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VOL. V. NO. 50.
association. We further have pretty
positive evidence that the big man who
led the mob at Blue Island ivas a I'ink
erton man employed by the railroads."
Clearance Sale
Our Aaron in the
East has wired us
to close out stock
for 40 days.
He is buying
Enormous bills at
Low Prices and
Must have
Room, Room,
For goods to be
At Once.
Goldberg Bros.
Jims A. Flbminq, President. P. J. Cole.
United States
Paid Up Capital, - - $100,000
U. S. Bonds to Secure Deposits, 50,000
Depositary' for tie Territorial Funds.
The only Steel-Lined Vaults and Steel Safety Deposit Boxes in Arizona.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits. General Banking Business.
Drafts Issued on All the Principal Cities of the World.
TPhoenix. Ajrizona.
machine shop.
apital Machine Shops
Madison St. Bef . Center and First Ave.. Phoenix, Ariz.
Are prepared to do all kinds
of . . .
Pipe Fitting,
Farm Machinery.
We have recently opened the finest eq'iipped shop in the territory, and daring the spring
months will make the repairing of threshers and farm machintry a specialty.
Heparator Cylinders Skillfully Balanced.
Sickles ttround and
E. E. Lincoln.
John Ekes.
M.S. Webb.
E. E.
Refrigerators. '
Granite Garden Hose.
Vapor Stoves.
Fine PrmtmffTOS
FlerainK BlooSi.
This week we
Begin the
Slaughter Sale.
Down Goes
Everything !
Immense Discount
Off Our
Entire Stock.
This Sale will last
'' 40 Days, but the
Early days are the
Days to call
And Get Choice
Bargains. Come
Around and
See Us Carve.
Clothing Store
Vice - President. A. H. Harschee, Cashier.
Builders' Hardware
Barb Wire,
ARIZONA Republican Co.,
Maine and Boiler lor
If the Strike is not a Suc
cess on the Coast,
Strikers Want to Know
What to. Call It.
The Blockade Nearly as Com
plete as at the Beginning.
Strikers Suopcena the Switchmen
From Sacramento and Tie the
Railroads Up.
By the Associated Press.
San Francisco, July 18. The strik
ers' view of the situation in northern
California waa tersely given today by
one of the strike leaders in Oakland.
"Under ordinary conditions," he said,
"eighteen or twenty freight trains are
dispatched from Oakland daily. Dur
ing the past few days the company has
sent out five freight trains. If this is
running the road then we are beaten."
It is apparently the scarcity of com
petent train men that is troubling the
railroad officials. In Sacramento
almost the aame condition prevails.
One hundred and fifty workmen were
induced to go back into the shops there
this morning. The methods pre
vailing in Oakland were adopted
and the men were escorted to
and from the railroad shops by a troop
of cavalry. The strikers made no at
tempt to interfere. The railroad com
pany has still to guard against violence
and treachery however. This morning
a track walker just west of Sacramento
discovered that the fish platea had been
removed from over 100 yards of track.
Troops have been sent to Truckee, aa
the strikers there are in an ugly mood.
The preliminary examination of
Knox and Worden, accused of murder
in having wrecked a train a week ago,
commenced today in Woodland. The
strikers attorney summoned as witnesses
two Bwitchmen, who were the only ones
in the Sacramento yards, thus compell
ing the company to abandon several
trains out of Sacramento.
In. reply to the strike leaders' offer to
furnish men to act as deputy marshals
in protecting the railroad company's
property, United States Marshal Bald
win said the best service the men could
render themselves, their wives and
their children was to refrain from un
lawful acta and allow others to enjoy
their property without dictation. In
conclusion he said: "When you res
train from committing unlawful acts
there will be no occasion for the pres
ence of the military or deputy mar
Strikers Say the S. P. Has Sur
rendered. At Any Rate the Train Service Out
of Sacramento has Been
By the Associated Prjss.
West Oakland, July 18. The follow
ing dispatch from Sacramento has been
posted by the A. ft. U. strike commit
tee: "Fillmore has agreed to take back all
the men without prejudice. The com
pany could not withdraw the PullmanB
without incurring a law suit. All trains
annulled until further notice.
"Signed, J. H. Douglass."
The last part of the dispatch greatly
pleased the' strikers here who inter
preted it to mean an unconditional sur
render on the part of the Southern Pa
cific. They say that pending the set
tlement of the question at issue between
Pullman and the Southern Pacific
company no trains will be run out of
The strikers are evidently a little
premature in their opinions. Accord
ing to railroad officials the trains were
simply annulled today because by a
trick of the strikers, the switchmen at
work were called to Woodland as wit
nesses in the case against the men
charged with train wrecking.
A Hero of Balaklava Existing In
London, July 18. The attention of
parliament has been called to the fact
that there is now living at Dublin an
old Irish soldier named Donovan who
rode in the Bataklava charge in the
Crimean war, and who has only one
dollar and a quarter a week upon which
to support his wife aud himself.
He is eighty years old and his sight
has failed and consequently he is in no
position to help himself. The war
department has replied that Donovan
is receiving a pension of twenty-five
cents a day and that this ia the largest
that can jbe granted by the royal war
rant under which he served.
The Strikers Accuse the Railroad
Chicago, July 18. Howard, vice
president of the A. R. U. made the fol
lowing statement at the jail today:
"Thia is going to be a tent case. We
don,t consider ourselves nor the rail
roads bigger than the law. The case
will not be one-sided, We have a let
ter giving evidence that the freight car
burning done in Chicago was the work
of hirelings of the general managers'
silver coinage begins.
Instructions Issued by Director
Preston of the Mint.
Pihladklpiiia, Pa., July 18. Mr.
Preston, director of the mint, today is
sued orders to the mint authorities at
San Francisco and New Orleans to be
gin at once the coinage of silver dollars
up to the ordinary capacities of the
mints. The silver to be first coined
will be blanks and ingots of which there
is sufficient to coin about $15,000,000 at
these mints and at Philadelphia. As
soon as the supply ia exhausted work
will begin on silver bars of which there
is a year's supply at San Francisco and
New Orleans and probably five years'
supply at Philadelphia.
Striking Longshoremen.
Oswego, July 18. Resting longshore
men entered the houses of non-union
men during the night and brutally beat
them and their wiveB. They threatened
to hang any non-union man who should
unload bargea .today. The militia is
now protecting property at the barges
and preventing the approach of long
shoremen. Buckeye Barristers.
Toledo, O., July 18. The morning
boats to Put-in-Bay Island carried a
large number of representative lawyers
of the state, who will take part in the
15th annual meeting of the Ohio Bar
association, which opens this afternoon
at Beebe hall. Hon J. W. Harrison
will preside, and Gov. McKinley is
scheduled to make an address of wel
come. Hon. Randolph Tucker of Vir
ginia, is a guest of the convention and
will addresB it on the subject of con
stitutional Jaw.
Strikers on Bail.
Oqdes, July 18. About fifty strikers
who are now indicted by the grand jury
charged with interfering with United
States mails were before Judge Miner
today and all pleaded not guilty to the
charge. They were released on bonds
ranging from $300 to $1,000.
Pompa Vasquez, one of the south aide
agitators, waa acquitted yesterday of a
charge of peace disturbance.
The July number of the Irrigation
Age, contains an able article by Capt.
W. A. Fanco;k, on "The law of Water
Ownership." The article is supported
r-" Tjy .pg notes troui supreme court
decisions within the irrigation belt.
The following transfers of real estate
were yesterday entered for record:
Jesse H. Root and wife to Romeo Root
se sec 20, twp 1 n, r 6 e, $750.
Enoch Hidden et. als. to Daniel Batiin
an individual half interest lot 11, block
49, $3,000.
Articles of incorporation of the Ari
zona and New Mexico Live Stock Land
and Investment, company were filed yes
terday in the recorder's office. The
incorporators are J. F. Daggs, J. A.
Dines, R. E. Daggs and Melvin Jack
son. The capital stock is $50,000, di
vided into shares of $100 each. The
objects of the incorporation are indi
cated m the title. The principal place
of business is Phcenix.
The board of supervisors sitting aa a
board of eqalization, heard objectione
yesterday to the revised assessment
roll. The changes this year have been
less extensive than usual. The super
visor also changed the boundary line
between echool districts 20 and 13 to
conform to an earlier and partially reo
ognized discription of it, which differs
from the apparent boundary line des
cribed by the map. The discrepancy
gave rise to a dispute at the last school
election in one of the districts.
Geo. B. Perkins and John Baggiore
yesterday sold to the W. C. T.U. of
Phcenix a plat of ground 60x90 feet at
the corner of Center and Monroe streets
and fronting Center, for a cash consider
ation of 86,000. The purchasers will
immediately cover the whole property
with a handsome two-story brick build'
ing for business and W. C. T. U. pur
poses. Messrs. Perkins and Baggiore as
a further consideration reserved the
right to erect, just north of and adjoin
ing the W. C. T. U. property, a two-
Btory brick 50x90 feet in dimensions
The transaction is favorably commented
upon by business men in general as be
ing an excellent investment as regards
price and location.
A Charge Against a Young Girl
Placed In the Lion's Mouth,
A complaint was made in police court
against a girl named b rankle, living in
the vicinity cf the depot, charging ber
with occupying a house for immoral
purposes. She was brought into court
but her accusers failed to appear and
coulii not be found. The girl was not
recognized aB a member of the demi
monde and an investigation of her case
showed that Bhe was living with her
parents. It waa also shown that her
reputation was was not bad.
A Hay Ride Party.
John Burger gave a party of his
friendB a pleasant hay ride on Tuesday
night. The party left town about 8
o'clock and drove to the Mesquite
school house three miles west of town.
The night, or the early part of it, was
spent in dancing. Choice refreshments
were served. The members of the party
were: Misses Burger, McCullough,
Kurtz, Wilson, L. Rembert, R. Rem
bert, Kahrs, Miller, Brawley and
Hutchinson. Messrs. Burger, Belden,
Stewart, Plemine, McCullough, Jb'itz
patrick, Branch, Kahrs, Monihon, Suth
erland, DoJenhoff, Vaugn and Buck
ley. ,
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
Territories on the way
to Statehood.
New Mexico and Arizona
on the Horizon.
Both Bills Will be Favorably
Reported to the Senate.
The Territorial Area of the United
States Narrowing Down to
By the Associated Press.
Washington, July 18. The senate
committee on territories today decided
to recommend the admission of Arizona
and Mew Mexico as states and in
structed the committee having the bills
in charge to make a favorable report.
Amendments will be recommended to
both bills similar to that of the Utah
bill requiring a new constitutional con
vention. The convention ia fixed for
March next and the constitution then
adopted to be submitted to the people
of the territories for ratification in the
November following.
Both billa will likely be reported this
week, and as there ia a lull in buainees
in the senate they will be quickly
passed and returned to the bouse for
concurrence in the amendments.
The president's approval has been
assured. It appears therefore, that at
the close of the present session, the
only territorial area in the United
States for which no provision for admis
sion will have been made, will be con
fined within the narrow boundaries of
the new territory of Oklahoma.
Utters Predictions of Early and
Dire Disasters.
He Foresees the Vitals of Chicago
Citizens Employed as Archi
tectural Ornaments.'-
By the Associated Press.
Austin, Tex., July 18. The officers of
the state militia today presented Gover
nor Hogg with a gold watch. In res
ponse the Governor predicted that
within six weeks martial law would be
declared in California, Kansas, Color
ado and Illinois, and that the anarch
ists of Chicago would use dynamite and
spatter the lofty building of the city
with the hearts, lungs and livers of
He said that President Cleveland's
act, ordering the troopa there, waa
an invasion of state rights. He
predicts a great revolution soon, unless
a foreign war diverts attention from
national dissatisfaction.
Ex-Governor Wolfley and Hon. Job.
C. Perry returned to Tucson last night.
Chaa. Ingalla, of Boaton, Mass., re
presenting the W. L. Douglas Shoe
company, is in the city. He is a brother
of ex-Senator Ingalls of Kansas.
The Editor of the Republican Pays
a $300 Fine.
The trial of T. J. Wolfley, editor of
The Republican, for contempt of court,
began yesterday morning at 9 o'clock.
The defendant was represented by hie
attorneys Messrs. Kibbey and Perry,
and the court by Attorney Chalmers.
The testimony on behalf of the court,
was furnished chiefly by employes of
The Republican, who were examined
as to the authorship of the objection
able article. This feature of the prose
cution was, however, more directly dis
posed of by the testimony of Mr. Wol
fley himself, who unhesitatingly ad
mitted the authorship.
The only testimony offered by the de
fense was a disclaimer already pub
lished, of any intention to impede or
embarrass the court. The defendant
himself took the stand and further ex
plained the purpose and meaning of the
editorial to which the court objected.
The arguments were brief, consisting
on the part of the defense, of the theory
that the criticism contained in The
Republican editorial related to a part
of the proceedings in court already
passed upon and decided, and further
that the disclaimer had purged the de
fendant of any constructive contempt.
Judgment was passed upon the de
fendant and the case was adjourned
until half past five.
The sentence of the court at that
time was that the defendant should
pay s fine of $300. The money
was paid and, barring the effect
of the recent great railroad strike
the country stands in the same pros
perous condition of a month ago.
Their Victims Shot. Whipped and
Ordered Away.
Columbus, Ind., July 18. Whitecap
pers in Brown county have terriblv
beaten Perry E. Bloomfield, his wife
and father and three brothers and their
wives. f
The youngest brother, Stephen, at
tempted to escape but was shot through I
Tie New fork
'General Managers
For Arizona.
Rooms 6 and 6 Fleming Block
Money Loaned on Policies
at 5 per cent per annum.
Call and see us if you want
To Place a
Gilt-Edged Loan
Real Bgtate fc Isurance.
Real1: Estate and Insurance.
Washington Street,
Near Monihon Block,
A.rotle Ice Works,
Haifa Gent
For fifty pounds and over, has been, is
and will be the
for ice. Our ice is
Frozen Solid, lasts and Is Clear.
the leg, captured and unmercifully
whipped. The others are warned to
leave the couqty.
An Earthquake Passes Ud the Mis
sissippi. Memphis, July 18. Three distinct
shocks were felt here at 6:10 o'clock
this morning. Each vibration was
from north to south.
Shook at St. Louis.
St. Louis, July 18. A slight shock
supposed to be an earth quake wag felt
in this vicinity about 7 :10 today.
The remarkable business done by the
Pacific Grotto lunch counter is largely
due to the untiring efforts of Mr. James
Fowler, the pastry cook. His superi
ority has never been disputed.
Purdy & Tomlinson. Pacific Grotto.
"Standing room only" at the Pacific
Grotto. Ctowds turned awav.
Professional waiters, finn rrnlro nri
the brightest, breeziest, neatest, clean
est, coolest place to eat in Phoenix,
Pacific Grotto.
Highest Honors World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fre
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
A Pound

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