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le will Sell Yon Hay, Gram, Flour, Feed, etc.
Cheaper than you can buy elsewhere. Special prices to the Wholesale Trade. J
W. D. Hamman, Manager, v , The Phoenix Hay and Grain Co.
Concerning the Rio Verde Canal Company's
The final location, surveys and perfected plans for the construction of the company's works have
been made under the directions and personal supervision of Mr. Donald W. Campbell, of the firm of Camp
bell & Anderson, irrigation engineers, of Denver, Colo., and the work of construction will be under Mr.
Campbell's direction as supervising engineer.
The contract for the entire construction of the Horse Shoe Reservoir dam, the Diversion dam and
ninety-eight miles of canal, including the crossing of Cave Creek, New River and the Aqua Fria, was
signed on the nineteenth day of February of this year by the president of the Canal company and by the
contractors, Langdon, Linton & Co., of Minneapolis and D. Grant & Co,, of Faribault, Minnesota.
Mr. S. R. H. Robinson and F. L. Conkey, the contractors representatives, with a train load of
construction material from Minnesota commenced work under their contract on the ninth day of April and
the work is being pushed with vigor.
The extent and importance of this construction will be best understood through the following state
ment of figures : Area of the Horseshoe Reservoir, 3,200 acres ; capacity of the same on the initial con
struction. 205,000 acre feet, or 8,929,800,000 cubic feet, which is sufficient water to cover 205,000 acres of
land one foot deep. The dam to create this storage reservoir will be about 180 feet in height, about 300 feet
long at the bottom, and about 1,200 feet long at the top. It will be what is known as a "gravity dam,"
and will be constructed of rock taken from the mountain side, immediately adjacent and largely at an
elevation above the top of the dam. The spillway, from which the flood waters of the stream will be dis
charged, when the reservoir is full, is entirely separate and nearly a quarter of a mile distant from the
west end of the dam. The crest of the waste weir will be an elevation of about 150 feet above the bottom
of the reservoir, and will be not less than 1,500 feet in length, so as to provide amply for the discharge
of the flood water of the stream. The location, in all its natural conditions, is pronounced by experts all
that could be desired. The dam will set the water back up the stream a distance of about 8 miles, and in the
'widest place the reservoir is about three miles and a half wide. This storage location is up stream or above the
Diversion dam and canal head, which are located about three-fourths of a mile above the mouth of Camp
or Chilson's Creek, and about 10 miles above old "Camp McDowell." The Diversion dam will be built
simply for the purpose of raising the water to such an elevation as will enable the canal to cross the height
of ground commonly called "McDowell Divide," between the valley of the Verde river and that of the Salt
river. The canal, the construction of which is covered by the present contract, will extend from the
Diversion dam down the west side of the Verde Valley, across "McDowell Divide," at a point about four
miles north of the Arizona canal, thence extending in a northwesterly direction across Paradise Valley,
crossing Cave Creek above or to the northward of the Union mine, and extending westward through Deer
Valley across New River to the crossing of the Fria, just north of Calderwood Butte, thence extending
westward and southward to the southeastern angle of the White Tank mountains, near to the range line
between ranges 2 and 3 west, at which point the present construction will terminate. The canal will, how
ever, be extended westward across the Hassayampa after initial construction shall have been completed.
The capacity of the main canal will be about 1,200 cubic feet per second on initial construction, and will be
subsequently enlarged so as to greatly increase its carrying capacity. On initial construction it will cover
about 350,800 acres of land, of which fully 250,000. acres is first-class agricultural lands, and of which
fully 220,000 acres will be irrigated by water supplied on initial construction. Of this area, over 62,000
acres have been entered or taken up by entrymen under the desert land since the enterprise was projected,
and the canal company has sold its water rights therefor.
As above stated, after initial construction shall have been completed, the canal will be enlarged and
extended, so as to cover and furnish water for fully 400,000 acres of land. This will involve the construc
truction of additional .storage reservoirs, locations for which have already been appropriated by the com
pany. Broadly stated, the completed enterprise involves the conversion of about 600 square miles of
worthless desert into 400,000 acres of fertile farms and orchards. This means the creation of many million
dollars of new wealth, much the larger part of which will accrue to those who acquire these lands, of which
150,000, covered by initial construction are still vacant and open to entry.
Special prices made to miners, prospectors, ranchers and cattlemen,
buying In large quantities. QQODS PROMPTLY DELIVERED.
& i u ,i n r it m , i unn. inn. n x m i ni n.iv i
ivuxi vuuLL ixuvuo niuu iiiu jjvuiiui ill liiVuiUAi e
A. C. Sheldon, President.
A. H. Linton, Vice-President.
J. K. Doolittlb. Secretary.
Frank L. Conkey, Treasurer.
The Rio Verde Canal Go.
No. 14 N. Second Av.
. Phcenix, Abiz., June, 26, 1895.
RESOLVED, that water rights for four thousands acres of the lands yet unentered, lying Hast of
the Agua Fria, which can be irrigated by gravity laterals from the Rio Verde Canal, now
being built, be sold at the price of Sixteen Dollars per acre, on terms of payment as hereto
fore ordered, and that as soon as water rights shall be sold for a total of Four Thousand
Acres at the price above named, the price of Water Rights for lands East of the Agua Fria
shall be and hereby is raised to $17.00 per acre.
The above Resolution was adopted by the Executive Committee of the Board
of Directors of the Eio Verde Canal Company, June 19, 1895, and 6ales are being
made thereunder. Choice Unentered Lands will be shown to purchasers Free of
Charge. Selections made for persons intending to become resident entrymen.
For locations and water rights apply to the company or to any of its agents.
Arizona lands are of no value for any purpose without irrigation. Millions of acres rich in all the
elements necessary for plant growth, with ideal climatic conditions, are barren and unoccupied, valuelesss
because waterless. Vacant land is plenty and practically free, but a water supply for irrigation can only
be had through the expenditure of large sums of money, and only for limited areas, while adjacent lands
wanting a water supply will remain desert, valueless and unoccupied forever.
With an assured water supply, these lands become worth at once from $50.00 to $100.00 per acre,
even before cultivation is commenced.
The water supply which gives value to these lands comes from the canal company, and this supply
is guaranteed by a contract made by the canal company with the person who enters the land under the
desert land laws, by which contract a stipulated amount of water is sold to the entryman and allotted and
forever attached to the land designated in the contract, and this water right is ever after sold with the
land. This contract with the canal company for the service of water is called a "Water Eight."
The water right contract fixes the quantity of water which may be demanded in any year, and sets
forth and provides for all necessary conditions, limitations and regulations for the service and delivery of
the water on the land, and fixes the term of payment for water service.
The water right contract gives value to the land named in it, because it guarantees a sufficient sup
ply of water for its reclamation from present desert condition and for its irrigation and cultivation, upon
condition of the payment of the annual rate for the water served.
The water right in the hands of the husbandman converts the barren desert into the fruitful farm,
orchard or garden. - .
Any person (man or woman) a citizen of the United States, and a resident . of the Territory, may
enter not less than 40 acres and not more than 320 acres each.
The entry fee (payable to the United States at time of entry) is 25 cents per acre. Within four
years from date of entry final proofs, i. e., proof that the land has been irrigated and reclaimed, must be
made and $1.00 additional per acre to the United States.
The desert land law does not require residence on the land, but does require the expenditure by the
entryman of the sum of $1.00 per acre within one year from the entry, either in the purchase of water
rights for the irrigation of the land, or in the permanent improvement of the land, and the expenditure of a
like sum for the like purpose the second and third years from entry. Proofs of this expenditure must be
filed in the United States land office each year.
The purchase of a water right for the land from the canal company by the entryman and the pay
ment of one dollar per acre thereon each year is good expenditure under the law and the receipt of the
canal company for such payment enables the entryman to make proof of his annual expenditure, in com
pliance with the law.
The entry is assignable, and the assignee may make annual and final proof in his own name, but no
person or corporation can, prior to final proof, own more that one entry. After final proof the land can be
subdivided and conveyed as any other land.
The cost of entering and acquiring title to these lands, outside of the water right, is about $3.00 per
acre. This includes the government price of $1.25 per acre and cost of clearing the land ready for crops or
planting and the water for final proof. As these lands are worth from $50.00 to $150.00 per acre at final
proof, the reader will readily see that the large increment of profit resulting from the construction of the
irrigation works of the company will inure to the fortunate entrymen who acquire these lands from the
The company began the sale of its water-rights at the price of $10 per acre, and as sales progressed
the price was advanced from time to time until they are now being sold at the price of $15 per acre, payable
$1 per acre casn at ine time oi saie, ana $1 per acre eacn year inereaner, witn interest on aeierrea pay
ments at the rate of eight per cent per annum from the time water is ready to be served.
On the 15th day of May the price on lands east of the Fria will be advanced to $16, and thereafter
from time to time, as sales progress, the price will be advanced until it reaches the maximum price of $25
per acre, and the cash payment will also be increased from time to time. - .
If the present rate of sales shall continue, the whole carrying capacity of the canal will be sold and
allotted to entered lands before water service begins, and the remaining otherwise available land will be
left valueless for lack of water supply.
Full par ticulars can be obtained at the office of
No. 14 Second Avenue, N., PHCENIX, ARIZONA.
Notice to Creditors.
state of Daniel McAndrew, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
administrator of the estate of Daniel McAn
drew, deceased, to the creditors of and all
persons having claims against the said de
ceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary
vouchers, within four months after the first
publication of thiB notice to the said adminis
trator at the law office of Street & Frazier,
Fleming block. Phoenix, Ariz., the same being
the place for the transaction of the business of
said estate, in said County of Maricopa.
Administrator of the estate of Daniel McAn
drew, deceased.
Dated this 29th day of June, 1S95.
Date of first publication June 30, 1895.
Hall roads.
New Time Table.
In effect Nov. 16, 1894,
Notice of Sale
Of Real and Personal Property at Private
Under authority of an order of sale granted
by the probate court of the county of Maricopa,
territory of Arizona, dated June 29, 1895, 1 will
sell at private sale the following described
property: An undivided one half interest in
about 300 head of stock cattle, about 8 head! of
horses, ranch and improvements, (house,
fences, corral, ditches, etc.), 1 stock corral
near Ash Dale, 1 stove, camp utensils, etc.,
carpentet and blacksmith tools, 1 mowing ma
chine, 2 plows, 2 pack saddles, 1 canvas cover,
300 lbs. barley, and 1 bale of wire. The saie
will be made on or after July 15, 1S95 and bids
will be received at the office of Street & Fra
zier, Fleming block, Phcenix, Arizona. Terms
of sale as follows: Cash, gold coin ef the
United States, ten per cent payable at time of
sale, balance npon confirmation by this court.
Administrator of the estate of Daniel Mc
Andrew, deceased.
Dated June 29, 1S95.
Date of first publication June 30, 1.89',
When in need of a good team or place to keep
your horse call on us. Private hack may be
ordered at any hour of day or nigb t. Tel. 51.
Third St. , rear of Lemon house.
telephone: no. 78.
21 South Center St.. PHCENIX,
The Palace,
Imported and Domestic
Jerome, Arizona.
S. F. MEGUIKE, Prop.
First-class accommodation for trav
eling public.
jH -
r K ' AM
8:00 Lv.-.Phosnix ..Ar 6.00
8:30 j Ar.T Lv. J 4.35
8:40 ( Lv.lempe Ar. ( 4.25
9:25 Kyrene 4.00
10:00 8aeaton 3.25
10:25 A r.. Maricopa.. Lv. 3.00
Pullman sleeping ear service nightly between
Phoenix and Maricopa. Sleeping Car coupon
sold to all point on the Southern Pacific and
connecting lines.
Train No. 1 connects with Southern Pacing
19, passing Maiicopa at 11:50 p. m. Train No.
connects with Southern Pacific 20, passing
Marieopa at 2:40 a. m. Connection made at
Tempe with stages for Goldfield and Mesa,
Connection made at Phoenix for Congress, Pres
cott and all points in northern Arizona via the
8. F.,P. &P..R. R. Trainsstopon signal.
General Superintendent.
Through Trains
Chicago, Omaha, iPeorla,: St. Paul
and Minneapolis,
Dining Cars, Vestibuled Drawing Room Sleep
ing Cars, Reclining Chair Cars (8eats Free.)
Atlantic OoastI
New York Boston,
Baltimore, " Wastiigtoiv
Philadelphia, CiDcinnati,
Niagara Falls, Pittsburgh,
For full information address
H. C. ORE,
Ass't Gen'l Passenger Ait. , Kansas City, Ho
Florence and GJoba Stage Line
Mail and
'Or ......
Riverside and Globe at 7 o'clock, p. M. ; stop)
all night at Riverside and arrives at Globe at
5 o'clock, P. M.; returning, leaves Globe at 8
o'clock a.m., arrives at Florence at 1 o'clock
A. M. Good accomodation on the road, im
proved line, good stock and comfortable stages,
four-horse coach every other day. W. E
BUILD, Agent, Florence. E. F. KSLLNER
CO., Agents, Globe.

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