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VOL. V. NO. 83.
Mothers and
Men like to buy at Goldberg Bros, because
they always filed an' assortment of what they
need whether it be a pair of overalls or a fine
' suit there is always an amply supply of the de
sired size to select from.
Mothers prefer to trade at Goldberg Bros,
because they are always sure of being waited
upon by polite attentive salesmen who under
stand their business, know their stock and how
to satisfy the mothers.
Boys say Goldberg Bros, is their favorite
because suits bought there wear well and look
well, shoes fit and last, and their parents always
leave the store in a happy frame of mind pleased
with price and quality.
JiMKS A. Flemish, President. P. J. Cole. Vice-President. A. H. Harschee, OaBhier.
II Mill MI
United States Depositary
Paid Up Capital, - - $100,000
U. S. Bonds to Secure Deposits, 50,000
Depositary for tie Territorial Funds.
The only Steel-Lined Vaults and Steel Safety Deposit Boxes in Arizona.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits. General Banking Business.
Drafts Issued on All the Principal Cities of the World.
!Phoenix. A.rizona.
apital Machine Shops
Madison St. Bet. Center and First Ave.. Phoenix, Ariz.
spared to do all kinds "ir it ITt'l II 71
"pipe Fitting, Machine and Boiler Work.
Farm Machinery.
We hare recently opened the finest equipped shop in the territory, and during the spring
months will make the repairing of threshers and farm machinery a specialty.
Separator Cylinders Skillfully Balanced.
. Sickles tiround and Repaired.
E. S. Lincoln.
M. 8. Webb.
Granite Garden Hose.
Vapor Stoves.
Builders' Hardware
Barb Wire.
Southeast of Capitol GHjraik HUGHES &
Bandits Lake and Gor
don Captured
After a Desperate Battle
With Police.
They Fight Until Their Ammu
nition Is Exhausted.
The Murderers of Conductor Owens
and Officer McGrath Narrowly
Escape Lynching.
By the Associated Press.
Chicago, Aug. 25. Two deaperadoea,
Will Lake and H. F. Gordon, who shot
and killed Fat Owena of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad at Deer
field last night, and a few hours later
shot and probably mortally wounded
Officer McGrath at Mayfair, were ' sur
rounded and captured by the police in
Elk Grove woods near Desplainee river
at noon today.
The wanton murder of Owens and
the shooting of McGrath by these dis
ciples of Jesee James stirred up the en
tire community from Deerfield to the
city hall and not long after the report
that McGrath had been shot at Mayfair
came in, a genuine man hunt was seen.
Special officers in the employ of the
railroads, the city police and a central
detail of detectives armed with re
volvers and Winchester rifles hurried
by train to the place where the bandits
were supposed to have taken to the
woods, and the scouting parties fol
lowed every trail that promised to lead
to the hiding place of the murdering
train robbers.
Citizens in the neighborhood of the
Higgins woods, near Dispiaines, piloted
bands of armed men across the country
and the determined officers with
countrymen for guides searched untir
ingly until the capture was effected.
The arrest was preceded by a veritable
battle. The robbers were well armed
and when a call from the scouting party
revealed their whereabouts they made
a determined stand. Cocking their re
volvers the two men waited until their
pursuers were in view and then opened
fire. It was returned by the officers
and volley after volley was exchanged
apparently without effect.
It is probable the men would never
have been taken alive had it not been
that their supply of ammunition was
short. As their stock of cartridges
dwindled away the desperadoes shot
more carefully and less frequently, but
the officers kept themselves well
covered until at last the men's bullets
were exhausted. The officers called
upon them to surrender but without
noticing the command the fugitives
turned and began a frantic race for
safety. The officers followed firing as
they ran. The chase continued until
Lake, who was in the lead, was struck
by a bullet. Thowing up his hands he
turned partially around and fell and a
moment later his companion dropped
BeriouBly wounded. The pursuers
quickly closed in on the fallen men and
hand cuffed them.
Within a few moments the prisoners
were carried towards the railroad sta
tion and were soon brought into the
city and locked in the West Chicago
avenue police station.
Lake, who is 24 years old, was shot
in the neck and his recovery is doubt
ful. He admitted shooting Owens and
McGrath. The conductor's watch and
other stolen valuables were found upon
the men. Gordon is 24 years old. He
was not dangerously wounded, al
though two bullets had struck him.
The men refused to give any informa
tion regarding their identity, but their
appearance indicates that both were
tough characters.
Block Coal Miners Organize.
Brazil, Ind., Aug. 25. The block
coal miners of this district in secret ses
sion last night perfected a local organ
ization called the district block coal
association of miners. This order is
separate and distinct from the United
Mine Workers ot America and will set
tle all trouble in the block coal field
without recognizing the old orders.
Close of the California Demo
cratic Convention.
It Ends as It Began With an Arraign
ment of the Pacific
By the Associated Press.
San Francisco, Aug. 25. The Demo
cratic state convention adjourned today
after making the nominations left over
from yesterday. Dwight M. Anguier,
of Sacramento, was nominated for sur
veyor general over Harrison Smith.
On the third ballot C. S. Smith, of
Hollister, was nominated superintend
ent of public instruction. The fifth
congressional district nominated Joseph
P. Kelley, of San Francisco, for con
gress. The second equalization district
nominated Thomas Wills of Alameda,
for clerk of the supreme court. John
J. Currie was nominated for state
printer. The convention then con
firmed the nominees by the district
commission for congress, state board
of equalization ' and board of rail
road commissioners, and adjourned sine
Chairman Del Valle was thanked by
a rising vote and three cheers. He
made a partisan speech, congratulating
the convention on the fine work and
the platform and severely arraigning
the Southern Pacific. Kennedy, of San
Diego, enlogized Cleveland.
Choice roasts at Tribolet'a.
Phcenix epicures and connoisseurs
get their table claret of Hans Herlick.
License to marry was issued yester
day to Fred Oberman and Etta A.
Hans Herlick is master of the trade
of keeping beer at just the proper tem
perature. Wade H. Hulings yeBterday bought
of M. E. Collins three lots in Capitol
addition for $700.
The new Capitol Bazaar in the Moni
tion block is daily adding stock. Cheap
crockery ia the lateat.
Dr. Keefer, of the Opera House drug
store, seems to have, a train load of
sponges and oh, how cheap!
S. J. Tribolet is not in the spud or
vegetable business, but when it comes
to choice meats he is right there. -
Cool breezes fan the fevered brow of
sensible swains and wise virgins who
ride upon the electric cars to Phcenix
The ladies 'never fail to find some
handy, useful household article at the
cheap Novelty Btore which they cannot
The beautiful exhibit of Mexican sea
shells continues at the old Candy
Kitchen to attract lovers of the rare
am' curious.
The owner of the circulating library
at the corner of First avenue and Jeffer
son street desires to sell before Septem
ber 1. Price low.
Mrs. Mattie Singleton yesterday
caused the arrest of Eva St. Claire on
a charge of a disturbance of the peace
and a volubility of improper language.
Work will begin in a few days on the
W. C. T. V. building at the corner of
Monroe and First streets. The corner
stone witl be iaid with religious cere
mony. The brick and adobe property on the
corner of First and Adams streets was
sold yesterday for 18,000 by J. W.
Walker and George Wilson to D. J.
Edwards. It is tenanted by Chinese.
There will be a hack at Center street
church this morning at 8:30 to take any
Sunday school children who may be
there to the camp ground where the
Sunday school will be held at 9 o.ciock.
Louis Melczer received yesterday the
first .full carload of sweet wine and the
first full size 175-gallon puncheonB, ten
of them, ever brought to Arizona. The
value of the lot is $3,000. Judges of
wine are invited to call and eample.
F. L. Brill yesterday bought of N.
Marshall, through the Morrill agency,
a lot on North Second street. Mr.
Brill is one of those keen dealers who
believe that the proper time to invest
in real estate is slightly in advance of a
John Lyon, a well known miner,
died at the Congress mine of a quick
fever on Thursday night. He leaves a
wife and two children living north of
the city. The decease was a brother-in-law
of Robert Hanna. He was for
a long time foreman at the Vulture be
fore that famous mine closed down in
A farewell party was given by the W.
C. T. U. to Mrs. G. W. Ingalls at the
residence of Mrs. Sturgis on Friday
night. The grounds were handsomely
decorated and lighted by Chinese lan
terns. Sumptuous refreshments were
served. The party closed with hearty
expressions of good will to Mrs. Ingalls,
who will shortly leave for Portland,
The coming week will hum with
politics. The Democratic county con
vention will be held on Tuesday. Be
fore the smoke and disatisfaction have
lifted from the battlefield ;the Populists
will convene. This will be next Satur
day. On the Tuesday following the
Republicans will quietly get together
and nominate a ticket which will make
Democrats and Populists wish they had
never held conventions.
Democratic wire-pullers and crafty
manipulators are actively engaged work
ing delegates that have arrived in town.
From hints dropped it would seem that
Orme and Rosson are nip and tuck for
the sheriff's office and that Frank Trott
will be honored with the surveyorship
nomination. Who will receive the
probate judge plum is not ye settled as
many believe a dark horse will be trot
ted in.
The following transfers of real estate
were yesterday entered for record :
John McGoff to Mary Stutz, ne5, sec
7, and w, nw, sec 8, tp4s,r4e,
$300. Maricopa Loan and Trust com
pany to F. L. Brill, lot 27, Norma
place, $1,400. Frederick Thomas and
wife to William Christy, lots 5, 7, 9, 11,
13, 15 and 17, block 27, Grand Avenue
addition, $1,000. Arthur H. McEwen
and wife to Samuel A. Dysart, lots 22
ann 24, block "N," University addi
tion, and wVa, bw, sec 5. to 1 n, r 1 e,
$2,400. '
Dr. Kirby, a phynician lately arrived
from the east, took offices in the oung
block lately occupied by Dr. Norton,
fitted them up very elaborately and at
great expense and prepared "to settle
down to the enjoyment of a lucrative
practice. One day last week his wife
arrived. It was' one of those sultry
days the like of which no Arizonian
had ever experienced. Mrs. Kirby did
not get acclimated that day and for that
matter, neither did anybody else. She
presented a motion for a change of
venue and the doctor allowed it. He
has dismantled his office and is pre
paring to move.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
The Tariff Bill Remains
With Cleveland.
Only One More Day iri
Which to Act Upon It.
It Is Believed it will Become a
Law by Lapse of Time.
The Appropriation BUI for Carrying
the Income Tax Feature Into
Effect Is Passed.
By the Associated Press.
Washington, Aug. 25. By neither
word nor sign has the president indi
cated his course with regard to the tar
iff bill. Without his approval it will
become a law at 12 o'clock tomorrow
night, the expiration of the constitu
tional limit of ten dayB, not counting
the two intervening Sundays.
The fact that nothing has been heard
from the White House today is regarded
as a sign that Cleveland will take no
action on the bill, notwithstanding he
has one more day in which to act.
It was feared by friends of the bill
that the numerous errors disclosed in it
and which render some portions of it
ambiguous, if not actually unintelligi
ble, would furnish him with a pretext
for stamping it with his disapproval.
The Appropriation for Gathering the
Income Tax Made.
Washington, Aug. 25. While the
senate was considering business behind
closed doors yesterday, there Blipped
through an important bill appropriating
$9,000,000 to carry into effect the in
come tax provision of the tariff bill
which has been held up under objection
for a few days.
This ends all controversy as to the
preliminary arrangements for collecting
the income tax.
Discovery of Headquarters of Ger
man Anarchists,
Berlin, Aug. 25. The National
Zeitung today announced the discovery
ol a list ot addresses of fourteen secret
headquarters of anarchists, including
places at Bremen, Lnbeck, Metz,
Halle, Hamburg and Weisbaden.
From these headquarters it appears
tne operations ol anarchists through
out the German Empire were con-
An Indian Messiah.
Valles, State Potosi, Aug. 25. There
is much excitement at Abuquines over
the appearance of a young Indian who
claims to be the second Messiah. He
performs remarkable cures and the
ignorant are flocking to him by hund
reds. Baseball Yesterday.
At Baltimore St. Louis 2, Balti
more 4.
At New York First game, Louisville
6, New York 13 ; Becond game, New
York 5, LouiBville 1.
At Boston Cleveland 3, Boston 8.
At Washington Chicago 4, Washing
ton 9. "
The End of the Hermit of the
The decomposed body of "Frenchy,"
a character of Phoenix for the past fif
teen years, was discovered yesterday
morning in a hovel near the cemetery.
When and how he died no one -knows.
The body was undressed and lay on the
ground near the foot of a cot on which
he slept. A mass of caked blood' indi
cated a profuse hemorrhage as the
probably direct cause of death. Ver
min crawled over the face and a horri
ble Btench poisoned the atmosphere.
Justice Johnstone summoned a coro
ner's jury consisting of Andrew Barry,
James Rennie, Harry Chambers, T. W.
Allen, J. F. Meador," J. P. King, J. B
George and Dos Ray.
After the body bad been formally
viewed it was buried in the potter's
field and the inquest adjourned until
tomorrow morning.
Little is known of the dead man's
life. His real name was Geo. W.
Spences and he was about sixty years
old and served through the war on the
confederate side. He was given to
vagrancy and diasipation but he was an
inoffiensive character. During the last
year he has lived almost continuously
in the roofless hovel in which he died.
He made a pitiful attempt to raise a
supply of vegetables sufficient for his
A Frightened Team.
Mr. J. J. Badilla, a ranchman living
north of the city, complainB of a free
and eaey custom in vogue among hunt
ers. A few days ago he was in town
and started home on the Cave Creek
road. On the bridge over the town
ditch he met a couple of young men
with a gun, which they discharged.
Mr. Badilla's horses took fright and
ran away. He saw the uselessness of
trying to stop them so he resigned him
self to fate and the bottom of the wagon
and expected that the outfit would be
dashed to pieces among the cotton
wood trees which line the road. For
tunately the team was brought up
among a lot of mesquites and no harm
was done. This is the second occur
rence of the kind within Mr. Badilla's
lie Hnr M toe
General Managers
For Arizona.
Rooms 5 and 6 Fleming Block
Money Loaned on Policies
at 5 per cent per annum.
Call and see us if you want
To Place a
Gilt-Edged Loan
Beal Sstate & laurance.
Real " Estate and " Insurance.
Washington Street,
Near Mynihon Block.
-Arotle Ice "Worlds.
Half a Cent
A Pound
For fifty pounds and over, has been, is
and will be the
for ice. Onr ice is
Frozen Solid, lasts and Is Clear.
Bargain Six lots in Neahr's addition
for $1000. Anply to Dalton & Lamm,
S. W. corner Washington and Wall Sts.
The new Lamson Academy and Busi
ness college open Sept. 3. Boarders ac
commodated. The Pacific Grotto company are com
pelled to admit the fact that with their
present accommodations, they are
obliged to turn crowds of people away
from their restaurant every day, and
that for several hours each day, people
can be found there waiting for seats.
These facts they have advertised for
sometime. But they will soon have
more room, the plans for their building
are already drawn. In the meantime,
every possible effort is being made to
accommodate the patrons of the place.
The highest prices are being paid for
the fastest and most competent waiters
and cooks. The proprietors are always
in attendance to look after the wants of
the people and everything goes to show
that the Pacific Grotto is doing every
thing in its power to accomodate an
immense trade with its present limited
seating capacity.
A penile fresh milch cow for sale
cheap. Inquire this office.
James Fowler, of the Pacific Grotto,
probably makes more than half of the
pastry used in Phcenix.
Highest Honors World' Fair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Frea
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.

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