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Itrritorial Likary s
VOL. V. NO. 78.
We enter upon the last week of our 40 days sale with
still a large quantity of summer goods which must be closed
Mens' shirts, underwear, summer coats and pants, hats
and all hot weather , goods will be this week slaughtered, sac
rificed and immolated upon the altar of Cash for what they
will bring.
The immense stock of new goods ordered in the east is
now arriving daily and is choking our capacity, so that the
summer goods must give way.
Remember there is still a month or more of hot
weather. You can buy these goods now for about one-half
the original price.
Goldberg Bros.
James A. Fleming, President. P. J. Colk, Vice
Ei rani Bii
United States
Paid Up Capital, - - $100,000
U. S. Bonds to Secure Deposits, 50,000
Depositary for the Territorial Funds.
The only Steel-Lined Vaults and Steel Safety Deposit Boxes in Arizona.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits. General Banking Business.
Drafts Issued on ill the Principal Cities of the World.
.Phcenix. Arizona.
apital Machine Shop
Madison St. Bet. Center and First Ave., Phoenix, Ariz.
(pared to do all kinds "If 1 I Tt ' 1 ITT 1
"pipe Fitting, Machine and Boiler Work.
Farm Machinery.
We have recently opened thq finest equipped shop in the territory, and during the spring
months will make the repairing of thieshers and farm machinery a specialty.
Separator Cylinder). Skillfully Balanced.
Sickle urouud and Kepaired.
E. E.
E. B. Lincoln.
&. 8. Webb.
ii a. Jt ivwJti:.
Granite Garden Hose.
Vapor Stoves.
Southeast of Capitol fironnds.
P.O. Box 458.
Clothing Store
- President. A. H. Haeschee, Cashier.
Builders' Hardware
Barb Wire
A Mistake Which Stops
Importation of Drugs.
Sale of Playing Cards
Temporarily Cut Off.
The Separate Tariff Bills
ported to the Senate.
The Seriate Bill for Proceeding
Against The Stanford Estate
Passed Yesterday.
By the Associated Press.
New York, Aug. 20 The Evening
Post says more errors in the new tariff
bill as passed are being discovered. It
was said today at the custom house
here that through a mistake in punctu
ation, importations of all drugs and
medicines are prohibited. The inten
tion was to stop the bringing in of
drugs and medicines used in the prac
tice of abortion.
The new bill in the revenue sections
taxes playing cards, so if it becomes a
law none can be sold without revenue
stamps. Of these the treasury has
none and it will take several months to
have them engraved and distributed
throughout the country.
If He Signs It.
Washington, Aug. 20. Speaker
Crisp says an adjournment couM be
had by Wednesday if the president
should act on the tariff bill tomorow.
The Separate Tariff Bills.
Washington, Aug. 20. The senate
finance committee ordered a favorable
report on the separate tariff bills
passed a week ago by the house.
The Bill for Pushing Government
Claims Passed.
Washington, Aug. 20. The
bill to push the claims of the
Mates against the estate of
Sanford passed.
Jas. Dewalt of Los Angeles, is stop
ping at the Lemon hotel.
E. II. Winters left Sunday night for
the east upon a business trip.
Sig Simon, the veteran San Fran
cisco commercial traveler, is in town.
Commercial hotel guests yesterday
were J. V. Prosser, Davenport, la. ; J.
H. Porterfield and W. U. Davis, San
Francisco ; L. C. Hughes, Tucson ; Sig
Simon, San Francisco; M. M. Stein
man, Sedalia, Mo.; L. F. Patteson,
Gila Bend.
Complete Ticket Nominated
Special Correspondence.
Florence, Ariz., Aug. 18, 1894. The
Republican county convention was held
here today with twenty-eight delegates
and proxies represented. It was the
most harmonious and best conducted
political meeting ever held in Pinal
county. T. P. Carson, of Reymert,
presided and it is the universal opinion
of thoBe present that a better presiding
officer could not be found in Arizona.
Eveiy office was closely contested and
every nerve in the assembly was at
high tension, yet by the fairneBs and
parliamentary skill of President Carson
the entire business of the meeting was
despatched quickly, orderly and with
out a single jar or bitter word to mar
the work of the convention or give
cause for dissatisfaction.
The following is the ticket nominated :
For councilman, Thos. Davis ; assembly
men, Thos. E. Baker and M. R. Moore ;
sheriff, A. T. Colton ; probate judge, D.
C. Stevens ; treasurer, E. O. Stratton;
recorder, J. M. Ochoa ; district attorney,
Fletcher M. Doan ; surveyor, Wm. H.
Merrill ; supervisors, Chas. F. Bennett
and A. F. Barker; delegates to the ter
ritorial convention are T. P. Carson, L.
K. Drais, J. M. Kundson, D. S. Thomas
and Jacob Sister.
The Record and Several Defendants
Were Broken.
The record waB broken in police court
yesterday in the size of the docket.
Block 41 was the most extensive con
tributor to the business.
Geo. W. Woods, a burglar suspect,
against whom there was a lack of evi
dence, wag held on a charge of
Refugio Hernando and Rafael San
chez were charged with stealing a sad
dle belong to E. W. Vanness from the
O. K. eorrall. Sanchez could not be
connected intimately with the offense
and he was discharged. Hernando was
sent to jail for sixty days.
Wm. Stiles drunk and fighting got $2.
Pearl, a fille de joie, who erroneously
understood that her regular monthly
fine as a prostitute, covered all her
other many short comings, was fined
$10 for a disturbance of the peace.
John Doe, a drunken plasterer, and
J. W. Gunnell, drunk without any oc
cupation, were each given $2.
Herbencia Hernandez, a fighting
drunk, paid in $3. Maria Gil more was
fined $10 because she was hooelesslv
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
Fine line of summer shirts to close at
Greene, the Hatter.
Large stock of soft hats just received
by Greene, the Itatter.
New line of AVindsors ties received to
day at Greene, the Hatter.
Judge T. D. Satterwhite of the board
of equalization, is expected thiB morn
ing when the board will resume its
Rev. Geor?e Haffen, who has been
here since the beginning of the sum
mer, returned last evening to Los
Two or three hundred morbid idlers,
mostly Mexicans, viewed the dead body
of Apadaca Sunday morning at the
roomB of Randal & Davis.
The Capitol Bazar opens this morn
ing and the ladies of Phoenix are cor
dially invited to inspect same. Japan
ese goods coming next week. Monihon
Messrs. Bruce, Boone, Leitch and
Ben Heney of the administration, were
serenaded Sunday night at the Sixth
Avenue by Major Lewis and Cashier
There will be another excursion to
Santa Monica on Thursday, Aug. 30.
Tickets will be sold at the usual excur
sion rate of $25.95 to Santa Monica and
return good for sixty days.
Sheriff Scott, of Pima county,
brought to Tempe Sunday morning
Salvador Bracamento, who is a fugitive
from justice. He stands charged with
larceny committed some six months
Letters of administration were issued
in probate court yesterday to M. J.
Galpin in the estate of James Strypea.
Application for the guardianship of
Mary E. Flood was made by her father,
John Flood.
Wee Ching, a Phoenix laundryman,
will sail for China next Thursday.
That he does not expect to engage iu
the Corean war with fatal results is
shown in the fact that he applied yes
terday for a certificate of return.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. F. J.
Coyle was gladdened yesterday by the
arrival of an exceedingly new little
girl. If Mr. Coyle'a political aspira
tions are properly met he will conclude
that it never rains but it pours bless
ings. ' Thomas Prescott, the gentlemanly at
tendant at the Phoenix Fruit Store, who
iwith Grant Randal and W. C. Wilson
went to Prescott npon bicycles, returned
Sunday morning by stage after a most
enjoyable trip. The others will be
home in a few days.
The Cat Hop Rid was bicycling on
Sunday and he encountered a series of
two adventures. The first was a header
the result of a square discussion with a
railroad track. Next while going at
full speed he bumped against the fist of
some careless person who didn't snow
enough to get out of the way.
The female waiters at the Louvre
last night were discontinued. Com
plaint had been made of a viola
tion of the citv ordinance forbid
ding feminine interference in public
houses. At first there was disposition
to make a test case of it but later the
proprietor decided to remove the object
of complaint.
The board of supervisors met yester
day opened the bids for the construction
of the new jail. The following are the
bids with their figures: I). A. Evans,
$10,500; W. F. Fitzpatrick, $13,700 ; R
C.Lowell, $14,207; C. Campbell, $10-,
838; Theo. Lutge, $11,234; L. A. Ami
rault, $10,741. The business of award
ing the contract was continued until
next Monday.
That errant combination, the steam
laundry team, was discussed in police
court yesterday morning. The driver
hadbeen arrested for leaving the team
unhitched, it turned out that he was
a new man unacquainted with the
team's running record. On tnis ac
count the complaint was left hanging
over the head of the driver and all
future drivers of this team. If the of
fense is never repeated the city will not
proceed, but if it is the offender will be
fined not lesB than $25.
A warrior of the Salvation Army was
told to kneel down in terms very un-
christianlike by a vile sinner at the
tent last night. The remark was cal
culated to hurt, as he was called a "son
," not of God or man, which made
the warrior lay aside for a moment his
meekness and make a declaration of,
common ordinary war that portended
gore if a corporal and guard and a com
missioned officer or two had not inter
posed and declared peace. The sinner
should have been arrested and pun
ished. The camp meeting services at Nor
ton's grove were well attended on Sun
day and an unusual interest was man
ifested. The morning sermon was
preached by Rev. W. E. Vanghan on
the subject of "Faith and Its Results."
The "Transfiguration of Christ" was
the theme of Rev. R. A. Rowland's
sermon in the afternoon. On account
of the growing attendance arrange
ments have been made for additional
facilities on the grounds. Food may be
obtained for horses as well as people,
so that one may attend the meetings
and stay all day.
Among Maj. Schwartz's many official
titles is that of fish and game com
missioner for Arizona. Yesterday he
received a letter from the department
saying that a quantity of catfish and
bass would be shipped here for distri
bution. He was requested to have a
gallon can ready for each fish. No
provision is made by the legislature for
the payment of the expenses of this
department and he is at a loss as to
how to receive the piscatorial consign
ment. What to do with the fish after
he gets them is another problem. The
bass cannot live in the warm waters of
the valley and the only place within a
reasonable distance in which the cat
fish can be lodged is in a lake on the
nearest Indian reservation.
Rising Thermometer at
San Francisco.
Democratic State Con
vention Meets.
A Sensational Session Is All
That Can Be Predicted.
The State Democratic Party Seems
Likely to Go Into Fragments on
the Subject of the Railroads.
By the Associated Press.
San Francisco, Aug. 20. The city
tonight is swarming with politicians
here to attend the Democratic state
convention, which convenes at noon
tomorrow. It is generally predicted
that the convention will be sensational.
Politicians are all at sea and not even
the knowing ones are predicting re
sults with any degree of certainty.
For the gubernatorial nomination
there are many candidates, Jas. Budd
of Stockton, is an ayowed aspir
ant, Barney Murphv of San Jose,
is also being industriously boomed.
Jackson Temple, ex-justice of the state
supreme court, has also been urged and
could undoubtedly have the nomination
but today he publicly announced that
he would not accept the nomination
under any circumstances. It is prob
able too, that Congressman Maguire
might have the nomination if he de
sired it, but tonight it seems to be
agreed that he will be renominated for
The "railroad fight" is already on and
threatens seriously to disturb the con
vention. It is alleged that the "rail
road" men are making their fight to
control the nominations for railroad
commissioners and members of the
state board of eqnalization. This fight
is sure to be precipitated at the opening
of the convention. ' Two contesting
delegations have appeared from Sacra
mento and we of these delegations is
admitted to be friendly to the Southern
Pacific's interests while the' others who
are known as the reorganizers, are
openly hostile to "railroad" influence.
The question of refunding the Pacific
railroad's indebtedness is also a vital
issue in California and is certain to dis
turb the convention.
An anti-railroad platform is to be
presented to the couvention and has
already been drawn up by D. M. Del
mas who was the author of the anti
railroad plank that caused a hopeless
split in the Stockton convention years
ago. Prominent Democrats who have
seen the proposed plank pronounce it
"a scorcher" and some more politic
delegates, who plead for harmony, are
importuning Del mas to cut down and
prune his production of some of its in
cendiary features.
The Exciting Adventures of a Sup
posed Burglar.
Geo.W.Wood, a supposed burglar, had
a warm reception wherever be went on
Sunday night. Mrs. James Dawson,
who lives on the east side of Madison
street between Third and Fourth
avenues, saw a man prowling about the
house. She had previously heard him
trying the doors. She armed herself
with a revolver and going to the door
took a shot at him.
Marshal Molloy, who was a block
away, heard the shot and started in the
direction of the report. A man run
ning in the opposite direction landed
plump into his arms. This was Wood.
He was scared and confused and
offered a variety of explanations for hie
appearnce. The marshal took him
along back to the house. Mrs. Dawson
heard them coming and thinking the
original burglar was returning with re
inforcements inquired excitedly who
was coming, ihe marshal fearful of
becoming a target lost no time in ex
plaining. She was unable to identify
Wood as the person she shot at but he
was locked up on a charge of vagrancy.
He was tried yesterday morning and
held. Several suspicious articles.
among which was an engraved thimble,
were found in his pockets. There was
also a scarf pin which was afterward
identified as the property of one of the
Lazeola sisters whose house was burg
larized on Saturday night. On the
same night Mrs. J. vv. Jivans was
alarmed by a man trying to enter the
house. She frightened him away and
in his escape from the yard lost a lady's
watch and a scarf pin. This watch waB
also proven to belong to one of the
Lazeola sisters. Wood will be turned
over to the county authorities today.
The Slayer of Apadaca, the Burglar,
The inquest concerning the death of
Jose Apadaca, the burglar, killed at
Wilson's second hand store on Saturday
night was finished yesterday before
Justice Kincaid. The jury returned a
verdict in accordance with the fact al
ready published in The Republican
and justified the night watchman, Chas.
Crow, who killed him. Crow had been
held in custody at the sheriff's office
since the killing.
Nothing new was developed at the
inquest. Undertaker Randal who
buried the body on Sunday testified
that the face, throat and body had been
perforated by twenty-seven buck shot
and that sixteen of them entered the
face. '
Wm. Wolf, who knew Apadaca well,
The New York Life
General Managers
For Arizona.
Rooms 5 and 6 Fleming Block
Money Loaned on Policies
at 5 per cent per annum.
Call and see us if you want
To Place a
Gilt-Edged Loan
Real Estate &. Isuranoe.
Real Estate and . Insurance.
Washington Street,
Near Monihon Block.
Arctic loe Works.
Half a Gent
A Pound "
For fifty pounds and over, has been, is
and will be the
for ice. Our ice is
Frozen Solid, Lasts and Is Clear.
said that his repntation was not good.
After the inquest was over Wolf said
that Apadaca owned two horses and a
wagon, that the wagon was loaded np
with a miscellaneous lot of stuff and
that Apadaca had intended to leave to
day for Casa Grande.
It is supposed that in this wagon
load of matter will be found many arti
cles stolen in recent burglaries. The
lot will likely be examined today.
All the other testimony brought out
was that of officers and others who ar
rived on the scene immediately after
the killing.
The ground where the dead burglar
fell was saturated with his blood. The
earth was carefully taken np yesterday
and all sign of the killing removed ex
cept a spatter of blood on the doorpost
and another large black stain on the
Anadaca'e hat and shoee lay near by.
'Take them away somewnere," pleaded
old man Crow, "the sight of them
makes me sick."
Bargain Six lota in Neahr's addition
for $1000. Anply to Dalton & Lamm,
S. W. corner Washington and Wall Sta.
James Fowler, of the Pacific Grotto.
probably makes more than half of the
pastry used in Phoenix.
Subscribe for The Republican. De
livered in any part of the city for only
15 cents a week.
Highest Honora World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fre
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
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