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r »« JVhfitevtr meafures hâve * tendency /» dißdvc the Union, or contribute to vi late or lJen the Sovereign Authority, 7
(_ ovht to he conjidered as hojlilc to the Liberties and Independence ef America." -Geo. Washington. 3
{Numb. 47.
VOL. 1.1
Prmtfd CWfeDNKSD^YS and SATURDAYS) by W. C. SMYTH, two Doors brW Mr. D. Beinton's Tavern, High-Street,_W^rttNOTO:», DiuwARt,

September 20,
1 3oo.
[ One- ILilf in Advance.
Threi Dollars yr Annum .]
•y.f t ; -

To the ÈUAors of Nnvcaßle County .
rpHE Subfcriber oflTr. himfelf a Candidate
Tt.,.»., (IMF RIFF's GFÏ'lCE, when the
• . f A )a ,i cynlrc_avd
the enfuine EleAion. Should his met '« be fo
«»fiÂftï £"* him it. the Offic', the
public favour (hall, be gra'v'ully rc.mtp'bered,
and the performarice of h<* duty the primary
ebjcâ, «f, . . _ . .. ^
*' A Fnwd to the rubjJC,
' Joseph isRABt*
March ly.
To the Citizen-Electors ofNewcaßlt


a fj; .
1 teg le ve te offer inyfejte
your eonßihrntion ni a Candidate for the COkO
\*NER's-(..*F! ICE, ot the next Genera! LUS en.
Jf Imtij htßhnffy a: te merit y >ur pctryiqgCf
and he elrte tefrid Oßce, tic favour ßall H ever
grateful y Stclnev/lrdfed, ly
Tour be.low-Ci'ixen,
Chrißianra B-i 'ge, 1
Feb. 27, rdoo. J
A. i 5 . *de
* Fron* the mimen Us, repeated,
mR! unfolicitrd applicai D-t» t>f*ty friend* in dif.
fèrent pans of th com ly—together with that
d.Riiigulfii. d mark cf lour frifcndlhip, file V«. to
me en a former. < ecafion, by placing m. the
hiohtft 0.1 1 he polis (or your Sheriff, which,
by me, fr ail ever gratefully be-rem-.mbered—
f therefore her tro-r-once more to 'Fir mytelf 4
t-AAfiJUr/TF, (■' kafinjf V««* . -
Literetll) trtrlhnz that mv c 9 „d U a w>ilR ta
effice was fuel, a. will merit your fit frsge., fo
as to return m< ,he bigheft ia v ,e for laid Of.
«ce. at the next G neral Eleâion. wfiich fa
«our (hall ever be efteethed with gratitude*
To the Citizens, Electars, of
By your obit cd, bumble fervanf,
N. B. Having been informed of a repio-t in
Crtculalfon that I d d net intend flaadinga poll
*t the enfuing Eicdfton —I thi k it needfirry to
iifiirm my Fellow-Citixens, that the reprrt is
Life and ii'ifourfded, a* my intention is to get
the OFFICE, f returned the htgheft i» rite.
35 t,e
Cf To tire inhiihi'ants of Newcaflle C nt'*y,
who are qti.tlfrtd 11 Vote for Mt mb.rrt o ; the
General Affi mbly. Thkt an ELEC 1 ION
will be held at the Cr-urt-H. life, in th, Town
ot 3 »» .(«caftlfc, at the fame time and phce, a d
>0 the firme manner chat Senators and li
fcutatives for the faid Ccinity rjre chufet
choofe ore good and fuiiftantial Freehjldcr in
the Hundred of Chrilltaiina one go»d and
{sihftaitial hrethrlder in the Hurhed of
V. liite-Clay-Creek, one good and fubllantiai
Fiechi lner in the Hundred cf f'ercader,
good and fubftantia! Freeholder in the Hundred •
of Redliou, a cd oa<* food and fiibtlatitiai Free.
bolder in the Hundred of St. Georg..-.*, as
tommiJCoccrs ofthe I/cry. Court a. d Cnirt of
Appeal for the ( ,unity Of Ncvca[Ue~to fug.
piy the place of William ?o«l-. Levi Adhms,
y illiam Couch, George Clarke, and ja, ties
liaughry, whofe fiats have become vacant, by
«fie expirai ion of tluir time* —the faid William
Foule having refis ned.
For the Cteikof the Peace.
A.ug. 5, 1800
Notice is he ely Given,

KF Notice is a'fo giver, That j»n Adjo irned
Court of Chan*»ry will be held at the t'.ourt
Hoiifi, tn the Town of Newcaltie, *j the
2$d of September, i«ft.
For Rtgiller in Ciianctty.
And 41 fo. That an adjourned Levy
6ourt will be held
xfo.b af September, ittft.
For Clerk of the Peace.
the fame place, on the
Neweaftle, 1
Stpt. », i 8 ao. C ' •
S'wing filka,,
White and coloured
Fuftians, jeans, Ac.
Tapes and bobbins,
Oil-cloths, '
Irifh linens
Men and 'women's
gl uveSi
Nankeen* and banda
p 0Cgi
Coarfi 'mulîin.
Penknives & razors;
Flat ft fpao i-end bit*,
•Sharp ditto*,
Wholcfuk and Retail Store.
Ö* The Subfcriber returns dfocere thank,
to his friends, for tne encouragement he has
hrrftofor* received, and now folicita a conl^
J. l.rt.lc. IW
.follow,,ng art.cl«, juft pecevvrd from England,
which will be fold torc.lh, or the ufualcred.es
Superfine ciolltt,
Kerky meres & trim.
nun er
jCsLI«*« • <
> Gin g » on, dimities,
Mtfltnetr, Marftilles,
Mufl n fhawl*.
r crm ' nr,
Tine-, ic mufli. hand
1 Kercnie's,
Book mufli,-,
Tamb'iur'd St lappet
Cuttcm cheques,
( «iton ho fitly,
CaUimanctK* aod du
r;in u,
Worded bi dintrs,
Frrrets and galoous,
"'-Tina and neadlcs,
Kniv.s and r orks,
Crooked conibs,
Dory & q iill back do.
Tea trqyaand waiters.
July 2 6<
A Valuable Real Vßatc j
IT IT .'.TED in Nartticoke hundred, county
1 f Suffi x, and Hate of Delaware i Ctm
S ing of two ituadred and twenty »eres of lar.d,
about 175 acres ot which are hrtble,' and in good
fate fur cultivât! n, including a fuf able pro
pn'tion of meadow ground, which may be
«ly improVtd and rtudrted of gr at advasfc g".
The fait! prem.fi* are contiguous to St. John s
Tn*n, Kl g on the main read leading from
Bridge.Brancb to Milford, dillatit from the
former 3 miVvl and from the latter ten miles}
' " ; * ' «*^1«"* t*««« —tH--- - -
chan-ca! bitfinefs. «.aid land conta, ns a br-ck
dwell,ng-houfe, a hatn rt .ble», coro-cnb*, fcc.
* good «pplc.orch.rd and peach d.tto,
*h>- h are convemeat tofundty mil f, both mer
«haut and country.
T lie terms, which will be moderate, may be
known by applying to the fuhfcriber and owner
thereof, living in Milford, Kent county.
Aug. 1800.
3 S 3 m
Public Notice is hei eby Given,
Tn the inliabirants of Newcattle County,
that the (ubferiber will, for the convenience of
the people, atttnd for the purpole of receiving
the CARRIAGE-TAX. and of iffuing RE. 1
TAÎLERS' LICENCES, &c. at the timev
and places 3* follow :
.On Monday the Ijlh of 'leptember, at the
houfe cf DcLhay & Bonn-ck, in Brandywine
On Saturday the 20th, at the houfe of Wil
J iam Nelfon, in Eakiu-Town, Fencader Hun
On T|Uefday the i8th, at the houfe cf Da.
v.d Biintoa, in Wihnmgtoo ;—
On Wfcdnefclay the 17th, from 8 o'clock,
A M. to one o'clock, r. m. at the houfe of
John Miller, in Newport:—and, 1
On the fame day, from one r» 6 o'clock
M- at the houfe of Peter Springer, ia Siaua.
ton, MilLCveek Hundred
On Tburfdly the j8th, at theboufe of John
Darragh, in the town of Ne (Vita fl le; —
On Friday the içth, at the houfe of John
CaDoiin, in St. George's, Redlion Hundred ;
died ;—
On Monday the 23d, at the houfe of Mary
Calhoun, Cantwrll's.Bndge j—
Ö.t Tuefday the 23 d, at the heufe of Re
becca Shields, in'Middletown, St. George'*
FJu: dred 1—jnd,
On W«dtiefd»y the 24th of September, at
the houfe of Thomas Beim, Blackbird, Ap
p'quinnm.inck Hundred.
tT. It is cdt.fldeatly hoped, that all Holders
of Carriages liable to duly, Rita 1 er* of Spi
rits à od Wines, and all the-fe who are in arrears
for the Divett Tax, in the fir ft and fi-cond af
fiffment diftridts of the fi ll divifioti, &c. will
come forward agreeably to the above farcurabte
opportunitict, prepared' to make Payment of
their Taxes, according to law, otherwife they
will be prr.ceeded agaiult aa the law dirodU.
The Public's nioft i h't fervent, v
JOHN HALL, j,»«.
Colletftnr of the Rev fine, New,
cattle County; Dittiift of De.
1 laware.
•y.f t ; -
Ar^te of the 5th, Thermidor, Joty *4. ,
The cpnfuls of the republic to the miuitter of
w?|. >'V
" t*f eonfül* are info metf citizen Ipinifter*,
tb:t A.i, .1 FV.T/C Latoiir ia 0» lut rr-urti
* rom ^ftria, wear'ng the u.dfrrm of a foldier,
which re difi.r*cei, Let' him knew that he
ceafed o be ia the frttiec of th- republic the
day whim he Cowardly furrenßertd the fortref*
of Mantua, Bid forbid him'Scpufsl^to wear
* n 7 "ww** His conduft at Mantua is more
art obj a for the CO nijuneeof public opinion
than of the t'lpunal -, fu-tber, the ilitentionof
government is to h • nr co mor t ot tty» fhameful
Which will lomrremcD albin tp our
arni '- Citizen Foiffie Lrtour will, find in the
* public tonempt the fevc-ift punilhmcnt that
» can be ir.fl fted on a Fr «climat.
^ (Signed) BUi 'N APART E, Firft Cor.ftil;
ft.' B; MA RET, Src. of State.
Biio apa te has fei t letters 10 the frveral
' dilivei hies b Europe, prcp.ifing the foljowit g
as prize qui rt o s.
1. To ana ife the cönneyfiion which exifls
between mufic and el quenqe : to determiue
1 the means of app'ying eloquence to mufic,,
without ii jming the n elody—A gold medal
of the weight of five htétoï ramme*.
2. To dttcrsni: e, by ohfirvation and by ânà
to icid and chemical experiments, wha» are the
plienu.ficns of the torpbr cl certain animats in
winter, as the marmot, the c'ormrmfe, &c. in
regàul to the cireul.ti.in ofthe blood,' the ref'
jpiratioi ai d irritabi l' y _To inveftigate what
are the cattles of that flo p, and why ia it prop»
er (or htcuHar) to tbi fe a itnaîî — A gold
medal ofthe va uc of one kilrgramme.
*. Tn inveù g 'e by expelimeitls, what ii
«**• » di.i«». i»r . I .. if
water anf of earth, in the pre la of veoéta
tioi..—A gold medal el ti e value cf one kilo
4 Wlat are the chartSfrc* In vegetable
and aititnibf btlance, vhich diftinguifh title
which tkeift fermentation from thofe wl-icb are
made t' uidfrp-o ti e fermei.ting procefs. A
gold medal of the value of a kilogramme
A ridiculous account is publiflted in fbdie of
the papers, that, at the battle of Marengo,
the two armies were about the fame number,
25,000 each. Is it pcili.de that any body can
give out fitch nottfenfs as true ? The corps of
the imperial army which blockaded Genoa was,
acfcVifdii g.ro every acc' U 'r, shout 15,600 men.
In fatt, a moutem's ufluMion will fhiiw that
a Itnaller. tln ber could not have blockaded Ge"
coa where MalT.ua had IC.00O, befides tlie
Gcnm fe patrioitr G*n. E ftiitz, from Savo*
La'e Foreign News.
By an Arrivât at Nevi Tori*
FAR 15 * July 25.
- I.ÖNDCN, Ju'y io— 19 .
sis 10 Nice, at thç Co! di Te: da, had, at the
very lead, ,5,000 moie on the different points
he field, Tne corps of Gel'l. Haddicl: &ud
Keim in the t.sighbour! ood cf Turin were,net
under to.e&o, making, in a l forty thoufand
men. In truth this compulation is probably
below the real flreugth of the ImpcrieliRst
The new army winch Bu 'tiaparte brought in
to lta'y,together, is computed at upwards of
70,dtp, dduciiag tin fi' killed in the different
aftioni, thofe that penetrated towaida the
Mantuan, atid thife left to blockade feven or
eight ferttefles, he could not have yo.eoo at"
the battle of Marengo. Ii is likely that both
h d feme where about 40 or 45 000*
Some peop'e feem to thick that before the
battle of Maticgo the Auftrian caufe was ba
lar.ccd in Italy. A Utile attention will (htwr
that t'i* a very ill founded, igi orant fiippnfi«
tion. It is true that if the Andrians had gain
td the tiflory on the 14th, they might havé
had fume chance of forcing their way back ta
Mantua. &c. but thry could not have remain«
ed in Piedmont. . if Bunnapartei hari been
obliged to retreat he would have ntT mbltd all
the force* be bed left to b'fiege the d fferent
for in'ff », and to keep Vurkriffovich in check.
Jr, ihe 11 ean time Suchet, Maltcna, and Thu
rcaii, would h.-ve been prefitng upon thé rear
«f .th* Auftriana, and prevented them from
availing tbemfijvc* of a vidtoiylo the fulfilt
extent. The meafui es of Buonapaite previous
to the*battle were a.l direÄid to prevent Mela*
Buonapartcdid not rrpefcl the
battle to lake place on the 14th. The Auf
triar.s began it. He had difpi.fcd hi» forces in
fuch a nianrtr as to hold evciy pafi. His
fore:» were tim* in a certain degree oeccffarily
fii tr efi aping.
mod probably have deferred the engagement
till Ma fieri a had corne lip to fall on ttie rear of
the Autlri.ina, ar d to gnard the read down t*
the Gcuoefe, by NoVi, &o. From theft difuo
fkitir.i, and BuOnapare's anxiety to piepare
fora dfcifivé engagement, it happened that
the viélory was. fiolqnp doubtful at Maring».
Before the Auftriana attacked, ilifc french
ytre ignorant whether Mêlas would' crefs the
to to the north ; efrfiend toward* Geqoa*
making toward* Ttifcany, or pr.f* ttraight
forward on the road to Straddella. Thu* it
happened that the French bad not all thtir
forces ia the eftinn at the begihmng of thé bat
tie. Gen. Deffaix't divifian was afiu. I!y o®
llie road to Serravalla, to guard the paffe* td
the Genoefe, when the aftinn commenced, and
he was recalled eluting the nrogref* of it. Gen.
Chabraa's di.Gon »as equally fmp'oyrd
guarding theTojui the ucrlis Gen. Mslas-by
attacking the French, certainly »tailed him*
ft If of tl-c only dunce of tfcape. If the bat
tie had been delayed three days, it would hare
been equally as decifite, and gained with ma*
ï»fe to the French, a* Maff*»» would then
bate guarded tlufe, paff » which flqonapart*
was obliged to-divide hil forces to ke«p } and
Buonaparte could have attacked with two di
vifi ms more, at leaft. It is evident, therefore,
»bat the deciûve afti m that to»k place was thi
Ireflilt of Bu inaparth'« r mtafures ; and the refills
wa* d aily fortfeen. ,.i Buonaparte had failed
»» Maripgo, jt by no m ns lol'owrd that ht*
Would litve been deftroy be might h te .
mads a fécond attempt, whe, sa* the Auflrian*
flaked every thing on a throw, asd they loft ir*
The increafed comciuiucation between
France ar 1 tlrs country has ' a good deal Con*
trioüted to the convenience of the ii habitant*
of Dover, who frequently buy from the (iafiagi*
aud other veff' Is excellent Veal, at 3d,, per lb.
.and other articles cf food proportiohably cheap
—good veal i* fold at Crditi* at à penny per lb*
fvclii butter at id. and new eggs at is, jef
hundred. _ _ 1 _
The political phtlofiphers, ijn nirrfÿirtg th*
psi-i-s cf htftd!«-. •ii 1 * h ré' k masked *>.** .4 -
change *1 niiitcrs it feldam foli.iwvd Vf *
change of affections on the part of the pet pie.
On the contrary, it itiotl 1 fr.qnently icertafe*
their attachment to their former fatyereigi* and
fellow fu jefls. Of this tilth a veiyftiiliing
proof has betrl recently exhibited by the fclerpy
of Siiciia—more attached to the h-.ufeof Awl
trie than to that of Brandenburg, .whole do*
minion thiy regard a«ai> uftn psticn, and feeing •
In the neutrality of the king of I'rufii , noth Tg
buta c twardly defertidn of the caufc of Gid,
while the emperor Frances was looked upon a* (
the avenger and fupportcr of the holy faith,
they took a refolution of fccrctly impofing 3
tax upon themftlve*, the produce-.of which
was intended to be tradfaiiited to the entpernr,
as a voluntary aid for carrying ort the «ar ot
religion and monarchy. But this ,gift couli
not be made openly. It was ncctflary te rd.
here to the literal romtrtand of ferij 'tire, which
fays, that the left hand fitould no; know »hat
the right band does. This left ha, d, wa*, in
their concept ion, the king of Pruffia a d hi*
rr.iuillers. The gold was therefore cçlk'Ad tn
the moll fecret manner, jiacked up and placef
in waggons, carefully covered with hay. The
then to.k the load to the fiou«
of the money.
been, perhaps, taxed béyond his proportion,
or who, being m re highly animated with the
foirit of th« gr.fpcl, wiiic f .ys. " Give unto
Csefar the thing* which ate C*far's,'' and feg"
ing on the coin the iffi y «f the king of Piuf*
fi , thought Frederick William had a b t er
right toil than Fr»r.cet. contrived ,r> i lra
mit intelligence to the court of Benin, re*
fpefling the mode: of conveyance, and tltcd. t
tination of this pieu» treafure. H a inllan
mrjclly. who is juft as fi>nd money ct fcian
cit can be, took tare that the waggons Incu a
be quietly intercepted, and ealed of the che t»
of gold, to the great relief of the horfes, but
to the higheft difplcafitre of the Silcflan clergy«,
who mult henceforth content themfilvrs W114
affiiting th. emperor hy their prayers only,
, ,l u y 3 1- , w n f
.Admiral Duckworth goes ta the 1 1 • «•
dies- _ 1 , - ,,
The heavy taxes impeded by » *■ P'"'"»
tr.iniftry have caufed an iufurr.-Sion to Eitra
madura which lias madt it seceUiry to marc*
a body of troops thither,
July 3. The new Pope entered Rome, ami .
the ringing of he is and the joy.it> noms o tu
p pu'ace. fiivcral ftrangrrs were »u.n.v.f •
tiers of Bohemia»
But Gad, who is fometimea p'eafed to ex*
pofe bis cleft t» trial»
it, that the hay arrived at th* place j*f dedica
tion, but Unaccompanied hy a ftngle grofehen
Some falte "btother, who had
d vrxptioirt, fo ordeied

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