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Prescott -Cabbage,
Largest and best asEortmentof fruits
and vegetables in Pnuenix.
TJATTI FflDV We iIe headquarters.
rUULlill Orders intrusted with us
"Uiiiii are sure to give satisfao
tion. Once acustomeralwaysacustomer
D.S. Dbpabtxrnt op Agriculture,
iVkatheb Bureau,
PHfKNix. September 4. 1896. )
OA. M 5 P. M
29.889 29.763
80.6 102.0
72.5 73.5
68 25
3 3
el 'd; clear
Barom. pres. (red. to tea level) In.
Actual temperature
Sensible temperature
Relative humidity
Direction of wind
Velocity of wind
Rainfall (past 12 hours) -. .
otateoi weatner.
Hiehest tamDrature in 24 hours endine 4 o.
m., 101.1.
Lowest temperature in, 21 hours ending 4 p.
m.,80.0. ' -
Forecast for today, fair.
Arthur L. Whits, Observer.
Happenings of Streets
" and Town.
Epitome of the. City's Local
The Doings of a Day In Phoenix and
' Its Tributary .
The Sacred Heart academy will open
for the term nest Tuesday with a large
carloads of delayed freight
held toy the A. & P; washouts arrived
yesterday morning.
The board of county examiners now
comprise Probate Judge Crouse, F. H.
Parker and (W. A. Coy.
Mrs. Mary Johnson's kindergarten
opens September 28 In the basement
of the new Metlhodist church.
The (Normal school at Temp will
open for .the term on Monday. There
will be a larger attendance than at
any other time in the history of the
County Treasurer Murray yesterday
paid out $2,000 in, redemption of 'the
old county court house bonds calling
for tihat amount. There yet remains
$12,000 of the bonds to be redeemed.'
Mrs. Clara T. Packwood died yester
day afternoon at the Depot (hotel. The
f umeral will take place this morning at
10 o'clock from Randal & Davitf un
dertaking parlors. (Deceased was 83
years of age.
"Oklahoma" at the park has been
drawing good crowds all week and
those who have not as yet seen this
mirth provoking iplay should not fail
to attend tonight, as it will be the last
performance of the piece.
Dr. Helm yesterday made an exam
ination of Prenty Phillips' injured
limb, that was crushed in the recent
railroad accident. He found that am
putation, will not toe necessary and
that the limb can be saved.
The Republicans of Prescott 'held
their primary election Thursday and
it lis remarkable that in a place of its
size 312 Republican votes were cast.
This shows tihat Republicanism is gain
ing strength la .the territory.
A young man named Long toad his
legs broken in two places at Ash Fork
Thursday. He was between tttue cars
while a train was being made up and
in some manner was struck. He was
brought to the Bisters hospital at
Sherman Crump, a young man of
Willcox, was (brought to the county
hospital at Tucson Thursday to be
treated for a bullet wound dn his tight
hip. While crawling through a barbed
wire fence a wire caught the hammer
of his revolver, -with the' result that it
was discharged.
Governor Franklin yesterday re
stored to cMzenebip J. W. Fisher, who
was sentenced to serve one year for
forgery committed at Tempe. His
term would 'have expired on the 15th
of this month, Ibut his pardon was rec
ommended by the superintendent of
the penitentiary.
Today at 10 o'clock the Good Tem
plars of the county will meet in I. 0.
G. T. hall in district lodge for the
purpose of electing district officers for
the ensuing year. A session will also
be held .in the evening which will be
supplemented Iby a lunch served in the
hall by the ladies.
It is said on good authority that the
Mexican government has made a re
quisition on the authorities at Wash
ington for the extradition of Santa
Teresa and her father, Tomas TJrrea,
on the charge of inciting the recent
Nogales trouble, and were, parties to
the fight and the robbery.
Special Officer Pete Wolfley on
Thursday,. night arrested Henry Cole
man for ffttjcMn.g a crosswalk with
a horse. The officer requested Cole
man to clear the way and upon the
latter refusing, placed him under ar
rest. His trial will come off in the
police court this morning and he has
retained t lawyer to defend him.
Pico, fbe Mexican who was brought
over from Tempo by Deputy U. s.
Marshal Silankard on a charge of pass
ing counterfeit money, was arraigned
before Commissioner Crenshaw yes
terday and 'his triad postponed pending
the arrival of witnesses. He is also
under $500 bonds on a charge of horse
Sheriff Wight of Graham county,
arrived yesterday dm charge of an in
sane "Mexican who was committed .to
the asylum. Some years ago the Mex
ican was accused of a murder. He was
tried and acquitted, hut he never re
covered from the effects of the shock.
He recently developed signs of insan
ity and it was found necessary to have
him confined.
It is now positively known that the
leader of the Nogales 'bandits who
were near the New Mexico line is Joe
George, who planned and executed the
robbery of the Southern Pacific pas
senger train, at Stein's Pass, to the ter
ritory, about eighteen months ago,
and whose companion, Wheelock, was
killed by Colorado authorities shortly
afterward, George escaping during the
fight. The robbers say they are going
to live on the .ranches until they make
a raise. Where are nine of them. They
will probably rob a train or a bank.
There are about fifteen cyanide
plants now in operation in the terri
tory for the treatment of refractory
ores. At Harqua, Hala the largest
plant to the territory is working with
a capacity of 160 tons. One plant at
Fool's Gulch of 100 tons capacity, ranks
next; Congress, one of eighty tons;
at Wickenburg, two plants of sixty tons
each are working; at Seymour, one of
forty tons; at Tombstone, four plants
of tern to thirty tons each, and numer
ous other .plants throughout the terri
tory on small scales, from five to fif
teen tons capacity. At El .Rio a large
plant Is now being- built and also one
at Golden. : . .: .
T&s' Demcsr's 'nV. oiay ho'd their
primaries 'for il'i? elecisa ;of tle'.ssabp
to the county coaventioE, which will
convene on e Tl-n .ins:, ola juagcs
and inspectors of the varicis Phoenix
wards aire as follows: Fir? ward,
Gardiner block, nine delegates; Frank
P. Trott, inspector; C. A. Luke, J. F.
Meador, Judges. Second ward, Rede
will founding, eight delegates;- John, F.
Norton, inspector; J. F. Pierce, H. M.
Willis, judges. Third ward, W. Mor
ris' office, twelve delegates;" Seth By
ers. -inspector: Al Hoffman, Eugene
Martin, judges; Fourth ward, city hall.
five delegates; A. E. Cobb, mspeetor;
Ben Crawford, E. Irvine, judges.
The last number of . the Scientific
American contains the following de
scription of a tie plate invented by
Chas. J. Schenck of Gala Bend: This
tie plate comprises a male and a female
member arranged for interlocking en
spring bearing surface engaging oppo
gagement, each member having a
site sides of the rail,, such surface fac
ing one another when the . members
are assembled, and , a flange on one
plate being engaged by a flange on
the other plate. Portions of the grip
ping surf ace of the tie plates may be
extended upward to engage with the
head of the rail at one or 'both sides,
forming a superior brace for the rails,
especially at their outer sides on a
curve. This tie plate ds also designed
to entirely prevent creeping
The railroads are using every en
deavor to make special irales for Salt
River valley produce so that outside
markets can be competed ith. The fol-
lolng is from the Southwestern Farmer
regarding a carload of cheese: The
first carload of cheese ever shipped
from the Salt River valley, or for that
matter from Arizona, went out Tiles-
day evening of this week from Tempe
the product of the factory at that
point. A rate was made toy the rail
roads of a cent a pound, which enabled
this product to seek an outside market.
This has been the difficulty heretofore,
not alone with this particular dairy
product, .but with agricultural products
in general the rates accorded having
'been almost prohibitive. Whenever
the transportation companies can be
induced to make a rate which will be
acceptable it will be a grand thing for
the producers of Arizona and the whole
southwest. And that day is conning.
Paul Herrman, Arizona representa
tive of the Los Angeles Times, lost
himself on the desert in the land of
manana last week. He 'has just learned
to ride a bike and he thought it would
be pleasant to rude from Tucson to
Mexico. He started and only made
about twenty-five miles when the
wheel' kicked him off by the
chain breaking. Not willing to turn
back he pushed ahead, walking beside
the injured wheel. In some way he
lost the path he was traversing and
upon trying to locate himself was more
hopelessly lost than ever. Finally the
only bit of nature that looked familiar
was the blue canopy of heaven. He
wandered aimlessly about for twenty
four hours with nothing to chew hut
the ends of his moustache and nothing
to slake his thirst Ibut a can of triple
extract bicycle oil. That is good diet,
however, for a newspaper man, so he
really suffered no inconvenience on
the score of dining. Hope almost for
sook him and he was seriously think
ing of lying down beside the remains
of the cause of his woe .the bike
when to his ears came the faint crow
ing of a cock Jt told him that there was
yet hope, so pushing on he soon found
a haven of rest and what was better; a
substantial supper on tortillas.
Jottings About Individuals andThelr
W." E.'Baylesa Of Prescobt Is in the
city. ' - ; ff ;o
J, E. Qtey, late' of the Ford hotel,
left yesterday morning for Denver.
Hon. A. J. Doran has gone to Tomb
stone to look at a copper property.
Mies Mabel Early returned yesterday
morning from a very pleasant vacation
spent In the east.
H. W. (Ryder is in Redondo, Cal., the
guest of H. D. Smith, mamager of the
Redondo Lumber company.
Hon. W. T. Smith and family re
turned yesterday momdng from a
very pleasant trip to the coast.
John Orme and family returned yes
terday from Long Beach, Cal., where
they were spending the summer.
Miss Kate B. Grdswold arrived in
Phoenix yesterday from Chicago. She
has been engaged as a teacher at the
Jj. H. Landes, the ticket agent of the
S. F., P. & P. company an this city,
will Jeave today for a two weeks' visit
to Chicago and Cincinnati.
Tucson Star: Both political parties
an their ternutonau conventions should,
and no doubt will, demand statehood
in unqualified terms; but they should
do more. They should demand in the
event statehood is .refused, that a law
be enacted allowing the territories to
elect all of their territorial officials
instead of, as now, having them ap
pointed by the Washington govern
ment. Thus would be a long step .in
favor of home rule.
(Mohave Miner: Many newspapers are
quoting the utterances of the San Fran
cisco-Chronicle of last year and using
the deadly parallel, to show how the
mighty has fallen under the winsome
wiles of Hanma's barrel.
Tucson Star: Gila county Democracy
has elected three stalwart Democrats
to the Williaims convention. They are
all three representative citizens, and
are men of character, who don't wear
any man s or est of men's collar. They
will support only . men of like char
acter of themselves, hence Gila coun
ty's delegation cam- be depended upon
as standing for the election of a man
of character for the next delegate to
congress. :r
Flagstaff Democrat: Hon. E. J. Bab
bitt left Friday for Cincinnati, Ohio,
his old home, where he will reside dn
the future. Mr.'' Babbitt was a mem
ber of the council in our last legisla
ture and was one-jof the brightest at
torneys in the territory. Eddie is a
lifelong .Democrat and has gone to
swell the majority in Ohio for Bryan
and free silver. It has given many a
citizen a heartfelt pang to shake hands
in farewell with Eddie Babbitt, for he
was one of our very best citizens. Mr.
Babbitt will soon" be married to Miss
Matilda Veroamp,.of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Tucson Star: It won't do to send a
man to congress who thinks more of
his own advancement than he does of
the cause of statehood.
Tucson Citizen T The Citizen has all
along maintained that many of the so
called free silver Bryan Democrats
were not sincere in their professions
of party loyalty. This fact is borne
out by the irefusal of The Star the
mouthpiece and apologist of the Ari
zona Democracy, more especially of the
Tucson wing of the party to hoist the
Bryan banner. Presumably the editor
is acting under and by the advice of
his Jeffersonlan assooiates. Notwith
standing their noisy pretensions it Is
plainly evident that the Tucson De
mocracy, as represented by The Star,
is ashamed of the National ticket and
will not give it .publication. . "Bryan
and free silver" is a farce among them.
Tucson Star;. Statehood is the para
mount issue with the people of Ari
zona. drrwner.ivft rvf T-H.ixl tmj
7 . X- - f "'IWVMPI tUK'lrJ VI
affiliation, and the citizen who can se
cure to us cms DQon is the individual
we should send to congress. Keep this
fact steadily in view. ,
'Tis Pretty,
All sizes and
Widths in this
Twentieth Century
The local committee of arrangements
for the Fifth Irrigation congress, the
session of which will be held in Phoe
nix commencing December 15,: 1896,
would be pleased to receive suggestions
from the residents of Phoenix, and!:es
pecialily from the' ladies, as to the de
sign of the official badge of the con
grees. Something attractive, unique
and locally typical to desired. Sugges
tions should 'be addressed to James. Mc
Millan, Secretary Local Committee
Irrigation Congress, Phoenix.
Just Received
Racket Store
A Fine Assortment of
Toilet Soap, Hair Brushes and Combs,
Ladles' Hose, Ken's Socks,
Darniug Cotton, Km broidery Silk,
Peng, Pencils, Ink, Writing Paper,
Tablets, School Bags and Sponges.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Underwear,
Corsets and Corset Laces, Shoe Black
ing and Shoe Dressing.
Towells, Napkins anp Handkerchiefs.
Alarm Clocks, Night I. amps and Wblgk
Yalenciennes, Cnantilly, Irish Gimp
and Torchon Laees, Table Linen. Tur
key Red Damask and Table Oil Cloth.
Laoie's Belts, Hooks and Eyes,'
Pearl Buttons and Kid Curlers. 9 4
Sheeting, India Linen, Light Calico
and White Goods.
Hair Ornaments, Hair Pins,
Tooth Brashes and Safety Pins. White
Shirts. Linen Collars, Suspenders,
Windsor Ties, Scarfs and Bows. . La
dies' Sailor Hats, Fine Ribbons, Hat
Frames. Flowers, Tips and Feathers.
Shoes for
Ladles, Gents. Boys, Girls and Children
Men's Hats, Overalls, Negligee Shirts,
Cotton ad Pants and Gloves.
The above goods and hundreds
of other staple and useful arti
cles marked down to their mobt
S 0881 bio figure for cash,
verj thing ffuarameed satisfac
tory or your moaey bacz and no
Racket Store,
Cor. Center & Adams Sts.
MERIT WINS and that is. why
Hood's Sarsaparilla holds the abiding
confidence of the public. Hood's Sar
saparilla is known by the cures it has
made. It is the One True Blood Puri
HOOD'S PILLS cure diver ills, con
stipation, jaundice, sick headache, bil
iousness. 25c.
Make tea as pleasant to drink as
the .finest "wine, and keep your hus
band home. Schilling's Beat
To trade for real estate or cash,- 60
or 70 head of horses. Several span
broken. Average weight one thou
sand to eleven hundred pounds. Ad
dress Mrs. J. E. Farnsworth, Williams,
Sacred Heart (Academy will reopen
on Tuesday, September 8. A large at
tendance as expected. Besides the
branches peculiar to a thorough Eng
lish education, there will be lessons
given in music an piano, mandolin and
guitar; French and painting in oil and
in water colors. For terms apply to
the Mother Superior.
4100 bicycles . for . renting at
No. 19 Wall street. Fay Knowlton. -
Don't suffer. Get a bottle of our
prickly heat killer. Price, 25 cents.
The Phoenix Drug Co.. 15 W. Wash
Best cup of coffee at '3offee Al's."
After September 1 I will sell ice at
the following prices: 20 pounds and
under, 1c per pound; 25 pounds to 40
pounds, at c per pound; 50 pounds
and over, c per pound. P. MINOR.
Caramels, chewing peppermints and
cream taffy made daily at DeMers'.
Flail term Lamson's Business Col
lege opens September 7, 1896. Tui
tion has been reduced for the term to
$16 English course; $25 business course
and $35 shorthand and typewriting
At $30 per month, a family residence
with hall, five large rooms, and closets
and .porches. Shady grounds and
grassy yard. Best location dn city for
a physicians family residence. Call
at southwest corner of Fifth and
Washington streets.
J8 a"d 20 North First
Fleming Block, - ... .
The Water Lily.
Several specimens of water lilies have
the very curious peculiarity of bloom
ing all day and at evening closing their
blossoms, and, by retracting the stem,
drawing1 the flour en tirely under water.
There is .ijo juore singular fact in the
history of flowers than this oddity of the
water lily-
The water -of the oceans, notwith
standing numerous local influences, is
nearly of the same composition in every
part of the world.
A white rainbow was seen recently
at Westnewton, Aspatria, in Cumber
land, during a hard frost. It lasted for
more than half an hour and was much
broader than the ordinary rainbow.
Mbs. Newel Case, of Battle Creek,
Mich., has a new pair of twin babies,
born on different days of the week,
different months and different years;
one just before and one just after the
New Year midnight.
So powebful was the force of water
ejected from a geyser well on the farm
of John Sholl, in Bloomington, 111.,
that it threw a stream one hundred and
twenty-five feet high. A half-inch
board held over the stream was cut in
two in twenty seconds.
Blacksmith and
Wagon Shop
L. GRAF, Proprietor.
HAVING erected a new shop on North
Center St., opposite the school house
for the purpose of carrying on the
various branches, I can be found there at all
times. Fine carriage making a specialty
SHOEING done.in the very best manner. A
larte assortment of iron, steel and wagon
material constantly on hand. Experienced
workmen. Repairing Done With Dispatch.
Situated in the old Gazette building,
Cor Center and Jefferson Sts.
- - Give Us a TriaL - -
Windsor House
Fob Bent Bt Day. Wizk Or Month.
First-Glass Table Board
North Center St., Near Monroe.
On First Avenue Between
Adams nnd Monroe Sts,
Best of care given to stock left in our charge
at moderate prices. Plenty of room for wagons
and outfits.
Frank Murphy, Prop.
- RARE, : :i
g and SWEET. J
call on
U W. ST.
Special Bargains for "
the next SO days.
Ave. - Telephone 164.
. - Phoenix, Arizona, "

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