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Plenty may be obtained
by using a Fairbanks
Morse & Co's Gaso
line Engine and Pump
or Windmill, Agency at
Ezra W. Thayer's
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
124 aod 12i L Washington Street
127 to 133 E. Kami Street
News and Gossip of Movements in
and Around Tucson.
The democrats of Pima county are
stirring up the political potpourri and
the heads of a number of candidates
have appeared above the soup. There
Is Johnny Hushes, the young county
superintendent of schools, who recently
met a band of train robbers and talked
with them. The meeting, it now tran
spires, was but the beginning of a boom
.lor legislative honors which Hughes
decided to thrust upon himself.
AVhether he secured the support of the
men he met is not known. At any rate
it is said that the young man wants
to go to the council. The Star editori
ally a few days ago said that any man
who seeks public office should be made
to stand up and tell the people what he
has done. John can nveet this require
ment without a stagger in his legs, for
he met the train robbers when every
one else in the country shook with fear,
laughs the Tucson Citizen.
Then there are other young men who
aspire to public office. There is Will
Angus, a good natured fellow, who has
done a great deal, even though he never
met outlaws amid this environment of
cat-claws and jackrabblts. Will is
said to be an aspirant for the iMsition
of superintendent of schools. Another
young man Is Mr. Pemberton, who
wants to go to the assembly. What he
has done will probably be given to the
public later. Judge Purcel! can have
the renoinination for probate judge if
he wants it, as he stands well with his
party, and Harry Drachman will no
doubt be renominated.
Sa'maniego wants the nomination for
sheriff by the democrats. He is the
only candidate that has appeared thus
far. Sheriff Wakefield will no doubt
be renominated .
The republicans art- not talking as
much as the democrats, A. V. Orosetta
has been mentioned for legislative hon
ors and Koseoe Dale may be prevailed
upon to take the nomination for judge
of probate. W. F. Cooper has made the
best record as district attorney of any
of his predecessors, and his renomina
tion and election is conceded by demo
crats. o
the first time, the melons from Colorado
were refri "erat:d before loading, and
a test made of the economy of the
plan. If it is found to pay in melons,
plants may b established in the west
ern fruit country for refrigerating all
the fruit before it is loaded. Now that
oil has been discovered on the coast,
and is coming Into use as fuel, both re
frigerating and Ice manufacturing may
be cheapened in the next few years.
Today on; of the great items of cost
In oranges, lemons and the miscel
laneous early fruit f Arizona and Cal
ifornia is the Ice bill that is added to
the freighting. It costs from $40 to $60
to keep a car cool between Phoenix and
Chicago, and Denver spends $18 to $20
on each car. To this cost of ice is
added the cost of labor for filling the
Of all perishable foodstuffs meat re
quires the greatest degree of cold in
preserving. It is refrigerated before
loading, and the temperature of the
car must be kept at 35 degrees. To ac
complish this .the ice must be broken
and rock salt be scattered through it to
hasten the cooling. In this manner the
meat car uses much more ice than is
melted on the fruit lines.
A fortune awaits the man who may
invent a compact light, and satisfac
tory artificial method for doling
freight cars. In general th? refrig
erating agents for the railroads are
doubtful of his speedy coming.
Property Bonded by Mayes and Guer
ra Other Notes of Interest.
Two Methods of Keeping it Cool
Are in Vogue.
Probably n.t one person in a thou
sand who purchase ripe frurt from the
Pacific coast has any idea of the care
which must be taken to get the fruit to
the east In a saleable shape.
For transporting fruit irt summer the
ordinary car has an ice chest at ach
end. holding live tons of ice Between
the Pacific coast and Chicago a car is
"iced" eight or ten times, according to
the weather. For this purpose ice de
pots are -established twenty-four to
forty-eight hours apart. At each of
these stations an average of 4,000
pounds of ce are taken into the cars.
Foe fruits the range of temperature
is from 40 to 50 degrees. Oranges and
l;mons demand least cold; apples,
peaches, and like soft fruits require the
greatest coolness.
All this fruit is loaded into the cars
with the heat of the field still in it.
This heat must be expelled in the first
f.age of the trip eastward using ice at
the maximum price. This season, for
Men's Summer
fashionable Warm Weather
Fixings for Men.
Men's Negligee Shirts.
We are showing the handsomest
line of Shirts that can be shown
by any store in Arizona from 50c
to $3.00.
Men's Belts
Tney are made of the best of
leather in carved and pebble fin
ish, and finished with cinch strap
or big nickle buckle.
Light Weight Suspenders
in all the late colors.
Our Straw Hat Crop,
is of the picking age. Jumbo
Straws, 50c to $2.00; Split
Straws, 75c. to $2.50.
common, at your own price.
Edwin JIaycS and Frank Guerra, for
themselves and others, have secured a
bond on four mining claims near
Quartzsite. belonging to John W.
Brown. The figure to be paid for the
four is above $20,000. Development work
will be begun on th;m about the mid
dle of September. These claims, three
of which are on the famous Mariquite
ledge and the other adjoins, have been
developed during the. past three years
by several shafts, the deepest of which
is S5 feet. The vein is about six feet in
width, and the ore, which assays, on an
average, about $11 per ton, carries a
very fine gold. A recent mill run of
twelve tons gave returns of $8.50 per
ton. Cyanide will probably be used In
the treatment of the ore, as the gold is
so fine that if it is attempted to save
the values by amalgamation the use of
a proper amount of water washes a
large amount of gold oft the plates,
whereas if less water is used the
crushed ore slimes badly."
Thomas Hamilton and Geo. K. Cusen-
bary have bonded their copper and gold
property near Ehrenberg to Los Ange
les partiff. who have a force of ten or
twelve men doing d velopment work.
The property is showing up handsome
ly. A dozen miners are at present en
gaged on the Mojave group of copper
claims, ,in the Tyson's WeH district, re
cently sold by L. F. Biadshaw to A. O,
Pease of St. Louis. A tunnel at present
is In about forty feet and splendid ore
Is being taken out. The working force
will s ion be increased.
A. J. Shotwell, who is operating the
properties of the Cornelia Copper Co.
in AJo district, has purchased in Den
ver and shipped to Gila Bend, from
whence it will be freighted to the mines
an entire machinery plant consisting
of a forty-horse-power boiler, double
friction hoist ,air compressor and drill
Yuma Sun.
la what you get when purchasing yoi
foods at this store. Good weight, high
quality and low prices baa made F.
Griebel's the purchasing center tor the
thrifty and for those who appreciate
superior grades of coffees, teas, canned
goods, cereals, flour and meats. "Lira
and let live" la our motto and w Uva
up to It.
T el. 48. 818-220 W. Washing-ton St.
Of course. We have dosed out all
the old stock which was bought when
iron and pipe were high. Prices of
everything in the plumbing line are
now much lower than a few weeks ago.
Our customers shall have the advan
tage of the falling market. Our stock
is new and we know the plumbing
business. It will pay you t3 have us do
your work at summer rates.
The Scoville Plumbing Co ,
Men's and Beys' High-Grade Clothing and Furnishings. Price cutting at Gold-
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H polling our guaranteed clothing at the special prices named. We offer none of
q the usual absurd reasons for this sale, because there is no fake about the mat-
ter, is our way to keep from having old goods on hand. Just Plain Business.
A representative of the HOWE-CURRY CO. of Los
Angeles is in the City and will give estimates on wells and
pumping plants for irrigating purposes. Address,
General Delivery, City.
Four 'Women Prisoners Escape but
Are Recaptured.
Thursday afternoon the four women
prisoners in the county jail made their
escape in a break for liberty by
clambering over the jail yard wall, says
the Tombstone Prospector. Their ab
sence was discovered shortly alter,
however, and their capture followed
before th escapes were more than two
miles from town.
As the time approaches for the ex
ecution of the Halderman brothers,
extra precaution? are taken at the jail
and a search of all the cells is made
that no instruments, etc., may be se
creted or plans laid for a delivery.
When these searches are made the
prisoners in the women s wara, tnree
Mexican women and one negress, are
temporarily placed in the prison yard.
where the scaffold is being erected. A
ladder used in the work of the scaffold
building furnished the means of escape
and the women after climbing to the
top of the wall were obliged to drop
fully ten feet on the other side. The
four prisoners headed for Fairbank
and the officers were at once out on
the hunt. Deputy Bravin found the
four near the sione house below town.
all walking as rapidly as possible. They
were brought back and are again in jail
after an exciting, but vain effort to es
cape. The prisoners are Saloma Rc-
vera, fifty days; Candalara Aquilla,
Thirty-rive days: Quierna iiabucne
thirty-five days, and Lodi felaughter,
held to the grand jury.
Manufacturing Enterprise That May
Be Established in Phoenix.
L. L. PLANK, The Hatter
Successor to B. H. GREENE.
1 06 -108 W. Washington St.
Mr. George Mitchell, well known in
this territory from his connection with
various mining enterprises, was in the
city yesterday on business. He is just
now devoting the greater part of his
attention to a matter that bids fair to
bring him both wealth and fame and
incidentially perhaps launch a manu
facturing enterprise in this city.
Mr. Mitchell is the inventor of the
Mitchell Economic Copper Matting
Furnace, which was first successfully
placed in oieration at the I'nited Verde
copper mine and which, during the past
year, he has brought to a high degree
of perfection, having made a number of
valuable Improvements. .Patents are
pending and are so far advanced that
the inventor is fully protected so he
is devoting his energy to the introduc
tion of his machinery in the big copper
plants of the world.
The principle feature of the Mitchell
furnace is the utilizing of the waste
heat of the gases to heat the blast in
the handling of sulphides. The ad
vantage is the very small consumpti.ii'
of carbonaceous fuels as compared with
other furnaces, and the saving in the
loss of handling sulphide ores by the
ordinary roasting method by lessening,
the process the ores pass through. He
does away with the roasting process b-
utilizing the sulphur in the sulphide
ores as fuel. Mr. Mitchell guarantees
that by his process from 35 to SO per
cent can be saved on carbonaceous fuel.j
The cost of these furnaces is very little
higher than that of the ordinary fur-j
The I'nited Verde has six of the
Mitchell furnaces in operation, though.'
a number of valuable improvements
have been made since they were erect-j
ed. The Copper Queen is putting In a
big furnace at an enormous cost and
if it proves satisfactory, of which the
Inventor has no doubt, it is likely others
will be installed.
The Copeta Mining company, of
which William Melczer of this city is
at the head, is also putting in a Mit-j
cneii economic rurnace ana me rtoin-
childs of London are figuring on leiv
furnaces to be installed in their newly
acquired properties in Mexico. Thej
Rio Tinto in Spain, one of the most fa-J
mous copper mining companies in the
world, is arranging to put in eight of
the Mitchell economic furnaces. Other,
big corporations in the west have them
under consideration. All this
the Invention is fully patented, is a
great testimonial to its merit. "They
operation, adding to the great stream of
wealth pouring forth from Cochis
county. The present situation is very
satisfactory, and the future is filled
with hope and promise. Every encour
agement should be given those courag
ous men who risk their means in de
veloping the hidden mineral riches of
the country. Cpon the success of their
ventures depends the success of the cn
tire territory of Arizona. If they de
velop mineral wealth, operation of their
mines gives steady employment to la
bor, makes a market for the produce of
the valley farms, gives freighters op
portunities to transport ores, machin
ery and merchandise, and makes busi
ness for the merchant in supplying all
these. The w.ore people employed in
mining and in supplying the mining re
gions the more beef is eaten here in
Arizona, and consequently the IsS3
seeking a market in the east. Every
thing depends upon development of the
mining Industry, and every encourage
ment possible should be given it.
will all have to come to it eventually,
in the interest of economy," said Mr.
The furnaces are now being built by
the Union Iron works of San Francis
co. At this point in an interview with
Mr. Mitchell yesterday, was introduced
a matter that should interest Phoenix
business men. Mr. Mitchell said:;
Sing Sing, X. Y., Aug. 6. Edward
Wise, the young man who was con
demned to die in the electric chair for
the murder of Charles F. Beasley. a
cab driver in New Fork, in November.
'98, and was saved by Governor Roose-
I Till f rnmmntlnw lit.. , - . . .. ,.
before .numis eu.iriice io me im-
jji isuiiinem, was mis morning put to
work in the prison yard. The com-
mutation of Wise's sentence was
granted on July 25, and some interest
ing facts concerning the case havj
come to light. While Wise was in
I Linif5 u-ai.ii wie nusion po
lice received a communication from the
Scotland Tard authorities stating that
James Sweeney, formerly of Boston,
while dying in England, confessed that
he had killed Beasley. He claimed to
$10.00 Men's Suits cut to
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them on nice PAPER and ENVELOPES, wc have
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Keystone Pharmacy
"There is no reason why a company" have struck the blow which killed him.
could not be organized here to estab
lish iron works and engage in the build
ing of these furnaces in Phoenix." I be
lieves it can be done here even more
cheaply than on the coast. The iron and
other material can be shipped in in
sheet form and the greater part of the
work would consist in bending, Hang-!
ing, etc., something that requires but a
minimum fuel expense."
He was asked If he had any proposi
tion to offer for the establishing of such
an enterprise in this city, but said that
at present he had not, but only for the!
reason that he had not given the mat
ter sufficient thought and had not gone
to the trouble of figuring on such an
enterprise. However, he said, he be-
lieved satisfactory arrangements couldi
be made and he would like to see Phoe-.
nix made headquarters for his fur-.
Wise is a member of a well known Bos
ton family and the case attracted much
attention there, and determined efforts
to save him from the chair were made.
A petition was signed by 149 members
of the Massachusetts legislature asking
Governor Koosevelt, In view of :the cir
cumstances, to use his powers to save
the young man from the chair.
Louisiana State Official Was a De
faulter for $30,000 and Kills Himself
New Orleans. Aug. 6. It is now made
public by the state authorities that
At any rate, it is an opportunity that
local capitalists should not allow to po
without proper consideration. Manu-j
facturing is a line of industry which
Phoenix is lacking and any enterprise'
looking to the employment of workmen'
should meet with encouragement. Ari-'
zona is destined to become a famous
mining region and Phoenix is its
natural center. t
The Development in the Dragoons
very Encouraging.
The P.enson Press refers to the min
eral developments taking place in tlm
Dragoon mountains and says they are
adding greatly to the material wealth
of Cohise county and the trade re
sources of Benson. Every few miles
along the ridge is a cariip where sturdy
men are daily delving amid the most
favorable prospects. Outside capital
has taken hold and Is aiding in the gooj
work. In many cases shipping ores are
extracted and properties are yielding
profits. In others reduction machinery-
has been erected, adding to the profit of
operation. In yet other cases construc
tion of necessary reduction machinery
has been ordered and will shortly be in
is even more important than the ac
cessories. The bread and butter , the
wine, tea or coffee may be all right; but
if the meat is faulty in the least par
ticular especially in warm weather
the whole meal is spoiled. That's out
of the question if the butcher you pat
ronize is
S West Washington St.. 'Phone 12
I will pay 15 cents each
Battle Ax Soap Boxes
Colonel John S. Lanier, registrar of the
state land office, who was reported to
have died suddenly on July lrt, commit
ted suicide, and did so because it was
impossible to longer conceal the fact
that he was a defaulter to the extent of
$30,000. Governor Heard appointed
Senator Smith registrar of the land
office and he was to have taken charge
this, month.
Seeing exposure inevitable. Colonel
Lanier took morphine. The books and
papers of the office are in a very tan
gled condition which will inevitably
cause a great deal of trouble, as many
duplicate certificates to public lands
were given. Mr. Lanier was colonehof
a confederate regiment during the civil
war, and held the office of state regis
trar. of lands for eight years. He was
chairman of the democratic state cen
tral committee in 1S02.
Hunter also secured 1,462 horses and
three guns.
Indian Harbor. N. Y., Aug. C Th
Indian Harbor Yacht club races will be
sailed here tomorrow. The New York
Yacht club is here In force and some
of their fastest yachts will take part in
the events. Yachts are also here from
Newport and Larchmont and Foston.
London, Aug. 4. Lord Roberts tele
graphs to the war office that General
Hunter reports that 3.34S men have sur
rendered to him altogether. General
"i 4k.?3 w. w-3 hiki&TQM
If you are going to the coast or are
packing up to go anywhere, don't place
your effects in that old battered and
worn out trunk. You need a now one.
We have what you want. If not, we
will make what you want either in
trunks or valises.
Telephone 22!. 419 W. Washington.
North Center Street.
Handsome Turnouts. Horse1"1"
for driving or riding. Horses boarded by the
day week or month.
The Mississippi river each year wash
es away an alarming amount of shore,
equal to ten square miles of territory
86 feet deep. . .1 1 11
"What did you find to be "the most
entertaining exhibit at the Paris 'ex
position?" "My husband's exhibit of American
French seemed to entertain everybody
the most. Chicago Tribune.
The Cheapest Place in Arizona
To buy first-class PIANOS and ORGANS, Sheet
Music and Small Instruments.
W. S. Jenkins' Temple of Music.
85 W. Washington St.. Phoenix. Arii.
Camel's milk is said to bo very help
ful to consumptives. It Is palatable and
Phoenix Restaurant
The lt'8t BD'l cheapest eHnff hou?e in tl:e
city. Meals ut all lums. t'ivil anil coortri.u
service tendered. Altera Ion; lty ritic to
town ranehi-rs liml rest and pool meali at th
Phoenix Restaurant
23 S. First Avenue, Opposite
Court House Plus.
California Restaurant
North First Avenue, Opposite
Arizona Ciazette.
Jost Opened. fy&
give the lest meals in town.
i wh
ite sk
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