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Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Ont.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
tling indicates an
Tji unneaithy concti
vV tion of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to Do.
' There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
'Wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effecj of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists inSOc. and$l. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery f y
and a book that tells grtv-SSSREsXnSSS
more about it, both sent f:ffiiaf3Hpga
absolutely free by mail. SiitSgiiig
Address Dr. Kilmer & Home or swamp-Root
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in this paper.
The many friends of Valentine 5aiH
Were pleased yesterday to see him in
town. It was his first long ride after
ihis recent long illness.
Elmer Redden returned yesterday
from a few weeks' stay in the northern
3avt of the territory.
i T. K. Farish and Guy Collins of Phoe
nix were yesterday visitors anions old
time friends in Tempe.
The many friends of Miss Minnie
2Perry of Cordes, Ariz., will be sorry to
Oearn of her protracted siege of fever.
Hiss Perry was one of the normal
graduates of 'f3.
Philo Ozanne expects to leave next
month for Chicago, where he will enter
ju. school of pharmacy.
Lindsey Austin and wife returned to
fTempe yesterday after a months' slay
"with friends in Prescott, where they
Igrew fat and enjoyed themselves.'
Travelers from the Oila river yester.
klay stated that the river was almost
Business in Tempe is already fast re
gaining its former proportion. The town
as becoming: livelier and jollier. Tli
Ibrass band will, in the near futuro. giv
a grand ball. It will lie the opening one
k)f the season.
The idea that the fours.- erf the nor
anal is to be lowered to the standard
prior to last year, has no basis, and it
tyias been positively ascertained that th
Aboard at no time hail any idea of low
ering it. The same high standard es
tablished last year will always here'
tafter be maintained.
Homer Redden, a former Tempe resi
dent, is reported evry sick of fevr at
Ills present home in Cordes.
'The river at the bridge raised con
siderably yesterday. It dropped last
night to almost its normal How.
Carroll & White are erecting a wind
lass over the lost mine they found
Friday and will make a thorough ex
amination of the property. They found
lout yesterday, upon further examina
tion, that the shaft was not straight
lown, but after a small depth it slants
ff down the ledge.
The executive committee of the fra
ternal picnic have turned over to Ci. B.
Cummings the business of renting the
general refreshment stand, who will
now sell rights or privileges to stands
of any kind.
The pomegranate hedges along the
"walks of the normal school are being
trimmed in connection with other im
provements on the grounds, prepara
tory to the opening of school.
At noon yesterday 1174 feet ..f earth
Tiad been penetrated in the artesian
-well at A. C. McQu en s. The forma
tion is .-imiiar t) that through which
they have be?n passing.
Don't miss getting your m mIs at :he
M.'Fa restaurant.
J. S. Giittin of Phoenix, was in Mesa
yesterday, ft presenting the Itoyal Tai
lor .-:f Chicago.
C. l. lluk s and .las. Va::c- were visi
tors in Phoenix yesterday.
Wilbur & Mullen's hardware st .re is
displaying anything wanted in granite
The Novelty store is offering to the
trade a finely select d slock of both
'fancy and working shirts, for nun and
The Me,a Brass band has been with
out a bas- drum for the past f w weeks,
the drummer boy having fallen through
the drunih sat'. Hut yv.--t-r.Iay new
heads were received and pot in place,
and the drummer boy. Willie Krew.
smiles once m re.
Johnny Junes has joined th band and
-will play the 1st alto. The band needs
a sliding trombone player, and their
melody will be perfected to a great de
gree. W. H. .S.-avr came in Horn ;. . I . I ti .1.1
yesterday. He has charge of Dr.
Brack's cattle in the Sup-1st i: ion
mountains. He says the finest rain in
many years fell iih re Thursday and
O. P. lykes and family returned Fri
day to Mesa from Tucson, wh-re h.- lias
been since last suninn r.
A. llunsak.-r, J. II. T. -roy. .an
Hunsaker and I.. Pew r. turned from
t he mountains west of Md ovl! yester
day, where they had 1 n on a deer
bunt. They :-ucceedi:ig in bagging- on -deer
and good rousing cold-.
When the big raise in th - river rame
last Saturday night the people of M-sa
;ver b.yide thcnis'-ives with -xciv-ment.
The hardest vork.d man. per
haps, during- the long night v. as W. IT.
Code, superiniendent of the c.msoti
dated canal, and coiiseouently :.he g ne
ral distributor of all the water on the
south side. The telephones that night
-were all working together and cv. ry
one who used them could hear all who
Syere talking. After dark it was report
ed In Mesa city that there was a fifty
foot br tik In the Consolidated dam.
The news spread like flooding water.
The excitement grew intense. In a f;'W
minutes the telephone when Were re;!
hor with ques: Ion, ctirs.-s. stigge-tions
and lamentations. Mr. Code and Mr.
Trott for a few minuses were compelled
to let the wat r go as it would until a
few howling suffer. -rs could be .lui-ted.
Presently, like a distinct peal of thun
der from a g. n, ral roar W. J.I.e'f'.ar n's
voice was heard talking ov. r the wire
to sofne place in space. "Wake up;
net out with team-! Need "oft men nr.'.i
teams! 1 will raise five hundred more!
Fifty-foot break In dam! Wattr going
by like a C dorado! Am waiting to
hear from Code." A half an hour nl ;er
ward there gathered around Mr. Cod
office wh.lt seemed to be an array . f fire
bugs. Irrigators with lanterns, anxious
canal directors and ranch, rs from lower
ends, all with lanterns. Some wanted
to know how long the heal V- l Id stay
up. Would It n:uy up long enough to
put Water on two lands at the came
time? If a corn crop wa- put. in with
present water, would there be enough
next month to a-stlte the crop? The
lower etui nieil wan ed t know if the
river Would stay up long enough to
give them Wat it. The directors wished
to 1-now if the report about the break
was true. If it was- they would have
10.00" melt and teams on the dam in
fifteen minutes. .Mr. Code's reply to all
these questions was that there was 22.
000 inche? hi the Consolidated canal and
the river was still raising and that he
hoped there would be water enough to
keep pe pie working night and day for
a gen. ration. When these people w. re
all quieted the .-anal men had the n.-t
of the night to the m.-elves. T. K. Pome
roy. acting superintendent of the High
hind, was stepping high nil over
country , ast of M. sa. g- tting people
ready for a "run." From a thousand
different plan s, it Seemed to Mr. C-.de,
Mr. Pom. roy would ask over the 'phone
h..'w 'tlie river was am. to 1. t him know
at such ;t place. Meanwhile Mr. Cod--received
word tha-t the I'lah had too
mu.-h water more waiter than was ever
in it In-fore or since the high land men
got the I; si of til ' low bin 1 men. The.
water was splashing over the banks
above T.ehi. If the canal shoul-.i break,
l.i'hi twenty feet below. Would he
washed away and th-n there would
n Vf-r he any more Lehi ditch mee-tings
to amuse the public. To prevent this
catastrophe. Mr. Code enihav red to
open communication with Hishop Jones.
I.ehi's zanj. ro. When lie placed the
'phone to his . ar h' heard Mr. Trott,
from Evergreen, calling Itishop Jones.
Then some one out on the Can ex
tension chinned in "P.ishop Jones!" At
the same time Zanjjro Williams, way
below on th- Tempe canal, yelled
"Bishop Jones!" Then Mr. Williams,
hearing Mr. Code say something about
P.ishop Jon.-s. roartd: "How many
P.ish p Jones' are there on this lineany
way!" A fuse on the telephone syst in
burned out somewhere and the I'-tah
was 1ft to its fate. It got through
the ..rdeai somehow, an-.. I.ehi was
saved. Th telephone system, after a
few sputtering.", adjut .ed itself f r fur
ther serviie. The next thing that broke
ill on Mr. Code's ear was something
from Mr. Trott. "Arizona dredger
crosiways of canal. Water cutting big
lev e at tilt- place on lower side of ca
nal. Water is turned back into river
to prevent break. I'uknown head com
ing down. Will hold y u responsible to
pre ven t breaking Tempe canal." "How
am I going to watch the T.-mpe
filial? asked Mr. Code, his hair turn
ing redder "I have b en jumping side
ways all night. Kvery man I have i
ont watching water. It is midnight a
nice time to have to get out and hunt
up a man to watch water." "Can't
help it. water is coming: its up to yon'
was the brief reply. Mr. Code sunk into
a chair in despair. Then, as though he
had hit a spring, he was back at the
'phone. "Hell -. poWir house. Hitch
me to the barbed w ire." Th. re was a
short wait, during which time the man
at the power house fastened a telephone
wire to a barbed wir- fence which, af
ter many anil uncertain ways, reaehe
Harry Main's home near the head of
the Tempe canal. After a long ring Mr.
Main was awakened by th- sound of his
telephone bell. Mr. Code explained the
situation and requested him to travel
the rest of th - night between the Tempe
head and his telephone and send in
formation all ft the water. The Con
solidated canal was delivering to the
Tempe canal, at til - power house. 8,00"
inches of water. If this was allowed to
b" running when the water from the
Arizona canal hit the Tempe dam. the
Temp- canal would he torn to pieces.
All night long t'.v vigilant watchers
walked their beats at all heads of ca
nals and division gates i.i see that all
got enough wat r an. I n t too much.
"A r sei voi:-." c .ninieot.-.i Mr. Code, the
next morning, would r-iiulate th- water
at least, which jilit at foe s.-nt I feel
would be worth s onetbiii-."
.Rt-ceptlon Not Coidial Some of the
New i i;i rmeii t s I'lii-. ed on Salt-.
New Orleans. Aug.. The shirt
waist man !i;is come t town. His re
ception was not cordial. H- appeared
in the main cafe of the Si. Charles ho-t'-l'atid
was ordered out. II- appeared
in tin- ludi-s' and men's cafe of tile Ho
tel C.runeUiild and was ordered out
there also. ll-- appeared on the corner
id' I ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i : . - and Canal streets iat
evening and tested there for twenty
tive tninut--s unmolested. A crowd of
Inn people gazed at him and the girls
i ubber-necked at him. bin the cops did
not interfere. Karly in the afternoon a
young man connected with a well
known retail store. and especially
known in sporting- a nd athletic circles,
sauntered into Anionic's restaurant,
ami took a seat at a table. He wore
gray-striped trousers, tan shoes. Rus
sia leather belt and a neglige shirt with
a tall turn-over collar, and a colored j
silk cravat. F.xcept tor the absence of!
the coat jui"l waist-coal, he was attired
as any well dressed man. The restau
rant was crowded and the advent of
the newcomer was followed by a buzz
of excited comment.
"It's a shi rt-wa ist man." " woii-1-m-
whether ih.-y'II serve him." "He has!
good nerve," were some of the whispers
that passed from lip to lip. Anions
the help there was a si ill greater com
motion. But no instructions had been
issued against serving shirts-waist
men and the waiter carried out his or
der. The restaurant episode was not th"
only shirt incident of the day. A large
dry goods house in Canal street put a
Eczema is caused by an acid humor in I
the blood coining iu contact with the
skin and producing gr-at redness and iu- I
flainmatioti ; little pustular eruptions form
and discharge a thiu. sticky fluid, which
dries and scalrs off ; sometimes the skin is
hard, drv and fissured. Eczema in any
form is a tormenting, stubborn disease,
and the itching anil burninij at times ate
almost unbearable; the acid burning
humor seems to ooze out and set the skin '
O .....tiai- .-I,-,- ..lllPf Pvlpf. I
nal applications do any real good, for as
long as the poison remains in the blood
it will keep the skin irritated.
" For three year I
hail Tetter on i:iy
hands, which caused
them to pwell to twice
their natural size. Part
of the time the disease
was iu the form of run
ning sores, very pain
ful, and causing me
rmich discomfort. Four
doctors said the Tetter
had progressed too far
to be cured, and they
rmild di nothing" for
tae. I tok onlv three
mmics ui o. o. i-t. m 5 t
tras cotnplf tely cured, tt'g&ifc
fluo. and I have never
since seen any sign of mv old trouble." Mrs.
i,. B. Jackson, 1414 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo.
S. S. S. neutralizes this acid poison,
cools the blood and restores it to a healthy,
natural state, and the rough, unhealthy
skin becomes soft, smooth and clear.
cures Tetter, Ery
sipelas, Psoriasis, Salt
Rheum and all skin
diseases due to a pois
oned condition of the
blood. Send for our book and write U9
about your case. Our physicians have
made these diseases a life study, and can
help you by their advice; we make no
charge for this service. All correspondence
is conducted in strictest confidence.
lot i f the new garments in one if their
windows during the afternoon and is
sued an order to till the clerks in lis
furnishing department .o adopt the
style until further notice. The rr.una
ger said that about two dozen were sold
before closing tim. The next few days
will decide th.- fate of the shirt-waist
man in New Orleans. It will probably
he against him. as the club men have
all said the shirt waist is suitable for
the seaside, but not for the city.
Maurice Joositn, the Belgian minister
;o China, will be lvm-inhered in Wash
ington where he was located for two
years previous to b-dng sent to Pekln.
which city he reached last April. M.
Joosten was consul for the British lega
tion while in this country. 1'iwieus to
that his duties kept him in London for
five years, where he acted a-' secretary
of the legation. M. J oast en is a gentle
man of wide aciiuaintanee with the
world and iJng experience .vith diplo
ma tic duties, for he has s'-rve.l his
country In Spain and in F.gypt having
occupied posts in Cairo and in M.r.lrid
similar :o that he is now filling In Chi
na. Belgium has large iniei-ests in
China, much more extensive, probably,
than nio-t people imagine, and it is
said tn be the purpose of the king to
still further increase his country's in-llui-nce
there. New York Mail and Kx
press. o
ll isn't likely, however, that the shirt
waist man will be tolerated in tile
Klondike region. Chicago Times-Herald.
In the Probate Court of Maricopa
County Territory of Arizona.
In the Matter of the Kstate of Jonn E.
Ayirs, iJeceased.
Order to Show Cause Why Order of
Real Estate Should No; Be Made.
It appearing to this Court, by the pe
tition this day presented and filed by
K. J. Bennitt, administrator of the
estate of John K. Ay-. rs. decea?ed. that
it is necessary to sell the whole i f the
real estate of said uecedeiu to pay the
debts of decode nt and the expenses and
charges of administration, and to close
out said es:aie and permit of the dis
charge "f said administrator and his
bondsmen, as there appears to be no
heirs in soid estate;
It is therefore ordered by this Court
that all persons interested in the esta;e
r.f said di ceased appear before the said
Probate Court on Monday, the 17th day
cf Septemb. r. A. D.. 1M0. at the hour
of 10 o'clock a. m. of said day. at the
court room of said C uiv, at the court
house in -the city of Phoenix. Maricopa
County. Territory of Arizona, to show
cause why an order should not be
granted to said administrator to sell so
much -f the said rerd estate as shall
be n-cessary and tiiat a copy of this
nrd.-r be published four successive
weeks in The Arizona Republican, a
newspaper printed and published in th-3
raid County of Maricopa.
Dated August IT. l'.iuo.
Judge of the Probate- Court.
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ter Suit?, all sizes and prices
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choice line Just ai rived at the
First Door West of Postoffice,
In the Probate Court (if Maricopa
I'.iUiitj-, Territory of Arizona.
In the Matter of the Iridic of James
Hoarke, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that William
ltoaike. appearing by Frank Cox and
C. F. Ainswortli, his attorney, and
Juhn Rnarke and rt. "". Baxter. Bryan
Roarke and Krewster. heirs appearing
by Thomas Armstrong, Jr.. their attor
ney, have filed in this court an amend
ed petiiiun for the removal of the ad
ministratrix of said esta't - and that the
same will be heard on Wednesday, the
".th day uf September, A. U., 1W0. at
10 o'clock in the a. m.. of said day. at
the court room of said court, in Phoe
nix, county of Maricopa, territory of
Arizona, and all persons interested in
said estate are notified then and there
to appear and show cause, if any they
have, why the prayer of said petitioner
shuuld not be granted.
X. A. MOP.FORD, Clerk.
By XED i.'KEIi'iHTON, Deputy Clerk.
Dated A igust 2 1900.
In the Probate Court of the County of
Maricopa, Territory of Arizona.
In the Matter of the Estate of Finla L.
McClure, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that H. B.
Wilkinson has Hied in this court a peti
tion for the probate of the last will and
testament of said deceased and the
issuance of Liters of administration
with the will annexed -and that the
same will be lnard on Friday, the 31st
day of August, A. D.. 1900, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon of said -lay, at the
court room of said court, in Phoenix,
County of Maricopa, Territory of Ari
zona, and all persons interested, in said
i state are notified then and there to
appear and show cause if any they
have, why the prayer of said petitioner
should not be granted.
Dated Augus". 15.
N. A. MOP.FORD, Clerk.
PANY We. the undersigned, whose names
are hereto affixed, hereby agree to
form an incorporated company and
hereby organize a corporation under
the laws of the Territory of Arizona.
I'nited Statis of America, now in force,
under the name and for the objects and
purposes hereinafter stated, and to that
end we make, sign and acknowledge
the following articles of association
and ci rtificate. to-wit:
Article 1. The name of the corpora
tion hereby organized is the "Eclipse
Copper Mining Company."
Article 2. The objects f.-r which said
corporation is formed are as follows,
namely, for the purpose of acquiring by
purchase and otherwise, mines and
mining properties, deposits of tailings,
and what may be termed refuse of
mines, manufactories and other prop
erty, real, personal or otherwise neces
sary or ixpedient for the business of
the corporation, mining claims, mills,
milling sites, machinery and anything
necessary, expedient or appurtenant
thereto, and to mine ore, or reduce ore,
to construct, purchase and lease tun
nels, and to develop mines, mining oi
other property, to establish towns, and
town sites, ;o construct all buildings
necessary er expedient in the interest
of mines and equip the same, to ac
quire materials fvi the developing of
mines, to own. buy, lease, build and
operate lixiviation. smelting, cyanide
and any other kind of mills, buildings
and works used in connection with
treatment of ores of any kind, to
buy. sell, encumber, mortgage or lease
any property the corporation may ac
quire, and to do any other thing expedi
ent or necessary to carry out the ob
jects enumerated, or those of a kindred
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Article 2. The capital stock of the
said corporation shall be One Million
($1,000,000) Dollars, consisting of One
Million (1 000.000) shares of stock of the
par value uf One Dollar ($1.00) per share
and said stock shall be fully paid up
and non-assessable.
Article 4. The term of existence of
said corporation shall bo twenty five
years Cifj).
Article a. The highest amount of in
debtedness and responsibility to which
said corporation is or shall at any
time be liable, is the amount of Its cap
ital stock, to-wit: One Million ($1,000,
000) dollars.
Article 6. All private property of the
stockholders in said corporation Is
hereby declared, and It shall be ex
empt from the debts of said corporation.
Article 7. The affairs and business
of said corporation shall be managed
by a board of five (!) directors, and th
natni's and residences of the directors
of said corporation who shall manage
Its affairs and business for the first
three (3) months, or until their suc
cessors are elected, are as follows:
William R. Mc-Cormick, Kalamazoo,
Michigan: G. Edwin Dunbar. Kalama
zoo. Michigan: William J. McKay,
Chicago, Illinois: Theodore B. Mills,
Las Vegas, New Mexico; Elisha V.
Long Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Article 8. This corporation is not or
ganized for the construction of any
work of internal Improvement.
Article S. The principal office of said
corporation shall be located at the City
of Phoenix, Territory of Arizona, with
three ',) branches, one at the City of
Tucson. Territory of Arizona; one at
Chicago, in the Plate of Ilinois, and one
at the City of Las A'egas, New Mex
ico. The principal business of said cor
poration shall be carried on in the Ter
ritory of Arizona, but the corporation
may carry on its business and cor
porate objocts as above slated, within
the State of Idaho and Territory of
New Mexico.
In witness where or. the said associ
ates and incorporators of the company,
hereby formed, have hereunto sub
scribed their names and affixed their
respective seals, this 10th day of Au
gust. A. V.. 1300.
Witness: Joseph Short. Zoie Doan.
State of Illinois, County of Cook ss.
Be it known, that on this day per
sonally appeared before me the under
signed, a dulv -commissioned and qual
ified and acting notary public, in and
for the County of Cook and State of
Illinois, William II. McCormick, G. Ed
win Dunbar and William J. McKay, to
me personally known to be the same
and identical parties whose names are
subscribed to the foregoing articles of
incorporation, and each and all of them
admitted it to be their voluntary act
raid deed, for the purposes therein set
forth and mentioned.
In witness whereof. I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed the seal of
my office this 10th day of August, A.
!.. ipno.
Notary Public.
(10c I. R. stamp, cancelled.)
Territory of Arizona, County of Mari
copa, ss.
I. F. W. Sheridan, county recorder in
and for the County and Territory afore
said, hereby certify that 1 have com-
pared the foregoing copy with the or
iginal artic-us of incorporation as hied
and recorded in my office on the 15th
day of August. 1M0, in Rook No. 4 of
Articles of Incorporation, at Page ,
and that the same is a full, true and
correct copy of such original and of the
whole thereof.
Witness my hand and seal of office
this 13th day of August. 1900.
seal F. W. SHERIDAN,
County Recorder.
By C. W. BARNETT. Deputy.
Filed in the office of the secretary of
the Territory of Arizona, this 15th day
of August, A. D., 1900, at 4 p. m.
Secretary of Arizona.
Proposals for School Buildings. De
partment of the Interior. Office of In
dian Affairs, Washington. D. C, Au
gust 6, 1900. Sealed proposals endorsed
"Proposals for School Buildings, Piee
Station, San Carlos Agency,"' and ad-dres-etl
to the Commissioner of Indian
Affairs, AVashington, D. C, will be re-
Tempe, Arizona
ceived at this office until two o'clock p.
m. or Monday, Sepiember 10, 1900, for
furnishing and delivering the necessary
materials and labor required in ths
construction and completion at Ric2
Station School, a stone building for em
ployes' quarters and a stone warehouse,
in strict accordance with the plans,
specifications and instructions to 'bid
ders, which may be examined at this
office, the Builders' and Traders' Ex
change, Omaha, Nebraska; the Build
ers' and Traders' Exchange, Milwau
kee, Wis.; the Northwestern Manufac
turers' Association of St. Paul, Minn.;
the office of The Arizona Republican of
Phoenix, Ariz.; the Arizona Star of
Tucson, Ariz., and the San Carlos
For additional information apply to
this office or to W. J. Nickolson, acting
U. S. Indian Agent, San Carlos, Ari
zona. W. A. JONES,
Proposals for Addition to Building.
Lockers, lee Plant, Sewer and Building
Materials, Tools. Machinery, etc. IT.
S. Indian School Service, Phoenix, Ari
zona, August 2, 1900. Sealed proposals
endorsed "Proposals for Addition to
Building." etc., as the case may be, and
addressed to the undersigned at Phoe
nix, Arizona,- will be received at this
school until two o'clock p. m. of Mon
day. August 27, 1900, for furnishing the
necessary materials and labor re
quired to construct and complete an
addition to the pump and boiler house
at the school ;a complete ice making
plant; 2j0 clothing lockers: a Shone
ejector and other sewer improvements;
about 90,000 feet lumber; 100 barrels
lime; assorted carpenter tools, etc.; cis
tern pumps, oils, packing, hose, etc. a
full list and description of which may
be obtained upon application to 'the
Bidders will state clearly in their
bids the price of each article to be of
fered under contract. All articles as of
fered will be subjected to rigid inspec
tion. The right is reserved to reject
any and all bids or any part of any bid
if deemed for the best interests of the
Certified Checks. Each bid must be
accompanied by a certified check or
draft upon some United States depos
itory or solvent national bank in the
vicinity of the residence of the bidder,
made payable to the order of the Com
missioner of Indian Affairs, for at least
five per cent of the amount of
the proposal, which check or draft
will be forfeited to the United
mates in case any Didder or
bidders receiving an award shall fail to
promptly execute a contract with good
and sufficient sureties, otherwise to be
returned to the bidder.
Bid.-, accompanied by cash in lieu of
cerfied check will not be considered
Foi any additional information apply
to S. M. M'COWAN.
(Homestead Annlientinn Nn. 9T.ni
Department of the Interior. Land Of
fice at Tucson, Ariz., August 2, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the clerk of
the district court at Thoenix. Arizona,
on Tuesday. September 4. 1900, viz.,
William McDonald, of Buckeye, Ari
zona, for the N. E. . Sec. 7, T. 1 S., R.
2 W., G. & S. R. B. & M.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz., Wil
liam ISurch, John C. Gililand, Charley
Hazelton and William It. Beloat, all of
Buckeye, Arizona.
First publication, August 4. 1900.
(Homestead Application No. 2314.)
Department of the Interior, Land Office,
at Tucson, Arizona, July 28, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the clerk of
the district court at I'hoenix, Arizona,
on Saturday, September 1, 1900, viz.,
Samuel Barrett of Peoria, Maricopa
.county, Arizona, for the S. W. , Sec.
33, T. 3 N., R. 1 E.. G. & S. R. B. & M.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said l.-.nd. viz., Rich
ard A. Tuckey, Fred A. Woolsey, Ira
A. Moore and Benjamin Steinburger,
all of Peoria, Arizona.
First publication July 30, 1900.
(Homestead Application No. 2133.)
Department of the Interior, Land Office
at Tucson, Arizona, July 20. 1900.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of
his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the Clerk of
the District Court, at Phoenix. Arizona,
on Wednesday, August 22, 1900, viz.:
Herbert E. Kell, of Buckeye, Maricopa
County, Arizona, for the se 4 of ne Vk
n 's of se VA and sw i of se Vi sec 35,
T. 1 n, K. 3 w, G. & S R. B. & M.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz.:
Thomas N. Clanton, Burgess A. Had
sell, Oliver L. Phippeny and John M.
Evans, all of Buckeye, Arizona.
First publication, July 23. 1900.
(Homestead Application No. 2793, Com
muted.) Department of the Interior. Land Office
at Tucson, Arizona. July 21, 1930.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed notice of
bis inteniion to make final proof in
support nf his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the Clerk of
the District Court at Phoenix, Arizona,
on Saturday, August 25, 1900, viz.: Ar
thur C. Wood, of Arlington, Marieopa
County, Arizona, for the sw U sw ft
sec 27. and s Ms se V and ne rA se V sec
28, T. 1 s. R. 5 w. O. & S. R. U. & M.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz: John
M. Evans, of Buckeye, Arizona, Moses
E. Clanton and Jyhn K. Wood, 0f, Ar-
Iington. Arizona, and John B. Mont
gomery, of Phoenix, Arizona.
First publication July 23. 1900.
(Homestead Application No. 2802, Com
Department of the Interior, Land Office
at Tucson, Arizona, July 21, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed notice of
his intention to make final proof In
support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the Clerk cf
the District Court, at Phoenix, Ariz., on
Saturday, Aug. 25, 1900. viz: Lawrence
A.Wood, of Arlington, Maricopa county.
Arizona, for the s ne and H nw'i
sec. 5, T. 2 s, R. 5 w, G. & S. R. B. & M.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz.: John
M. Evans, of Buckeye, Arizona, Moses
E. Clanton and John K. Wood, of Ar
lington, Arizona, and John B. Mont
gomery, of Phoenix, Arizona.
First publication, July 23, 1900.
(Homestead Application No. 2411.)
Department of the Interior. Land Of
fice at Tucson Ariz- July SO, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice
of her intention to make final proof in
proof will be made before the Clerk of
support of her claim, and that said
the District Court at Phoerix, Ari
zona. on Tuesday, September 4. 190",
viz., Tensle L. Burris formerly Tensie
L. Harrer, of Buckeye, Arizona, for
the S. W. 'A, N. E. and S. E. N. W.
, Sec. 33, T. 1 N., R. 2 W., G. & S. K.
B. & M.
She names the following witneses t-
prove her continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz.,
David B. Harrer. William R. Beloat,
James W. Collins and John G. Roberts,
all of Buckeye, Arizona.
First publication. August 1, 1900.
From May 1 to October 1 all sprink
ling must be done between 5 and 8 p. m.,
and never without a nozzle or sprayer
attached to hose. For violation of
above rule water will be .turned oft
without notice.
Basis of Strength.
Bread! Good Bread!
In Short
Phoenix Bakery Bread
Contains everything necessary to sus
tain life. It is made of the finest high
grade flour, by the most skillful bakers,
and in the most perfectly appointed
bake shops. Is pure, palatable and
wholesome, o-eing light, it can be enten
and digested by invalids.
PhoenixBalcery & Confectionery
Etabliiibed 1881. Telephone 891.
7 West Washington Street.
The Mesa and Ray Mine Stage Co.
Train leaving Phoenix 2 p. m., con
nects at Mesa with stage for Florence
and Kelvin, "Riverside," on Sundays,
Tuesdays and Thursdays, and with
stage for Pinal and Ray Mine on Mon
days, Wednesdays and Fridays. Four
and six-horse coaches. Acetylene
search lights.
Stages arrive at Kelvin and Ray
Mine at 6:30 a. m. Fastest and best
equipped stage line in the west. Per
ishable freight a specialty.
Phoenix Agency at M.& P.
& S. R. V. RR. City Office
J The ICE CREAM you ct
f AT
Phoenu, Tempe and Mesa Stags
Leaves Phoenix 8:SO a. m .
Return on your own time.
Telephone 284. Offca
L. W. COLLINS, Proprietor.
5f;e j off ma 17
The Bowling Alley is Cool. The
Beer la from Cold Storage and la
Kibbey. Kibbey, Edwards & Kibbey,
Lawyers, 19-21 South Center St.,
Phoenix, Ariz. Ground floor.
adminlstered. Room over PoatofBe
H. J. JE6SOP Dentist. Office Partar
building, corner Washlngtan tnA Cas
ter streets, room a 14 and It.
men, women and children. Mrs. R.
F. Parkhurst, manager for Maricopa
county. Room 2, Dorris Theater.
Afterpoqns, Consultation free.

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