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Arizona Day by Day
? Live News TnKen Prom
Delegate Wilson and family left for
"Washington November 13.
A postoffice has been established at
Junction. Yavapai county, and G. C.
West appointed postmaster.
"Dr. Day reports that one and one
tenth inches of rain fell Tuesday nifjht
in Prescott, the second largest rain
fall of ISS3.
Colonel Christy and wife and Mrs. T.
D. Bennett came up from Phoenix yes
terday to attend the funeral of the late
Richard Bennett. Prescott Courier.
Ira Smith says he'll bet he's got more
Eas in him. than we have in our sand
bar. . We linow it's a risky tet. but no
difference, we'll call him anyway. Get
up your collateral, sonny. Yuma Sen
tinel, Almost all the available frround for
building purposes in Upper Tombstone
-anyon ha3 been taken and in two
years from now street cars will be roll
ing up and down that thoroughfare.
Bisbee Orb.
The northbound train yesterday ran
into a boulder which had lodged by
the side of the track on the Bell's can
yon grade. An engine cylinder was
mashed and a pair of steps detached,
sajs a Prescott paper.
W."B. Rogers of Gila Bend, a briJsc
builder for the Southern Pacific com
pany, came in last night and went to
the Sisters' hospital this mornins,
where he will take treatment for stom
ach trouble. Tucson Citizen.
While Harlcy Miller of Skull Valley
was riding after horses on Saturday
the horse he was riding f.-ll with him
and broke its neck. Luc kily for yountr
Miller, however, he escaped with a fe'.v
bruises. Prescott Journal-Miner.
The Bulletin says the office seekers
f Graham county are already figuring
n just what office they want next
year. Here in Pinal county some
seem to think they have a cinch with
out figuring. But time will ti ll. Flor
ence Tribune.
J. S. Cook of Williamson valley was
in town yesterday with a four-horse
wagon load of potatoes from hia ranch,
...,, D . ' T , ... .
says the Prescott Journal-Miner. Tne ,
i.ntatn ,m.uiu. i.,..,,,. o.,.i fin
, ... .... , ... - i
this year and he reports a yield of SiV-
cn tons to the acre.
A Mexican with the bonus of hi3 an
kle shattered by a pistol bullet w::s
taken to the counts' hospital from
Granite street a few nights ago. The
Mexican was handling a pistol when it
was accidentally discharged, the bul
let strikirig his ankle. Prescott Couv-
With the great mining developments
and the immediate prospect of the Gi'.a.
river reservoir for the irrigation of
lands in the Casa Grande valley, old
Pinal is forging to the front as the
most prosperous county in the terri
tory. Florence Tribune.
The following from thj Willcox
Range News is probably all right, but
such a proceeding in Connecticut would
t all out the police: "A grand mas
querade ball Is to be given in Pearce
Thanksgiving night for th'i benefit of
the Sunday school Christmas tree."
L. R. White of Arizola, a well known
ranchman who is on his way to St. Da
vid's with a view of changing his loca
lion to that place, is in Tucson today,
having stopped over to visit friends for
a day or two. Lack of water has made
him determine to move from Arizola.
M. G. Samaniego has been appointed
Kuardian of the estate of .the children
of Ben C. Parker, deceased, by the pro- (
bate court, and Rosario Brena ban p?- j
litloncd the- probate court lor letters U
administration in the matter of the es-
tate of Jefferson D. Smiley, dee-eased.-Tucson
At Springerville. Arizona, the other
day Pablo Corrills, who was pretty
t-ii iuii oi name wine, hoc me. -m
drunken row with anothr-r native, and !
made a rush at him with a knife. Tne
hand with the knife was knocked back.
and the keen edged blade of the knife
lK.'netrated the neck of Corrills and his
death resulted a few minutes later.
The authorities are uuzz'ed on what
lhe uutliomics are puzz.ed on wnac
Removal Sale!
PftHfATlTii 0 fQTl 0tfAa
UfllllUI illd VlU.il UUliUo.
Fruit S l-3
Table Fruits
California Jam
California Jelly
Hot Mustard
Table Sauce
Olives, pint
Pickles, p!nt
7 bars Soap (Fairbank's)
Brown Soap, 3 for
5Ti 10c
Valley Raisins 5c
Can Cream 10c
Mackerel in olive oil 15c
3 pounds Clam Chowder 20c
3 pounds White Label Soups 25c
Keilner's Cash Store.
Check your ailment at once. Electrozone is curing thou
sands after all else fails. Electrozone is nature's remedy. Con
tains no drugs or alcohol and quickly cures Rheumatism, all
stomach trouble, kidney and bladder ailments, nervousness,
catarrh and all blood diseases. Price only $1 a bottle. Dr.
Keefer's Drug Store.
5 i
Territorial Exchanges.
charge they can hold the man who hit
the hand that carried the knife that
killed Corrills. Albuquerque Citizen.
"My name is George Schuerman." is
the inscription on a pumpkin weighing
sixty-five pounds which can be seen at
the Siherman house. The letters were
cut in the pumpkin when it was a
baby, and as it matured the letters be
came raised letters instead of cut-in
letters. The pumpkin is native of Joe
Crane's Verde valley ranch, and v.a3
presented by Mr. Crane to Supervisor
Schuerman. Frescott Courier.
Lieutenant H. O. Flipper is here
from Nogales in advance of the court
of private land claims, says the Tuc
son Star, which is to meet here on
November 21. He will not remain long,
as he goes into Sonora on a trip. R. L.
Long, deputy, caraj on Thurs
day and Assistant United States At-
tornev W. H. Pone will arrive on Sun-
Dr. R. L. Sutherland, who has lo- !
cated at the Ray copper mine to prac
tice his profession, has recently re
turned from the Klondyke. He is a
graduate of several of our leading in
stitutions and has had an extensive
practice, both hospital and outside. The
doctor was formerly a resident of this
county and will be remembered by
many of our old citiz.'ns. Florence
j Prof. Mar.zo has decided to return to
j hi3 former home in Lerdo. state of Du-
rango, in Mexico, and his many friends
are arranging to give him a farewell
conceit in Grosetta's opera house on
the night of Thursday, November CO,
says the Tucson Citizen. Prof. Manzo
has made himself very popular in this
( c ity End much of the very best local
; talent has volunteered to assist in
making the entertainment iha big suc
. cess which it deserves to be.
' The Bisbee Orb says: The circus on I
i leaving here Friday night came near
j having a serious wreck. Just the other
I side f Don Luis station the first sjc- !
. tion struck a hll II which harl hr-n
caught in a bridge. The engine passed I
over safelv hut the hull rnuu-ht i,nir '
saicij, duc tne duii caught under;
the tender and broke off the blow-off
1 ,. e , . ,.e.. tne m,nw,T
cock ami anoweti an ine steam to es
cape and the engine died. The sec
ond section succeeded in pushing the
first to Naco junction from where", af
ter an hour's switching, the train was
taken to Benson by one engine.
The first annual weighing of mail
dispatched from the Bisbee postoffice
J covering a period of thirty-six days
, was finished November 6, says the Bis-
bee Orb. The figures furnished us by
Postmaster Pritchard are as follows:
Mai! matter originating at the Bisbei
postoffice, first class, A?.l pounis 6
ounces; second class, postage paid, 310
pounds: second class, free, 22 pounds
S ounces: third and fourth class, 241
pounds 12 ounces: government free
matter, 3S7 pounds 9 ounces: eciuip
ment, (pouches, sacks, etc.), l.S'JS
pounds 4 ounces. Total 3,404 pounds 7
A ftra ttltifivi rwl.,r .H.. I-J-'A l.ri.'lTM
out hundreds of people. It was ttr a
little blaze in a barn belonging to the
; editor of this paper, says the Prescott
i Journal-Miner, situated on Nob hill.
: The structure was licked up completely
and some loss sustained in hay, grain : "raa mnn presented no mares of pow
! and the service of the shebang. The ; dfr burning suc h as would seem to be
; fire had no apparent origin and was inevitable when a man is shot in the
' undoubtedly due to spontaneous com- I fa,'e b' a Ilisto1 in nis ,vn haml- PVn
bustion caused by several bad sub-
scription accounts of the past twenty
years rubbing themselves asrainst each
other in an I'mluvni- t,i ,.t r.nt ,.F tho
ia rut o decomposition and repudia-
j iterday Gus Anderson was riding
in ix ireigni wagon octwecn frcscon
! and the four-mile house-. His feet
I clansled from the wniron flu. wacr-
: on passeJ QV(.r a gtuinp jn 'he mi(Wlo
: o( the road tne stum (ame in CO!Utlt.t
with Anderson's foot and pressed it
atrainst thp h(1 nf ., ,1,...
the wa son was rai sed lr onl the ground.
! says the Courier. Anders,in ,t off.
j alked nalf a mjle f t ,Jown an(llto,)Jt
1 0ff la it shoe, when his foot swc-llej up
so that ne cu!J , t ,., ,
"'.T r , II f, , T ,t
and hls f()()t b(.came so fiI!cd ,vlth
He applied for adirlsslon to th.2 county
1 At Library hall, says the B'sbee Orb,
Prof. James Douglas favoivd lhe citi
zens of Bisbee with an instructive and
highly entertaining lecture on Japan,
illustrated by colored stereoplicun
h'l'ws - The Professor prefaced his be
lu,e by wading a letter fr-m the sc , re-
tary of the Institute of Mining Kngi- 1
nccrs, thanking the citizens of Bi.slc.e ,
and the officials of the Copper Queen
company for the cordial welcome and j
entertainment afforded lln-ni on the '
occasion of their visit to Justice. Mr.
Douglass also made a statement con
cerning the change which is soon to
take- place in the local management.
f aying that the company sincerely re-
trreTte.l i f:-l- lli:it ATrsvrs Ftpn arid
Lewis Williams had seen fit to sever
their connection with the company, the
affairs c,r which in Bisbee th.:y had so
long and successfully managed. Mr.
Douglass stated that the change in the
local management would not eaus? any
change in the general policy of the
company, it being the intention of the
company to c onduc t their great enter
prise on the same liberal plan in t lie
future that -has c harac terized Ibeir op
crnlions in the past. The hall was
crowded and Mr. Douglass' address
was enj'jyet by these present.
Luke Flannigan. the Foreman of the '
W. S. Outfit, thD Victim.
Mogollon was the scene of another
killing Thursday afternoon last, in '
which Luke Flannigan, the foreman of j
the W. S. cattle outfit was the victim, j
and George Sanders, deputy sheriff, j
was the slayer. I
Flannigan rode in town about 3
; o'clock 4n the afternoon and after tying I
i hi3 horse walked into Lauaerbaugh s
saloon. He was carrying: a six-shooter
in his belt, in plain sight, and he had !
;been in the saloon only a few minutes : Mr- Colln Cameron, the Arizona
exchanging greetings, when Deputy ;' breeder of Hereford cattle and Shet
Sheriff George Sanders came in and land ponies, spent a few days in Kan-
. told him in a friendly way that it i ritv iast WPPi- He left for home
would be necessary for him to take off
his gun. Flannigan replied that he
would only be in town a few minutes,
as he had some business 'matters to at
tend to, and that it would not be nec
essary. Sanders then told him that he
would have to remove the weapen
within five minutes. Flannigan walked
down the street, saying that he was
A .U """ "'"5
va nit i uunu nil"? sii et i lie nni. i
Harry Johnson and stopped in a sa'oon
;m c .i...,
as the men were standing at the bar. j
Sanders approached Flannigan ar.d ,
again told him that he would have to
take off his gun, to which request Flan
nigan refused, and placed his hand on
his weanon. which he carried in the
pocket of his pants instead of his belt, ;
as above stated. Sanders then started '
toward Flanniean draw ing his gun.
and at the same time Flannigan, who
as lie claims, now had his gun pointed
j toward him from his pocket. In the
scuffle Sanders' six-shooter was dis
charged, killing Flannigan. It aUo ap
pears that Flannigan had been in town
quite awhile and had b?en admonished
twice before to take off his gun. as con
trary to the law, he refusing on both
Sanders came into town Saturday
evening, and left Sunday for Socorro,
where he desires a preliminary hearing.
He will undoubtedly be'aequitted of all
: responsibility. Silver City InJc-pend-
' .nf
Ds ath of a Jerome Man Tnd
' ' '
- . , , , . ,
Near midnight last Mondav evening
. . w TT ., ,, ,
Riys the Jerome Hustler. Or.r'os Duar-
te. a Mexican, well known in Jerome
and very prominent among his own
. countrymen, was found dead in the
roadway near Noriega's saloon wit'i a
, bullet hole between his eyes. Duarte
! had been drinking with a number
his countrymen and was strong!-.- nr.- , st of veterinarians in Dr. J. C. Nor
' der the influence of liquor. He left ! toIli ani tne territory also has as active
his friends and departed ostensibly a ,.hairman of a live stock sanitary
f-r his borne. In a few moments the . foard in the person of Mr. Will C.
denizens of Noriega's saloon heard two j -arnrs as can be found in any cattle
pistol shots and a brief search reiui'ted j center in the country."
in the discovery of Duarte's bodv lying a
In the street with a pistol by his side. I
At the coroner's inquest next morn- j
in- all the testimony introduced srrm-
cd to point suicide as the cause of
Duarte's death. Several persons tes-
tificd that Dinirte had threatened to
tai:e his own life. Th reason assign,
ed for this was that he had recently
be?n J'u'Hl '" tlle woman with whom
ne nan oeen uvinc. ami wnom no
' broupht here from Flagstaff. In the
"senre or any otner testimony, uie
j Jurv rendered a verdict of suicide.
However, the case presents just one
Peculiar circumstance, ine lace or the
v ( ih" pistol to be held at arm's
, length. The eye-brows and eye-lashes
! n,,t ov,'n scorched, although the
i Ul'liei SiriHK s liarciy OetWcen IRe
I '''' s- Th" "'rapon found beside Du-
il te
wo empty cartridges
and had been recently discharged, but
this ef itself proves nothing. How
ever, the opinion of suicide is so gen
eral that it is not probable the authori
ties will take any further steps in the
,..ri, f ci,.,,.h , ,,iir, c ,-;n-,
Sketch of the Life of an Anona
c0'om..n W-irnm- .m,. r th n
- o.on.on 1 arnei one of the c.1.1
guard pioneers of Arizona, was called
I Tuesdav morning at the age
of Si years, having been torn in War
nersville. New York. February S, 1S11.
The deceased came to Yuma, Arizona,
in 1sr,r,. says the Tucson Star, wh-re
he worked for a year, then with the
assistance of V. B. Hooper Co. of
San Francisco arid Yuma, he com
menced a merchandise business in
Tucson in 1S". in which he met with
considerable success. In 1.S70 he was
l?al!y shot by Apache Indians, rend- 1
ing him a partial cripple fi r life- by dis
abling his right hand and arm.
Later he- built Warner's mill at t he
foot of Sentine l Peak and for years cir
1 ie-d 011 tin: business of making Hour.
He ciid not meet with the success that
he clcsc-rvc-d in this enterprise, and
fir.a'ly the business passed out of his
I hands.
During the last twelve or fif
teen yeais the deceased lived some
what of a solitary life, having taken up
the idea that he could construct a per
petual motive power machine, and on
this scheme he had been laboring for
the last ten years almost incessantly,
only to meet with the same failure th.it
thousands of others have experienced.
During the last few months he was
known to have neglected sleep and food
for two 01- three- clays at a time, r.o ab
sorbed bad lie become in his work.
But the old pioneer has gone bis
dreams unrealized, but he has found
vest. Like many of the olel pioneers of
Arizona, he -died in rather straitened
circumstances. But we are pleased to
say that with an acquaintance with the
deceased of nearly thirty years, we
have never heard it said that Solomon
Warner ever did one dishonest act.
The remains of the old pioneer were
interred yesterday by the Society of
Arizona Pioneers. May he rest in
' A Notable Herd
Arizona White-
I Sunday and there will meet Mr. Frank
Bloom of Trinidad, Colo., who intends
to purchase a big string of Mr. Camer
I on's pure bred Hereford bull calves, on
' the entire herd of which he has an
' option. This sale does not mean the
i disposal of the "tops." Mr. Cameron
does not sell that way. He has his herd
i of saleable stock distributed in a dozen
pastures, and the entire bunch in each
isture goes.
Mr. Cameron
is an ardent Hereford
m although his father tried to bring
"im up m U'e shor' h,orn faith ' of whic.h
V " , f
oi. wie wnuc-iaces, says me uenver
Stockman. In 1SS5 Mr. Cameron began
business with on: bull and one cow of
the Hereford breed. Two years later he
added twenty-five more cows and a
bul- T" Jrs ago he sold his first
Pedigreed stock for range purposes. His
method of turning out a set of young
bulls every year gives new blood to the
herd and keeps up a stage of hardihood
that stamps his herd as the most typi
cal of Hereford range cattle. On the
range his registered bulls are running
with the best of Oregon cows, and last
year the calf crop was ninety-five per
cent of whitefaces, and as fine a lot of
youngsters as ever broused on grass.
Mr. Cameron possesses the distinction
of sending the iirst shipment of pure
bred Hereford bulls into Old Mexico,
the Scott syndicate, operating 100 miles
south of the city of Chihuahua, pur
chasing several carloads last year. He
is convincing the Southern cattle rais
ers that it is the poorest kind of policy
for them to use grade bulls, and he has
also demonstrated that the Hereford is
the best for all purposes in a short
Krnss country, particularly. So great
has been his success that he sold his
entire crop of calves last year, and the
entire crop of this year is as good as
completely cleaned up.
In speaking of the health of the cat
tle in Arizona, Mr. Cameron said:
"The live stock of Arizona is entire!"
I free from disease and has one of the
i sheriff Wakefield of Pima county,
vhen in Nogales Wednesday night said
that the Eecret service department of
( -i-ens, Fargo & Co. is acquainted with
j tne names and whereabouts of the two
men wj,0 ncid up tne Southern Pacific
tl.ain and robbed the express car at
; ,-0(.hise in Sentember. He also said the
; sanie two men were former employes ef
tne company and that they were hired
( t0 go into the mountains to track the
. ,-obbers: in other words to hunt them-
seiVcs. The reason, the sheriff said, the
men have not been arrested is becauss
only circumstantial evidence against
them has so far been secured by the
company. Bisbee Orb.
(From the Atchison Globe.)
Economy, we regret to say, is never
; u,,. fashion.
Remember when telling a joke that
all of your hearers are trying to figure
how many times they had heard it be
fore. A cup has to be too small to drink
out of before the women will admit
that it is pretty.
It is estimateel that an Atchison wo
man waiks five miles a day in going
to the corner with fleparting guests.
Sl-.e has so much of it to do that she
has been compelled to abandon her
custom of walking to the front gate
with her husband.
Mrs. Lysander John Appleton is an
expansionist. She doesn't know ex
actly what it means, but Lysander
John is opposed to expansien. and Mrs.
Lysnnder John always takes the other
side because she doesn't think Lysan
der John has any sense anyway.
Are the men as considerate of the
ir.cn ns women are of women? When
r.n engagement is announced, the girl's
frie nds give ln-r doilies, linen, lace
things, teacups, etc.. but does any one
give the man anything? On the con
trary, hin creditors become particularly
active, knowing that bis expenses will
Eoon be larger, when it will be harder
to collect from him. No engaged man
was ever called upon by other men and
pre-sente-el with socks tieel with light
blue ribbon, or a pir of new suspend
ers with pink bows on. All the atten
tion he gets from the men consists of
Allen's Foot-Kae a powrtpr for the
foot. It cures painful, swollen, smarting
nervous feet and instantly taken the stin
out of corns :mtl bunion. It's the irret
ost comfort flisrovrry of the aserc. Allen's
FcMit-KaFc makes ticht or iipw shoes feel
easy. It is a certain cure for sweating,
callous and hot. tiro, aching fepi. Try
i lo'fay. SoM by all druKKtstft and shV
Ft ores. Tly mail for 25r- in stamps. Trial
package FREE. Address Allen fc?. Olxu
etcad, Le Hoy, N, Y,
A short l-"ttle woman and her tall
husband entered a down town restau
rant the other day and took seats at a
table near the door. GInncinfT over
the bill of fare the man asked:
"Will you have oysters?"
"Yes," said the short little woman,
as she tried In vain to touch her toes
to the floor. "And, John, I want a
John nodded, and as be handed his
order to the waiter he said: "Yes, and
bring a hassock for the lady."
"One hassock?" asked the waiter,
with, what John thought more than or
dinary interest, as he nodded in the
affirmative. Still the waiter did not
go. but brushed the table cloth with
a towel and rearranged the articles n
it several times, while his faca got
very red.
Then be came around to John's side,
and, speaking sotto voce, said, "Say,
mister. I haven't been here long, and
I'm not on to all these things. Will
the lady have the hassock broiled or
friend?" Chicago Chronicle.
The Other Man was smoking a large,
dark cigar.
"Do you see that immense business
block yonder?" asked the Moral Man.
"Oil, yes," replied the Other Man;
"but that is not what I would own if I
had saved all the money I have spent
for tobacco!"
"No?" faltered the Moral Man, in
credulously. "No, sir!" insisted the Other Man. "I
feel convinced that had I saved all
the money which I have spent for to
bacco I would own a home in the sub
urbs; whereas, in point of fact, I live
in comparative comfort in a rented flat
of two rooms, seven flights up! Yes,
Naturally, the Moral Man was con
founded at once. Puck.
Wholesale Selling Prices Current.
EGGS Ranch, $7.tO(TS; eastern,
BUTTER Ranch, per lb, 20c; Mar
icopa creamery, 25c; Tempe-Mesa Pro
duce Co., 2jc.
CHEE313 Eastern, full cream, per
lC(517c; home, lie.
BEANS Per lb, small white, $3.40;
pinks per cwt., $3.50; Lima $5.50 5.75.
Bananas, $3.73 4 per bunch.
LEMONS Fancy, per case, $44.23;
blackberries, 15c per basket; strawber
ries, 20g;3c; peaches, SOcSSl per box;
pomegranates, 2!.iQCV:c per lb: Bartlett
pears, $1.601.75 per box; Winter Nel
lis, $1."5 per box.
DRIED FRUITS Apples, evapo
rated fancy, per lb, 13c; peaches, fancy,
S'.ic; choice, 7g8c; plums, pitted.
choice. Sc; prunes, choice, 7;
94 & 10c; apricots, fancy, 12c;
NUTS Walnuts, fancy soft
13c; paper shell, lGc; soft shell, 15c;
hard shell, 11c per lb; pecans,
10M;c: California, 12c; filberts. 15c;
Brazils, 14c: pinones, 14c: peanuts,
eastern, roasted, ll12c; raw StflOc:
home raw, 7(3"Sc; roasted, 12!4c; chest
nuts, 17 Ji 20c per pound.
' RAISINS London layers, per box,
Jl.50fZ2.25; loose, per tb, 4(J'5c; Thomp
son Seedless, 5c: Sultana. 5c.
COFFEES Rio 1313c; Central
American. lS-a20c; Peaberry, 2022c:
Mocha and Java, 305?31c: Arbuckle's.
$11.50 per case; Lion coffee, $11.30.
SUGARS Granulated cane, per cwt.
654M cube, $C.30C;6.75; powered, 7c; C,
6v4c per lb.
BEEF Per lb. 8',ic; veal per lb, 8c;
mutton, per It), 10c; fresh pork, 9c
HAMS Medium. 12Vic.
BACON Breakfast, per lb, 10c.
HIDES Dry, 1214 per lb: kip, 10c;
calf. 14c; bull, 5c.
WOOL Nominal.
TALLOW Per lb. No. 1. 2c.
Southern California varieties,
per 11); Columbia River salmon,
per lb.
POULTRY Hens, good heavy, per
doz., $4.7.rijf5.30; Pekin ducks, live, per
doz., $3.50; spring chickens, live, $3.73
WHEAT rer cental, for shipping,
$1.1 Of 1.30.
HAY I'er ton, loose alfalfa, $6.50;
baled alfalfa per ton, $7.30.
BARLEY $1.00 per cwt.
4.25 per doz.
VEGETABLES Beets per cwt.,
$1.30; evaporated chilis per lb, 13e;
green onions, per dozen bunches, 25c:
radishes, per dozen bunches, 25c; spin
ach per doz., 25c; tomatoes, per box,
$l(f;1.10: string beans, 12,c; cabbage,
$3.2j S3.75 per cwt.: green chili, 6c per
lb; potatoes, $l.S5(J2; preen corn, 10
15c per doz.; carrots, $1.50 per cwt.;
green peas, 11c; wax and lima beans,
ONIONS Valley, Silver Skins, $2.25
FLOUR Per bbl., local extra roller
process, $4.50; graham, $2.30 per cwt.;
whole wheat Hour, $2.50 per cwt.
CORN MEAL White, $2.25 per cwt.;
yellow. $2.50 per cwt.
FEEDSTUFFS Bran, per ton, $13;
rolled barley, $1.10 per cwt.
DRY SALT PORK Per lb, S9c.
LARD Kettle rendered leaf, 3s,
,$5.60; 5s, $3.50; 10s, $5.40.
HONEY Strained, per case, $7.
BEESWAX Per It), 22S24C.
New York, Nov. 17. Silver certificates
5SW59'i; bar silver 5SVi; Mexican dol
lars 47,,4.
L"r. Anceles
17. Cattle, per
ves, $4.3;5.ijc);
CWt., $3,7511
sheep, pe
lambs, $2
hers, $3.751(4. 00;
Made from Grape Cream of
Tartar, and Absolutely Pure
Highest award, Chicago World's Fair.
Highest tests by U. S. Gov't Chemists.
Will be Taken Mostly From an Organi
zation a Princess Founded.
One of the most prominent women's
associations in England just at present
is the Army Nursing reserve promi
nent because it is principally from th;s
organization that nurses will be drawn
for service in South Africa. The or
ganization is due to the active work
and brain of the Princess Christian,
who three years ago. in conjunction
with the army medical department,
drew up its "regulation. Upon its for
mation she became its president. Not
only did her royal highness receive
those enrolled and. at a distinguished
gathering at the Royal United Service
institute, present each with her b.idg
indicative of membership, but before
that she had personally interviewed
almost every one whose credentials for
the roll were satisfactory. The regula
tions for the Reserve provides that it
shall not be les-s than K0 strong, an.1
just now it3 numbers re slightly i:i
excess of that figure. All are highly
D. W. Millard.
Julian Millard
Designers and Supervisors
of Construction
For all Classes -of Buildings.
ness in the last two years lilt. CHILI S ,
lias been compelled to seek more com- j
modious quarters. His friei.ci.i aii-i '
patrons will row find him at No. K I
SOUTH SKCOND AVEN'l.'ii All Dis- !
eases Treated Seientiiicallv to a cure, j
Consultation Free. DR. CIIILDS is the :
best diagnostician in Arizona. ;
V. G. RAGOXE, Thorough Violin Plnyer
and Flutist. Teacher of Music. Only
the best Conservatory Methods usoel
Advanced Scholars a Specialty. Terms j
on Application. Leave Orders at Jen- ;
kins' Music Store or address 9J5 vvest .
Washington Street. j
THE PIANO. Miss Mary Ktizabelh Halse-y ;
New Kiglai cl c "oiiseTVa tory Melboda. -u-
dress 113j K;,t Van liiircii t-cruet. I
F. p. RICHMOND. M. D. C. Phoenix,
Arizona. Veterinary Surgeon and Den
tist: diseases of all domestic animals
scientilically treated. Olliee anci resi
dence, Xt7 West Van Buren stret-t. No
charge for consultation. Aent for the
Horse Review.
administered. Kooms over I-ostoflice.
in Crown and Bridge work. Gas ad
ministered. OflVo Fleming Block, rooms
201, 202, 203, 20-1, 205, 2CS.
H. J. JESSOP Dentist. Office Porter
building, corner Washinerton and Cen
ter streets, rooms 11 and 1C.
EDWARDS. Lawyers. Sleineirizer block,
211-2 S. First Ave.. Phoenix, Arizona.
- IIAKBY. 27 William St.. New York.
Walter S. Lotran. Charles M. Dcmoncl,
Marx E. Ilarlty, Norton Chase, Fred C.
Hanford. Represented in Arizona ley
NORTON C11ASU, Adams Hotel. Phoe
par.is. Kitrey's New l'lih-stine (Room
316. Fleming: Block). Amenta for W hite
Star. Cuiiarel, North Unman Lloyd and
Anchor lines, to and frena all parts of
the world. Call or write-.
Gl'YOT. ex-principal of school, Paris,
France. 522 North First Avenue.
nix, A T. 2.1 years in municipal aud rdil
road work. Exjtert Iiealisn an.
Established 1SS.M
San Francisco Oflire. tlO Montgomery Street
Los Angeles Oihce a st Second Street.
Imitation baking powders are mostly made
from alum. '1 liey may cost less per pound,
but their use Li at the cost ol health.
trained nurses, holding the best certi
ficates of proficiency. A considerable
proportion are engaged in private
nursing, for, as may well be under-
steod, it would be a very difficult
matter for a great hospital to dispense
1 with some of its ablest ward Bisters,
I even to render national service. As to
! pay and gratuities, a nursing1 sister
' when called up for duty, will receive
$200 a year, with an allowance of $3.12
a week in lieu of board and washing at
a home station. On the important
matter of uniform an allowance is
made, and when on service this will
be the gray, with scarlet cape, regu-.
larly worn by army nurses. The badge
of the Reserve is worn at all times,
; with ordinary hospital uniform. New
; York Mail and Express.
B!shop Charles E. McDonnell has
created a new church office for this dio
cese by appointing the Rev. Dr. White
as commissioner of Catholic charities.
Dr. White was born in Brooklyn and
was graduated from St. John's colleg-e.
In 1S93 he was ordained, receiving the
title of doctor of divinity. He was ap
pointed assistant to Father Woods,
pastor of Holy Cross church, Flatbush,
and afterward was transferred to St.
Patrick's. Kent and Willoughby ave
nues, where he is situated at present.
New York Tribune.
E-tme of Floreui-e Esther AValke-, deceased.
No i'e ts here-ty give-niby th undersigned
Administrator !' me estate of Florence Esther
Walker, clecc'eseu, 10 the creditors oi and
nil r-rons havinc claim) aeain-i the said
eieeca eel, to exhibit them, with the neewsary
vouchers, within lour months alter lhe first
publication en" 1 his nti- to the said Adminia
trmor at his oiiii-e, -Jo Soma te-'ond Avenue,
1'lu) iix. Arizona, the sime being the place
for the tr-nsm'iion oi the business of laid
estate, in saiei -.'oMnty of Vnrienpa.
Administrator of Florence Esther Walker,
deceas-d .
Paled st Plio-nis this 11th day of
November. iy;'J ;
t'100-iAf.S FOit W.TEB AXD 8EWEB
!Y--il'.VlS l-cea TinocT ot tii Imerir. Utiles
f l'.,i:- - fi'-iir-. W ar-hiugine, 1). ' , Nt.vemli-r
t' Ir'.el s-nieii I'rorta'e.c-net'-r-! "Vroposala
fir c atar H-i 1 -r Stst-m, ! I Mnjave," and
sel- r -.e'ltt't e c'immissiotier of lad ,an Affairs,
n-,tinkTon. I1. c ., mii- In rtcivecl at. the in-il-ie-
( el,- n-.ei' iw nVork n.m..e)f Tu-dy,
j)?e e n'oer v.-. i-'.V). for furms-iirg and deliver
ing tne nee-.sary matena's and aor lequired
to const-net ed e-ompi:e a water nd eiref
sv-tcni at The- Fort Mojavc Indian School, A
T, ! ti strict accordance with pun and speci-fi'-r'
:i'.tns and itist netions to 'bidders, r hi-h
mr.y he examined a' this Ofite-, the oflic-es
o tiie "i'hron:e:le." San Francisco Cal., ihe
'Tiiiies." 1.0-1 A pelcs. Cat, the ' tnzona Re-T-ni)
H-nn," 1 lioenijr. a T., the Builder' anl
Trn'lt'r' Fxrhange. Omaha. Neh., the North-we.:e-.n
Ma-mfje tnrt-rs' Association, St. Paul,
Mltlll . anel the-sehOril
IP - further information, arplr 'o John J.
ie.!nit!. Sniierirteutlciit F. s Ic diatt School,
1 I'JIt .Mejave, A..T.
W. A. JONE9.
j of the Interior. ):iieeof Indian Affairs, Wafh
; litRinn. I). 1; . Novemlier s, Ki. Healed Pro
' I'osais, cnelorseti 'Hrop)aials for School Hutid-
or ievr anil Waier Systems. Navajo
; Ac, m-v," as the ciae may he, a--d addressed 10
1 tiie 1'0'innjissionei of Indian Affairs. Washinf
I tun, 1) C will le received at this Offic- until
tve o'c lock, p in , of Thnrselay, Pecambar 7,
f sry materials sii'i labor required in the con
struction ami completion at me Navajo cecnooi
of a h-tck ltf mittiiy and sewer system and at
tin- l.it'le W'dtc-r.-hool of one adoie dormitory
bu i,l;tir and sewer uud wate' sy t.-m. In strict
aceoitlunc with the plans, specifications and
iii-truirtions to ti teis. hicn in ay be exam
ined at tnis Ot!ic, the S. Indian Warehouse.
2., jo- nsem .Strc-ei. Chicago, 111., the Builders'
A: Trader' Ex-chanee. Ontaha, Neb., the North
western lKnllfaolure, Association, 81. Paul.
.Minn., the cittic eof Die "Ariztma nepuhlican"'
of Fh'-enix. A. T. , the -Tliaos." Los Angeles,
c al , Him -Citizen," Albuquerque,-,' M., ahd
ht the Navajo Agency.
Fttr any aueltteoiial information apply to thil
Oitrerc or to c;eo. W. lNyrlett, U. a. Indian
An -tit. i'o t I'eti ,nce, A. T.
. V. A. J0NI3,
t Homestead Application No. 2 21).
Dcpsrtaient of the Interior, Land Office at
Tucson, Arizona, Ortob r IV, 1W9.
?retice is hereby given thai the following
na::ieei pettier hasiTi-J notice of hit intention
to make: linal proof in support of his claim,
and 'hi-t said proof r.-ill ue made before the
Clerk of thn Pis riel Court at I'hoentx. Ari
zetliti, ciri 'I'tleslav. Leee-mluT 12, jam), Tta:
Wl! Hin A. Va-i ll rn. of Coidrater, Atizn-a,
for lha e' tiw'i -n t n'j.sw', sec 15.T1 N K.
Iff, ci.A s. it. ii. A Nf.
Ha na-ms the following witnessea to proTe
his t-ontinuoiis rcsi'lence uton and cultivation
of said land, viz: Wi'lard . Killett. Alancea
I.. I'.dker. c'b ri.-i.,pt.er C Dixon, and Loretua
M. Vat iloru, all oi t old water. Ajizona.
First publication. Oe.ober 21.
Knjoys the best Kta;idp(r with trades
men. Huys everythintr at spot cash price
di.J gives the best 25c mcaL
22 and 24 Washington St., east of Ja
cot.3 .t Co. I'riavte rooms for families.
Tickets, fl.ro; pinele ni'-als,

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