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, auî) Central Intelligente.
WHOLE NO., 186.
Correspondence oj the Smyrna Times.
ni cutd Aaisrioan
KOii. *>j.i Cli
ted an intense interest.
I w .tuesseà sun.e ol
and 1 know not the tine where you begin to see
the effect." But the Bible goes still further
and declares that even looking upon it is ex
cess, " Abstain from all appearance of evil.
Avoid, therefore, every temptation to the in
toxicating bowl. Touch not, taste not, handle
not "the accursed thing, for it will bite like a
serpent, and sting- like an adder." Surely,
then, it is not to be used in any case as a bever
age i And it is certainly clear that the propo
sition of total abstinence is true!
Original |)oetvn.
Cjjoice ||o civil.
the most splendid moving horses 1 had ever be
fore seen. The fastest ones I timed myself
and the result was as follows, viz;—2.50, 2.40,
One horse was driven
Alotler was addressed sometime since to Sena*
tor Clayton", of Delaware, on behalf of some
gentlemen of Philadelphia,who an- •• deeply im
pressed with the importance of having all the
offices under the General and State Government
fiiied with able and intelligent men, free from
prejudice and ignorance of our institutions,
wliicn ior..'ign birth, education and influence
is to apt to produce. There gentlemen feeling
a high recptci ù>r Mr. Clayton s personal char
acter, and admiring ue ability displayed by
him ui conducting the affairs of the nation,
whilst filling a station but little inferior in res*
potisibiluy to that of the President of the Uni«
ted States h niseis era encouraged to hope,
from some of his late speeches and vot. s, in
the Senate of the United States, that he co
incided with them ia sentiment, and would er*
deater to carry out their views, by consenting
to be their candidate for the highest office with*
in their girt, requeuing h;n to state whether
if elected, he would pledge himself to exclude
from aii civil office, persons who do not posses«
the requisite constitutional qualifications lor till
ing the offices of President and Vico President
of the United B except in the case i f
foreign diplomat.c c commercial agencies, or
otherwise, v.ii ir-' r e service of the parsons
uentioneJ qualifications,
without detriment to
Mr. Clayton prefixes
he never will be &
cv. and answers the
Philadelphia Letter.
• '
Americans mast Rule the Land.
Written for the Smyrna Times.
2.36, 2.30 and 2.28.
Philadelphia, üctober 6, 1854.
The Grand State Fair held here last week
set all the world—i. c. Pennsylvania—ind h.s
wife agog—an idea of its import me* may he
gathered from the fact that over 300,000 peo
ple visited the grounds dur. ng the four days the
exhibition was open. Seven thousand n,niera
to a sulky without any harness except u saddle
to hold upthe shafts, and bits in his mouth,with
reins, by which the vehicle was drawn. Seve
ral accidents happened in the ring,without, how
ever, doing any serious damage. Atone time
an ox was harnessed up tq a sulky and driven
Aga'U, what does God say to the drinkers ot round the coursé, and he proved himself to-be
wine ! Isaiah 5,11—" Wo unto them that rise j not among the slowest goers .on the turf. The
up early in the morning that they may follow j racing seemed to be the centre of attr.ct.on to
strong drink," &c. Isaiah 5,22—" Wo unto j th^ ladies as well as to the gentlemen,
them that are mighty to drink wine, and men | It would be an endless task for me to under
of strength to mingle strong drink," &,c.—
Does God sanction the drinking of intoxicating
liquors 1 No—but wo unto ths.n,
" Howl, ye drinkers of wine, because of the
judgments that are coming upon you." This
wo, you see, is not only pronounced upon the
drunkard, but also upon the drinker of wine—
An Impiompta penciled In Irankliu 8qn«ie.
Air— E Plurlbus L'uuio.
An autumn sky is o'er ns,
Leaves rustle on the ground.
The wind—a solemn requiem—
.S.glia from the* branches round.
Coo! flow the pearly fountain jets—
Gone is each sweet-voiced bird
That erst would come and warble here,
And the foliage lightly stirred.
The clouds which gather o'er ns
Fortellof storm and blast;
But we greet thee kindly. Autumn,
Though we're sorry S-ummer's past.
The vacillating year
Is life's swift—speeding day :
Our Spring—our Summer's here—
Our Fall; we pass away !
Proud Flag of Columbia! Emblem of light,
To nations far over the sea ;
T.ie moraing beams fall on that bannerso bright,
Of America, happy and free ;
As ft floats o'er each homestead and loved spot
of ground.
Our people will join heart and hand ;
Their motto will be, as it echoes around,
" We must and we will rule the laud.
of premiums were awarded—on the whole, the
exhibition far exceeded tiic most sanguine hopes
of its projectors. Amongst the successful com
petitors I uot.ee tiie name of C. P. Holcomb,
Esq., of New C«sne, who received several
premiums lor bails and cows. The influx ot
country people was astonishing—from all quar.
ters, and by every possible conveyance, the cry
was "»till they come!
ilie exhibition, such as six-legged sheep, giant
babies, dwarfs, an old darkey—a slave of Wash
ington (a positive fact), &c., &c., were all
well patronised—in short, taken all together,
the tair will long be remembered in Philadel
take to describe the displ y in the several de
partments ot .igr.cultur dort. cultural and
mechanical skill. The Agricultural features
cf the display were especially creditable. The
noble collection of oxen, the fine specimens of
Durham, Short-horn, Deyon and Alderney Cat
tle, the South-down and Colswolo Sheep, the
curious and remarkable Cachemerc Goats, the
superior breeds of Hogs, the blooded Horses,
and the Agricultural Implements may be re
garded as among the prominent oojects. To
be brief, I have heard it remarked that this Fair
.vas not a whit inferior to the Crystal Palace
The outside scenes of the Fair were among
the most amusing. There were ail sorts of ex
leads to a drunkard's hell. Whence, I ask, hibitions on the ground, nnmedial. ly between
does the race of drunkards corne 1 Do they the Fair and the Schuylkill. Tue descriptions,
not come from what are called moderate drink- too, on the signs,and as given by the orators at
ers ? "No man ever became a drunkard, but the doors, were well calculated to excite a
by beginning to drink what is called moderate
ly ; and as long as the world continues to drink
moderately, the world will bn full of drunkards;
and until the world ceases to drink moderately,
the world will not be delivered from the evils
The Bible no
Joel 1, 5—
The outside shows ct
The oppressed of all nations may here find a
While the Stars and the Stripes are unfurled,
With hearts full of gladness, rejoicing may
From the tyrants that rule the old world
But let them remc nb«r, approaching this shore,
While thanksgiving* rise from each band,
Tue sons of those brave men who gained it be
Americans, must rule the land.
even every one who sips the sparkling poison.
But," says an objector, "lam not for drunk
enness, but only lor moderate drinking."—
Moderate drinking ! Moderate drinking ! !—
What is moderate drinking? Is it to drink
whenever the appetite craves it ! Then the
drunken sot is a moderate drinker ! But what
the public
ills reply, l
'sing - io
J en
Next to the Fair, the dud has been our sub
ject or town talk—seems, " our" Senator, the
Hon. Mr. Cooper, President of the Suubury j '■
Kail Road fell hurl with tome ot the Hon. Mr. 1
■ Idling ti
he Pies.
the following tn-anm t:
year 1S5Ö must decide a mementoes
issue in th" country. Are the American people
h aliens the right of gov
U liut box, as these aliéna
iurailoD of intention I They
may, and often do make such a declaration,
adage about its "taking one tool to send a ! within a w-ek, or even a day, after landing on
challenge but two to fight a duel." It is u our so l. Acain, rre the Amer. can people prt*
lame—lame cause that needs the practise of a j pored t., sha ■> tv.ih aliens every blessing and
v.le pistol gallery to bolster it up. bcn '- : V^ n ' d "?? a th , ein aB A, " c ' XiU1 P c .', l: *
. , . izaus, end even to give them a share of tue
lu politics here little is moving—oureloction | pj!ilic
domain' B, ti.e Nebraska bill. Congress
Uke» place next luesday—a Governor, Senator j conferred upon them the r'ght of vot*cg,
and several Representatives arc to be choseiu 1 and by the Hoinestcxt bill, winch In mil pen*
The s.gns of the times are in favor of ihe Know \ ding, and to !>e use. Jeu upon next w.liter, tuey
.. i are to have an equal share of the public domain,
Nothing, they are verv strong in this c.ty—. . 1 ... , r , _
° 1 J j ou the same terms with tne native ana nuft.
but all about this after the election. j r.ilis .-d citizens. Again, the American people
whether, ot her c rcumstasc .0 being
It is the father of
is moderate drinking !
drunkenness,"—it is the broad avenue that
McM.chad's editorial strictures, and accord
mgly sent Mr. McM. a—oh! horrid thought-.) | prepared i
—a—challenge !
dined "taking up," and thus he proved the old
Written for the Smyrna Times.
Bible Temperance.
This Mr. McMichael de- > ln is t,au ' ! j
S can make & d
From the f«r foreign shores, where the tyrants
now sway.
Kings and Prelates have marked our fair soil,
A ni their hatred to truth would destroy in a day
What has cost so much suffering and toil
Great Washington's precept, our motto shall be,
" Their insidious wiles to beware,"
1 ascribed on the banner that floats o'er the free.
An proudly it waves in the air.
sui'le. Among the novelties e .closed in tents
provided for the occasion, were a Rocky Moun
tain Bear with two legs; me Smallest Fat
Woman in the World ; a Slave of Washing
ton, reputed to be a hundred and twwnty years
of age, and came from Guinea in the year
17(ilt; and an Ocelot from South America; two
Black Bears of enormous size; a Living Cro
codile ; a Two-Legged Cow; a Sheep with six
legs; a Dog with two legs; a Russian Giant; with
many other oddities equally extraordinary. In
the midst of these, were lager-beer saloons,oyster
stands, coffee-houses, ice-cream establishments,
cake-stands, ginger-pop wheelbarrows, mineral
water fountains, &.C., &c., in the greatest pro
fusion. And then the vehicles ! They might
have been counted by hundreds, and of every
possible description. The Panorama may be
sauf to have extended from the Wire Bridge,«!
Fairmount, to the Railroad Bridge, at Market
Indeed, at one time, the vehicles, ex
Hosea 4, II : " Whoredom, ami wine and
new wine takeaway the heart." Like whore
dom this is its direct tendency. It corruptsand
demoralizes every virtuous affection and makes
man a beast or friend in human /orm. Did it
not take away the heart of Lot, who, while un
der the influence of wine, committed incest
with his own daughters? Did it not do so in
the case of Noah, who got intoxicated and
cursed his eon ! And has it not done no m ten
thousand instances ! Look at the overwhelm
ing torrent of misery and wretchedness that
has deluged the earth through the influence of
intoxicating liquors! And yet half has not
been told us. Could the grave utter her voice,
she would disclose the most appalling horrors.
What, then, will the judgment day disclose !—
Scenes, no doubt, that will make the very ears
tingle, and fill the soul with the utmost conster
nation. How many appear even to mortal
vision as if possessed with a legion of demons.
No man can Comprehend the aw lui effects ot
intoxicating liquors. Eternity alone will reveal
them. And yet, forsooth, God sanctions its use
as a beverage ! Ü shame, where is thy blush ?
How great is the compassion and long suffering
of Jehovab, that man is not consumed—man,
! who prates about that God sanctions such aboun
i nat ions !
that flow from intemperance,'
whore sanctions moderate drinking.
Prov. 27,
be among wine
The blood of our sires oft that banner has stain
10 —It commands us not to
bibbers" or those who sip at the poisonous cup;
but to touch not, taste not—not even to look
The question of Prohibition or Son-Prohi
bition is to be indirectly decided at the co iiui 0
election. The rum.-ellersand groghole keepers
are marshalling all their forces and a warm
struggle may be expected. 41)0,000 Anti-Pro
hibition tickets have been printed and distribu
ted throughout the Slate. The Ledger, ever
ready to debase its columns for a paltry dollar,
teems with unsigned appeals against the Maim
Which now floats o'e-r the land and the sea :
And the bieesings ol liberty which they have
Are transmitted antrammeled and free,
Tb« -ii we ll ruliy around the dear flag of our
With hearts that are loving and true.
From the morning of youth till life's evening
shall come.
May we gaze on the
equal, the native c.tize.i is or is no
entitled tot preference in the distribution of
honors and offices m the ci untry which gave
them birth.
If it is true, then,
upon the deadly poison,
that we ara not even to look upon the intoxica
tiag bowl, I maintain, there is no such thing as
moderate drinking; but what is called moderate
drinking is only different degrees of excess.—
The men who drinks an occasional glass is not
gone to the same degree of excess as he who
drinks frequeotly, nor he who drinks frequently
he who drinks daily and habitually ; yet
upon Bible principles, they have all leaped the
bounds of temperance, and are hastening the
downward road to destruction—they have al
ready ent« red and are travelling the broad road
of intemperance, which leads to the burning
h will not permit me
bc tilled
The state o ' my n
to d.scuss t.icse questions in a letter
Uon laws .-ire unquestion i
r almshouses would not no
Ot the 131,000 psi'pe r «i in tho
08,000 are foreigaen?. and (Hv
The anr.eis of cime have swell*
i a a* ..ii-jail" of Europe have poured cut their
coulcntrjnta the country, and the felon convict
.uirner in Europe, or who Las
he punishment of
ily gains naturali
uve, cr ou
with p.;up
Unit'd bitte
- 8 .
White,Rod and Blue.'
Law and attempts at proof of its bad (!) résil ié , B0U n .t.ves.
wherever enacted. Money is also being
the deceivers and their victims," to
further the cause of Rum and Ram.
Sons of Amerce! do not forget
The bloodedcu your country has cost;
And the star of prosperity never shall set,
Nor the boon of your freedom be lost.
From the tomb of Mount Vernon the warning
yet comes,
"My countrymen, join heart and hand;
If the blessings of liberty rest on your homes,
Americans must rule the land "
j reeking from u r
the fortune t- e.capc fro
any other crime abroad,
zillion hero, by spending a part of five years
within tiie Lm.ts of the United States. Our
Burany Bay, into which
iaveree her criminel» tf
tended from the Fair down Market street, for
If tue
friends of humanity refuse nowtodo iheirduty,
the chance for hurling alcohol from his throne
May Heaven defend
several squares.
I saw a great many Delawarians at the Exhi
tion, some of whom have drawn premium*.
Yours, &c.,
may never come again.
c on a try has bcoj
the right.
We have a very important parsonage with every ueccnpt
us now—no less a one than the "Angel Ga- I 'have no prejudices against tho boaeat
brief ''—who, by h.s ranting. Catholic-hating I foreigner who comeshere to seek an asylum
Uriel A"", f ,. , .. iroui me tyranny of murs thread,
speeches has caused so muen disorder in New éynipi tines are with them, and when they be*
York, and at the East. However, they had him co;ae naturalized,! wiiidereiidtheai.ftsAms*
arrested and bound over to keep the peace, long nean citizens, in all their rights, as rutty «*
before the usual blast, of the angel's trumpet those bsru on the soil. 1 would inculcate and
called together Catholic-haling, not-loving pub- ST™
sect, whose creed teach*«
Ah ! how many are deceived by the fallacious
idea of moderate drinking ! Hence they sip at
the sparkling bowl, which is pleasant to the
carnal appetite, little aware that the venomed
serpent lies Coiled at the bottom, until death
and a drunkard's hell bursts upon their horrified
vision, and they find it too late to escape. O, Lewes, Del., Sept. 21, 1854.
how many are thus deceived ! Does not the Mr. Editor: —There has been nothing ot
whole experience of man, since the light of the j particular interest transpiring in our place since
I last wrote, but as one has nut much to attend
to this dull, warm weather, I feel a little in the
humor of scribbling.
The cholera has visited us and made victims
i ->
Correspondence of the Smyrna Times.
AH wj
Letter from Lewes.
Again, Isaiah 28, 7, and Hab. 2, 5 : God de
[ dares that it causes man to err and transgress
I Ii is ll*>Iy Luv, even the priest and the prophet,
t Would the Lord sanction the use of an article
Tttitln «h the Shor« at tape May.
in its broadest
lat no men of any
ein to deny religions
toleration to mo r.nd my countrymen, effi old
or po.vtr of any kind to
muLR. No
BY <>. C. W.
temperance reform has risen upon the earth,
bear testimony to this truth? Before the tem
1 treat we have more correct views perance reformation, we were all in darkness;
of the character of Jehovah, and more rever- hut now God has poured upon us a flood of light
ential awe lliiii to utter such impiety. Again, and shown us the gulf into which we wore
1 i'etcr 4, 3, and Prov. 20, 1 : those who use it plunging, and the dark avenue to that gulf.— of which have died.
arc declared to be wicked men, the very oppo-1 What was that avenue! It was moderate i intermitent fever about the country, but not to
aitc of the Christian. They arc "not wise." ! drinking—the tippling of ruin, beer, cider, Ac. much as there commonly is at this season ot
being "deceived," revelling in their own shame. | Hence, common experience fully coincides with j the year. That is owing to the dry summer
But the Christian is *• wise"—Job 28,28: Mat. j the Bible, that the only safety is total abstinence there being no decaying vegetable matter to
25,2,—" sober, watching unto prayer," I Peter L— to abstain fn*a its very appearance—not engender sickness.
4, 7. If, tberetbre, the Bible sanctions its use [even to look upon the fell monster. Be notde- ^ ow *' ,oc ^ in lf a w ght .t is to see men a
as a beverage, it is strangely inconsistent.— ^ ceived, the most fatal glum is the first, and "re blessed with ta ents ot a n 0 oruer a u.e
O, whsrs ara tho mysl ries thonhidest so deep. jj ut ^ j p reiumc> m y readers have more correct ! thousands have cursed the day that they took themsoUcs by using niioxieatin„ > m n e
How many tho dead in thy sepulchre sleep? vieW8 of lhe Bible— the first * / ass. i.et your motto, therefore, be j ver y often 3008 in their dully inte ' xour8 « Wlth
And why do thy waves in the storm roll so high, That awfijl ^ w||OM , MVC|| unfold, 1" Total Abstinence,"—sign the pledge, and . ll,e worlli » ,nen '' 1|0 P*o..use to be leaders in
As though struggling to snatch from the alarm- Tfae Becrçt# of ^ ilmil0rta , 8Qul wUen you arc te n,pted to taste the first glass, j tlie,r operate spheres ; but alas . their ener
Blrd ' U Cry ' , And when that lust dread trump shall sound, positively and decidedly say N 0 /-K 0 .'-and j wbS JILjw*
But tlwo answereat not—thy roaf is the same ; What multitudes it will confound ! escape for your life. Give heed to the admoni. y H ,„0 n..„„t.
....... . .-ii _ 1 we aonlv. to rescue these unloriunaie oenigs!
These all ara the secret* that dwell with thy Bo there might be other passages quoted, but turns of Jehovah a '' d "JJ i The oniy one is Prohibition, and Prohibition
DMae; these lor the present will be sufficient. Can rors of intemperance and to nk I «lone can accomplish it You may reform them
Tby name, that shall lit* till the trumpet's last any in view of these declarations and walersof life Thus the precepts and déclara- f ' r a ^ by J 01i , but when temptation is
WMt ' precepts, for a moment think that the Great tionsof the Bible substantiate my P«-«!**' 0 « ■ ■ h |, npuu ible for them to
»hall *P~k : - All k flnkhed-of earth 'll. the G(m1 of the üniversc can Cünilive ftt 8uclà lncol , and fully vindicate the character of Jehovah ^ , hln ^ ng decantera ttnd
sistencies and abominations, which necessarily from the foa ae^nnone an asp emi 1 . er», placed, in gorgeous array,
flow from Hi. «motioning alcoholic liquors as w.ne-dr.nker and h.s advocates. * P
a beverage ! Can any man have sucli view* Dover, Sept. 14, 1854. ^ _
of Jehovah? if so, I envy them not. Many Correspondence of the Smyrna Times.
persons adopt what they think is Bible teach
ing, without due examination. Such, I fear,
are many advocates of wine drinking. But he
that breaketh one of these least commandments,
and teaches men so, shall be called the least in
the kingdom of Heaven.—Matt. 5,19.
Bulan objection may here arise, that in these
cases it was used to excess ! W hat is excess?
Where will you form the standard ? If we in
dulge in one glass, that gloss will waul another
and then another, until the appetite is tunned,
and the result is beastly intoxication and a
drunkard's grave ! One man take* his drams
occasionally, another daily, a third several
times a day ; and yet none think they drink to
excess ! The man who drinks bis quart a day,
and even the drunken sot, will not believe that
be drinks to excess. Men may think that others
drink to excess, but they will not think so of
themselves. Whers will yon form a standard!
Total abstinence is the standard—anything else
is excess. The tendency of one drop is as
much ss one drop can do, and when you take
two drops into the system, it is twice as much ;
and when four drops, it is tour times as muen ;
and when five drops, it is five tines as oiuoli,
Roll on, thou old Ocean,! love thy proud song; ! r - hlt produces such results, and thus encourage
j the transgression of ins- own law! No, cer
Country folks corning to a big town arc often
the following :
I love it, 1 love it, I could list to it long ;
1 could pray that my bones might rest near thy j la '"ly n °t.
ever hold office h
persecute us fur our religious op
man whoacknowiedgesuliegiar.ee toany foreign
potentate or power, or v, ho holes hirast-lf under
obligations to obey the edic l • ! any such po
tentate or power, shall be by my vote placed in
•any post or office tinder the American govern*
I would defend the rights of men of ail
the full extent to which t'oesa
liable to be "sold,"—witness
A poor drover made complaint to the Mayor,
that by means of a little ball and piece ot paper
he had, by the further aid of two nice young .
, been cheated out of SIIÜ0— his Utile all.
The Mayor c«uld do little or nothing in the
matter—tne villians having long since gone for
This warning has been so
When the spirit immortal to its heaven shall
of some half dozen persons—all colored—three
There is some bilious and
Ktornity'e emblem ! God made thee to roar,
That man, in deep rev'rence, might trembling
Th« groat God of Heaven, the Ruler of all—
The monarch's proud heart, as the song-spar
row's fell.
religions to
rights are guaranteed by the American Consti
tution. Bni while I would advise every Ame
rican citizen to defend the religious rights of all
others, even at the hazard of hie life, I would
at the same time advise him to peril h.s life not
less freely in defence of his own.
I do not undertake to enter rato the subject
bow far foreigners, who are not naturalized in
this country, should be permuted to hold office.
You will find that you can lay down no general
rule upon this subject, to which there will not
necessarily be exceptions. It is sufficient foe
my purpose, standing cs I Jo, without the
power, and without the wish to have the power,
to confer offices upon others, to say„that, in my
judgment, a native American citizen, under
equal circumstances o: qualifications and merit,
is better entitled to the honors and offices of the
country thau a foreigner, whether naturalised
or not.
parts unknown,
often repeated that it is a matter of surprise so
many are yet deceived.
As an evidence of our growing commerce, 0
launched here a few days
large steamer was
ugo, and in intended to ply to Wilmington, N.
C. We will then have seven regular lines of
Ocean steamers.
The news from Europe of the decline in the
of flour, and the abundant crops in Eng
land, has entirely overset the prophecies of the
old women in our midst.
mercy on the poor, that none uut those who
have felt the baud of piuchiag want can tell
B. S. M.
The news, if true,
Is a
the true meaning.
Fakuomsu.— lias lings, tue postmaster in Hex*
sex County, wlio about three years ago,
Con vie tea lor robbing the mail and sentenced
ten yeas imprisonment, has been pardoned by
the President. He has worked rudustnousiy
at his traue, (shoemakmg} during his imprison
ment in the jail at New Castle, and assisted
malenaly 111 supporting bis family. He Koks
in feeble health, but was much rejoiced when
Marsnai Morrow told him he was 1 res.
FarevoU, thou old Ocean I Pate bids we must
But ia speaking that sad word, tears from my
«yes start ;
Not the Uais of the frivtlous, the joyous, the
But the heart that speaks deeply, when of joy
there's no ray.
Farewell, O farewell ! How, how can I hush,
When I bear the wild song of tby waters'
deep rash ?
As 1 tarn all in sadness away from thy shore,
Can it bo—shall it be that I moot thee no more ?
before them.
Mr. David Simpler, sr., has sold his farm
situated near this place, to Mr. John W. Wal
ker, for six thousand dollars,
one hundred acres ; for its location, it is one of
the best farms in the neighborhood.
Mr. Jas. Scott, formerly keeper of Mispillion
Light, has been appointed keeper of the light
house on the Breakwater, vice Win. M. Fow
ler, resigned.
Your able article in reply to the Statesman
to have been the views of the tempe
A Glance at N*w York —We observe by
the New York Papers, that there were 2S.0ÜÖ
arrests by the police of that city during tho
last six months—rather s tall Let of ?ubLc
malefactors. Of this number tho Sixth vV art
(the fir-Sitoad rum-hole precincts) contribnteo
3.000, about one eighth. If the o'.her twenty
one Wards counted out law breakers m the
samo proportion, the aggregate would swolito
sixty-six thousand. In remring to tho nanibor
of rummerie» in that city, the Tribunt ttjt.
The BSiui-amiual report efthe C*.*ci ot tne
Police shows that there are twenty-nine hun*
dred and seventy-eight unlicensed rum shops
in full blast, averaging seven thousand persons
in the daily practice ol illegal ramsslhng.open*
ly and with the full knowledge ol the Chief and
bis men. The Chief tells us that there sro
« „r 1 .w . n w 0.895 public rum-holea in New York, (to which
Ar Editor's Crop.—W e learn that O. W. thoU , dbe a . ld ,, d 2000 to3000 kept in houses of
P. Ömilb, Esq., me spirited editor ot the Shield : tltull(>n aad not recorded.) 2,879, or nearly
at Snow H.H MU., raised this year on an acre j fj alf Krc unlicensed, and that more than 800,
lot, 120 bushels, 1 peck and 7 quarts ot shelled ^ habitul uy an j constantly open on the Sab
corn, and that he has put m tor the hrsl premi* ! h [n xVard 033 , and j a an other 224
ÜK Cattle SJhow for it. No douot he ^ ^ fuU oparat i oa , a „d not a single license
Patriot. i hM been ted for either Ward; in one Ward
— 1 w w ' j 352 , in another 235. another 875, another » 10 ,
Samuel ü. Décompta of Maryland, it ie • ano thcr 304, and in tho Fourth U urd nve nun
said, has been appointed Chief Justice of Kan- : g red rum .thops are open on 8 un " a y.
vice Madisuu Brown, of Maryland resign- t bis last Ward only eleven out ot Oil even
pretended to close upon that day.
ß-s- The potato crop of N'W Er.gltnd f*
sr.«l » be s fttH on«.
1 «
It contains about
Pennsylvania Agricultural Fair,
Philadelphia, Sept. 30,1854.'
Mr. Editor: —I presume that yon and the
most of your readers know that the great Agri
cultural State Fair came off, in this city, on
Tuesday, Wednesdy, Thursday and Friday, of
the present week. Taking that *much for
granted, I will endeavor to proceed to give you
and them some of the particulars connected
with the gigantic exhibition.
I will commence by observing, that, in cat
tle, horses, people and some other animals with
stripes down their legs, and large bunches of
hair about their mouths, in that respect resem
bling goats somewhat, (a proper name for which
1 did not learn,) tbis Fair exceeded anything
ever seen at any exhibition in tbis section of
the world. The number of visitors seemed to
increase daily, and it is thought that thete
could uot have been less than 350,090 persons
on tbs ground from Alpha to Omega. The
trial of horses took place 00 Wednesday, the
burning of safes ou Thursday, and the plough*
mg match on Friday—all three of which créa
03" Loving one's neighbor as we love our
selves: letting bogs and shanghais eat up
their coni so as to save them the expense ol
husking I There is encouragement in putting
m a crop, when it ie knewn that means are ai
rsaay lor us harvest. God feeds tbs towl# 0 !
the air, but loose of the baru-yaid feed m the
corn-held.— Cayuga Chi^f.
ranee men about here. At any rate you gave
him a "broadsider" which seemed to come
down on him " like a thousand of bricks,
we bave to say down here, is, give him a little
more of « the same eon."
(£/• The Boston Transcript gives the follow
ing :
One of tke most amusing incidente of the
late excursion to Rock Island is thus related by
the Utica Telegraph:—A gentleman in the
wiieh-room said to the captain of the boat,
••Caa'tyoa give a clean towel, captain?"
« No ;*' »»id tha captain, " more than fifty
passengers have used that towel there, and you
are the first one that's said a word against it!
Candidates ta serve on the tickets of the old
parties are in great demand in Sussex. One ot
them nominated a county ticket a week or two
a go, and they have been dropping off so thaï
the number has been reduced quite law.
1 believe you have now all the news of in
terest about town, except 1 mention the nume
rous persons l see along the street with " tre
mendous bricks in their hat," which, as they
ara of so frequent occurrence, I do nut think
worth while to mention.
urn at
will gel the premium.'
What time is it, Tom ?"
•• Javt tits« to pay that Utile account yon owa
OirCapt. Richard T. Merrick a talented
Whig member of the Baltimore bar is out ia a
long letter against th« Ltw Nothings.
, •:«
«Oh, indeed ! Well, I didn't think it was
so kiv?
Respectfully, yours, Bhsvity.
*r •* **V ' ■ ' ^

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