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T.J. WOLFLEY. Editor ana Manager.
Snteredatthe postofhce at Phcenlx, Arisona,
a -; mail matter of the second class.
rhft Daily Rkpcblican 1b delivered bv car
riarin Phcenlx, Tucson and Tempe at 15 oents
p r week, or w cbumj per mourn.
-subscribers failing to get Thb Republican
regularly or promptly should notify Thb Rb
p iblican business office (not the carrier) in
o der to receive immediate attention. Tele
paoneNo. 47.
BY mail:
Ciily, one year $ 600
I:iily, six montns 3 00
lj lily, three months 1 50
S mday Republican, one year 1 50
SandayRepublican, six months 75
Weekly Republican, one year 1 50
Y'eekly Republican, six months 75
Terms: otricuy in auvance.
All communications relating to news or edl
torial matter should be addressed to Editor
All remittances and business letters should
be addressed to Thb Abuona Republican Com
pany, Phosnix, Aria.
VENTION. Headquarters Republican "1
territorial central committee, v
Phosnix, Ariz., Aug. 11, 1894. J
A delegate convention of the Republican
party of the Territory of Arizona, is hereby
called to assemble in the city of Tucson, Ari
zona, at 10 o'clock a. m., on Wednesday, Sep
tember 12, 1894, for the purpose:
I. The nomination of a candidate for dele
gate to congress.
II. The nomination of a candidate for coun-dlman-at-large.
III. The selection of a Territorial Central
IV. The transaction of such other business
as may properly come before said convention.
The basis of representation in this conven
tion will be one delegate for every fifty votes
and one delegate for each fraction of fifty over
twenty-five votes cast for Hon. W. G. Stewart
for delegate to congress at the November elec
tion of 1892. The representation of the several
counties will therefore be as follows:
Apache .' 9
Cochise 9
Coconino 11
Gila....: 6
Graham 5
Maricopa 19
Mohave 5
Pima 13
Filial . 5
Yavapai 19
Yuma 3
Total number of delegates 104
It is ordered that proxies in this convention
shall be held only by regularly elected delegates
from trie counties from which said proxies are
It is recommended that the delegates from
each eounty be elected at least one week prior
to the time of holding said territorial conven
tion. For the purpose of preparing a roll of per
sons entitled to seats in the temporary organi
zation it iB requested, by this committee, that a
duplicate copy of the credentials of the dele
gates from each county be forwarded to the
acting secretary at Phcenlx, Arizona, imme
diately after said delegates have been elected,
It is ordered that the credentials of delegates
shall consist of the statement that the follow
ing persons (naming them) have been duly
elected delegates to the territorial convention,
and this statement shall be dated and signed by
the chairman and secretary of the county cen
tral committee if the delegates were elected by
a county committee. If they were elected by a
county convention the credentials shall be
dated and signed in like manner by the chair
man and secretary of said county convention.
A full attendance at this convention of not
only the delegates, but of representative Re
publicans, is earnestly desired. .
By order of the Republican territorial central
committee. T. J. WOLFLEY, Chairman.
J. B. Woodward, Acting Secretary.
TION. By authority of the Republican county cen
tral committee a Republican county conve ntion
is hereOy called to meet at the city of Phoenix,
Arizona, at 10 o'clock a, m., on Tuesday, Sep
tember 4, 1891, with powers, as follows:
To nominate a regular Republican county
ticket for the coming November election.
To elect delegates to the Territorial Republi
can convention.
To elect a Republican county central com
mittee. To take cognizance of such further matters
as may properly come before sued convention.
For the purpose of electing delegates to the
county convention primary elections will be
beld in the different precincts between the
hours of 11:30 o'clock a. m, and 5 p. m., on
Thursday, August 2, 1894.
The test of the right to vote at such primary
election shall be an affirmative answer to the
question: "Will you support the Republican
ticket at the coming election?"
The apportionment of delegates for the
county convention is as follows :
One (1) delegate for each precinct hereafter
PboEnix, 26 delegates; judges, J. M.Gregory
I. M. Christy and Pierce Evans.
Tempe, 8 delegates; judges, Frank Austin, J.
B. Mullen.
Mesa, 4 delegates; judges, W. A. Kimball, M
J. Forster.
Lehi, 1 delegate; judge, C. W. Crouse.
Highland, 1 delegate; judge, George Ander
son. Orme, 2 delegates; judge, Frank Kay.
Peoria, 1 delegate; judge, W. T. Hanna.
Cartwright, 1 delegate; judges, R. J. Cart-
wright, S. Green, Sr.
Glendale, 1 delegate; judges, C. W. Mills,
Samuel Stoner.
West Buckeye, 1 delegate; judge, D. G. Mc
Williams. Enterprise, 1 delegate; judges to be selected
by voters.
Gila Bend, 3 delegates; judge, R. Shelton.
Agna Caliente, 1 delegate, judge; H. H. Mc-
-ew River, 1 delegate; judge, M. E. McGinn.
Winifred, 1 delegate; judge, A. L. Starr.
Frog Tanks, 1 delegate; judge, J. W. Allen.
Verde, 1 delegate;) udge, Leon Bouvier.
Vulture, 1 delegate; judge to be elected by
Cave Creek, 1 delegate; judges to be selected
by voters.
Lower Gila Bend, 1 delegate; judges to be se
lected by voters.
Morgan City, 1 delegate; judges to be selected
by voters.
Golden, 1 delegate; judge! to be selected by
Kyrene, 1 delegate; judges to be selected by
Arizona Falls, 1 delegate; judges to be selected
by voters.
Johnstone, 2 delegates; judges, W. W. Jones,
Tom Boyle.
Alma, 1 delegate; judge, Chas. Jones.
RiverBide, 1 delegate; judge, Jas. Cochran.
Goldfield, 1 delegate; judge, Byron Jones.
Isaac, 1 delegate; judge, Wm. Isaacs.
Jordan, 1 delegate; judge, J. 8. Watrous.
Alhambra, 2 delegates: judge, G. H. Hinton
Proxies will only be admitted in the conven
tion when held by regularly elected delegates
of the convention residing in the precinct from
which the proxy is held.
By Order of the Republican County Central
committee. J. B. WOODWARD,
L. J. Wood, Secretary. Chairman.
Phoenix, Ariz., July 13,1894.
For County Recorder.
Subject to the action of the Republican
County convention. 1 hereby announce myself
as candidate for the office of county recorder.
For Supervisor.
Subject to the action of the Republican coun
ty convention, I hereby announce myself as
candidate for the office of County Supervisor.
For Constable.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the office of constable of Phoenix precinct sub
ject to the action of the Republican nominat
ing convention. S. W. BAYLEY.
Quotations received byspecial wire, Wednes
day, August 22.
Copper, quiet, Lake, 9.
Lead, not quoted; Domestic, $3.30.
Tin, steady; straits. 119.05.
Silver bars, ;i5&65?6'
Mexican dollars, 5Bs((jl.
The commercial agencies, in their re
views of last w9ek, are very cautious
and refrain from giving decisive opin
ions, but they are inclined to believe
that the situation has improved. The
passage of the tariff bill substitutes
certainty for uncertainty or would do
so if the president would indicate his
intentention to allow it to become a
law. Newspaper reports, however,
from all over the country show that
there is a decidedly improved feeling
and increase of activity. New York ad
vices note a better tone in the dry goods
trade. Speculation has been stronger.
Prices of stock have improved ma
terially. Wheat and corn have fallen
off a little in the quotations, but this is
because the wave of excitement carried
them both too high last week for the
time being. Wheat is kept down at
present by the large receipts. The tone
of the corn market is strong, and as re
ports of irreparable damage to the crop
continue to come in, prices will soar
again, and sooner or later the excite
ment will get into wheat. Farmers
everywhere are feeding wheat as much
as possible instead of corn, and this
extraordinary use of that cereal will
begin to tell on the consumption by
and by.
The tariff bill will probably be
come a law, and congress may be ex
pected to adjourn soon after, and then
we may see the expected business re
sumption in full blast.
The bank clearings, almost without
exception, show large gains as compared
with the corresponding week of last
year. Of course the comparison is with
panic times, but the large gains are
very encouraging all the same.
China and Japan are said to be car
rying on tneir war witn modern weap
ons and in imitation of the tactical
maneuvers of the western nations, but
in the ethics of war they do not seem to
have emerged from the barbarism of
the middle ages. At the outset the
Japanese sank a Chinese transport and
fired upon the poor wretches struggling
in the water instead of sending out
boats to rescue them aB a civilized
power would have done. And now the
Chinese authorities have issued a proc
lamation offering rewards for the heads
of the Japanese and tor the destruction
of Japanese war ships.
It is the policy of all civilized gov
ernments to suppress irregular troops
of guerrillas and to preyent private
parties from taking the function of kill
ing and destroying into their own
hands, but here the Chinese govern
ment put a premium upon such service.
China is now seeking a loan of $50,000,
UUU in iiurope witn wnicn to carry on
the war, and it is said that English and
German bankers have undertaken to
place it. If the European bankers
loan China money to carry on such
war, they will be particeps criminis in
the barbarism of China, and equally
guilty. There should be a popular pro
test in Germany and England against
the negotiation of such a loan. All
ChristendoKi should cry out against it.
The tin plate makers of Wales and
the eilk weavers of Lyons are making
immense preparations for a large trade
in the United States under the new
tariff. Every pound of tin plate and
yard of sil& imported takes so much
money out of the pocket of the Amer
ican wage earner and gives it to for
J. Sloat Fassett has announced him
self as a candidate for the Republican
nomination for Governor of New York,
although it is understood that ex
Senator Piatt is supporting Levi P.
Morton. Fassett sayB it is to be a fair
fight and a free field between him and
The latest from the Orient is to the
effect that the Japs have got their heads
swelled to the extent of now entertain
ing the ambition to conquer China.
Imagine a nation with 37,000,000 popu-
Shoe Store,
When We
See a
Wearing a Heavy, Thick,
Clumsy pair of last winter's
shoes, we cannot help think
ing how much more comfort
able she would be this hot
weather in a pair of our high
Button Tans at $2 a pair,
marked down from $3. They
are stylish, cheap and durable.
We keep no poor shoes.
The New Shoe Store.
leming Block.
lation overturning and conquering a
nation of 350.000,000.
Wicked New York and wild and
woolly San Francisco still exist, not
withstanding Professor Falb's predic
tion of their destruction last Wednes
day by earthquakes and tidal waves.
Falb is not a successful prognosticator
this time.
Winterqreen tea is the latest pro
moter of longevity. Dr. Westbrook
Farrar, of Biddeford, Me., who is in ac
tive practice at the ripe age of 98
years, attributes his exceptional vigor
to its use.
Tom Beed says he has heard of peo
ple eating crow before, but he never
before heard of people stealing a crow
in order to eat it as the house Demo
crats stole the unpalatable senate bill.
The workingmen should now rejoice
and be exceedingly glad. True, his
sugar is taxed, but his diamonds are on
the free list. Great is the long desired
After four months of idleness the
coal minere of Alabama have returned
to work upon the old terms. Strikes
don't pay now-a-days.
The income tax provided for in the
new tariff bill goes into effect January
1, 1895. It must be paid on incomes
for the year 1894.
It is not claimed that John St. P. St
John has retired from politics, but that
politics has left John P. high and dry
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made.
A Great Mistake.
A recent discovery is that headache,
Sizziness, dullness, confusion of the mind
tP:., are due to derangement o the nerve
renters which supply the brain with nerve
force; that indigestion, dyspepsia, neuralgia.
wind in stomach, etc., arise from the derange
ment of the nerve centers supplying these or
gans with nerve fluid or force. This is likewise
truu or many diseases of the heartand lunsrs.
The nerve systemlslike a telesraph system,
as win oe seen by the accompanying
white lines are
the nerves which
convey the nerve
f ir.'e from the
oerve centers to
eveiy part of the
body, .lust as the
eleci riceurrentis
conveyed along
the telegraph
wires to every
rtatiou, large or
.small. Ordinary
physicians fail to
regard this fact;
instead of treat
ing the nerve cen
ters for the cause
of the disorders
arising therefrom
they treat the
part affected.
Franklin Miles,
M. D., LL. B., the
highly celebrated
specialist and
student of nervous diseases, and author
of many noted treatises on tne Iatiersubiect.
long since realized the truth of the first
statement, and his Restorative Ivervine
is prepared on that principle. Its success
in curing all diseases arising from derange
ment of the Bervous system is wonder
ful, as the thousands of unsolicited testimo
nials in possession of the company manufac
turing the rampflff ft.mnlv nrnve.
Dr. Miles' Kestorative Nervine is a reliable
remedy for ali nervous diseases, such as
headache, nervous debility, prostration,
Eleenlfissness. dizziness hvsteria. sexual de
bility, St. Vitus dance, epilepsy, etc. It is
Bold Dy all druggists on a positive guarantee,
nr sp.nt. direct hw the IVr. Allies Medical Co..
Elkhart, Ind., on receipt of price, Si per bot
tle, six Dottles for &", express prepaid.
Kestorative Nervine positively contains HO
opiates or dangerous anus.
Sold by druggists everywhere
J, S. BASSETT, Prop,
Leaves Phoenix Mondays and Tuesdays at 7:30
a. m.: arrives at Buckeye in twelve hours;
leaves Buckeye Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7:30
a. m., and arrives at Phosnix in twelve hours.
Office at Parlor Cigar store. A. J, HILL. Agt.
The temptation to add a few more
attractive and artistic patterns
in two-faced, jointless
They are far ahead in beauty and
style of anything ever shown in this
country. This will give you over
fifty different patterns to select from.
B. HEYMAN Furniture Co., Wholesale and Eetail
Store . . .
A on ron 1 t ine.
Tha GelekatedFrencii ta,
Warranted (( pURnniTINr"
tocure "
Is Sold on a
to cure any form
of nervous disease
or any disorder of
tne generative or
gans of eithernex,
wnetner arum;
BEFORF useot Stimulants. AFTFB
Tobacco orOpium, or through youthful indiseru
Hon, over indulgence, &c. , such as Loss of Brail
Power, Wakefulness, Bearing down Pains in tU
back, Seminal Weakness, Hysteria1, Nervous Pro
tration, Nocturnal Emissions, Leucorrhcea, Diz
Einess, Weak Memory, Loss of Power and Impo
ia-'uuj, which ii. ueKieuieuuueii leauiu prematura
old age and insanity. Price $1.00 a box, 6 boxei
lor o.00. Sent by mailonreceipt of price
every ?5.00orderreceived, to refund the money ii
a Permanent cure 1b not effected. We have
thousands of testimonials from eld and young.
oi Dom sexes, wno nave oeen permanently cured
bytheuseof Aphroditine. Circnlarfree. Addresi
Western Branch. Box 27. Pobtlaxd. Ob.
For Sale by O. H. KEFB, Druggist,
Phoenix Arizos V O. Box 299.
W.L. Douglas
.5P P0LICE.3 Soles.
2.17.5 BoYS'SchOOLSHQES.
Yon can save money by purchasing W. I,
boiifflas Shoes.
Because, we are the largest manufacturers of
advertised shoes in the world, and guarantee
the value by stamping the name and price on
the bottom, which protects yon against high
prices and the middleman's profits. Our shoes
equal custom work in style, easy fitting and
wearing qualities. We have them sold every
where at lower prices for the value given than
any other make. Take no substitute. ,If your
dealer cannot supply you, we can.
These celebrated shoes are for sale by
Exclusively. FLBUING BLOCK.
Fort Thomas and Globe Stage Line.
LA.YTO? BROS, Props.
Runs both ways between Fort Thomas and
Globe every day. Special rigs for drummers
or families when desired.
Bowie Station and Thomas Stage Line,
Carrying TJ. 8. mail from Bowie Station via Solo
monville to Ft. Thomas, connecting with stage
for (flobe. A daily line of stages is run be
tween above points, connecting at Solomon
ville with stage line for Clifton and Upper Wila
at Bowie Station with the Southern Pacific rail
road. Florence and Globe Stage Line
Carrying U.S. 1
Riverside and Globe at 7 o'clock, p. M, ; stops
all night at Riverside and arrives at Globe at
5 o'clock, p. M.; returning, leaveB Globe at 8
o'clock a. M.. arrives at Florence at 1 o'clock
A. M. Good accomodation on the road, im
proved line, good stock and comfortable stages,
four-horse coach every other day. W. .
GUILD, Agent, Florence. E. F. KELLNE& A
CO., Agents, Globe.
or money
Popular Wants.
your .-. CHEAP .-.
For Classified Advertisement
Situationg Wanted Male
Arivfrt.i(liTlff nnrlni. V.i 1 ,t i: " -
uuuc biiio ucnuiUKi O lilies, O
times, 15 cents
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times, 15 cents. 1
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times, 15 cents. '
Phrenix, Arizona,
apply Box 432,
Agents. Wanted.
Advertisine under this hearting icn nor wii
per Insertion, subject to discounts for time and
WANTED Manager lor Financial Institu
tion. Reference Rnd hnnri rannim
Liberal inducements to the right fnan. A d
dress, The Eastern Assurance Co., Philadelphia
Miscellaneous Want".
Advertising under this heading Ho. per word
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To Kent Rooms.
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YfWJX. KJNT Choice furnished rooms at
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Abundance of shade. Popular prices. Dan.
inuuuu, rrup.
TnOR RENT Very desirable furnished room
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ncmiiii 01 uibu ami wiie. jc. asH'
lngton street.
IJR RENT A nice tuite of rooms suitable
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Special Notices.
Advertising under this heading Jc. per word
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NOTICE is hereby given that I claim one
half or D.W.Brooks one-third interest
iu the Old Dominion mining claim located in
Superstition mining district and all per
sons are cautioned against negotiating with
mm tor tne same, grant Mosher, Mesa, A. T,
To JSx.cta.ange.
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For a Good Team
Try the
Grand Central
Livery .
Horses Boarded by the Week or Month at
Lowest Rates.
One block south of Commercial hotel.
for Sale
of Real
In the Probate Court of Maricopa County, Ari
zona Territory, in the matter of the estate of
John Bohn, deceased.
Order to show cause why order of sale of real
estate should not be made.
Samuel Bohn, the administrator of the estate
of John Bohn, deceased, having filed his peti
tion herein, duly verified, praying for an order
of sale of certain part of the real estate of said
deceased, for the purpose herein set forth, it ia
therefore ordered by the jndge of said court
that all persons interested in the estate of said
deceased appear before said Probate Court on
Monday, the 1st day of October, 1894, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at the court
room of said Probate Court, at the court house
m the City of Phoenix, county and territory
aforesaid, to show cause why an order should
not be granted to the said administrator to sell
so much of the real estate of the said deceased,
at private sale as shall be necessary, and that a
copy of this order be published in The Abi
zoNi Republican at least four successive
weeks, a newspaper printed and published in
said city and county.
T. C. JORDAN, Judge.
Dated August 13th, 1894.
Date of first publication August 15 Ji, 1S94.
In the District Court of the Third Judicial
District of the Territory of Arizona, in and
for the County of Maricopa.
vs. 1
Defendant. J
Action brought in the District Court of the
The Third Judicial District of the Territory of
Arizona, in and for Maricopa county, and the
complaint filed in said Maricopa county, in the
office of the Clerk of said District Court.
Id the name of the Territory of Arizona, to
Martin Kapsch and Anna G. Kapsoh, defen
dants, greeting:
You are hereby summoned and required to
appear in an action brought against you by the
above named plaintiff, in the District Court of
the Third Judicial District of the Territory of
Arizona, in and for Maricopa County, and
answer the complaint therein filed with the
Clerk of this said Court, at Phoenix, in said
County, within ten days after the service upon
you of this summons, if served in this said
County, or if served out of this said County
and within this said Judicial District, then
within twenty days thereafter, or in all other
cases within thirty days thereafter, "the times
above mentioned being exclusive of the day of
service, or judgment by default will be taken
against you.
(liven under my hand and seal of the Dis
trict Court of the Third Judi
cial District of the Territory of
Arizona, in and for Maricopa
seal County, this eighth day of
Atlfrimt. A Tt IQQi
Clerk of said District Court.
By Lewis Jordan, Deputy Clerk.
Fitch & Campbell attorneys for plaintiff,
First publication August 9, 1891.
This Notice Is Given to All Whom It
May Concern.
That the Gila Bend Reservoir and Irrigation
company has taken steps to and will perfect
its appeal from the decision and ask for a re
versal of the decree under which sale is adver
tised to be made, in the case of W. H. Linn et
al, vs. Gila Bend Reservoir and Irrigation com
pany etal, and that anyone buying our dam,
canal and other rights advertised by James
McMillan, receiver, to be sold August 28th
1894, does so subject to such appeal.
COMPANY, By Lewis Wolfley,
Santa Fe, Prescott & PhcBuix R. R.
Mountain Time is standard used.
No. 1211
No. 1031
7 25 a
4 05 p
5 OOp
5 25 p
5 55p
6 18 p
6 30p
6 45p
ly Ash Fork ar
1 50p
6 10 p
5 OOp
4 15 p
a so p.
3 13 p
8 35a
Rock Butte
Cedar Glade
Del Rio
Clear Springs
Jerome Junction
ar Prescott lv
j!2 55 p
9 05 a
12 25 p
9 45
11-50 a
11 35 a:
10 10 a
10 30 a
11 05 a
11 40 a
11 15 a 2 48 x
11 05 a 2 85 p
10 40 al 2 00 p
7 15 p
No. 201 STATIONS. No. 202
S.OOa.m Lv... Prescott Ar. l.OOp.m
8 40 Iron8(tfingB 12.30
8.45 Summit 12.25
9 10 Rams Gate 11.57
9.30 Ar Skull Valley ....Lv. 11.30 a.m
Trains 103 and 104 make close connection at
Ash Fork with trains 3 and 4 on A. & P. R. R.
Trains 121 and 122 connect with trains 1 and 2
at Ash Fork on A. & P. R. R. Trains 103 and
104 are passenger trains and run daily. Train
122 is an accommodation train running daily
except Haturday. 't rain 121 is an accommoda -Hon
train running daily except Sunday.
Trains 201 and 202 run daily and connect
with stage line carrying passengers and U. S.
mail to and from Phoenix via Stanton, Congress
Wickenburg, Vulture and Calderwood.
R. R. COLEMAN, Bupt.
G. w. Vaughn, v-rres. ana wen. Mgr.
F. A. Hkaly, General Passenger Agent.

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