,
brought over from Budapest as a spec
ial feature of Miss Cameron's company;
the Criterion Musical Four, playing
brass quartette, string, saxaphones,
etc.; the Two Musical Emperors and
many others. This attraction appears
at the New Haven theater, on Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday nights, next
week, and at the matinee on Wednes
day. .
mjJjjMJLim!lljmml i.ii i ii ii wir-i ' m
"Peaceful Valley" With Double Son
r" venir To-iTay.
There wijl be a grand double sou
venir matinee at the Bijou this after
noon in connection with the perform
ance of "Peaceful Valley" by Poll's
own stock company. Mr. Poli has
made preparation to distribute a largo
number of books descriptive of the
work entailed in operating the string
of theaters which are under his con
trol. IUs a very interesting book and
contains a world of Interesting Infor
mation relative to matters theatrical.
"Peaceful Valley," this week's offer
ing, is attracting large audiences at
each performance. The play Is un
usually entertaining and the charac
ters, being typical of New England,
are made thereby all the more interesting.
Next week the stock will be seen in
The Undertow." This play is along
the same lines as ''The Man of the
Hour," and is of vital Interest to all
persons interested In problems of the
times. It Is a very strong play and
one that, produced at popular prices,
should draw packed houses at each
Play Repeats Its Former Success In
This City at Hyperion.
Frank Lalor and his associates in
"Coming Thro' ths Rye" furnished a
very pleasant evening for the fait
sized audience which was present at
the Hyperion theater last evening.
Lalor, the comedian of the piece, was
funny, and he is particularly fortunate
In beng able to handle soma equally
amusing lines. There is not a bad
eong in the piece, which is rather un
usual for a musical production (to-day,
all of the songs being catchy enough
for the audience to whistle.
"Coming Thro' the Rye" is not bur
dened In the way of a plot. Brown,
an artist, Is In love with Loleta, his
model but has been unfortunate
enough to have become entangled
with a matrimonial agency which has
procured a countess for him. Just at
tho right time, Nott, Brown's tailor,
appear, on the scene, and Is forced to
Impersonate the artist. A aeries of
amusing situations follow which end
by Nott's discovering that the model
whom Brown is in love with proves to
be his daughter, and 30 all ends well.
One of the best comedy parts In the
piece is that of Mrs. Kobb, a woman
with a recently acquired fortune, and
aoclal aspirations. The setting of the
Btory is Newport.
Frank Lalor, as "Nott the Tailor,"
was at all times amusing. He made
the two hits of the piece with his sones,
"It, Must Be Love, In the first and
"Clancy," In the second act. The lat
ter was especially pood. There was a
calm about Lalor's humor that was re
freshing, when contrasted with the
ranting of many alleged comedians. He
trusWd to a great decrree for his fun
,u 111a inv.iai v a yi codi v ...
.'. Mt8 Eveleen Dunmore made ft very
.attefacton ' "Loldla," and sang "That's
What the Rose Said to Me," and Honey
Boy," both tuneful melodies in a most
-pleasing manner. She received ,a num
ber of encores on the latter song. Ono
of the best of the cast was Fred L,
Tiden, In the character of Lord Batters
bee. His work in the flrBt act was es
pecially -006.
Mi Dorothy Brenner as "Bessie
Claude," a cow girl, rode onto the
etage on her white horse and made a
hit with "My Broncho Boy." Miss Snl
ll Stembler as "Mrs. Kobb," mangled
the English language and mispronounc
ed all the French phrases that she
eould sum up to the amusement of the
"Coming Thro' the Rye" is very well
Btaged and possesses a good singing
Jihorus and a well drilled ballet which,
f It was small could at least dance.
' The fir9t act is by far the best as
far as fun-making Is concerned, but
the second is help up by the catchy
aongs which come in rapid succession.
num have made, this artist a full
fleged star. For instance, the audience
Is put into good humor with tho hero
almost as soon as he appears, we know
about his love affair, and unconscious
ly we wonder htfw he will begin to re
veal it. Thought of other plays pre
pares us for an inane soliloquy,' but
this Is not the Ranger's way. He walks
out to his horse, returns with him and
fnetructs the men to protect their lit
tle home, and the woman, as he puts
his feet in the stirrups to mount the
saddle, just before he starts to over
take his gallant band and return with
them to .protect his people, nothing
prettier or more poetic than his ap
peal to the stare in telling her of his
love, has been heard on our stage in
many a day.
"The Man on tho Box."
Jameson Lee- Finney, who is on his
starring tour in the company "The
Man on the Box" will be seen here at
the Hyperion Saturday matinee and
night, which will signalize Mr. Fin
ney's, first vfclt to thls.city in this
popular play. f "The Man on the Box"
is too well kwvvn by those who keep
in touch with theatrical affairs to ne
cessitate an extended reference to it.
For two years or more it has been one
of the most popular comedies that has
been brought out for a long time.
'Jameson Lee Finney, the star, is as
well known as the .play, however. He
has been prominent in the dramatic
horizon for the past ten or twelve
years. Mr. Finney's leading woman,
Miss Elsie Lealle, like the star, is en
titled to high consideration by play-,
goers.. She will be remembered as the
marvelously brilliant young girl who
Created and for four years played the
title role in "Little Lord Fauntleroy."
The Mlery Band.
The Ellery band, which is to be
"The Ranger" Dustin Farnum in
. the Big New York Success To
night. "The RangeT," direct from Its run
at Wallaok's theater, New York, with
Dustin Farnum in the leading role and
the same excellent company and at
mospheric scenery end beautiful ef
ects, will be seen at the Hyperhan to
night. The success of Charles Frohman's
company in Augustus Thomas' big
American play, "The Ranger," has
surprised many of the theatergoers in
New York who thought that life in a
Mexican town would fall tp interest
the public. The strong dramatic mo
menti and the acting of Dustin Far-
To the People of New Haven, Conn.
All persone in New Haven must hold
themselves responsible for any weak
ness or suffering caused from old age,
chronic coughs or colds, bronchitis,
weak lungs, run-down , conditions,
stomach troubles, nervousness or poor
blood when we are willing to sell them
the real cod ilver preparation, Vino!,
and return their money if it does not
The reason Vlnol is so successful In
restoring health and creating strength
is because It contains in addition to
tonic iron all the medicinal elements
of cod liver oil actually taken from
' fresh cods' livens, but without oil or
grease to upset the stomach and retard
its work.
Unlike old-fashioned cod liver oil
and emulsions, it is deliclously pala
table, agreeable to the weakest stom
ach, therefore, unequalled as a strength
creator and tonic reconstructor.
Wm. H. Hull of Hull's Corner Drug
Store says: "It Is because we know so
well of what Vinol is made that we
ask every run-down, nervous, debili
tated, aged or weak person in New
Haven, and every person suffering
from atubborn colds, hanglng-on
coughs, bronchitis or incipient con
sumption to try Vinol on our guaran
tee." Hull's Corner Drug Stores, cor.
State and Chapel Sts., cor Howard
and Congress avenues-
heard in this city Monday evening,
keeps piling up honor, for Itself
wherever it is heard. After a season
of twelve weeks in Ch.lca.go the band
went to Omaha for a' week of grand
concerts at the Auditorium in that
city and there it has been hailed as
something m a class by itself and far
superior to any band that has ever
visited the city. There is a mysterious
charm about this organization which
affecta all who listen to its music, but
which no one has yet been able to
Mm. Schunwnn-Helnk.
The program to be presented by
'Mme. Sehumann-Helnk when she sings
here on Thursday, Oct. 31, at the-. Hy
perion, Is a most admirable one, and
so that all may enjoy the concert more
thoroughly the words of the eongs as
well as thp operatic selections will bo
distributed to the audience on tho
evening of the concert with the regu
lar programs. Never has so fine a
series of vocal numbers been present
ed by so great a singer.
Daniel Bran Presents "The Bcllg"
With Sterling Masterfulness,
All those who were in the audience
at the New Haven theater last night
had an excellent chance to see a class
ic play, "The Bells," one of Henry
Irving's master pieces, presented in a
manner that merits the greatest praise
to each member of an able company,
led toy Daniel Ryan. Mr. Ryan's play
ing was, as usual, of the strongest, his
voice betraying the deepest emotion
and rolling out splendidly in deep tones.
It was an opportunity that more should
have grasped.
The plot is not particularly smooth;
-for two visions in the beginning of
the play show how the while may end.
It might be thought that this would
spoil the effect, but such la not the
case. One's interest remains fixed
throughout. Matthias is the main char
acter. One Christmas eve, fifteen years
before, he had killed a Polish Jew a
rich Jew, wearing a girdle around his
waist, filled with gold. In the first vis
ion he heara the bells and all through
those bells haunt him. Then in the
second vision he sees the Jew in the
The next act celebrates the marriaga
of Annette, Matthias' daughter, to
Christian, a sergeant of the gendarmes.
Matthias hopes by this marriage to be
safe under Christian's protection. While
he Is counting the money he Is going to
give the young married couple, he finds
a sleigh bell this is powerfully done.
The next scene is .a court room, sup
posed to be dreamed by Matthias, and
here a mesmerist forces him in to a
confession of his crime. In vain Mat
thias calls on Christian, he does not
come to his . aid. There is a brief
scene of Matthias on the scaffold and
the next scene finds the family trying
to awake Matthias, late the next morn
ing. They have to break in, where the
effect of the dream has been so awful
on Matthias that he struggles to free
himself from the rope and dies. Every
scene was powerful and will long be
remembered by all who saw the play,
. To-night and Saturday matinee the
company will present "The Merchant
of Venice,' while Saturday night they
will be seen in "Monte Cristo."
Three Feature Bill With Ethel Levey
a Hit.
The three feature bill is making a
hit at Poll's this week. Ethel Levey
and her songs, Reynard and his "dum
my" family, the greatest ventriloquil
act on the stage, Valadon, direct from
London with some of the best feats of
magic and illusions ever presented.
makes a combination that is bound to
smash the attendance records at this
theater this ween;. Crowded house
have been the rule thus far this week
and the sale for tht balance of the
weeK is reported very lane.
The olio has Abram and John In" a
sketch, Harper, Desmond and Hilllard
ana a nost or others.
Blondo Typewriters Coming.
Johnnie Stanley and the Blonde Type
writers ars to hn tha huHllnti nf tv,
Poli bill
musical laniasy, nice arm yrevost, in
"Rtimnlv Rnmtis." nf'toi n. t
run at Hammersteln's New York city
theater, have decided to tour in vaude
ville. They will be at Poll's all next
ween. Big 0110 is coming.
Food Poisons.
90 Per Cent, of All Diseases the Re
suit of Undigested Putrefying
"V Foods.
Specials for Saturday
Four 10c Cigars 25c.
Figaro, Double Eagle, El Speedo,
Two Sisters.
Seven 5c Cigars 25c.
Pride of New Haven, Chief, ArveUo,
Premier, Martinet, Mendoza's Pan
atella, Seholfs Hand-Made.
It is just as nutritious as it Is deli
ciousSaturday Evening Candy
25c pound.
The 40c kind.
Hot Chocolate, with Whipped
Cream, 5c.
Interesting Circular Issued by F. S.
Buttcroorth & Co.
F. S. Eutterworth & Co. issue an in
teresting circular concerning New Ha
ven Gas Co. rights in which they say:
"Twenty-four rights are required to
subscribe to $100 of the new five per
cent, debenture bonds, which are con
vertible into four shares of the stock
on July 1, 1918, or sooner at the option
of the board of directors.
With the price of rights at seventy
'cents each the cost of a $100 debenture
bond is $116.80; its yield before conver
sion is $4.28; price of stock after con
version, 29 1-2; present price of stock,
40; yield after conversion, $0.84.
At seventy-five cents a riant a deben
ture bond costs $118 and the yield aft-
erconverslon is $6.78; at 80 cents a right
a Dona costs 5119.20, ana tne yield aft
er conversion is su.71.
The entire proceeds of the sale of the
$600,000 new debentures will be devoted
to improving the property of the com
pany and extending Its mains into new
and profitable territory.
We are prepared to deal in these
rights at the closest possible market,
which is at present quoted at 6? 1-2
cents, Did, ib cents asKea.
Only One "BnoMO GITIttTOK"
Look for the sicnature of R. w
GROVE. Used ths World over to Cure
a uoiq in une-uay. zso.
Deerfoot Farm
The superior quality and delicious
flavor of Deerfoot Farm Sausage la
acknowledged among the trade in a
word, the best made. An appetizing
dish for breakfast these chilly morn
ings. The cost is a trifle more than
the other kinds, bnt they are so mucb
better you'll feel well repaid.'
The 28c pound.
We are ready for your "before
breakfast orders" store open at 6 a.
ni. early delivery.
"Little Dollie Dimples."
In reviewing "Ldttle Pallia Dimples,"
Men of affairs, women of society and
children with active brains are 'too
often sedentary In their habits, giving
little time to exercise. To this evil is
added that of high and irregular liv
ingas a result, the stomach cannot
stand the demands made upon it. The
abused and overtaxed stomach does
not properly do the work of digestion
food taken in ferments and the poison
permeates the whole system. The body
loses in weight and becomes a prey
for the attack of whatever disease it
may encounter.
Did . It ever occur to you how busy
that stomach of yours is? It only holds
three pints, but in one year you force
it to take In 2,409 pounds of material,
digest it and prepare it for assimilation
into the blood. No wonder it rebels
when overworked. We crowd It with
steaks and pastry, irritate its "juices
with spices and acids, and expect the
stomach to do its work. It can't do it.
All over the inner layer of tho stom
ach are glands which secrete the Juices
necessary to digestion. The entrance
of food into the stomach is the signal
for these glands to do their work. The
more the food, the more indigesti
ble, the greater the demand upon them
and upon the muscles of tho wall ad
joining. Think of the tons of high-seasoned
game, sweetmeats and ' appetizers
crammed into this little four-ounce
mill, and then wonder, if you will, why
you are dizzy or nauseated or cbnstl
pated. Don't blame your stomach or
curse your fate that you should be born
so unfortunate. Blame yourself and
apply the remedy. ,
First, get a small package of Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets, taking one after
each meal and at bed time. They are
not a medicine, but a digestive. Your
stomach is worn out and needs help,
not medicine. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab
lets will do the work that the stomach
fails to do. There's enough power in
one grain of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
to digest 3,000 grains of ordinary food,
so you needn't fear that anything you
eat will remain In your stomach undi
gested. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will rout
the poison because they remove tho
cause food fermentation. They are
nature's own cure for dyspepsia. The
host of troubles dyspepsia Is father of
cannot be numbered, for a healthy
stomach is the source of all health.
Seize your opportunity before worse
conditions confront you. Send to-day
for a free trial package of Stuart's
Dyspepsia. Tablets. They will bring
your stomach relief. F. A. Stuart Co.,
150 Stuart Bldg., Marshall, Mich.
The 50 cent size for sale at your
The R.H. NesbitCo.
Church and Elm Streets.
275 Edgewood Avenue.
Haddock Sale!
Fancy Fresh "Live Channel"
Haddock, 5c lb.
Cod to Boil, Steak Cod, Hal
ibut Steaks, Butterflsh, Her
ring, Blueflsh, Sea Trout, Snap
per Blues, Mackerel; freslf Oys
ters and Clams.
"Protoben" Pulled Figs,
15c lb. .
We are having a sale on,
these delicious new fine-flavored
Figs. '
Crimson Coffee, 25c lb.
Two Tslephonea. Call 4200. 1
.tan Howard Ave. lB!t I.lord St.
"43 Grand Ave., 7 Shrlton Arc.
000 nmnrd Ave.
These are all coining in nice shape
now meats we can recommend to our
The kind that make your mouth
water for more.
Dietter Brc
$3, $3.50, $4, $4.50, $5.
Men's Patent Calf, Patent Colt,faax Calf, Velour
Calf, Box Calf, Gun Metal and Vici Kid Button and
Lace Boots in singie and double soles on narrow, me
dium and wide toe lasts, in widths A, B, C, D, E and
F, sizes 5 to 12.
'No foot too large, no foot too small, for us to fit.
The 'Jew Haven Shoe Company
' 842 and 846 Chapel Street.
The prepared In packages at 12c each none better. .
henox Farm Brand Sausage (to go with your buckwheat cakes)
best little nrasage made lo per lb. .
' We have very nice Roasting Chickens and young, tender Fowl.
Prices low, ; .
For a change buy .'Maine Blueberries at 15 c per can, Blackberries
13c per can, Strawberries 15c per canall preserved in sugar syrup.
Gold Table Brand none better. New goods, 12 1-2C per can.
In the bulk, and very nice, 5c per lb. ' !
Whalley Avenue.
Grove Street.
""X"" Requires only a few minutes heating
in a chafing dish.
Braised Beef, Veal with Peas,
Beef a la Mode, Calf's Tongue
BeefBrundy, Chicken Curry,
Hungarian Goulach, ' Chicken a la Marengo,
Sauerkraut and Sausage, Chicken a la Provincale.
Partridge, Quail, Grouse,
Wild Duck, Chicken, Chicken Liter.
E. L Washburn & Co.
Paper and Cloth, Drafting Boards and Tables, ;
Architects', Engineers' and Draughtsmen's Materials ;
of all kinds. :
Agents for the Universal Drafting Machine, a ;
combined Triangle T-Square and Scale which enables ;
the draughtsman to do more and better work with ;
ease. 1 . - !
J 84 Church and 61-63 Center btreets, INew Haven.

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