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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, September 21, 1901, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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stands foremost in the3e qualifications. It is a
beautiful beverage sparkling like molten
sunshine tipped with rnouatairs snow. It
possesses the true hop flavor" acd aroma.
The iJeal family beer- i rJrr fram
tnr d iiiity ihx of uie'inp -s'om' t.;m!.in Mupir" freo on
rcquaxt. Th ..iniJr;u RrfWiw .. ttt. f.uuit, Mo.
V L-l . Ji &
f. T W V
has brought a permanent cure. Many cases of miscarriage that trouble
which robs mothers of their hopes have been avoided by timely use of the
Wine. You are asked to try Wine of Cardui and Thedford's Black-Draught,
its companion medicine. Nine out of ten cases of female trouble, barren
ness included, yield to them. All druggists sell $1.00 bottles of Wine of Cardui.
Vnndervoort, Ark., April 2, 1900.
Last May I had a miscarriage, which was followed by flooding. I read
your Almanac and my husband eot me a bottle of Wine of Cardui and it
stopped my flooding and restored my fallen nomb to its place. Now 1 am
cured after taking three bottles and'have another to take which I pot this
morning, a am expecting tc become
my doctor.
For ndvlc and lltrramre. addreM.
Department," 'Xhe, Cbatlanoug
lyon's French Periodical Drops
Strictly vegetable, perfectly harmless, sure to accomplish
DESIRED RESULTS. Ureatcst known female remedy.
flaYinil Ccwaro of counterfeits and imitations. The ircnn!nc Is pnt op only In paste-board Car
wnll IIUI1 ton with tae-imilc Kiiniature on sitlo of tue boule, thus: AgV-
Bend tor Circular to WILLIAMS MFU. CO.. Svlo Agents. Cleveland. Ohio. "
M '-lv ,
; biu Viuii2er. tnoprf-wcrtpunn of f-tCQoui French physician, wl'l qn!rh:iy euro ymi oaH
lervttiA(f ,n".j-flJ t!i Kencrativa r;raiiH, such ikt foit M nhiMd, lawnnla)
lmiu0 Ik ti Ilnot, naiitl EnilMliiM, Jg-r vou lbiiltT. Plmp'M
tBulacsm tut n.irr. lAhaaMiaBir Itraiuii. Tarlrocelr anal 'oIk.il,
. Itk-uj, all J t.sett tv duv cr nixUL. Piwuw quickn.of disctiarr. wblrli if nutcbcks-tl
' leu'is to Hp?rruiorrliiav sjid m'.l tb horrors of imoovfivy. T " DF.N'EclBiVCBWtl.
livo-.rnA iri.::.ivan(i tliA nfiiuirT cciuia af aUl im auri Ur-- C L' llf3i lUllcU:OMl
fkoo rrtAir ma I w?aic organ. .
1 ir'-aoh r""irr ar not enrd hy Ittvtora N tvaAOf 90 pr rwt mn tronb!pl with PrwtMn.
Clt. - IP.XJi the frr.o--Ti rfmdi to cure t-iujtuit hii opratton. 50iO tHtimo'iiialH- A wrltr-j
Gxr r-'jirpn and mrn. ."-nruM 113 hozra d'kesiiur. efXuct m pciiiuujeiat coraw fiM) ', OXSi tor
Oj "t. fenU for Vf, Hi HrciiHu ( r.iiii:i .
For Fale- by Hen L. Bar. Keystone Pharmacy.
Asthma Cure Free !
Asthmalere Brings Instant Relief and
Permanent Cure in All Cases.
Sent ABSOLUTELY FREE cn Receipt of Postal.
Write Your Name a
Rf lie:
After having It carefully analyzed, we can state that Anthmalene con'-a!n3
no opium, morphine, chloroform or eth". Very truly yours.
. Avon Springs, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1901.
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.
Gentlemen: I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested
the wonderful effect of your Astliniale n. for the cure of Asthma. My wife
has been afflicted with spasmodic asih ma for the past 12 years. Having ex
hausted rry own skill as !1 as many others, I chant-ed to see your sign
Ton your 'r.J.j.. on uuth street. New York. I at once obtained a bottle of
Asthmalene. My wife commenced taking it about the first of November. I
very soon noticed a radical improvement. After usinir one bottle her Asthma
has disappeared and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can
consistently recommend the medicine to all who are alliicted with this dis
tressing disease.
Yours respectfully. O. D. PHELPS, M. V.
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co. . Feb. 5. 1901.
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried num
erous remedies, but they have all failed. I ran across your advertisjni'nt
and started with a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have since pur
chased your full-sized bottle, and I nm ever srateful. I have a family of fur
chilelren. and fnr six years was unable to work. I am now in the best of
h'eaUh and am doing business every
use of as you see fit.
Home address, 23o Rivinston street.
Trial BotUe Sent Absolutely Fre on Ecceipt of Postal.
l)o not d.vlay. Write at once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS'. MEDICINE
CO., "9 liast 130th St., N. Y. City.
regarding beer is its purity, ihcn it:
and ncalth giving properties.
"Kfcs el oil BotCid Dean."
Lonely Homes
A home is never complete without children.
Yet many homes arc childless. Many wives an
desolate for the Lick of a child to love. Their
lives are aimless void of the high motives of
motherhood. While barrenness is causing incal.
culable sadness and sorrow, it exists in most
cases on account of some little female trouble,
which Wine of Cardui would speedily set right.
This pure Wine regulates the disordered female
organs by building up the worn out nerves and
regulating the menstrual flow. It restores the
fallen womb to its proper place. By strength
ening the generative organs, it makes preg
nancy possible where barrenness exists. You
can depend on
Suffering women all over the land have been
depending on it for seventy-five years. No
more convincing proof can be given than the
testimony of Mrs. Benson, who is only one of
thousands of women to whom Wine of Cardui
u mother ana wine or laraui win oe
rirlnjr symptom : Tlie (-a (111' AdTlsory
.Medicine Company, Chau&uooc Tenu.
nd Atldrcm Ilnirly.
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It
brings instant relief, even in the worst
cases. It cures when all else falls.
The liKV. C. K. WELLS, Of VIKa
niclsp. III., says:' '"V'our trial bottle of
Asthmalrne reef ived in good condition.
I cannot tell you how thankful I feel
for the good derived from it. I was a
slave, chained with putrid sore throat
and Asthma for ten years.: I 'deapair.d
of ever being cured. I saw your adv- r-tisemf-nt
for -the cure of this dreadful
and tormenting disease. Asthma, and
thought you had overspoken your
selves, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my asionishuu-nt, the trial acted
like a charm. Send me a full-sized
Rabbi of the Cong. Enal Israel.
New York, Jan. 3, 1901.
Drs. Taft ISros". Medicine Co.,
Gentlemen: ' Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its co.T.positlon alleviates
ail troubles which combine with As
thma. Its success is astonishing and
This testimony you can make such
C7 Kast 12Slh St., City.
Mines and Minerals of Arizona
Some time aeo The R; publlca-n an
nounc ti the fa.e of the Union mine,
owned ly John anil Fiank Luke, to W.
J. Kalney rvii a.soe-lnts or lletrolt.
Ml.'h. The !:i! iv.lp practically made
lit thai llni.'. tlmugli ii uii.M no; finally
lixp.isi-il i.r .till yiuiday.
Mr. Italney nirivcl lie c yesterday
rfioinliiK, the cash cl;nna.--d hands .and
the sale is now flna!. The mine is sit
uated in the Plae Grove district in the
Bradstawi, and is an extension of the
famous Crown King property, being; a
storehouse of gold and silver. The pur
chase pries is raid to be r,0.000. in
cluding commissions and all that goes
with a mining sale. In the way of de
velopment work I her Is a G0u-fnot tun
nel, an up-raise of 140 feet and several
other openings made on the properly.
Mr. Rainsy. and Ed Metealf, who ha
had chnrge of the property for some
limo, will probably leave Sunday morn
ing for the mine, and John Luke wi:i
ell her accompany them or go cn horse
back as lie come down.
Thin ?jle is another Illustration of
tlie fji-t that a (rood mine Is always
want d by somcbnJy. som- timi, und
the man who has one Is suie to land
on I'.sisy mrift if h - can manage to
live lonsr enough. The L'ni: n has been
worked by the Lukes f.ir the last
twenty-three years, or rath r is has
been held by them that long. The time
fca.j at last arrived when the value of
the property Is recognized and the re
ward is certainly none loo large for the
It Is understood that the new man
agement wli: begin active development
work at once, and that a mill will be
constructed cn ihe property at an early
day. ,
An Interesting Letter Emripti?. ef
Bir Mining Operations.
lx Canar.ea, Sonora, Mexico, Sept. IS.
(Special Correspondence of the
Kepulili: an.) This summer has w it
nessed a scene of great activity in the
mining distijcts of 8:iui.icar:tern Ari
zona and nollhern Mexico. The ex
penditures on "development work har.-e
been greater "perhaps than, in any pre-
I' vicus year and the movement for better
facllitlea and applian.-es has been gen
eral throughout the district. The
enterprise of greatest moment has bee:i
and 13 t.iat of the Car.anea ConsollUat.
Ied Cc-ppcr company, whose mines and
smelter plant, as is generally well
known, are situated In the La Cnnanea
group of mountain?, some 40 miles
south of NVo. the border city.
J An expenditure of slightly over i7.Uo
for freightage from Naso to the mines
induced the Greene people, ta build a
I standard guage road in to their plant.
I To obtain a concession for such a pro
position under the Mexican law, they
are compelled to connect with some
seaport within the republic's domain,
to Pan Jorge has been selected as th2
destination of the road. Between
Naco and the mines all of th-' location
and nearly all the construction work
has )een completed and some 20 miles
of track is laid. A 'party of engineers
is now in the field at rhe other end f
the line which will be compiets 1 from
the coast to save a long continental
i rail haul of construction material.
I The Old Dominion, another property of-
mis cc.Tipny Hirae miles irom ine
coast, will be connected with this
through line and it is chiefly to create
ah outlet for thut mine, that the work
is being pushed from thrtt end. It !
understood that a first reserve of J800.
00O has been set aside for use or) this
At the mines rapid progress is being
made toward completing the narrow
, gauge road w-hich hauls the ore into the
! smelter. Three miles of track has been
. laid and this much of the line Is now .r.
I operation supplying ore from the larg
est mine. Grading on the balance of
the line is nearlng completion, but .is
the work is all side hIM and In a tough
"ock formation it is not hoped to have
the full line in running order before
Christmas This narrow gauge will be
nine miks in length and connect -the
smelter with six different ore produc
ing shafts.
At the smelter Improvements are go
ing on apace. Another Mitche;i hot
blast furnace is now In operation and
three mors are ordered to be erected
as fast as possible. This will make a
birry of six furnaces of the largest,
and latest pattern, which "Will have n
dally capacity of nearly S25.0QO. s.
large new pattern flue-dust brl.'k
maker is now enabling the company to
utilize all the rich flue dust entirely,
which was' previously- very crudely
handled and with itreat waste. This
means quite a saving to this plant as
a large percentage of this dust runs
srme 65 per cent copper. A magnifi
cent new power hotrs?- is now in course
of construction and when completed
will e tand as one of the best plants In
the southwest. . The machinery and
building foundations are all of solid
stone masonry and the plant wiii be of
capacity equal to supplying air pres-
su:e to the smelter as well as electric
power to light the works, the camp and
al the mines. Wires are now being
strung to carry electrre rorce and
j lighting power to all of the trine,
whose shafts and main tunnels and
drifts will be provided with incan
descent lamps. The facilities for slur
dumping are being improved, the trol
ley line being changed and extended
i and' new turtle-back dumping motors
( having been ordered.
Relative to the mines it can, truly He
said' that the work is now 'farbeyond
the -prospecting stage as is witnessed
i by these many and heavy expenditures
fn Improvements. . I'ndoibtertly the
I Cananea's are destined to be among the
I first on the list of the world's greatest
copper producers, . as a trip oyer the
properti-s will soon convince any one.
The ores generally will reatrfi a high
er percentage in copper than those of
the Copper Queen at IJisbee, although
Ithey will not run as high in sold and
silv r as side products. The ore now
being rmelted will average well up :o
j 14 pe-- renr and a. lltt'e belter, although
In- view of the expense of wagon haul-
, Ing and the prospects of soon usint t'ie
railroad, enormous quantities cf en-:l;y
worked lower grade ores have be.en
di-nipe-i awaiting r-ture -develonients.
All the workable ores will be used n
plans are now out for a concentrating
mill soon to be constructed and thiouzh
which the lowest grades will be.run.to
facilitate their handling.
The geological formation of the
claims Is chlefiy limestone and decom
posed Iron and the ores are heavy sui-'
phides In th limestone and the oxld?m
f j'njipcr together with native eopp-T
In the Iron ores. This Is n happy com
blr. at I in as the o:es can be fed In pro
per proportions to be self fluxing, thus
nolnif away -with the expense of provid
ing flux s. Such ores as thefe are also
(enerally soft orea and very easily
worked both In the mines and in the
process of smelting and yield a !:ig
w hl;h separates nicely from the matte.
The matte now being shipped asas
shade over 0 per rent copper, with
careful attention. But the foundation
and parts of the walla are up. the pita
are dug, and most of the machinery is
on the ground, for a first class con
verter plant which will accommodate
sir converters In operation and about
twice that number In the process of
repair;, cleaning and rellnlng. This
plant is being built some r,0 feet from
the furnaces and will ext'nd along a
line p.irall. 1 to tiiem, no that each fur-r-ic
will li:iv a convoi ur dircr-tly
nppnoite It. The matte will be trans
ferred from t he furnaces to the con
verters by the aid of a huge traveling
carriage operated by electricity, and t i
constructed that It will have two mc-
tiens. one along lha line cf fuma-es and
one across brtween the furnaces and
converters. From the converters, which
r of the latest and brut pattern, bul
lion of slightly over 98 per cent pur
ity will be obtained.
The t'.iuth Blsbee shaft, on th? south
side of the same ransre In which the
Copper Queen Is located. Is now down
about S00 feet and a few prospect drifts
have been run into the hlrl without any
resu'is. but this Is not surprising as in?
haft is sunk with the intention i f
meeting the some mother veins as apn
Pf:tr In the rpray and Czar shafts In
Lishee. To do this a .:epth of 1500 to
iliuo feet mus. be rr jehed as the dip of
the veinsdii they imilto th Ir appearance
I'vlhe Utt-r iiiine.i is aoout 10 degrees.
T.ie shaft is steudily belnj! excavated
tu thli end anj If th? enterprise is suc
cessful it will mean another big copp-r
producer u-pllcatlng the Copper
due en. The hifhre West shaft Is now
iJowr 500 feet and orders have been re
ceived to nlnk 500 more, the intention
being the same as In the case of the
South Hisbce, as these two claims nri!
nearly contiguous and th-- formations
on the surface are nearly the sanu
The owners of the laist named have
filed on twenty-two claims surrcmvliuff
it and If successful in their venture In
tend to deve'op the property into a large
producer. The White Tail Deer south
west of Eisbee some 15 miles, is being
Prcipected and has been reported to
have shewn upeomo good cop:vr vein-!.
Whether the ore occurs in paying
quantities is not yet known but the
prorpec is promising and the owners
will sonn know as it is bing rapidly
opened up. The property comprises u
series of 23 claims and is very favor
ably situated for a mine if development
woik reveuls such.
The Phe'ps Dodge people have com
pleted their standard gauge Into ilor
er.cl and are making regular shipments
of bullion from their smelter and mine
there. The engineer corps has been
moved to Deming. N. M., as woi k is to
be pushed from there to both El Pas.i
and Risbce. . The Southern Pacifij
company Is tearing up a large portion
of its track between Benson and Tuc
son and is laying 80-pound rails. The
lighter rails taken up will be used n
the branch which is now under con
struction to connect with the Cananea
io:l4 at Naco. It is .current report
that the Southern Pacific has receive 1
assurance .from the Greene people thnt
I: will be a'lowed to handle all
Cananea freight.
Short Comment on a Number of Good
Kin Log Properties.
The latest issue of the Prospect con
tains the following information regard
ing l'avaijai mines:
The road to the Rrk feller mine,
which iajor A. J. Plckr-11 purchased
frcm French and Putnam, has juFt
been complated. This week the new
hoist and 'a 40-horse power boiler weie
hauled to the mine. Tney have been
packing enough ore from the Rocke
feller, about two and a half miles, to
Major Pickreli' mill on the Hassa
yampa, to keep It going twelve hours
a day, but will haul the or? now that
the road is finished nd will likely run
steadily day and night. A new. 00
horse power engine ha been placed In
the milt and John IlarUrn. an old time
engineer and mill man who was for
merly at th? Senator. 13 In charge of
the plant. The values are extracted
from the ores by the use of stamps,
amalgamating plates nnd Frue van
ners. At the Crook mine which is being
opened by the Penn Gota Mining com
pany, the people who also own the
iuud Hole and the Octave properties.
Doc Lewis Is supe: intendent and El
Foltz foreman. They are drifting at
ures nt, but as the depth on the Cro-ik
is onJy 150 feet, sinking will probably be
'the next thing in order. The Penn com
pany has a great faculty far getting
down deep in the ground and they have
been Eplendldly rewarded for their ef
forts and the expenditure of caplt il
they huve made on the Mud Hole and
Octave mines. Th"y are both magni
ficent properties.
Lew Riley, the Groom creeR mei
chant and miner, has the contract for
sinking the rhaft on the Little Johnnie
ICO fe:t for Bell and Collins. Mr. Riley
expects to have the contract completed
by the first of October. The Little
Johnnie is a good claim and is owned
by gentlemen who are in a position fin
ancially to open it up and -make a pro
ducing mine of it. It is located in the
Hassayampa district.
George Wood has started sinking on
the Golden Fleece. This is the Lynx
creek rroperty .he .purcha2d from W.
S. Corner. .F-Arties who are interested
with Mr. Wood are expected here from
the east on the lutn. and upon their
arrival and Ir jpectlon of thymine, it I?
p: enable-thrrK extensive development
will be pursued and that the work v. Ill
be pushed to the utmost in order !o
open up the Golden Fleece as soon is
posfibl? and get it? ores ready for ex
traction. Mr. WooJ was alsi th? pur-
chaser at- Wm..-rHaaaon - "tfammoth
mine on Slate creek ami will probably
begin operations there too, shortly.
It Is expected that Mr. Dugene, the
Chicago millionaire, who owns the Sul
tan mine on the Santa Maria, seven
miles below the Hillside road crossing,
will renew operations on that property
before tLe first of January. The Sul
tan could probably, be made one of the
most important mines and largest pro
ducers in Y.tvapul county, and It is not
likely to remain closed down.
ilelinliely. -
Parties In'Presoott who Invested In
the Modem Copper Mining convpany's
stock cannot fail to be Interested and
pleased with the circular letter issued
by the company on September 3. It
"Since issuing letter No.' 2. consider
able progress has been made in sinking,
-.ni with the most gratifying results.
At a depth of about eighty feet we
encountered the copper glance thtt
props out of the surface about flfy
feet from the nhaft. The last sam
ples taken from this vein averaged
2S.3 per cent copper 10 ounces in silver
and. j In xold. which Is about $140 per
torn The vein Is welt defined and per
manent, the extent of which cannot be
told until crossuts both ways are run
w hieh will be dnneut the IfiO-rcot level.
Our future is now assured, the only
question seemingly Is how rk-l the
mine may be." Journal-Miner.
Have you a -ense of fullness In ihe
region of your stomach after eating?
If so you wi be benefited by using
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab.
lets. They also cure belching and sour
stomach. They regulate the bowels.
too. Price. 23 cents. Sold by Elvev
& Hulett.
An American Freed in Mexico by Sec
retary Blaine. -v
"The stories that have appeared re
cently Ira the Star about the treatment
of American railroad men 4n Mexico re
mind:! me," t-aid a newspaper man in
the lobby of the Midland hotel, Kansas
City, rncently, "of a case In which I
was myself conerneJ. Down there.
you kn.iw, nearly sJI the trouble l
caused by the ignorance or the stu.'i
birnness of the alcaldes or jus-ices of
the peace and the jefes politico, who
are the equ-ivali-nt there to our chiefs
-of police. When you get one of the
alc&ides after you the tlmo lias come to
leave t'ne country. If you can.
"I was in Mexico Just after rhe Mex
ban Ce-ntral hod been opened to the
City of Mexico, and we uri to have
some peculiar experiences. It was no
unusual thing-for a peon to stand on
the tiack in front of an approaching
train and stay there till knocked out of
the way. Sometimes the train would
be stopped anil the crew w ould foicibly
remove the headstrong Indian. But
the peons were not alone in this sort
or foolishness; plenty of Mexicans
were killed In the same way.
"I've seen more than one locomotive
chained to- the track and -held as evi
dence, and I've seen tt done, not on a
siding, but out on the main line, where
An accident had happened. I know of
numerous prisons in Msxico where
Americans have been confined. for years
without trial, some of them railroad
mn, others men who had committed
some offense against the Saw in some
town or city. There Is a prison about
twenty-five miles southeast of Jlm
luco within wheae walls are four or
five Americans who never will see their
own country again unless somethinir
be done soon. None of them ever was
tried, so far as I could learn, ten years
ago. The old prison a-t Matamoras.
too, could tell a story to make the bloivi
boll in the veins of every American cit
izen. Protection? It's a'll rank non
sense to -talk about protection from the
ptaie department. I've lived all over
Mexico and have seen all manner of
trouble at vne time or another. I've
seen Americans apply time and again
to uheir minister for protection, and in
variably they -were given the same re
Ply, 'we must go slowly in such mat
ters; diplomacy, my dear sir, demands
it.' This is not wild talk: is the
oe-tuat truth, and every American in
Mexico who Is not hunting for r
ceion will bear me out in the state
ment. WJiy Is it you see so few- Eng
lishmen or Germans or French in the
prisons in Mexico? Simply because
when one of those nationalities is un
justly treated or is kept without a trial
beyond a reasonable period the English
or the ('erman or the French minister
goes to Mr. Diaz and has a short talk.
Just what they say I don't know, but
I do know that In all my travels down
there I never found an Bngaishm-ari im
prisoned unjustly. Their motto seorn3
to be, 'Get the man and ta'lk Inter."
"Yes, I'm coming to my story. I
ehall not tell you the name of the man
whr suffered, because "h- Is now in
business in California. In 18S0 this
man Jones will do went to Mexico o
work In tlie silver mines that -Me under
the city of Zacatecas. One night he
drank too much mescal or aguadiente
and started to knock the Mexicans and
peons out of his way. FinaHy he killed
one and that settled tt Five or six
policemen took trim, almost a maniac,
to the penitentiary that grim, white
pile of masonry not far from the mint.
Any one that has visited Mexico knows
what aguadiente will' do for a Eui-opean
or an American. It sets them, crazy.
Jones went crazy and stayed that way
for months.- When he regained his
senses lie found himself in a fllthv
stone cell with one little window high
up fitted with strong tron bars. That
was the beginning of Jones' punish
ment. When he asked for a trial his
keepers laughed at him. When he re.
quested paper and pencil he was Jeered
"The years went by and JVmea
changed from a brown-haired .man of
sunny disposition to a grave and silent
prisoner whose locks were "iiite as
snow. He spoke to no one, not even
to his jailers. From his window he
could look across at the mint and -the
postoflice department: lie could see
people passing, and occasionally he
thought he saw an American. But this
only made him cry like a loy. for he
was miles away, it might have been
hundreds of miles, and none could hear
his voice. As he grew older Jot be-p-an
to lose hope. Thin he began to
catch hlmnelf acting nueerly at times,
and elso he talked to hrcnrelf. He to'.d
me aftetward that this was all. that
kept him from forgetting his mcther's
tongue, for he never saw a book or a
"In the 3ummer of 1S87 I went to the
state of Zacatecas to write up the sli
ver mines that were Just then having a
'boom.' I chose the capital of the etat
as headquarters, and put up at the
Zacatecano hotel, net two blocks from
the old penitentiary. As I walk-d
daily to the postoflice I took to watch
ing the windows of the great prison,
and tried' often to determine whether
the faces I saw through the bars were
white or copper colored, and -ctne day I
was ready to ru-ear that I sow a hanl
waving- through the hnrs In one of thi
fourth Ktory windrvx Iing 1
wjilched to assure myself of the truth
of this, und then I hastened to the hotel
for my field glasses, holding my hat
aloft as I ran.
"With my glasses I saw a country
man at the prison window signaling me
to come to him. It didn't take me long
to act. . My paper was a power in that
country Just then, for through its col
umns many of the state officials hoped
to exploit their . "tin enterprises.
The governor, old Rodriguez, was es
pecially anxious to keep in. with the
press and what was more he belonged
to the Casino, one of the wealthiest
c-lub in the state, and I had been his
guest there. Tnis means a great deal
in Mexico. A Mexican will do very
near anythrne for b'" guest..
"I called on the governor "that eve
ning at the palace. Tie was Just
martins for the club, as I expected,
nnd invited me to accompany him. 1
needn't go into the whole thing. It's
enough to eay that I visited the peni
tentiary the next day with a letter thnt
passed me through every dcor in the
place So far as I could lewrn I was
the first visitor seen within those walls
for many years. The officials were
dumfounded. They looked from, my let
ter to me and then at each other. Then
they put. their heads together and
talked. After a few minutes cne of the
guards started with me through the
"I found Jones in a little cell on the
fourth story. When he saw me and
heard my voice he acted like a wild
man and would not be satisfied until I
had been admitted to his cell. There
he fell on my neck and wept like
child. It was twenty minutes before
the poor fellow was able tv talk and
even then he spoke slowly and, halting
ly, like one w ho uses n languaa-e almost
forgotten. Jones' story was the most j
I-itinble recital I ever listened to. He
h-jd nev-r so muc?h as been before a
Justice. On the word of a few peons he
had been locked up and kept for over
seven years without any semblance of
a trial. He had never written a letter
In seven years: had never seen a news
paper or a magazine, nor had he ever ,
ioken a word of Engliih except to
himself. j
"From Jones' e-tory I knew that in his
own home in California he had been a I
perion of some note and this decided
me in laying out my future plans. The
first thing I did was to communicate
w th Senator William Hearst of Cali
fornia. The senator had -left ash
ington when my letter arrived and It
fo!loved him to San Francisco. I
took a month for him to get around to
that letter. He referred it to the state,
department, and the way that James
ii. Blaine did hustle that case was a
caution. In exactly twenty days after
my letter aetuallly reached the state de
partment Jones was a, free man and
was on his way to' California. Some
day when he needs money Jones : i
going to write a book about his life
in the penitentiary at Zacatecas."
Kansas City Star.
When you want a pleasant physic try
the new remedy. Chamberlain's Stom
ach nnd Liver Tablets. They are eajpy
to take and pleasant In effect. Price,
23 cents. Samples free at Elvey
Hulett's drug store.
Yuma Is to Have Telephone System to
County Towns.
Articles of incorporation of the Colo
rado River Telephone company .were
filed In the office of the county recorder
yesterday, the object and purpose of
which is the construction and mainteu
ane of a telephone line from Yuma to
Plcache, Elirenburg, Tyson's We!K
and other point?.. The incorporators
are John Gandolfo, Althee Modestl, K.
F. Sar-Jguinrttl. Frank Blaisdell ,R. P. i
H. Laney. F. H. Brads-haw and R. tf.
Patterson of the Bank of Yuma. It U '
unnecessary to dwell upon the import
ance of the construction of this line,
which will -bring- Yuma in. instant
communication with points from 25 to
100 miles distant, located In the live and
promising mining districts of Yuma
county. It Is not expected that the
company will be a dividend payer from
the start, but the indirect benefit to ,
ium.1 cannot 'help being considerable.
The Incorporators are entitled- to much
credit for thir enterprise. The line
will be put hrough without delay.
"Yes, the last act of my college car
eer made an Vvptimfst of me." mused
the graduate, whore sheepskin, showed
that he had a look forward of three
years to his triennial!. "I am persuaded
that every college should have a chair
for the propagation of honesty in the
sale cf old furniture, and have a Prof.
Gates to fill it.
"Didn't you know Gates? Why,
was as mirch a part of the college as
the president himself. I don't know
but that he -was a more Important part:
certainly my last Interview with him
impressed m? more than anything the
president said in his baccalaureate ad
dress. "Gates was short on flesh, but long
In the hearts of the boys. - He .bought
their old furniture. He didn't have
much tss do except to sweep up a little
now and then and look down the col
lege well for stray freshmen. He was
a bear on furniture in tne spring and
a bull In the market in the fall. You
w ill understand by this that he bought
all the old traps the seniors had to sell
in the coHege-days-are-almost-over
season and resold them to the freshies
when they came in with the September
equinoctialL The beauty of Gates was
that he would buy anything let him
name his own price.
"I remember with awe the hush and
solemnity that attended the final ser
vices in the college church, when th
president began. 'Young gentlemen,
members of the -graduating -alass." But
somehow they did not set my heart a
flutter half as much as did -Gate on
the following day. when he came to my
room to set a price on my belongings.
We haggled a little ever tiie chaitf ami
the bedstead, but came to an agree
ment when I threw in - the studo.t
Shampoo CL
Toilet Soap
A tonic and a treat. It
' makes u clean bead and a
, r Irar complexion. ' Excel
. lent I.r licth. Removes the
greasy, shiny appearance.
Stops hair from falling out.
Cures Dandruff, Brittle Hair,
Itching and all Scalp
Troubles. Guaranteed to
cure or money refunded.
Awarded medals and special
favors at Paris Exposition.
Coke Dandruff Cure is good
enough to have many imita
tors. You be good enough tn
demand the genuine. Sol i
',j A. R. BREMER CO., Chlcagu.
lamp. It had had a grmd many hard
knocks in four years, and I thought a
final throw Wouldn't hurt It. Then
came the question of the carpet.
" 'Now, Mr. Gates.' said I, "what will
you give me for that fine carpet?'
"He looked at the rag from- this point
of view and from that. He poked with
his foot at several worn spots sfd
turned back a flap by pulling out a few
tacks, just to emphasize the fact hat
the carpet had been turned. Finally
he straightened up and said:
"'Well, sir, I don't think it's a very
fine carpet.'
"But there I had a reply fr him.
" 'Hold on now. Gates." I said. junt
recall howl you praised it when you
sold it to me four years ago.'
"That seemed to stagger him a little
and he wanted- to know what I would
tuke for JL I told hiii that I wasn't
setting any price on it, but w as waiting
for bids. I was eyeing him clom'iy and
presently detected by the way he stroo
ped his chin with the bat-k of his right
ham that he -had: evMved an idea.
" 'I'll tell, you what I'll do.' said Gates.
I'll mark with you."
" "Mark w ith me? What do you mean
by that.' said I.
"'Why. I'll mark on a slip of pap2r
what I'll give for carpet.' he. re
plied, 'and you'll maik on another silo
w-at vou'il take .for it. Then we'll
split the difference and I'll give you
wha'f ver it is."
" 'Agrfed,' said I, and we marked.
"Well nnd this is what crowhed th
close of. my college course with optim
ism and sent me out into the cc-M world
a believer in a public conscience
Gates marked $12 and marked $8."
New York Sun.
Uncls Ephraiin's rusty hat droops
humbly over bis black nnd wrinkled
forehead: hiB coat pockets are sagging
away from his coat: one knee is cov
ered with a blue patch, the other one
with a white on? sewjd on with black
thread: his shoes are ful: of holes, and
it would puzzle any one to declare the
original color cf any article of his ap
parel. He pulls off his drooping hat as
he looks oyer my. garden fence, and
gives me a smile that makes me feel
better for an hour. "Miss Alice," he
sslts. cheerfully.-"you don't know no
'body that wants ter hire nobody to d
nothin' fer 'em dis mawnin', does you?"
Harper's Magazine.
"I want to buy a monument fer
Maria's gTave." said the BillvUle clE
Irerr. (
"A large one?" "
"Wrp. I reckon 'bout ten ton will do.
It'll take Jest 'bout that much to hold
her down. Atlanta Constitution.-
(viime ell's
Not in Nature
for anyone to always feci tired. There
it no need to drag out an csiatence
without ambition.
Weak nerves are responsible for lan
guor, depression, debility and varico
Diseased nerves, whether due to over
work, over-indulgence or any other
cause, can be made strong as steel by
the use of
They tone onrl Invigorate every orjrnn
of the body, soothe and strengthen the
nerves and transform broken down
men and women into strong, healthy,
vigorous, ruddy-cheeked persons. If
you find this isn't so, you get your
money back,
$1.00 per box; 0 boxes (with gusran
tee, o.00. Book free. j?E&i, MEDI
CINE Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
for sale by elvt:y & hulett.
iP&lf' t

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