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The Arizona Republican
GRO. W. Vic-kem, (resident and 0n. Manager
Exclusive Morning Associated ' Press
Tha only Perfecting Press In Arizona.
The only battery of linotypes In Arl
Eona. Publication office: M-98 East Adams
street. Telephone No. 471.
Entered at the poatomce at Phoenix,
Arisona, as mail matter of the second
By tnatl. dally, one year ........$9 00
Weekly, one year 1.00
Cash in advance.
Dally, per month $ .75
The vigorous manner In which the
rnmpalgn for statehood has been taken
up In the three terri
THB tor-leu or Arisona, New
EASTERN Mexico and Oklahoma
ATTITUDE has called out already
TOWARD a sufficient volume of
STATEHOOD, comment from the
newspapers of the
states to give a" fair knowledge of the
existing state of public opinion on the
Upon the whole, these expressions
are friendly to our aspirations, and
much more favorably than at any time
in the past. It may be said as to the
different sections, that the western
fr,.ites are altogether f:iend'y. the mid
dle states kindly disposed an! willing
to - be convinced, and the eastern
states not unfriendly, but at the same
time rather skeptical as to the" pro
priety of admitting; Arisona and New
Mexico. There is nothing discourag
ing in the situation. On the contrary,
thera Is every encouragement to go
ahead with energy. The following ex
tracts from recent editorials In the
New York Sim and the Pvovilence
Journal are fair expressions of the at
titude of the- eastern seaboard. Says
the Sun:
Two "Statehood" conventions are to
be held In the territories of New
Mexico and Arizm-a, at Albuquerque
in the former on Oct. 14 and in Phoe
nix in the latier on Oct. 26. New Mex
ico, organised as a territory in WSO,
had, by the last federal ctnsu. a pop
ulation of 195.000. Arizona, established
as a territory In 1863, had by the same
census a population of 122.000. In re
spect to population, both territories
have the requisite number of Inhabi
tants, and accurdlng to precedents ter
ritories seeking admission as states
have n better opportunity of favorable
treatment by congress If such, applica
tions be made In the year succeeding
a presidential election, and at a time
when political consideration do not
This year there will be no partisan
benefit to be derived by the admission
or rejection or the claims of these ter
ritories to statehood. New Mexico
went republican1 :ast year by 3.700 ma
jority: Arizona went democratic by
1.000. The agitation for their admis
sion is to "be car: led on In co-operation,
and the large increase In the
population as well as in the industry
and resources of the southwest since
1S90 Is believed to assure a more fa
vorable consideration of their de
mands than they received ten years
ago. Of the tarrltories In the north
west, then admitted, Wyoming has
now 92.000 population, or iO.000 less
than Arizona, still a territory, and
Idaho has 161,000, 34.000 less than New
In the agitation In progress in Ari
zona and New Mexico, local organiza
tions, boards of trade, manufacturers'
associations, and-"other similar bodies
are taking part. The governor of Ari
sona will speak at the New Mexico
statehood convention, and the governor
of New Mexico will address the Ari
zona convention later.
It was expected that the New Eng-
I have been thinking of writing to
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and a half old, ami he. was under the
I doctor's treatment for five long years.
We spent all we made for doctor's bills,
and it did no- good. He could not eat
anything only a little milk and cracker,
and sometimes even this would make
him sick, and he got very weak ; could
not sit up all day, and I gave up all hope
of his ever getting any better. Looking
over one of your books I noticed Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery rec
ommended for indigestion. We bought
some and gave to our boy. Two bottles
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pray that God will always bless you and
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land states would be more or less un
friendly to the. admission of the ter
ritories, and the hardest work will be
required "with the senators an repre
sentatives from that section. The New
England attitude is Very well ex
plained by the Providence Journal: -
At Albuquerque, ' New Mexico, on
Monday, & statehood convention will
be held, and at Phoenix, Arisona, on
the 26th of the month, a . similar
gathering will take place. So much In
earnest ate the Arisona advocates of
admission to the union that the gover
nor himself has Issued a proclamation
calling the convention. The holding of
two assemblies on so nearly the same
date suggests co-operation between the
two territories and this Is the under
standing of the situation at Phoenix,
according to a dispatch from that
place. What results can be gained
by a united movement that could not
be obtained singly It Is difficult to
Judge. Perhaps the promoters think
that the outcome will be a petition
asking for the erection of one state
put of the two territories, owing to
the sparseness of their population.
This, however, does not seem prob
able. The territories have had defi
nite statehood ambltlonB for some
years and each has more inhabitants
now than some of the present mem
bers of the union had at the time of
their admission. New Mexico, Indeed,
could not be kept out of the union In
definitely on the seote of numbers,
for she has a population of two hun
dred thousand: but the character of
her population has militated against
her. There Is a large Mexican ele
ment in It. and many of these "Ameri
cans" are not proficient In Anglo
Saxon speech and chlrography. The
census bulletin for New Mexico, pub
lished In August, does not show how
large the Spanish-speskl-ng element In
the population Is, confining Itself as
It does to the division of native-born
from foreign-born Inhabitants. Doubt
less many of the more Ignorant in
habitants of the territory were born
on Its soil, so that the actual condi
tion of affairs cannot be told from a
study of the census office returns.
The population of Arizona Is less
thsn that of New Mexico, but It has
ordinarily been regarded as superior in
quality. There has been a large New
England Invasion of the territory and
much eastern capital Is Invested
there.' The soil is arid until watered
by irrigation, when It blossoms like
the rose. In both territories there
are rich mineral deposits, and where
water has been Introduced by arti
ficial means the most various crops
have been raised. The future of both
looks bright, but many of us woulJ
be unwilling to see either admitted as
a state at the present time, when the
inequality of population among the
present membeis of the union Is sa
startling. New York has more than
7.000.000 inhabitants. Nevada less than
43.000. To say that we let some of our
westerly states In before they had as
many inhabitants as Arisona and New
Mexico have does not furnish a con
clusive argument In behalf of these
two. Because we were unwise on one
occasion does not justify us In em
phasizing our unwisdom. , Moreover,
there is a territory that deserves to
be admitted before these aspirants.
Oklahoma has a population of half
a million and Is far better equipped
In all the essentials of an American
commonwealth than New Mexico and
The suggestion that Ailzona and
New Mexico may be admitted as one
state is. of course, an absurdity. The
territories are co-operating because
each recognizes the manifest rights of
the other to statehood.
. The Journal Is deservedly one of the
most influential papers in New Eng
land. It is edited with exceptional
ability and fairness, and for It The
Republican entertains much respect.
We therefore consider It worth while
to ask the Journal if It really con
siders that the mere question of pop
ulation should be a governing factor
in dectdldlng the question of state
hood for these territories? The cita
tion of New York is unfortunate, be
cauee the rule therein Implied would
force a comparison between that state
and Rhode Island to the misfortune of
the latter, .in point of population and
wealth. Yet no American citizen ques
tions the propriety of a representation
of Rhode Island Id the United States
senate on an equality with New York.
The relatively small population of Ari
sona is one of the most unanswerable
arguments for statehood. As the Jour
nal knows, this territory has undevel
oped resources which under a state
government would speedily make this
one of the moot wealthy and populous
western states. So long as we are In
territorial vassalage our growth will be
slow xasperatlngly slow, to the
minds of our nervously energetic and
enterprising people. As we have ex
plained before, territories are regarded
with suspicion by our fellow ' citizens
of the east: unjustly. It is true, for life
and property are as secure here as at
any spot in the union, and the laws
are administered with as much ability
and fairness. But the very word "ter
ritory" raises up to the eastern mind a
vision of the frontier set in a frame
work of lawlessness. A study of the
history of any western, state discloses
the fact that real growth and1 pros
perity began only when statehood was
granted. It Is unfair to bid our people
to become rich and powerful before
asking for the privilege of self-gov-
i ernment, because great wealth and
power and population come only with
statehood. It Is as If we should he
bidden to run while encumbered with
an "Oregon boot."
New Mexico Is able to speak for her-
j self, but it is proper here to say that
j her Mexican population Is Infinitely su
perior In Intelligence, wealth and civic
virtues to the foreign citizens In the
factory tnwtw of ,lhe east. And as a
state New Mexico' will rapidly fill up
with the best' American citizenship.
The dea,'.b of Lorenao Enow, the ven
erable president of the Mormon
church, closed a remarkable career
: and deprived the state of Utah of one
of Its most valuable citizens. He had
KILL &7$
THIS fcWfh)
That clusters Around
"Destroy tha cause yon remevs
the effect" .
eradicates the germ, promotes the,
growth of the hair. For sale by all
druggists. Price $1.00. a
the esteem of all his fellow citizens. Ir
respective of creed. . Born In Ohio In
1814. and an active participant in the
affairs of the church of his ohoeen
faith from Its foundation, his life was
a long chapter of experiences out of the
ordinary. Ah a missionary he visited
nearly ull parts of the world, and as a
pillar of the church while at home and
as a pioneer in building up the terri
tory cf Utah he impressed the people
with his strong Individuality.
There Is a new cure for consump
tion. One coming from a distinguished
member of the medl-
NEW cal frate.nity Dr.
CURB FOIt Hoff ct Vienna and
CONSUMPTION, which lis has given
to the world without
charge in the hope of being of service
to mankind purely an evidence of sin
rcrity. Phoenix physicians might do
well to give the new remeiy n trial. Dr.
H.iff states that It is the rnult of
years of expx-rience and investigation
In treating consumption. The formula
as given by him Is as follows:
Acid arsenic. .1.
Kal. carbon, dtp. .1.
Acid clnnarny'.lc, .3.
Aqua destlll. .5.
t'oque usque ad perfeetam ailu
tionem: delntie adJe cognac 2.5.
Exlr, laudan. aqua. .3.
Uuod In, aqua destlll. 2.5.
P. lutum et deinde flliiaium fuii.
TranslaU-d into English this reads as
follows: ' Arsenic acid 1 part, carbo
nate of potash 2 parts, clnnomylllc acid
3 parts, and distilled water 5 parts;
heat until a perfect solution Is ob
tained, then add 25 parts of cognac and
3 parts of watery exlra.-l of opium
which has been dissolved In lil pa: ts
of water ami filtered."
Dr. Hoffs statements and speclfica-Ih-riA
regarding the remedy and his
treatment are as follows: - "At first
take fix drops after dinner and supper,
gradually inc reasing to 22 drops."
He states that he has tried- the rem
edy on twenty patients from the low
est cl-aascs who had been long undiir
observation. Mild cases were quirkly
cured, acid rartlal cures were soon
brought about In severer cases. The
appetite am weight were Increased
steadily, the fever . lowered, night
sweats, Insomnia .and asthmatic symp
toms lessened, cough decreased, irri
rattle stepped. The patients are asked
only to keep the kidneys In order. The
duration of the treatment deiends en
tirely upon the condition of the pa
tient. Mild cases are cured in two
months, but the more severe require
a year or two. Dr. Hoff says he does
not claim for the solution the power of
a magic wand, which cuies at touch;
but he can state this that one of his
patients had cavities In the lungs big
enough to put one's flst Into, yet he
was cured in about two years. It is
absolutely necessary that the solution
Catarrh has become such a common
disease that a person entirely free from
this disgusting complaint is seldom met
-with. It is customary to speak of Catarrh
as nothing more serious than a bad cold,
a simple inflammation of the nose and
throat. It is, in fact, a complicated and
very dangerous disease ; if not at first, it
Very soon becomes so.
The blood is quickly contaminated by
the foul secretions, and the poison through
the general circulation is carried to all
parts of the system. "
Salves, washes and snravs are unsatis.
factory and disappointing, because they da
not reacn trie seat ot tne troutue. t. b. a.
does. It cleanses the blood cf the poison
and eliminates from the system all catar
rhal secretions, and thus cures thoroughly
and permanently tire worst cases.
Mr. T. A. Williams, a leading dry.goode mer
chant of Kpartatiburx, S. t, write : -' I-oc ycaxe
A naa a severe case o(
nasal CAtarrh. with all
the disagreeable effects
which belong to that
disease, and whicli
make life painful and
unendurable. . I used
medicines pi escribed by
leading phvs.ciatis sua
ugite-.ted hy numbers
of friends, but without
?;etting euy better. I
ben liegan to take S. R.
effect, and cured lue
alter laktiic richteen tt-Saa
boillea. In my opinion S. S. S. istlieouly medi
cine low in use lliat will effect a pcriuaueutcurs
of Catarrh." ' l '
is the only purely veg
etable blood purifier
known, and the great. 1
est of all blood medi
cines and tonics. - I
If you have Catarrh don't wait until It
becomes deep-seated and chronic, but be
gin at once the use of S, S. S., and send
for our booh on Blood and Skin Diseases
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should be taken after eating, when the
stomach is full. The treatment must
not be forced by Increasing the doses.
As long as the patient chows signs of
Improvement the dusa should not be
Increased. It ts sometimes beneficial
to reduce the dose.
Senator Perkins' new Apache county
paper, "Snips," is such a creditable
publication that there Is no reason at
all why it should be burdened with
such a name.-
Wlckenburg's excellent weekly, the
News-Herald, la now printed at home,
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prosperity of that great camp.
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nature Is on each bos. iGc.
The poem below- is reprinted at the
request of readers who had noted tha
first two verses qtiot d on this page
some days ago:
I cannot say, and t -will not say
That he 1 dead he Is Just swey.
With a cheery nmlle and a wave of the
He has wandered Into an unknown
And left us dreaming how very fair
It needs must bf. since he lingers there.
And you oh, you who the wildest
For the old-time step and the glad re
turn Think of him as faring on. Us dear
lu the love of there us the love of here.
Mild and gentle as he was brae. '
When the sweetest love in life he gave
To simpler thlnfrs, where the rlole's
Pure as the eyes th.y were likened ti.
The tourhes of bis hands have stayed
As reverently r.s the lips have prayed:
When the little brown thrush thai
harshly . chirred
Was dear to him as th mocking bird:
And he pitied Cs much- as a man In
A writhing honeybee wet with rain.
Think of him still the same, I say.
He ts not dead he Is Just away!
James Whltcomb Riley.
Henderson Grimett of this place was
stricken with partial paralysis and
completely lost the use of one arm and
one side. After being treated by an
eminent physician for quite a while
without relief, my wife recommended
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and after
using two bottles of It he is almost en
tirely cured. Geo. R. McDonald, Ma;u
Logan county, W. Va. Several other
very remarkable cures of partial paral
ysis have been effected by the use of
this linlment.s It is most widely known,
however, as a cur for rheumatism,
spialns and bruises. Sold by Elvey &
Only one recourse Is now open to the
three daughters of the wealthy and ec
centric starch manufacturer, Kdgar
Duryea. If they still desire to break his
will, by which they were left only $10-),-000
out of an estate thought to' be val
ued at nearly $2,500,000. On September
25 Justice Smith or the New York su
preme court presiding, a jury sitting In
the test case of Mrs. Grace Bpriggs.
one of the daughters. In a suit to hav;
the will set aside, returned a verdict
sustaining Its validity. To have the
case reopened the contestant must
now take It to the court of appeals. A
rather unusual feature of the trial was
that no witnesses were examined, and
the proceedings consisted merely In
reading to the jury a certified copy of
the evidence previously given before
the surrogate. If finally sustained this
will put about $2,500,000 Into the hands
of Walter Duryea, the testator's son,
who enjavs the rather unique distinc
tion of being alive with a broken neck,
caused by diving In shallow water the
treatment of his case being one of the
most remarkable In the records of sur
gery. a a
. A hew dignity and added Importance
are given to the telephone through s
recent decision by Judge Burke of the
circuit court of Baltimore, sustaining
the legality of an affidavit thus male
ond taken "over the wire." Osborne T.
Yellott was some time ago appointed
receiver of the Mauer Lumber com
pany, whose business is in Baltimore
county. Subsequently officers of th?
corporation petitioned the court to
have the appointment set aside on the
ground of alleged illegal -proceedings
incident to the preliminary steps In the
case, as follows: When Mr. Yellot.
was teady to file the necessary papers
asking for a receiver he had Mr. Oobs
come tb the long distance telephone at
Cincinnati, and Justice Thomas Butler,
who knows Mr, Cross very -well, took
his affidavit to the bill.
It had previously been held by -the
courts that affidavits could not be tak
en in such manner under the law also
thut oaths so administered or testi
mony so takn Is Invalid III law. Judge
Burke held that Justice Butler's abllit
to recognize the voice of . Cross was
quite as sufficient us his presence In
person. .
The inadequacy of "supplementary
proceedings." so called, in enabling
creditors to get satisfaction, from debt
ors presumably In good circumstances
and often plentifully supplied with
cash, was well illustrated the other day
In the effort of one John Quency Ad
ams Henry of the Anti-Saloon league
to collect a court judgment of $528.42
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BgalnBt James John Corbelt. pugilist,
actor and cafe keeper. The defendant
admitted that he lived well. dres?d
well and had very extravagant habits
and expensive tastes that he still grat
ified: he acknowledged, too. thut not
so very long ago h? sold a piece or real
estate for J1M.000. But when asked
what he had done with the money he
expressed considerable surprise at the
question, adding:
, "What's $24,000? That's nothing to
me. I have spent ten times $24,000 in i
short time. Why, $24,000 don't last me
Six months, it's a mere bagatelle to
me. What did I do with It? Why, I
have lived at a pretty fast - clip. 1
gambled. I played the races. I enter
tained my friends. I hav n't any
money now jo real estate, no person.il
property. 'My wife pays my hotel bills
but I haven't transferred any prop
erty to her. Appendicitis and "supple
mentary proceedings' appear to be very
fashionable diseases Just now."
Former Congressman Oeorge West
had an interesting career. He was
born In England seventy-eight years
ago. He learned the paper making
trade and In his twenty-sixth year
came to this country a poor man. Ho
located In Ballston forty-one years ago
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cold In March, 1S9. to the Union Bag
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M.000.000. He was a prominent repuii
llcan and held many elective offices.
He was Interested In newspapers and
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wHoi.eiAi.s amo rrti
General ,
Proseott, Arizona
We carry full lines of
everything. We have a
big store. We do a big
business, but can do
morejyjj jM
wbea In Pmoiitt It will please oi u
, here you call and get acquainted
Sella Rncycles
The best and easiest running Wfcl
on earth. Don't get something tA
because they say it is lust as goo4
Agent for the Chicago Cash Regis!-
the most perfect of all registers.
Most complete repair shop la id
city. Prices reasonable and work gut-
Furnished rooms $10 to 1S per mon;
Two-story furnished house, Fc
avenue, $.15 p;r month.
Two-story unfurnished house, Wi
Ington street, $25 per month.
Brick cottage. Third avenue, ;.
Two-story 'brick house, "Washlnp
street, $2500.
lOti-acre chicken ranch, house, shs
trees. 1 mile north Capito 1 grouri:
S acres two mites east city hall, It
Blacksmith shop, $600. ,
O'Neill Btoek
Gordon & Smithline
Brick -Manufacturers
Common Press and Stoc.
Sooth Third Street. Telephone V
Cold Air Storage
s. d. thibolbt
114-116 E. Washington St., -
Opposite Cltv H.
, Telephone No. .61.
Having rebuilt and enlarged q
Meat Market, Cold Storage Plant
Sausage Factory. I am better trJ
evtr prepared to pleoae my custom
In every possible way. There 1
no better equipped market bet(
Denver and San Francisco,
I will reopen my Meat Market
October 1. 1O0 1.
in connection with an upto-date
Dltaataan and Produaa
and will handle DELICATESSEN I
OYSTERS fresh from the coast en-
and imported FRUIT and VEGET
Barbteutd Moats f
All Kind
I wilt be find to see all my old
TVdl as new customers ON TEI
OPENING DAY and will giv
everyone a FREE SAMPLE OF &'
You will And anythlrie eatable 1
can fancy in my market. I will H
only goods of first quality. TrJ '
and g-et the best.
Shipping orders will have my tr
ial attention and- wholesale -price U
will gladly be furnished to1 the tn
Nothing Can
Please Him Bern
man 10 serve your nusoana "'"i
good, prime no roast oT oeef for V
dinner. When you are perplexed J
what to get for dinner, get roa't V
It Is the good old standby and
acceptable to lovers ' of good
We have everything else In sUD
meats and delicacies, and oo or
undersell us. ,
P T Hurley.
Wsat Washington St. - TW

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