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Lewis Wolflev, Clark Churchill, J. A. Black,
T. J. Wolriey, Edward Butt, Jr.
Entered at the postorace at Phcenix, Arizona,
as mail matter of the second class.
Publication Odice: 18 Noun. First Avenue,
Fleming Block. Telephone No. 47.
Thb Daily Republican is delivered by car
rierier lu Phcenix at 2d Cents per week or $1 uu
per month in advance.
Subscribers failing to get Ths Republican
regularly or promptly should notify The he
publican business office (uot the earner) in
order to receive immediate attention. Tele
phone No. 47
Daily, one year $ 10 00
Daily, six months 5 Oi)
Daily, three months 2 50
Sunday Republican, one year 2 60
Sun lay Republican, six months 1 2;"
Weekly Rapu ilictin one year 1 50
Weekly Republican, six months 75
Terms : otrictly in advance.
IXp- All communications relating to news or
editorial matter should be addressed to Editor
remittances and business letters
should be addressed to The Arizona Republi
can Company, Pncenix, Aiiz.
Bates of advertising in the Daily, Sunday or
Weekly edition made known on application at
the publication office. Or ring up telephone
number 47, and a representative of the business
department, will call and quote prices and
contract for space.
The Republican is fully prepared to do all
kinds of plain and fancy Job printing in all the
latest styles. Complete book hindery and ruling
machinery in connection with the job depart
ment Work perfectly and promptly done.
No bills against The Arizona Republican
Co., or its employes will be paid by the com
pany unless they were contracted upon the
written authority of the management.
gXF-F. J. O'Brien, advertising manager,
Harvey J. Lee, superintendent of circulation,
and Bert Ruple are the only authorised solic
itors for the paper. Edward Butt, Jr.. and
Harvey J. Lee are the authorized collectors
for the company.
T. J. WOLFLEY. General Manager.
The Republican can be found on sale at the
following places :
Monihon Corner News Stand Phcenix
Pratt Bros "
Irvine Co
Postoffice News Stand
B. J. Stedler, 24 W. Washington St "
superintendent ha8 found corporal
punishment effective (or reformation of
young criminals when every other
method failed. It is particularly suc
cessful when applied to incorrigible
sexual perverts.
The po-ealled "paddie" u?ed at Elmi
ra is an effective iuulruuieiit, and yet
is not an instrument of torture. It
leaves no scars ; it does not break the
flesh and it is believed that if jits use
were allowed in a'l our prisons it would
have a salutary effect.
The average age of the felons at
Elmira is 23 years, an age when the
passions of these ferocious young crim
inals are in fuli vigor. When it 18 de
cided that the offenBe of the prisoner
demands corporal punishment he is
placed with his face to a wall, the
fleshy part of his back exposed, and the
superintendent, delegating the work to
no hand but his own, inflicts upon the
man rarely more than twelve, usually
only six, often but two or thiee blows,
with a little strap barely three-sixteenths
of an inch in thickness, two
and three-fourths inches wide and
twenty inches long. It gives a sharp,
smarting blow, but does not and can
not injure, it is a more mercilul pun
ishment than the dark cell and the pro
longed solitary confinement with their
revolting mental torture ; and yet sen
timental folk favor the cell and object
to the corporal punishment as cruel.
The value of corporal punishment
when applied by an intelligent and
responsible superintendent instead of
being turned over to a comparatively
irresponsible and passionate subordi
nate, is illustrated by the fact that over
80 per cent of the inmates of Elmira
become law-abiding citizens; that is,
over 80 per cent have behaved well after
leaving the reformatory while under
observation, which is usually for a year,
and when they have passed out of sight
have not come into notice again as
work of the canvass and of
election dav. Finer material for the
purpose couldn't be found and needn't
be wished. The paid heelers wouldn't
be in it with them. But the young
citizens should be enrolled, and the
work intelligently mapped out and syg
temized. System is linit the battle in
politics as in other things.
The second suggestion should com
mend itself to every Arizona man,
Democrat or Republican, who has an
honest pride in the good name of the
territory, who has been grieved and
shamed by the corruption that in re
cent years has eaten its way into her
primaries and elections, who want to
see a halt called on vote-buying. It iB
that the chairmen of the two commit
tees, the Republican and the Democrat,
eit down on opposite sides of a table
and figure out together the legiti
mate campaign expenses, and
then 6hake hands as honest men
and gentlemen on a mutual prom
ise not to put out another dollar for any
purpose whatsoever. Probably it is too
much to hope for at present, but it isn't
an untried novelty. It has been tried
in Connecticut and both parties hon
orably lived up to their agreement.
Think of the saving in money, and the
greater saving in things more import
ant than money, that this plan would
The third suggestion ia not original
with us. It relates to the lobby. The
short way to abate this nuisance and
pest is to send up men to the general
assembly, from all the counties whom
the lobby can neither buv- nor fool.
They should be business men, who will
look at matters from a business view,
and conduct the affairs of the territory
in a business like and honest manner.
James A. Fleming, President.
P. J. Cole, Vice-President.
I All A T
A. H. Harscher, Cashier.
united States Depositary
Paid Up Capital,
U. S. Bonds to Secure Deposits,
For Delegate to Congress,
For Council man at Large,
For Coucilman Henry E. Kemp
(J. A. Marshal
For Assemblvmen. . E- H'?T0N
1 Perry wilduak
1 VV. S. Johnson
For Sheriff W. F. McNulty
For District Attorney Jerry Millay
For Recorder "Winihrop Sears
For Probate Judge C. W. Chouse
For Treasurer.. M. W. Messenger
For Assessor H. B. St. Clair
For Surveyor W. A. Hancock
(J. T. Priest
IF. H. Parker
16 TO l.
mere are manv accounts due us
which we have carried for a long time
All of these must now be settled by
cash or good note. There is no except
tion to this rule.
The Arizona Republican Co.
The English prison authorities are
returning to the use of the cat o'nine
tails for the punishment of vicious and
refractory prisoners.
Flogging for wife-beating and kindred
actB of gr038 brutality inflicted upon
children is still inflicted in Delaware
and we believe in Maryland.
In the Elmira, N. Y., reformatory the
Depositary for the Territorial Funds. .
The only 3teel-Lined Vaults and Steel Safety Deposit Boxes in Arizona.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits. General Banking Business.
Crafts Issued on III the Principal Cities of the World.
"Phoenix. Arizona.
Pioneer Restaurant.
J 1st Opened. Bvorythingr New. Thi Best Meats unit Vegetables.
Miss F. M. Carnahan, Prop.
Directly Opposite Gregory Houfe.
The Democratic speakers juBt now
are making some tall statements that
sound well, but the trouble of it is there
is no truth in much that they say.
They have been talking a great deal
about this country capturing the mar
kets of the world, but it would require
a long time for ua to do so if we con
tinued in the same pace set by the
Cleveland administration. Here are
some figures bearing upon the question
given by the New York Recorder, that
puts the matter in a strong light. That
paper says: "During the last year of
President Harrison and before the
elections warned the people here and
abroad that Democracy was in the sad
dle the foreign commerce of this coun
try reached the highest point ever at
tained by the nation. The aggregate
thereof reached the enormous sum of
$1,857,680,160 in 1892. In 1893 after
the Democracy had warmed up to its
work, it fell to $1,714,006,116, and in
1894 to $1,547,138,698. Here we have a
falling off in 1S93, aa compared with
1892, of $143,614,494, and in 1894, as
compared with 1892, of $310 541,912.
In 1892 the exports from thia country
exceeded ita imports by $202,875,686.
We were then doing a good, safe, pay
ing business, selling more than we
bought. But after the advent of
Democracy in 1893, the imports ex
ceeded the exports $18,735,728, and we
were buying more than we were selling.
And how did the farmers come out
under Democracy? In 1892, under
Harrison, $799,328,232 worth of Ameri
can agricultural products were export
ed. In 1893, under Cleveland, the agri
cultural exports amounted to $615,382,
986, and in 1894 to only $628,318,773.
Here we have a falling off in 1893 of
$183,945,246, and in 1894 of $171,009,
459, in the vital item of farm products.
In the face of these facts and figures
the Democratic speakers show that they
do not lack for audacity and care little
for truth when they are attempting to
make votes. But they are doing per
haps the best they can under the cir
cumstances. They are not fortified
with facta and figures to bolster up
their wavering cause, and, therefore,
have to draw upon their imagination.
The first we have made before. It is
that the territorial and county com
mittees, at once without any delay,
enroll the enthusiastic young Republi
cans of the Maricopa League club,
and outside League clubs, for the
Cochise county Republicans have
nominated the following winning ticket :
Councilman, Chas. V. Pugh; assembly
men, A. C. Wright, C. L. Cnmmings,
Mr. Herrick; sheriff, C. S. Fly; treas
urer, T. C. Vickers; assessor, J. A.
Bright; recorder, W. A. Harwood ;
probate judge, Wm. Bradley; district
attorney, G. W. Swain ; supervisors,
John Williams and W. A. Gilman.
Deb A. C. W bight has been nomi
nated for the assembly from Cochise
county by the Republicans. Dr
Wright was one of the most useful mem
bers two years ago and Cochise will
make no mistake in returning him. He
ought to be elected unanimously, and
will be if the people of that county
want their interests well cared for.
Since the Republicans of Maricopa
county met in convention and chose
their candidates for the county offices
the people have had a good opportunity
to judge of the character and efficiency
of each nominee. The general opinion
is expressed that the party could not
have made a better choice of candi
The Republicans of Cochise county
have nominated Chas. W. Pugh for the
council. Mr. Pugh is a gentleman of
sterling character and a high order of
ability. He will certainly be elected,
and we congratulate Cochise in advance
upon having eo able a member in the
next council.
What a blessed immunity our local
Democratic orators and politicians
would enjoy if men were struck dead
for telling the truth.
Congressman Wilson haa returned
home, but received no ovation except
from the people of his own little town
in West Virginia.
Lafe Pence and Tom Patterson of
Colorado are the two great American
crow eaters.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made.
Aonroo it, nit?.
Tfce eleLrated Freuclt &ure,
Is Sold os a
to cure any form
of nervous disease
or any disorder of
the generative or
gans oi eitnertjex,
"Whether arising
frnm thfxnssive
BEFORE use ot Stimulants, AFTER
Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful indisere
Hon, over indulgence, &o. , such as Loss of Brail
Power, Wakefulness, Bearing down Pains in th
back. Seminal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Pro
L-ation, Nocturnal Emissions, Leucorrhoea, Dis
ziness, Weak Memory, Loss of Power and Impo
tenoy.VfhichiEneglected often lead to premature
old aire and insanity. Price ?1.00 a box, 6 boxea
lor f oXfl. Sent by mail on receipt of price"
every ?5.00 order received, to refund the money il
a Permanent cure is not effected. W e have
thousands ol testimonials from eld and younfr
of both sexes, who have been permanently eurod
by the use of Aphroditine. Circularfree. Addresi
Western Branch. Box 27. Portland. Ob
for Bale by G. H. REEFER, Druggist,
Phcenix Arizon P O. Box 299.
Dealers In
Real Estate, Mines and Mining Lands.
nortn tenter street, next door to Cnamber of Commerce. We will buy or develop any
good, paying, dry i lacer mines. Bring us samples.
Ordinance No. 177.
An ordinance entitled an ordinance for the
purpiiee of improving Washington street on
noth sides thereof between Second avenue and
Third avenue and Fifth avenue and Sixth
avenue in the city of Phoenix.
w hkreas: Petitions nave oeen filed with the
city recorder and the city council of the eiiy of
Phoenix, signed by a majority of the owners of
the lineal f outage on both sides of Washington
street in the City of Phoenix, between Second
and Third avenues and Fifth and Sixth avenues,
asking that said both sides of Washington street
between said Second and Third avenues and
Fifth and Sixth avenues, be improved by
tue laying of a cement sidi walk, not less than
six feet in width where not already so done,
along the said frontage.
N ow . therefore, the common conncil of Phoe
nix do ordain as follows :
Section I That there be and hereby is or
dered to be constiucted by special taxation of
rontigurus property on both sides of Washing
ton street between Second and Third avenues
in the city of Phjenix, Maricopa County, Ter
ritory of Arizona, an artificial stone or cement
sioevalk not less than (6) six feet in width
where not already done along the frontage
above described.
Section II That there be and hereby is or
dered to be constructed bj special taxation of
contiguous property on both sides of Washing
ton street between Fifth and Sixth avenues in
the city of Phoenix, Maricopa County, Terri
tory of Arizona, an artificial 6tone or cement
sidewalk, not less than (6; six feet in width
where not a'ready done along the frontage
above described.
Section III Said artificial stone or cement
sidewalk shall be constructed in accordance
with the plans and specifications for such here
tofore on the 6th day of August, 1894, by the
common council of Phoenix approvjd and
adopted. Said walks to be laid so that the out
side edge shall be (10)ten feetlrom the property
Section IV This ordinance shall tke effect
and be in force from and after its passage and
publication according to law.
Passed bv the common council this Cth day of
October, A. D , 1894.
Approved this 6th day of October, A. T)., 1894.
Ed. Schwartz, Mayor.
Seal City Recorder.
First publication Oct. 7, 194.
f-51io Store.1
The New Shoe Store
Timber Culture Final Proof Notice
for Publication.
United States Land Office, (
Tucson, Ariz., Sept. 27, 1894. )
Notice is hereby given that Peirin L. Kay of
Phomix. Ariz., has filed notice of intenlionto
make final proof before the Clerk of the District
Court at his office in Phcenix, Ariz., on Friday,
the t6th day November, 1894, on timber culture
application No. 982, for the northeast quarter
of section No. 19, in Township No. 2 north,
Range No. 2 east.
He names as witnesses Henry H. Wilkey,
Daniel F. Wilkey, Alfred M. Jones and Samuel
S. Green, all of Phoenix. Ariz.
First publication Sept. 30, 1894.
For Classified Advertise
ments For Sales, To Lets,
Wants. &c. see page 3.
Ion Canno
Without food and since you
must eat you cannot do bet
ter than try the
Cash Grocery
W. F. McNulty.
Our aim is to sell the best
goods we can pet, at prices
which draw and retain customers.
Washington St Bet Center and Wall
Male Sloes
At Reasonable Prices.
want lour Trade
Once Tried,
You Will Always
Buy Your Shoes of Us.
Irv Goods.
Dry Goods
New Goods.
Eastern Goods.
Eastern Prices.
Great Eastern
Dry Goods Store.
Cole Block, Near Postoffice.

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