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Territorial Library
VOL. V. NO. 35.
jj ' ,0r "
ur Midsuniffler Clearance bale
Will be Similar to Our Former Efforts,
but not JUST LIKE THEM, It will con
tinue until the
Come in and see for yourself; then judge.
The Railroad Strike Be
comes Formidable.
All Is Dead on the S.
and the Santa Fe.
The Rock Island the Last of
Chicago's Roads, Engulfed.
Railroad Managers Are Determined
to Concede Nothing to
the Strikers.
Jk nh nt sm fei ai jf am a
uuuuuru hi us. u
- -j
By the Associated Press.
Los Angeles, June 29. The strike is
general throughout the Southern Pa
cific and Santa Fe systems. No trains,
local or overland, have left here today.
The only wheels that turned today were
on the Terminal, which is Btrictly a
local road.
Tied-Up Local Trains.
West Oakland, Cal., June 29. At 5
p. m., the railway tie-up is as tight as
ever and the only trains running on
this side of the bay are one local run
ning to Oakland and a narrow gauge
crain to the same point. The A. R. U.
tried hard to stop these trains and
managed tb tie-np the narrow gauge
train for aA hour.
One mal, a fireman, quit work but
another man was found to take his
place and traffic was resumed. One
train on the broad feauge was operated
by a regular engineer and a tug boat
will Fight It Hard.
Chicago, June 29. After the meet
ngof the General Managers association.
General Manager Earling of the C. M.
& St. P., said they propos ed to persue
an aggressive poiicv. "It was deter
mined at the outset" said Mr. Earling,
that we would have to 6eht this strike.
All the roads represented have deter
mined to secure men to take the places
of those who have struck. New men
are being employed-now and they will
be put to workiplper ample protec
r I
That for seasanable goods
Call and examine our
Granite Garden Hose.
Vapor Stoves.
Barb Wire.
Building Hardware.
Agricultural Implements.
T lhss A. Fleminq, President. P. J. Com. Vice-President. A. H. Harsciikr, Cashier.
united States Depositary
PinKerton Mun Yet.
Fort Wayne, Ind. June 29 The Alton
and the Burlington roads reported that
some of their men had struck since last
night. The shops at Milwaukee were
closed today owing to the present
trouble. There is no truth in the
rumor that Pinker ton men have been
employed by the railroads to protect
property and employees.
Advised to Stick to Business.
San Francisco, June 28. M. V. Staf
ford, general chairman of the Pacific
division of the order of railway con
ductors and C. E. Swayn, general chair
man of the Pacific division of the
brotherhood of railway trainmen,
issued bulletins this afternoon deplor
ing the strike on the Southern Pacific
system and advising the members of
these orders to retain their positions
and attend to their own duties regard
less of the A. R. U. strike.
ihe Embarrassing Mall Problem.
San Francisco, June 29. At United
States postal headquarters here it was
announced this evening that arrange
ments had been made to forward mails
for Sacramento, Napa and Stockton on
river steamers. So far no steps have
been taken to send mails to the north
and south coast points on ocean steam
The Rock Island Goes Out.
Chicago, June 29. The Rock Island
road, which is about the only
one in Chicago to have escaped thus
far, will be by tomorrow morning tied
np. It is said an order to that effect
was issued today by President Debs.
The Reliable Dummy Motor.
Colton, Cal.. June 29. The motor
road running to Riverside and San Ber
nardino is the only connection Colton
has with the outside world, except the
telegraph. The motor carries mail and
express between these points.
Complete at Portland.
Portland, Ore., June 29. The tie-up
here is complete. Neither the Southern
Pacific nor the Northern Pacific took
out trains tonight.
Paid Up Capital,
U. S. Bonds to Secure Deposits, 50,000
Depositary for tte Territorial Funds.
lue only Steel-Lined Vaults and Steel Safely Deposit Boxes In Arizona.
Interest fail on Tims Deposits. General Banking Business,
lJhcenix. A.rizona.
The Care Exercised by Naval Ex
perts. Washington, June 29. Superinten
dent Corey of the Carnegie armor plate
shops, resumed his testimony today be
fore the congressional investigating
He was questioned regarding the care
which officers from the navy depart
ment gave to the inspection of armor
work at the shops. He said one and
some times two officers came to the shop
every day except on Sunday. They
rarely came at night until after the in
vestigation began.
Clay Leonard's ice cream soda is
making a big hit. He has some of the
largest apricots on hand that have yet
been brought in.
The customera of R. M. Damerori's
grocery store at the Five Points have no
difficulty in getting just what they want
ana always of prime quality.
The attractions at Phoenix park are
becoming more and more numerous.
Not the least among them is the deli
cious ice cream served by Caterer Den
nis beneath the refreshing shade.
There's an interregnum in the office
of dog catcher. It is being employed
by the owners of canines in the removal
of the formal and useless straps which
are legally supposed to be muzzles.
The effect of the Pullman boycott be
came perceptible here yesterday.
Neither of the Southern Pacific through
trains passed Maricopa on Thursday
night. There were neither mails nor
passengers yesterday.
The following transfers of real estate
were yesterday entered for record:
Frank Gillis to Rachel Burk, warranty
deed to lots 3 and 5, block 37, $1,200.
Mary C Graham and Louis Graham to
W. J. Murphy, w 4, ne J, nw , sec
1, tp 1 n, r 4 e.
There were never fewer lawyers in
Phoenix since courts were established.
For several days there has been a steady
movement of lawyers toward Prescott
where theitinerant supremecourt is in
ee!sion. Less than.half a dozen attorn
eya are.now in town.
C. F. Barteaux is a recent arrival at
the county jail. He was brought down
from Tempe at the suggestion of Jus
tice Austin. Barteanx'e habit of get
ting drunk and appearing in public
with scanty apparel was adjudged to'be
demoralizing to the people of Tempe.
The entertainment given last night
by the I. O. G. T. at Y. M. C. A. hall
was a very pleasant affair. The per
formance of Mrs. Coolie, the elocu
tionist, and the young ladies' quartette
were interesting incidents of the pro
gram. Daring the evening ice cream
and cake were served.
The entire block on the north side
of Washington street between Second
and Third will soon be provided with
an artificial stone sidewalk. The walk
in front of the Gardiner property is
completed and that in front of the
property owned by J. T. Dennia and
Dr. Prowell is being laid.
The regular semi-annual civil service
examination for the postoffice carriers
and clerks wiil be held in this city on
Saturday. August 11. All citizens of
a United States are eligible. Appli
cation must oo ineu wilo oBcrfct&ry
Pierce on or before Monday, July 23.
Those desiring blanks and information
should apply at the postoffice.
On account of the numerons and re
cent scraps involving that feature
known as the gun-plav, the sheriff and
his deputies have decided to rigidly en
fore the law seainst carrying concealed
weapons. Hues placards bearing a
copy of the law have been posted in sa
loons and other conspicuous' places in
which thev are likely to come under the
notice of gentlemen who imagine that
personal safety is secured onlv by load
ing themselves down with destructive
A pleaeant surprise party was given
Mrs. Hugh Monroe last night at the
family residence three miles northeast
of Phoenix. The affair was managed
by the neighbors assisted by Misses
Pierson and Henderson, two Nogales
young ladies and by Miss Grace Monroe
The grounds about the house were
brilliantly lighted. Croquet was
means of outdoor amusement and
music and dancing were enjoved in
doors. About thirty Phoenix people
were present. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe
have lately come from Nogales where
Mr. Monroe was engaged in railroading,
Attention is called to the advertise
ment of Mr. Ben Dettmer elsewhere in
this issue. Mr. Dettmer has been
caterer for years and has determined to
open in Phoenix the Louvre,
first class establishment, which
he will run on metropolitan lines
The gardens are located on the south
west corner of First and Van Buren
streets and are to be formally opened
onJulv4. It is the intention of Mr.
Dettmer to furnish his patrons with
cool and delightful garden where they
can procure mixed and fancy drinks of
all kinds. Beer on draught, ice cream
and lunches. The kitchen will be in
the hands of a competent white chef
and meals of anv description will be
furnished on notice. The gardens will
be conducted in the most orderly man
ner and nothing rude or boisterous
allowed, so that no one need fear to
visit them with their families. This
venture fills a want in the community
that is unprovided for and should re
ceive, as no doubt it will, a liberal
A Case of Mistaken Geo
graphical Identity.
The Fearful Surprise of
a Nymph du Pave
Who was Surreptitiously Moved
Upon Block 41.
The Hesira from the Ex-Tender
loin District to the New
State Experts Believe that Prender-
gast Is Insane.
Chicago, June 29. The proceedings
in the Prendergast trial were inter
rupted several times today by outbreaks
of the prisoner and finally the cou
was compelled to send him back to his
Several expert witnesses were calltd
bv the state and testified that they con
sidered Prendergast insane.
G. A. Kirtley left last night for Fort
Judge Israel was among the number
of lawyers who left for the north yes'
Geo. H. Waterbury of Denver, post
office inspector, arrived in the city yes
terday on official business.
G. H. Beckwith of Topeka, Kan., and
J. M. Stoner and wife, Glendale, are
registered at the Lemon hotel.
Hon. S. M. Franklin of Tucson paesed
through town yesterday on his way to
Prescott to attend supreme court.
Thos. E. Fari?h and K. H. Winters
returned yesterday from a week's trip
among northern mining properties.
Commercial hotel gneats yesterday
were A. T. Wislorn ana S. M. Frank
lin, Tucson : G. Kronen. Lamed, Kan
J. W. Allen, Pratt ; T. E. Parish, Vult
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made.
The New York Life
Phoenix is the only city in the United
States to which the great Pullman boy
cott with the consequent general rail
road strike and its inconvenient inci
dents, may be considered a blessing.
The strike is exceedingly opportune.
It is of course a subject of regret that
the rest of the country is annoyed and
that ruin and disaster are threatened,
but Phcenix is in no shape to receive
visitors and the fates have determined
that none shall come.
The fact is that Phcenix is en desha
bille as to her front gates. "Block No.
41" is frowsy and ragged, in a state of
transition. The prostitutes must be on
that reservation by July 1, and between
that date and the date on which the
city council finally decided that they
must go, thev have really not had a
great deal of time for moving but they
are working night and day now to have
everything in readiness and to enable
the city to present a resectable ap
pearance against the close of the strike.
Beside the great brick barracks-like
structure especially designated for them
the western half of the block is covered
with frame houses set without refgrence
to the points of the compass or to each
other : they look as if thev had fallen
from heaven, but on second thought
heaven had nothing to do with it.
They were brought from the ex-tender-
loin district and were unceremoniously
dumped, to be arranged at leisure after
July 1.
Most oi these building belong to Mr.
, J. Beauvais, who owned them when
they were in Linville addition. He is
an accommodating; landlord. When
the council decreed iam prostitution i&
Phcenix must be shifted Mr. Beauvais
decided to shift not that he inferred
that the council was aiming at him.
But he determined to retain hiB tenants
if he had to move with them.
The moving has been done principally
by heavy truck wagons but when build
ings have been unusually large and
cumbersome trucks and rollers were
employed. The agility with which the
moving has been carried on is surpris
It is related that in one instance the
transition was so sudden that one pros
titute was installed on "block No. 41"
before she could say "scat." It hap
pened in this way: On lhnrsday night
this particular girl bad a gay time.
From gayety she passed into a stupor,
and when Mr. Beauvais returned
flushed and victorious after the exer
cise of his "pull" with the council he
decided to move that building. The
slumbers of the occupant were undis
tu rbed by the elevation of the house npon
a truck wagon and by the subsequent
creaking journey. Neither was she
awakened when the house was some
what roughly deposited at its destina
tion. She slept on until late yesterday
forenoon and when she awoke and
looked out of the window she feared
that no time had been given her for
repentance. She had always intended
to be a better girl some time, but alas,
Block io. 41" is paved with good in
At length a friend dropped in. "How
do you like the city reservation?" he
asked. "Oh this is block JNo. 41, is it? '
she replied and added with a sigh of
relief, a very little relief, "I thought it
was something else, but as long as it
aint hell I don't have to stay. I've got
another show lor mv white alley."
But her things were all there and she
General Managers
For Arizona.
Rooms 5 and 6 Fleming Block.
Money Loaned on Policies
at 5 per cent per annum.
Call and see us if you want
To Place a
Gilt-Edged Loan
Musical Goods.
lie Phflpnix
iniA Pa
The Probable Effect of Thursday
Night's Work.
The effect of the turning down of the
Masten franchise is hkelv to be an
active as well as a passive disaster to
Phoenix. The plan regarding the road
on the south side has been changed
and preparation is being made to carry
it into effect at once. The plan is to
construct the line between Tempe and
Mesa and run it entirely independently,
so far as Phoenix is concerned, of the
Maricopa & Phoenix. That is, only the
regular trains between Maricopa and
Phcenix running as they do now will
reach here. A different and more fie
auent service will be conducted on the
south side so that either Tempe or Mesa
will become a rival of Phcenix for the
growing business on the south side and
Goldfield. Mesa will become the natural
entrepot for all supplies for the big
mining camp.
There are now three carloads of rails
at Maricopa for the new line and it is
intended to begin work on it shortly.
The accommodation tram between
Phcenix and Tempe has been ordered
off, the order to go into effect tomorrow.
Has movd its office and ware rooms to
Nid4 F- Washington Street.
Agents for the Celebrated
Instruments Sold on the Installment Plan.
Violins, Guitars, Banjos, Accordeons.
xne ielebratea H.. ss c String.
Heal Estate fc Igurance,
Real' Estate '.'and': Insurance.
Washington Street,
Near Moniuon Block.
bo far into the heated season were it
not for the peculiar natural advantages
which surround the school. These
were revealed yesterday afternoon
when Mrs. Bury was discovered seated
in a rocker upon the bright grassy lawn
under the dense shade of friendly trees
and surrounded like Plato of old by her
little swarm of academicians. Their
knowledge of capital cities, largest cities
and principal rivers of all the states of
the union was. considering the tender
years, wonderfully accurate. Especially
gratifying was the information possessed
by them of the location and resources
of the counties of Arizona.
This year there were two scholars
who had merited the annual prize of a
gold pen with which Mrs. Bury never
fails to reward the most deserving
scholar. So handsome gold pens were
given to both Master Francis Shaw and
Master Colin Bury.
The Murder of Len Harris to
Santa Cruz, Cal., June 29. The jury
in the trial of Azoff for the murder of
Detective Len Harris on May 17 last
was oat one hour and twenty minutes
and returned with a verdict of murder
in the first decree and fixed the penalty
at death. Sentence will be passed on
Highest Honors World's Fair.
Close of the Term of a Favorite
Preliminary School,
Yesterday was the last day of the
term of Mrs. Helen Bury's Kinder
garten school. It would have been im
possible to have continued the session
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.

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