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'territorial Library
VOL. IV. NO. 300.
For Everybody. .
50 Cents and Upwards
Don't Forsret Our Free Labor Bureau.
Always Look for Our Sign.
Great Constitutional
Convention Held.
The Royalists Without
A Descendant of the Kame-
hamas a Delegate.
Supporters of the Monarchy Fix
June 1 as the Date for the
The LONG and SHORT of It.
n n
fiii -..I j That for seasanable goods
Honolulu, May 3, per Steamer Ala
meda via San Francisco, May 10. The
election for delegates to the constitu
tional convention was held yesterday
and passed off quietly. No Eoyalist
candidates were in the field, and con
sequently no special interest was taken
in the election. The American Union
party had five candidates and six others
ran independent of the regular ticket.
Three were elected, one of whom, A.
K. Knnuiakea, is a descendent of the
old reigning family, the Kamehamas,
and is the last of his race.
A number of prominent rovalists have
set June 1, as restoration day. It is
stated they expect to be fully armed
by that time and if no help is received
from the United States they intend to
make an attack on the provisional gov
ernment. The government officials
take no stock in the rumor, however.
The sand bags which have surrounded
the executive building ever since last
December, have been removed and the
military force is beiug gradually re
duced. Quiet in Samoa.
Samoa, April 25, per steamer Ala
meda, via San Francisco, May 10. So
fighting among the natives has oc
curred since the last, correspondence.
The cessation in hostilities among the
natives is principally due to the united
efforts of the American, British and
German consuls, who nave shown a
marked capacity for dealing with the
difficulties of the unpleasant situation.
They persuaded both parties of natives
to, return to their homes and though
the feeling of discontent among the na
tives is as strong as ever the proba
bility of hostilities appears to be remote.
night before Slast he engaged in con
versation with a native of the country
who told him he had lived twenty years
in that vicinity and had spent nineteen
of them waiting for trains to Phcenix.
His lecture tonight, "Fact and Fun
in China and Japan," is in itself a lib
eral education ar.d an antidote against
Movements of the Industrials
in the West.
Battle Between the Coxeyites and
United States Officials at
North Yakima.
Probable Solution of Two Ghastly
Los Angeles, May 10. The authori
ties claim to have evidence that Mrs.
Silvera Luenas, who was found dead in
her house at Wilmington April 11, died
from the effects of a beating received at
the hands of John Smith.
The sheriff has also unearthed two
persons who were approached by. Smith
who proposed the robbery of John
Hawkins, the old baker who was found
dead a few weeks ago. Smith will
probably be arrested tomorrow.
Granite Garden Hose.
Vapor Stoves.
Barb Wire.
Building Hardware.
Agricultural Implements.
!5.VT It IIN t.
I amxs A. Fleming, President.
Y. J. Cole. Vice-President.
E. J. BKNNiTT.Caahler
111 Bill
United States D
Paid Up Capital, - - $100,000
U. S. Bonds to Secure Deposits, 50,000
Depositary for tie Territorial Funds.
. The only Steel-Lined Vaults and Steel Safety Deposit Boxes in Arizona.
Quiet But U ncomfortable.
Birmingham, Ala., May 20. A dem
onstration at Pratt City by striking
miners last night which looked like an
intended attack on the convict camp
caused the military to be put under
arms but the night passed without
trouble. The situation is quiet but un
Careless but Not Criminal.
Salinas, Mav 10. The preliminary
examination of Roger Ryfkogel, the
third mate of the steamer Los Angeles,
for the loss of the vessel on the 21 et of
April, was continued yesterday and
there not being sufficient evidence to
warrant bis being held to answer he
was discharged.
If you think of building see Ham
brook & Schorr, lumber mill agents.
Found A school order on the county
treasurer for $68.40. Owner can have
by applying at this office.
There Fs a probability that Con Jack
son, whose skull was crushed at Mari
copa last Saturday morning, will recover.
The friends of Judge Jordan deny the
rumor of his intended resignation.
They say that he i$ rapidly recovering
ana will be able to resume the duties of
his office.
Jas. Fitzgerald and Robert Brackett
were brought down from Mesa last
night under a commitment by Justice
Pomeroy to fifteen days ia the county
jail for misdemeanor.
A Masonic watch charm lost by
M. W. Kales ten years ago in his or
chard was found yesterday and returned
to him. It was not much the worse for
the vicissitudes of exposure to summer
suns and winter rains.
On the heels of the distressing intel
ligence of the death oi his father,
Maurice Fleishman yesterday received
a telegram announcing the death of his
uncle, Nathan Levy, of San Francisco.
Mr. Levy was the father of Mrs. Ber
nard Goldman.
Another step was taken yesterday in
the sensational case of the will of Mar
cus A. Fry in the presentation of a pe
tition in probate court for the appoint
ment of administrators upon his estate.
No action was taken in the matter of
the petition.
Two debates have been arranged be
tween the Lamson College literary so
ciety and the Tucson literary society.
The date of the first debate is May 19.
The subject of discussion is Woman
Suffrage. It will take place in Phcenix.
The other will occur at Tucson on a date
not yet agreed upon.
The following transfers of real estate
were entered for record yesterday:
Nathan Ellis and wife to J. E. Kalis
cher quit claim to one-half interest in
lots 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 block b and lots
2, 3, .4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 block 7 Mur
phy's addition. A. Redewill and wife
to S. P. Hoefer lots 28, 30, 32 and 34
n Gray's subdivision ot lots 2, 2, b and
in Neahrs' addition, $850.
Deputy marshal John Hickey vester-
day became a private citizen. He has
been an efficient accommodating of
ficer and has done much to preserve
good order in the city. Thai his-services
have been appreciated is shown
in the fact that as a" candidate, though
unsuccessful for the office of assessor,
he led his ticket by something like 100
Two little bovs, the elder not more
than six years old, were driving a mare
hitched to a road wagon along Fourth
street yesterday morning. The mare
lay down in the road in front ot Lount's
ice factory, and the juvenile drivers
were unable to make her rise. By
standers went to their assistance and
finally discovered that the mare's action
was not an unaccountable freak. She
had taken this opportunity to become a
Washington street was the scene of a
dangerous runaway yesterday morning.
The team drawing one of Johnson's
scavenger wagons became frightened
and ran astride a telephone pole. Ihe
tongue of the wagon was broken off
and the horses thus freed turned and
ran furiously down the street. They
collided with one of Saunders' heavy
trucks and turned it completely over.
In the collision one of the runaway
horBes had a leg broken and the other
horse was severely cut.
Merest Paid on Time Deposits.
General Banking Business.
The Great Humorist Delights a Mul
The most distinguished arrival in
Phoenix yesterday morning was Mr.
Melville D. Landon whose alias Eli
Perkins, has been a prominent figure
on the lecture platform for a quarter of
century, though the great humorist
hardly looks more than twenty-five
He would be mistaken for nothing
else than a humorist. His solemnity
is unbroken save now and then by
drooping of his left eyelid which seems
to be a sort of concession toward
Mr. Landon is something more than a
humorist if one can be more than a
humorist. Ha ia a vigorous writer, and
speaker on prosaic subjects and is
among the ablest regular contributors
to the Political Economist, rlis views
on a protective tariff are favorable and
pronounced and are presented in
manner as interesting as it is convin
cing. Protection is deftly woven into
his lecture of tonight "Fun and Fact in
China and Japan."
He was faced last night at the opera
house by a large and appreciative
audience in "Philosophy of Wit and
Humor." Mr. Landon is perhaps more
somber than he was ten years ago but
is none the less attractive. The wisdom
in his lecture is almost as funny as the
wit and Doth are intensely funny.
His distinctions between wit, humor
and satire were amusing and interest
ing and his delineation of character
showed an intimate acquaintance with
the motives of men. His local appl:
cations were happy.
Illustrating the manner in which life
is frittered away he said while he was
waiting at "Mary Cooper" (Maricopa)
By the Associated Pr res.
Tacoma, May 10. A special to the
News says : Sixty commonwealers stole
a train of coal cars at Chalners at noon
and turned it on the main line of the
Northern Pacific railway. There waB
no engine on the train, but as it is
down grade east, the cars were easily
started. The men say they will stop
at Ellensburg, twenty-five miles east,
but it is feared they will not be able to
keep control of tne train.
The New York Life
They Got There.
Tacoma, Wash., May 10. The car
was stopped with brakes at Ellensburg,
the sixty Coxevites joining 100 more of
their friends there. It is reported that
sixty Coxeyites were arrested at Ya
kima this afternoon for last night's
shooting, but details have not been re
ceived. Over one hundred industrials
are still at Yakima and claim thev
will take the first eastbound freight.
Deputy Marshals Chidester and Jolly,
who were snot in the fight at Yakima
last night, were brought to Tacoma to
day. Jolly's wound is eeriouB; he is
not expected to live. Chidester is but
slightly hurt by a ball in the thigh.
The marshals Bay that the two shots
were fired by the commonwealers be
fore the marshals used their guns.
After the Battle.
North Yakima, "Wash., May 10.
There has been no further encounters
between the deputy United States mar
shals and the industrials. The latter
are still here and claim they will take
the first eastbound freight. Deputy
Marshal Ed Minch of Tacoma, is here
in charge of about fifty specials, and
Joe Warren with twenty-seven men all
armed with rifles, arrived this morning
from Spokane. It is claimed that some
of the citizens incited the common
wealers to resistance and did much to
precipitate the conflict of last night.
General Managers
For Arizona.
Rooms 5 and 6 Fleming Block.
Money Loaned on Policies
at 5 per cent per annum.
Call and see us if you want
To Place a
Gilt-Edged Loan
began with the arrest of five soldiers
for carrying pistols. In trying to arrest
a soldier one peace officer shot at him
and later the shooting was renewed and
Corporal Inglebart waa shot through
the head and killed instantly. An on
looker was shot through the abdomen
and died.
Discouraging Vigilance.
Spokane, May 10. The Spokane
Coxeyites are very much disturbed.
The vigilance of the authorities has
crushed their spirits. DesertionB are
numerous. A deputy United States
marshal went out to Hillyard today to
serve papers of injunction restraining
the commonwealers from interfering
with the property of the Great North
ern railway.
The Pueblo Train Tnieves.
Scott City, Kan., May 10. Wag
goner's train arrived here sometime
before the Coxeyites. Marshal Neeley
and his forces were standing on the
platform with Winchesters. When the
industrials arrived and saw the armed
men thev reversed the engine and
went at great speed backwards, disap-
peanng in the west. At Scott City the
track has been taken up to stop the
stolen train.
The Vinette Crowd Released.
Los Angeles, May 10. Col. Vinette
and his seven followers, on trial for an
attempt to defraud the railroad out of
fares, were ordered discharged today
bv Judges Clark and Van JJvke, who
held that the complaint was not spe
cific. Thev were rearrested by the
sheriff of San Bernardino charged with
inciting riot, but were again released by
Judge Bartholomew, who fixed their
bail in the Bum of $1 each.
About Wool.
Boston, May 10. The American
Wool and Cotton Reporter says of the
wool market: The market has been
the dullest since January 1. Delaine
wools are stiff and scarce and their ex
ceedingly small Bupply has resulted in
fancy priceB being obtained here and
elsewhere. Receipts of California
southern wools are increasing; early
Arizona wools are also coming in con
siderable quantities.
A Fatal Collision.
Eau Claibe, Wis., May 10. A head
end collision between a passenger train
from Minneapolis and a freight train
occurred near Menominee Junction.
The trains were running slowly, ap
proaching a bridge. An express mes
senger and mail clerk were killed out
right. The fireman had both legs cut
off and died. Several others are in
Cutting Down the Price.
San Francisco, Mav 10. The execu
tive committee of the Midwinter fair
this morning decided to reduce the ad
mission to the fair to 25 cents on Sun
days and to 25 cents on week days after
5 o'clock.
California Odd Fellows.
San Francisco, May 10. The Grand
Lodge of Odd Fellows today elected the
following officers: J. H. Simpson,
grand master; P. F. GoBbey, deputy
grand master; J. W. Warboys, grand
A Home Destroying Fire.
Norway, Me., May 10. Fifteen hund
red people in this town are homeless
today in consequence of a conflagration
last night. Loss about $239,000. In
surance $139,000.
A South American Earthquake.
Caracas, Venezuela, May 10. In the
terrible earthquake of April 28 several
cities and villages were destroyed and
it is said ten thousand lives were lost.
The Yuma Arrests.
Yuma, Ariz., May 10. The fifteen
industrials who were arrested here for
boarding an eastbound train will be
held to await the action of the grand
iury which meets in October. Their
bonds were bxed at $ouu each.
Cronln's Appeal From Sentence of
Death Heard at Hartford, Ct.
Hartford, Ct., May 10. The case of
John Cronin's appeal from the sentence
of death August 24, for the murder of
Albert J. Skinner at South Windsor
was argued in the supreme court this
Cronin s counsel onimed that cer
tain testimony regard u- what Skinner
said while dying w.i inadmissable
and that the court erred in admitting
it when objected to by Cronin's coun
Counsel for the state claimed that
even if the testimony should have been
stricken out, the murder was fully
proven by other overwhelming testi
The court reserved its decision.
Our Chinese Guests.
Washington, May 10. The number
of Chinese registered in the entire
country is 105,312, of whom 67,977 are
in California and Nevada, 4669 in Mon
tana, Idaho and Utah, and 1781 in Ari
zona. The Chinese population by the
last census was 107,485.
Harrv Adams is recovering from a
prolonged and severe attack of bilious
Fred Mauk yesterday took the posi
tion of baggage-checker on the Maricopa
& Phcenix.
Engineer Trott left for the head of the
Arizona canal on professional business
yesterday afternoon.
Miss Hanks, who came to Phoenix
from Des Moines, Ia., six months ago,
on account of ill health, returned last
night greatly improved.
Harry O. Jordan who came here last
January from Colorado in search of
health, left last night for bis home in
Boston, Mass., greatly improved. He
expects to return west next fall.
Acting Inspecting General Lewis left
last night for Globe, where the inspec
tion of Company A, N. G. A., will take
place next Sunday, from Globe ha
will go to Florence and inspect Com
pany E about May 16.
Superintendent Morgan and Chas.
Prange, of the Harcuvar Mining com
pany, came in night before last from
Morgan City. The new ten-stamp mill
is running at full blast and a large force
of men are getting out ore with which
to feed it.
Commercial hotel guests yesterday
were: . it. jNettieton, Han vrancisco:
M. D. Landon, New York ; T. S. Greene,
Pasadena; S.P. Bartley, San Francisco;
A. C. McChesney, Colo.; JN. J. Half,
Sansaba, Texas : M. B. Gerry, Washing
ton ;B. Hattisch, Tombstone; A. R.
Jackson, New York.
C. M. Frazier, a successful attorney
of Silverton, Colo., who, with bis fam
ily arrived a few days ago, has rented
the Dunbar residence on Washington
street east of the Capitol grounds and
will in a few dayB open an omce in the
citv. He is a lawyer of means, reputa
tion, evidently exceptional physical
and mental force, a Republican and an
ardent champion of suffrage for women.
New York, May 10. Richard K. Fox
has received the following dispatch
from New Orleans : "Inform Bob Fitz
simmons and Joe Choynski that the
Olympic club will give a 'purse of $8,000
for them to box for and allow each $300
for expenses. This is the final offer of
the club."
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
Highest Honors World's Fair.
Case of Millionaire King.
Providence, R. I., May 10. A com
mission was appointed in the supreme
court yesterday to paas upon the sanity
of William H. King, the Newport mil
lionaire confined in McLean insane
asylum at Somerville, Mass. George
Gordon King, his newly appointed
guardian desires to have him transferred
to Butler asvlum in this citv.
Fight at a Fiesta.
Rio Grande City, May 10. At the
fiesta in the suburbs of the town a bat
tle occurred between the peace officers
and United' States soldiers. Trouble
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.

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