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Publication Office: 40 North Center Street,
Wharton Block. Telephone No. 47.
" Entered at the postoffice at Phoenix, Arizona,
as mall matter of the second-class.
.: 1 5 V CARRIER.
The Daily Republican Is delivered by car
rfKriu Phoeuix at 25 cents per week or $1.00 per
"month in advance.
Subscribers failing to get The Republican
reularlv or promptly should notify The Re
ftblican business office (not the carrier) in
order to receive Immediate attention. Tele
phone KO. 47
Daily, one year 1 10. 00
Baiiy, six months 5.00
fiaily, three months 2.50
Sunday Republican, one year 2.50
jinndey Republican, six months 1-25
Weekly Republican, one year 2 00
Weekly Republican, six months 100
Trms: Strictly in advance.
MT-AU co.nmunii'aiions relating to news or
editorial matter should be addressed to Editor
Bepcblioan. ...
Remittances and businesslettershould
be addressed to The Abizona Repobucan
Company Pho-nix, Am v
his office and with shooting sticks,
rnallets and leading editorials suc
ceeded -in saving his life. The Kan
sas City Times reported the occur
rence and now-.tfrelaavwojULJrimes
in the followi'decate .manner. Int.?
mates that tfie'JCanas -&it'y report was
not correct :!!2n its', report of lh& Sal-i
vation Army trouble which took place
on Tuesday evening,' the, Kansas Oily
Times was guilty of lying in neaf-ly
every important pojnit mentioned. The
report only shows the work of an in
famous lying scoundrel."
O n I a is jwflved by. the sta&ments pf lead.
WdlCS inir druggists everywhere, $how
that the .people have an abiding w'ufidence
' iV
in Hood's Sarsaparilla. Great
Not a single paper in this entire sec
tion of the world said a word about the:
coming of the eclipse of the moon last
Saturday night. (We had written an
editorial about it in which we laid
great stress upon the fact that the
penumbra would be entered at about
9 of the clock. (We emphasized the re
lation of the entrance of the shadow
and the time tihereof which we fixed at
10:24 Per clock. Our best and most
vigorous work was put in as to the
greatest obscuration to occur at
11:57. Somehow our manuscript
mislaid itself and rather than be
charged witfli the dense ignorance dis
played by the tenth rate sheets in this
vicinity we take this time to display
our knowledge of eclipses.
Bepubl'.can Territorial Platform.
.?We assert that we are tor the free and un
limited coinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1
and we hereby instruct the delegates to the
national convention to use every means in
tfbelr power to secure a clause In the National
platform favoring the free and unlimited coin
age of silver.
A bicycle carrying 'beside the rider a
small child in a basket in front struck
an obstruction in Philadelphia the
other day, and .the child was thrown
forward on its head and killed. The
accident 'has again -called attention to
a practice that Is getting more'-'or less
common among fathers of families who
take their little children out for an air
ing on their bicycles. The way the
Philadelphia authorities look upon this
practice may he inferred from the fact
that it is seriously proposed to hold
the father in this case for manslaugh
ter. This may be a rather severe way
of treating it, but it is an offense that
comes very close to criminal careless
7 '
-A number of the New York newspa
pers appear to be very indignant over
(the fact that Mrs. Lease in her Cooper
Onion speech saw fit to apply uncompli
mentary language and even epithets to
some of Gotham's most prominent cit
izens. It is true that Mrs. Lease has not
(evinced the spirit of the meek and low-
ly Nazarene to any marked degree in
dealing with the New Yorkers. Hav
ing been struck upon one cheek she has
ot in this particular instance felt call-
d upon to present the other one to her
- Having seen the people of the west
iherself included, made the objects of
all the abuse and opprobious epithets
which the New York daily press could
eommand, she rather chose to resent
ft, and in the language of the "wild and
wooly" western "anarchist" "give it
right 'back to them."
(Whatever ' may be thought of this
fighting woman from Kansas personal
ly or politically, she is entitled to take
jbhe bold -stand she took in what Mr.
: Bryan not altogether inappropriately
(tanned "the enemy's country."
' VThe New Yorkers' idea of the west
f3 plainly that it is of no consequence
except as -a place to get money out of.
TEheJr .sensibilities are, greatly out
fagei that the people who have been
their patient servants for so many
fears should1 how rebel and assume
to have ideas and to express them.
As long as the people of the west
would without complaint yield up the
mlk. of 'their earnings to the class rep-
pesented 'by the Individuals whom Mrs.
liease mentioned by name, little atten
tion was given to them or what 'they
esM. or thought. As soon, however, as
eniMtest was made, these same west
ern people became suddenly anarchists,
cepudiationists, assassins of the Na-
. tlon's credit, lunatics and everything
Ise that is usually considered inimical
po a prosperous and well regulated
Gothamites may hear yet other un
pleasant truths about ithsmselves . be
fore the campaign closes.
- The New York Tribune in defend
4ng Gould and Rockefeller says that
fh.-ey have "accumulated property hon--stly,"
and then as if seeing the ab
surdity of the assertion adris "'jjider
the law."
O HKOe proved by the voluntary state
wUrcS mentsof thousands ofjown and
women show that Hood's Sarsaparilla ac
tually does possess
r UWCI riching and invigorating the
blood, upon which not only health but life
itself depends. The great
QllPfAee of Hoods Sarsaparilla in
OUCC6SS curing others warrants
you in believing that a faithful use of Hood's
Sarsaparilla will cure you if you suffer from
any trouble caused by impure blood.
Is the One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. $1.
Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
j ji are easy to teke' easy
HOOd S FlllS to operate. 25 cents.
down, and its managers say 'that the
free silver scare is responsible for the
failure. Now then let some one allege
that the free silver scare is responsible
for the failure of Nansen to reach the
north pole. '
13 8 West Washington St., - - ,PH(ENK, ARIZ.4
official Watch Inspectors 8. F., P. & P. K. ft
Occupying the ctirneistoie of the Foid Hotel. V V nnrl I 17 TOTTCTiW trrirc
The most complete stock in Arizona. . . . II. fl. 01IU U. i. HllbUtt, I lip.
In all the world, ia coinage or avail
able for coinage, there is less than a
troy pound (42 ounces) of silver to eaohi
ounce of gold. Free coinage of silver
at 16 to 1 is therefore at a ratio un
favorable rather .than favorable to sil
ver in comparison 'With gold.
Just previous to the nomination of
McKinley the San Francisco Call,
which is now a pronounced goldbng
paper, had the following editorial:
"The principle of economics that
makes gold money has in 'the past and
can again confer the same office upon
silver, and California wants the dele
gates from this state to the SL Louis
convention to see to it that whoever
is nominated is nominated under
pledges to open the mints to silver and
to gold without any discrimination
whatever for or against either metal."
The Los Angeles Times says: "W.
P. C. Preckenriidge of Kentucky has
entered the field in opposition to
Bryan and Sewall. , This Is the most
respectable act of has life since his
Madelaine. , Pollard , act." And. we
agree with The Times.
Chas. R. Brake of Tucson is one of
the widest known and most thoroughly
appreciated citizens of Arizona. This
evening at the Cosmopolitan hotel in
Tucson he will celebrate the 25th an
niversary of his arrival an that city.
An old time Mexican dinner will be
served and there will be an inter
change of reminiscences with his old
friends that will be worth traveling
fax to hear. The Republican sincerely
wishes Mr. Drake another twenty-five
years of prosperity and happiness.
The west is not the only locality
where the. farming interests have been
made to suffer hy Wall street rule. Be
tween 1S80 and 1S90 there was a fall in
value of farms in all New England of
$90,000,000. The state of Vermont has
alone lost $30,000,000.
At the corner of Firet ami Washington.. I will' offer at section the following
. named vehicles to the highest bidder.
Ml OPEN BOGGY. ' r;'
All of the above vehicles are of the bent eastern makers and warranted to Htand
the climate. Can be inspected previous to sale at the old Ward
stablea, Center and Madison Sta. Aug. 29 and 30.
A. L. BARBEK, - - -
"You can't chew plug tobacco and
talk free ilver in this store" If you
see a sign of this character in a store
walk out quickly because you may as
sure yourself (that you have struck a
plutocrat and that he is forninst people.
The First Congregational church of
Los Angeles has been closed since the
downfall of Rev. C. O. Brown, and
now it is putting on a new coat of
paint and a $10,000 mortgage.
In Philadelphia last week 222,124
bathers took advantage of the free
baths provided by the city. Phoenix
has no free bath, but the usefulness
of iBhem cannot foe denied.
Journal-Miner: Democratic 'bolts are
getting to 'be. very common, and Irom
the appearance of things the Williams
convention is likely to catch the wave
and split itself to two over the nomina
tion of Mark Smith. Arizona De
mocracy wants no "cross of gold" in
theirs in the shape of Mark Smith.
Florence Tribune: The burning ques
tion as to who will handle the pat
ronage in Arizona af ter Bryan is elect
ed has been satisfactorily settled. Im
mediately after the Nebraska . man's
nomination at Chicago rWiley;;' Jones
helped 'tote' him around the hall.
Can Judge Barnes match this?
Journal-Miner: The election of legis
lators hy Yavapai county this year
Should by everything that is high and
holy he considered first in the line of
duty to the people of the community.
Personal recognition of a sectional
nature simply to fill in the blank space
of a person who has more of a pull
than he has ability to represent
shrewdly and defiantly the important
questions bo arise in the coming session
over our internal affairs, should be
oast aside. It is a question of princi
ple this year and not political chi
way, they effectually relieve headacne,
waterbrash, and prevent diarrhoea or
summer sickness. They are, there
fore, indispensable in seasons when
bowel complaints or malaria prevail,
and hould,.go with the tourist to the
mountains ' or " the - seaside. Ayer's
Pills are sugar coated and easy to take.
They quickly dissolve on reaching the
stomach, consequently their full me
dicinal strength is. Boon realized. They
were awarded, the -highest . honors at
the Chicago World's Fair.
(Bourke Cochran was ushered before.
(his audience in New York while the
band played "The Star Spangled Ban
ner," and the crowd gave three cheers
for McKinley. Two weeks before his
audience in Ireland received him
with three cheers for St Patrick, the
band playing "The Wind That Shook
the Barley." Later on he will have
occasion to sing, "Why Turn Away
When I Draw Near?" while the band
will play, "Croppy Lie Down."
A man in Maine went into a 'bath
house one day iast week, disrobed and
donned a bathing suit. He went forth
into the briny. While he was cleans
ing himself in this way thieves entered
his bath-house and stole "two gold
watches and seven diamond rings, ag
gregating in value $1,000." This item
invites cross-examination, but inas
much as we cannot work up a feeling
of pain over the loss under the cir
cumstances, we let it go.
A Pittsburg paper as howling its
loudest for the maintenance of the
gold standard, and the same day prints
ten solid pages of delinquent tax sales.
Another aeronaut went up Saturday.
Two thousand feet. Three thousand
people. Parachute failed to open. Aero
naut came down. No more ascents.
Spain is having additional difficul
ties heaped upon her. The Phillipine
islands are in revolt and insist upon
independence. . 1
The editor of the Leavenworth Times
was annoyed by the Salvation Ariiy
cadoodinatlng in front of his sanctum,
and! he kicked in the head of the b'.g
bass drum. The lad3 and lassies
triauled him and hauled him and other
wise made it unpleasant for him until
the rescue 'band of hop came from
Arizona G-iilver Belt: Oscar Rogers
is now confined in the Pinal county
lockup awaiting the 11th of September,
the day on which Judge Rouse ad
judged that he shall expiate the crime
of trann robbery with his life, but not
withstanding the dread alternative,
suspension by a rope or commutation
to life imprisonment, he ds cheered by
the hope that the governor will be im
pressed by the prayer of the petitioners
and grant their request that he may
live. Only that and nothing more,
Tucson Star: Bucky O'Neill has been
nominated as the Populist candidate
for delegate to congress. The Demo
crat or Republican who beats Bucky
will have to hustle. The Star believes
James Finlev of Pima or W. A. Rowe
or Judge J. J. Hawkins can outwin
Bucky. And there are no others men
tioned who can successfully match the
popular Populist.
Florence Tribune: Earnest efforts are
being made to induce Governor Frank
lin to commute the sentence of death
ia oom i,i,,M Imposed on Oscar Rogers, now confined
1V , . t ,. . in ihe Pinal county Jail, for traun rob-
v. j herv. He has hfin an exemniarv nrw-
is aa easy one. It is because, under loner; this was his first offense; human
goldbugger and monopoly rule, the life was not taken or attempted in the
wlhnlfl ;rmTit.rv ,haa .eotten so mnreh ! commission of the crime, and a life
Bourke Cochran says: "It requires
the labor of man and the labor of man
alone to create wealth." When the
farmer raises dollar wheat and sells
it for 45 cents or 25 cent corn and
sells it for 10 cents, how much wealth
is he creating? How much wealth is
the, laborer and mechanic creating
while he stands around anxiously
looking and waiting for the job that
does not come?
Col. Pat foonan, in that unique pub
lication, the Salt Lake Utahnian, gives
this explanation of the recent hot
spell: "Every semi-roasted down-
nearer hell than it used to be."
i sentence, lt;Js generally believed, would
i fully meet the demands of justice. The
; - 'Tribune voices the sentiments of the
an tne miast oi eu cais neat a lur entire community in asking for the
factory in uanoury, txmnecticut, ciosea commutation.
Children under 14 bringing their
own suit can go in at the park swim
ming baths every Tuesday forenoon
free of charge. Come along and enjoy
Buckingham's Dye for the "Whiskers
is a popular preparation in one bot
tle, and colors evenly a brown or
black. . Any person can- easily . apply
it at home. -. . : ;.'
Mr. Natanael Mortonson, & well-
known citizen of Ishpeming, Mich.,
and editor Superior Posten, who, for
a long time suffered from the most ex
cruciating pains of rheumatism, was
cured eight years ago by taking Ayer's
Sarsaparilla, having never felt a
twinge of it since. '
The hair, (when hot properly cared
for, loses its lustre, becomes crisp,
harsh and dry. and falls out freely
with every combing. To prevent this,
the best dressing in the market is
Ayer's Hair Vigor. It imparts that
silky gloss so essential to perfect beau
ty. . x .
Ayer's Ague Cure 'is an antidote for
malaria and all malarial diseases,
whether generated by swamp or sewer.
iNeitfher quinine, arsenic nor any other
injurious drug enters into the compo
sition of this iremedy. (Warranted to
cure fever and ague.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla "enjoys-" the ex
traordinary distinction of having been
the only blood purifier allowed an ex
hibit at the World's Fair.. Chicago.
Manufacturers of other sarsaparitlas
sought by every means to obtain a
showing of their goods, but they were
all turned away under the application
of the rule forbidding the entry of
patent medicines and nostrums. The
decision of the World's Fair authori
ties in favor of Ayer's Sarsaparilla was
In effect as follows: "Ayer's Sarsapa
rilla is not a patent medicine. It does
not 'belong to the list of nostrums. It
Is here on its merits."
Lumber at cut prices at The L. W.
Blinh Lumber Co- If you are going
to build select your lumber from a
stock that is the largest, consisting of
the best grades,' dryest condition, and
which we offer at the lowest prices.
If you use our lumber your house will
not fall apart in after years. It al
ways pays to build from a good dry
stock, Especially in this climate this ia
a point worth observing.
The L. W. Blinn
Lumber Co.
Sufferers from sick headache, indi
gestion, and biliousness may alwsys
find speedy relief in the use of Ayer's
Pills. There is no other medicine in
pharmacy which goes so directly to the
source of these maladies and brings
about so thorough and radical a cure.
They cleanse the stomach, liver and
bowels, and, to a certain extent, puri
fy the blood of -waste products; at the
same time they act as a health-giving
tonic to all the tissues involved in tne
complex process of digestion. In this
nausea, indigestion, biliousness and
. . BEAUTY . .
Itlsadutv to onrselves to improve na
ture when we can. Ladies hairdres
sine and shampooing. Manicuring for
ladies and gent emen.
MRS. W LLACK. Toilet Parlora,
Ford Hotel, upstairs.
Talbot & Hubbard's
Hardware Store.

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