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Territorial Lihnr
tOlll 1.1 I
3 m WA
VOL. Y. NO. 38.
Irliiiiir C
Will be Similar to Our Former Efforts,
but not JUST LIKE THEM, It will con
tinue until the
Come in and see for yourself; then judge.
Goldberg Bros. Clothing Store
The Situation . Slightly
Knights of Labor Pre
pared to Join.
Conflict With the Government
Troops Approaching.
The Only Train Moved on the Coast
Yesterday Carried a Mili
tary Force.
fiy the Associated Press.
San Bernardino, Cal., July ".There
ia no change in the strike eituation
here. The men are quiet. Injunction
papers have been issued restraining
employes from interfering with the
road. Two trains are still at Barstow
tiep up. It is reported here that the
bridges on the Atlantic & Pacific near
Needles have been burned. Applica
tions lor positions have been received
by the railroad officials, but no places
have been filled.
r iMRa A. Fleming, President. P. J. Cole. Vice-President. A. H. Harscher, Cashier.
United States Depos
Paid Up Capital,
U. S. Bonds to Secure Deposits,
They Remembered Stanford.
San Francisco, July 3. Mrs. Jane
Stanford, widow of the late Leland
Stanford and executrix of the great
Stanford interest in the Southern Pa
cific, continuesto play a romantic or at
least a picturesque part in the desperate
struggle now wagine between the com
pany and the A. R. U.
Today Mrs. Stanford, borne by A. E.
TJ. men, who had triumphantly entered
into the city with her car decked with
Sags and bright bunting, came into
Oakland this afternoon and at the Six
teenth Btreet yards was lustily cheered
through the very mob of strikers that
had stalled a passenger train on a par
allel track and was battling with its
trainmen. The determined committee
of fourteen A. E. U. men that had
brought Mrs. Stanford's engine and car
from Dunmuir on the Oregon branch
saw that her car went straight through
to Ferries. Several division officials at
Oakland attempted to board the car,
but were thrown to the ground. They
were sternly imormea that, traa wes en
A. R. U. train.
Interviewed tonight Mrs. Stanford
said : '"I never passed through any
thing like this before, but never in my
life was I treated more kindly than I
have been by these men. I hope for
cheir sakes that the difficulty will soon
be settled. The fourteen men who came
in my coach and brought me to this city
were as gallant as possible. Up at
Willows they escorted me to the hotel.
They had been so kind that 1 told the
hotel proprietors not to let them pay a
cent for their accommodations. I said
I would settle the bille. He told me
that the A. E. A. men had paid every
thing. Everywhere they we so kind,
saying they did it in remembrance of
the manner in which my husband had
treated them.
have been filled up as rapidly as possi
ble. The Union Pacific train for the
east vent out on time this morning
carrying Pullman cars end a posse of
deputies. The Rio Grande Western is
moviig trains with non-union men ex
cepth g conductors and engineers.
Populist Sympathizers.
Portland, Ore., July 3. The ex
ecutive committee of the Peoples Party
today adopted resolutions endorsing the
strike of the A. R. U. and calling upon
the people to render all possible aid
to them. The resolutions severely
denounced United States courts.
It Passes the Senate by a
Majority of Five.
There was Imminent
Danger of a Bolt.
The Strike Cases at Prescott.
Prescott, Ariz., July 3. The con
tempt cases of the Atlantic & Pacific
strikers were called this morning and
continued until 3uy 5. No new arrests
have been made.
Ready to Back the Courts.
Washington, July 3. In an interview
after a conference with the president
and attorney general, Major General
Schofield commander of the IT. S.
troops said: "All preparations have
been made to carry out the orders of
the United States courts with decision,
vigor and promptitude."
General Nelson Miles, commanding
the department of Missouri, has been
recalled from his leave of absence for
consultation with ofiicers concerning
the strike situation and left for Chicago
to assume control of the government
A Result of the Strike.
Chicago, July 3. Thousands of pack
ing house employes have been made
idle here on account of the strike. Not
a single carload of live stock has reached
the stock yards by rail today. The
only live stock received was fourteen
hogs that came in a wagon. The
Michigan Central attempted to start a
train with dressed beef last night, but
the cars were abandoned and the beef
left to spoil on the tracks.
The Louisiana and Populist Sena
tors Threatened to Leave
It to Its Fate.
The K. of L. Ready to Join.
Chicago, July 3. Master Workman
Lidholm of the Knights of Labor today
said that they are heart and soul with
the A. E. U. and will strike if asked.
The Arizona Canal Company
Testing Its New Crosscut.
Another New and Interesting Phase
of the Fisrht for Control of
South Side Water.
Depositary for the Territorial Funds.
The only Steel-Lined Vaults and Steel Safety Deposit Boxes in Arizona.
Merest Fail on Time Deposits. . General Banking Business.
T-'liORriix. A.rizona.
M A t 1 1 i.i; HHOI.
japital machine ahops
' Madison St. B?'. Center and First Ave.. Phoenix, Ariz.
prepared to do all kinds "ir 1 I T ' 1 IIT 1
"pipe Fitting, Machme and Boiler Work.
Farm JVLa chin ry.
We have recently opened the finest eq ipped shop in the . territory, and during the spring
mouths will make the repairing ol threshers and farm machinery a specialty.
Separator Cylinders Skillfully Balanced.
Sickles Ground and Repaired.
E, E. hlNCOLN.
John Rees.
M. 8. WEBB.
First-Class Orchestra
Attendance. . ,
The finest hot Fait water baths and Furf bathing in the world: excellent table; home comforts
and polite attention; reasonable ratss: ample accommodations, S. KEINHART, Prop.
! in uii,
J. M. SPARKS, Prop., Phoenix, Ariz.
Table supplied with all the market affords.
The patronage of Families solicited.
Terms Seasonable, 21 Meals for Only 5.00
Coolest dining room in the city. French cook. Polite waiters. No Chinese.
Worked to Los Angeles.
Bakeksfield, Cal., July 3. The train
which was " carrying troops to Los
Angeles and which was stalled in this
city, left for Los Angeles at 4:45 p. m.
and iB expected to reach its destination
between 2 and 3 o'clock tomorrow morn
ing. Governor Markham Apprehensive.
Pasadena, Cal., July 3. Governor
Markham states that he instructed
Mayor General Dimond to use his dis
cretion as to the number of troops sent
from can Irancisco to Sacramento and
to report at Sacramento and wait fur
ther instructions. The governor is in
constant communication with the
militia officers. He considers the sit
uation grave.
The Rio Cranoe Is Loyal.
Denver, July 3. President Jeffrey is
constantly among the employes of the
Denver & Eio Grande striving to induce
them to remain loyal. President Debe
is trying to break the Rio Grande trans
continental connection and President
Jeffrey is trying to get the trains in
operation. Trains are running regular
ly between Denver and Pueblo. Seven
ty.five deputies were sent to Trinidad
today to make wholesale arrests.
Santa Fe trains are running to and
from the east. As soon as the troops
arrive an attempt will be made to run
west. The Union Pacific, Buriington
and Bock Island trains to and from
Denver are running regularly. The
coal supply is short and cable cars can
not keep running another day if the
freight cars are not moved.
A Critical Day.
Chicago, July 3. Great anxiety was
caused today among railroad officials by
the theft of powder at Lansing. The
fact that tomorrow is a holiday the
ranks of the strikers will be reinforced
by thousands of workingmen who are
at work today. This eives the situation
a seriouB aspect and the mystery which
surrounds the disposition of the stolen
powder adds gravity to the theft.
For Blowing Up Bridges.
Chicago, July 3. Deputy Sheriff
Spears at Roseland telephones to the
sheriff's office that in his opinion the
stealing of the powder at Lansing, was
for the purpose of blowing up bridges
at Boints "to prevent the arrival of
A Few Pullmans Move.
Salt Lake, July 3 The order of
Judge Merritt issued yesterday was
ignored by the strikers and their places
The contest between the Arizona
Canal company and the Consolidated
for the business of carrying the water
for the Tempe canal has been renewed
The water has been in possession of the
Arizona since last Friday night, and
the Consolidated is temporarily at least
without the opportunity of even ap
plying for a remedy.
When complaint was made against
the Consolidated a month ago by the
Tempe canal Deople that they were not
getting the water to which they were
entitled the Consolidated completed its
cross cut and turned the water in so
that when the case came to be heard
the cause of complaint had vanished
and upon the Consolidated furnishing
a bond of $1011,000 the matter was al-
lowed to rest.
At the time this case came up the
Arizona Canal company had almost
completed a cross cut from its canal to
the Tempe dam preparatory to deliver
ing the water by the way of its canal
into the dam. The case was generally
supposed to be in an unhnished state,
The point the Consolidated had gained
was on the representation that about
3,000 inches of water could be saved by a
delivery through its canal and it was
understood that the strength of this
claim was to be tested.
On Friday night all the water at the
Arizona dam was turned into the canal
and at the wasteway, a few miles below,
1,400 inches belonging to the Utah
canal were discharged. The rest was
carried on in the Arizona to the cross
cut where the portion belonging to the
Tempe canal, tlayden s and Wormser's
ditch was carried into the Tempe dam.
The Tempe people are theoretically
without interect in the fight. They say
thev do not care how they get their
water, so they get it. They really pre
fer, however, that the water should be
delivered by the Arizona Canal com
pany for the reason, they say, that they
believe a saving will be etlected bv this
arrangement. Their long litigation
with the Consolidated is also likely to
have prejudiced . them against that
Commissioner Standage haB been
asked by the Consolidated to turn the
water back into the river. He declines
on the ground that he has nothing to do
with this dispute. His business is to
distribute the water under the order of
the court appointing him so he has
nothing to do but see that the canals
affected bv the order are fairly treated.
The Consolidated people can therefore
do nothing as one lawyer said yesterday
"but stand around and cuss until they
can get a trial." Judge Baker is some
where tied up in the strike. When he
can return or will return is proble
matical and the only thing certain is
that the water is flowing silently and
swiftly down the Arizona canal and
across the river to the south side.
"Standing room only" at the Pacific
Grotto. Crowds turned awav.
Subscribe for The Republican. De
livered in any part of the city for only
lo cents a week.
At the Last Moment the Situa
tion was Precarious.
By the Associated Press.
Washington, July 3. The tariff bill
passed the senate by a vote of 39 to 34.
At 8 p. m. the tariff situation was
precarious. Allen bad broken from the
Democrats and denounced the way in
which the party had treated the farm
The Louisiana senators were indig
nant over the way the producers of
sugar have been treated. Manderson of
Nebraska, proposed to move to recon
sider the graduated bounty provision
and this motion was expected to cause
Major Marlatt and Messrs. Gowett
and Levere came in yesterday from
Camp Creek to celebrate the Fourth.
Jeff Florida, suDposed to be insane,
was given an examination yesterday in
probate court and was released.
A warranty deed was filed yesterdav
from F. L. Brill and wife to Laura
Kelley to lot 4, block 8, Brill's addition.
Antonio Moreno was emancipated
from the county jail yesterday after
having served a fifteen-day sentence for
a misdemeanor.
Marshal Molloy raided an opium joint
on First avenue laBt evening and
captured a solitary Chinese smoker,
He was released on a $10 bond.
Capt. Wickham and Companv B have
been ordered out and will assist in the
celebration of the day by a parade and
drill upon the military plaza this lore
This evening at Phoenix Park there
will be a dance in the pavilion to which
all are invited. Ice cream, the finest in
town, may be bad atjtho refreshment
J. L. Gant yesterday sublet the last
of his mail route contracts, the one be
tween Henning's station and Signal, in
the northern part of the territory
The sub-contractor ie Hosea Stout.
Jack Gibson has been suffering from
an attack of billousnesss. Yesterday
he was somewhat better though he was
very we)k. The injuries that he re
ceived from the horee falling on him
have been doing nicely.
"That man Minor," said Frank
Meador last night, "will do anything
for money. I heard this afternoon that
he had just bought seven bags of No. 7
shot and is going to freeze it into his
ice to make it weigh heavier."
Enforced attendants at police court
yesterday morning were Cedeo Turion
and Dow Sanders, who each got two
days on the chaingang for drunkenness
Ventura Mills for a disturbance of the
peace, was sent up for ten days.
Rev. C. White yesterday finished a
term of fifty days in the county jail for
an assault in the course of a polemical
discussion upon J. K. Glassford. White
is the man who conducted his own case
in an application for a writ of habeas
corpus and did it so well that he created
a surprise in court and gained the
respect of Judge Baker and the bar.
J. E. Hocker, Jr.'s Black Canyon
stage, started out on its initial trip yes'
terday at noon. It carried, beside the
proprietor, I. A. Town and George H
Beckwith. bound for Bumble Bee; A.T
Keene and H. Breen for PreBcott, and
W. W. Wall, who is visiting the north'
em part of the territory to sublet a
couple of mail routes.
Henrv. son of Parson Eller of Mes-
quit district No. 2, fell off a wagon near
Alhambra, witn wnicn the team was
running away, and the hind wheel
passed over the left leg just above the
ankle. The bone was fractured. Dr.
Dameron set the broken leg at the Lemon
house as soon as he was brought in
The little fellow was cheerful and did
not seem to be suffering much pain
There was 4,000 pounds of barley on
the wagon.
The wardrobe of a society young man
of the period was disclosed yesterday
by a sale of personal effects on an order
from Justice Johnstone b court to satis
fy a judgment. It consisted, beside the
trunk, of four shirts, two neckties, one
overcoat, one pair of pants, three hats,
two undershirts, two pairs of drawers,
one pair of suspenders, six pairs of
socks, seven odd socks, a pair of horse
boots, a pair of horse slippers, a pair of
rubber gloves, one towel, one novel, a
cigar case, bill holder, pin cuehion, etc.
The entire lot was bought for $3 by a
man who already had a wardrobe.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made.
Sheriff Drais of Pinal county was in
town yesterday on official business.
Lemon hotel guests yesterday were
Martin Toles, Congress, and J. E. Kirk
and Major P. DuMon, Sacaton.
J. Roe Young, Indian agent at Saca
ton, with his wife and children are
stopping at the Commercial hotel.
The lew York Life
General Managers
For Arizona.
Rooms 5 and 6 Fleming Block.
Money Loaned on Policies
at 5 per cent per annum.
Call and see us if you want
To Place a
Gilt-Edged Loan
Musical Goods.
Tie f tail
Music Co.
Has moved its office and ware rooms to
No. 44 E.Washington Street.
(Monihon Moot.)
Agents for the Celebrated
Instruments Sold on the Installment Plaa.
Violins, Guitars, Banjos, Accordeoni.
The Celebrated K.. & C, Striae.
Heal Estate fc lsurancei
Real Estate and ' Insurance.
Washington Street,
Near Monihon Block.
Purdy & Tomlinson. Pacific Grotto.
Badly demoralized but etill in the
ring with iced melons.
Wm. M. Kowokth.
Try This.
Bum cooks are usually famous for the
large amount of "good work" they can
do with their face. The Pacific Grotto
cooks never "vag" around the streets,
trying to leave the impression that they
have entire charge of the place. Nor
are they always talking about bow good
cooks they think they are. They are
cooks and they know it. Maudlin talk
is unnecessary. Their work speaks for
And Try This.
A man went in the Pacific Grotto yes
terday and asked Tomlinson why it was
his pastry cook, after be had made a
cake, didn't go out in the dining room
anal tell the people how good it was.
The reply was : "For two reasons. The
first is, he has been in the business too
long; and the second is, he knows that
if he did he would get fired bodily with
out any explanations."
Professional waiters, fine c -oke.a nd
the brightest, breeziest, neatest, clean
est, coolest place to eat in Phoenix,
Pacific Grotto.
Highest Honors World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.

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