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VOL. V. NO. 74'.
reach here today and the business of
equalizing assessments will be begun.
1 fa fork Lift
Fall Stock arriving.
Everything marked down
To make room.
You all know whose space
This is.
We are the Boys
To trade with.
Jamib A. Flsmins, President. P. J. Cole, Vice
United States
Paid Up Capital, - - $100,000
U. S. Bonds to Secure Deposits, 50,000
Depositary for the Territorial Funds.
The only Steel-Lined Vaults and Steel Safety Deposit Boxes in Arizona.
Interest Faii on Time- Deposits. General Banking Business.
Drafts Issued on All the Principal Cities of the World.
IPhcenix. Arizona.
apital Machine Shops
Madison St. Bel. Center and First Ave., Phoenix, Ariz.
Are prepared to do all kinds
of .
Pipe Fitting,
Farm Machinery.
We have recently opened the finest equipped Bhop in the territory, and during the spring
months will make the repairing of threshers and farm machinery a specialty.
Heparator Cylinders Skillfully Balanced.
Sickles Orouud and Repaired.
E. E.
E. E. Lincoln.
M. 9. Webb.
Granite Garden Hose.
Vapor Stoves.
.theast of Capitol Grounds.
3 P. O. Box 458.
- President. A. H. Harscher, Cashier.
Builders' Hardware
Barb Wire,
The Tariff Bill Likely to
Become a Law
By Either an Active or a
Passive Sanction.
England no Longer Conceals
Her Gratification.
British Wool Manufacturers Predict
a Renewal of Business Which Has
Been Prostrated for Years.
By the Associated Press.
Washington, Aug. 15. It is stated
with positiveness by members of con
gress and others who stand closest to
the president that he will not veto the
tariff bill. A doubt remaining is
whether the bill will become a law by
the president's signature or go into ef
fect by the expiration of days without
his signature.
The bill was brought to the senate at
noon today by a clerk of the house, and
ten minutes later had received the sig
nature of Vice-President Stevenson. It
was taken to the White House at 1 :15.
England Conceals Her Sentiments
DurinR the Crisis.
London, Aug. 15. The Pall Mall
Gazette Bays: Bradford kept quiet
during the viscissitudes of the Wilson
bill for fear of prejudicing the issue,
but that it is finally accepted rejoicing
has broken forth.
British Manufacturers Rejoice.
London, Aug. 15. The wool manu
facturers of Bradford, Leeds and Hali
fax, where stocks are abnormally low
and where business has been stagnant
for years, expect a revival of business
as a result of the tariff settlement in
the United States.
Taking Whisky Out of Soak.
New YoRk. Aug. 15. It is announced
today that the whisky trust would take
,000,000 and release its goods from
bond before the new tariff biH noes ::V3
Along the A. P. and the Southern
Washington, Aug. 15. The secretary
of the interior has decided to take im
mediate steps to open to entry lands
lying within conflicting limits of the
grants of the Atlantic and Pacific and
the Southern Pacific companies.
Arson Is Rewarded at a Fixed
A Plan by Which Anarchists Pro
pose to Make a Distribu
tion of Capital.
By the Associated Press.
Chicago, Aug. 15. Carl Herlitz and
his wife were held over to the grand
jury today on charges of arson. Her
litz pleaded guilty to the charges, but
his wife denies her guilt. Inspector
Conway told a remarkable story in con
nection with the charge. He said that
he had indisputable evidence that an
organized gang of students of Herr
Moat's theories and methods has been
operating in Chicago and vicinity.
They have been carrying out their
theories by burning or blowing up
houses to secure insurance.
After the proceedings in court Her
litz made a full confession. He said he
came from New Orleans five years ago
and met a man named Scharf who in
structed him in anarchistic doctrines.
Scharf suggested the best way to secure
reversals tor capitalists was to get after
the insurance companies. Bombs and
other anarchistic paraperhanalia wete
adopted and operations commenced. It
is claimed that the compensation of
Herlitz lor each hre for which he was
responsible was $100.
Mortormen Strike.
San Antonia, Tex., Aug. 15. A strike
of motor men on all lines of the San An
tonio street railway was inaugurated for
higher wages and the discharge of two
conductors. Twenty-seven miles of
road are tied up.
Mercler Improving.
Montreal, Que.. Aug. 15. The con
dition of ex-Premier Mercier of Quebec,
who has been reported dying, is much
No Action Yet Taken on Petitions
for a Reduction.
The territorial board of equalization
spent yesterday in considering the peti
tions of the Arizona & Southeastern,
the Atlantic & Pacific and the Preecott
& Arizona Central railroads for a re
duction of valuation. The board is
equally divided as to action upon the
petitions. It may be well here to in
terject a correction of the statement
made in The Republican yesterday
that the petitions had been rejected.
A telegram was received from the
board of supervisors of Pinal county
saying that the report from that county
had been forwarded. It will therefore
Keefer keeps enough drugs in his
cellar to stock a half a dozen first-class
stores, and he never blows about it
Dr. Norton yesterday moved out of
the rooms in the Young block which he
has so long occupied. They will be
taken by Dr. Kir by.
Painters and paperhangers have made
the interior of the Ivy Green restaurant
more inviting than ever. The dining
room baa been thoroughly renovated.
There is no sense in paying full price
for a railroad ticket when one can travel
Burely and legitimately upon one bought
of the Drachman agency at a reduced
rate. '
Mrs. Rebecca Howard was notified
that her application for a pension mane
four years ago had been granted with
back pay Bince 1890 at the rate of $12 a
P. S. McNulty a young gentleman
lately arrived from Boston was seized
with a fainting spell last night on the
sidewalk in front of the Fleming block.
Mr. McNulty has been in ill health for
several days.
For Sale Bargain. Pleasant busi
ness for a lady or'invalid ; established
and in paying order;1 small capital re
quired; owner leaving city. Call at
Circulating Library, First avenue and
Jefferson street.
An insane man, name unknown, was
brought down handcuffed from Mesa
yesterday afternoon by one of Fisher's
stage drivers. He will be examined
today by Probate Judge Jordan as to
his mental condition.
There was no eastern mail yesterday.
The west bound Southern Pacific was
delayed by an extensive washout near
Dragoon summit. The Maricopa &
Phoenix waited at Maricopa until 9
o'clock yesterday morning for the ar
rival of the train. The washout was
not repaired until late yesterday after
noon. Notice of location of the Key Stone
Mining claim in the Superstition dis
trict was filed yesterdav by D. W.
Brook, P. J. Dillard, W. "L. VanHorn
and Steve Bailey. Notice waB also filed
of the location of the Quien Sabe claim
in the Cave Creek district by Godfrey
Powers, G. W. Collins and Seth Phil
brook. James Reymert, Jr. of Florence, and
Miss Jesueita Arbiza were married on
Tuesday night at the residence of the
bride's parents. The ceremony was
performed by Judge Jordan. The
groom is a lawyer and merchant of
Florence and a son of James Reymert,
owner of the famous Reymert mine in
Pinal county.
Block 41 is without municipal police
supervision. At a meeting of the coun
cil yesterday afternoon it was deter
mined to abolish the office of night
policeman for that district. The reason
given is that from one to three con
stables or deputy constables are in the
vicinity during the period from night
fall until after midnight.
Record was made yesterday of United
States patents issued to G. B. Norton
and Anna L. Jobs, the former to sec. 6,
tp. 2 s., r. 5 e., the latter to sec. 7 of the
same range and township. Deeds were
also recorded transferring to each of
the patentees thirty-two water rights
in the Consolidated canal. The consid
eration in each deed is $6,400.
C. M. Frazier. the attorney, filed the
papers yesterday in three important
suits against H. A. W. Tabor, the
former millionaire mine owner and
senator of Colorado. Mr. Frazier's
clients are eastern banks who hold the
ex-senator's obligations for large sums.
Attorney Frazier is a recent arrival in
Phoenix, but already enjoys a lucrative
line of practice.
M. E. Hurley has returned from a
trip to Prescott. While there he cloeed
a contract to supply the meat used by
the men employed in the building of
the north and south road. He will be
gin furnishing meat under the contract
September 1, and will continue until
the road reaches Phoenix. About 1,200
pounds per day is required. This
money is, of course, circulated in the
A short meeting of the city council
was held yesterday afternoon to award
the contract for lighting the city. It
was awarded to the Phoenix Light and
Power company which submitted three
proposals. The contract includes
thirty arc lights at $7 each per month
and covers a period of tnree years.
This is said to be the lowest rate per
light ever obtained by any municipality
west of the Rocky Mountains.
The following transfers of real estate
were filed yesterday : John T. Dennis
and wife to Marcus Jacobs, lot 6 and
part of lot 4, in block city, $1,600;
ChaB. Peterson and wife to F. M. Ver
non, 20 acres in swj sec 24 twp 1 n., r
5 e., $666.35; J. W. Bond and wile to
F. M. Vernon, e4 nw ne4 sec 21,
twp 1 n., r. 5 e, $1,500 ; V. M. and M. W.
Vernon to Robert G. Banta, 20 aires in
sw sec 24 twp 1 n., r. 5 e, 850.
A pleasant surprise party was given
to Miss Qaita Hutchinson at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Burger on
Tuesday night. The music was
furnished by the Peralta Orchestra and
the refresments were delicious and
abundant. Dancing constituted the
principal feature of the party. The
guests were Misses Quita Hutchinson,
Lida Rembert, R. Rembert, Mary Mor
rill, Josie Stewart, Maud Nichols, Ina
Davis, Ailie Brawley, Elise Bicknell,
Rosa Kiggins. Eva Bicknell, Floy Kurtz,
Margaret Kahrs, Lizzie Burger, Ida Mc-
Cullough ; MesBrs. John Burger, Fred
Branch, Will Sutherland, Harry Buck
ley, Henry Kahrs, N. Belden, Ed Coffee
Frank McCullough, Joe Bowyer, George
Kahrs, Harry Parker, Warren Tracy,
George Stewart, John Moore.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Hichest Award.
Comparative Strength of
the Two Nations.
Japan's Advantage in
Naval Facilities.
What She Lacks in Tonnage Is
Made Up in Skill and Speed.
Engagements by Sea and Land In
Which the Chinese Forces
Are Worsted.
By the Associated Press.
Victoria, Aug. 15. Lieut. Gen. Ta-
kashima, who arrived on the steamer
Tacoma, today in comparing the
strength of China and Japan expressed
himself as follows : "Japan is inferior
in point of tonnage by some 3,000 tons,
but China has vessels with a epeed of
only 12 knots while Japan has vessels
of 18 knots. As to skill and arms,
China is no match for Japan. More
over Bhe has only thirty vessels of the
China merchants steam navigation com
pany aB transports which she requires
for the transportation of rice for the in
terior. But Japan has about sixty
steamers of over 2,000 tons for that
In Yokahoma it is believed that
China's plan will be to march troops
into Corea by the way of Wiju and the
Japanese government is said to be tak
ing steps accordingly. From Hong'
kong reports on the Corean difficulty
are wild and of a contradictory nature
The Hochi reports that intelligence is
said to have been received from Tokio
to the effect that the Chinese man-of-
war Koot Su, which fled to the Corean
coast after the engagement of July 25,
reached Gasan where her crew aban
doned herand landed, and a Japanese
man-of-war captnred her.
A collision occurred at Royson and
the Chinese sustained a loss of 180
killed and wounded.
Engineer Taylor Deceived by an In
accurate Gauge. ,
A. W. Taylor, engineer at the Phce
nix Light and Power company's power
house was seriously and, perhaps fatally
scalded by steam yesterday morning.
He opened the manhole of the boiler
when the steam issued in terrific force
and volume.
It is not unusual to remove the cap
from tne manhole when there is very
little steam, and the gauge at this time
indicated only ten pounds. In
this case the gauge had stopped
The engineer's left arm and entire
breast were fearfully scalded.
No Motive Assigned by the
The Dead Man's Wife and Sister
Leave for Prescott on Receipt
of News of His Death.
Nothing was learned yesterday of the
particulars of the suicide of J. A. May
at Prescott on Monday night, in addi
tion to the account contained in a dis'
patch to The Republican yesterday
His wife who lives near the corner of
Third avenue and Madison street, was
notified by a telegram yesterday morn
ing and she started Boon after with her
sister for Prescott. The body will be
buried there.
May left here about three weeks ago
for the purpose of engaging in his busi
ness as an auctioneer. He did not
know bow long be would be gone but
expected to be in Phoenix not later
than the first of September. The
neighbors are unable to assign a motive
for the suicide. Mav was of a parti
cularly jovial disposition and his do
mestic relations so far, as is known were
pleasant. It is said that he had lately
com plained of inability to meet his
bills. He injured his ankle several
weeks ago and before he had fully re
covered from his injury he shot his
finger. The last injury was protected
by an accident insurance policy but at
the time he left here he had not suc
ceeded in getting his indemnity.
The suicide came to Phoenix about
two years ago from Florida where he is
said to have Bome property. He served
on the Confederate side of the Rebellion
in a North Carolina regiment. During
his residence here he made many
The Election Was Quiet, But a Good
Vote Was Cast.
The Populist primaries yesterday
created hardly a ripple on the calm
surface of affairs. There was a slight
contest for choice of delegates, but it
was so quietly conducted that few were
aware of its existence. The ticket had
been ingeniously arranged in the inter
est ot one element. It contained thirtv
names, twenty, of which were to be
voted for. All the names objectionable
to the compilers of. the ticket were
placed at the bottom on the theorv that
the indifferent-voter would expedite
matters by cutting of the ten names at
General Managers
For Arizona.
Rooms 5 and 6 Fleming Block
Money Loaned on Policies
at 6 per cent per annum.
Call and see us if you want
To Place a
Gilt-Edged Loan
Real Instate JSC Isuranoe.
Real': Estate: and':
Washington Street,
Near Munlhon Block.
-A-rotlo Ice Worka.
Half a Cent
A Pound
For fifty pounds and over, has been, is
and will be the
for ice. Our ice Is
Frozen Sol, Iris and Is Clear.
the bottom. It is hardly necessary to
state that the ruse was only partially
successful, for the reason that compara
tively few voters carry vest pocket
scissors or coupon clippers, and for
eliminating purposes the ready pencil
is a more effective implement.. When
a voter has to scratch and wants to
scratch, he naturally begins at the top
and carefully selects the inimical
There was a great deal of scratching,
as it appears from the result that of the
141 votes cast the highest received by
any delegate was 129.
Twenty-one delegates instead of
twenty were chosen for the reason that
four delegates each received eighty
The delegates are : Fred Hudson, M.
H. Reno, J. W. Curns, J. Q. White. N.
B. Hanville, S. S. Green, W. W. Ed
wards, G. B. Norton, R. E. Farrington,
J. O. Hall, A. J. Wilson, W. R. Reno,
J. Maddox, M. N. Casterline, B. Doug
lass, S. B. Wickersham, B. T. Gillett,
P. L. Hursh, L. G. Coombs, E. Gibson,
Lew Roche.
Bargain Six lots in Neahr's addition
Inr tllW) Annlvtn Daltnn Ar T.amm
S. W. corner Washington and Wall St!
James Fowler, of the Pacific Grotto,
probably makes more than half of the
pastry used in Phoenix.
Highest Honors World's
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fre
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.

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