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daily and weekly.
mkmbek of the associated press.
UewiB Wolfley, Clark Churchill, J. A. Black,
, T.J. Wolfley, Edward Butt, Jr.
Publication Office: 40 North Center Street,
Wharton Block. Telephone No. 47.
Jutereci at the postofhce at Phoenix, Arizona,
is mail matter of the second class.
Thb Daily Republican is delivered by car
rierier in phoenix at 25 cents per week or $1.00
per month in advauce.
Subscribers failing to get Thb Republican
regularly or promptly should notiiy Thb KB
ruBLicAN business office (not the carrier) in
irder to receive immediate attention. Tele
phone No. 47.
Daily, one year '. $ 10 00
Daily, six months , 5 00
Daily, three mon'hs.i'..... 2 50
Sunday Republican, one year 2 50
3un lay Republican, six months . 1 25
Weekly Repu3lican, one year 1 50
Weekly Republican, six months 75
Terms: strictly in advance.
All communications relating to news or
5dm, rial matter should be addressed to Editor
aEi'UKLlcAN. . .
IW All remittances and business letters
Jhould be addressed to The Arizona Republi
can Company, Phoenix, Ariz.
The Republican can be found on sale at the
following places :
Monihon Corner News Stand Phoenix
Pratt Bros.... "
Irvine Co "
Postoffice News Stand "
Rates of advertising in the Daily, Sunday or
Weekly edition madeknownoa application at
.he publication office. Or ring up telephone
number 47, and a representative of the business
department, will call and- quote prices and
contract for a Dace.
' The republican is fully prepared to do all
kinds of plain and fancy Job printing in all the
latest styles. Complete book bindery andruling
machinery in connection with the job depart
ment. Work perfectly and promptly dODe.
No bills against Thb Arizona Republican
0o or its employes will be paid by the com
pany unless -taey -were contracted npon the
written authority of the management.
T. J. WOLFLEY. GeneralManager.
16 TO 1.
PetESIX. JULY 30, 1895.
The Scranton (Pa.) Truth raises its
voice in behalf of a better libel law in
Pennsylvania. The same conditions
exist in cearly ever; state in the anion.
The efforts of each papers as the Scran
ton Truth should be sustained by every
newspaper in that etate and in every
other state. The press of the land
should join together, not in asking for
better laws, but in demanding them.
It is quite within their power to obtain
laws that are equitable to the public
and the press, and if there is bat. a con
certed action taken' to obtain them.
The- Truth in its article says :
The need of a just libel law in Penn
sylvania is, illustrated almost daily in
the eager haste with which the litigious
and the unscrupulous seize upon the
slightest pretext to proceed against
honest and painstaking newspapers un
der the pretense of being damaged by
the publication of the most colorless
and unbiased record of the news of the
Rascals who, if they had their real
deeerts, would be in the rogue's gallery,
are permitted to pose as injured plaint-
1 9
Just Received
a new line of T
in sizes to fit big and little.
The Hatter.
Fleming Block.
Rambler Bicycle ? Aw
July 4th
iffs under our lax libel laws, and there
is no scarcity of thieving shysters in
any considerable community who are
willing to take up euch cases either for
revenge because they themselves have
been the subjects of honest criticism for
the public good, or because they expect
to profit personally by' prospective
There is not an honest man in any
community who does not know that his
reputation is safe at the hands of every
honest newspaper, and there Is not an
honest newspaper that is not called
upon frequently to make room in its
columns for information, in the interest
of the public, concerning the shady
antics of scallawags and knaves who
are anxious to be known as reputable
Fellows who would not scruple to
separate husband and wife, to rob a
poor man of the proceeds of his prop
erty, to swindle the widow and the
orphan, and even to "steal the pennies
off a dead man's eyes," are usually
among the first to declare they are
libeled if an unbiased notice of their
knavery appears in the columns of a
daily newspaper. As a general thing,
the press has no more for or against
such creatures than it has for or against
the respectable skunk, saving the
skunk's presence : yet there is such a
thing as a Iibe! law to be appealed to,
and so these savory characters, acting
upon the advice of Hamlet to his
mother, when he tcld her, "assume a
virtue if you have it not," proceed in
their virtuous indignation to vindicate
their moth-eaten reputations.
The women of the Kansas Equal
Suffrage association are highly indig
nant at the way in which their cause
was snowed under at the last election.
At a picnic held this week a vote was
passed that amounts practically to a
boycott of all the men who were indif
ferent to the suffrage measure. Because
117,000 declared themselves against
woman suffrage and 31,000 showed their
opposition by remaining silent, it was
resolved, on motion of Miss Susan B.
Anthony, "that it is the duty of every
self-respecting woman in the state of
Kansas to fold her hands and refuse to
help any moral, religious, charitable,
reform or political association until the
men oi the state shall strike the adjec
tive "male" from the suffrage clause of
the constitution, and thereby declare
that woman's opinion shall be re
Bpected and counted at the ballot-box
as are all men's opinions outside of the
state penitentiary, the idiot and the
lunatic asylums."
In the meantime the women of Kan
sas will permit things to come to a
standstill and will punish the apathy of
their brothers by a passive assault upon
charitable and religious work, which
could have had no hand in the defeat of
woman suffrage.
All the women of Kansas, we are
pleased to say, are not engaged in this
boycott of religion, morality and char
ity; only the "self-respecting women,"
who, by the way, seem to be acquiring
respect from no other direction.
The determination of the council
yesterday to codify and compile the
city ordinances was timely, though it
might have been profitably done ear
lier. The trifling sum which the codi
fixation will cost becomes more trifling
in comparison with the present incon
venience, uncertainty and risk, to say
nothing of the absolute loss to the city
and individuals in litigation growing
out of the jumbled condition of the or
dinances. The work is fortunately
placed in the hands of City Attorney
Evans, who, beside being an able and
skillful lawyer, has had extensive ex
perience in this particular kind of
Having finished his campaign in be
half of "sound money," Secretary Car
lisle can now devote himself to the
preparation of another series of bonds,
as the gold reserve has begun to dwindle,
and it will be necessary to sell more
bonds to keep it intact. This backing
and filling process isn't exactly finan
ciering, but it serves the purpose of the
gold and bond syndicate, which appears
to be the great aim of the administra
tion. An Oakland man, who seeks a cheap
notoriety, sleeps in a coffin and has the
fact published to the world. If he
really wishes to mortify his body and
prepare his spirit for its separation
from the body, he ehould abide in a
Carthusian monastery, and when his
weary body ia at rest his bones will
serve as paving stones for weary feet to
walk upon. Thure is no notoriety in
this, though.
A well-known MINISTER sends a very
lengthy communication to a contem
porary complaining about the great in
justica to bicyclists that the bicycle
ordinance does, and censuring in severe
terms the bicycle police for simply
doing their duty. Did it ever occur to
the gentleman that all the evils of
which he complains coald be cured by
prohibiting bicycles on all sidewalks?
There will probably be a rise in
sugar and in cigars in the early autumn,
because the rebellion makes it impos
sible for the Cubans to secure money to
harvest more than halt their crop, and
unless the. deficiency shall be made up
from South America and Mexico, it
looks as though there would be a- short
Gladstone appeals to the liberals of
England to "vindicate the rights of
the house of commons as the organ of
the nation, and establish the honor of
England," by conceding "the just con
stitutional claimB of Ireland." What
a grand old man this Grand Old Man is !
" 'The West' does not begin, nowa
days, until the middle of Ohio, at least,"
says the Boston Traveler. It is 6afe to
say that the west does not begin until
the Mississippi is crossed ; and it is not
quite certain that it begins until the
Missouri is crossed.
Every paper in the country has sug
gested a name for little Miss Cleveland,
but not one has suggested that it be
called Frances. The Republican sug
gests this name for her, a name honored
by the whole American people.
Mr. Cleveland may or may not want
a third term, but he is not such a tyro
in politics as to have his secretary of
war feel the pulse of his party on the
question when cn an official tour of in
spection over the country.
A Boston paper says that the "De
fender" has strained her braces. Why
not be up to date and say she hae
strained her suspenders?
There may not be any such letter
writers today as Mme. de Sevigne was,
but the modern typewriter is a very
satisfactory substitute.
Ex-President Harrison has followed
the example of Tom Reed and taken to
the woods. It 5s a wise step and will
prove delightful.
The motto of the Christian Endeav
orers seems to be: "At first you don't
succeed, endeavor, endeavor again."
There is good ground for asserting
that death lurks in a kiss. Whoever
kissed the Scottish Maiden died.
The president is as great at writing
letters in praise of domestic felicity as
in praise of the gold standard.
The "new woman" has more rustle,
while the "old woman" had more
G. A. R. Cheap Kailroad Excursion.
The wisdom of the national commit
tee in selecting a city eo centrally lo
cated, easy ot access, as. Louisville, Ky.,
for the twenty-ninth annual encamp
ment of the Grand Army of the Repub
lic, September 11th to 14th, if fully
justified, judging from the numerous
inquiries received from all parts of the
country relative to transportation facili
ties, passenger rates, limits of tickets,
In anticipation of a very large atten
dance, the Baltimore & Ohio South
western railway (formerly the O. & M.
B'y), the leading route to Louisville
from the west, north and east, has
made preparations to afford visitors
every facility, both in the way of low
rates add fast trains, handsomely and
comfortably equipped, from all its ter
minal points. Three daily trains St.
Louis to Louisville; two trains daily
(except Sunday) Beardstown and
Springfield to Louisville; three daily
trains Cincinnati to Louisville; two
daily trains Parkersburg to Louisville.
Rate via B. & O. S-W R'y will not ex
ceed one cent per mile. Tickets will be
on sale September 8th to 11th, in
clusive1, good returning until. October
5th, 1895.
One of the principal events following
the close of the encampment will be the
dedication of the Chickamauga Nation
al Military Park, Chattanooga, Tenn.,
to which excursion rate from Louis
ville, Ky., will not be higher than one
cent per mile. In addition there will
be cheap excursions run from Louis
ville to the various battlefields in the
vicinity. The citizens of Louisville are
a unit in their expression of according
to their guests a royal eutertainment
during the encampment.
Any further particulars desired will
be cheerfully furnished on application
to A. C. Goodrich, passenger agent of
the B. & O. S-W. Ry., Kansas City,
Mo., or to J. M. Chesbrough, general
passenger agent, St. Louis Mo.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
sAow Royal Baking Powdsr
sumrlor to ail others.
it a Bargain.
The best shoe made at
the lowest rates will go
for the next ten days.
iVantilburg & Davison,!
A Policy Absolutely Without Restrictions as to occupation, residence, travel,
habits of life or manner of death ;
A Policy with but One Condition, namely, the payment of premiums;
A Policy with a Month's Grace in premium payments and paid in full in case of
death during the month of grace, less only the overdue premium with
A Policy Providing for Re-instatement within six months after default in pav
ment of premium, if the insured ib in good health ;
A Policy AUTOMATICALLY non -forfeiting after three annual premiums have
been paid, the policy being extended for its full amount for a period shown
therein, .without request, or endorsed as paid-up for an amount shown
therein on request within six months;
A Pollcywith Privilege of Cash Loans at 5percent interest, five years afterissne;
A Policy with Six Options in Settlement at the end of 10, 15 or 20 years;
A Policy Incontestable from Any Cause One Year After Issue;
"Accumulation Policy"
R. Allyn Lewis,
General. .Algent for Arizona.
Room 5, Fleming Block -
W .V
Distributing agent for Pabst and Lemn Beers
Also for the celebrated Manitou Mineral Water, of Manitou, Colorado, and the Apollinaris "
36-40 North Center Street, Pknix.
Want money
Want a cook
W a a t boarders
Want a partner
Want a Situation
Want to rent rooms
Want a servant girl
Want to sell a farm
Want to sell a house
Want to eichange anytning
Want to sell household goods
Want to make any real estate loans
Want to sell or trade for anything
Want to find customers for anything
TRY . .
copa, while waiting for the train. Uood
accommodations and excellent table.
When you first begin using spectacles, -most
anything seems to answer nicely, :
but your eyes will grow old very much -faster
if you use a poorly ground imper-:
feet lens, the moral of which is to get -them
where they take pains to have on-:
ly the very best
Telephone No. 67.
and th San Francisco Brraorio. limits .

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