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Movement Against Discontinuance of Cedar Hill Station Church
Men's Club Death of Mrs. Frances Joslyn.
(Special Journal and Courier News Service.)
'A large and enthusiastic meeting o
the Eleventh and Twelfth Ward Civic
association was held at the Gay Pub
lishing company's office in Kowe
street yesterday afternoon to take ac
tion in protest against the petition of
the New York, New Haven and Hart
ford Railroad company for discon
tinuing the Cedar Hill station.
Charles Gay, the president, presided,
Una J.. J. iLiilgaii. wa
minutes of the last meeting were read
by the secretary and approved. The
secretary then read the communica
tion from the railroad commissioners
calling . a pu'bllc hearing before the
commission for next Tuesday at A p.
m. of all persons Interested in this
Attorney E. J. O'Nell was appointed
a committee to go to Hartford .to-day
and investigate certain records of the
railroad commissioners' office in re
gard to this whole matter. A number
of remonstrances signed by fully 200
people against the removal of the sta
tion were received and a resolution
was adopted Instructing President
Gay to appear before the railroad
commissioners and submit and explain
these petitions. The signers Include
prominent business men in this vicin
ity and it was stated that if. the time
had been sufficient, those circulating
the remonstrances could have secured
1,000 signatures. It was stated that
the board of aldermen had voted to
Instruct the corporation counsel to
oppose the discontinuance of the sta
tion. It was also voted to Instruct the
president to ascertain from Mayor
Studley the character of the represen
tation that President Mellen made to
his honor, which induced his honor to
recommend to the board of aldermen
the rescinding of former action in or
dering the extension of Alton street
and as a substitute to favor the exten
sion of Humphrey street to Lombard
street, which extension runs across
the site of the present Cedar Hill sta
tion, and which will require the re
moval of that station.
; A resolution was also adopted that
a committee of this association be ap
pointed, of which the president shall
toe chairman) to appear before the
railroad commission at the hearing at
Cedar Hill station to-morrow at 1 p.
m. in opposition to the abolishing of
the present Cedar Hill station. This
committee, as appointed, consists of
Charles Gay, chairman; Francis
Healy, Patrick Kent; Attorney E.' J.
O'Nell, William Graham, Alderman
Berne Russell,' and Timothy J. Eagan.
The association, by unanimous vote,
endorsed the action of President Gay
1'n his agitation for a more sanitary
condition of the cover's of text books
in the pu'bllc schools. It will be re
membered that Mr. Gay made a pro
test to the ooara or education against
' v The most eminent writers on Blateria Medica, whose works are consulted as
authorities and guides in prescribing by physicians of all the different schools of
practice, extol, in the most positive terms, the curative virtues of each and
every ingredient entering into Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. " In fact
it is the only medicine, put up for sale through druggists for the cure of all dis
eases of the mucous surfaces, as nasal catarrh, throat, laryngeal, and bronchial
. affections attended by lingering, or hang-on-coughs that has any such professional
endorsement worth more than any amount of lay or woa-professional testimonials.
Do not expect tooTeuch from the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery. It will not wok miracleSiIt
t wok miracleSjIt will not cure consumption in its ad
nitdicineiW; Mr is the "Discover" so good for a sudden
ugh, btjWor thelingering, obstinate, hang-'on-ootyglis, ac-.
vanced stages. No,
attack of acute
mat. larvffeeaT
emc9cioueemedv. Incases accompained with wasting of flesh, night-sweats,
weak 8lnaffjoLpor digestion with faulty assimilation, and which, if neg
lectedftnbadly treated are apt to lead to consumption, the "Discovery" has
profcjr wonderfully 6uccessful m effecting
Besides curing all the above distressing
ailments, the"Golden Medical Discovery "
Js a specific for all diseases of the mucous
nn;TiDraii(;.3..as catarrh, wtietner m tTprj
or dbiyic organ, fc.ven in its ulcerative
Staees it'wtll y'ieTd to this sovereign iem-
edy if Its use be persevered in. In Chronic
Catarrh of the Nasal passages. It is well,
while taking the "Golden Medical Dis
covery" for the necessary constitutional
treatment, to cleanse the' passages freely
two or three times a day with Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy. This thorough course
of treatment generally cures the worst
' If you bave bitter or bad taste In the
morning, poor or variable appetite, coated
tongue, foul breath, constipated or Irreg
ular bowels, feel weak, easily tired, des
pondent, frequent headaches, pain or dis
tress in "small of back," gnawing or'
distressed feeling In stomach, perhaps
nausea, bitter or sour "risings "in throat
after eating, and kindred symptoms of
weak stomach and torpid liver, no medi
cine will relieve you more promptly or
cure you more permanently than Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Per
haps only a part of the above symptoms
will be present at one time and yet point
to torpid liver or biliousness and weak
stomach. Avoid all hot bread and bis
cuits, griddle cakes and other Indigestible
food and take the "Golden Medical Dis
covery" regularly and stick to its use
until you are vigorous aniJ strong.
Foul, Impure blood can be made pure
by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery. It enriches and purines the
blood thereby curing, pimples, blotches,
eruptions and other cutaneous affections,
as eczema, tetter, or salt-rheum; hives and
other manifestations of impure blood.
In the cure of scrofulous swellings, en
larged glands, open eating ulcers, or old
sores, the "Golden Medical Discovery " has
performed the most marvelous cures. In
cases of old sores, or open eating ulcers,
it is well to apply to the open sores Dr.
Pierce's All-Healing Salve, which pos
sesses wonderful healing potency when
used as an application to the sores in con
junction with the use of "Golden Medical
Discovery " as a blood cleansing consti
tutional treatment. If your druggist
don't happen to have the "All-Healing
Salve" in stock, you can easily procure it
by enclosing lifty-four cents in postage
stamps to Dr. E. V. Pierce, 683 Main St.,
Buffalo, N. Y., and it will come to you by
return post. Most druggists keep it as
well as the "Golden Medical Discovery."
Not only does the wrapper of every
bottle of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery, the famous medicine for weak
stomach, torpid liver or biliousness and
all catarrhal diseases wherever located,
have printed upon it. in plain English, a
full and complete list of all the ingredi
ents composing ltt but a small book has
allowing such dilapidated books in
the schools, many of which, it is
state, are likely to be a lurking place
for disease germs and an agency for
spreading diseases, not only in the
schools, but In the homes where the
books are taken. The members' spoko
very strongly in favor of the proposed
reform, which is likely to be fought to
a finish.
Twenty-four new members were en
rolled, making about 180 in all. Re
marks were made by President Gay,
Attorney O'Xeil, William Graham,
Patrick Kent, Secretary Eagan and
others, and all were strongly, In favor,
of making a determined fight before
the railroad commission for the reten
tion of the Cedar Hill station. It is
expected that the station building will
Tie removed, but it is urged that the
present building, or some other, be
placed on another site in the vicinity
for the accommodation of thousands
who use the present station; that not
only Fair Haven, but a large section
of the city in the Eighth and other
wards, make use of this station. Pres
ident Gay is anxious that every citi
zen who favors retaining a station in
that vicinity attend the commission
hearing and record his views In the
At the Grand Avenue Congregational
church the pa3tor, Dr. Sneath, ad
dressed his people yesterday morning
upon the subject, "How you may be
the mother, brother and sister of
Christ;" and in the evening on the
theme, "Something greater tlian being
the mother of Jesus." He based his
remarks upon Matt. 12:46-50 and Luke
He emphasized the fact that there
were relationships based upon blood,
money knowledge and ability; but the
highest Is that which is based upon
"It comes through cultivating the
spirit of Jesus which la expressed In
doing the will of God." . Anyone who
is thus In unity with his purpose, spirit
and life, is his "mother, brother and
sister." All earthly relationships are
subordinate to this; and one sanctified
, through It. We .do the will of God by
doing every known, duty and abstain
ing from every, sin.
In the evening Dr. Sneath said: "Ev
ery Jewish woman had two ambitions,
first to be a mother and second to be
the mother of the coming Messiah. For
this latter honor they prayed and con
secrated their lives. So that there were
many holy women In Israel. Is It this
lack to-day that takes away the am
bition to be mothers? In former days
mothers' motives looked In the direc
tion of sons for the church, the minis
try, the missionary field, etc. In other
words, for the unselfish life. To-day
It is too frequently for society, money
or the selfish life. Its reaction' de
velops a selfish woman, whose ambl-
will not cure consumption in its ad
ronclual affections. j(. ja a rpof.
been comblled from numerous standard
medical works, of all the different schools
of practice, containing very numerous
extracts from the ArltlngsisI leading
practitioners of medeine,euaorsTg(n the
strongest possible fermsich aiil every
Ingredient contained In Dr. Pierae's medi
cines. One of tHese little books will be
mailed free tojsiiy one sending address on
postal card pby letter, to Dr. R.V. Pierco,
Buffalo. NY.. and reouesting the same.
From thy little bookit will be learned
that DT KiWtrtl mdiclnes contain no
alcohaf. nrcoticsSem leral agents or other
poi5(ou or injurious agents and thit
theylarfe made from native, medicinal
rootsof great value.
Some of the most valnablo Ingredients
contained in Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription for weak, nervous, over-worked,
"run-down," nervous and debilitated
women, were employed, long years ago,1
by the Indians for similar ailments affect
ing their squaws. In fact, one of the
most valuable medicinal plants entering
Into the composition of Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription was known to the
Indians as "Squaw-Weed." Our knowl
edge of the uses of not a few of our most
valuable native, medicinal plant9 was,
gained from the Indians. j
As made up by improved and exact pro
cesses, the "Favorite Prescription" is a
most efficient remedy for healing ukera
tions, regulating all the womanly func
tions, correcting displacements, as prolap
sus, auteversion and retroversion, over
coming painful periods, toning up the
nerves and bringing about a perfect state
of health. Sold By all dealers in medicines.
It's an insult tft your Intelligence for a
dealer to endea vor to palm off upon you
some nostrum of unknown composition in
place of Dr. Pierce's world-famed medi
cines which aro of known composi
tion. Most dealers recommend Dr.'
Pierce's medicines because they knowj
what they are made of and that the in-,
gredients employed are among the most
valuable that a medicine for like purposes
can be made of. The same Is true of lead
ing physicians who do not hesitate to
recommend these medicines, since they
know exactly what tbey contain and that
their ingredients aro the very best known
to medical science for the cure of the
several diseases for which they are rec
ommended. I
With tricky dealers it is different.
Something else that pays them a little
greater protit will be urged upon you as
" just as good," or even better. You can
hardly afford to accept a substitute of
unknown composition and without any
particular record of cures in place of Dr.
Pierce's medicines which are op kxown
composition and have a record of forty
years of cures behind them. 1'oit know
what you want, and it is the dealer's busi
ness to supply that want. Insist upon ii,
tlons are for herself along these lines.
Of course this is not universal; but It
is clearly evident in large circles.
"No one must be exalted above
God and no relation above that
of the .children of God. It Is
a greater blessing to know the will
of God and do it, than to be the moth
er of Jesus. ' Not that he would under
value the honor which came to Mary
or to any woman who Is the mother of
a true, Christian man. But the great
est relation in life is that of sincerely
doing the will of God; and the greatest
blessing will come to him who seeks
to do it. 'For he that doeth the will
of God abldeth forever.' "
The Men's club of the Grand Ave
nue Congregational church will meet
this (Monday) evening at 8 o'clock. An
interesting musical program has been
arranged which will be followed by
the speaker of the evening, Sherwood
O. Preston, agent of the Organized
Charities association. The meeting will
close with a social and light refresh-
Rev. E. C. Tullar of the East Pearl
Street M. E. church preached In ex
change with Rev. E. C. Carpenter of
Summerfield M. E. church yesterday
The Grand (Avenue Congregational
Young People's class will meet on Fri
day at 4 p. m. A special meeting of
the Ladies' Social guild is called for
Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. for work and
business meeting at 4 p. m.
Many friends will regret to learn of
the death of Mrs. Frances Joslyn, wid
ow of William S. Robinson, which oc
curred at her home, 118 Grand avenue,
on Saturday. Mrs. Robinson suffered
an apopletlc shock two weeks ago yes
terday and failed rapidly, and was un
conscious through most of her illness.
She was a native of MUldletown and
was a daughter of the late Mr. and
Mrs. Jarius Joslyn who removed to this
city and were well known residents for
many years. She leaves a daughter,
Miss Mary S. Robinson and two sisters,
Mrs. w. D. Freeman and Mrs. John
Rolt'e, both of New Brunswick, N. J.
Mrs. Robinson's husband, the late Wil
liam S. Robinson, who died nearly fif
teen years ago, for years carried on
the Fair Haven Keg company and was
a well known businessman. He wis
f ( r many years the treasurer of the
Grand -V venue Baptist church in which
position he rendered excellent service.
M's. Robinson was a member of this
church many years.was a conscienti
ous Christian and 'during her robust
health, was an 'earnest worker In the
church. She was. of a genial disposit
ion and made many, frlenda. Slnce
the death of Mr. Robinson, 'the' only
child, Miss Mary 3. Robinson, has been
most devoted to her mother, In the loss
of whom she Is very sorely bereaved.
The many friends of the family w.ll ex
tend their heartfelt sympathy In this
bereavement. Mrs. Robinson's funeral
will be attended at her late home, 118
Grand avenue, this afternoon at 2:30
The new arrangement regarding the
trolley cars making stops at certain
crossings, goes into effect to-d.;y and
people had better watch out or they
will get left. At Grand avenue and
Ferry street and at Qhanel and Ferry
streets, cars will stop at the first cross
ing only and signs arc stretched high
above and across the tracks, notifying
people of the change and printed signs
are also posted In, the cars. This ar
rangement is expectea to work well
when it is better" understood, but at
first it may give some-inconvenience.
The first anniversary of the Stag and
Dragon club held at the hull of Polar
Star lodge, I. O. O. F., Friday evening,
proved a great success and pleasant so
cial occasion. The following officers
were Installed: President, Harry Pro
vost; vice president, Fred Allen; sec
retary and treasurer, Q. Albert Penl
son; chairman of social committee, E.
Mortimer Smith; chairman of commit
tee on initiation, W. Balfour Floyd.
Aftor the Initiation, a fine repast was
served by C. Haskell Bush, caterer.
Then there were toasts responded tj
as follows: By President Provost, W.
Balfour Floyd, the retiring president;
Fred Allen, "Our Society;'.' G. H. Stev
enson, "Woman, the first work of tha
Great Authar;" the edition Is large and
no man should be allowed to copy."
William Parker, ohairman of the retir
ing social committee, was toastmaster
and Bert E irle waa master of the init
iation ceremonies. The members of the
club, most of whom were present, wra
Mr. and Mrs. 'Mortimer Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Balfour Floyd, Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Earle, Mr. and Mrs, Harry Ben
ham, Mr. and 'Mrs. Frank Chlpman,
the Misses Belle Slater, Mae Rowe,
Florence L. Barnes, Bertha Cadwell
and Messrs. S. William Parker, G. Al
bert Denlson, Frederick Allen, H.Mont
goinery Provost and G. H. Stevenson.
Mrs. Harriet Frisble of Lenox street,
died on Saturday at the New Haven
hospital. She was an old resident of
Fair Haven and was the widow of
Louis Frisble and formerly lived In
Branford. She was an aunt of Frjd
Averill, former state senator and for
mer clerk of the common pleas court,
and of Ernest L. Averill of Fair Ha
ven. She also leaves three brothers,
Asa, Frank and George Frisble and a
sister, Mrs. Ely, all of Branford.
THE Y. W. C. A.
Several Vacancies in the Dressmaking
There are a few vacancies In the
dressmaking classes, both day and
evening, also In the class In cookery
for maids on Thursday afternoon. 'In
the music department pupils will be re
ceived at any time.
West Brookfleld, Mass., Nov. 10. The
iBoston & Albany express from Albany
for Boston struck a freight train which
was backing out of a siding near this
station yesterday, 'causing a bad
wreck and killing the engineer of the
express. Several persons were cut and
bruk-ed, but none was seriously injured.
High water to-day at 2:42 a. m.
Camp No. 8 will hold a whist next
Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock In
room 49, Insurance building. After
whist a supper will be served.
Wadhams court, O. G. S., will hold
a. whist to-morrow evening at Mrs. W.
L. Dill's, 45 Thompson street, West Ha
ven. City lodge, No. 36, I. O. O. F., will
on December 4 celebrate its sixtieth an
niversary, and the committee in charge
of the arrangements are making elab
orate preparations.
Miss Jessie I. Scranton of this city
will speak at the meeting of the Con
necticut Valley Kindergarten associa
tion next Saturday in Hartford on
"Gleanings from the I. K. U."
The members of Sylvan circle, aux
iliary to Sylvan lodge, Star of Bethle
hem, will hold a business meeting with
Mrs. Louisa Rlggs, 85 Olive street, '
to-morrow evening. There will be no
whist in the afternoon. j
A well dressed woman snatched a
gold watch frqm a man near State and
Chapel streets at 10 o'clock, Saturday
night, but he recovered his
timepiece ' before the woman had a
chance to get away with it, and made
no complaint to the police against' her.
At the next convention of America
lodge, No. 52, November 14, the thir
teenth anniversary or the lodge w.ll b
celebrated. The rank
ank of Knight will
banqet will follow,
lodges are cordially
be exemplified. A
Members of sister lodges are cordially
By special request the ladles of the
Naomi lodge will repeat the "Old
Spinster Convention" at the lodge
room on Thursday night. It Is expect
ed that a large number of the fi-iends
of the members of the organization
will attend.
Star of Hope lodgo. No. 12, will hold
its regular meeting this evening, In Odd
Fellows' hall. All members aro re
quested to be cresent. The meeting
f will be called at 7:30 sharp. After the
I meeting there will 'be a social whist.
The public is cordially invited. .
No. 1 engine was called by a still
alarm at 5:E5 o'clock Saturday after-
noon to 108 1-2 Washington avenue to
put out a fire that started among a lot
of nibblsh In a closet. The blaze was
extinguished with slight damage. The
house is occupied by M. H. Horwltz
and owned by Maurice Brown.
The first of the series of Browning
lectures by Professor William Lyon
Phelps will be given Tuesday after
noon of the coming week at Lampson
hall at 4:15 o'clock. The subject Is to
bo "The Ring und the 'Book. Part I."
There are fifteen lectures In the course,
which Is to 'be supplemented by Ave
lectures on Wordsworth, Byron, Shel
ley and Keats. ; ! I
(Continued from Eleventh Page.;)
S. N. E. 100 00
Riillroml Sm'ks.
Conn. R. ft Lt. Co 10.) fiS
do. pfd 3 00 "riV,
Danbiiry & Pnthel .. in 16 --
II. & Conn. Went 100 44
N. Y N. H. & H 100 133 138
N. Y., N. II. & H. RlKhtS
Railroad Bomla,
Berkshire St Ry. ns, 1922
Bridgeport True. Ba, 11)23 100
Bristol Tram way. 4V4, 1!H!5 !)5
Conn. It. & I. L. 4Vs, 1!&1
Conn. R. & U 4V4i, l!)ol.
Cons. Ry. 4a, 1954
Conn. R. & L, is, 1951
cons. Ky. 4s, lD&tf, (tuar. S8
Conn. Hy. debs. 1930
D. & N. 4s. 19B5 100
D.m. & Bethel Gs. 1!U4. .. 96
Harlem & P. C. 4, 10: 1. . B4
do. 4s, 11154
' 95
Housatonlc 4s. 1910 ...
do. F'H, 19;!7
Aler. A Coinp. 3s, 19:3.
.ilerlden St. 5s,. 1924 . . .
iNnuiraMtok 4a. 1HS4....
Northampton 6s. 1909 100
in. h. & center 6s. maa... uo
N. H. Ik Derby 6s, 1918...
N. H. & W. H. 6s, 1912. ..
N. II. Street 6a. 191.1
New Ixin. Street 5b, 1923..
N. L. Northern 4s, 1910. . .
N.Y. & N.H.C.r..3',is, 1956
N. Y. N. II. & H.S 14,1947.
N.Y..N.H. & IT. 4s,lDD..
do. SHs, 1954
N. Y. & N. K. G. 1945...
N. Y. & N. K. 4s, 1946. . . .
Shore Line 4",. 1910
Wor. & C. R. 4"".H, 1948
'10 ft
IIInoelluueoiiB Honda.
Adams Express 86
Boston Eleo., 6s. 198 100
Branford U & W. 5s. 1937. 100
Inter. Silver deb. 6s. 1933
do. 1st 63, 194S
N. H. Sewer 4s, 1914 100
N. H. City Bridge, 3148 90
N.MIlford Water 5s. 1932. 98
S. N. E. Tel. 5s, 1948.... 97
United 111. 4s, 1940
0V ,
Fair Havener Writes ToKtlmonlal for
Passengers on Arabic.
Francis Healy of 425 Blatchley. ave
nue, who recently returned home from
a trip to the olj country, came hack on
the Arabic of the White Star line, and
he was one of a committee of 100, rep
resenting the 1,000 first, second and
third class passengers on the steamer
delegated to get up a suitable testi
monial for the excellent treatment re
ceived from the cautaln and crew during-
this pleasant voyage.
To Mr. Iloaly, as secretary of the
committee, fell the happy lot of writ
ing hls testimonial, and he expresses
at length the sincere thanks and grati
tude of all the passengers to the gal
lnnt Captain Thompson, commanding
this beautiful liner; the purser, .1.
Rooney, Chief Stewards Garden, fir.-tt
class; Harrison, second class, and
Payne, tliir,j class, and their courteous
assistants for their many acts of kind
ness and gentlemanly deportment.
Michael J. Reid was arrested Satur
day evening by Policeman Horan of the
Howard avenue precinct for the theft
of a coat, valued at $15 from an Italian
saloon at 124 Hill street on November
2. This was the ease in which Albert
J. Marsh, held on the charge of idle
ness and afterwards lot go by the court,
figured. Marsh claimed, when brought
before Jugpe Tyner, that the coat was
taken by another man, whom ht 4id
not kafc
Honest ServiceQuick Results
Prices Reasonable
GAS LOGS (with water back),
All on Demonstration at Our Salesroom,
93 Crown Street.
i f-iwr'il
i - . , ' jiJ
j ( Ap"
Guns and Ammunition. Full line of Hunters' Coats and Boots.
Complete Line of Talldng Machines Victor and Edison. October
t List of Records Now Ready, ,
All the leading makes cf Guns and Rifles, including the Winchester,
Mmlln, Remington, Tarter, I.fcvcr, Baker, Ithaca, Stevens and other
J. well-known makes.
That Dining Room Flooring
for Thanksgiving Day
Don't you think a nice, new rug, with a parquefhorder of
i. i
our German inlaid linoleum, would just about fill the bill ?
Nothing- richer, nothing nicer. !
This German inlaid linoleum is a perfect Imitation of I
a rich hardwood parquet floor. The colors go, right
through to the back. It wears for years. Is oiled snmo
i as the wodd Boor. Is soft to the foot and sets off the nig
benutifuUy. Our collection of rags, all sizes and kinds, Is
one of the largest and most complete in New England.
Window Shade Co.
Open Saturday Evenings. Toot ot Center Street.
The Chatfleld Paper Go. L ?8;?02 .
j State Street
Most compiet-3 line of Paper and Twine in State
James Fltznuiurlce-Kelly to Speak at
.lames FItzmaurtce-Kelly, of Eng
land has accepted an Invitation from
the Hispanic Society of America to de
fiver in this country a course of lec
tures on Spanish literature , under the
auspices of the society ana will deliver
two lectures at Yals on November 2S
and December 2, under the auspices of
the university. His visit to New Ha
ven Is due to the efforts of Professor
II. R. Lang of the dpartment of Ro-.
manco languages and to the Hlspani
club of Yale. The first lecture will bo
on "Cervantes." and t lie second on "The
Literary Court of Don Juan the Sec
ond." (Spanish lyric poets).
These will be given in Lampson ly
ceum and will be open to the public.
Mr. Fllzmauiice-Kelly Is known as
ehe of the most distinguished authori
ties on his subjeot in the world. Anion;?
his published works, which are very
numerous are the following: "Lope de
Vega and the Spanish Drama," "Llfa
of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra,"
"Cervantes In England," and "History
of .inanLsh Literature.'
His history of Spanish literature was
published three years ago, and was im
mediately translated Into Spanish and
''fc Fltzmatirioe-Kelly Is a fellow of
the British academy, a Knight Com
mander of the order of Alfonso XII. and
a corresponding member of the Span
ish Royal academy.
jpBL' . Ring 839
An error in the telephone directory lists our
number as 1089-3. It should read 839.
Telephone 839.
Bassett's Gun Store.
Roller Coaster and Merry-Go-Round
Contracted For. , .
The Simmons Amusement company
has contracted with Morris Brother
of Philadelphia for the erection of a
roller . coaster at Savin Rock proper,
where the new amusement place is to
'be started, and the latter firm has tie
gun work on it. Murphy Brothers of
Brooklyn are to build a set of flying
horses at the same place.
SomerviHe's opera "Princess Zara"
'was produced to crowded houses in
the town hall, West Haven, on Thurs
day, Friday and Saturday. The per
formers were all local, and were
trained by Miss. Constance Field of
George street; ' Miss Field had much
original work to do, as ( this was the
first production of the opera in this
country, and she not only staged It
but designed all tlie costumos. The
affair will net 'Christ c'hurch Sunday"
school, for the beneilt of which lt was
I held, a substafitiM'sum.
is very complete and in
cludes Hour and Half
Hour Striking Clocks, on
gongs and tubes; Tubular.
Chiming Clocks, Fine
Banjo Clocks.
Jewelry Store.
857-859 Chapel St
Lockets and Chains,
' Bracelets, Rings,
Back and Side Combs.
Right goods at right prices. '
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired.
Something from our wares In either
silver or cut glass is sure to suit your
fancy and please the bride. (
7B8 CHAP6U Street. NffW HAVEN, CT.
Take Notice :
A Clearance Sale
Fine Editions of
Standard Authors
Greatly reduced prices
List on Application
PtibUshen and Importers
437 Fifth Avenue, New York.
Of the Young Women's Chrlatia!
Association Tills Afternoon,
The annual meeting of the Ym
Women' Christian association vAU 1
held at Boardman hell, BH8 ChftT
street, on Monday, November 11, at
o'clock. Miss 4-nna MoLean of the s
clological department of Adelptoi e
lege will give an address. All -rhw
interested are ; cordially 'Invited to I
present. I
Everything here that eool
taste and iiishioii suggests. Tin"
newest shades and patterns In
Black Thlbets, Taney CheyiotsJ
Winter Serges, Plain and Fancr
Worsted, etc., etc. All slzes-
regular aud extremes. 0'Ul
ments that have positively nev;
er before been offered for leh:
thaw $1 to $22, now sol
tlirough the "MODERN MAK.'!
for only t
$ 0 and $!5.
Opposite Poll's Theater I

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