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If Your SHotgun Shells Are
or Challenge
They ore loaded by the Selby Smelting & Lead Co.. San Francisco, ami
arc the best factory loads obtainable in this market, if not In the world.
- If you want something better, let us load some to order for you.
Pinney & Robinson,
Established 1887. Fhoaa 1471.
Extra! Extra!
DO boxes Maine smoked, extra select, fat
1,000 bars (rood washing Sonp.
l.fNtO tlozon ripe rtananas.
1.mh1 1ozon sweet Oranges.
25c -
2 pounds Arlnukle Coffee.
; v 15c
1 'package fresh Grape-Nuts.
1 can best Standard Corn or Tomatoes.
200 quarts fine Cranberries.
100 cans Concentrated Soup.
100 quarts good sized Olives.
100 5-pound packages Rolled Oats.''
Large and useful dish In every pack
age. 33c.
10 pounds White or Yellow Cornmeal.
Verily. Verily, more and more v
It pays to trade at McKee's.Cash Sibre.
McKee's Cash Store
Dry Goods, Notions,
Furnishing Goods.
Talbot Building.
Cor. First Avenue and Adams Street
Below are a few of the many bar
gains we will offer you. "Keep one eye
on this space and the other on our show
6 pairs Blankets, size 46x75, a
bargain at 75c. our price, pair 30c
7 pairs Blankets, size 66x74, ex
cellent value at $1.50, our
price, pair l.OO
6 Quilted Red Comforts, full 11-4
size, a trade winner at $1.50,
our price, each.... Jfl.OO
6 White Crochet Bed Spreads,
size 66x76, Rood value at 75c,
our price,- each 50c
6 White Crochet Bed Spreads,
size 72x81, very cheap at $1.25,
our price, each OOc
6 pairs Lace Curtains, size 3'.4
yards Ion?, 42 inches wide,
-regular $2.00, our price, pair. ..$1.25
1 lot Ladies' Hose, drummers' sam
ples, at prices that defy competition.
See show window for styles and prices.
Brownie Double Roasting Pans,
size 11x15 inches, regular 60c,
our price, each : SOc
Sun Paste Stove Polish in tin
boxes, always 10c, our price,
box Sc
No. 7 Wash Boilers, tin bottom,
eacb 55c
No. 8 Wash Boilers, tin bottom.
each COc
Stock all new and clean.
40 North Center St., Phoenix.
A Difference Between Handling a Hose
and a Baseball.
The baseball game at Phoenix park
yesterday afternoon between the fire
department team and the Mansflelds
resulted In a victory for the latter club,
the score being nine to eight. The
Firemen went to bat first, and with
this showing it was unnecessary for
the Mansflelds to take their last in
ning. The diamond has been somewhat
differently arranged from what it has
been heretofore with respect to the
park grounds, and the covered grand
stand has been moved out to the vi
cinity of where first base formerly
The . grandstand was well filled,
though the attendance was hardly up
lo expectation. The game was a good
one. In fact, the, score speaks for that
part ; of it.' and the Kids added new
laurels to their already glittering
crown. The ground was rather soft,
owing to the fact that it is newly
laid out and was but recently submitted
lo the churning up of a cowboy tour
nament. However, the players did well
on both sides and furished good en
tertainment. In the early part of the
game the Firemen seemed to have it
all their own way. and it looked like
they had an easy tiling, but after the
youngsters, got- warmed up to their
work they recovered and went aftr
the bluecoats proper.
Red Phillips was present and um
pired the game, greatly to the satis
faction of everybody, though he was
really- to sick a man to ork. It was
the first game played in Phoenix for
some time, and the fans, of course,
enjoyed it as a treat. The Kids hav
ing now placed themselves in the lead
of any local organization now at work,
it is up to them to see that Phoenix
is provided with more sport of the
same sort.
Work of the Annual Session Held Last
Week in Bisbee.
The grand lodge, I.,. O. O. .T., closed
its annual session in Bisbee on Friday
night. The session was a very' har
monious one and was weil,:attended by
delegates from all over, the. territory.
The principal work accomplished m
which the public is interested was thi
decision of the grand lodge to inaugu
rate a system of medal contests simtla
to the Demorest medal contests, and
the adoption of measures locking to
mors active work in the lecture eld.
It was decided to hold the re ses
sion of the grand lodge in T?mpt on
November 19. 1902.
J. G. Pritchard of Bisbee was elected
delegate to the international prerue
ledge, and was also recomm lie'.e.d for
sppotntment as D. R.- V. G. templar
or Arizona.
Mr. A. p. AValbridge of "Phoan'x.,
senior past grand chief templar was
present and officiated at the installa
tion of the following grand lodge offi
cers, elected to serve during th en
duing year or till the next session;
Grand chief templar, O. Bibso:: of
Grand vice templar, Mrs. A. Kin
died of Bisbee.
Grand counselor, Kev. Imri Zum
walt of Phoenix.
Grand electoral . super in ten don, W.
A. Place of Clifton.'
-Jeneral superintendent of juvenik
temples. S. S. Green of Phoenix.
Grand secretary, A. P. Walbridge of
Grand treasurer, Richard Davis of
Grand chaplain. Mrs. J. G. Prit.;.irc
of Bisbee.
Grand messenger. K. L. Higdon of
Grand marshal; It. B. Cree of Fhoe
n:x. Grand deputy marshal, Mrs. Fannie
Harrington of Bisbee.
Grand assistant secretary, Mlw Er
telle Frazue of Tempe.
Grand guard, Mrs. Forrest Villo of
-Grand Sentinel, Mrs. Nettie Shields
of Bisbee.
Product of a Fine Orchard on the Up
per Gila.
Apples are not usually considered to
be an Arizona fruit, but there are sec
tions of the territory that undoubtedly
equal any region tn the world for rais
ing apples. In the Salt River valley
apples are grrown more for curiosity
than profit, but the success made by
some horticulturists with certain va
rieties, indicates that when the right
methods are employed apples may be
produced even here in commercial
iuantities. and at least for home con
sumption. On the upper Gila there are quite a
number of orchards. and samples
brought to ' Phoenix from the Layton
orc hards at ' Thatcher, two or three
Poultry Men
Now is the time to start your hatching. We have
in stock a full line of Incubators and Brooders, the
best ever made.
I The Prairie State J
a 4
Also a complete assortment of feeding
troughs, drinking pans, etc., etc. : : : :
years af?o,"vere equal to apples grown
in any country. Keanling the apple
industry In the vicinity of Solomon
vi)l. the Hul It-tin tins the following to
"About midway between Solr.monvlUe
arnl Saft'ord Mr. T. O'Uricn has one of
the finest apple orchards to be ftiund
anywhere in Arizona. He has now over
rt.MM trees growing; though many of
them are yet too young to bexir fruit.
These trees include the IJen Dp. vis,
Wineaap. Kansas Itlack and other va
rieties. All of the trees are young, the
oldest having only raised two crops.
Mr. CVfirien has givn his trees the
best of care and they are all symet
Heal and of even sizes.
"The crop this year was not more
than a third of what would be consid
ered an average crop, owing to the
killing frosts. Mr. O'Brien marketed
about 70,fh pounds and they went
with a rush from the time they were
picked until all were sold, a good
many were shipped to various towns,
but most of them were bought by ped
dlers, who hauled them away to the
mining camps. The crop was sold for
3 cents a pound, and Mr. O'Brien
could have sold three times as many.
His crop yielded him about SJ.000."
Cleveland, O.. Jan. 5. Hon. William
J. Bryan spent today as the guest of
Mayor Tom I. Johnson. He goes to
Wnoster, O., tomorrow, to speak at the
Jiekson day banqu?t tomorrow night.
Thence he goes to New Haven. Conn.,
where he will speak at the Jackson day
lj&i:qut on Wednesday.
Concerning the democratic platform
..Ir. .Bryan said he thought It was too
early to forecast such a document, but
he believed the party would stand by
what It has fought for in'the past two
campaigns and a money plank would
be included in the platform. Kegard-
i Ing his own candidacy for the presi
dency. Mr. Bryan said he was not n.
candidate for anything.
Being asked if he considered Mayor
Johnson a logical candidate for the
democratic nomination for the presi
dency In 1504. Mr. Bryan said:
"There is nobody in the United States
who is at present qualified to name the
democratic candidate. It would hardly
be proper for me to assume the right
to discuss any particular candidate at
present. This is because I am not pre
pared to discuss the relative merits of
men who might be associated with tho
democratic nomination. So far as Mr.
Johnson is concerned, every well in
formed man in the country knows Mr.
Johnson and his work: but when you
come to discuss presidential possibili
ties, that's another question."
Loud Rays It Would Result in Annual
Washington, Jan. B. Representative
Ixiuil. chairman of the house commit
tee on poKtoffiees and post roads, had
a talk with the president yesterday
about postal legislation.
Mr. Loud said that one-cent postage
is out of the question. "L'nder present
conditions." said he. "penny postage
would result ill a deficit of $2;i.n0,00
Resolutions For the Protection of the
City Adopted.
Denver. Jan. 5. This city will pre
sent a decidedly martial aspect if the
plans adopted at a mass meeting of
citizens this afternoon are carried out.
and the temper of the meeting would
indicate "that they will be. Because of
thi many crimes committed here withia
the past year or two. which hav-;
brought terror to Denver's residents,
the latter have organized a committer
of safety for the purpose of protecting
the people against criminals. The
streets will be patrolled during the
night by armed citizens who will be
expected to keep the town free from
the criminal class. Everybody on the
streets at night will be expected to
give an account of themselves when
called upon and failing to satisiy a
challenge as to the sufficiency of ti;eir
reasons for being abroad, they will be
placed in the custody of the police.
The police magistrates will be urged
to make the punishment for crime so
heavy as to deter even the most des
perate. For months past thugs and thU'ves
have overrun this city. Women have
been criminally assaulted in their own
houses and on the streets: holdups and
robberies have been of almost daily oc
currence and even murders have been
committed at times when- tha- occasion
from the standpoint of the vicious de
manded It. The murder of 14-yaar-old
Harold Fridborn and the assault of his
sister on New Year's night have
aroused the people to a fury that
augurs poorly for the thugs who fall
Into their hands in the future. A res
olution was also adopted at the meet
ing calling on the city council to pro
vide additional policemen.
"Wars between the employed and the
employer In America have cost enough
to build many Isthmian canals.
Washington Times.
'VW "WWW t
13 and 15 East
- Washington St
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Welles are at the
A. H. Wood left on this morning's
train for Prescotl.
W. T. Hall of Prescott is a guest of
the Hotel Adams.
Laura Wallihan of Prescott is a guest
of the Commercial hotel.
Frank Whitakcr of Los Angeles is a
j guest of the Hotel Adams.
E. Rochette of St. Louis registered
I at the Hotel Adams yesterday.
W. P. Carder of Crown King- is reg
istered at the Commercial hotel.
D. M. Jacobs and S. J. Jacobs of
Xew York are guests of the Hotel
O. W. Brandon of Naco was In the
city yesterday a guest of the Hotel
Mrs. Angus McKinnon of Chicago
was? an arrival at the Commercial hotel
Y.. Marshall Crane of Dalton, Mass..
J arrived here yesterday registering at
! the Hotel Adams.
! A. A. Ireland of Cripple Creek was
j among yesterday's arrivuls here. He is
a guest of the Commercial.
Ethel Murks cf San Francisco ar
rived here yesterday morning, regis
tering at the Hotel Adams.
T. II. Sutton, c. K. M. Ben 11, W. Hall
and C. Brooks of Los Angelas are
guests of the Commercial hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bogart of
New York arrived here yesterday, reg
istering at the Commercial hotel.
Joe Isra?l, K. R. Selig- and A. Oppen
heimer of San Francisco are among
I the guest a arriving at the Hotel Adams
j yesterday.
! C. W. Goodman and three sons, Mrs.
! E. R. Shannon and Miss K. Roe Shan
i noii of New York were guesis of the
j Ford hotel yesterday.
A. W. Lantz and Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Lantz and child of Pekin. III.,
J.were anions yesterday's arrivals in
i the city. They are registered at the
Ford hotel.
1 Among those registering at the Ford
hotel yesterday wvre Mrs. H. T. Smith
j of Prescott. Y, N. Richney of IMtts-
burfc Pa.; Joe Cassou and T. W.
! Petnberton, Jr., of Phoenix.
Woodmen of the World will hold a
public installation of officers in their
hall tonight.
Londcn. Jan. 5. The total reduction
i of Great Britain's military forces in
I South Africa from ' the beginning of
i the war to December, including deaths
! from disease, men reported missing,
j etc., amounts to 24.290 men. Of this
' number 19,430 were actually killed or
died. A total of 64,330 men were in
j valided home, the majority of whom
have recovered and have rejoined their
Genesee County Clerk's Record -Urea k
ing Term of Service.
Rata via, Jan. 5. George H. Holden
retires tomorrow from the f ;;nesee
county clerk's office after fifty-five
years continuous service. He was a
subordinate clerk fifteen years, then
county clerk six years and deputy
county clerk thirty-four years. He is
77 years old.
The Largest
and Best- - LINIMENT
for Man or Beast. For Sale at all Drag Stare
McClure's Pharmacy
Nothing but Admiration and
Words of Praise for
McClure's Pharmacy.
During months of preparation all my
efforts were centered In making this
the most attractive drug store in Phoe
nix. Sufficient reward and assurance
of my success are expressions such as
"What a beautiful store you have."
"Such handsome fixtures."
"The fountain is so attractive."
"It's the only place for ice cream
soda," etc., etc.
Have You Paid Us a Visit?
If not do so. It will pay you to visit
this different kind of a. drug store.
L. D. McClure, Ph. G.
39 N. First Ave.
Xwo Doora from the Foatollice
Fifield & Gallagher
Estlmaten Furnished Room 11-12-13
O'Neill Building P. o. Box 573,
Phoenix, Arizona.
Joa fifield
Geo. H. GhUlmrher
In the price of our stock of ladies', misses' and
children's underwear
Several lines, all sizes, 65c and 75c goods, 50c
Broken lines of 65c and 50c goods i 25c
Union Suits ranging in price, from 35c, 50c, 75c to $2.50.
We have a large stock and wish to close out as
much as possible before spring goods arrive.
Men's. $1.50, $1,25 wool underwear broken lines.. $1.00
Men's wool mixed underwear, S I goods 75c
Big values in cotton ribbed and fleeced wear 50c
A fine line assorted patterns men's stiff bosom fancy front
shirts, $J goods, all sizes . 50c
Telephone 2741
The Social Student I have noticed
that the men who discover the woi k
ingman's grievances are not the men i
who work. i
The Workinginan Of course not. It !
is because they do not have to work il
that they find time to look up griev
ances which otherwise nobody might
d isco ver. 1 Sos ton Tra nscript
This space is
reserved, for
Piano House
Christmas Goods
We have the newest and neatest In
table ware and a big asortment of those
ornamental pieces that are In such
popular demand for Christmas pres
ents. A large line of Dolls and Doll
Carriages to select from. Sewing Ma
chines sold on the easy payment plan.
Renting and repairing. Accommodating
terms of credit to all.
21-23 B. Washington St.
Easily Found and Always Reliable"
Ice Cream Sodas
"None Such"
9 and 11 East Washington Street
A Set of Teeth From $5,00 to $10.00
Bead Gold Crowns S5.00
My . Gold Fillings. :...SI.50 and up
Price Silver ridings 50c. and up
LiSt Extracting. 50c.
RC JirVT RDAfil Irvi" Block, Up Stair.
E-i nUl-(DlUUlVl Over Charlat Donofrio
- H -
r -
Money PAVED is like money FOUN P. Tou will save money by buying of
us. Anything in house furnishings, furniture, crockery, hardware, etc., etc.
Kine guns. Also second-hand carpenter tcols, j;lrr.ost given away. We want
to change our stoc-k of goods and therefore sell cheap.
Spears Wattawa
New and Second-Hand Cash Store.
. 34 West Washington Street
134 West Washington Street
There Is nothing that will please the
ladies like our
Exquisite Perfumes
TVe carry Palmer's, the finest Ameri
can; Roger & Gailett's. the finest
French; Crown Perfume Co., the finest
English; the leading makes of the
Don't forget that our presciption de
partment is perfect, our drugs the best
and our service careful and obliging.
Brisley Drug Co,
Open all night.
Hotel Adams.
4 - w - ':: - :::
- i - - : - c - - :KK": - : - :
We are right on
A Hot Water Bottle for those cold
feet. tl.OO.
Fountain Syringes, $1.00 up.
Oil Atomizers and others. 50c up.
Everything in rubber. See our win
dow. ' '

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