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HAS TiViUi. r.uwJANDS.
Bow Clever English Woman Swindled
v Well-to-.Jo Itachelois.
The cleverest" marriage swindle of
modern times was perhaps Miss Evelyn
Leal, a really distinguished-looking Eng
lishwoman. She has been married and
given in marriage at least 20 times dur
ing the last three years, while she has
been affianced as many times' more dur
ing the same period, and in every ease
has succeeded in obtaining handsome
presents of jewelry, which she has im
mediately sold for what they would
fetch. Her system, says Lippincott's,
WAS tr Writ f tt ervmOTinli Itantinlnumn.
chant in the provinces, offering to in
troduce him to the widow of an English
nobleman with a view to matrimony.
Strange as it niay seem, many of the
provincial merchants took the bait,
went to Paris, were, introduced to the
"widow of the English nobleman," al
lowed tp escort her to the theater, make
her presents of Mowers the first day,
gloves the second, while on the third,
if the ardent would-be husband had not
suggested it, she would quietly choose
wedding ring, with a handsome keeper,
accompanied by a diamond necklace,
brooch, and earrings, all these to con
stitute her wedding present. Then she
would disappear with her jewels,
change her clothes and name, and start
the same game with another victim the
following day. She would sometimes
have two proposals of marriage on hand
at the same time; she always calculated
upon the frailty of humnn nature and
the great dislike the victims would have
to being publically exposed to ridicule
for having so simply been taken in with
the promises of the fair Englishwoman.
Now she is being boarded and clothed at
the expense of the French state: which,
upon the recommendation of the aus
tere magistrate, has engaged to take en
tire charge of ' her for the next 18
Suez Canal Profits. .
The Suez canal represents at present
a clear profit ineome of over 1,600.000
a year, and this, too, means a saving to
the commerce between east and west of
over 2,000,000 a year. Its politics! and
military value is somewhat problemat
ical since the sinkingof a single ship or
dredger would render it impassible -
Aih&ntee Surnames.
There are seven surnames in Ashan
tee, corresponding to the days of the
week, as follows: Kvasle indicates a
man born on Sunday, Kudjoe on Mon
day, Kwabina on Tuesday,- Kwaku on
Wednesday, Yao on Thur?d::y. Koffi on
Friday, and Kwaniina on Saturday.
These are all accented on the first syl&
Me. '
Amending Ordinance No. 148. Regard
ing Licenses
The Common Council of Phoenix do
ordain as follows:
Section 1. That article 38. of section
ihrAA of ftrdl-nanp "Vrv 148 in rp&arA
to city licenses, be and the same is
hereby amended to read as follows:
"Every street railway shall pay a
quarterly license tax of two dollars per
car, provided that mo license tax here
in provided for shall be paid by any
street railway where the same shall be
required to pay a percentage on its
gross receipts, toy its franchise. ' : "
Sec 2. This ordinance shall take
effect and be in force from and after
its passage and publication according
to law. v
Passed by the Common Council this
10th day of September, 1896. v
Approved this lOtSu day of' Septem
ber, 1896. " J. D. MONIHON,
Attest: - Mayor.
T. A. JOBS, City Recorder., -
First published in The Arizona Re
publican, official city paper, Septem
ber 13, 1896.
For the above occasion the Santa
Fe, Preeoott & Phoenix Railway com
pany will sell round trip tickets to
Salt Lake City and return at 'the low
rate of $59.70 for the round trip. Tick
ets will be on sale from September 25
to October 2, inclusive, good returning
thirty (30) days from date xf sale. The
route Is via Denver. For further In
formation call on or address Mr. E. W.
Glllett, commercial agent, No. 44 West
Washington sweet
for &py of Illustrated excursion
folder issued by the Vandalia-Pennsyl-yania,
address A. B. Ritchie, Box 427,
El Paso. Tex.
From the sea to the clouds. Passing
modern cities and ancient monuments.
Standard gauge in everything man,
agement, ideas and treatment of pa
trons. The only. line in the republic
.running Pullman, palace buffet sleep
ing cans between the capital and points
in the United States. Cheap rates and
prompt service. For full particulars
call on or address J. F. Donohoe,
Commercial agent, El Paso, Texas.
If vou wish a pleasant trip with
few changes, see that your tickets read
via the Wabash line. No change of
sleepers from Kansas City to St Louis,
Cincinnati, Toledo, or from St Louis
to Chicago, Toledo, Detroit, Niagara
falls, Buffalo, New York and Boston.
This line is famous for its magnificent
equipment of sleeping and dining cars
and the fast time of its trains.
On and after July 1 my fares will re
main the same as heretofore, but after
having knocked out the railroad they
will not be advanced.
Kansas City and return, $80; St
Louis and return, $92; Memphis and re
turn, $92: New Orleans and return,
$92; Chicago and -return, $100. Good
for six nwnthH. Marlcopi & Phoenix
& Sak River Valley Railroad 'company.
Commencing July 1 the fo'lowing
rates will go into effect: Phoenix to
Mesa, 50 cents.
Mesa to Paoenix, 50 cents.
Phoenix to Tempe 40 cens.
Tempo to Phoenix, 40 cents.
, Tempe to Mesa, 40 cents.
Mesa to Tempe, 40 cent. ; , .
- - .; ..
Mrs. : Winslow's Soothing Syrop. has
been used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic and is
the best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty
five cents a bottle.
Relating to the Obstruction of Streets,
1 Avenues, Sidewalks, Crosswalks and
Public Highways.
The Common Council of Phoenix do
ordain as follows:
Section 1. Any person, or persons,
who shall obstruct, or cause to be ob
structed, any public street, avenue, al
ley, sidewalk, crosswalk, or public
high way within the limits of the City
of Phoenix, so as to prevent the free
and unobstructed use of and travel
upon said street, avenue, alley, side
walk, crosswalk, or public 'highway by
the public, shall toe guilty of a misde
meanor. . Sec 2. All ordinances and parts of
ordinances in conflict with this ordi
nance are thereby repealed.
Sec. 3.' This ordinance to be in
force and effect, from and after its
passage and publication according to
law. .
Passed by the Common Council this
8th day of September, 1896.
A nproved this 8th day of September,
Attest: ' J. D. MONIHON,
T. A JOBS, ' ' Mayor. .
City Recorder. .
F:st published in The Arizona Re
pn'ilican, official city paper, Septem
ber 11. 1S96. .
ERS. - No" ice is nereby given to the taxpay
ers of the City of Phoenix, Maricopa
Couity, Arizona Territory, that the
irisfinal assessment roll of the said
City of Phoenix for the 'fiscal year be
stinning July 1, 1836, and ending June
30, 1897, has been duly filed in my of
fice, and is now ready and open for
public inspection.
Notice is further given that the
Board of Equalization of the City of
Phoenix will convene dn the council
chamber at the City Hall of said
city cm the second Monday in Septem
ber, 1896, at 10 a. m., and will continue
in session (from day to day thereafter
until the business presented to It is
disposed of; sitting, 'however, not
later than September 24, 1896, except
that at the first regular meeting of the
Common Council, of .the City of Phoe
nix, in October, 1896, persons not at
tending the said Board of Equalization
meetings in September aforesaid, may,
on making satisfactory affidavit that
they toad not notice of increase of valu
ation in property as- assessed to them
in 1896, be then heard thereon by said
All matters relative to .the equaliza
tion of assessments must be presented
to said board during its said sessions.
City Recorder of Phoenix, A. 1Y
First published in. The Arizona Re
publican, official city paper, September
11, 1896. ; j.
hank, a corporation, riainnn.
D. UNDERWOOD. DefeDdants.
UNDER AND BY VIRTUE of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure Issued out of the
District Court of the First Judicial District of
tbe Territory of Arizona, in and for PimaCoun
ty, on the 15th day of September A. D., 1896,
and to me. as Receiver, duly directed and de
livered, on a judgment and decree rendered in
said Court, in tbe above entitled action on tbe
26ts dv of AuTust, A. D., 1896, for tbe sum of
Four Hundred Thousand Dollars, with interest,
together with costs of snit, inclndinK Receiv
er's expenses and certificates, and attorneys'
fee, in the sum of Seven Thousand Fonr Hun
dred and Sixty too and 15-100 Dollars, and all
accruing costs, I am commanded to sell tbe
following described property, to wit:
All tbose water rights acquired by purchase,
sale, assignment, transfer and conveyances or
in any manner, by, through or under tbat cer
tain notice of location given by G. W. Cameron,
John Howlett and P. H. Coyle, on the 9th of
October 1882, which notice of location is re
corded in the Recorder's Office of Maricopa
County. Territory of Arisona in Book 1 of
CanalB at page 60.
All those acquired by purchase, sale, assign
meat and conveyance or in any manner by,
through, or under that certain notice of loca
tion given by 6. W. Cameron and O. F. Thorn
ton on the 3lst day of December 1887. and re
corded in said Recorder's Office in Boole 1 of
C nalaat page 128, and including also its en
tire system of canals, used or to be used in con
nection tberewithin the s id Counties of Yuma
and Msricopa, in said Territo.y, with its mains
and lateral canals and ditches, the bedB and
ban ks thereof , tbe water flowing into or through
the same, the outlets and inlets thereof, rights-
of-way, easements, water rights and iranchises,
dams and reservoirs in connection therewith,
headgates, machinery, buildings, improve
ments and outfits and all other appliances and
appurtenances connected therewith or any
part thereof, either already acquired, located
or constructed, or since the said first day of
January 192, acquired or created by purchase,
cons ruction, location, notice of location, con
solidation or otherwise, Including also all
reservoirB, revenues, tolls, sums of money, in
terest or income arising or to arise from the
said water rights or franchises,' or from the
said canals, water ditches and all other the
premises and property now belonging to the
said Canal Company or any of them, or any
part thereof, and all and singulai its contracts
and ehoses, muniments of title to its real and
personal estate, and its franchises, including
its right to be a corporation, and also the fol
lowing described property, located at Sentinel,
Maricopa County, Aritona, to wit:
1 .store building (frame,) I frame dwelling
house, 2 scales, 1 set light wagon harness, 1
feed cutter, 3 iron oil tanks. 1 paper holder, 1
letter press, 1 tooacco cutter, 1 grind stone, 6"
axes, .
Also tbe following described property located
at the said Company's works about ten miles
north of Sentinel In safd Maricopa County,
Arisona, to wit:
11 miles telephone line, I frameawelllng fonr
rooms, 1 kitchen (frame) two rooms, 3 red wood
wardrobes, 1 bed room set, 1 cane divan, 1 cen
ter table, 2 oak center tables, 3 cane chairs, 2
rocking chairs, 8 dining room chairs, 6 red
wood dining tables. 3 heating stoves, 1 cook
stove, 1 lot dishes, knives, forks, spoons and
cooking utensils, 6 cots, ten window shades, 2
ice cnests, 1 office desk (pine,) 1 letter press, 1
scale, 6 lanterns, 1 large steam boiler (about 80
horse power engine,) double cylinder, need in
the Lldgerwood plant, about 1600 feet of m Inch
steel cable, and about 4000 feet of I inch steel
cable, two wood towers each 70 feet high, 1
large wooden tank, 1 upright boiler and engine,
1 gasoline engine, 'JOO cord i of fire wood more or
less. 1 blacksmith shop with tools, maoninery
and appliances, 1 lot of wheel barrows, 'l lot, of
scrapers, 8 canvas tents more or less. 2 horses. 1
buggy, 1 two seated buggy, 1 heavy wagon, 2
sets double harness, 60 barrels of asphalt more
or less, 1 asphalt melting tank, 2 iron oil tanks,
50 barrels of cement more or less, 2 double
purchase crabs, 3 flambeaux torches (Well's
lights,) 1000 fett of light Trails more or less, 3
tone cars, 3 dump cars; 1 lot nails and spikes,
about 100 gallons machine and engine oils, 1
lot of hose, 1 lot of shovels, 1 frame house three
rooms, 1 engineer house, 1 lot of tools steel, 1
portable forge, 1 bellows 36". 1 anvil, 1 shaping
anvil. 14 pra. tongs, 2 vises, 2 blacksmith sledges,
1 hand hammer, 4 blacksmith hammers, 2 sets
taps and dies, 1 ratchet drill, 1 screw plate and
die, 6 box rollers, 6 office chairs, 1 double
geared derrick, 4 tamping bars with handles, 3
cant hooks, 1200 feet more or less of different
size pipe, 24 ship augurs, 6 cross-cut saws. 3
pipe dies ana stock, 2 pipe cutters, 25 steel bars
more or less. 4 jack screws, 3 timber clamps, 15
stone hammers more or less, 60 shovels more or
less, 30 picks more or less, 4 pieces of rubter
belting, 3 chain pipe tongs, l Stilson pipe
wrench, 3 pairs straight pipe tongs. 1 lot of old
rope, 10 short handle shovels, 3 inspirators, 12
iron rope hooks, 5 mattocks, 10 ratchet pulleys,
1 sere r stop-cock, r Westinghonse automatic
engine, 1 piece of coil rubber packing, 4 arc
electric lights, 500 feet more or leu pieces of
wire cable, 1 electric dynamo, 2 boxes of fit
tings, 7 colls of copper wire, I pipe vise, 100 feet
more or less of rubber hose, 1 grindstone, 1 lot
of pipe elbows, 3 monkey wrenches, 3 8
wrenches, 2 steam force pumps, t centrifugal
pump 8 Inches, I centrifugal pump 4 Inches, 1
centrifugal pump 10 Inches, 1 upright boiler
and fittings, 1 large 80 horse power boiler 1
10-inch suction pipe, 1 Lldgerwood engine
single cylinder. 1 single cylinder hoisting en
gine, 2 iron stone boats, 16 14- inch rock chains,
40 hone power Westingbouse engine, 1 1600-gal-
lon wood tank, 1 8-inch foot valve, 18 grate
bars, 1600 pounds drill steel more or less, 4 old
tents, 1 copper soldering iron, 2 set derrick
8 derrick rings, 8 derrick guy plates, 1 set cast
mast seats, 4 cast mast seats, 2 pieces gal. guys,
2 shackles, 24 -in-wire rope clamps, IS pile-
driver rollers, 24 pile-driver rollers, journals
and straps, 50 ft. 2-inch hose, 4 pile-driver yoke
irons, 4 top mauls, 1 railroad spike maul, 2 rock
sledges, 6 axes, 2 runner blocks, 4 runner
blocks, 1 saw set, 90 pounds steel drills, 1 double
block 6" iron strap, 1 double block 7" iron strap,
4 double blocks 8" iron straps, 2 double blocks
10" iron straps, 2 double blocks 12" iron straps,
4 snatch blocks 10" iron straps, 1 snatch block
7" iron strap, 1 single block 10" iron strap, 2
single blocks wood 10", 1 single block 12" wood.
100 feet more or less " chain, 20 feet W" chain,
2 flue scrapers', 1 furnace hoe, 1 furnace rake,
2 hoes, 2 screw rings, 1 coil 8 " line,
1 piece 4" line, 1 piece 1," hose and
couplings, 1 coll l'A" line, 500 feet more
or less 3" line, 1 coll 2" line, 3 double
blocks 12", 1 single block 15", 4 double blocks
8",i 1 snatch block 8", 1 snatch block 15", 1
double block 14" 2 triple blocks 12", 4 double
blocks 8", 1 lot assorted pipe fittings, 6 coils
wire belt laee, 1 tube roller, ! check valve V".
2 check valves 1 brass nipple 2", 2 slop
cocks 1", 1 wedse block, 1 donble geared
wrench, 2 rolls rubber gasket, 6 dumb rollers,
2 top mauls, 1 dor. cable clamps, 1 breast drill,
1 monkey wrench 12", I set twiBt drills, 40 lbB.
more or less babbitt metal. 17 assorted ratchet
drills, 10 round puncbes, 3 eye pins, 10 top
swedges " to 2", 10 hand chisels, 5 bottom
1 6-room frame dwelling, 1 double cylinder
Lldgerwood hoisting engine. 1 centrifngal
pnmp, 14 cases giant powder, 20 kegs black
powder, 20,000 feet lumber more or less, cook
honse sheds, tables and benches, 2 upright en
gines on north side of river, 2 stone houses, 1
frame house two rooms, 1 out-house.
pursuant to the mandate of said writ, I will,
on Tuesday the 20th day of October A. D., 1896,
at 10 o'clock a. m., at Sentinel, Maricopa Coun
ty, Arisona, sell at public auction to the high
est and best bidder for cash In lawful miney of
the United States, the property of said defend
ants hereinbefore set out as being situated at
Sentinel, and that I will on Wednesday the 21st
day of October A. D-, 1896, at 10 o'clock a. m..
at the company's works about ten miles north
of Sentinel, in Maricopa County, Arizona, sell
at public auotion to tbe highest and best bidder
for cash all the right, title, claim and interest
of the above named defendants in, of and to the
above described property situated at said place.
or so much thereof as may be necessary to sat
isfy said judgment and costs and accruing
Dated September 16th, 1896.
First published In The Arizona Bkfub
lioan, September 18. 1896.
Established in 1874-
genera Merchandise, wholesale and retail ; also ka id grain in carload lots or less quantities
itrajntk: B. MOSS,
Wagon making,
Horseshoeing:, etc.,
Fourth Ave., Bet. Wfishington and Jefferson Sts.,
One-Half Block South of Gibson's Stable.
Having nurehased the interest of my nartner I will now devote nf
whole attention to the business and Invite former enstomers and friends ti
eontinue their patronage ana solicit the business of new ones. .
' Sk t t i w m n "a a
umy nrsi-eiass woramen are employed ana an worn is grnarameea
in every particnlar. Promptness in inrninc: ont work and fair prices it
my motto. Give me a trial.
Representing PABST BREWING CO., Milwaukee.
W. J, LEMP BREWING CO., St. Louis.
S. F. BREWERIES, t.D. San Frandtco.
36-40 N. Center St, Phoenix.
Machinery of largest sizebutlt and repaired.
gnns. iockb, saies, cream separators, sewing macnioes, etc. ripe ntiug, Doner repairing, ite
trical work, brazing and construction, grinding, soldering models, etc
Tbe Bar has always the finest beer on draught,
tles, imported and California wines. Key west cigars a specialty.
128-186 E. Washington St., Phoenix. Ariz. - - JOS. TBALBXIHIR, Pro
Hastily and Tastily Executed,
Moderately and Modestly
Charged for at
I II 1
Dealers in
- -
, Supplies,
Castings, etc.
We also do small work such as repairing bicycles.
ROOMS 60c to gl OO
also only donble stamp Ken tacky Soar Hash Whit
U U HiSal I ED

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