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Tempa Department,
Offlo-Rotl Caia Lorn a. Phon 86.
General Hanking Business. 1
C. Q JONES. President. A. C. OZANNE, Vice President.
W. H. WILBUR. Cashier.
Directors C. G. Jones. A. C. Ozanne. J. W. Woolf. M. E. Curry, Albert
Miller. William Rohrlg, E. W. Wilbur.
DiorurTT s cn.i ronrrnc
UIIVII1 I I U JUil, UIIUV.LHJ A)1 our K00ds are guaranteed. Coun
Dealers in Choice and Fancy Groceries trjr produce received in exchange for
Tempe, Arizona.
Hello, Central!
Give us everybexfyon the south side. This is the
Tempe Hardware and Supply Co. Our car load
of McCormack Mowers will arrive on March the
20th. Don't forget.
Kv. H. B. Long of Preawilt iill de
liver two lectures at the Congregational
church next Tuesday and Wednesday.
February 15 and 2'k The subject of the
first lecture will he ''Our Country, Hast.
Present and Future." and of the sec
ond. ''Savonarola. " Dr. Long is an able
and interesLing speaker. lie will be
pleasantly ' remembei ed from form
lectures delivered some time ago at
v v, -
most favorable impression. Admission
t- each lecture. 2T cents. For normal
students or pupil of the public school
the charge will be 15 cents for each lec
Vire or 25 cents for both. This an op
portunity th:it should not be over
looked. Pont forget the genteel poverty ball
to be given this evening at Old Fel
lows" hall by Silver Star lodge N'o. S.
' fiL " t
There will be
Daughters of Kebekah
plenty of fun for nil.
Miss Leonora Jackson anil H. J. Fel- j
lows of the Leonora Jackson Concert
companv took lunch at the Hotel asa
I.cma yesterday. A large crowd from
Tempe attended the concert.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kingsbury. Miss
iagc and Miss Peck drove to Phoenix
laFl evening to attend the Country club '
dar.ee given In the
Maricopa club ,
rooms. Hot"l Adams.
Captain Andre. Tempes popular har
nt'fsnnker. Wednesday Fold a hand
some brldl? and outfit to Miss Leoncni
JackFon. Ilie violinist.
Saturday. February '22. the ladles of
th Baptist chiir-h will give a turky
jjjnnr in the building just ?outh of the
Arizona Mercantile company's store.
Kveryhody is Invited to pirtake.
.vlrs. W. K.. Curtis, who was adver
tised to speak at the M. R. church last
Sunday, did not come, but will be here
n-xt Sunday, February at 11:3ft a.
in., fast time. Rev. Dr. Thompson, ter
ritorial superintendent, will preach In
thr. evening. All not attending othr
churches ure invited to attend bot h
these jr?rvlce.
R cent arrivals at the Hotel c;
T.oma were: F. J. Johnson. 1-os An
geles: C. o. Barker. Banning: K. T-
Allen, wife and child. Chicago: J. W. I
McNarv. Davton. Ohio; Walter st. '
John. Des Moines, Iowa: Mrs. U ?.
P.,rter. Mrs. Walker and Miss Morris.
Vho-nix; Miss Skinner. Albion. X. Y.: .
I). F. Porter. Buffalo. X. Y.: C. h. Bur
nett, and Mrs. J. C,. Burnett. Xew York,
and H. I-. Chandler. Mesa.
The following Is the Schedule of tlow
for the ditch at TTaydn heights on
February Dickenson, 1 to ?:ir p. m.:
Tondinson. 2:ir to 3:45 p. m.: Fox. 3:45
Mcrando. 4:30 to 6 p. m.: Jones. 6 to 6:4"
Barlow. 6:45 to 10:15 p. m. Carl
at Ison. -a n To.
A grand military picnic will be held
I!i the grove about h'j If way bet ween
Phoenix and Tempe on Saturday. Feb
ruary 1'2. All the. militia from Phoenix.
rmpe and M'jsa will be there and all
ihHr friends are Invited to take part
ii the fun and witness the exercises.
The train v. ill leave Mesa at 7:30 a. m.
and Temp" at S a. m. for the picnic
grounds and will leave Phoenix at the
regular hour. 8:45 a. m.. Pacific time.
The Phoenix crowd will leave the picnic
grounds at 3:44 p. m.. Pacific time, and
the Tempe and Mesa crowd will be
pic ked xip by the evening train leaving
Phoonlx at 4:3f p. m.. The ancient ruins
n the vicinity will afford much add!- ,
tionid entertainment, also the Hole In j
the Rock, w liich Is only a short distance j
away. Major Pomofoy has full charge ,
oi the mTair and promises a good time
to everyone. Fare for round trip from
thoenlx and Temtie. enta: from
F. J. HART, M. D. Office first door
north Odd Fellows' building on Mill
avenue. Tempe, Ariz.
DR.. C OU DERT LTlmer residence.
Sixth street. Office hours until 10 a.
m.; 12 to 3 p. m.
A new. modern, first-class family hotel, run on the American and Euro
glean plana.
Rooms $20 per Month and up.
Table board $25 per month and up.
Single meals 50 cents.
Vlsttora to Tempe are cordially Invited to use the hotel parlors.
1 ALFRED J. PETERS & CO., Incorporated J
Large Contracts a Specialty. '- Tempe, Ariz
and Manager
P. O. Box 883
I Mesa. 3.1 cents.
; Yesterday Superintendent Oreager of
: Phoenix and the faculty of the public
' school were In Tempe visiting- the nor-
j the visitors, showing them about the
j school. All expressed the greatest
, pleasure at the excellent condition and
appearance of the normal. After the
i inspection all repaired to the Hotel
'usa Loma. where Professor Matthews
; hud arranged for a delightful dinner.
; Those present were: Professor A. J.
.Matthews. F. M. Irish and wi,. R. H.
f , tu T ,
H. Liome. Kllse R. Averlll. Jessie
Marlon Smith. Kuthryn Daly. Eudora
Mather. W. J. Anderson and J. M.
Johnston of Tempe, and W. B. Creager.
Mnriaii A. (Culver. Adalyn L.. See vers.
r Ruth Opdyke. C O. Case and Mar
garet .. Robbins of Phoenix About i
o'clock the faculty entered their
ringts and started for Phoenix. Tempe
always delight in extending a cordial
... . . ,,, . . . ? . . ..
: wi'K ume to all such pleasant visitors. I
Dancing pumps, fine neckwear. h-Jt
and hope at Hyder Bros. We are head-
; tiuarters for the be:t goods, at lowest
A lot purchased iiow will be money
! s.-ived. Apply to Oetirge N. Gage, sec-
retary. Tempe Land & Imiroveincnt
Mr. G. A. McDonald recently present
ed the M-sa scnmds with tw enty-on
handsmc engraving and etching pic
tures, to le hung in the differe:it rooms
of the school bulldi::g. The teachers
nd ittiTttlw ini tri'i thu trift nnl hri vo
already framo.! ": koc.1 many of ,.. I
pictures. Any friends that have frames1
to present to the school for the pictures ! '
will be received and appreciated.
A very pleasing- surprise party was 1
given Miss Kva Maeer 1-ist night at
the hrne of .Mr. and Mrs. M. C Phelps,
just east of Mesa. Th; surfrise was
complete and the ocaio;i one long to
be remembered by tho -e v. ho participa
ted. All had arrived .it S oclok when
M iss Maesr arii ed home from Mesa
inimnuce.j to tne pieaseo
'"rowtI- l'ss Maeser as equal to the
tension and soon had everybody at
1 np!r ":",'- A sh"rt Programme was
rena-red. which consisted of music by
tne Mesa orcnestra. a nuet nv tne Miss
es Nannie and I-ottie Phelps, guitar
sdo by Mr. Rank, remarks by H. S.
Phelps, duet by Mr. and Mrs. M. C.
Phelps, and instrumental music by Miss
Maeser. After the programme wa ren
dered ir.imes were played and finally a
delightful lunch was served, but st ill
the guests stayed on. and it Is said at
tr w-lrwk ttiiu nuirninir Ihn fun still
f.nntinnp(, Xhn!W. trt.f.P(.nt w Mr. n(.
Mrs. M. . Phelps. Mr. and Mrs. H. S.
Phe 1 1 is. Air. and Mrs. Rank. Mr. an d
Mrs. ti. M. Fryer. Mr. r.eo. Barneti.
Mr. Kd I.. Pomeroy. M iss Lottie and
X'innie Phelps. There were several
others expected but on account ot sick
ness were not present.
The programme to be given by the
high school and 7th and 8th grades of
i'esa school has been arranged and is i
splendid one. Those attending can bo
asured of an enjoyable time. lont tor
get that it is free and that the date is
Feb. 21 at 2 p. in.
i'he Southern Pacific is selling $S.t0
i wunn trip tic kets to Xaco to attend the
,U11 fight there Feb. 22 and and
th're will no doubt be quite a crowd go
from the valley and some from .Vie?..
The melon growers' association held
quite a successful meeting Saturday,
ad the membership was raised to
which insures them acreage sufficient
to conclude the contract with Mr.
Wood. They hvc also arranged with
houses at Los Angeles and San Fran
cisco to handle their surplus melons so
that if dame nature is kind Mesa- mel
ons will become famous this yeai.
The many friends of Mr. Dan Steele
will be pleased to learn that he Is much
better, and is on the hoad to recovery.
7. T. POME HOY, - - Editor and Kaurer
Mesa Department.
Offloe: . - - - - - P. T. Pomeroy St Co.
Many School Children Are Sickly
MoThtr Grab's Sweet Powder for Children,
nwd by Motlir iry. a nurse in Children's)
Home, New York, Break up Colds In 24 horn,
cure FevAi in hue. Hendncue, Hlooanck
Troubles, TVetliiuic Disnrdfr. move and reg
uae Hit Bowels and Destroy Mormi, Mm
Kmily Maronn. Meriden, t't.. bay: It 14 the
teat medicine in the world for fhlldren when
feverixh and eooipUiniog Ho'd by all driii
gitP or by mail. -:c. Sa.le seat KREE, Aa
dress Allcu . Olmstrd, l-Koy, N. V. '
He has been a very sick man, but the
a very sick man, nut the
is bringing him, around all
best of care
Mrs. Baker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
P. H. Brown, came down from Prescott
Unlay for a short visit with her pa
rents. Mrs. (.'has. Hooding, of Boulder, Colo,
arrived in Mesa" yesterday, and will
spend the winter here, the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Judge Woy.
W. H. Code returned from his east
ern trip today. He left Mesa for Wash
ington in November, and has since been
employed hy ths government on some
engineering work.
That Causes Itching Scalp, Dandruff
and Finally, Falling Hair.
The Itching scalp, the falling hair
and the dandruff that annoys are the
work of a parasite hidden In tile scalp.
That parasite must -be killed to cure
dandruff; and the- only preparation
that will do that is Newbro's Herpicide.
Destroy the cause, you remove the
C. H. Reed of Victor, ' Idaho, says:
"Myself and wife had dandruff and
falling hair several years. Two bottles
of Newbro's HerpR-ide completely
cured ts, after several other hair
preparations had failed to do good."
Makes hair grow g'.ossy and soft as
silk. Hundreds of other testimonials
Just as strong.
The pley of the above name is but a
st cry of simple, honest people, the car
dinal rule of their lives being. "Do unto
ethers as you wish To be done by." The
idea is as old as honesty and Is as en
during mh the hills, but in the case o"
Incl- Josh Spruccby" the application
is dramatically diiferent" and the treat
ment is nov-'l. There is no straining
for effect in the situations. A well
.:novn dramatist who witnessed a re
hearsal of the drama said: "It Is like
the b-"st stage thought of James Hern
and at the same time more modern in
dramatization. I think it Is a revela
tion o" the kind for the reason that It
I- a p.-rfe. t Klage novel, told In manner
ti ulv dramatic and at the same time
I true to life." "I'nde Josh Spruceby
W R en ai ine ineaier reo-
Other :hlnpM Ieir.KT equal, tlr iultan
wotil'l mui'h prefer tn capture the Rui
parian lnl!lf with the W In their
pc if pes1 Ion. '
We know, of no way In w hich we can j
be of more servW-e to our readers than 1
to tell them of something that will be
of real good to them. For this reason
we want to actjuaint them with what
we consider one of the very best rem
edies on the market for coughs, coldff.
and that alarming complaint, croup.
We refer to Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. We have used it with such
good results In our family so long that
It has become a' household necessity.
By Its prompt . use we haven't any
doubt but that it has time and again
prevented croup. The testimony in
given upon our own experience, and wt
sujegest that our readers, especially
those who have srnall children, always
keep it In their home as a safeguard
against croup. Camden (S. C.) Mes
senger. For sale by Elvey & Hulett.
It is fully to cry over spilled, milk;
there Is enough water wasted as it Is.
has been used for "hlldren to4thinf. It
poothes the child, softens the feums. allays
all ain. cure wind colic, and is the lnt
a bottle.
Keciiuse a iran Is ungainly is no rea
son why he should not gain In weight.
"I have us-,1 Chamberlain's Cough
Rem-Miy for a number of years and
have no hesitancy in saying that it is
the oert remedy for coughs, colds and
croup I have ever used In my family.
I have not words to express my confi
dence in this Remedy." Mrs. J. A.
Moore. North Star, Mich. For sale by
Elvey & Huieit. ' .
Paradoxical us it may seem, a square
meal Is one that w-lll go around.
The Largest
. Bottle
and Best- - LINIMENT
f mr Mm mr Beast, fmr Smtm mt all Drw Stores
Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa Stage.
leaves Phoenix 8:30 a. m.
Return on your own time.
Telephone 864, Offloe.
L. W. COLLINS, Prop.
We Have Got Them
Layton Wheels, both chain and chain -loss,
cushion frames and coaster
brakes. Prices lowest consistent with
good values.
Our Roadster Wheels are the best
cheaper wheels on the market.
Full line of supplies. Repair shop,
all work guaranteed at
Wm. Hobinette, the Prodigal, Over
taken and Brought Home.
William Roblnette.1 the - 13-year-old OFFICK OF THK SOUTHERN PA
prudlgal lion of H. .' Robinette of rhi'clflc Railroad Company (of Ariaona),
city; Is at home again.; but the nelgli- San Francisco, Cal.. June 20, 1901. The
hoi a have not yet . heard ;the dying annual meeting of the stockholder of
bleat .of the fatted coif, killed In eel'- the Southern Pacific Railroad Com
bration of his return. The young man , pany (of Arizona), for the election of
wjm found at Houk's sheep camp be- : bl rector for the ensuing year, and
fore daylight yesterday 'morning. for the transaction of adch other busl-
Hls father and Billy Moore, one of ness aa may be brought before the
the, most expert trailers in the teni- i meeting, will be held at the office - of
tory, started after him. la to on WeJ- : the Company, In the City of San Fran
neaday afternoon.; The most difficult : elsco, State , of California, on. WED
purt of. the undei -taking was- ,to get a NESDAY, the lOtii day of July, 1901, at
stai t. it wa not known whlrh way it? , 10 o'clock a. m.
had gone In the course of the early; J. L. WILLCUTT, Secretary,
afternoon Inquiry brought Indefinite In- , ', 1 . ' - .
formation .lhht a bov euulimcd as! Notice Is hereby given, that at the
yoU aobinetie was- known to be. had
' n oong. ho Cave Cwk rofM.
along tlie rond anU mvt'veveral jr.-tml '
ti-ttmr. ihr drlvi-m of ndtne Of which'
ul4 Hikv had nctii'the.fuiyrltlvo. to
not until aftor the pui-suors had gone
bpyond the Arlnona canal that they
were Mure that they were on the rlfiht
track At .length they ptnRled out of
all the hoilie trackn. one that they lie-
lieved waa trade hy the horfe the br.y
was riding.-., TUey fotlowed-It alouB th
main roud and by-paths nhd oid
roads. , .
' They found corroborative evidence
that they, were on the riaht track by
learning' that a boy had stopped at
boarly every house to buy hay for his
hdrre. .: He was determined thht thi
animal should be made comfortable.
whether he was or not. and, when Ho .
was evenutally overtaken he had wrap-
ped up In his coat tied- behind his sad- duly made to w tUMBUAi, septem
dle a wisp nt hay. all that was In sight her 4. 1901, .at the same hour, an-J
for his horse's breakfast. '. The pursuit i place..
was not so fast after nightfall, for i ' J. L. WILLCUTT. Secretary.
the trailing had to be done by moon- August 21, 1001.
light. It wus done, thouich. very sUc- ... 1
ressfull-. and by 4 o'clock jn the morn- ' Notice Is hereby Rlvert that at the
lug the pursuers had him 1-x.ated. Th-y I forfgotns meeting an adjournment waa
decided not to approach him until day- duly made to WEDNESDAY, Septem-
ligllt. fearing that he mleht awake ber lth, 1901, at the . same hour and
and es. ape In the half lluht. The chief place. .
reason the boy waa wanted was to i ' ' t.V. WILLCUTT, Secretary,
keep him from Wandering about on the ! September 4. 1101.
desert ami perixhing of thirst. ! 1
He .was surrounded at daybreak and : Notice Is hereby given, that at the
gave up without any resistance. He ! foregoing meeting an adjournment waa
showed no feeling of any kind, and did duty made to WEDNESDAY, October
no talking on his way home. On the
return Mr. lw loft a revolver which
he prizes highly. It was the one which
when he. wus a deputy sheriff he took
from the notorious "Kid" Thompson,
wttnm he captured In the Tonto Basin
country. The-J'cvolver
Colt .44. and
has the Initials "K. T-' engraved on It
and also the full Hume ot Mr. Mootc
All druggists guarantee every bottle "
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and Notice Is hereby given that at - the
will refund the money to anyone who foregoing adjourned . meeting an ad
Is not sntisfled after using two-thirds Journment wus duly made to WlilJ
of the contents. This in the best rem- NESDAY. October 50th, 1301. at the
edy In the world for la grippe, coughs, same hour and place,
colds, croup and whooping cough and J- V. WILLCUTT,
Is pleasant and safe to take. It pre- Secretary,
vents any tendency of a cold to result October IS, 1901.
In pneumonia. Bold by Elvey & Ha- '
lett. Notice Is hereby given that at the
. foregoing meeting an adjournment wna
Silllcus -People nho lose their duly mnde to WEDNESDAY. Novem-
money are always complaining to their ber 12th, 190L at the same hour and
friends about It." Cynicus "Xon!"en3e!
People who lose their
money never
have any frttndH left."
The FVbruury number - of the Pa
triotic Review Is a double one contain
ing four half-tone cuts one of Naval
Constructor Ilobson. another of Ileul.
Frank Newconib, V. S. II. C. S. the
final chapters of the Jefferson story, an
article from the pen of Hobson, on Illus
trated article on "Mary, the Mother of
Washington." three strong poems, sev
eral puses of matter concerning the
various patriotic societies, and other
interesting material. Marion H. Brazier
& Co.. box 115. Muck Kay P. t.. Boston.
Mass. ti. per year. 20 cents a copy.
Double number 23 cents.
how fascinating English history really
is? That England, during the pa.si
thousand years, has given to our liter-
ature more hvroes and heroines than all duly mnde to SATURDAY. January
the rest of the world and ages? What 11th. 1902, at the same hour and place.
do you know of the private and per- J. L. WILI.OUTT. Secretary.
roual lives of her queens, who. as well ' December 28. 1901.
as being stately sovereigns with pas- :
sions of love and hut. were living, . Notice is hereby given that at the
palpitating women? foregoing meeting an adjournment was
Do you know of that king and queen ' duly made to SATURDAY. January
who stood barefooted, and " all naked ICth, 1902, at the same hour and place,
from their waists upward," In the great ' J. L. WILLCUT, Secretary,
hall of Westminster? Or what plumb- January 11, 1902.
tr'n dog licked the blood of a king? Or
why Henry VII. hanged his four Notice is hereby given that at the
English mastiffs as traitors? Or what foregoing meeting an adjournment was
king apologized for taking so long to duly made to SATURDAY February
die? Or why Marlborough and hU 8th. 1902, at the same hour and place,
duchess were disgraced? - - - J. L. WILLCUT, Secretary.
Do you know the story of Thomas a January 25, 1902. "
Becket and the Emir's daughter? Of
talr Rosamond Clifford's bower In the Notice ia hereby given that at the
labyrinth at Woodstock, and the tell-, foregoing meeting an adjournment was
tale silken thread on Henry's golden duly made to .SATURDAY. March
spur that led to her becoming a nun? 1st, 1902. at the same hour and place.
Of RIchBrd II. and the fatal trap-door, J. L. WILLCUTT, Secretary,
of Vidoniar? Of the dreadful warning; February 8. 1902.
that hung over the bed of Isabella of i .
Angoulcme? Of the queen who was ' AMENDED ARTICLES OF INCOR
discovered in London, disguised as a PORATIOV
' ' meic 10, i !
the Duchess of Marlborough putting
on, by mistake, the queen's gloves
changed, as Voltaire says, the destinies
of Europe? Or why the great Eliza- ,
beth and her prime minister hod to deal
secretly with Catherine de' Medici's ;
tailors? or what that which passed .
?l Th . 1 "."h i TV !
beneath the yew tree In the cloistered i
shade of Sopewell nunnery meant to
Wolsely? '
Those who are Interested may have
specimen pageH of a. work that will
show how English history may be had
in quite a different way from that pre
sented by Hume, or Kapin. or Macau
lay .or Uuizot. or Hullam. or Froude.
Pamphlet sent on request. George
Harrie Son. Publishers. 1313 Walnut
Street. Philadelphia. Agents wunted
libera! commission.
Notice Is hereby given, that J. Er- : First: That the name of said corpo
nest Walker, of Phoenix, Arizona, did : ration I "The Pioneer Mutual Mining
on the "xih dav of Jannai-v 1ao- make 1 and Exploration Company." and its
an assignment of all his property for
the benefit of such of his creditors
only as will consent to accept their I
proportional share of his estate, and
discharge him from their respective
claims; under the laws of the Territory
of Arizona, to the undersigned. . and
thnt I have duly qualified as such as-
j Oated at Phoenix. Ariz., this the-4th
day of February, 1J0:l
Assignee of the Estate if J. Ernest-Walker.
foregoing meetlna; an adjournment waa
- dal3r mde to WfcDNKSDAT, July
3. I. WILIjCUTT, Secretary.
July 10, 1MV : : 1 '
Hk-r- ; r
Notice la' tierjady given, that at th
fdregolnit meeting art Adjournment
duly made to, TV15DNK8DAT, August
Tth, 1901, at 10 o'clock ft. tn., at the same
place. ... .
J. VI WtLljCtTtT, Secretary,
. July I4 101. . . ..
'T '
duty made to WEDNESDAY, August
Notice U hereby given, that at- the
foregoing meeting an adjournment waa
ilst, 1901. at the same place and hour.,
. . J. T. WILUCUTT. Secretary.,
August 7th,. 1901..
- - . r
Notice is hereby given, that at the
foregoing meeting an adjournment waa
zna. iwi. at tne same nour ano piace.
J. I.. WILIXJUTT, Secretary.
September ISth, 101.
Notice Is hereby given that at the
foregoing meeting an adjournment was
' duly made to WEDNESDAY, October
16th, 1!K1, at the same hour and place.
J. L,. WILLCUTT. Secretary.
October 2, 1901
J. L. WILLCUTT, Secretary.
October 30, 1301.
Notice la hereby given that at the
foregoing meeting an adjournment -was
duly made to SATURDAY. November
30th, 1901. at the same hour and place.
J. L. WILLCUTT. Secretary.
November 13, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that at the
foregoing meeting an adjournment was
duly made to SATURDAY. December
14th, 1901. at the same hour and place.
J. U WILLCUTT, Secretary.
November 30, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that at the
foregoing meeting an adjournment xvaa
duly mnde to SATURDAY. December
?8th, 1901, at the same hour and place.
J. L. WILCUTT, Secretary.
December 14, 1901.
Notice Is hereby given that at the
foregoing meeting an adjournment was
" " -.
Know M, M . PrQent!l.
That undersigned, being tho
owners amJ majority of the
olItstamlin(r cnpl(al stock of tne
Moneer ,., SUninB Hnd Kxmo,-atlon
fo'"ny. " corporation organized and
i". .,, ... , .
t,.,.i...,. , ".. . ,,
Territory oi Arizona, and holding a
certificate thereof issued by the Sccre-
1 tary of State of said Territory under
the great seal thereof, bearing date the
' ISth day of November, A. D. ISPS, do
thereby certify: That-iat the annual
; meeting of said corporation, held at
! Phoenix, in said Territory, on Tuesday,
i the Tth day of January. A. D. 1902. by
: the affirmative vote of a majority of
, the stockholders of said corporation the
j said articles of Incorporation of said
company were amended so as to read
as follows:
principal place of transacting business
snail ne ai r-noenix. Maricopa county.
lerritory ot Arizona, and at lis An
geles. County of Los Angeles, State of
Second: That the general nature of
the business proposed to be transacted
Is as follows, to-wit: To buy and sell
mines, mining stocks, buying and eell-
i ing reul estate, selling mining stock on-i
commission, to execute mortgages and
; deeds of trust, and to do and perform
; any and all acta Incidental and neces
j sary for the proper carrying on of the
I business of mining and erecting mining
. machinery: also. -to develop water
1 power, such as building canals and
j flumes, and erecting electric power
i plants to operate machinery of any and
1 all kinds, and to make such Invest-
mcnts as the Board of Directors may
! approve of: and to apportion the profits
, derived from actual subscribed capita;
I stock, until the same shall have accu
mulated to a certain sum. and then to
i repay same to the stockholders or to
I participate In the profits as declared by
I the Board of Directors,
i Third: That the term for which It is
to exist Is twenty-five (25) years from
and after the date of its incorporation,
commencing from the date or filing said
articles with the County Recorder.
i Fourth: That the number of Its Di
rectors shall be fire (3) and that the
j rnmes and residences of those who
I were and are elected for the fiscal year
! beginning January T. A. D 1902, and
1 until their successors shall be duly
j elected and qualified are:
Names. . Residence.
I H. M. Russell, Los Angeles, t'al.
i H. C. Dillon. Los Angeles, Cal.
A. ". Jones. Lcs Angeles, Cal.
A. C. Harper, Los Angeles, Cal.
Jan. Tt. BoaJ. Los -Angeles, Cal.
Fifth: That the amount of capital
stock of this corporation authorized Is
I Ten Million $10.000.000 dollars divided
! liitqr two hundred.' thousand (300.000)
! shares, of the par value of fifty ($50)
i dollars each, to be paid In as herein
i after required by the directors, and In
j accordance with the by-laws, as re
j quired for the business of the corpo
ration. i Sixth: That the affairs of said cor-
poratfon shall be conducted by a Board
j of Directors of five (5) members, who
! are to be elected on the first Tuesday
. tn January of each year - during the
: existence of the corporation.
; Seventh: - That the private property;
of each officer and stockholder of said
corporation la to be exempt from all '
! corporate debts. j
Klghth: That the amount of said I
capital stock which has been actually I
subscribed at . the date of the Incorpo-j
, ration of said company was and is eigh- j
; teen thousand ($18,000) dollars, and the '
I following are the names of the persons j
by whom the same was subscribed, as j
, stated in the said original articles, to- i
wit: I
Name of
j Subscriber,
j Frank P. Flint
j Ferd. K. Rule
1 A. t Jones
! N. F. Wilshlre
! A. Harper
! O. Pooley
H. M.- Russel
II. J. Fleishman
L. M.-Gregory
No. of
40 "
$2000 110
$.1 Kioto
And that since the date of said original
articles and the organization of said
corporation prior to the said annual
: meeting on the Tth day of January. A.
, D. 1ft'1;. the additional amount ot cap
; ital stock which has been actually suh
. scribed Is twenty-four thousand -. nine
hundred fifty (24.950) dollars, and that
' on the (ate of said last named annual
I meeting the amount of actually sub
scribed and outstanding capital stock
of said corporation was forty-two thou
sand nine hundred fifty (24.950) dollars.
Ninth: That the highest amount of
' indebtedness and liability to which cor
poration Is at any time to subject itself
is twenty-five thousand (J25O00) dol-
: 1.1 II".
In Witness Whereof we have here -
unto set our hands and seals this Tth
day of January. In the year one thou
sand nine hundred two.
In the ;
; F. D. LANE.
; Territory of Arizona.
County of Maricopa. s.
On this Tth day of January
i year one thousand nine hundred two,
! iiefore me. William English, a Notary
j Public in and for said County of Mari
; copa. in the Territory aforesaid, resid
ing at Phoenix therein, duly commia
f sloned and sworn, personally appeared
I James R. Roal. H. Harrison and F. D.
: Lane, personally known to me to be the
' persons whose names are subscribed to
'the within and foregoing Amended
'Articles of Incorporation, and they
j each then and there acknowledged to
i me that they executed the same.
In Witness Whereof I have hereunto
subscribed my name and affixed my
! Notarial Seal the day and year in this
Notary Public in and for the County
or Maricopa, j erruory oi Arizona.
My commission expires March 19; 1904. j
Territory of Arizona
County of Maricopa. St..
1. R. F. McFall. County Recorder in
and for the County and Territory
foresaid, herehv certify that I have
compared the foregoing copy with the j tti-&$4r&yfri!tt
original Articles of Incorporation of i -the
Pioneer Mutual Mining and Ex- .
ploration Co.. filed and recorded In my-l1"5 ,,e,d and Us executive office shall
office on the Tth day or January. 1902. bo at th,e c,t7 of. Minneapolls. county of
In Book No. 8 of Incorporations at ! Hennepin and state of .Minnesota, or-at
Page . aI,d that the same is a full. such ot,her Place or places In any state
true and correct copy of such original
and of the whole thereof.
Witness my hand and seal of office,
this Tth day of January, 1902.
(Seal.) IS. F. McFALL.
j County eRcorder.
I5y A. S. ARTHUR. Deputy.
I Filed and recorded In the ofrtcc of the
j Secretary of the Territory of Arizona
I this Tth day of January. A. D. 1902, at
' 2:30 p. m.
Secretary of Arizona.
! First publication Feb. 21.
of Phoenix, Arizona.
Know all men by these presents, that
we. the undersigned, M. c. Miller.
I Georijc E. Maxwell, John N. Greer and
1 A I ti I '..ill!,-.. . . 1 1 .-u .1 1 . ' . 1 11 1.111- UU11-
.V. i... -,,,,! ',..-. h,.
! ourselves together for the purpose of
j forming a corporation under and by
I virtue of the statutes and laws of the
Territory of Arizona, and we do hereby
certify., declare and adopt the follow
ing articles of corporation, to-wit:
Article I.
The name of this corporation shall
be "Federal Copper Company Limited."
Its principal and registered office shall
be at Phoenix. Maricopa county. -In the
said Territory of Arizona.-but its busi
ness may he carried on and Its mect-
Alter All Others FiU-s
Con sou tne uaiyMuaoiy n
Thirty--. year comma- a
put praclic- ia ad Specie! a
PjuVATB Di-u of
Kin DoBUcber Am,' I
Cnaroatoea and Contract a
to t"peritia1y corr.ll 4
CIMI ot '.OrviuiliTO.' T-tf f
for and Die& of I1 i
RtocWl. JffrTes, SlrlB knd I
Xidnrr, Bladflf-r ft Ctrl- i
rtlIc!IhtTriaiiiif trom I
Pr. G.F.Theel Iliuh' AvVr'lV'Vr i
nnfortnna'.e. 30 ycnr Meutttiaun prauc; i
a specialist in till el- nt dlsuartiil
sufficient evidenca of hi Btasterly akin is i
5.1! STJnT tiI. " BeraM Trettmwt
is the BEST" A R-t AU 6tlirr. ijiocu j
Poison. Sminat Weakaews. Protata,Ka
V.rir-.1.. lv-t Vl.nt mnd Vi lit. .Ion
I "torn tmMnV'.ih
in fit ia stamp tor boon -truth". ad j
feworn Testimonials, irrtii wkva txpew. I
iianostfr. A their nrlolitnelll,:s. rW.U j
ci'-rm ettrril-lit 4toliitT, Nferrj-, j
nolodid of Potass no.CaflatieIajeetloa.ap j
experiment, no f.tilurs. aa tncumDie fflKl i
.i'-.. Hn-tra. IsIIt. I'M: SnM. I1-.il Wed
Sat EtVs7J. Suoooiwfal Kvl T-entnte-it, I
Scott's Santa j-Pepsht CapsultM
for ' Inflsnimatidd 6r Cb
urrh ol the -Blsoder and
Diseased Ktdaeyji. fto
Cure, no pay. Cure.sqaick
ly and - permnneatly- all
L'nnatural Diaeanes of le
Pomtireiy Ntf anhiHous
effects to the Stomach as
in other internal -remedies.
Sold by drukffi4ts.
Pficefl.uo.ftrti mall, post,
paid, 1 00. 3 boxes, tlTJ
; Ripans Tabulcs
have helped iny
stomach- wonder
fully and kept my
bowels regular.
At drogf lata.
The Five-Cent packet is enough (or
an ordinary occasion. The family
bottle, 60 cents, contains a supply
for a year.
On account of the bull fight to lie
held in Xaco Saturday. Feb. 2nd. the
Phoenix Short Line will run an excur
sion, leaving Phoenix 6 p. m.. local
time tonight (Friday) for the ex
tremely low rate of $8 .for the round
trip. Good to rerurn on or before the
25th. To accommodate the large crowd
an extra coach will be put on, going
through without change, arriving in
Naco in plenty of time to Insure get
ting a front seat. For further partic
ulars call on local agents or
A Grand Military PICNIC will
be held in the grove about half
way between Phoenix anJ
Tempe on Saturday the 22nd.
All the militia from Phoenix,
Tempe and Mesa will be there,
and all their friends are invited
to take part in the fun and wit
ness the exercises. Train ,wi!l
leave Mesa at 7:30 a. ni., and
Tempe at 8 a. in., for the picnic
grounds, and will leave Phoenix
at the regular hour 8:45 a. in..
Pacific time. The Phoenix
crowd will leave the picnic
grounds at 3:45 p. m..- Pacific
time, and the Mesa crowd will
be picked up by the evening
train leaving. Phoenix at 4:30 p.
in. - The' ancient ruins i the
vicinity will offer much addi
tional . entertainment, also the
Hole-in-the-Rock, which is only
n short distance away. Cuptain
Pomeroy has full charge of the
affair and promises a good time
to every one. Fare for round
trip from Phoenix and Tempe,
25 cents: from Mesa. 35 cents. '
General Passenger Agent.
i J.
I J.
j :-
j .
I :
or territory; or the United -States as
may be. determined by the Board of Di
rectors. . '
Article II.
The general nature of the business
be curried on by this corporation shall
be mining, smelting and reducing coi
per. gold, silver. Iron or other ores and
minerals, and marketing. the material,
and to do all things incident to the
general (.business- of -mining, incluillng
the power to buy, lease, locate or oth
erwise acquire, own. use, develop' and
operate . mines or mining claims,
lodes, ledges or deposits of mineral
bearing rock or ore of every nature
and description, and it may build and
operate mills, smelters and furnaces
for the puipose of crushing, treating or
smelting ore and minerals and prec
ious metals: and for the purpose of
carrying on this business It may buy.
locate or lease or in any other way
lawfully acquire, and own, any land.
mill sites, town sites, right of way or
! roads, and may erect and maintain and
ope1Ta1t1e,.Stre"w?n,!1 wareIho-JPes or
er buildings which may be necessary' or
convenient in carrying on its business:
and this corporation shall have full
power hereunder to carry on and trans
act any business incident to the busi
ness aforesaid.
Article III.
The amount of the capital stock of
this- corporation shall be two million
rive hundred thousand dollars ($2,500.
000). and shall be divided into two mll-
fa He 1
my -Tfh J
(Continued on Seventh Page.)

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