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TH2 autzozta tj epurTiTcatt thitrscat mohijikc, xovembez o, tfcs
Complete lire of
Shot Guns, Rifles
and Sporting Goods.
Guns for Rent
Ezra W. Thayer's
124 and 126 East Washington Street,
(Continued From First Page.)
should be apportioned to them at
earliest practicable date.' "
The number of mineral and mill site
patents during the year was thirty
six. The report shows that the area
ol public lands, together with the re-
serve and appropriated to the territory I
at the close of the year was: Surveyed.
lO.SST.Sei acres: unsurveyed. 41.:::7.r90
acres: total. u2.2i".461. There was i'J.
445 acres of land granted for Indian
reservation patents.
"In creating the p-w reservations in
Arizona, the region which includes
lands falling within the grant to the
Atlantic & Pacific railroad . was set
apart in a proclamation which reserved
in express terms the even numbered
sections only in each township, thus
making a separate reservation of each
even numbered section, all of which
ere Bioupeu unuer in- genera! name
cf the ban Francisco .Mountains Forest
reserves. This action was takr-n to
guard against any complications that ;
might arise from the inclusion of a'
(Quail and Duck
large area of railroad lands, since, as An exhibition of climbing will be a" a "'- "i'- -"-
. iA.no.u. , ... ,. . i a late start Saturday morning from the
po.nted out in my last annual report, given at First avenue and W ashing- Kin,baII hote, at MpFa A drive was
the provision in the act of June 4. 1x97 ton,' The a":1 """V".1" "'TTld' n.ade fi.tee,, miles to Buchanan's wells.
v. i 1 be used to sc ale an adjacent build
30 Stat.. 34-36). for the selection of lieu an!, hose be ear to the the tf;im wa,s J-
lands for relip.ouished tracts in forest1..' ,V,- c .Buchanan expressed a strong hope
iPKcrv(-j c n.-inc wrr'-u- t . . n odvin
tage of in a speculative way by the
holders of tracts acouired by purchase
from railroad corporations and others.
"Contract No. 4", Arizona, provided
xoi use survey o: tne norm and west
boundaries and subdivi:-ionai lines of
township 12 south, range 30 east. The
field examination showed that the re
ported length of one section line was
in error; that the courses of the lati
tudinal section lines in the eastern
range of sections, with one exception,
were out of limits, and in resurveying
the ecst boundary f the township tha
deputy cid not establish the corners at
proper intervals, and he failed to re
establish the corners of the old survey
on the east. The surveys were sus
pended and the deputy was required to
return to the field and correct the sur
vey, after which a second examination
is to be made."
From African Gold Coast. Whtre Hi
Was Rescued From Slave Traders.
land, a cioakmaker at IT, Bond street
nas nau uuried in Evergreens cemetery
the body of Harry J. Mar Donaid. who !
died in Manhattan hospital a few days
ago. Mac-Donald, Mr. FrieTlIander sji 1
yesterday was the son of a native king
on the Afric an gold coast, lie was be-
ing carrie.l off by slave traders when i
a British ship appeared and sent him !
and others free. He afterward becam
the servant of Captain MacDonald o
the royal artillery, and later came lo j
the 1'nited States, lie
landers' butler until a
he became insane.
was the Fried
year ago when
surely must drav
your attention to ycur
Winter Underwear.
OUR stock is complete in
Natural Wool,
Silk and Wool,
Fleece Lined and
Heavy Cotton.
Prices are way down.
riCOtlDfl Block,
Cily Council Will Help fhe Nrt men's
The city council was engage! yester
day afternoon in a healed discussion
of the water works question when a
number of members of the carnival as
sociation, headed by President Mc
Cowan, made their appearance in th"
council chamber. In a few minutes
the faces of the alderman relaxed and
became good-natured as Mr. McCowan
addressed them in a request for finan
cial aid on behalf of the carnival as
sociation. AVhere division had before
been apparent, there was then unani
mity and harmony and the members
discussed the question of how best to
serve the carnival. After some con
versation a motion was carried that
the sum of $Vnj be given to the carnival
association for the purpose of illumi
nating the streets and for other ob
jects such as come within the power oC
the council to spend money for. The
council will also frive to the carnival
asociation the proceeds arising from
all street licenses derived during the
progress of the festivities and which
are incidental to all such occasions.
A hearty "thank you." proceeded
from the visitors and they left the
council chamber in extremely good
humor. The city has. it is generally
conceded, done the right thing by th?
carnival association.
Mr. J. T. Dnnis subscribed 10 to
the carnival fund: likewise W. H.
l.ount. making the total amount of
subscriptions for the carnival fund to
date. $:9.
Thursday of carnival week is firs-
en s day. Tne fhoenix nre aepari-
ment will give three exhibition drills
! that will be of great interest. .At 13
I o'clock a. m. sharp, an a'.aim will be
turned in at Fourth strtet and Wasn
ington. It v.-iil he responded to by the
engine, hook and ladder wagon and a
hose wagon. The engine wiil be at
tached to an adjacent fire hydrant, the
(hemioal apparatus on the honk and
ladi'.er will be utilized and the hos?
from the h se wagon will deliver water
under pressure from the city water
mains. The efforts of the department
will be to quench a huge b!az. to be
started on Uirhtburne square, adjoin
ing the L.emon hotel. j
Another interesting feature in the,
I morning will be a race between the
! Pre engine drawn by horses and a team i
, nl. n. , nillv Kvans captain.) i
drawing a hose cart. Ivach will run
! '' feel, lay lr.n fe-t of hose and get
WKler from the fire hydrant. I hey w m
start from opposite directions and are
expected to meet at a common center.
-i no I'nuniv nr (ipiuiri nir;iL
,.tr r,,men lo be resent on this
occasion and will keep open house for
thtir visitors.
But Not Smooth Enough to. Work
the Tucson Banks.
Some big frauds have bc-en attempted
in this territory during the last few
months and the scheme a sharper tried
to work on Attorney T. D. Dennett not
long ago will be quickly recalled by the
reading public.
The following enterprise which was
nipped in the bud by the careful busi-
ness judgment of ills Tjcson bankers
j is reproduced as another warning, to
(business men to be ever alert for th
smooth confident e man whose schemes
i seem so plausible when first presented,
j The Tucson Star says:
"Again that sirooth individual who
works oil his wits and often succeeds
'in his efforts to hoodwink the over-
c onfiding 'v'jb'.ic, has been on duty in
l ucson. "rie sent word of his expected
visit to the ancient and honorable pu
eblo and signed his letter addressed to
Consolidated National bank
J- St. (.'lair, president and generai man
Denver.' This cattleman (on paper)
wn iibfinT lo inveil in Ui-rrt herds of
, altIe SO!newnt.re in the neighborhood
(if five thousand head. St. Clair and a
fi iend named V. II. Meadows were
ushered into the San Augustine last
' ......1 nn.l 1. (V...,- ......I hj 1: "
the house afforded. including "wet
goods' of high grade.
-The pair drove out with Milliard G.
Brady and contracted ai the Steinfelo
and Bobles ranches for bunches of
tattle. On Saturday Mr. Kobl-s went
to the Consolidated bank with St. Clair
and there m.-t President M. P. Free
man. To this Keiitieman St. Clair
handed two drafts, one for 21.0 0 and
the titer f..-r ?l''.oM. both purpoi liii;:
to be drawn by the First National bank
of Sheridan. Wye. upon the Cherrdc.il
National bank of Nt-w York. Tii-s-.-Zrafts
St. Clair .desired lo deposit to
hi-: credit and first draw checks ag-iin-t
the same, one in faor of 1 tobies in
Steinfel.l's favor for S'.'J'MI. and sub
sequently in various sums in currency
in order to be possessed of ready an 1
convenient cash to pay out purchasing
President Freeman was too much of
a business man f proceed with a b'g
transaction as St. Clair proposed to
I promote, and sugge-sted that the m.it-
ler had to be enquired into througn t.ie
New York banks before money could
be paid out. St. Clair took exceptions
and then of'ered what appeared on its
face to he a certified check purporting
to be signed by D. II . Moffatt. the De-liver
banker. This was accepte 1,
whereat St. Clair wrote a check for
M.-ii'O in favor of Mr. I tobies. Mean-
while Mr. Freeman saw a misfit in the
I name Moffatt. and that it was Moffi-t.
This checked further proceedings.
"St. Clair, it is learned, went through
the same programme at the Arizona
National. Mr. P.. M. Jacobs, president
f that ba.;ik. being the official met by
St. Clair, who was accompanied by Mr.
obles. This was prior to the call made
on the Consolidated. The stay of St.
Clair was brief, as Mr. Jacobs very
promptly rejected the checks which St.
Clair seemed to be well provided with,
it was a close call, at both banks and
the officers who were confronted by the
liadies' Tailor-made J-lats
are one of the HIGH NOVELTIES of the season.
A fresh shipment from the East reached us today.
They came in a variety of shapes and colorings. Just
the proper article to wear with Tailor-made Suits.
Drop in and see them .
Mexican Draw.i Work.
Indian BasK'-'s.
Nrx'can Opa'.3.
slick sharper and wvjld-bo ca tieman
are to be congratulated upon having a
keen perception such as enabled them
iO meet scich errsonc;as promptly.
"Mr. Tenney of the "or.s )li ia'.ed
bank is not anything cut. as has been
stated, one Bob Turner having made a
small but convenient loan to t. Clair,
receiving part back.
"St. Clair and Meadows concluded to
take the first train east. leaving Sun
day morning. The former was stopp 'd
at JJenron and was brought here.
Meadows proceeding on his way. At
the preliminary examination yester
day in Justice. Scott's court St. Clair
was bound over in defau't of a bond of
"Xone of the checks are in evidence.
and it is thought Meadows came into I
possession of them. (
"The bark officials are confident that
had the checks gone to St. Clair's
credit he would have drawn but a por
tion of the cgCTJirate $35,000. named in
the checks, and then disappeared.
"The game was a big bluff, but it did
not go in Tucson. Meadows is wanted i
here, likewise the large bunch of j
checks shown by St. Clair." I
The Citizen says: j
"M. P. Frefman received a telegram i
' today from the First National bank of
' Denver, to whom he wrote several
onys ago. saying that neitner me Danv
nor Mr. Moffatt. its president, have
any knowledge of W. J. St. Clair or
acquaintance with him. St. Clair said
ho well bnnwn to Moffat, but this
, , itc:n.
last hnk of evidence proes the tais.t
of another of his elair
A Region Who?e Former Activity Is
About to Hz Restored.
A trip over an unbroken country to a
district new o tiie general public can
not but be of interest. The preliminary
surveyors o" .he proposed wagon road
I lo Mineiai retk. Karvey Harper. W.
, A Kimha: WaITen si..rine of MeHa.
. i
that the road would be built. From the
-.tinued seven-
teen miles to Sand Tank wash, where
water can always be si-cured. Iiere
dinn- r was pread under a mesquite '
and washed down with hot coffee and I
reminiscences of the conquering of
wilderness of tiie great southwest.
by the older members of the party.
From Sand Tanks to the old town of ;
Pinal the distance is sixteen miles,
over a much hiavier road than had j
j been experienced. The teams were
watered again at Hewcy Hewetts cat-j
tie rami, on uc-en creeK wasn ana .
""" '7s1 . " , ,
reached at b o clock.
.i rmai ii v.aj. leal iieo ixiae i cimiis j
and HcGrc-w had bonded
their gold
mine to eastern parties for $15,000. The
mine is in the Pinal district. The deal
was negotiated by Denniston. of Temp?.
Old Pinal presented a sorry spec-
tacle of desertion. Its one-time glory j
rested on silver in general and the ;
Silver King mine in particular. To
survey tile grent zone of copper stain j
or, me ruer ."wins mountain u cu;. ,
I to suppose that in the near future n '
C pper King w ill resurrect the old .
town and give it greater life than it
Knew in iorrner years.
Sunday morning the rigs were left at 1
Pinal and the journey resumed on
pprsecatK. ..n o.ci roaa m lair.y goo-i
state of preservation was followed over
a high mesa above Pinal creek. Bel- '
lamy's ranch up the creek from Pinal j
was passed. On his ranch there are ,
200 acres fenced with a rock wall.
w hen the Silver King was running,
the ranch furnished butter at 50 cents
per pound and eggs at 59 cents per
About four miles above Pinal the old
road eVscendeo1 info Pinal w:ish rind
r.,. ihr,..,.h r, hnv -,n eanHl
Hell -Gate. He re the horses were . b-v the ph Title Guaranty and Ab
wate red. The nearness of bedrock to i straot company were filed in the office
the surface at this place throws the 1 of the count--' recorder yesterday:
water out of the sand and an abun- I Simon linger to Fred H. Bente.
dance of water is always running. I aoe,, to lot u- bl,Kk - Capitol addi
Four miles from Hell Gate is Bow-ition: consideration, ?100.
man's mine, where the old road e-nds
and where new construction begins.
To this
point a freight team could pull
a much heavier load without any con
struction than can be hauled from
Florence to Mineral creek.
From Bowman's mine a trail was fol
lowed four miies over two divides and
intervening hills and washes to the
head ..f Copper canyon. This is the ! press from the same district as his fa
amount of new road that must be built, i I her. there being an interval of only
It can be put through with nothing j tv,(, years between their terms of ser-
moi-e t.nan ten per cent grades and as
proposed, w ith S'J.oou an be constructed
with nothing greater than a fifteen per
cent grade. Half way there is a large j
spring of water flowing from under ,
some walnut trees. The expedition '
named the place Nogale springs. From
the top of the sjcond divide tile pro- I Episcopal church was laid this after
posed road enters Conjier canyon wash I non by Rremond lodge of Masons.
and follows it to its mouth into Mineral
creek, at which juncture is located the
town of Ray. The wash contains no
sand but heavy gravel and rocks
which eliminate any objection to its
being used. The wash ia seven miles
long. There is nothing necessary to
be done to it except to throw out a few
rocks and bushes, it will be noted that
the proposed route has an abundance
of water on it: so much that freighters
wii! not be compelled to carry any.
This fact brought the proposition more
favorably before the Mesa gentlemen,
each of whom has. been a freighter in
his time. C. M. ZANDER.
Buckeye. Ariz.. Nov. 7. (Special Cor
respondence of The Republican.) Tur-
Wholesale and Retail.
Cast Washington St.
Dr. Hibbard i
s d e c I a i s t
rkiiliiiliy treat
hrouic. Ner
vous. Hloo.l.
Skin, Throat. I.ting. Heart, Stonmc li nW Liver
aisenscs. I! is preeminent Min-ess is rt'ie to
i ex epnona' ability, loDg experience and
I absolute reliability He quickly and per
manently cure Kidney. Urinary and
I Bladder iisrd-s ana thoroughly eraiii-
chic tiie poisonous effects (if Sot-c ai ana
; Prlvxo Ceniplitim:. His treatment for up-tiil-in
undermined conditions due to
Seminal Weakness and sfxiif.l 1--Vili t -j
is iew and eminently micco'uI. cancrs,
tumors, ulcers and exfcrn-l grn ths positiv. -!
ly removed without th knlf or
j sever- uiea-ures (TesiinvuuHN at tifllee.)
Dp lay Is dangerous. isse is insidious.
i do not wait until too late
i possuue always
i eAcuiiKieu uy an expert. i:uk won
i,im ant inoKe vou'self a t . his intrL-ritv ana
abili y. C'on.-ultH ion FREE. Jieclicine" fur
nished at my own private Irtlirnt'Hv. Hours:
1 MJ-1 -!-;-. DR. HIBBARD.' Hi'ubard
Building. 2 -i8 South Srcuml Avenue, 1 lioenix,
How Cisy It Is When Once 'Tis.
When once success has been at
tained in a certain direction, with
what faciiity the idea is grasped
by others. The fact that
Mother's Bread
Is imitated is sufficient acknowl
edgement of its superiority.
Mother's Bread has been crowned
queen, and any attempts to steal
her laurels win not be looked
upen with favor by those who
"jess love mamma's bread." Moth
er's Bread originated and made
only by the
Arizona Bakery.
Corner Washington and Third Ms
ner Perry, wife and mother
went to
M(?ssns; Jame" "s p anJ
p Lec wpnt to phoenix caturday
;mect Mr. Praley of Los Angeles in
regard to the Buckeye canal.
Messrs. J. It. Norton and Frank Ains
v.c.rth were down from Thoenix last
week to look over the canal. Our peo
ple are generally pleased with the pros
pect of having Mr. Norton superintend
the canal the coming year.
The Rev. Mr. Bcrkholdcr's daughter
and son-in-law arrived from California
a few days ago.
W. I. Clure has rented a ranch east
of I.h)..nix an1 expects to move on it
in f
j,,. jhnFn. from pet.pies' vallev.
has t,.aiU.d cattle for ,IrP Murdochs
and is now engaged gathering
Burgess A. Hadseil has his
coml)kted anJ has moved in.
Walter Jonts has lumber on th-
g! 0und to build a house.
Quke a Kurnber of ran,.hers put their
uan-s to work on tht. Arlington canal
Ellis Wilcox started fire in the brick
kiln Saturday.
TIle following instruments reported
I St. Joseph. Mo., . Nov. S. Former
Representative Daniel Dee Bnrns did
I at his home in this city todaj-. He
l w as a son of tne late Representative
' Jamt-s N. Burncs, and was sent to con-
; vice.
Newport News, Va., Nov. S. The
orner stone for the new St. Paul's
There was a large crowd present and
the programme was an interesting one.
Bishop Randolph delivered the ad-
Miss Sims, dressmaker, CSS E. Adams.
Up-to-date The New Place.
T.Irs. M. Forbes has moved her dress
making parlors to 122 North Third
Charles V. Williams, practical house
cleaner, can be relied upon. 22 and 24
West Jefferson street.
Men's Strictly AH
Men's Very Fine Heavy Weight Suits
In the greatest variety of swell patterns ever shown, in stripes, checks
and plaids: also plain colors, in all the much wanted colorings, made from
all the most desirable fabrics, such as Men's Black Clay Worsted Suits.
Men's most stylish Stripe Worsted Suits, made in the height of fashion, in all
sty!ec and sizes. Every suit in this lot was made to sell at $15.
Men's Very Finest
Our Tailoring
Mrs. Tellir.gton Poor Mr. Moonabout j
is very absent minded, isn't he?
Mr. Tellington Yes: his latest freak :
was to lose his pocketbook and thn
look for it among the "ps" in the die- I
tionary. Judge. j
F.S7BL15HED 1339.
To tftc LADIES Or- PHOENIX and
Arizona in general:
No doubt you are aware that I havo
fitted up a first-class LADIES'
GARMENTS for you as well as
for Gentlemen. V.'e guarantee ycu as
fine fitting garments as ycu can get in
America. Call and s?e us ar.d get
! rices.
Tfie only LADIES' TAILOU In Arizona !
NICHOLSON The Leafe Tailor
muuuiijjii, liij ucaaiub lauji,
4 West WasjiDita Mrei-t, Piiwaii. Aiii' ia.
to have an eSec-i
trical display
for the
Better decide to do!
so immediately in j
order to avoid the;
rush and conse- j
quent high prices.
We are headquarters for all things !
electrical. '
W. JO 5. ELLICOTT, Prop. I
Phone 36. 1H W. Adami . i
We make the fcoti cla?m that
these are the greatest and
absolutely the best bargains in
H. vi Ul If
Men's Suits, Boys' and Children's Suits .
That were ever shown before in Pnoeoix.
Wool Business Suit!
In a great variety of stylish patterns, in all the most popular colorings,
made cf the most durable and best wearing fabrics, such as Men's Fancy
Cassimcre Suits, Men's Nobby Tn-eed Suits, Men's very stylish Cheviot Suits,
made in a most careful manner.
Heavy Weight Suits
In all the swell patterns anil colorings, in stripes and plain colors, in
single and double-breasted sack and cutaway frock styles, made from the
finest fabrics: men-s swell oxford Vicuna Suits, men's Imported Blue Serge
Suits, men's Imported Clair Worsted Suits, all mad- trimmed and lined in a
thorough custom manner, in all styles and sizes, with fcand-mai buttonholes
and hand-padded shoulders. Made to sells for not less than $20.
We take pride in clothing you well. The careful attention we give to
every detail of the garments we make for you gives us the higa standing we
have won. Every garment is made on our own premises, under careful per
sonal attention. The clothes we make for you must reach our own stand
ard of perfection. We know they will please you. A splendid line of Fall and
Winter woolens for suits and overcoats.
The choicest selections from the season's importations.
Let Us Measure You Now.
9 ns a rti
mX Kj La n
In front of Bear's Drug Store were seen BEFORE
.and AFTER the CIRCUS..
People from ALL over the COUNTY watching the making (in our
window) those famous Dr. Liebig's HEAD-ACHE and COLD
Capsules. They are WINNERS. Nothing better. Try them when
you have a nervous or sick HEAD-ACHE or an ARIZONA cold in
the head. BEAR, at the KEYSTONE DRUG STORE,
opposite City Hall, has them no ONE ELSE j
We have another CARLOAD OF VEHICLES.
Arrived Saturday last. Prices and
Quality are right.
Abel!, Wilbur, Mullen Co.
There's nothing slow about the Ross
Tailoring Company.
:il toath .First Avenue.
Suits pressed one year free. Perfect Fit Guaranteed. Largest
variety of 7co!eas ia town. Suits $18.00 and op.
I Dr-ALICE l a wson,
the divine healer cures al, curab,e djs.
eases and habits, removes ubscession.
Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Free
to those that are not able to pay. Of
fice hours, 9 a. ni. to 4 p. m., at the Dor
ris. No. 32 South Second avenue.
flu'icny FflMWK lf.fU',.
1 .V t
3 w. -w3 H 1 N CT OtJ
The time has passed when a trunk is
considered a luxury. It is a necessity
these days. Price no longer stands in
the way. The Phoenix Trunk Factory
has solved the trunk problem. If you
- 1 I......,... . Vl 1. 1 - clAft If
are uiiereMeu iu.'ct. t. 1
not. inspect their stock anyway and
you will become interested. It wiil pay
you, too.
SJ. DOST ER, Prop.
cTtrus frujt trees
The largest stock in the stat of Cal
lofrnia. The lowest prices. All Trop
ical Plajiios Deciduous Fruit Trees,
Berry Plants. Catalogue tree.
S. L. WATKIttS, Lotus, California.
Special at $7.50
Special at $10.00
Special for $15.00
Perfect Taste
in Clothing . . .
Bfc ?A
Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Mank,r Drn
Good rips a nil hours. BoardiDf horse n
specinlty. Saddle ponies far rent by the dr
or iunth.
W. Madison St., between First and Sec" nd Ave
Telephone 19a
I C Wf it
with glasses and to have them look well
on you requires expert fitting. This
is what I do. I please the most crit
ical and charge no more than is asked
for inferior work. Call and see me it
your eves give you trouble. Many
j cases of headache are caused by the
DR. B. C. AR0LD,
' Scientific Optician a'd Kye Specialist.
21 South First Arenuc

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