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VOL. V. NO. 47.
Clearance Sale
Our Aaron in the
East has wired us
to close out stock
for 40 days.
He is buying
Enormous bills at
Low Prices and
Must have
Room, Room,
For goods to be
At Once.
They Don't Know That
the Strike Is Over.
The Blockade Is Not
Wholly Raised.
Pacific Coast Strikers Stub
bornly Continue the War.
The Southern Pacific Savs In Effect
That No A. R. U. Men
Need Apply.
Tomorrow we
Begin the
Slaughter gale.
Down Goes
Immense Discount
Off Our
Entire Stock.
This Sale will last
40 Days, but the
Early days are the
Days to call
And Get Choice
Bargains. , Come
Around and
See Us Carve.
Goldberg Bros. Clothing Store
Jambs A. Fleming, President. P. J. Colb, Vice-President. A. H. Habscher, Cashier.
United States Depositary
Paid Up Capital, - - $100,000
U. S. Bonds to Secure Deposits, 50,000
Depositary for the Territorial Funds.
The only Steel-Lined Vaults and Steel Safety Deposit Boxes in Arizona.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits. General Banking Business.
Drafts Issued on All the Principal Cities of; the World.
iPhcenix. Arizona.
Sapital Machine Shops
Madison St. Bet. Center and First Ave.. Phoenix, Ariz.
Are prepared to do all kinds
Pipe Fitting, J
ifl i Ti ! m 1
mm ana Doner won.
Farm Machinery.
We have recently opened the finest equipped shop in the territory, and during the spring
months will make the repairing of threshers and farm machinery a specialty.
Separator Cylinders Skillfully Balanced.
sivKieg urouao ana i&epairea.
E. E. Lincoln.
John Rbes.
M.S. Webb.
Granite Garden Hose.
Vapor Stoves.
Builders' Hardware
Barb Wire
Sl'lemlnu: Block.
The Arizona Republican Co.,
By the Associated Press.
San Fkancisco, July 14. Though
passenger trains nave been running
throughout northern California since
early this morning, it cannot truly be
said that the blockade is broken.
Trains that have been running have
been moved under cover of the military
and every train that has proceeded any
considerable distance has borne a
heavy guard of soldiers. The strikers
succeeded in frequentlv interrupting
traffic at Oakland, notwithstanding the
presence of a military force of a thou
sand men scattered through the rail
road yards.
A through passenger train from Los
Angeles, the first since the strike was
inaugurated, arrived this morning.
An overland train known as the New
Orleans express was dispatched for Los
Angeles at noon. The evening train
tor Los Angeles, the overland via Og-
den and the Oregon express, were not
sent out. An overland was dispatched
for Ogden from Sacramento, however
Other passenger trains left Sacramento
almost on schedule time, but no trains
were sent out except under a military
In Sacramento the most exciting
event oi the day was the arreBt of
Harry Knox, the leader of the Btrikers,
for conspiracy in connection with the
wreck horror. In default of $25,000 bail
he was lodged in jail at Woodland. He
delares he is innocent and charges t he-
southern racihc with causing nis ar
rest to break his influence with the
strikers. It is stated that Worden, the
striker under arrest as a principal in
the wrecking of the train, has confessed
and implicated Knox in his confession.
As yet the railroad company has been
able to move but little freight. At Los
Angeles notices have been posted that
no more men are wanted by the South
ern Pacific. At San Jose where con
siderable violence was done none of the
strikers will be taken back. In Oak
land and Sacramento the question of
returning to work ie not under discussion.
Springs during the strike trouble, has
been ordered under arrest. The ar
rest is believed to be the result of in
temperate utterances upon the strike
Cholera in Russia.
St. Petersburg, July 14. One hun
dred and fifty-one new cases ot cholera
and fifty deaths from that disease have
been reported here. There are now
406 people suffering from cholera in the
Communication Re-Established.
Sacramento, July 14. The San Fran
cisco local which left Oakland at 9 a. m.
arrived here at seven this evening. Ho
attempt waB make to interfere with the
train. She carried about twenty passengers.
Fatal Gasoline Explosion.
East Topeka, Kan., July 14. By an
explosion of a gasoline stove today Mrs.
Jas. Nahadil, fifty years old, and her
grandchild, two years old, were burned
to death and Jas. Nahadil was severely
burned at Collinshurg.
No More Railroad Men Wanted.
San Bernardino, Cal., July 14.
Railroad officials have posted notices
that no more applications for positions
will be received as they are overrun
with them.
Troops from Whipple Guard the
A. & P.
Prescott, Ariz., July 14. Three com
panies of the Eleventh infantry left
Whipple this afternoon under command
of Capt. Quimby for points along the
line of the Atlantic & Pacific railway.
One company will be stationed at
Peach Springs, one at Williams and one
at Winslow.
While everything is quiet along the
line and trains are running, it is feared
trouble may occur on account of the re
fusal of the company to take any A. K.
TJ. men back in its employ.
Incidents and Reminis
cences of the Strike.
The fa York
Mayor Hopkins Denies
a Sensational Story
That He was Threatened with
Arrest for Conspiracy.
Chief Arthur Explains the Relation
Between the Brotherhood and
Other Railway Orders.
By the Associated Press.
Chicago, July 14. "The story is
false from beginning to end ; I Bhall ask
General Miles at once to do me the
justice of denying it," said Mayor Hop
kins today referring to a report from
Cincinnati to the effect that General
Miles before the state militia was called
out called on Mayor Hopkins and asked
if he intended doing his duty and would
call out the state militia.
According to this report the mayor
answered that he should not mix up in
the matter whereupon General Miles
pulled out his watch and said that he
would give Mayor Hopkins just thirty
minutes in which to issue instructions
to his police and to call out the state
militia and that if he (Mayor Hopkins)
refused to obey he would declare the
city under martial law and arrest the
mayor for conspiracy.
They Try to Seize a Central
American Island.
They Rout the Nicaraeruan Troops,
Take Possession and Are
Afterward Deposed.
Copyrighted 1894, by the Associated FresB.
Colon, July 14. Advices received
here today from Corn Island, the spot
which is said to have been so much
coveted by England, say that a serious
encounter has take place there between
the British subjects, residents of the
island and the Nicaraguan troops. The
British, it ie added, defeated the Nicar
aguan soldiers and caused the governor
of Corn Island to fly for refuge. The
British, it also appears, seized the
Nicaraguan government offices and fired
upon the Nicaraguan flags.
This so enraged the natives that they
sought for and obtained arms and suc
ceeded in restoring the government.
Several were wounded on both sides in
the encounters which have taken place.
Up by
Houses of the Poor Licked
San Francisco, July 14. Twenty
small dwellings and two human lives
were destroyed in a fire that broke out
in the block bounded by tfroadway,
Leavenworth, Jones and Glover streets
The loss is estimated at $50,000 and
the houses are homes of many poor
families some of whom lost everything.
Two sons of Mrs. Leidecker aeed two
and four respectively were burned to
An A. R. U. Man Honored.
Topeka, Kan., July 14. R. J. Sloat,
president of the local A. R. IT., has
been nominated by acclamation
Populists for representative of
Topeka city district.
He Talked Too Loudly.
Cheyenne, Wyo., July 14. Lieut.
Col. Brady of the Seventeenth infantry,
who had command of troops at Rock
License to marry was issued yester
day to Carlotta Soto Mayor and Benja'
min Arce.
Caterer Demers, of the park, is pre
paring to give a dancing party next
Wednesday night.
The delicious ice cream, lemonade
and soda served at the park is making
Manager uemer iamous.
Clav Leonard sold vesterday over a
thousand glasses of his pure fruit syrup
soda. There is more like it.
Regular outdoor services will be held
tonight at the BaDtiet church. The
eloquence of the pastor, Rev. 8. C
Davie, is attracting growing crowds to
these services.
Jose Mendoza was brought to the
county jail yesterday on a commitment
from Justice Austin oi lempe, to be
held to the grand jury for running a
monte game without a license.
Officer Duncan of the godless dis
trict, was reinforced yesterdav by two
pair of nippers for overcoming the re
luctance felt by some of the gentlemen
of the south side in going to jail.
Parties working the Turquoise mine
owned by Messrs. .Luke, Kirkland,
Williams and Koes, came to the city
last night with beautiful and rich
specimens of the mine's wealth.
John Doe Powell, Emma Powell and
Eva St. Clair engaged in a three cor
nered and one Bided fight in the sinful
Bouth side on Friday night. All the
parties were arrested and brought be
fore Justice Johnstone yesterday. The
two former plead guilty and were fined
$10 each. Miss St, Clair, an injured in
nocent, will make a bluff at a defense,
Her case will be tried on Mondav
Thos. McEvilly called at the clothing
department ot the Bee Hive last night
and became involved in a dispute with
Manager Long about a suit of clothes
which he had purchased some time be
fore. The disagreement became so in
tense that when McEvilly emerged
trom the store his lace was battered
and cut and altogether he was a sight
to look at." In the meantime the or
iginal matter of dispute, like the griev-
ance.ot the r unman Btrikers, remains
The following transfers of real estate
were yesterday entered for record:
Chas. L. Squier to Laura Bell Squier,
lots 1, 2 and 3, Capitol addition. An
drew C. Alerryman and wife to William
J. btett, nwJ4, neJi, sec 9, tp 3 n, r 1
e, !fuu. Kooert freidel and wife to
Sandford W. Hanes, an undivided half
interest to a part of lot 1. block 1,
rueanrs aaamon, ifl.zou. Thos. M.
Elder and wife to T. J. Perry and J. F
Uendrix, part of swja, sec 19. to 1 n. r
3 e, $325. Nathan A. Brundage to Alex
Trippel, fractional block 39, Mesa, $300
District Court.
District court opened yesterday
morning with the case of Wm. Lins et
al, vs the Gila Bend Reservoir and Ir
rigation company. The defendant en
lerea a motion ior a change ot venue
which was denied and the taking of
testimony for the prosecution began
On account of the illness of Col
Rice, one of the Peoria litigants, the
case was adjourned until 8 o'clock to
morrow morning.
Thos. D. Bennett was admitted to the
lhe parties m the injunction suit of
the Consolidated Canal company vs
me Arizona uanai uompany are
busily preparing for trial, which will
come an as soon as the Gila Bend Res
ervoir and Irrigation matter is dis
posed of.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
How a Brotherhood Man May Fill
Striker's Place.
Cleveland, July 12. Chief Arthur
of the brotherhood of locomotive engi
neers, said : "According to the rules of
our order members must not take the
place of strikers belonging to some
other order, but when a member of the
brotherhood of locomotive engineers
strikes without the sanction of the
order, another member is justified un
der our laws in taking his place. This
I suppose has been done in some cases
and has caused a misinterpretation of
my position. A member of the brother
hood cannot belong to the A. R. TJ."
Will Not Strike Anyhow.
Chicago, July 14. President Gom-
pers when asked about the refusal of
the railway managers to entertain Debs
proposition said today : "I regret
very much ; it was bad for the railways
bad for the men and bad for public in
terests. It will have, however, no ef
fect on the action taken by the federa
tion in declining to order a general
He Now Finds Himself on the Wrong
Side of the Law.
Cincinnati, O., July 15. Judge Taft
today appointed William Curd United
States commissioner at Mount Sterling
K.y., vice E. M. Perch, removed for
contempt of court. When the marshal
swore out warrants for the arrest of
strikers at Mount Sterling before Perch,
the latter is accused not only of tipping
the accused so they cou,ld get awav.
but also of advising them to demand
trials before him (Perch). Judge Taft
also ordered the immediate arrest of
Perch, and set his hearing for Monday
next at Covington.
General Managers
For Arizona.
Rooms 5 and 6 Fleming Block.
Money Loaned on Policies
at 5 per cent per annum.
Call and see us if you want
To Place a
Gilt-Edged Loan
Wonderful Record of the Minneapolis.
She Breaks All Previous Records for
Speed Ever Made by
Armored Vessels.
By the Associated Press.
Boston, July 14. The new cruiser
Minneapolis, anchored of Boston Light
this afternoon the proud holder of the
world's record for speed of war vessel.
The first half or forty-four knots of
her trial trip was made in one hour and
fifty-five minutes and eighteen seconds,
with an average speed of 22.90 ' as
against 22.92 for the first trial trip of
the Columbia, whose efforts Bhe was
trying to beat.
On the return trip her average 23.20
miles as against 22.90 on the first half,
making a total average speed per' hour
of 23.05 and proving to the world that
the Minneapolis is the fastest armored
vessel afloat.
For each quarter knot above twenty
one Cramp & Son were to receive $50,
000. The firm is therefore $400,000
richer than they were before the trip
Another Incident of the
culosis Discovery.
Suit was begun yesterday in district
court by W. L. Osborn against H. M.
Real Estate & Isuranee.
Real " Estate and Insurance.
Washington Street,
Near Moulhon Block.
-A.rotle lee Works.
Half a Gent
A Pound
For fifty pounds and over, has been, is
and will be the
for ice. Our ice is
Frozen Solid, Lasts and Is Clear.
Donnelly for the cancellation of a mort
gage of "$5,500 given on January 3 of
this year by the plaintiff and hia wife
to the defendant.
The suit is the sequel of a discovery
of tuberculosis in a herd of Jersey cattle
which the plaintiff bought of the de
fendant and payment of which was se
cured by the mortgage. The story of
the discovery of the disease was related
in The Republican of yesterday.
The plaintiff praya also for other re
lief since the damage he has suffered iB
not confined to the simple loss of the
cattle but to the dairy business in
which he is engaged.
The remarkable business done by the
Pacific Grotto lunch counter is largely
due to the untiring efforts of Mr. James
Fowler, the pastry cook. His superi
ority has never been disputed.
Purdy & Tomlinson. Pacific Grotto.
"Standing room only" at the Pacific
Grotto. Crowds turned away.
Professional waiters, fine cnoks.a nd
the brightest, breeziest, neatest, clean
est, coolest place to eat in Phoenix,
Pacific Grotto.
Highest Honors World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.

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