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Lewis Wolne-v, Clark Churchill, J. A. Black,
T. J. Woliiey, Edward Butt, Jr.
Publication oilice: IS North First Avenue,
Fleming Bloi k. Telephone No. 47.
Entered at the postoihce at Phoenix, Arizona,
as mail matter of the second class.
The Daily Republican is delivered by car
rierier in Phoenix at 25 Cents per week or ?1.00
per momh in advance.
Subscribers failing to get The Republican
regularly or promptly should notify The Re
publican business ollica (not the earner) in
oraer to receive immediate attention. Tele
phone No. 47.
Daily, one year $ 10 00
Daily, six months o OiJ
Daily, three monthfi 2 50
Sunday Republican, one year 2 60
Sun lay Repablican, six months 1 !!o
Weekly Repu ilican one year 1 50
Weekly Republican, six months 75
Terms : strictly in advance.
jgAll communications relating to news or
editorial matttr should be addressed to Editor
BF"A11 remittances and business letters
should be addressed to The Arizona Republi
can Company, Pflcenix, Ariz.
Rates of advertising in the Daily, Sunday or
Weekly edition made known on application at
the publication office. Or ring up telephone
number 47, and a representative of the business
department, will call and quote prices and
contract for space.
The Republican can be found on sale at the
following pluces :
Monihon Corner News Htand Phcenix
Fratt Bros "
Irvine Co "
Postoifice News Stand "
B. J. Stedler, 24 W. Washington St "
The Republican is fully prepared to do all
kinds of pl-iin and fancy Job printing in til the
latest styles. Complete book bindery and ruling
machinery in connection with the job depart
ment. Work perfectly and promptly doi.e.
No bills against The Arizona Republican
Co., or its employes will be paid by the com
pany unless they were contracted upon the
written authority of the management.
SPF. J. O'Brien, advertising manager, and
Harvey J. Lee, superintendent of circulation,
are the only authorized solicitors and collectors
for the paper.
T. J. WOLFLEY, General Manager.
Elf KV
For Delegate to Congress,
For Council man at Large,
was under promise not to do. The
averaga voter may not care to thread
the intricacies of specious arguments as
to what results may sometime in the
future be expected from the legislation
accomplished, but he does know that the
election of 1892 was followed by the most
disastrous disruption of business and
destructive influence upon the indus
tries of the land that the country has
ever experienced. He knows that from
a condition of the most universal pros
perity that the country has ever known
a plunge was taken into the lowest
depths of idleness; want and misery
from one end of the nation to the
other. And he knows that the baleful
effects of the election were felt by and
are now grinding every family from the
local capitalist to the commonest la
borer. There is enough in that knowl
edge to direct anybody not hidebound
in his partisanship in the way he
should vote in order to restore the for
mer conditions of prosperity and happi
ness. It will be up-hill business for the
Democratic orator lo make votes by tell
ing hia hearers that the sugar trust
tariff has not added a farthing to the
expense of the breakfast table, when
everybody within the sound of his voice
knows that his grocer gives him four to
six pounds less of sugar than he did be
fore the sugar schedule was agreed
The man would be a dolt who can be
made to believe that the manufactured
imports of the country can be increased
so as to swell the receipts from duties
more than eighty millions and not crip
ple American manufacturers unless the
difference is to be taken from the wages
of the working people. The people
know more about these things than
they knew two years ago. They will
accept no more of the stuff. If there is
any virtue in political apologies it may
avail something for the Democracy to
carry on its campaign along that line,
but the intelligent voter has been
fooled "once too often."
Let the Republicans of Arizona make
an aggressive, active cam naign, grant
ing no quarter to the enemy, and vic
tory will perch upon our banners in
November. 1
structions on that Bubject, and the in
structions will be obeyed.
The Boston Journal is doubtful of the
result in Massachusetts. It thinks the
Republicans will probably carry only
twelve of the thirteen congressional dis
tricts. But perhaps our staid Boston
contemporary is merely guarding
against overconfidence.
The Democratic campaign this year
is one of misrepresentation. That is to
say, campaign orators are telling the
people that Democratic rule has not
been a miserable and disastrous failure.
Yoc can take your choice of the
news reports from the Oriental war
nowadays. , The Jans are evidently
winning, but laundry prices on this
side of the earth have not changed at all.
Major Morrill of Kansas, and the
Republican nominee for governor, gave
Tom R"ed of Mains hi first certificate
to teach school. Mr. Reed will make
speeches for Major Morrill in Kansas.
James A. Flexing, President.
P. J. Colk, Vice-President.
A. H. Harscher, Cashier.
A rt , HA
Paid Up Capital,
U. S. Bonds to Secure Deposits,
Depositary for ih Territorial Funds.
Theonly Steel-Lined Vaults and Steel Safety Deposit Boxes in Arizona.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits. General Banking Business.
iirate Issued on Hi the Principal Cities of the World.
Phcenix. Arizona.
M. VV. Messenger is making a quiet
but telling campaign for treasarer. If
the numerous persons he has helped
now help him he is sure to be the next
Voters will make no mistake in sup
porting Sam Bayley and A. J. Porterie
for constables. They are efficient,
capable and honest official?.
Most of the fall races will be po
litical ones, and the Republican candi
dates are generally recognized as the
Although not definitely reported, it
seems probable that Li Hung has also
been deprived of his head.
As the president of a match factory
Edwin Gonld should now be able to
marrv off his sister.
Edgar will come high to everybody
this fall, but it will cost the Democratic
party most dearly.
And still the Breckinridge family
goes on trying to lower its record.
China is having
luck this vear.
regular Democratic
For Coucilman Henry E. Kemp
For Assemblvmen.
f J. A. Marshal
J A. E. Hinton
) Perry Wildman
i W. S. Johnson
For Sheriff W. F. McNulty
For District Attorney Jerry Millay
For Recorder Winthrop Sears
For Probate Judge C. W. Chouse
For Treasurer M. W. Messenger
For Assessor H. B. St. Clair
For Surveyor TV. A. Hancock
For Supervisor?
T. Priest
H. Parker
It is one of the most-encouraging
signs of the times to observe that the
local Republican organizations all over
the territory are exerting themselves to
their utmost capacity this year. ThiB
proves that the Republicans everywhere
are putting on their war paint as it
were and are going to contest every
inch of the ground in their respective
localities for future supremacy.
They are encouraged in this course by
hundreds of Democrats who are so in
dignant at the course their own party
has pursued they are openly identifying
themselves with the Republican party.
You cannot point to a county in the
territory wherein theie are not a num
ber of prominent Democrats who have
repudiated their party and boldly pro
claimed that they will affiliate no more
with the organization.
In every county we hear from the
Republicans are putting forward their
best iaen and taking all legitinitUe
steps to elect them. This wise course
cannot fail to produce the most favor
able results. It gives the masses of the
people confidence in the Republican
party and leads many Democrats to
join an organization that promises to
be just and equitable to them after
their own party has failed to 'perform
the most sacred obligations.
16 TO 1.
The Republicans of Arizona should
make an aggressive campaign. The
Democrats not only of the territory but
of the whole country are on the
defensive, and they have very little
defense to offer for the ruin which
their iniquitous legislation has brought
upon the country.
There will be no opening for a cam
paign on offensive ground on the part
of Democracy as it has heretofore made.
It will necessarily be a campaign oi
defense and apology. The party has
done nothing that it promised to do,
but hae done nearly everything that it
Madison St. Bet. Center and First Ave., Phoenix, Ariz.
Are prepared to do all kinds
Pipe Fitting,
L J "... J n '1 NT 1
uiiMD aim mm o i.
Farm XVIacmnrv.
We have recently opened the finest eqjipped shop in the territory, and durine the spring
Separator Cylinders Skillfully Balanced.
Sickles Ground and Repaired.
E. K. Lincoln.
M. 8. Webb.
Or TiiOnGj
Senator Manderson, of Nebraska,
has declined to remain longer in public
life. At the close of his present term
he will retire and devote the balance of
his life to his private affaire. He has
made a capable and faithful public
servant, and is entitled to rest after the
valuable service he has rendered to the
This overcoat change in the atmos
phere is general from the Rocky moun
tains west. It will revive the clothing
trade, which will in the natural course
of events revive other lines of business.
A little shivering on the sunny side
of a street for a few days will be put up
with if it is to aid the country financially.
The webt is going to have a hand in
shaping the financial policy of this
eountry hereafter, and it is going to be
gin work promptly with the meeting of
the next congress. Every western man
sent to congress will have definite in-
It Is a Dresa-Cost Alinir and Lacks the
Gorirjess of Yore.
The other night a man went to the
theater who had not been for years,
and he couldn't make it cut, says Pear
son's Weekly. First of all he missed
the simple village youth, the virtuous
hero who was wont to take the first
prize at the horticultural society, or
else win the guerdon at quoits, or some
thing or other in the rustic revels, lint
worst of all he missed the dear old-
fashioned villain, and although this
rlsy had a tremendous villain in it our
friend was not impressed with him a
bit. ITe sighs thus:
"I came away again," sadly disap
pointed. The play was not what I ex
pected. I shall go no more to tlie play
house. The palmy days of the drama
are over. The theater has fallen into
the sear and yellow fifth act, and there
is no health in it! The theater has fol
lowed the path of literature and the
good old things are changed. I beheld
a lot of swell people in evening dress
on the stage. They spoke quietly to
one another, very much a people do off
the stage, and in very much the same
sort of language. This is not what I
want when I go to the theater.
"V.'hat is th theatrical villain of to
dn.y? Ts he a real, o-rKx1, oVl-fashioned
ruffian? Does he ever drag a helpless
maiden from the domiciliary roof of
her ancestors by the hair? No, sir.
Does he ever say to the hero: 'Say one
word and thou art food for the wolves?'
Does he ever grab the heroine by the
wrifct, drag her down the stage in
three strides, slam her down in a big
chair, bend over her and whisper
fiendish!;,-: "S death, maiden, but, by
my soul. I love thee! Thou shalt be
mine! Yield or by heaven I'll '
"That's all I know of that speech,
because 'By heaven I'll' is the cue for
the maiden to spring up, and, throw
ing the villain half way across the
stage) to say: 'Unhand me, ruffian!
And know, that rather than mate with
such as thou, I'd cast myself from
yonder battlement into the foaming
flood beneath!'
"And does the villian then say: 'Now,
by heavens, I like thy spirit! I love
thee all the more for it?'
"And does the maiden say: 'Merciful
powers, protect me?'
"And does ihe door open and the
hero rush in, armed with a good, blunt
broadsword? And then do he and the
villain fence up and down the stage,
sixes, eights, shoulder blows, cut and
thrust? Oh, no. These things have
given way to swallow-tailed coats and
high collars, and the villain is now as
big a swell as any fellow in the show.
Oh, for the good old palmy days of the
drama, when the broadsword ruled
and there was gore! The modern
drama is too much like ice cream after
a heavy dinner cold and unsatisfy-inov'
f fa (MBkaisdFrrt (fare,
13 Sold os x
oEncrvoui disease
or any disorder of
VN fl ne generative or-
'Av9---A whether arising
v from tha excessive
BEFORE use oi Stimulants, AFTER
Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful indiscro
iioa,overinunls;ence,S:e.,Bucha3 Loss of Braij
i'u'.vcr, Wakefulness, Bearing down PamaJnthg
izck, Seminal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Pros
tretiou, Nocturnal Emissions, Leucorrhcea, Diz
jiuess, Weak Memory, Loss of Power and Impo
tmcy, which if neglected often lead to prematura
old Rtro ana Insanity. Price $1.00 a box, 6 boica
for ?f).jG. Sent by mail on receipt of price"
A '.VRITiEJf GUARANTEE is given fo;
cvory ?5. 00 order received, to refund the money ii
a Permanent cure is not effected. We have
thousands of testimonials fromcld and young;
of both sexes, whohave been permanently enrcd
by theuseof Aphroditine. Circular free. Addrcsf-
Wtem Branch. Box 27. Portland, or
for Sale by U. n. KKFK, Druggist,
Phcenix Ariion P O. Box 299.
Shoe Store.
GODWIN d mil
Administrator's Notice.
In the Probate Court of Maricopa County, Ariz.,
in the matter of the estate of Julius A. Jlay,
otice is hereby given by the undersigned
administratrix of the estate of Julius A. May,
deceased, to the creditors of and all persons
having claims against said deceased to exhibit
them with the necessary vouchers within four
(4) months after the first publication of this
notice to said administratrix at Lawyer CM.
Frazier's office, room 7, Fleming block, Phcenix,
Arizona, the same being the place for the tran
saction of the business of said estate, in the
county of Maricopa, Arizona Territory.
aliul a. mai , AuminisirRtrix.
Dated Sept. 8, 1894.
First publication Sept. 16, 1S94.
The New Slice Store
Flenim Block.
ieiabe S
At Reasonable Prices.
want Your Trade
Water! WATER! Water!
'Who will let their Btock die tor the
want of water, when they can get a
pumping plant that will raise enough
water for 2ol)0 head of etock in one
hour's pumping, twenty gallons to the
head, and have the balance of the twen
ty-four hours to irrigate 160 acres for
the small outlay of 800 and up ac
cording to lift ot pump ? This is what
the Menge Patent Fump will do.
For further information apply to
General Agent for Arizona and Sew
Mexico, care Chapman Bros., Phoenix,
Arizona. Please mention this paper.
Groceries .
Ion Cam
Without food and since you
must eat you cannot do bet
ter than try the
Cash Grocery
W. F. McNulty.
Our aim is to sell the best
goods we can get, at prices
which draw and retain customers.
Washington St Bet. Center and Wall
Once Tried,
You Will Always
Buy Your Shoes of Us.
Drv Goods,
ry Goods
New Goods.
Eastern Goods.
Eastern Prices.
Great Eastern
Cole Block, Near Postoffice.

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