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Do Yon Have Rheumatism?
Are Yon Sleepless, Irritable, All Ren Dom?
Kidnej Trcnfcle Makes Yon Miserab'e.
SWAMP-ROOT Is the Great Remedy fcr Kicney, Bladder
and Uric Acid Troubles. To Prove for Yourself I s
Wonderful Meritr, You May Have a Sample Bottle Sett
FREE by Mail.
You are in no danger of being sick if
you keep your kidneys well.
They Alter your blood and keep it
pure and free from disease breeding
germs. '
Your other organs may need care,
but your kidneys most, because they do
If you are sick, begin with your kid
neys, because as soon as they are well
they will help all the other organs to
The treatment of some diseases may
be delayed without danger; not so with
kidney disease.
Swamp-Root is the great medical tri
umph of the nineteenth century; dis
covered after years of untiring effort
and research by the eminent kidney
and bladder specialist. Dr. Kilmer, and
has truly wonderful bealing action on
the kidneys and bladder.
It will be found by both men and wo
men just what is needed in all cases of
kidney and bladder disorders, lame
back, dull pain or ache in the back,
gravel, catarrh of the bladder, rheuma
tism, sciatica, neuralgia, uric acid trou
bles and Brlght's disease, which is the
worst form of neglected kidney trou
ble. If your water when allowed to remain
undisturbed in a glass bottle for
twenty-four hours, forms a sediment or
settling or has a cloudy appearance, it
is evidence that your kidneys and blad
der need immediate attention.
Arizona Day by Day I
Live News Token from Territorial CxctiBnars.
Wiley E. Jones was in Sa fiord all last
week making contracts for building his
business block near the depot.
J. J. Birdno and family returned last
Tuesday from a month's visit with
friends in Idaho and Utah. Safford
W. B. Fonda has a force of men at
work on his mine near the San Juan,
and the prospect is looking better at
each shot. Safford Arizonian.
Charles White burled one of his chil
dren last Sunday. The grief stricken
family has the sympathy of their many
friends in their bereavement. Safford
Mr. Lock, the Southern Pacific tele
graph operator, who has been stationed
in the city for a year or more, has been
transferred to Yuma, where he will
hold down an Instrument indefinitely.
Tucson Citizen.
Our townsman F. W. Hayes intenis
to build a row of brick cottages on his
quarter block south of Patterson's lum
ber yard. They will be a great im
provement to that section of our city.
Safford Guardian.
Frank King returned today from a
very successful three weeks" trip in So
nora. He contracted for the purchase
of a fine bunch of big steers and did
considerable mining business. He will
return to Sonora in a day or two.
Tucson Citizen.
Appliances are in place for the re
moval of the smoke stack and boiler of
the Goose Flat pumping plant, which
will be taken to the north of Prescolt
city water supply point. The Goose
Flat pump, it is said, is not worth mov
ing. Courier.
James W. Blakely died at the home
of his father. Judge W. G. Blakely,
Wednesday evening of heart failure.
The deceased had eaten his supper
down town, returned home, and in a.
little while his heart ceased to beat.
Kingman Mineral Wealth.
E. D. Tuttle has let the contract to
build an adobe building with brick
and glass front, on the lot opposite the
Bell & Power building. There will be
two rooms, one for the postoffice and
the other to rent. Still the good work
foes on. Safford Guardian.
Inspector C. S. Ford informs the
Wlnslow Mail there have been 19.637
head of cattle' shipped from that sec
tion this fall. Holbrook hsa shipped
12.682 head. Wlnslow 6,015, Navajo
about 1,000. The shipment of sheep, he
Removal Sale!
California Can Goods.
Pie Fruit 8 l-3c
Table Fruits 12Ac
Blackberries 14c
California Jam 13c
California Jelly 12'4c
Jiot Mustard 5-aiOc
Table Sauce 10c
Olives, pint 20c
Pickles, pint 10c
7 bars Soap (Fairbank s) 25c
Brown Soap, 3 for 25c
Valley Raisins 5c
Can Cream 10c
Mackerel In olive oil 15c
3 pounds Clam Chowder 20c
3 pounds White Label Soups 25c
Kellner's Cash Store.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root corrects
inability to hold water and promptly
overcomes that unpleasant necessity of
being compelled to go often during the
day and to get up many times during
the night.
This prompt, mild and wonderful
remedy is easy to get at the drug
stores, in fifty-cent or one dollar bot
tles. Make a note of the name,
SWAMP-ROOT, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, and remember that It is prepared
only by Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamp
ton. N. Y.
Swamp-Root has been tested in so
many ways, in hospital work, in private
practice, among the helpless too poor
to purchase relief, and has proved so
successful in every case that a special
arrangement has been made by which
all readers of The Republican who have
not already tried it, may have a sam
ple bottle sent absoltuely free by mail.
Also a book telling more about Swamp
Root and containing some of the thou
sands upon thousands of testimonial
letters received from men and women
who owe their good health, in fact,
their very lives, to the wonderful cura
tive properties of Swamp-Root.
The great kidney remedy, Swamp
Root, is so remarkably successful that
our readers are advised to write for a
free sample bottle, and to kindly men
tion The Republican when sending your
address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bing
hampton, N. Y.
thinks, has been much greater this
season than for a number of years.
And he thinks that forty' thousand
head shipped from the three points
mentioned above is a conservative es
timate. Philip Raper, one of Safford's volun
teers who lost his leg at Whipple will
start in a few days for New York to
get a cork leg furnished by the govern
ment. The people of Safford raised a
subscription to pay the incidental ex
penses of the trip. Safford Guardian.
Ninety-four officers and men of the
regular army were taken from the
Santa Fe at Deming by the Southern
Pacific last night and were transported
to San Carlos, where they will relieve
the colored Foidlers who created the
recent disturbance there. Tucson Citi
zen. The Saginaw Lumber company's car
penters and painters have nearly fin
ished the new office for the use of the
company officials and clerks. The
building is elaborate in detail and one
of the best and most convenient office
buildings in the territory. Williams
Frank Secrist and party, consisting
of his brother Charles and his nephew
Mr. Iiowe of Omaha. Neb., and Messrs.
Todd and Wood of this place, returned
from their hunting excursion Monday
afternoon. They report having had
1 excellent sport, killing nine deer and
forty-one wild turkeys.
Married, at Pima, on Wednesday.
October 25. Mr. Dave Matthews to Miss
Chloe Barney, both of Matthewsville.
Mr. Daniel Matthews was also marri?d
at the same time and place to Mrs.
Cornetta Neitson. The congratulations
of the Arizonian are hereby extended
to the two happy couples. Safford Ari-
i zonian.
Thursday, November 2, the day fol
I lowing All Saints day, was observed
! here by the Spanish-Catholic populu
i tion as the day "Dia de Los Muertos."
At night the graves of the beloved de
; parted were decorated with beautiful
garlands of flowers and evergreens and
j the whole cemetery illuminated with
; lighted candles presenting an exquisite
picture to the eye. Yuma Sentinel.
A few days ago Indians discovered
; on the hillside in Truxton canyon, near
i the Hualpai agency, two 45 caliber
Springfield rifles. The guns were lying
together and had been almost entirely
covered with loose stones. Both were
; badly rusted, the stocks, where they
i came in contact with the earth, were
rotten and the barrels and locks were
1 deeply pitted with rust. Our Mineral
Mr. Pace, Sr., father of W. W. Pace,
died on Tuesday and was buried Wed
nesday at Thatcher, says the Safford
i Guardian. Mrs. W. W. Pace was on a
I visit in Utah and received a telegram
calling her home on account of the
dangerous illness of the deceased. She
returned immediately accompanied by
deceased's wife and son. They arrived
' on the day of his death.
Word was received in this city today
of a bad accident at Helvetia, says the
, Tucson Citizen. A Mexican carpenter
whose name could not be learned fell
. down a shaft, fracturing his spine and
breaking one leg. Dr. Lennox is dis
abled by a broken shoulder, so other
medical aid had to be sent for. The
I wife of the injured man, who lives in
Los Angeles, was telegraphed for, as
there is serious doubt of his surviving
the accident.
Contractor Richards has increased
his force of graders nearly one hundred
; men this week, besides added a lara
number of teams to the outfit. It will
: be a neck and neck race between the
steel gang and the graders to the com
pletion of the road, which will be
pushed right through if the weather
will only permit. Contractor Coleman
The Best
Washing Powder.
Cleans Everything from Cellar to Garret.
has increased his force with every
available man that has been possible
to get hold of this week and is still
looking for men. Williams News.
J. B. Girand. assistant engineer for
the Santa Fe & Grand Canyon Rail
road company, met with a painful and
what was at first thought dangerous
accident last Thursday afternoon, says
the Williams News. Mr. Girand, with
assistants, was going out to "set cen
ters" for the track laying force. They
were riding on a hand car and Mr. Gi
rand was standing between the levers
helping pump the car. In some man
ner his foot slipped from under him
and as he fell one side of the lever
caught him across the shoulders, doub
ling his back and crushing him to the
floor. Had the car been going at a
high rate of speed the lever would have
undoubtedly broken his back.
Nearly $200,000 Worth of Ic Sold at the
World's Fair.
The polishing works of this city is
now engaged on the stupendous job of
getting out $1,000,000 worth of polished
chalcedony, or petrified wood, to be
taken to the Paris exposition. This
petrified wood is hauled from its native
heath, in Arizona, a distance of fifty
five miles to a railroad, and then
shipped to this city to be cut and pol
ished, this being the only place In the
world having facilities for treating the
petrifaction, which is seven-tenths as
hard as diamond. It is shipped here in
great logs and stumps, weighing many
tons each, just as they have laid for
many ages during the process required
by nature to turn the wood into beau
tiful and variegated colors of ston?.
The process of sawing the stone up in
shape for polishing is most tedious, the
huge machinery used for the purpose
being able to saw only from an inch to
three inches a day into it. After be
ing cut and polished the stone is work
ed up into every conceivable shap?,
from cuff buttons to tops of centT
tables and great columns, which tost
a small fortune. All kinds of jewelry
are made from it as well as trinkets
and handsome articles suitable for
One of the chief attractions at th"
world's fair was the exhil.it of chal
cedony, which had been polished and
prepared in this city. It is stated mat
during the fair sales of this stufT wi-re
more than $30,009 a month.
The great exhibit which is to be
made in Paris will be a wonderful ad
vertisement for Sioux Falls, for the
reason that no where else on earth is
there machinery mammoth yet delicate
enough to saw, polish and put into
shape the variety of articles that will
be on exhibition. Sioux Falls (S. D.J
Experiments Gratifying and Claims
Are Located.
It has been demonstrated beyond the
question of a doubt that the gas re
cently discovered issuing from various
places in a sandbar in the Colorado
river directly below the railroad bride;?
has a commercial value, says the Yuma
Sun. With a very simple apparatus
the gas was made to burn for the pe
riod of five hours last evening, produc
ing a strong, steady flame. i A small
tin funnel was placed over a hole in
the sand and which emitted a quantity
of gas, and when a match was applied
to the small end of the funnel a flame
shot up from six to eight inches high
and burned continually. The gas Is
escaping from more than one hundivd
places in the river bottom, indicating
an unlimited supply. The original dis
coverers, O. H. Willis and Colonel
Brooks, have located a number of
ciaims and will soon begin development
of their find. The origin of natural gas
is a mystery which scientific research
has yet failed to solve. Various theo
ries have been proposed, some ascrib
ing it to a vegetable, some to an ani
mal origin, while some WTiters consider
it as originating in chemical changes
in the primitive rocks. Illuminating
gas, however, is usually found in con
junction with large deposits of coal or
petroleum. In any event the immense
quantity of gas that is now escaping
from the ground located by Messrs.
Willis and Brooks will warrant the
expense of Its systematic prospecting
and development.
It i3 announced from Milan that the
able Perosi will shortly poFsess in that
city a hall as exclusively devoted to his
own compositions as Bayreuth is to
those of Wagner. The priest composer
has been in a sad dilemma hitherto.
Some admirers objected to purely re
ligious music being given in a theater,
and others were equally averse to a
church, after the devotional functions
of the morning, being used as a con
cert hall in the evening.
Don Perosi has circumvented the dif
ficulty by securing a hall of his own.
In the outskirts of Milan is a very old
church known as the Church of Peace.
The building has long been secularized,
and after having its acoustic properties
carefully investigated, the abbe has
purchased it.
It is now being adapted to the pur
poses of a Perosi's Bayreuth, and the
composer's unfinished oratorio ' Ttv?
Massacre of the Innocents" will be
brought out there thl3 winter. Lon
don Leader.
a Would-Be Suicide Failed to
Drown Himself.
Rather than live in Rochester. N. Y-,
Patrick Walsh decided to die in New
York. He arrived in this city yester
day with the sole idea of taking his
life. His mistake in the method he
chose for his taking off lies in his fail
ure to take stock in the unsinkable
qualities of cork. Mr. Walsh was
equipped with a cork leg. and that
buoyant adjunct prevented him from
drowning himself.
He boarded the Musconetcons at
Christopher street. In the middle of
the river Walsh threw himself over
board. But he had forgotten the buoy
ancy that lies in a cork leg. The deck
hands, satiated with recent suicides,
angrily lowered the ladder used in such
cases. When the boat reached Walsh
he capsized, but the cork leg protruded
high above the waves. Mr. Walsh's
countenance had disappeared, of course,
but showed up again long enough to
shout! "I don't want to d "
Before he could finish the cork leg
again assumed supremacy and shut off
his further remarks. When the boat
reached Walsh it was in time for the
oarsmen to see his face once more and
to hear him sputter. "Ach !ach! I want
to die ," but the rest was lost, owing
to the floating power of the not-to-be-drowned
cork leg.
"Pull him in," said the disgusted offi
cer in charge of the boat, and two boat
hooks, placed where they would do the
most good, restored Walsh's equili
brium physically, if not mentally.
Walsh swore that he was earnest all
the way to the Jersey shore, and even
on his journey to St. Mary's hospital,
in Hoboken, where he was taken. Pneu
monia has developed, and the physi
cians say that, while Walsh is unable
to talk, he often asks for a pencil and
pad, on which he feebly traces, "D n
that leg."
Here is an authentic story of Joachim
th great German violinist. .
Cn one of his visits to London he en
tered a barber shop for a shav.?. Tne
l.a.'ber did not know him. jid eyed Irs
floi;:g locks with the air of r. man who
kn-v.- just what he would do xo them
wkf-n lie got his customer in the chair.
"Th-ir cut. sir?" he demanded with a
ton that called for rn r.ffir'pative an
swer. The virtuoso signified his perfect sat
isfaction with the lengtn of his hirsute
adornment, but his barbpr thought that
he knew his business.
"Just a little long at tiie back. ' he in
sinuated as he adjusted the cloth.
JiTchim explained thst he liked it
that way. and the tono.-iil artirt was
silent for awhile.
"Jfather thin on top, sir," h'i said,
onvi-ing his own idea that to sacri
fice length to thickness was por poli
cy. But Joachim glared at the barber
and tossed his lion-like n.ane. The
Iv.rber scraped away fcr awhile in a
moody, discontented fashija. But it
was hard to discountenance him.
"Better let me trim the edges for
you, sir. Just half an inch all arounl."
Joachim remained firm, however, and
then the barber, losing what little tact
and ingenuity he had. vented his feel
ings in the most scathing expression of
contempt that suggested itself to his
tonsorial mind with:
"Well, of course, if you want to look
like a German musician, it's nobody's
business but your own."
; One s'ze smaller after using Allen's Foot-Ease a
powder to be shaken into the shoes. It makes
: tight or new shoes feel easy ; ivee instant relief
! to cores and bunions. It's the greatest comfort
' discovery of the ag-. Cures swollen I et, blist
i ers and callous s.ou. Allen's f out-rase is a
; certain cure for ingrowing nails, sweating, hot,
J aching feet. At all druggists ami flioe stores,
; i".e Samples "kee by mail. Address, Allen 8.
: Olnvi.d. Le Koy.S. Y.
PR. METERS & CO. are the most re
liable physicians because they are the
a o?t Rwueesful. They are the mot nc
cespful for the reason tht thev are the
most skilled and experienced. They have
been rui iivz diseases and weak nesses of man
for more than eighteen years, and have the
largest and best equipped medical institu
tion and the most extensive practice in
America. Thev never use iniarioua reui
dies l!
Patients can arrange to par when thev
rw ell. or may pay in monthly install
ments Consultation ami private book for men free.
Home Cures Book Free.
Thousands are cured annuallr without
seeing the doc tors All rornonlciice
confidential. No printing on envelopes' or
paekairisto indieat name of sender rUI
South Brraday, Los Anjrelts.
TAKE ELEVATOR to Third Floor.
HOIKS: laily, S to S; Eveniiiin. 7 to 8
Sundays, 10 tol2.
Advertisement under tbia head one-hall cent a word each insertion.
No advertisement taken for leas than twenty-fire cents.
WASTED A furnished house for six
months: no sickness. Address House,
this office.
WANTED Woman for cooking and
general housework in private family
of four grown people; high wages
paid to competent person who wants
permanent situation. No others need
apply. Call at 538 North Center street.
FOR SALE A No. 1 second-hand
phaeton. 313 West Washington St.
WANTED. From lodging house keep
ers proposals for lodging bands that
will attend the carnival. Address
figures to L. E. Hoffman, correspond
ing secretary carnival association.
FOR RENT. Two, three or five nicely
furnished rooms for light housekeep
ing. 491 North Third avenue.
FOR RENT. A sunny room, fur
nished for lodging or light house
keeping. If ill kindly do not call.
525 North Third avenue.
, $3,000 TO INVEST. For sale, elegant
suburban home; also winery, fully
improved, a bargain. Five small
houses on payments. Lot in Simms'
addition, splendid site. Houses built
to suit purchasers on monthly pay
ments. Money to loan. Securities
bought. Price, Creighton & Co.
WJCTFn A nlnoe at house work:
good place at good wages preferred.
Call at South First street ana Lin
one of the nicest surbuban homes in
town. You will find what you want.
Address W, this office.
WANTED To buy, a horse, harness
and vehicle., Must be reasonable. Ad
dress W. E. A., Republican office.
WANTED Girl for general house
work. Call on Mrs. Kendrick in the
morning at the corner of Third iv
enue and Bennett lane.
WANTED Capable woman for cook
and general housework: good wages
and pleasant home. Address Box 10,
this office.
WANTED A girl for general house
work in a family of three. Mrs. J. W.
Smith, Tempe.
LOST Three-year-old filly. Tips ot
ears split: two white hind feet, roach
mane, full tail. Return to A. W.
Carr, corner Jefferson and Center.
MANY things for sale at a sacrifice at
245 East Washington Street,
FOR SALE Eight acres fine land,
very best location, near town. Ad
dress P. O. Box 4S3, City.
STRANGERS welcome at the Intelli
gence office to free city list of fur
nished or unfurnished houses and
rooms, suites for housekeeping, city
or country beard. 32 North First
ELEGANTLY furnished rooms, single
or en suite, with board, in private
house: piano, bath, telephone, etc.;
everything strictly first-class. Mrs.
E. S. Gill. 154S East Washington
street, on car line.
MRS. CURRY, clairvoyant and healer,
Obcession removed, tobacco, mor
phine, opium habits cured. AH dis
eases successfully treated. Room 15
Cotton Block.
FOR RENT Two rooms, furnished or
unfurnished. Price reasonable. Call
at 338 West Monroe Street.
WANTED Girl for general house
work. Apply at 6:30 North First av
enue. E. B. Knox.
FOR RENT Cheap furnished rooms at
the Westminster lodging house, 19
West Van Buren street, one block
north of Adams hotel.
WANTED Boarders for country. Ad
dress Box 394, City.
FOR RENT One room, and board for
two persons. 850 East Washington
street, on car line.
FOR RENT Large comfortably fur
nished front room. 475 North Fiftli
WILL gentleman who lost diamond set
out of finger ring call at this office
for information?
FOR SALE Light buggy. Apply 18
South Center.
PLEASANT rooms at The Portland,
Central avenue (5 blocks north of
Washington St.) Family table. No
FOR SALE Bargain; one with small
capital and who can work, splendid
herd cows near Phoenix for retail
trade. Lease ranch with cows. P. O.
Box 234, Phoenix. ;
FOR RENT Furnished, four rooms of
the upper story of new house. Stoves
and water. 747 West Madison, cor
ner Eighth avenue.
FURNISHED rooms with board, $28 to
$30 per month. 529 West Adams St.
WANTED Girl for light housework or
to do housework and washing; wages
reasonable. Call at 475 North Fifth
S-fAiuifinn DCPTnnrrs"
Vi. SCrOHS no A.TCa a-WihekrrorsioflmpoteDCTirripiiSEcleaiuieaUicliver, tie
r- Zr -ZITZJZ: strengthen!? ar.o reslortssmurl woat oi-sans.
Vii-j n-uso.i t,'jrr('r are ret ciirefi by ixx-trirs is hentue ninety per cent are tronhTed with
Pt-OHtafUis. Ct'HDENE is theorls known rPimly to curewiiiiuut a:i olw-ratiui). 5uUUes!!nnint
als. A written vo-T'nnn-ep-iren an4 troner return! if six boxes tines not eilucl a perlUMieutcure.
Ci.0taLoi,s:i for$o.O). br niaiL Send far fuki; circtOar ainl leaiimoLuU--. .
Aidre A Vol, St ED I CIST. CO-P. O. BoxSrs.SaF : Francisco. Cat TnrEaleb?
EEN L. BEAR, Sole Agent, 118 and L)9 E. Washington St., Phoenix, Arizona.
FOR SALE Four-room tent house with
raised, floors, screened verandas: five
miles northeast of Phoenix, away
from irrigation. Best location for in
valids. Inquire 32 North First Ave.
FOR RENT Four rooms furnished for
housekeeping. 129 West Adams St.
FOR SALE 160 acres of land; 120 acres
in alfalfa; balance in grain: small
house; all fenced: easy terms. Call
or address J. W. Walker.
FURNISHED and unfurnished houses
for rent, J. Ernest Walker, real es
tate, insurance, loans. No. 26 South
Second avenue. Phoenix. Ariz.
THE highest cash price paid for poul
try and ranch eggs at The New
Place. Williams & Haffner, 9 and 11
West Washington Street.
TICKET for sale for the east, for lady.
Call at 361 North First avenue, fourth
door north of city ditch.
FOR RENT Sunny room, with or
without board, on car line. 1618 East
Washington street.
TO RENT A desirable residence
quire 546 North Fourth avenue.
FOR RENT Rooms, single or en
suite. 343 East Monroe. corner
Fourth street- Also stable for two
horses. Apply side gate.
COUNTRY BOARD Clarke's Country
Tavern, 13th Ave. and Yuma road,
three blocks from car line, with board,
runing water, porcelain bath, parlor,
lawns, stable and good home cook
ing. LEAVE orders for housecleanlng and
work of all kinds at Labor Office. 213
West Washington. N. D. Valentine,
119 West Jefferson.
WANTED Twenty acres unimproved
under Grand canal, and ttventy acres
with house, under Grand or Maricopa,
as soon as possible. W. J. Murphy,
First avenue and Adams street .
FOR SALE Eighty acres of land five
miles from Phoenix, a snap for cash.
Call at office and be surprised at the
low price. W. J. Murphy, First av
enue and Adams street.
FOR SALE The Hotel Oasis at
Glendale, Ariz. Price cheap. Terms
to 6u.lt buyer. Address Owner, Box
21, Glendale.
FOR first-class board in the country
and first-class accommodations ad
dress J. A. McBride, Box 782.
WANTED Several persons for dis
trict office managers in this state to
represent me in their own and sur
rounding counties. Willing to pay
yearly $600. payable weekly. . De
sirable employment with unusual op
portunities. References exchanged.
Inclose self-addressed stamped en
velope. S. A. Park, 300 Caxton Build
ing, Chicago.
UNTIL further notice KILROY'S
NEW PALESTINE will offer 'lots.
50x130. on 2ND. 3RD. 4TH, 5TE, STH
and 7TH AVENUES, all within from
5 to 8 blocks from COURT HOUSE
TER), at prices that will insure their
immediate sale, vis.: at S100 each.
SEWERAGE. Its assessed value,
city, county and territory, for 1S38-9
Is over J2S.0OO, which, to the posted
man, is conclusive evidence as to its
value. The first purchasers will have
the choice. Phoenix Curbstone Brok
ers and Commission Men are not al
lowed to handle our properties. Room
316 Fleming Block. (Take elevator.)
Porter & Co.'s tirst-class stages
i make close connections with arriving
j trains, as also with trains going to
Bowie. Special accommodations pro
. vided for trips to and from Globe.
The Santa Fe route California Lim
ited will be resumed for the season of
1899-1900 on November 7. There will be
four trains each way a week, instead
of three trains as heretofore. The Lim
ited will leave Chicago every Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
8 p. m., running on about the same
schedule as last season, passing Ash
Fork about midnight of Fridays, Sat
urdays, Sundays and Tuesdays, reach
ing Los Angeles at 1:50 p. m.
The eastbound Limited will leave
Los Angeles on the same day
that the westbound leaves Chi
cago, but the exact leaving time
has not yet been definitely fixed,
but will be announced soon. This train
will carry nothing but Pullman palace
cars of the latest make and style and
will be the most completely equipped
and up-to-date trans-continental train
in America. The S. F. P. & P. people
are endeavoring to have arrangements
made so that the eastbound Limited
will make close connections at Ash
Fork to accommodate the Phoenix peo
ple. Through without change to St. Paul,
Boston, Chicago. Kansas City. St,
Louis, etc., via the Santa Fe; rates via
this line as low as the lowest. Get
full information at city ticket office of
the S. F., P. & P., 44 West Washington
Street E. W. GILLETT,
General Agent.
Hon of Iitnoui Frencn pli;.-siciiui, will CjiuckJy euro vou ot uli ner-
VOU3 or L3ues of Ue eenerauve oran, such as Losl Majihfo.!.
I?ror:iIa.l'air.sin Uielfcict.&eiuii.al Jituusloiw.Kervoua IMfeLffv!
Piizplcs, Laa:nos3 to lij.-rj-, Ellnui3ti;;j; ilmins. Varicocele and
CoESimatloiu It stop all fusses bTdav or tiijrhL Prevents ouk-t-
I1CS9 bl discharge. IVlUCli if nr' r-L-p.' i,h. t.i ;Mnn,tw,hnL ,
D. W. Millard. Julian Mfllafi
Designers and Supervisor
of Construction
For all Classes of Buildings.
ness in the last two years DR. CHILD8
has been compelled to seek mora com
modious quarters. His friends and
patrons will now find him at No. M
eases Treated Scientlflcallv to a cur.
Consultation Free. DR. CHILDS is th
best diagnostician In Arizona.
V. G. RAGONE, ThorwghV1omrPUyr
and Flutist. Teacher of Music Only
the best Conservatory Methods used.
Advanced Scholars a Specialty. Terms
on Application. Leave Orders at Jen
kins' Music Store or address 93$ West
Washington Street.
THE PIAXO. Mist Mary Elizabeth Halaey
Sew Kngland Conservator? Metboda. A4
aress 113j Kst Van Buren Street.
F. O. RICHMOND. M. TtTC.. PhoemX
Arizona. Veterinary Surgeon an Den
tist: diseases of all domestic animals
scientifically treated. Office and resi
dence, Si7 West Van Buren street. No
charge for consultatioa. Agent for tho
Horse Review.
administered. Rooms over Postoffice.
in Crown and Bridge work. Gas ad
ministered. Office Fleming Block, rooms
201. 202, 203, 204, 205. 206.
H. J. JESSOP Dentist. Office Porter
building, corner Washington and Cen
ter streets, rooms 14 and 16. . . -
EDWARDS. Lawyers. Stelnegger block.
Zl S. First Ave.. Phoenix. Arizona.
& HARBY. 27 William St., New York.
Walter S. Logan.' Charles M. Demond,
Marx E. Harby. Norton Chase, Fred C.
Hanford. Represented in Arizona by
NORTON CHASE, Adams Hotel, Phoe
nix. - ,'
par.ies. Kilroy's New Palestine (Room
316. Fleming Block). Agents for White!
Star. Cunard, North German Lloyd and
Anchor lines, to and from all parts of
the world. Call or write. i
GUYOT, ex-principal of school, Paris.
France. 522 North First Avenue. ,
nix, AT. s years in rounirtpzl snd nil
road Turk. Expert Drafting an.
Enjoys the best standing with trades
men. Buys everything at spot cash price
and gives the best 25c meal.
22 and 24 Washington St.. east of Ja
cobs &. Co. Priavte rooms for families.
Tickets. J4.50; single meals. 25c
The Phoenix Short Line has an.
ranged for a reduction ia the tkket
rate from Phoenix to Globe, and pas
sengers not desiring etop-over privi
leges can purchase tickets at rate of
$12. Thl3 is a reduction of $4.50 and
is $7.65 less than local rate.
The S. F. P. & P. will make excur
sion rate of one fare for the round tri
to Phoenix November 6 from Congress
Junction and all stations south there
of, for the exhibition of Main's circus
the 7th.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Jtc
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly oscertnin our opinion free whether an
invenfJon is probably patentable. Communica
tions strictly confldential. Handbook on Patent -aent
free. Oldest acrency for secartnfr patents.
Patent taken ttarouch Muun & Co. receive
wperiat notice without charge, in the
Scientific JlKiericatn
A handsomely lllnstrated weekly. Tjtmst Hp.
eolation of anT eciemlnc journal. Terms. $3 a"
Tir : f oar months, fL. Bold by all newsf oalera.
MUNN&Co.36'8"'. New York
il ranch Ornca. tZS F 8t Washington. D, c ,.
If you will let us attend to your
Electrical Lighting- apparatus you
will not be troubled with poor illumi
nation. We install Drop, Fixed or other
Lights at reasonable prices.
of all kinds promptly attended to, and
satisfaction guaranteed.
Phone 182 (Srinfrs) 17 South Flint Avs.
V. R. NORR'S, Proprietor.
50 YEARS' !

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