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I Arizona Day by Pay j
Live News TaKen Prom Territorial Exchanges. I
Live News TaKen Prom
F. J. Wattron of Hoibrook has re
ceived word that there are ninety cases
cf smallpox in the Moqui villages and
fourteen deaths liave occurred.
The funeral of the infant daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. George Bravin was had
this afternoon, immediate friends cf
the family following the remains to
the cemetery. Tombstone Prospector.
A. T. Cornish of Flagstaff spent a
couple of days in Winslow last week
looking after his business interests
there. While there he circulated a pe
tition to the legislature for the chang
ing of the reform school to a normal,
and it as signed toy nearly every citi
zen of that town.
Yesterday was Arbor day, but as dy- I
namite is high priced and overcoats
scarce there were no trees planted in
this section of the country. Governo.
'Murphy, in his proclamation, recom
mends that in northern Arizona the
various school boards provide for a
proper observation cf the day later in
the season. Williams News.
E. F. Greenlaw returned from a two
weeks' stay in Jerome Thursday.
While there ho started his son and
Claude Emerton in the hay and grain
business. Mr. Greenlaw saj-s that Je
rome is prospering and that the town
is one-third larger than before t'he re
cent fire and the prospects are that in
a few years it will be the largest town
in Arizona- Coconino Sun.
Colonel Epes Randolph, president of
the King of Arizona Mining and Mill
ing company and division superintend
ent of the Southern Pacific, makes the
prediction that Arizona will this year
produce $13,000,000 worth of copper and
half that amount in gold and silver.
With such returns there will be little
temptation for Arizonians to leave
home in search cf mining prospects.
John Berry, the master of the lodge
of Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
at Winslow, has left the country and
taken with him $290 of the lodge's
money. The lodge gave a dance at
Winslow a "week ago, and the m'onev
enioezziea oy ierry was collected irom j
the sale of tickets to the dance. Berry j
failed to put in an. appearance at the
dance and the firemen were obliged to j
take up a collection to defray expenses. 1
Berry leaves a wife and four children
In destitute circumstances. He is be
lieved to hare gone' to Mexico.
Mr. C. C. Eabb, 'who has charge of
the governn1ent: Wdrk'at- the 'Buttes,
was in Flocenoe- Thursday; says the
Tribune. He brought the cheering
news that 'bed rock had been penetrat
ed by the diamond drill, the core show
ing a solid granite impervious to vva-
ter. I. had been feared that the box
canyon between the Buttes was a hot-
cuyoii ueivveen me unites was a not- ;
tomless ntt, upon which a foundation ;
for the dam could only 'he" built with ;
great difficulty, and expense; but the !
fact as found by Mr. Babb removes one
ot the main- engineering difficulties,
auu iiectiiy iusuies me completion ct 1
ine work by tne government.
Jack Hogue, who has 'been employed j
by the Santa Fe Pacific at or near Ca- i
rizo for several years, was discharged !
tne other day. He came to Hoibrook
and intended to go to Winslow. Sat
urday night, while walking along the
railroad track, he was struck by a
freight train, and severely injured. He
was picked up by the train crew and
taken to Winslow, and returned to
Hoibrook on No. 2 Sunday. He was
then turned over to the care of Under
Sheriff Bargman, who administered to
his wants. ,'He 'died at 5 a. m. Thurs
day. He has relatives in Kansas who
were notified of his condition before
he died. He was about 35 yeara oliL.
Hoibrook A'rgufL ' .'
Joe Mulhatton 'was in Florence last
week from 4he Ripsey country, where
he has recently discovered a. magnetic
cactus, which from hisjiaccount, ,;rnust
he a wonderful species. Of vegetation.
Its attractive powers are so great that
it draws birds and animals to it and
impales them pn its thorny spikes. Mr..
jviuinatton approached no nearer than
inn fpet in thd,t.,t,.. fc n,,ior 'crneago is promoting a
sahuara variety. -yet at that distance
it was all heco5ld- do to1 resist its in- ?
fluence to drtt-"ftfm Ho ir WhllB n
town he purc'aajjedi a long rcpe, which'
he- will tie aromjftl "his body; and four
of his friends wiTKtake h'bl;Bf it and
allow him to approach near enough to
Take Something Good
Home with
TVHMma tmtt- V- - rn I
tvi. t.i TS -.' i rJ
""-,--"- J--"6CV' i'JUUU uuu-
Chocolate Eclairs, per doz 30c
Cream Puffs, per do2 20c i
New England Pumpkin Pies 10c
Hot Home Made Doughnuts, doz... 10c
Hot Parker house Rolls, doz ICe
You will always find something fieaa
and nice to take home.
i : ' :"iiii. linn
Terrlforial Exchanges.
mlnu'telv examine the wonder without
danger. Mr. Mulhatton, who is one of
our most truthful citizens, promises an
accurate description of his recent find
for publication in the Florence Trib
From parties who arrived last even
ing fioin -Nacssarri, an Orb reporter
learns that the Gregs-Norrnire mining
property, consisting of ninety-four ,per
tinances, had been sold to John A
Cruse, representative of the Soaora In
vestment and Improvement company.
The price paid for the property is said
to 'be $45,000 in gold coin. The prop
el ty is situated about nine miles from
Nacosarri. where 'the Montezuma com-
i peny is at work. Tee claims show uo
an abundance of exceedingly rich cop
per ore on the surface. So far the depth
of tha ore bodies has not toeen deter
mined, as all the work has been done
on the surface. From parties who
have seen the propery we learn that if
the ore bodies go down the mines will
be one of the biggest and richest in
the state of Sonora. Several other
forties were after the mine and an of
fer of 240.000 was made or it about
a week prior to its purchase by Air
Cruse. Bisbee Orb.
The construction cf a wagon road
over the mountains to Mesa is again
demanding attention on account ot
the growth of our mining industry.
Those who have given the project at
tention say a good road can be built
for $S,000 that will allow an ordinary
tf am to haul over it without difficulty.
The distance from Globe to a point on
Qveen creek and on the level road to
Ivltsa is about twenty-five miies. From
Globe to Schultz' ranch, a distance cf
ten miles, the road is good. After
leaving the latter place the route runs
down Pinto creek to the Stone cabin.
There is already a demand from the
miners on Pinto creek for a road that
they can ihaul over. The difficulties
are numerous in getting supplies on
Pinto stoves for instance have to be
taken apart before loaded on pack ani
mals. The grade for a short distance
beyond the Stone cabin Will bo a libtle
heavy, bpfore entering the Haunted
canyon which will furnish fullv six
miles of nearly natural road, and then
on to Buchanan's wood camp. This
mining camp would be another Silver
King far the Mesa country. Globe
Experts Before a Sub-Committee
the Joint Commission.
Washington, Feb. 6. The Canadian
joint high commission held its usual
brief mornini? session today and was
brief morning session today
followed by the suh-committt
Alaskan - bo:uidary, which he
meeting and examined sever,
uttes on tne
leld a long
; Tnppfinr nrwl PiTniiiPl fipvprsl PYrf"ta
Prof. King, the Canadian astronomer!
and otip of his nKsi stunt nnnpsrii
Canadian side, while the Ameri
cans called in Prof. Pritchard. chief of
the coast and geodetic survey, and
Mr. John - McGrath, one of the coasc
survey topographers, who snent sev-
eral years in work along the Alaskan
boundary in the neighborhood o
Mount St. Elias. All of the survey
men had formidable rolls of maps and
charts, with large stack i of nots
books in which the result of their field
work had been embodied.
This section of the commission's
work is one where the evidonte i3 of
such a tangible character that it 1?
thought there will be little difficulty in
arriving at an equitable settlement, al
though it is understood that the com
mission will not attempt to delineata
a hard and fast boundary, but will
rather lay down the lines along which
a satisfactory settlement can mad3.
To Take in All th. Medium and Small
Sized Plants.. ' "
'Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 6 -
Judge Msore
new cor-
l'""yon wnich is to taKe in all the
Pletl-Um;! sized and small steel .plants
porof.ion which is to take in all the
! tvuuu-y wuicu yruuuce
sheet hars, etc. ;The nucleus cf the
new combination will be in the Ohio
.Steel company of Youngstown,-- O.
It has a capacity of 1,500 tons of steel !
par day and is a modem plant. It is'
proposed to ?nclude the Shenango
Steel company's mill of New Castle,
the Bellaire, O., Steel mill, and King.
Gildert & Warner, of Columbus. The.!
Schoen'oerger Steel company of Pitts
burg will not enter the combination ,
unless a fancy price is paid for the
plant. The Schoenbergers employ a
large part of their product 'in making!
specialties. ' ;t
Judge Moore is undoubtedly pro-
moting the enterprise for the Ameri-
ean Tinplate company, although the
stPel mill consolidation will be ir.r-or-
porated under a separate name. The
American Tinplate company now con
trols the steel mills of the Cleveland
Rolling Mill company and the Hains
worth steel mill of the Olivers, but
these cann' furnish sufficient materia!
f"" blTvlc n!-T-
Mrs. William Astor of New York re
centlv paid SSO.OCO for a zc-X of Dres
den china, and so brittle are the plates
that no one cf them is ever allowed to
touch another.
Squire Trclavvnc3-, Dr. Livesoy and
I he rest of these gentk-;run having
asked me to write down the v. hole par
ticulars about Treasure Island, fioin
the beginning to the enci, kcepuig'iioth
ing bai l; but the. bi uiii.s (,f ihe inland,
and that only because, thtre is still
treasure not yet lilted, 1 take up rny
pen ill ihe ye;n- ol grace 17 , ;::nl (i
ouek to liie tune when my lather kept
the Admiral l.enbov.- li:n, and tbo
uroHii old beuiiiun, with the saber cut,
lirst took up his lodgings under our
I retiiembor him as ii it was yester
day, as lie eaine, plodding' ti the inn
door, his sea chest following behind
him in a hand-barrow; a lall, strong,
heavy, nut-brown man; his tarry pig
tail falling' over the .shoulders of Lis
soiled blue coat; his hands raeced and
scarred, with black, broken nails, and
the saber cut across one check, a dirty.
livid white. I remeinbcr him looking
round the cove and whistling to him
self as he did go, and then breaking out
in that edd sea song that he sung so
often aftervya.rd: ...... .c.
'Fifteen men ca the dead man's chest
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!" ; -
in the high, old tottering voice that
seemed to have been tuned ar.d broken
at the capstan burs. 'i'lu:i he larpcd
on Ihe door with n bit of of stick like a
handspike that he carried, and when
niy father appeared called rough! ylfor
a glass of rum. This, when it was
brought to Mm, he drank slowly, like a
connoisseur, lingerinir on the taste,
nd still looking about him at the cfiffs
and up at our idgr.board.
"This is a handy cove, says htSfF'at
length; "and a pleasant sittyafed
jrcg-shnp. Much company, n.it;'?"
My father told him no, very little
.c-iiipany. Ihe more was 1hc pity. , .'
"Well, then," said he, "this is the
jerth for mc. Here you, matey," lie
ried to the man who trundled the bar
cv; "bring up alongside and help up
Yiy chest. 1'il stay here a bit," he con
inm d. "I'm n plain man; ruin and
bacon ana c,Tgs is wnat l want, ami
that head up there for to watch ships
off. What you mought call mc? lou
moutrht cr.l! r.:e captain. Oh, I see
what you're at there; s:i he threw
down three or four gold piece:; en the '
threshold. "You can tell me when I've
worked through that," savs he, looking
s fierce as a commander.
Arid, indeed, bail as his clothes were,
nd coarsely r.:; l;e spoke, h-j had none
of 1bc appearances cf a man who railed
before the roast; but .'ecmcd like a
mate cr skipper, accustomed to be
obeyed or to strike. Thp mnn who
came with the barrow told us the mail
had ret him dewn the morning before
it the Royn'l Ccorge; that he hail in
quired what ir.nn there were al;;;-.g the
oast, and hearing ours weil spoken of,
suppose, and described as lonely, had
chosen ii from the others for his place
of residence'. And that was all we
ould learn of our guest.
fie was a very i-ilent man by custom.
All day he hung round the cove, or up
on the clifTi, with a brass telescope;
11 evening he sat in a ccrncr cf the par
ir next the fire, and drank rum and
water very strong. Mcstlv he would
not speak when spoken to; only look
up suddenly and fierce, and blow
through his nose like a leg-horn; and
we and the people who came about our
louse soon learned to let hini be.
very day, when he came back from
his stroll, he would ask if any seafaring
men had gone t;v along the read At
irst we thought, it was the want of
company ci lus land that inaue him
ask this question; but at !r.st wc began
to see he was desirous to avoid
them. When a seaman put up at the
Admiral Bcnbow (as new and
then some did. making by tic coast
road for Bristol), he would look at hhn
through the curtained dco;- before he
entered the parlor; and he was always
sure to be as silent as a mouse when
any such vvas present. For me, at
least, there was no secret fibout the
matter; for I was, in a wav, a sharer la
his: alarms.
H-e had taken me aside one day, and
promised ne'a kilver feurpenn;,-on the
first -.of: every month -if I would only
keen mv "weather-eye open for a sea
faring man with one le
and let him
know the moment he appeared. Olten
enough, when the first cf the month
came round, and I applied, to him for
jv wage, he would only blow 'through
nt me md st?rt t-p down but
before the week was cut he was sure to
think better of it, bring me my four
penny piece, and repeat his orders to
look cut for "the seafaring man with
one leg." ;. ..
,IIov that- personage haun'ted my
dreams, I Tieed scarcely tell you. On
stormy nights, when the wind, shook
the four vomers cf the house, and the
?urf roared along the cove and up the
cliffs. I would see him in a thousand
forms, and with a thousand diabolical
expressions. Now the leg would be cut
off at the knee, new at the hip; now he
was a monstrous kind cf a creature
who had never had but the one leg,
and that in the middle cf his body. To
see him leap and run and pursue ir.e
over hedge and ditch, was the worst-cf
nightmares. And aitoa-sther I paid
pretty dear for ir.y inouthlr foiarpennj i
" ;, . r -
piece in the shape of these abominable
But though I was so terrified by the
idea cf the seafaring man with one leg,
I was far .rrs afraid of the captain him
self than anybody else who knew hvm.
There were nights when he took a deal
more rum ar.d water than his head
would carry; ar.d then he weald some
times sit and sing his wicked, eld, wild
;ra songs, r.;;r.djng nobody; but soirie-r-imcs
he would call for glasses round,
and. force ail the trembling company to
.:;i;cn to his stories or bear a chorus
tr his tinging. Often T have hoard the
house f baking with "Yo-ho-ho, and a
bottle of rum;" all the neighbors join
ing m lor uear lile, with the tear of
death upon them, and each singing
louder than the other, to avoid remark.
For in there fits he was the ir.::Ft over
riding companion ever known; ha
would Fk-.p hi.-; hand on the table fcr si
lence nil round; he would fly up in a pas
sion of anger at a question, cr some
times because none was put and so he
judged the company was not following
his slcry. Nor would lie allow anyone
to leave the inn till lie had drunk him
self sleepy and reeled oir to Led.
His stories were what frightened peo
ple worst cf all. Dreadful stories they
were; about hanging, and walking the
plank, and storms at sea, and the Dry
"Tortugas. and wild deeds and piaffes on"
the Spanish main. By his own account,
he mupt have lived his life among seme
of the wickedest men that (iod ever al
lowed upon the sea; and the language
in which he told these sterns rhocked
nur plain country people almost as
much as the crimes that he described.
My father wr.s always saying the inn
would be ruined, for people would soon
cease coming there to be tyrannized
over and put down, and sent shivering
to their beds; but I real- believe his
presence did us good. People were
frightened at the time, but on looking
back they rather liked it; it was a line
excitement in a quiet country life; and
there was even a party c f t l:e younger
men who pretended to admire him, call
ing hl::i a "true sea-dog," and n "real
old salt," and such like names, and say
ing there was the sort of man that
made England terrible at sea.
In one way. indeed, he bade fair to
ruin us; for he kept on staying week
after week, and at last -month after
month, so that all the money had been
long exhausted, and still my father
never plucked up the heart to insist on
having more. If ever lie mentioned it.
the captain blew through his nose so
loudly that- you -might say he roared,
and stared my poor father out of the
rorm. I have seen him wringing his
hands after such a rebuff, and I am sure
the annoyance and the terror lie lived
in must have greatly 'hastened his early
and unhappy death.
All the time he lived with us the cap
tain made no change whatever in his
dress but to buy some stockings from
a hawker. One of the cedes of his hat
having fallen down, ho let it hang from
that day- forth, though it was a great
He would look in at liin through tne curtained
annoyance when it blew. I remember
the appearance cf his coat, which he
patched himself upstairs in his room,
and which, before the end, was nothing
but patches, lie never wrote cr re
ceived a letter, and he never spoke with
any but the neighbors, and with these,
for the mcst part, only when drunk oh
rum. The great sea-chest none of us
had ever seen cpen.
lie was only once crossed, and that was
toward the end, when my poor father
was far gone in a decline that took him
off. Dr. Livesey came late one after
noon to see the patient, took a bit of
dinner from my mother, and went into
the parlor t i.moke a pipe until hi
hrye should i'd;r.e down from the har:
lel, for we had no -stabling at the old
Uenbow. L followed liim m, anil l re
member observing the contrast . the
neat, bright doctor, with his powder as
white as snow, and his bright, black
eyes and pleasant manners, made with
the ecltish country folk, and, above all
with that filthy, heavy, bleared scare
crow cf a pirate of ours, sitting far gone
in rum, with his arms on the table. Sud
denly he the captain, that is began
to pipe up his eternal ao::-j:
"Fifteen men c:i too coat! man's chest
Yo-ho-ho, ar.d a bcttle cf. rum!
Drink and tho dcVil had done fcr the rest
To - ho - ho, ar.d a bcttle of rum!"
1 fi
At hreu I had supposed "the dean
man's chent" to be that identical big
box cf l.ir. i;;:stairs in the front room,
anil the thought had been mingled hi
my nightmares with that- cf the one
legged seafaring man. But by this time
we had all long ceased to pay any par
ticular notice to the roug; it was new,
that night, to nobody but Dr. Livesoy,
and on him I observed that it did not
produce a:i agreeable effect, fcr he
locked up fcr a moment quite ar-.grily
before he went on with his talk to old
Taylor, the gardener, on a new cure for
rheumatics. In the meantime the cap
tain gradually brightened up at his
own music, and at last flapped his hand
upon the table before him in a way we
all knew to mean silence. The voices
stopped atonic, all but Dr. Livesey's
he went on. as before, speaking clear
and kind, anil drawing briskly at his
pipe between every word or two. The
captain glared at him for awhile.
flapped his hand ajrain. glared still
harder, and at last broke out with a
villainous, low oath: "Silence, there
between decks!"
"Were you addressing me, sir?" says
the doctor; and when the ruffian had
told him. with another oath, that this
was so. "I have cnly one thing to say to
you, sir." replies the doctor, "that if
you keep on drinking 'run the world
will scon be quit of a very dirty seoun
lrel!" The old fellow's fury was awful. lie
sprung to his feet, drew and opened a
sailor's clasp knife, and, balancing it
open on the palm of his hand, threat
ened to pin the doctor to the wall.
The doctor never so much as moved.
He spoke to him, as before, over his
shoulder, and in the same tonacf voice;
rather high, so that all the rcom
might hear, but perfectly calm and
"If you don't put that knife this in
stant into your pocket, I promise, upon
my honor, you shall hang at the next
Then followed a battle of looks be
tween them; but the captain soon
knuckled under, put up his weapon, and
resumed his seat, grumbling likeabeat-
'en dog.
(To Be Continued.)
Secretary of the Navy Long dislike.3
society and is rarely seen at the social
functions cf the capital.
Estimates given on all kinds of brick
work. Jobbing a specialty.
6ox 425, City.
Castle Creek Hot Springs
Of Arizona.
A delightful resort for health-seekers;
perfect climate, natural hot springs
or great medicinal and curative powers.
especially ror rheumatism; the only
springs where you can take baths in
the open air the year around without
running any risk of colds; open-air
swimming pool; private baths in por-
ceiain-nnea tubs. A comfortable and
attractive house of twenty-five rooms,
in addition to which ample tent room,
with board floors and sides, is furnished
to those who prefer open-air accommo
dations. There will be a resident phy
sician during the winter months.
Rates, $3.00 per day. or $18.00 per week.
Tent accommodations are also provaed
at the rate of $2.00 psr day or $12.00 per
week. Round-trip tickets via Hot
Springs Junction, torty-four miles from
Phoenix on the S. F., P. & P. R. R., in
cluding stage fare, are sold at all sta
tions on the railroad. Daily stage, ex
cept Sundays, runs to the Springs. A
new building has been . completed at
Hot Springs Junction for the accommo
dation of guests going to the Springs,
For further information apply to
General Agent S. F., P. & P. R. R.,
Or to C. M. COLHOUN, Manager,
P. O. address. Hot Springs, Arizona.
KINDERGARTEN, 9 to 12 a. m., Goodinji biiilit
ing. Private school, same place, 1 to 3:30 p.
m. lermx, a monin; two cnuuren, So.
MISS BROWN, Principal.
structor of Penmanship ami Hp;J Calcula
ting, private lessons at pupils uome. Mod
em methods. Advancement guaranteed
L-ssons in either course, 50 cents. Address
Cieneral Delivery.
MI8S A. F. NORTON is prepared to give treat-
Inquire Room 9, Gooding Block
J. C. NORTON. r. V. M. Veterinary
physician, surg-eon and dentist. Resi
dence No. 127 N. Fourth avenu. Office
Ford Hotel block, W. Washington St.,
Phoenix. Office hours 10 to 12 a. m.,
to 4 p. m.
F. O. RICHMOND, M. D. C, Phoenix,
Arizona Veterinary surgeon and den
tist; diseases all domestic animals sci
entifically treated. Residence 637 West
Van Buren street. Office at the Golden
Eagle stable, Secont near Washington
street. Telephone No. 100. No Charge
for consultation. Agent far h Horaa
IALIST in Crown an1 Bridge work
Gas administered. Office over Post
office, rooms 1. 3. 5. 7, 9. ,
H. J. JESSOP Dentist. Offlca Portr
building, corner Washington and Cen
ter streets, rooms 14 and It.
Lawyers. Steinger bloek. 21J-2 S. 1st. Ave.
1 hcrnix. Arizona.
D. S. Deputy Mineral Burvefr, uino
Court House; Fbaeots.
Popular Wants
Advertisements under this head,
one-half cent a word each insertion.
No advertisement taken for less than
25 cents.
I WILL sell privately my household
goods, 'beginning Wednesday morn
ing at 10 o'clock at my residence, 411
.West 'Monroe street. Thomas J.
' Barkley.
furnished suites of rooms for light
housekeeping. 32 North First Ave.
WANTED Good copper properties.
F. H. Wallace, 1127 Fifteenth street,
'Denver, Colo.
WANTED A willing young girl for
second work. Mrs. J. O.- Patten,
Yuma road, foot of Thirteenth av
enue. EDISON'S gaslight burner fits all ker
osene lamps and produces gaslight;
no chimney or work required; just
out; phenomenal seller; sample free
to legitimate agents; 'best goods;
- best terms. Edison Illuminating
Co., Cleveland, O.
FURNISHED room for rent;1 first
class; private family; $ti month.
Inquire of W. Limbrock, 39 East
CATTLE dehorned
price by John A.
at a reasonable
Elvey, Box! 503,
FOR RENT Three roomed flat, fur
nished. Inquire 41 Lincoln street,
between First and Center.
WANTED A first-class cook at the
Rumney, on Grand avenue.
FOR SALE Belgian hares; some of
the best bl'ood in the country in this
30G North Workman Street, Los An
geles, Cal.
FOR SALE 7 or 12 acre3 close to city;
easy terms. Address Box 483, City,
FOR SALE One pair of work horses;
also one set light double harness.
Inquire-720 West Jefferson street.
Bakery lunch room.
dish washer,
-Porter. Bakery lunch
FOR SALE Half interest in a good
paying business, suitable for gentle
man or lady. Pay to investigate.
Capital required, about $1,000. In
quire at No. 8 Cook building, first
stairway west of posteffice.
WANTED Second-hand stove, house
hold goods, etc. Wdl pay cash. Ad
dress Q. Q., Republican office.
WANTED Two waiter girls at Phoe
nix restaurant, 23 South First Ave.
FOR RENT Furnished room with or
without board. 427 E. Polk street.
FOR SALE New $75 typewriter at
one-third cost, or will trade for or
gan. Box 811, Phoenix.
WANT TO TRADE A good saddle
horse; honest, sound, fine mountain
climber, for a sound surrey horse
weighing at least 1,200 pounds. Ad
dress R. .this office.
FOR SALE) A first-class grocery store,
excellent stock, good trade in neigh
boring town. App'ly L. L. Schultz or
B. A. Fickas.
FOR RENT To man and wife, three
unfurnished rooms for housekeep
ing, in private residence near busi
ness part of town, $12 per month;
no children. Apply to C. F. Leon
ard at Phoenix Stationery and News
FOR RENT A desirable finely fur
nished house, seven rooms and bath.
Well shaded. J. Ernest Walker, 26
South Second avenue. i v.
WANTED A saddle horse for its
keeping. Address X. X. X., this
STRANGERS ana orners welcome at
the Intelligence office to free city
list of rooms for rent, furnished or
unfurnished houses, suites for house
keeping, city or country board. In
formation free. 32 North First av
enue. MADAME GRACE, palmist and clair
voyant, card reader, tells past, pres
ent and future. 420 E. Washington
St., near Fourth.
FOR SALE One 3-ton Boyle ice
making machine, complete. Write
Crystal Ice Co., Prescott, Ariz.
TOURIST look here! No. S Cook
"building, first stairway west of post
office, is where you can find out all
about residences and rooms for rent.
For sale at a bargain, three lots in
Bennitt addition, two lots in Brill's
addition, and three lots in Ca.pitol
addition; all well located. A double
seated rig ready to take you over
the city free of charge.
Real Estate Agents.
ORANGE GROVE for sale. The most
beautiful grove in the valley; all
highly improved; two furnished
houses, shade, implements, stock,
buggies,' etc. Parties wishing a
country home will do well to investi
gate. Price very low. Box 7 Re
publican office.
WANTED A horse, Tuggy and har
ness in part payment on a piano.
Call at No. 12 North Center street
WANTED To trade business house
and residence in one of the best
towns in Illinois; seventy miles from
Chicago; or farm land in Iowa or
Minesota, for alfalfa ranch in Salt
River valley. Address Box 972,
FOR SALE! Four room hrick cottage,
on installment plan. Inquire -A. J.
Mitchell's, corner State and Ninth
streets, in Brill addition..
FOR SALE; Trap, horse and harness;
horse perfectly gentle; also new
Decker Bros." upright piano, hand
some case. Will be sold on credit to
any responsible party. Apply at
Barkley Bros.' Mercantile Co.
FOR SALE Forty acres Sine sediment
soil, three-fourths mile from street
car line, in lots to suit, from five
acres up. Apply J. C. Jackson, Box
444, City.
MADAM TABOR; clairvoyant, card
reader, your horoscope. 329 Madlsoa
street, between Third and Fourth
WANTED A touyer ror two teams ot
carriage horses, stylish, well broken
and desirable in every way; also sin
gle drivers. A few high bred colts lor
sale, suitable for training to go to tha
races. Call at Phoenix Light and
Fuel Co. or Pemberton stock farm.
Reference, Phoenix National bank.
MEN and teams wanted to clear and
plow four sections of land and take
land in payment. Inquire W. H. Rob
inson, 18 N. Center street.
FOR SALE Largo hous , tweiva
rooms, hard-wood finish throughout;
furnace, fire-places and electric light
ing; good situation; tw oacres on
high ground, near car line; new
stable and hen house. Apply Box 206.
FARMS for sale at a BARGAIN; 74
acres WELL fenced Into five fields,
fine alfalfa, and 10 acres of It into
variety of fruits, and grounds witn
ALSO 160 acres into alfalfa, except
7 acres in fruit and grounds for
building; all close to the city and
WELL fenced into 7 fields. Inqulra
at 324 East Washington street.
Prop. Good beds 25c. Liberally fur
nished with all modern improvement.
A well appointed barber shop In con
nection. Southwest corner Jackaon and
Fir3t Sts one block aaat of Santa F
433 West Washington St.
The Tinsmith and Plumber
at 28 North Second avenue, opposite
Fort hoteL
to trade a 20-acre , tract,
located at Glendale, for
city property.
Wants to sel1 U1 and one-quar
ier acres a xnne oyer 1Y4,
miles northeast of Wash
ington and Center streets
and one and a half block
from car line.
Wants to sel1 two 2-ac' tracta at
Glendale upon terms of
payment to suit the buyer.
Wants to sell lots in Brill addi
tion 50x200, cheap. "
WantS tne PPortunlty and privi
lege to give you estimates
.upon anything that you
may need in sheet metal
i work, plumbing, pipe work
or anything else within -the
scope of my business,
and your patronage if I
can do as well by you aa
others. It is my aim to do
better for you. In regard to
this, .please don't forget the
Across the Street from the
Ford Hotel.
And time is money. Tlhe Union Pa
cific makes the quickest time to nearly
all points east.
The Goldfen Spike Celebration at
Globe has been postponed from Febru
ary 1 until February 15, consequently
the reduced rate via the Southern Pa
cific company will not apply until
February 15, when the S. P. Co. will
make the very low rate of one fare for
the round trip. Phoenix to Globe.
"The Southern Pacmc leads In
"completeness of equipment, comfort
of transport, promptness of service,
fast and elegant trains, with Pintsch
gas lights on all cars. Dining cars on
all limited trains. The highest stand
ard maintained all the year round.
"No snow blockades." Two hundred
and thirty-eight miles the shortest
line to Los Angeles, quickest time to
all eastern points. For further infor-'
mation call on or address, M. O. Bick
nell. Agent.
' :o:-- -
ONE ...
'ttrtfnfng Iftevfew;
16 Pages, with Heavy Cover EVERY WEEK.
Mining Journal on the PACIFIC COA3T.
Subscription $2 a Year. Single Copies 5 cents.
Sample Copy free
" 110-112 N. Broadway, los Angeles Cat.

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